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Bridging the Gap

On Monday night I had the opportunity to attend “Bridging the Gap and Other Short Plays”, a benefit for the Actors’ Fund featuring readings of six short plays written by Wesley Taylor. There were a lot of fantastic actors and actresses involved, but let’s not kid around; I was there for Dane DeHaan.

Targeting my demographic here, I’m going to describe the two short roles he played during the readings and my interactions with Dane and his wife Anna Wood, who I got to spend some time with after the performance at the reception in the Green Room, the theater’s bar.

(a TL;DR: Anna Wood is the nicest person alive, Dane is very quiet but super nice and funny, they both snoop on fans’ twitters and tumblrs, Dane and Anna know about my blog and like my url, I got autographs and pics with them, and Young Americans is still up in the air although Dane and Daniel Radcliffe still want to work together again really bad)

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Welcome to Hell: A DashCon Experience. By: seh221/Sarah H.

No, I did not attend DashCon, originally TumblCon USA 2014. But I did have interactions with them the year leading up to the con, and let me tell you, I knew it was a mess. So much so that I felt that it was my personal responsibility to clean it all up…because I knew how to do it better. I was just going through DashCon’s tumblr archive, and I remember reading each and every one of those posts. I remember writing every word that I sent to them. I even had inklings of it being a scam. I just wanted to fix it, so I tried to. Below are many interactions with DashCon’s tumblr, as well as Roxanne, the owner, and another tumblr user who shared my woes, who will remain anonymous.

WARNING: IT’S A LONG READ. ( I get wordy when I write)

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