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When I saw Dan's "whomstdve" tweet I immediately thought it was your tweet... honestly that is such a Jas-y joke he's stealing your style... maybe he does secretly follow you after all...

his tweet reeks of old man on the internet i hate daniel

Snape Appreciation Month Day 4: Spy for the Order of Phoenix

Severus was a spy from the age of 20 to 38. He wasn’t the traditional fictional male spy who was handsome and fought expertly with all kinds of weapons. He  was more realistic. The people he was spying on were people he knew. Severus didn’t have individual missions, he had just two concurrent ones which were the protection of a boy and weakening Dumbledore. There was no official spy agency to report to; instead he secretly worked for an old man who was the main opposition to a fascist cult. There was no prestige for the position on either sides of the war. No one really liked him or thought he was useful enough to warrant some respect. In fact half of his time as a spy, from the glimpses JKR gave us, was spent convincing people that he could be trusted and yet he was successful at it. 

This is interesting because I could argue that his job was the most dangerous. Severus surrounded himself constantly with people who would carry out a kill order on him. All it would take was one mistake. There was so much pressure on him to succeed even though people don’t acknowledge that. He didn’t have the luxury to act on his emotions which must have been frustrating because Severus was an emotional person. I can only imagine how much he had to swallow so as to not cost his side a fighting chance especially since he was prideful and opinionated. He had to alter so much of his personality for his spy work to, well, work. I can just imagine how exhausted he was at the end of each day.

I can’t overstate how awed I am by his strength and resilience.

There Is

“I’m going to pass,” Joe shook his head, already standing from Caspar’s couch to gather his things.

“Big surprise,” Josh drawled, “The old man is passing on another night out.”

“How could we have possibly thought that he’d be up for going and having fun,” Caspar teased.

Conor snorted with laughter, “Yeah, god forbid Joe Sugg do something fun.”

“I’m just not feeling it,” Joe shrugged, trying to brush off the comments as he slipped into his jacket, “And I’ll only drag the mood down.”

“By being grumpy, yeah.” Oli rolled his eyes.

“Which is why Joe is secretly Grumpy from the seven dwarfs!” Josh grinned over at the shorter man, who just shook his head lightly, picking up his backpack.

“I’ll see you guys later.” Joe waved, heading for the door.

Jack, who had remained silent during the exchange, frowned as he watched Joe leave Caspar and Josh’s flat. This was the fourth time that the older man had refused joining them for a night out at the clubs.

And while Jack normally wouldn’t think much of it, because everyone went through periods where they needed breaks from going out, Joe had also stopped joining them for dinners or filming or even general hanging out. When he really thought about it, Jack realized that Joe had barely been around the others, himself included, for the past two months. Which was the odd part, since they were all so close.

“Let’s go, Jack!” Conor announced, slapping his brothers knee as he walked past, “We’re gonna hit the bar up first!”

“Sounds good,” The younger Maynard plastered a smile on his face, doing his best to push the worried thoughts of Joe to the back of his head. He was sure everything was fine.

When Joe entered his empty flat, the lights off and the silence heavy, he let out a sigh, leaning heavily against the door.

If he was being honest, the thought of going out with the boys tonight exhausted him immediately, and he couldn’t get out of that flat quick enough.

Dropping his bag to the floor, his jacket soon joined it as he kicked off his shoes, and then with a short glance at the stairs which would lead to his bedroom, Joe dragged himself over to the couch. Letting his body fall onto it, he pulled the blanket resting over the edge to lay across him, closing his eyes as his mind began to wander.

It was going to be another one of those nights.

A week after the fourth refusal, Jack decided it was time to talk to Joe. Because he had once again brushed off any attempt to hang out, and had basically stopped responding to any and all messages.

Jack was getting very worried. Especially when Joe skipped his uploading day, giving some vague excuse about technical difficulties to his fans.

This was not how Joe acted, not the Joe that Jack had come to know.

After much persuading, Jack managed to get entrance into Joe’s building, and let himself into the flat, blinking his eyes to adjust to the dimness.


“Here.” Was the weak reply to greet him, coming from the direction of the living room.

Entering the other room, Jack felt a frown tug down his lips as he took in Joe’s state. The older man was sat on the couch, his knees pulled up to his chest, a jumper on with the hood pulled low over his eyes, only a corner lamp on to provide some light into the room. From where Jack stood, Joe looked very small.



Jack shuffled on his feet for a moment before crossing the room to take a seat on the couch, glancing over at Joe from the corner of his eyes, hating how even in the darker room, the bags under Joe’s eyes stood out drastically, his skin pale.

“Didn’t want to join the others?” The older man asked quietly, resting his cheek on his bent knee to look over at Jack.

“Nah,” He shook his head, settling back against the couch, “Thought I’d come annoy you instead.”


The silence that fell across them was heavy, and felt like it was muffling many unsaid things. Things that Jack knew needed to be said.

“Are you okay?” He blurted out suddenly.

“Yeah?” Joe replied, although even he sounded unsure of his answer. “Why?”

“Because,” Jack hesitated, but only for a moment, he had started, there was no going back, “Because you’ve basically cut yourself off from everyone. And me. And I’m worried.”

“Oh,” Joe’s eyes left Jack’s face, drifting to some place over his shoulder instead, “I didn’t think you had noticed. I didn’t think anyone noticed…”

“Of course I noticed!” Jack replied quietly, “Which is why I want to know what the hell is going on!”

“I…I don’t know.” Joe answers, and Jack felt a sharp jolt in his gut as he watched the familiar blue eyes fill with tears, the salty water quickly falling down the pale cheeks. “I really don’t know, Jack.”

“Oh, Joe…”

“I just. I can’t shake this empty feeling, this feeling of just complete and utter loneliness and sadness. I know, pushing everyone away doesn’t help, but I don’t know what else to do. I can’t bring myself to do anything.” The words poured from Joe’s mouth, and Jack couldn’t help but watch in silence, waiting for the right moment to speak.

“I don’t even know why I feel like this! But I do. And I hate it. I hate myself. And I just….I wonder if, if maybe…”

“If what?” Jack asked, his voice barely a whisper, terrified to hear those next words to come from Joe’s mouth.

“If there’s really a point in living.”

“There is.”

Joe’s eyes met Jack’s once again, and the younger man felt his heart break at the hollow look in them, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Jack answered, moving forward on the couch, placing a hand on Joe’s arm, “There is, Joe. I promise.”

“I just…I want it to stop, Jack.”

“And we’ll make it stop. But ending your life is not the answer. Please, don’t think like that.”

“I’m trying.”

“I know you are,” Jack replied shakily, brushing the hair out of Joe’s eyes, “And I’m right here. I’ll help you, as best as I can. What I can’t do, we’ll find someone who can. But promise me, right here and right now, that you will not give up. Please, Joe, don’t give up.”

Jack waited, holding his breath for Joe to answer, afraid that if he breathed too loud, he’d miss the reply.

But there was no answer spoken, instead Joe lunged forward, his arms wrapping around Jack, his face buried into the younger man’s shoulder, the sobs echoing loudly.

