thought about you when i made it idk

my therapist asked me

Whats missing from your life?

I thought about this question for a long time after you asked me. And after days of racking my brain I still had not come up with an answer, that is until I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning waiting to order my coffee as I do nearly every morning. When there was an elderly couple in front of me, they were laughing with each other, and it made me smile. There I was being pessimistic because it was 7 in the morning and I was so overly tired and in a bad mood. But they were standing there as though there was no where in the world they would rather be. And I thought to myself I wonder what its been like, sharing a cup of coffee with the same person for that many years. And that’s when it dawned on me. I knew what was missing.
Seems like a pretty simple answer, huh? But I don’t necessarily mean love in the way youre probably thinking about it. I mean it in the simpliest of ways, in the “drive safely”, “text me when you make it home”, the “I hope youre doing okay”, or “have a good day”. I mean it in the sense of friendship, companionship, dependency, empathy, and affection. I mean love in every sense of the form. I mean It in the having someone to turn to on your darkets of days, or someone to share the brightest of ones with. I mean it in the singing in the passenger seat of your car kinda love, or the eat frozen yogurt and cry on your bad days.
But most importantly, the form of love I am missing, is self love. Many times I am so concerned with being there for others or trying to help everyone around me, bringing them up, that I forget about me too. i think that’s why i keep looking for people. because i’m looking for that love that’s missing from my life in someone else. and i keep being let down because no one is going to love me the way that i should love me. I wanna be so content within myself that I don’t look for these things in someone else anymore. I wanna sing in the car by myself, I wanna buy the elderly couples coffees and I wanna be okay knowing im going to drink mine by myself.

i aways feel a little moved when i listen to isak talk to even about infinity and the immensity of universes and the endless possibilities they contain. there’s wonder and excitement and curiosity and innocence in the tone of his voice

and it makes you wonder, when was the last time he let himself express these thoughts so freely? did he ever? over time, isak had gotten very aware of the image he projected and he wanted to have control over that image and so he wouldn’t always express these thoughts he had, and he sometimes would express thoughts he didn’t agree with, but which fit with the image he wanted to project, so he’d express them as if they were his own. he said it to eva, he was fake. and i think he would also keep things simple, and wouldn’t insist on discussing matters that were actually meaningful. because it’s so much less risky to simply talk about trivial things, to limit yourself to subjects that aren’t worth remembering, that won’t challenge people’s perception of you, or rather the “you” you choose to present 

but this conversation he’s having with even is the type of conversation that requires you to let someone in the house of your thoughts. and it’s always a risk, to open the front door of that house, to let someone step in and to show them what it looks like on the inside, to show them the rooms. but isak not only sees even as a trustworthy guest, he actually wants him to come in. so you can see isak, with each of his words, unlocking that front door and presenting him some of the rooms, such as the one with the parallel universes, and also letting himself explore them alongside even. and the thing is that isak had been alone in that house for so long and it feels so nice, to finally have someone there, to finally allow himself to have some company

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can i request rfa+v and saeran reaction to mc who wants to have children with them but scared at the thought of giving birth? lol idk why i freak out when i thought about it. seems like a watermelon tryna pop out of a smol hole 😂😂 🔫

Thanks for the request and don’t worry, I freak out at the thought as well ;;;

Zen: He would love to have children just like you however after hearing your worries about birth, he would tell you that the two of you could take your time with this special time of your lives. He wants to see you comfortable and happy before any life-changing decisions are made. He’s just waiting for the time he can know the feeling of a warm family to call his own.

Yoosung: He’s just as scared as you are. 
“Yeah but it’s also natural to lif-”
He’ll exaggerate the details just a bit but he’s scared for your health and mental attitude so he’s more than happy to wait until you’re completely okay with the thought of birth! He might be a little immature when it comes to this but he’ll get better with time.

She knows that you want children and tries to divert your attention to what happens aside from birth. So many better things will come to you after this painful experience and she believes that you’ll absolutely love it. Focuses on the goods rather than the bad and will definitely help you out post-birth.

Jumin: I see Jumin as somebody who doesn’t really care for children in the sense that he ‘doesn’t see the point’ however after meeting you he wants to know what a family feels like. He isn’t exactly rushing but this man’s youth is running away from him. He would continuously ensure you that the child will be covered financially and he’ll give them all his love. He supports you in saying that he’ll definitely be there for you in the hardest times of the pregnancy and not let work get in the way at all. He’ll wait for you patiently, not wanting you to be dragged into something you don’t want to be. The moment you give your consent, you bet there will be baby making that night ;)

707: He laughs at your ‘watermelon analogy’ and tries to lighten up your mood around childbirth because he wants kids too! He finds ways to make it seem not so scary by either showing you funny cartoons or reading you ‘happy’ birth stories however your favourite action had to be on that fateful day. Seven came back with a huge watermelon one day and you questioned the use for it. He turned off the t.v and walked in front of you, putting the green ball up his shirt. Suddenly, he let go of the watermelon and it fell down, out of his shirt. The silence while the melon rolled around was awkward however after his comment you just laughed.
“Just like birth right?”

