thought i could upload them here

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember if I uploaded this, but here it is–

I wanted to actually color my gemsona, but I thought blue lace agate wasn’t for me. EVEN THOUGH I WOULD BE INTO BEING BLUE DIAMOND’S GEMS BECAUSE SHE IS PRECIOUS

But I think Zinnwaldite was a nice change of pace– I think of Zinnwaldites being a type of construction gem or something. They’d be drills that will be more precise with tunnels and such. I see them as being more in tune with the ground that they stand on. Earth elementals in a way.

Since they are more like tools and lesser, they could be assigned to any gem, I DUN KNOW ;A;

Hhhhhh– Well, my gemsona got her left leg cut off during a fight. Still thinking about with who. Thus the lighter tone of the leg compared to the rest of the body.


There Is
Box Car Racer
There Is
Those notes you’ve wrote me, I’ve kept them all.
I’ve given a lot of thought of how to write you back this fall.
With every single letter in every single word 
there will be a hidden message about a boy that loves a girl.
NEW SERIES ALERT - “The Strange Ones”

A/N: I’m finally getting to work on the first part of the new series I’ve come up with. I feel like if I announce what it’s about it’ll motivate me to get it done much quicker. I’m very excited to share my ideas with you guys. So if you’re interested and want to be added to the tag list let me know! I’ll be uploading some time this week. Here is the info:

Pairing: Mutant!Pietro Maximoff x Reader; ft. Mutant!Wanda Maximoff

Summary: A highschool AU where people are aware of mutant existence. For a long time you thought that you would be living a normal life, but it all takes a turn for the weird when the Maximoff twins start going to your school. There’s something strange and mysterious about them, everyone can tell, but you’re more than intrigued. And Pietro could say the same about you, but there’s something holding him back. Sooner than later that something comes into light, as Pietro can’t keep his distance from you for very long.

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Colors - Halsey

Relationship: Ryan Haywood x Fem!Reader

Summary: You never knew what Colour looked like, until you met him, then your whole world changed, when you saw blue. 

Warnings: None, but a little of Ryan being possesive XD

Word Count: 682

A/N: Hey y’all! Here’s another one! And yes, I know, I write too many song fics, a lot for Halsey, but music is basically my life and I don’t know what I would do without it! It’s also a Soulmate AU because I thought it would work best for the song XD. Anyways, I know I’ve been uploading every day, btu I’ve actally run out of ideas, so if you have any songs or ideas, please send them in! I would really apreciate it and I could continue making the content you love! So please, like, reblog, and send in your requests because lord knows I need them! <3

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Through your entire life all you could see was shades of grey. You had heard about colours, even tried to get it taught to you, but it was only grey. There were the lucky few kids who had already met their soulmate, and were destined to be together, and there were a majority like you, who didn’t find their soulmate before eighth grade. In middle school and high school, where all the elementary’s mixed, many more found their soulmate, their partner in crime, after accidentally bumping into them in the hallways, or touching when passing notes or pencils.

When you finally left high school, you still hadn’t found them yet. Others knew what colour was, the colour red and pink, orange and purple. You longed for that, reading all about it as you got through college, still not finding the one. You would go to every party you could, but still it wasn’t enough.

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Some Things Were Meant to be Secrets - Part One

Request: Hi I’m apsolutely in love with your writing and I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is younger then the winchesters like 19 or 20 and lives with them at the bunker and is in love with dean but doesn’t do anything cause of the age difference and then she gets possessed and the demon tells them about her feelings?? I’ve just had this idea for a while and your an amazing writer so I thought why not:)

Words: 1630

A/N:  Forgive me for the late upload.  It’s been a long and interesting week.  Bad medical news on top of a car accident that’s kept me a tad bit preoccupied. But here is the first part of my next series :) Enjoy!

  “What?” I ask him, trying to figure out why he’s staring at me.  His eyes shine brighter than normal, completely captivating me.  He’s pulling his lips up into a small smile as he keeps looking at me, focused and unyielding.  Stop looking at me like that.   My heart is pounding and I have to keep myself from melting.  

 He laughs and looks back down at his book without so much as an explanation.  “You’re so odd,” I tell him.  I stand up and walk into the kitchen, pouring myself another glass of amaretto with a splash of sour mix and orange juice.  

 “Aren’t you a little too young to be drinking alcohol?”  Sam’s teasing voice asks me as he rounds the corner with dirty dishes. “Aren’t you a little too old to be walking around without your cane? May fall and break a hip at your delicate age.”  I hear Dean’s laughter begin to roll from the other room as I look over at him and see his head thrown back as his entire body shakes.  Sam’s staring at me, his mouth agape.  I plop a few ice cubes into my drink and take a sip as I wink at him and make my way back to the table.