Wrapping his own arms around Joe, Jack was relieved to hear the words yes and I promise mixed in with the sobs.

Lovers’ Quarrel [1/2]

Title: Lovers’ Quarrel
Fandom: Samurai Love Ballad: Party/Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran: Love Ballad
Pairing: Tokugawa Ieyasu x MC
Rating: R-18 → MA
Word Count (MS Word): 5,014

痴話喧嘩 (ちわげんか) [chiwagenka]
(n) lovers’ quarrel

My friend Sayou requested for this fic for her birthday last March. Took me nearly a month to finish, but here’s to hoping that everyone else enjoys this fic as much as she did.

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Day Fifty-Two

-I handed a sticker to a ten month-old who promptly began vibrating uncontrollably while squeaking in delight. I fear I may have been the final catalyst in a process I know not the end of, but I will never know, as the baby was still in the vibration phase as they left the store.

-For the duration of a family’s transaction, I stuck my tongue out to their daughter, who would giggle loudly. This confused her parents, as I pointedly went stone-faced anytime they were facing me. They thought their baby was simply having a grand old time playing with her jacket, yet here I am, having secretly made her day. This is a new brand of vigilante justice and I feel it should be spread.

-An older woman grew upset with me after being told that a shirt being on clearance did not mean that a similarly-colored pair of sweatpants would also be. While I may not see the logic here, I can back her up in the sentiment that everything should cost less at all times.

-I was informed by a man that he had just gotten out of the hospital after a double hernia surgery. There was absolutely no context to this, or any prompting of any sort, and I believe that makes his honesty all the more admirable.

-While making eye contact with me and pointing with one hand, a baby picked her nose and ate what she found in there, repeating the process until she had finished off a fine three course meal. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who begins eating organically this early in life.

-A woman purchased two STD pillows. I do not know what the function of an STD pillow is, but she has my sympathies for needing to purchase two.

-Upon hearing that there was a limit to how many times one guest can use a sale offer, an old man told me that he should steal a boy who was passing by and make him purchase his items. He never specified any plans for releasing the boy back into the wild, so I am left with the conclusion that this Alan Alda lookalike is prepared to commit to the kidnapping and upkeep of a ten year-old for the sake of an extra $5 gift card. This man is by no means a quitter and I am in awe of that.

-I was handed a slightly damp yet cold wad of crumpled bills that smelled of someone trying to cover their smoking habit up with dollar store perfume. Despite having never been there, this handful of ones brings to mind strong memories of Florida for reasons I cannot explain.

-I rang up a man in his sixties whose legal name was Rocky and whose arms were covered in tattoos of scorpions. I can only assume that his parents gave him both the name and the tattoos in a short window of time, as they seemed to go too perfectly hand-in-hand to be unrelated.

-A four year-old walked through my lane in a Five Night’s At Freddy’s shirt. Either she has been bought merchandise for a franchise she knows nothing of, or her parents need to monitor her internet activity much more heavily. 

-While cleaning up the card wall, I found that someone had shoplifted a toy and taken it out of the packaging in the aisle, but hung the cardboard backing back up in the proper place. The few seconds they took to put it back where it belonged display a great deal more politeness than many guests show, and I am grateful they took the few seconds to do so in the middle of their crime spree.

Talk to me

Originally posted by sparklemichele

Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: panic sets in after the reader becomes pregnant and struggles to come to turns with it along with trying to find a way to tell her long time boyfriend
Gender: Female
Word count: 3426
Warnings: Language, slight angst, pregnancy

A/N: I would have posted this yesterday if my Wi-Fi hadn’t decided to crap out so sorry about that. This was fun to write but I don’t know how a feel about the ending, should I do a second part? I know the description is kind of vague but I am so bad at them so usually I just kind of half ass it. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy, let me know What you think.

You felt sick to your stomach as you looked down at the pregnancy test in your hands, this wasn’t supposed to happen. You had taken three different test and still got the same results. Maybe it was ridiculous to have taken so many, but the only thing you could feel as you looked down at the first positive test was denial. After the second one that was replaced with panic and you prayed that maybe, just maybe they were wrong. You tricked yourself into thinking that the third time was the charm, surely you weren’t pregnant…

Now as you looked down the positive test you didn’t know what to feel. You sat numbly on the cold tile of your bathroom and stared into space, trying to make sense of everything. You had bought a box of four test, but you knew there was no point in using the last one. Slowly you felt the denial drain from your body and get replaced with a cold realization and a choking fear. You were pregnant, three weeks to be exact.

Growing up, you always felt indifferent towards the thought of having kids. You could picture yourself being a mother but you didn’t see yourself planning your life around trying to have a baby. Then you became a Dauntless and somehow managed to fall in love with a man who made it very clear kids were not in his picture.

It didn’t really surprise you at first, Eric could hardly stand to be in charge of a group of sixteen year olds the thought of having a baby then was laughable. Now it was painful, now the thought caused bitter tears to well in your eyes. When Eric had first mentioned that he didn’t want kids, although not surprised, you secretly felt a little sad but you pushed that aside, you were willing to in order to have a happy relationship with him.

You awkwardly pushed yourself off the floor and started to clean up. You shoved most of the trash into a plastic bag and contemplated shoving it in bathroom trash but through better about it. You needed time to process this and think about what you were going to say to Eric, the last thing you wanted was for him to accidently stumble across the tests.

You ended up throwing it all in the large kitchen trash can, except for one test. You didn’t know why but you carried it with you to where you went to sit living room couch. You figured that maybe you could just give this to your long time boyfriend as an explanation. You thought better than that and ended up throwing the test on the coffee table, not even wanting to begin to think about what his reaction would be.

You ended up getting up from the couch again after a few moments of being stuck in your head and wandered over to the landline in your kitchen. You hesitated for a few moments before finally dialing the number for Tris’s apartment. You listened to the phone ring on and tried to steady your breathing, thinking about what you could possibly say.

“Hello?” You heard a familiar voice say into the phone after a few seconds of the ringing. You cursed silently to yourself as you realized it was Four who had picked up.

“H…Hey Four, Can I talk to Tris?” You said, your voice shaking slightly.

“Um yeah sure, hold on a sec,” He mumbled into the phone before calling for Tris in the background, “Are you okay? What’s up?” He asked.

“I uh… yeah, I’m uh… I’m great.” You tripped over your words as you responded to him, squeezing your eyes shut in frustration with yourself.

“Right okay..” He said obviously not believing you, thankfully Tris wrestled the phone away from him a few seconds after that.

“____, Hey What’s up?” Tris asked sounding her usually cheery self.
“Hey uh… can you come over?” You said softly trying to keep your voice steady.

“Yeah sure… are you okay?” She said softly, concern filling tone.

“I..I don’t know.” You responded honestly.

“I’ll be there soon.” Was all she said before hanging up. You put the phone back on the receiver and collapsed back on the couch, still feeling sick at you stomach.

True to her work Tris showed up to your apartment not long after you had hung up. You invited her in and the moment you let through the threshold she was swarming you with questions.