V:  He’s patient because he completely understands your fears, instead he tries to show you the better side of birth. He tries to change your opinion but in the end, he understands that it’s your choice in the end. He would be willing to give up the thought of having children if it meant that you were happy.

Saeran: Alright this kid hasn’t even gotten to the thought of children yet and when he finds out you have those sort of thoughts about them he goes completely red. He wouldn’t fully understand how much birth hurts however after you describe it to him, he’s immediately turned off.
“No, don’t do it.” he would say but you would tell him that you want children.
“Why? It hurts so much doesn’t it?” he replies.
He seems so naive, for now you have to accept it and later show him the beauty of children.

just a thought about dawn summers:

bc of the false memories the monks gave her, she would remember being present during every episode since 1x01. in I Was Made To Love You, she asks about april - “a robot? really? was it Ted? ‘cause i always said there could have been more than one of him.” implying that as early as 2x11 dawn was aware of the supernatural creatures in sunnydale, even though joyce continued to remain blissfully ignorant (yeesh) til 2x22 when buffy tells her she’s the slayer.

SO. in the au where dawn has always been present, when did she find out that buffy was the slayer? when hank & joyce institutionalized buffy in her freshman year, did dawn believe her big sister to be telling the truth? has she believed it since then?

i just… like the idea that buffy has now always had someone else in her home who knew & understood what she was dealing with.

when your friends make jokes about hating themselves, stop them. don’t laugh. i know in the moment it might slip out, but make sure you follow it up with asking them about it. don’t accept a calm, “i’m the worst” tell them, “no, you’re not.” even if they made big mistakes, tell them it’s okay. that they just messed up a little bit. even if you told them before they did it that you thought it was a bad idea: no “i told you so.”

let them know that you don’t agree with the voices in their head. the thing about this is that once they hear you gently correct them, they’ll start to hear how much they say this kind of thing. and hopefully, over time, they can start correcting the voices, too.

i know it’s the kind of joke i make all the time, but the truth is that those jokes are insidious. when you loudly announce, “i’m a waste of space” and other people laugh: they’re agreeing. and it adds up. the thing is: all jokes have some element of truth. and that little bit of truth weighs a whole lot on you. 

BigBang Reaction to you having a pregnancy scare

Anon Requested:  There arent many current bb reaction/scenario blogs, I’m surprised you don’t receive more requests!!!! Maybe Big Bang reacts to you having a pregnancy scare? They’re getting to that age (well, in American standards anyways lol).

I honestly don’t think they’d be too phased by a pregnancy scare just because I feel like they’d be ready for a family about now maybe, but idk, that’s just me I don’t want kids until I’m like 30

Seungri: Seunghyun’s eyes would widen ten times in size when you told him you were late. He made sure to always use protection but this last time you both opted not too just because you recently put yourself on the pill and you thought it was safe enough to not use a condom. You immediately regretted the decision and you knew Seunghyun did too by the tenseness of his body. “I just took two pregnancy tests, I just have to wait a couple minutes for them to read the signs.” You spoke, eyes locked down on your fingers while they fumbled around each other. All you both could do was stand in silence until the tests showed either a negative or positive sign.

Daesung: When the words “I might be pregnant.” left you Daesung stopped what he was doing and immediately turned to you. “What?” was all that he could say before he saw the tears forming in your eyes. You started to shake your head and utter apologies, you didn’t mean for this to happen you weren’t trying to get pregnant, you both hadn’t even talked about having kids so this possible circumstance was worrying the both of you. Daesung could only pull you into his arms to console you, he’d try to reassure you but the words were more of a reassurance to himself than to you.

Taeyang: When Youngbae saw how nervous you were when telling him he immediately reassured you, his arms wrapped around you and slowly rocked back and forth while his hand went up and down on your back. It was reassuring but the nerves still wracked your body. “If it’s negative we just have to be more careful.” Youngbae whispered, you raised your head to look him in the eyes, he had a small smile on his face and didn’t look phased by your statement at all. 

“And if it’s positive?” Your eyes locked on his trying to see if whatever he said next would be true or false. 

“Then we’re going to be the most amazing parents to the baby.”