 “You know, Y/N.  One of these days, I’m going to zing you so hard and you’re not going to have some witty comeback ready in time.” Sam has been determined to catch me unawares.  To be able to zing me without me being ready for it.  

  “Awww, that’s cute grandpa.  Nice to know that the dementia hasn’t killed your sense of humor yet.”  I pull my laptop open and begin browsing the web.  Sam sits down next to me, grabs a book out of the center of the table and puts on his concentrating face; the humor and ribbing from moments ago quickly giving way to serious Sam.  

  Within seconds, Dean slams his book closed and tosses it into the pile on the table.  “I give up,” he declares.  “Whatever is happening, whatever witch, monster or, hell, God has decided to lay claim here, we aren’t going to get the answer from these books.”  I look up at him, ignoring my own trepidation and biting back the urge to slam my lips into his.  

“Then what’s your plan?”  Sam asks before I can form the words.

 “We go in and figure it out.”

 “Dean, we don’t even know what we’re up against here,” I point out.

 “Hasn’t ever stopped us before.”

  I can feel my eyes widen and I know that my facial expression is screaming at him.  “Oh don’t give me that face,” he says.  “What face am I giving you?”

 “The Dean’s Being Impractical face.  We can do this.  Come on.”

 I feel Sam tensely stand up next to me, “Dean,” he says.  “We don’t know what we’re dealing with here.  These omens, these signs…they’re brand new for us.  We aren’t dealing with plain old lightning storms or cattle mutilations.”

 “We’ve both died how many times?  Started and ended how many apocalypses?  What could this possibly be that would be too dangerous or too much for us?”  Dean stands up and slams his hands down on to the table.

 “You’re being reckless!” Sam yells.  I put my face down into my hands as they continue arguing.  “You’ve been on edge and antsy ever since we got back from the last job.”

 “The last job ended over three weeks ago.  Damn right I’m antsy!”

 “Guys,” I whisper, attempting to get a word in and end the fighting.  But they continue their argument, now hurling insults at one another.

  Finally at my limit, I stand up, forcing my chair back as it loudly scrapes against the floor.  Without a word, I walk into my room and grab my go-bag.  It’s already full of clothes and waiting to go at moment’s notice.  The boys are still at the table, yelling back and forth at each other as I pass by them, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and throw it into my bag.  

  They don’t seem to notice as I grab the keys to the Impala from the table and walk towards the garage.  I open the door and walk out into the garage, and make my way over to the sleek black classic. Unlocking the door, I toss my bag into the passenger seat and start the engine, making sure to rev it just enough so that Dean hears it. My plan works perfectly, and just as I back out of the parking space and put the car into gear, I see Dean running towards me with his hands in the air. “What the hell!?” he yells.  I can only laugh at his bewildered expression as I drive away.  Waving as I go.

  I know full well that soon, within seconds more than likely, my phone will begin to ring.  I know that it will be playing “You Shook Me All Night Long” at full volume and that Sam and Dean will both hear it.  Since I also know that the phone is laying on my bed in my room right where I left it.  But I keep driving anyway.

  Just under seven hours later, I arrive just outside of Springfield, Missouri in a small rural town called Bois D'Arc.  Already knowing that there was a stream of foreclosed on and thus abandoned houses in the area, I set my sites on a bigger house off of an old farm road. It was dark and I felt the long drive beginning to wear on me.  

  The tires roll up the driveway and the crunching of the gravel brings eases me.  I park just behind the house so that the Impala isn’t seen from the road.  The one I’m sure Sam and Dean will be driving down within a few days if I don’t make it back home soon.  Turning off the engine, I grab my bag and run up the back steps.  Slowly, I pick the lock to the back door.  When I hear the nearly silent click of the final tumbler catching, I turn the lock and the doorknob with it as I let myself in.  

  The kitchen is bare.  Not even a store or a fridge remain and the tile floors are rough and caked with dirt after years of neglect.  But the electricity still seems to be on as the dome light on the ceiling crackles to life.  I begin to walk through the rest of the house. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a large living room.  The only furniture left is a small dining table that’s missing half of a leg and is leaned up against the wall.

  I lay down on the living room carpet, content to have somewhere to lay my head for the night before I need to wake up in the morning and get to work.  Shoving my duffel bag under my head, I relax and close my eyes.  

  There’s the sound of a deep and surprised breath that comes from a few feet to my right and within seconds, I’m up, alert and on my feet.  

  A man looks at me, his steely blue eyes opened wide as he lifts his hand to point at me.  “You,” he says simply.  I put my hands up as if to surrender.  “I don’t mean any trouble.  Just needed a place to stay,” I say by means of explanation.  