You said nothing in response and moved over to sit on the couch, she followed silently. You drew you knees to your chest and looked off into space, trying to figure out what to say. You looked over to her and began to open your mouth, that was until you noticed her looking intently at something on your coffee table. You followed her gaze and saw the test sitting abandoned on the table.
She looked to you, mouth slightly ajar and obvious shock written across her features.

“Surprise…” You said weakly.

“When did you find out?” Her voice just above a whisper as she glanced back blankly at the test.

“Hour ago.” You said shrugging your shoulders.

“Have you told him?”


“Is it his?” You shot your head in her direction and looked at her as if she had lost her rabid ass mind. She threw her hands up in defense muttering something about ‘just checking’.

“When are you going to tell him?”

“I don’t know…” You felt like crying again.

“You’re going to have to sooner or later.” She said sternly, frowning at you.

“Later it is then..” You groaned getting up and moving to the kitchen, she followed leaning against the doorway. You poured yourself a large glass of wine and picked the stem up.

“Don’t drink that.” Tris called out from the doorway.

“Why?” You said slightly irritated.

“Because your pregnant ___.” You flinched slightly at her words and set the glass down. Hearing her say it out loud made the situation feel even more real.

“How do you think Eric is going to react?” She asked softly, it was that question that finally drew the tears from your eyes. You tried to wipe the tears from your eye’s before she saw them but it was no use.

She walked over to you and drew you into a hug which drew more tears from you. You cried on her shoulder and she whispered to you that everything was going to be okay, although honestly, you didn’t believe her.

She somehow managed to get you back to the couch after claiming your drink down as her own and you collapsed onto the couch in more tears. You revealed to her all your fears ranging everywhere from begin a terrible mother to Eric wanting nothing to do with the child. Of course, she eased your mind about most things reminding you of how silly you concerns where.

Eventually, you felt all cried out and sat numbly on the couch. She sat next to you quietly every once in a while reminding you that everything was going to be okay.

“Do I get to be the godmother?” Tris asked out of the blue. Her question drew a small giggle out of you and before you knew it the two of you were laughing like fools.

“I was thinking more like Aunt Tris.” You joked back earning another laugh

“I can be both.” The two of you spent the next hour laughing and joking, she slowly eased your mind from the situation.

It wasn’t until the apartment door opened and your boyfriend entered the room that the fear returned. Eric and you had been living together for about two years now. You watched him threw his keys into the dish not noticing The two of you quite yet.

 It was only then, did you realize that the test was still sitting on the table. You panicked and scrambled to grab the test and shove it under the couch cushion away from sight. Tris frowned at you realizing that you had no intentions on telling him tonight, Your movement drew Eric’s attention. He glanced over at Tris impassively and rolled his eyes, not bothering to hide his distaste for the two of yours close friendship.

“Eric.” Tris said almost mockingly, taking a sip from her glass of wine.

“Tris…” Eric said stiffly, she rolled his eyes at him and stood up from the couch.

“Remember what we talked about…” She said quietly as she collected her stuff. Tris convinced that the sooner you told him the better the outcome. But the thought of telling him at all made the nauseous feeling return to you stomach.

Tris left with a final goodbye and suddenly you alone with Eric.

“Why was she here?” He said with a raised eyebrow before disappearing into the kitchen.

“We were just hanging out.” You said shortly following him.

“Hmmm, that’s nice.” He commented, sarcasm dripping from his tone. You stood there awkwardly in the doorway not sure what to do with yourself. Half of you just wanted to be brave and blurt out the news and the other half wanted to run away from it. You ended up choosing the cowards way out. You spent the rest of the night  tiptoeing around Eric and all but avoiding him in your shared apartment. He tried talking to you a few times but eventually caught on to your off mood and left you alone.

You didn’t know what you were doing. You knew avoiding him was only going to make everything worse in the end but you tried to pretend that it was the right thing to do. You convinced yourself that this was you protecting yourself, preparing for the worst. But in reality, it was nothing but you being weak.

You eventually ended up going to bed about an hour earlier than you usually did simply to escape. After slipping under the covers by yourself, you tried to control the storm of emotions going on inside of your head. Sadness and fear being the most pronounced feelings inside of you.

About twenty minutes later you heard Eric enter the room. You listened to him as he moved around the room, taking a quick shower than crawling into the bed. You had been lying with your back to him hoping that he would just assume that you were asleep and leave you be. But you had no such luck as you felt him scoot closer to you and press against you. It was nothing to out of the ordinary of how you usually slept together but now you felt the choking guilt and fear return to you. You moved away from him as stubble as possible but there was no trying to hide what you were doing.

“Okay then…” Was all you heard him mutter, sounding slightly agitated before moving away from you. An undeniable coldness surrounded you as you felt his body retreat from yours and you felt hollow.

The next week was miserable, You and Eric rarely talked except when you were fighting. Sure the two of you argued every once in a while but the two of you never really got into heated fights, at least, not the way you were now. The fights were usually based around Eric demanding what your issue was. He was quickly growing tired of you off attitude, you avoided him 90% of the time, well tried to at least.

You still didn’t know how to handle the situation, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him. You didn’t want to lose him and it seemed like what it was all boiling down too. You knew you had to tell him soon, but as of right now you were going to avoid him and the topic at all cost.

It was on week two that the morning sickness started. You spent the week, wakening up anywhere from the crack or dawn to when your usual alarm, bent over the toilet. It was disgusting and you felt miserable. Eric didn’t know what was going on with you, most mornings you could sneak it past him but there were a few times that he woke up with you and followed you into the bathroom. He would always sit on the floor next to you and try to pull your hair back. Of course, you always tried to deny his help but he refused to go away. He would try to drill you with questions and that would usually lead to another fight.

You dug through the fridge looking for what you needed to make dinner that night, careful to avoid the few products that you were quickly starting to realize made you sick to you stomach. You heard Eric enter the apartment and gave him a short greeting before immersing yourself back into cooking.

That morning he had caught you throwing up, he had been quick to lean down next to you and you were even quicker to push him away. That pissed him off and lead to him storming out of the bathroom leaving you alone. The two of you then spent the rest of the morning snapping at one another but pretty much ignoring each other as you both got ready for work. He left the apartment without a goodbye, slamming the door behind him, and you collapsed on the bed in yet another fit of tears unsure of what to do.

You had been so deep in thought that you hadn’t heard Eric enter the kitchen. He walking up behind you and hugged you from behind. You jumped slightly and tensed in his hold. He nuzzled the side of your neck and mumbled something you didn’t quite catch. It felt good to be in his grasp but you felt the quilt return and you shrugged your way out of his hold moving away quickly. You left him standing there dumbstruck and he growled in irritation. He banged his fist on one of the cupboards and started cursing.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” He snapped. You sighed and leaned against the counter, your back still facing him.

“What is your issue?” He growled.

“Nothing…” You said shortly going back to cooking.

“Don’t pull this shit with me, what’s wrong?!” He yelled back obviously having reached a breaking point.

“Nothing Eric.” You snapped back to him finally turning to face him.

