thought i could upload them here

I’m away for a couple days, staying at a bed and breakfast in the area where I take the sunrise pictures, and through a set of unexpected circumstances, which, tbh, is how every really great thing has ever happened to me, I got permission to go up on the hill where my dream tree is and even got to sit under it! 

I didn’t write any poetry, but I thought a lot about how grateful I am for all of you, my wonderful Tumblr friends, and how looking for beauty to share with you has taken me to so many great places and moments. <3

I’ve probably taken almost 1000 pictures out here, and I won’t upload them from the camera until some time tomorrow, but I took a few with my phone so I could share some with you now. Best wishes to all of you! It’s amazing to be out here for days instead of hours at a time!