  “Feel free to stay,” he says, a smile cracking on his lips. He flicks his hand and I find myself pressed quickly against the wall with a loud thud.  

  Seriously?  Of all the houses I had to pick… I think to myself.  

  “Well, well, well.”  His words echo in the room.  “Always nice to have visitors.”  A book appears in his right hand and he quickly begins flipping through the pages. He gasps and his eyes widen as he looks up at me.  “You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?” His voice sounds pleased, as if he knows things that I do not.  “And such secrets, too.”  His face takes on a devilish smile as he cocks it to one side, smiling sickeningly as his eyes suddenly fill from blue to black.

  He walks up to me and I begin to struggle.  My arms are held firmly at my sides and my head is being held against the cold hard wall behind me. “What are you talking about?” I ask him.

  “Oh, don’t play coy with me now, Y/N.  You have such secrets.  So many of them.  I can see them, you know.  Written all over your pretty face. Such a pretty, pretty face.”  His words come out so poignantly and yet, I am repulsed by him.  

  “Oh, I get it.  You’re insane to boot.”  

  “The only different between me and a mad man, is that I am not mad.”  He is giving me another once over with that same sickening self satisfied grin on his face.  “Salvador Dali,” he says by way of explanation.  “Such a smart man and a talented artist as well.  Had such aspirations.  Of course, he never did have much inspiration, that is,” he cackles, “until I showed him that he was just painting the wrong worlds.”  

  The smell of sulfur that would have given his presence away now infiltrated my nose and I was nearly choking on it.  The black slowly fades from his eyes as his smile begins to fade. “This is going to be so much fun,” he quipped.  He places a hand on my chin and yanks it down, leaving my unwilling mouth open as he steps in front of me, opens his mouth, and engulfs me in a thick black fog.  

App recommendation: Tiny Scanner

I was recently told about this app called Tiny Scanner. It’s an app that allows you to take photos on your phone/iPad which it then formats into pdf scans of the image. It allows you to scan documents, pages from a textbook; anything you take a photo of.

It’s incredibly useful for me to use when in school. The school has lots of extra textbooks that we can’t take home because there’s not enough for everyone - this app means I can scan useful pages to make notes from or just keep for reference. It also allows you to scan in colour

The app itself is really fast and allows to to organise your scans into folders. The app is free but has in-app purchases. You can buy the pro version of the app for £3.99. This gives you extra perks like being able to upload scans to google drive or print them, as well as having unlimited scanning. 

I have found this really useful and just thought that by making a little post on it here, that it could help some of you :)

Fanfic: Blinded by the Light Pt. I

Blinded by the Light (Brian/Roger) (Freddie/John) Brian had never thought one innocent night out could have this much impact on both his and Roger’s life.

Alright dear people, finally here it is – the first part of the Maylor series I promised you! It’s taken me a while, mainly because I wanted to finish all three parts before I was going to start uploading them (because if I didn’t, I was afraid I would abandon the project halfway, let you all down and other horror scenarios D:) But as you can see, it’s here, all is finished, and I’m very excited to upload it! I’ve been working on this endlessly because I really wanted everything to be perfect, and I hate to brag, but I think I can fairly say that I’m pretty proud of what’s become of this series. It’s a bit of a sad story, especially the first part, but I promise it will get much better. Enjoy, darlings!

Notes and warnings: This fic is, as said before, a bit angsty. There is also some oral sex towards the end of the part, but this part does not evolve around sex (and the rest of the parts don’t either).

P.s. The usual request - if you are reading this, could you please like it/reblog it/send me an (anonymous) mail/leave a reaction/whatever you prefer to show a sign of your existence? You can unlike it after you’ve read it - I would just very much like to know how many people actually read this, just to know what I’m risking my academic career for!

‘Brian? Are you there?’

Roger’s soft, husky morning voice broke the silence in the bedroom, and Brian, who was standing in front of their wardrobe, peered over his shoulder to look at him while letting the question circulate in the blurred cloud that at the moment made up his thoughts. It was a question Brian had to listen to way too often lately, and he started to hate it more every time he heard it. How he dreaded that question, how powerless it made him feel, how it reminded him of that one terrible night that had put them in this situation, how that one terrible moment that had changed their lives forever. But of course, he didn’t want to bother Roger with his own sadness and helplessness, given that handling his own grief was a big enough task for Roger, so he answered him most calmly.