“No ___, there is obviously an issue. The past two weeks you have been doing nothing but avoiding me. You won’t look at me, talk to me, touch me!” He growled back throwing his hands in the air. You squeezed your eyes shut and tried to ignore the tears fighting to escape and the sickening coil in your stomach.

He stormed over to the sit at the small island in the middle of the kitchen and rested his face in his hands.

“Just talk to me…” He said so softly it was almost pitiful.

“I can't….” Your voice creaked in the middle of the sentence and more tears slipped down your face.

“Yes, you can! What the fuck is bothering you so bad that you can’t-”

“I’m pregnant!” You shouted, cutting off his yelling. He grew silent and just looked at you with a neutral expression. It didn’t really surprise you though Eric wasn’t really a wear my heart on my sleeve type of guy.

“I know…” He said quietly, looking away.

“What?! What the hell do you mean 'I know’?” You growled all the fear instantly being replaced with anger. Eric simply stood up and left the kitchen, leaving you flabbergasted.

“Eric, where are you going?” You demanded as you followed him.  You found him standing with his back to you obviously holding something in his hand. Before you could ask him what was going on he turned and showed you what was in his hand, the pregnancy test.

He tossed it to you and then moved away from you towards the small bar like area in the corner of the room. You caught the test then watched him pour a glass of whiskey, the silence was deafening. You opted to say nothing mainly because you had no idea what to say.

“When were you planning on telling me…?” He asked after a few minute of silence, his back still to you.

“When the time was right..”

“So the middle of a fight was when you decided the time was right?” You couldn’t place his tone, it sounded somewhere between angry and hurt, which broke your heart a little.

“….How did you find this?” He turned around and rolled his eyes at you.

“I know it’s a real shocker right? With that amazing hiding spot you had…”  Sarcasm dripped from his tone. In reality that was probably a stupid question, in all honesty, you had almost forgotten about where the test was hidden under the cushion. It was always there in the back of your mind but you never really prioritized moving it mainly because it was rare when Eric lounged on the couch. You couldn’t think of anywhere else to hide it so you just left it. You should have just thrown it away when you had the chance.

You sighed and rolled your eyes at him. “Eric…”

“I knew something was up when you started acting weird…. But it was when the throwing up started that I got a hunch on what was going on. So I fucking tore up the apartment looking for something… anything.” Eric started.

“I was just about to give up when I remembered that you and Tris had been sitting on the couch when everything started. So….” He trailed off obviously not needed to elaborate anymore. You really need to learn to not underestimate just how smart he was sometimes.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you found it?” You said feeling shame flow through you.

“Because I wanted you to tell me…” He said casually with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I’m sorry Eric….”

“What now?” He asked quietly looking at you as if you had all the answers.

“I…I don’t know. You don’t even want kids?” You said sounding a little hysterical.

“Well I didn’t, But shit happens..” He said shrugging once more, He was too casual about it acting as if it was nothing.

“You’re not going to leave me…” You said softly, mentally kicking yourself for sounding so weak.

Eric looked at you like you had lost your mind, “That’s why you didn’t want to tell me…. because you think that I’m going to leave you?!”

“You made it pretty clear you didn’t want kids Eric! What was I supposed to think, besides you being a father, really, you don’t even like the initiates!”  

“You don’t think I’ll be a good parent?” He said looking at you like a kicked puppy.

“I don’t know what to think… I’m scared.” You said quietly not sure what to do. He moved towards you and tilted your head up so that you were looking at him. He looked down at you with those piercing gray eyes and for a second all of your worries just melted away with his touch.

“I love you…” He whispered softly. It was rare when Eric would say It first or at all really and a warm feeling settled over you.

“I love you too.” You whispered back, you leaned forward and kissed him.

“What are we going to do?” You asked as the two of you stopped your kiss.

“We will figure it out, we always do.” He said back.

“I lied..”

“About what?” Concern filling his voice again.

“I think you are going to be a great father.” You giggled.

He rolled his eyes at you but cracked a smile. “You’re so cheesy..”

“You love it…” He laughed and nuzzled your neck, you loved the moments like this when he was so sappy and his guard was down.

“I’m serious, though.” You whispered.

“You think so….” He said quietly, you could hear slight concern in his voice.You answered him with another sweet kiss and in that moment everything was okay.

I just had a dream that Ricky was revealed to be an undercover cop born in 1968. And then when he was questioned by the rest of Teen Top, he told them that he just wanted to fit in and he thought that the fact that he was born in 1970 would scare them away. And then I said, “I thought it was 1968.”

And then he glared and shushed at me.
And then I woke up.

Secretly Dating Happy

Secretly Dating AU- we made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when i arrived there was this asshole flirting with you and i’m trying not to make it obvious i’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult

By the time you got to the party the clubhouse was packed with people. The music was so loud your ears would probably ring for hours after you went home.

You’d never felt more at home than you did at a SAMCROW party.

Being Gemma’s daughter you had been raised to love the club, something that came naturally. You grew up knowing your brother and Ope were going to prospect after high school, and that your life would forever be tied to the MC.

As much as you loved the club and all the men in it you never thought you’d be an Old Lady. You saw how some of the men you loved treated women and you never wanted any part of that.

But here you were at the bar downing tequila shots like no tomorrow and ignoring whatever it was that Rat was babbling on about all because Happy had some black haired bimbo in his lap.

To be fair you knew the girl in his lap, April, and she was lovely you were just so jealous you felt nauseous.

He wasn’t even your fucking boyfriend.
He wasn’t your old man.
He wasn’t your anything.

You’d been seeing each other secretly for almost a year but you didn’t have any claim to him.

Because you wanted to keep it a secret.

Because you didn’t want your mom butting in your business, because you didn’t want things to be awkward between Jax and Happy if you two decided to call it quits.

But now he had April in his lap and he didn’t look like he was going to ask her to move any time soon.

What pissed you off even more than Happy getting way too comfortable with April was that if you even glanced at another man Happy was quick to remind you that you were his. That until you told him to fuck off for good you’d always be his.

So you found the nearest prospect and attached yourself to him. Your stomach was still burning with anger and your chest kinda ached because what if Happy was sick of all this secret shit?

You flirted with Kenny, the newest prospect, and he was responding well, holding you close and whispering in your ear. And then suddenly he took an entire step back. His arm dropped from around your shoulder and from around your waist.

You turned to meet Happy’s angry gaze.

“Do you need something?” You asked raising your eyebrow.

“What are you doing.” It was a question but he didn’t care about the answer much because after a second of silence he grabbed your arm and dragged you to one of the rooms in the back.

You really didn’t appreciate him man handling you, and he must have figured as much because when you reached your destination he let you go immediately and sat across the room from the door so you could leave when you felt like it.

Happy was good like that.

“What the hell is your problem?” You were going to yell at him anyway.

“Why were you flirting with Kenny.” Happy got straight to the point.

“Why were you letting April crawl all over you?” Neither of you really believed in beating around the bush.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not your Old Man.”

“Then I’m not your Old Lady.” You turned to go to the door.

