thought i should tag you since your url is in the pic

i’m listening to promise rn & feeling all emo so why not make a follow forever since this is long overdue?? i’m in a really good place right now, i can’t stop laughing these days & i’m just hyper - it’s a really good feeling to have. & i was gonna stick taehyung on my banner bc of my url but i had to stick chanyeol instead bc he’s inspired me so much these days & i honestly am moving forward bc of how much he’s inspired me. i’m surrounded by people i love, people who care about me and who i care about. i think it’s gonna all go good from here. also, i don’t really follow many blogs (rip) i should change that & if like u ever wanna talk to me just message me whenever!!

rip chanyeol is rapping rn & i’m dying

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I’m lactose intolerant but this is really fucking cheesy…

Okay so in America it’s thanksgiving today & I’m gonna use that as an excuse to shower some amazing people with the love they deserve okay. (Also please don’t think like “oh I’m last on the list I’m the least fave..” Or something because I’m deadass doing this at random)


@ssamdominic : so you may or may not know this but you follow me on one of my other blogs scandalous and as I was deciding if I should leave or not you sent in a requst / really nice ass message for me and you are the reason I didn’t leave that blog. You are the reason I still create content even when I doubt myself… I am forever grateful for you and I will always support you because you have always supported me. You seriously are such a sweetheart I can’t even put into words my love for you.

@8bityeol : god you are fucking great.. I love you so much OML you’re just great. Your content is high fucking quality. I always read your stories when I need to distract myself from life I always can rely on your work to make my life better. you’re also the biggest Angel ever. I mean seriously how are you so sweet? I just

@wonpillily : thank you for always letting me send you pics to increase your heart rate. I love that we share such beautiful content with each other and can fangirl together. I forever cherish you!! Not to mention the fact your humor is fucking priceless..

@brownpigment : even when we go months without talking we always can just come back and pick up like we’ve been talking non-stop. I mean you’re one of those people who it’s so easy to connect with and it’s such an honor to talk to you. And ugh your works are something I always look forward too. You can’t help but love them.

@forvictorymyeverything : don’t even get me started. You seriously are my fave. I just i have no words. I love everything you do. I love your existence. I always feel so honored whenever you tag me (even when it’s on fucking biases) I just i feel like we’re in two different classes (you obviously being high class) and then you’re just like ‘let me *an angel tag this peasent (that is I) because I’m deadass just great and I love making peasants feel valuable’

@ludeere : literally as I’m typing this you’re sending me the nicest messages and I’m sobbing you’re an amazing writer please never give up on that. You seriously are so talented and pure and I just I’m really sorry I never came across your blog sooner because I’ve been missing out. You seriously just wow.. Your works blow me away & yeah I’m already an emotional wreck but holy shit they make me so emotional I just can’t function.. Like?! I literally read the Simon as your bf one and was full out ugly crying and that was a cute scenario like don’t get me started on the angst.

@day6ibnida : HOLY SHIT you’re SO TALENTED LIKE YOU LITERALLY DRAW SO BEAUTIFULLY AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT. We haven’t talked in a while because we’ve both been so busy.. I hope you’re taking good care of yourself.. Honestly I hope you decide to sell your art someday so I can buy it. Because I need that in my life. I want your drawings tattooed on me. Like they’re so great. I can’t wait to talk to you and catch up on everything..

@tinytaehyun : you believed in me when so many others didn’t. You gave me a chance when others were against it. You push me to go out of my comfort zone as a writer and I can never thank you enough for that. You don’t know how much our conversations mean to me. My whole day is made when I see you’ve responded. Time zones fucking suck but I’d stay up all night to hear about how things are going. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve gone through and over come. #proudmom

@mybrainsamess : I haven’t really known you too long. But I am so glad I met you. Honestly you have brightened my week since I met you. I am extremely excited to get to know you even more.. you’re far too good for this work and I hope that you always have a smile on your face. (Also I just realized your url I thought it was like ‘my brain Sam ess’ and I’m just over here like is that forgien or something?)

@thecoolmrsokamura15 my lovely Peach 🍑 I am so very sorry at how bad I am at responding to you. You deserve better. I will try harder to respond to you and not be a shitty friend… but I am so thankful for you. You we’re the first kpop friend I made that made me feel welcomed… I felt accepted and that I could be honest and not be be judged. You made me feel like I belong.. i can’t thank you enough.

@soul-less23 : where do I even start with you?! You are absolutely stunning, your work puts me to tears it’s so beautiful. you’re such a kind soul. I don’t know how but you’ve helped me get over my anxiety with driving. You are seriously such an Angel I don’t even have words. Minus the fact we have a conversation about dead cats rn

Y'all literally mean the world to me and I love you so much. Like all of you are just the best. I’m so lucky to have met you.

Also I want to thank a few people who I’ve noticed in my notifs a lot lately.

@pendulumandthepoet , @foodie-for-life , @thatartsyfreak , @akr2001 , @brownskinnedbeautie I want to thank you all for the constant love and support you give my blog. I hope you know that just because I don’t know you doesn’t mean I don’t notice you and care for you. I look forward to what my future brings thanks to you, I feel like I could update paint drying and you would still support my page. Please stay healthy and happy.

Bridging the Gap

On Monday night I had the opportunity to attend “Bridging the Gap and Other Short Plays”, a benefit for the Actors’ Fund featuring readings of six short plays written by Wesley Taylor. There were a lot of fantastic actors and actresses involved, but let’s not kid around; I was there for Dane DeHaan.

Targeting my demographic here, I’m going to describe the two short roles he played during the readings and my interactions with Dane and his wife Anna Wood, who I got to spend some time with after the performance at the reception in the Green Room, the theater’s bar.

(a TL;DR: Anna Wood is the nicest person alive, Dane is very quiet but super nice and funny, they both snoop on fans’ twitters and tumblrs, Dane and Anna know about my blog and like my url, I got autographs and pics with them, and Young Americans is still up in the air although Dane and Daniel Radcliffe still want to work together again really bad)

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