‘Yes, baby. Of course I am,’ he managed kindly, not knowing if he had to allow the small smile that tugged at the corners of his lips to really shine through, or if he had to bite down his bottom lip in pain and frustration when he saw Roger clumsily throw the covers aside and prop himself up on his hands. Brian habitually reached out to find the light switch of the nightlight; only when he had switched it on, he remembered that it wouldn’t make a difference for Roger. Brian blinked against the tears numerous times, until he was sure they weren’t going to interrupt him while he would speak to his boyfriend, which was all he could hope for now.

‘Did you sleep well?’ he asked with a lump in his throat after he had settled down next to Roger on the bed, tugging his fingers through Roger’s sweaty blond locks of hair.

‘I woke up a few times,’ Roger said, and Brian nodded, then changed this gesture into a compassionate spoken ‘I noticed, baby.’ Though Roger never said a word or turned to Brian when he woke up at night, not wanting to bother him, Brian could always tell exactly whether he was sleeping or not. Brian knew Roger didn’t want him to know that he fell out of sleep so often, but it was too obvious to the guitarist when Roger didn’t even bother closing his eyes while trying to slip into unconsciousness again. Way too often, it was Brian who carefully pressed his eyelids close when Roger simply forgot this part of trying to fall asleep in the darkness that surrounded him at all times.

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Project Update: Kizuna

Hey Guys! 
Yesterday I wanted to show a friend one of my favorite scenes of the Manga Kizuna online. If you don’t know Kizuna, it’s pretty old ^^ and by Kodaka Kazuma. It’s a masterpiece. It’s really brilliant and one of my most favorite Yaoi Series. But when I looked up the Scene online I was shocked. 
Not pretty at all. 
I’m from germany and I own the german Version and let me tell you… it’s different. Not only do they have pretty colored pages, but the text is… different. 
There was one scene… very intense… where in the english version someone (a complete lunatic) says “Make love to me one more time”. In the german version it’s “I want you to fuck me one last time”. Different. But the german version is much more fitting in this situation. 
Plus things like this: 


Seriously, this made me so angry! Why do they hate fetus Kai!?!?
So… since the license of the english Manga is running out, I thought I could pick up this Project to give this amazing series the proper online version it deserves. 
Yes, I know there is an english version you can buy. Unfortunaltely it looks like that and it’s pretty hard to get, that’s what I was told at least.

This will be a big ass project, since the series has 11 Volumes, and I have to buy all of them again, because I don’t want to use my own copies. And Volume 11 is pretty hard to get here. 
But I want to pick up this Series and upload pretty scans with a nice translation, done with much fujoshi-love by me and my group members who are all huge fans of this series. 

I hope you guys will like it. 

Thanks for reading <3

I’m away for a couple days, staying at a bed and breakfast in the area where I take the sunrise pictures, and through a set of unexpected circumstances, which, tbh, is how every really great thing has ever happened to me, I got permission to go up on the hill where my dream tree is and even got to sit under it! 

I didn’t write any poetry, but I thought a lot about how grateful I am for all of you, my wonderful Tumblr friends, and how looking for beauty to share with you has taken me to so many great places and moments. <3

I’ve probably taken almost 1000 pictures out here, and I won’t upload them from the camera until some time tomorrow, but I took a few with my phone so I could share some with you now. Best wishes to all of you! It’s amazing to be out here for days instead of hours at a time!


I feel that I have no inspiration, I can’t concentrate and do something really qualitative. uh ~
In addition, the university takes away mine last strength. This is my last academic year. 

Due my friend, I decided again start playing Tera. Soon will start closed beta test on Russian version of the game, and I have a key, so I have time to take my favorite nicknames sooner than many people can enter the game (I hope) *__*
Oh, and yes, now I have 200+ followers, it’s great. In fact, initially I thought I’d upload my screenshots here solely to avoid losing them, because with my computer could happen anything. And in general to me quite difficult to make new friends, even in the Internet.
So thanks everyone who is not walked past my page, many are very impressed me and motivate with their creativity.
(And please sorry my english).


testing out halloween gifts with the newly expanded huff family! 

testing-cheats-true uploaded the child sim Amelia Wright as an adoption gift and i got so upset at her not having a family that I adopted her straight away! so she has come to join the huffs <3

sammsimblr uploaded the twins Charla and Theo Thomason and again I couldn’t cope with them having no family. they were so adorable so I thought they could come and join in the fun as well <3

so now there are 4 toddlers, a child and a teen … whoops ;D

cc shown here are by little-wingxo, sugarberrysimschisimisimmadmeggabayaga, simsl3gacies (and plumb-barb and purpleplumbobs but you can’t see them haha!)

*let me know if you want me to remove your name from here in case you are saving your gift as a surprise for halloween! i just didn’t want to not give credit but more than happy to remove :}