“It’s not my fucking fault you aren’t my Old Lady.” He said it loud enough to stop you in your tracks and when you turned back around he was gripping the arms of the chair so tightly.

“So what? You’re going to throw the fact that I want to keep our- whatever this is- private in my face because you want me to be your Old Lady?” You want to rip your hair out.

“No, that’s not what I was doing.” He stood from his sitting position but he didn’t move toward you.

“Then what the fuck was that?” You yelled at him.

He just stared at you and that did nothing but piss you off more.

“I can’t fucking do this, Happy.” You walked out the door.

You didn’t even make it three feet down the hallway before you felt his arms around your waist.

“You’re not leaving me.” He said it in a growl, like he was completely prepared to physically detain you if necessary, not that he ever would actually do that.

“Why the fuck not? You obviously aren’t happy. And I can’t deal with you-”

You were cut off but him turning and pinning you against the wall.

“Because I fucking love you.” He was seething with some emotion you couldn’t identify.

You were speechless.

Happy wasn’t really the kind that expressed his emotions a lot. He chose to let his actions make what he felt clear.

It probably frustrated him he could properly show he loved you because of how private you kept your relationship, if you could call it that. He couldn’t look at you for longer than three seconds without raising questions.

So now he had to tell you. And that probably frustrated him more.

“….what.” It wasn’t the most intelligent response. It wasn’t the response that really showed how you felt, because your entire body was numb with how calming those few words were, even growled the way they were.

“I love you. And I’m not going to lose you because you’re scared of your mother or Jax or for any other reason you might have. You either want me or you don’t.” He was staring so intensely at you.

You didn’t notice you were gripping his shirt until now, didn’t notice you were holding him in place.

“Hap, I love you too.” You told him.

“I know you do, baby.” He was pulling away slowly, so you weren’t pressed against the wall but you held him in place.

“I don’t want you to leave.” You told him, not quite sure what you meant just knowing that your entire body was buzzing with a need to be pressed against Happy. Not in a sexual way but just being physically close.

“I’m not leaving, girl.”

“We can tell my mom. I don’t care, I just really don’t want this to end.” It was honest and it seem to make him a little more satisfied.

“You going to be my Old Lady?” He asked placing his hands on your hips.

You didn’t hesitate before nodding.

You were so nervous to tell your parents and Jax and the rest of the club you were with Happy but whatever their reaction was at least you had Hap.

Sexuality Headcanons

So @sissicornell​ sent me a lovely ask in which the question was raised, how do I headcanon the sexuality of my favourite children? Well, anyone who keeps up with my blog (does anyone do this?) knows I love all ten of my babies, and would pair almost any of them with any of the others. But I do have some solid favourites, so here we go. 

  • JOSH: Gay. Josh Washington is gay, although he’s not entirely worked it out yet. He’s got a school boy ‘crush’ on Sam which is actually more like a super strong friendship vibe that he doesn’t understand isn’t romantic, because she was the first girl in his life outside of his sisters. On the same note, Josh thinks he’s got super strong friendship vibes with Chris (and Mike), but that’s actually a crush. Josh does, however, enjoy all porn, gay or straight, and is really into sex. If it came to it, he’d probably sleep with a girl if she was offering. Bone Zone. Josh is not out - he doesn’t discuss his sexuality with anyone except his doctors - but frequently ‘jokes’ about being gay.

  • CHRIS: Pansexual. Chris is completely pan, although he doesn’t really know that’s what it is. Chris has experienced feelings for girls, and feelings for guys, and he’s been attracted to a guy he knows was born a girl. He’s perfectly comfortable accepting all of it. Chris is all about just spreading the love with whoever he falls for. He’s more attracted sexually to masculine bodies, but romantically to feminine mindsets, and would probably be open to a polyamorous relationship too, with the right people. Chris doesn’t declare his sexuality but will try to explain it to anyone who happens to ask. His parents know, and get it probably better than he does.

  • SAM: Demi-Bisexual. Okay, Sam would say ‘Bethsexual’. She likes both sexes but she’s very single minded when she’s attracted to someone, and barely notices anyone else around her when she’s crushing on a particular person. Her first crush was Josh, but her first kiss was Beth, who she shifted her focus onto for years. She doesn’t feel the need for a relationship, and she’s also demi - she’s not sexually attracted to anyone until she really gets to know them, and even then you’ll be lucky to be one of her rare sexual crushes. Beth and Josh have both been one. Mike is another. Sam is not out, and if you ask her about it, she politely avoids the subject.

  • BETH: Lesbian. Beth is completely into girls and not at all into guys, and she’s proud of it. When she worked it out, she was confident about her exploration of her sexuality, and quickly concluded (as many of us also know) that girls are fucking majestic creatures, designed to be worshipped. Beth has had plenty of girlfriends - Hannah swears there’s a new one for her to meet every week - but it’s because Sam’s the only girl for her, but truthfully she’s nervous about locking it down. She came out to her siblings, Sam, and her parents very quickly, and then was outed by Hannah to the rest of the group during an argument.
  • EMILY: Heterosexual. Emily is ‘completely straight’, except she’s one of those girls who will kiss her girl friends on the mouth when she’s had a few drinks and never feel weird about it. Do it for the selfie, Emily! She has a few girl crushes she says she’d go all the way for, too. It’s probably Emily’s biggest secret, but she practiced kissing with Jessica before she’d ever kissed a guy. It was right when she started dating Mike in 9th grade, and she really didn’t mess it up. Her and Jess practiced different ways to kiss for more than forty minutes, and they hid under a blanket when they did it, in case Jess’ mom walked in.

  • MATT: Straight, but like a hand drawn line. Matt is leaning heavily towards hetero; he loves women, and he loves the female body, but he’s also had thoughts. Especially in the locker room, when he realises he’s spending more time thinking about the other boy’s bodies than what he can categorise under ‘checking out the competition’. Matt can definitely appreciate another man’s looks and body - he’s not uncomfortable with it, and he’s had a couple of gay experiences when he’s drunk, too (once with Chris, but that’s a headcanon for another time ;O )

  • ASHLEY: Bisexual. Ashley is very comfortably and very openly attracted to both sexes. She is the only one in the group to come out about her sexuality on purpose, and she’s proud of it. She first realised when she was fifteen, when she found herself watching the girl instead of the guy in a movie sex scene. For a time, she thought she might be a lesbian, but Ashley is undeniably attracted to men as well. She often catches herself being attracted to a multitude of people at the same time, which gets confusing, but she is very open to anyone’s affection and would happily pair off with any of her close circle.

  • MIKE: Bisexual. Mike is an uncomfortably and extremely closeted bisexual. Can’t catch him, gay thoughts. Mike owes his fear of coming out to his old-fashioned jackass of a father, who has always hammered home the importance of gender roles and being a ‘real man’. He’s the sort of guy who’d punch you in the mouth for suggesting he look at another man if you were in earshot of any other person within fifty miles, but secretly he’s always been desperate for someone to discuss it with. The person he eventually takes solace in is Ashley, on the night of her sixteenth birthday, when he picks her up from the bus station [x]. Mike has crushed on all his male friends during his time trying to suppress the feelings altogether.

  • HANNAH: Hetero-Polysexual. Hannah is only attracted to men, but she doesn’t restrict that only to men who were born that way. Hannah’s first and only boyfriend was when she was sixteen; he was a trans-boy, and he really broadened Hannah’s previously quite slim horizons. Before this time, Hannah had never been one hundred percent accepting of her twin’s sexuality (although admittedly she tried her very best) but after this brief relationship, it felt as if she’d woken up. She apologised profusely to Beth after this, much to Beth’s shock, as she hadn’t even noticed Hannah being uncomfortable with it because she’d always gone to such an effort to make it seem otherwise.

  • JESS: Straight (road with winding parts for miles). If Matt is a hand-drawn line, Jess is a junction. She’s knows honestly that she’d only want a relationship with a man, but she’s also got a serious number of straight-girl feelings for other girls, if you know what I mean. Level 3 girl crush. Jess loves how soft girls are, and she’s slept with a few along the way at parties. Don’t tell Emily. Do tell Matt and Mike, because they’d love to know, and get involved.
Pick Your Poison [Eisuke - Oneshot]

            Their perfumes were strong and rich. Their laughter was high pitched. Their hair brushed his face and shoulders all the time as they clung to his arms. One woman on each arm. Both women were equally beautiful. Sarah, the platinum blonde, was on her right and Mandy, the raven hair, was on her left. They kept talking in their annoying voice and at one point, Eisuke just lost it. He shook his hands and the two women wide eyes, staring at him.

“Eisuke? What’s wrong?” Mandy asked.

Instead of replying, Eisuke turned and walked away.

Eisuke felt something was off about him recently. He felt nothing.

Women, money… He no longer cared about all of that. He owned everything but it consumed him from the inside out. It killed him slowly like a parasitic plant attached to his heart and sucked the life out of him.

He felt suffocated.

            As he was deep in thought, he wandered to a different part of the city. There was a small alley and on that narrow, dirty road, there was a small store with a tacky pink neon sign. That was when he stopped and looked.

It’s said: “Open.” But there’s nothing else.

He peeked inside the glass door out of curiosity when suddenly a face of an old man appeared behind the door. The man’s face was so close to the door and his eyes were leveled to Eisuke’s. Eisuke gasped loudly, flailing backward in surprise to distance himself from the weird creature.

The old man opened the door and greeted him with a smile, “Come on in, young man.” He gestured to Eisuke while moving aside to let him in.

“I’m not looking for anything,” Eisuke gruffly said. He was still grudging over how the man made him looked like an idiot. The old man was too weird as well so who would be stupid enough to go inside a sketchy antique store with him, Eisuke thought.

“Are you sure you’re not looking for anything?” the old man asked again when Eisuke was ready to leave.

Eisuke narrowed his eyes and the old man smiled, “You can come in and just look. After all, you can’t buy anything in this store.”

Eisuke became more puzzled. The lines on his forehead deepened as he digested what the other person was saying: a store where you can’t buy anything.

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AHHH I’m a little late to gamtav day, and I was going to write something longer than this (by a lot actually), but this is all I could manage.  Maybe I’ll finish it up later?  In any case, this will probably work for now.  Enjoy!


The days get to be a little motherfuckin’ long when your dad up and leaves for weeks like he’s about doing sometimes.  Or all the time, maybe, but that’s how he kicks the shit.  You can’t blame him for doing what’s gotta be done.  He’s got a mad carnival to run all over the motherfuckin’ country, spreading the wicked gospel what’s your birthright as his pious protégé.  You just wish being his pious protégé meant a little more spending time with the motherfucker and maybe traveling around with him now and then.  Instead, you got to be spending days all by yourself in your empty fuckin’ manor, slumping around with your faygo and the glue you sort of accidentally figured out made all life’s miracles a little more miraculous with some special breathing on it.  You don’t even know how long it’s been since he left.  It’s beginning to feel like longer than normal, but you can’t be sure on how long normal is normally, so you don’t think about it.  You sit outside in the courtyard, waiting to hear the car pull through the gate and looking at all the beautiful motherfuckin’ flowers what grow all over the place.

You’re all spacing the motherfuckin’ out when some sort of noise you aren’t used to be hearing comes over the courtyard wall.  Noise like what people make.  Talking.  Some people whose voices you don’t think you know are talking on the other side of your wall, which is an occurrence you’re not sure ever occurred before in your memory.  Your manor’s not all that close to no city or town, and there ain’t nothing but the sound of the sea around to keep you company most the time.  You lean forward, but not too much, since you’re feeling a little light about the head.  A new noise hits your ears, and the people on the other side of the wall start to sound like they’re laughing a little bit.  And, as you watch, this cute as shit motherfucker all dressed up in this gorgeous shade of green miraculously appears over the top of the wall, looking all like he’s got some crazy apprehensions about climbing shit, even though that’s exactly what he’s doing.  And the voices on the other side of the wall say something up at him just as he gets all perched up there like a pretty little tropical bird.  The motherfucker’s even wearing a feather in his hat.  Where’d he get that bitchtits outfit at?  He’s not like any other motherfucker you’ve ever laid your hazy fuckin’ eyes on before.  He says something down at the other voices like about how your garden is full of weeds and it looks like nobody’s been around for a while, which ain’t true at all, seeing as how you’re standing right the motherfuck here.  And you say so.  “Hey, motherfucker, I’m right the fuck here,” you say.

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sorcererinslytherin  asked:

you want to talk about ryan so consider this - ryan like, weirdly disappears for a few hours, right? and the crew think nothing of it, except he's doing it a lot. like, at the same time every week, he disappears for the same three hour block. and he doesn't take his mask. and it turns out he's doing something like, for the community? reading books to kids in the library or doing volunteer work or something. I love "secret-good-guy" ryan, especially when the others are baffled but supportive.

awww this is so cute!!!!! Just Ryan trying to do good things, trying to help people in small ways that he can. Because as all that cold melts in him, he sees all this potential for good he has and he just has to do something, right? There has to be something he can do for people.

I absolutely love the idea of Ryan helping kids too. Because despite everything, Ryan is fucking great with kids. Like amazing. It kinda scares the rest of the crew when they first see that he’s helping kids, reading books to them and volunteering for programs with kids in the nearby hospital. Because the Vagabond should terrify these kids right? But no they absolutely adore him. It confuses the fuck out of all of them.

But also consider: Ryan volunteering at some senior center, befriending all the old ladies who give him candy and gush at ‘what a handsome young man’ that he is. Idk just imagining Ryan befriending all these old bitties made me laugh. (also the thought of these grandma’s being past life badasses, sharing stories of their adventures in the criminal underworld and all the ass they used to kick in their days and how sometimes they miss it and always telling Ryan to stay alive to visit them next week and if he doesn’t they’ll ‘hunt down the men who hurt him and avenge him’ Ryan is secretly touched)

I’m just so here for secretly-a-good-guy Ryan trying to do more good than evil in any way that he can.


So I actually don’t read a lot of one-shots cause I much prefer novel length fics with lots of development but here are a few of the better ones I’ve read:

A Slight Gambit - nightfalltwen

Hermione comes to Draco in Azkaban prison in need of his help. Draco has one stipulation. He wants his freedom.

Auror scenarios are always the best thing ever and this was a superbly written one, love love loved it.

Graveyard Valentine - bex-chan

Hermione thought she was the only person in the world who would spend Valentine’s Day in a Graveyard, but she was wrong. He’s there. Every single year, with his gloves, roses, and answers.


The Establishment of a Meaningful Context - attica

Because the boy certainly had enough mind to know not to excite the impetuous old man, even if he didn’t have enough to know that he was very secretly in love with the girl standing exactly two feet and six point five inches away.

The feeling to this one is awesome- I mean it’s attica man. It’s very intense and fiery and the imagery gives you a really good picture of our favorite couple’s emotions, esp Draco.

The Lighthouse - anondracomalfoy

Hermione doesn’t dream much these days, but when she does, she often imagines up a lighthouse. It never fails to bring her safely to the shore - to the life she imagines for herself. To a life where she doesn’t have to live with the ghost of who he used to be.

Ugh memory-loss fics are always super painful and this one’s definitely not an exception. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The Mind Trap - LainellaFay

“Harry, do you know who Malfoy’s been visiting?” - Years after the war, Hermione’s in St. Mungo’s thinking she’s a Healer, but her mind is not to be trusted.

Might as well put this in here while we’re on the topic of painful memory loss. Also beautifully excruciating, and it being told from the perspective of the brain-washed person does not lessen the agony, I will say that right now.

Because of the Chestnuts and Cherry Stains - bex-chan

With the war still casting a shadow over the Wizarding World, Draco tries to understand why Christmas is so important to Hermione. Even if it takes him years to learn.

Yes ik this is a Christmas one but the holidays are only just ending and it’s too good not to include.

Owed and Paid - JDPhoenix

Hermione is separated from the others in the chaos at the Quidditch World Cup.

I actually totally forgot the name of this one until now (thanks @dramioneasks) but that is NOT a reflection on the quality of the fic! This was really short and sweet and a great base for the beginnings of dramione.

I've Missed You, Baby.

Things have been tough since Alfred left for the military and Arthur misses him so terribly.

Rating: G. 100% fluff, smiley material!

Oh, just how many nights had Arthur stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, worrying? He had lost track after about the fiftieth time. God knows how many pots of coffee had been made and calls had been answered as the sun began to rise.

On a particular Sunday morning, 5 AM, Arthur found himself perched on the sofa, downing a cup of coffee with a jittery nervousness. He didn’t even like coffee anyway, drinking it was just an old habit he had acquired … from a certain person in his life. His fiancé, Alfred.

Arthur’s thoughts were almost always on Alfred. The bubbly American had stole his heart practically. It was hard to explain, but that blue-eyed teddy bear of a man drove Arthur crazy, and Arthur secretly loved it.

“Oh, Alfred…” Arthur sighed out loud. With a small smile, the blond reached over to grab a frame off the coffee table, a picture of him and Alfred. Memories of the day they took the photo flooded his mind.

“I’ll be fine Artie! I promise! And when I come back, I’m gonna marry you. Don’t worry.”
It was the day Alfred got shipped off to the military, eight months ago.

Since then, the time had been brutal for both of them. Arthur was lonely and missed his husband with all his heart. Contact was scarce, and it had been so long since they’d heard each other’s voice. Arthur could not bare it anymore.

With a sigh he put the photo and coffee cup back in their place and looked sadly at the floor. It was so quiet and cold. Arthur buried his face in the blue hoodie he had slept in for comfort. Alfred’s hoodie. With a smile, Arthur took in the light scent of Alfred’s cologne. It was the smell that always filled the house, no matter what Arthur did. He felt warm now, closing his eyes and thinking of his fiancé. Alfred’s laugh, the warmth of his skin, the strength of his arms that held Arthur so gently…

Yawning, Arthur grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch, feeling relaxed enough to sleep. His Alfred would return to him, he just knew it, and when he got there, Arthur would hug him and kiss him….
He was off to sleep in a matter of minutes, dreaming of better days.

An hour later, there was a familiar sound at the front door. Arthur turned on the couch, snuggling the blankets and stubbornly clinging to sleep. The door opened softly, and a tall figure stepped inside, taking care not to slam the door. Combat boots clunked on the hard wood floors.

He set down his bags and walked over to kneel on the floor beside the couch, watching the small blond sleep peacefully beneath the covers. Arthur looked thinner than the man had last remembered, and there were bags beneath his eyes. He couldn’t help but feel guilty…. Arthur was a worrier after all. But god did he miss him. Sweetly he ran a hand through Arthur’s hair.

“Arthur, wake up.”
Groggily, Arthur turned a bit, eyes still closed.
“Artie, It’s Alfred. I’m home.”
Arthur grunted, slightly opening his eyes as a warm hand jarred his shoulder.
Slowly, Arthur sat up and took a second to adjust to his surroundings until his vision was clear. He turned.
“Morning, Sweetheart.”
Arthur leaped on top of the younger blond, not even noticing when Alfred almost hit his head on the coffee table. Luckily, they landed on the plush carpet.

“W-what are you doing here? I thought you were deployed for another three months!” Arthur exclaimed, looking down at the man he was straddling. Alfred stared right back, grinning from ear to ear, eyes sparkling.
“I pulled some strings. I just missed you so much, oh man did I miss you, Artie.”
“I…I missed you too, you git..” Arthur said smiling, green eyes brimming with tears spilling down his cheeks.

“Come here, babe. You’ve got eight months of kisses to make up for.” Alfred smiled, pulling Arthur down to his chest.
“So do you, Alfred.” Arthur smiled softly.
“Good, cause I’ll start now,” he said and kissed Arthur’s cheek, “And I don’t think I ever want to stop.”
Arthur swooped in and kissed Alfred’s lips, rubbing the side of his face gently.
“I’ve missed you baby,” Alfred mumbled against his lips, “I’m never gonna leave you again.”

“I hope your being serious, darling. Otherwise I’ll have to hunt you down myself if you run off again.”
“I’d never think of it, honey.”

The Origin of the Thing With the Peas (Friday Ficlet)

“And she’d left the bloody steak knife there deliberately, John; she’d used it on several raw steaks before she came around to meet us. We almost sent it in for testing! It was very nearly perfect. She’d thought it all through. A fantastic criminal mind. That was my most interesting case in weeks, and right after the one with the rusty lawnmower blades ended so–so–”

“Terribly predictably?” John suggested, smiling. He’d been drying the dishes while he listened, surreptitiously watching Sherlock’s dark head and slender back while he leaned over the kitchen table, talking, gesturing grandly with a beaker in one hand, checking the components of the experiment he’d left to develop on its own for nearly a week. Sherlock was thrumming with energy, his happiness clear in his voice–high on the thrill of the surprising resolution of what had turned out to be a five day marathon of a case. Then Sherlock went quiet. His head hung down and he braced himself on the table. “Sherlock?”

Sherlock turned, but without his usual elegance–he actually staggered slightly and his face was pale, his mouth open in surprise. John took two steps to the table and pulled out a chair. “Sit down before you fall down,” he said quietly and Sherlock sat, wide-eyed. “How long since you’ve eaten?” Even as he asked he was pulling out an apple, chopping it into slices with a few quick strokes. He put it down on the table.

Sherlock reached for a piece and then hesitated, holding it. “I might throw up.”

Sherlock’s hands were trembling gently, a signal John knew to look for after several years in private practice. Low blood sugar. “You’re probably so hungry you don’t feel hungry,” he said in an even tone, “but you’re going to eat this and I’m going to make you something better while you do.”

It was evidence of how far gone Sherlock was that he didn’t even offer a token protest. He ate the slices, at first in small bites and then ravenously, while John dumped leftover takeout into a saucepan, Chinese fried rice and sticky-sweet chicken and saltily aromatic soy sauce, then added fresh butter and peas.

The melting butter began to sizzle in the pan. Sherlock slumped down in his chair, the apple finished. “Maybe the whole five days. I don’t remember,” he murmured.


“Since I’ve eaten.”

“Since you’ve–Sherlock. That is ridiculous.”

Sherlock’s eyebrows lifted just a bit. “Says the man in Mrs. Hudson’s old apron, mixing takeout with peas.”

“And onions, and garlic,” John said, chopping. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sherlock smile to himself, the lovely smile without edges that John secretly thought of as all his. The trembling had stopped. John stirred the vegetables into the pan, poured a glass of water and set it in front of him. “Drink.”

Sherlock drank.

“What on earth did you do before me, Sherlock?” John asked rhetorically. He shook pepper and salt into the pan, added coriander and cardamom. The sweetly fiery smell of the food was permeating the air and he was starting to feel a little weak-kneed, too. “I mean, would you just have collapsed where you stood?”

“John! I would never have–” Sherlock scoffed and then gave it up and grinned. “Probably. Well, not collapsed, but I would have sat down on the floor rather suddenly, and then pulled myself together and gotten myself to the living room and slept right there on the sofa. And when I woke Mrs. Hudson would have left biscuits and tea on the table. I had quite a lot of biscuits and tea.”

“That’s insane,” John said mildly. “That’s no way to live. You’d have been dead in a decade.” He meant it as a joke, but Sherlock’s face grew still and he turned his uncanny oceanic eyes toward John, glowing with quiet light.

“Yes,” he said, “I would have.”

For a long moment they stood there, looking at each other while the fridge hummed softly and the food sputtered and hissed on the stove.


“And he can cook,” Sherlock says distractedly, pacing the floor, intent on the prospect of murder at a wedding, alight with concentrated energy. “Does a–a thing. Thing with peas…” And even as John waits with his heart hammering in his chest for the moment he’ll be needed, understanding now that something is very wrong, a warmth spreads through him. The smallest things hold significance at the conclusion of the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures, as the bigger story begins.


on AO3:

[for @mymindpalaceblog with warm thanks for the Friday Ficlet request for “a hungry Sherlock.” Better late than never?]

"quirky little ska band down in Santa Cruz"

This is for wearethecyclones as a much-belated birthday present and thank-you for producing one of the best pieces of writing I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, Play Crack the Sky. We’ve talked about how PCtS!verse Stiles has a thing for discovering other acts, new talent, etc, so I picked up some stuff she mentioned and ran with it. *sheepishly rubs back of neck* ANYWAY SO HERE’S A THING.


Stiles first hears of Shack Pack on an unseasonably warm night in February when he’s vid-bingeing Sublime covers, looking for ideas while they’re finishing Annuals. “Summertime cover by Shack Pack” has been popping up in the Suggested Videos sidebar for the last few clicks, and the thumbnail is a cool-looking foursome wearing aviators, so he clicks. And it’s a ska band. Slightly punk, more Latin, with the girl on vocals and tenor sax. Stiles sits up from his slouch.

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Kaneki and Hide bickered like old married couple over petty stuff like:

(At Big Girl)
Kaneki: This is my turn to pay the meal!
Hide: No, it’s me!
Kaneki: You already paid it before!
Hide: That was months ago!
*fighting who gives the money first to the waitress*

(Make a new wardrobe)
Kaneki: You were supposed to finish this work before!
Hide: How am I suppose to know when you not even give manual how to do this?!
Kaneki: I thought you have the manual?
Hide: I gave it to you, old man!

(Watching movie)
Hide: That character suck.
Kaneki: He didn’t do anything wrong!
Hide: For one, everyone know that nohody wear that weird fashion nowadays.
Kaneki: Said someone who keeps wearing the same jacket everyday.
Hide: *dramatic gasp*

(Random time)
Hide: Did you eat my cake?
Kaneki: Nuh uh *secretly hid the cake*
Hide: *saw it* Give my cake back!
Kaneki: *run away with cake*
Hide: *chasing him while screaming for the cake*

(Sorry for my English)

I have a 00Q prompt. James and Q go on Vacation in America. Q begs and James relents and they go to Disneyworld. Q totally goes crazy wanting to ride everything and wearing the ears and making James as well. eating everything bad Making james ride Its a small world. Q acting like he is 10 years old James having to deal. but secretly loving it and disneyland. enjoying Epcot and such. just a total disney experience btw you guys rock!!! – anon


Bond was wondering whether he should just drug the man. It would probably be simplest.  Definitely kindest for all concerned. Would probably mean Bond would finally get a little bit of rest, would feel better about the world and could actually get some sleep without his hysterically excited partner bouncing on the bed.

No exaggeration. Bouncing on the bloody bed.

Nobody should allow Q sugar, Bond thought bitterly, as Q dragged him onto Thunder Mountain for the fourth time that day. “Q, this is…”

“James, this is so much fun. Thank you, thank you for saying we could do this, really, this is the best thing…”

Bond would have drugged him. Definitely.

Except that he was so happy.

Q was an amazing person to be around, when deliriously happy. He had a curious way of making the air and sky and everything around him bright, and Bond couldn’t help but smile and let him do whatever the hell he wanted, just to keep his smile alive.

Bond was also very aware that he hadn’t allowed himself fun in a surprisingly long time – and this was it. This was just unmitigated, mad, pointless fun. Yes, he probably should have been doing something more important, probably could have been saving the Western world from something or other, but he didn’t want to when he could be here, with Q, dropping not-very-subtle hints that he wanted to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride again.

The look Q sent him was quietly amused, and he agreed happily, on the condition that Bond wore the Mickey Mouse ears.

It was probably the most humiliating thing Bond would ever do. He did it willingly. Q looked like several Christmases had come early. “I love you,” he said excitably, as Bond retrieved an autograph from Princess Aurora for Q’s collection. “This is the best holiday ever.”

Bond kissed him gently, and let Q guide him onto the next ride.