G-Dragon: You were surprised to say the least when seeing Jiyong’s reaction to you telling him that you didn’t have your period and that you were only a couple days late. “So you might be pregnant?” He asked with a smile. You couldn’t help but scrunch up your eyebrows and tilt your head at him. 


“Of course I’m happy! Now go take a pregnancy test so we can find out.” Jiyong began pushing you towards the bathroom before you could even reply and soon closed you in.


“Nope. Gotta take the test to be let out.”

“But we don’t have any pregnancy tests…”

T.O.P: “I might be pregnant.” You blurt out as you walk into the bedroom. Seunghyun’s face goes from a straight face to wide eyed and a smile plastered on his face. It was a happy kind of shocked and he soon started to walk towards you. 

“I’m going to be a dad?” You were fumbling with your fingers so you never caught sight of his expression and didn’t know how happy he truly was. 

“I mean I’m only a couple days late but-”

“I’m going to be a dad!” He cheered quickly picking you up and spinning around.

“I still have to take a test!” You laughed while raising your voice, Seunghyun immediately put you down and began dragging you into the bathroom.

“Then let’s take a test! I swear we have some spares fro your friends…”

Random thought:

Does anybody remember the time when people made headcanon about the nations being the reincarnation of a normal human being?

What if Sweden was a swedish soldier that died in battle and then he came back as the human representation of Sweden?

And then, this is his song as a “former” normal human being.

It’s a Sabaton song btw. So he cries everytime he listens to it because he has some memories from his previous life.

Idk, i was just thinking about it.

reblogs vs. reposts

i’m making this post because there are more newbies to studyblr/tumblr in general than i thought. i’ve gotten a lot of questions about reposting and reblogging, so here’s a post differentiating the two. 

[also, i just found out a lot of my stuff is all over weheartit. i’m not too happy about it, but at least i put my tumblr url on there… idk.] 

reblogs are simply sharing posts to your blog. some general info: 

  • the arrows button on the bottom of posts turns green when you successfully reblog
  • you aren’t stealing when you reblog
  • it’s a compliment to the owner of the content
  • good tumblr etiquette
  • the equivalent of saying, “hey, i love what you made! i want it on my blog!”

reposts are the thing tumblr/artists hate. some general info: 

  • this IS STEALING
  • there is no button for reposts
  • it means you save a picture to your computer, then post it as yours without the owner’s permission 
  • it’s hurtful to the owner of the content
  • bad tumblr etiquette
  • the equivalent of saying, “look at what i made! even though it isn’t mine! i’m sharing it so people will think i made it!”

for existing tumblrs: 

  • i know when starting out, people will do this because they aren’t aware it’s stealing. if you see someone reposting another user’s content, do not go yelling at them. they most likely don’t know what they’re doing, so politely message them and tell them that reposting isn’t right and tell them to take the stolen content down. 
  • if they have been contacted and don’t answer/don’t care/have an excuse, then tell the owner of the material (if you haven’t talked to them yet/they haven’t see it) and report the reposter. 

for new studyblrs/new people to tumblr: 

  • weheartit is all stolen material. don’t post those to your own blog. 
  • if you see the source is weheartit, avoid reblogging it in general.
  • “reblogs” are when you see a post on your dash and you want it to be on your blog. you don’t save the picture and post it yourself. you simply click the reblog button and it’ll be on your blog with the original owner’s source on it. 
  • please do reblog.
  • please do NOT repost. 
  • you risk being blocked by other users if you repost.
  • you also risk your credibility as a blogger if you repost.
  • do not repost.

bottom line: reblogging is sharing from the source; reposting is stealing from the source and posting as your own. you don’t want anyone stealing your credit, so be considerate and avoid doing the same.

Some AUs...
  • “You came to the animal shelter where I work to adopt a cat and I left you with a kitten and a ball of yarn for ten minutes to come back and see you tangled up with the cat sleeping on your neck and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” AU
  • “We were put together for a partner project and I’ve never talked to you before but now we’ve been talking about comics for the past 4 hours and wow you’re really cool” AU
  • “You just dropped some of your food but picked it up and put it in your mouth when you thought no one was looking but we made eye contact right as you did it and I’m not judging you because 5 second rule stands but idk what to do help” AU
  • “I made a really obscure movie reference in class and you were the only one who laughed so thanks for that wanna get coffee and talk about films?” AU
  • “I said I’m too hot and you were the one person to say “hot damn” back and now we’re just staring at each other” AU
  • “You’re the shyest person I’ve ever met but last night I saw you get hella turnt to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and I can’t look at you with a straight face anymore please stop looking at me” AU
  • “You’re generally a really serious person but I cracked a joke today which you laughed at and holy shit you have the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard therefore it is now my goal to make you laugh again” AU
  • “I accidentally left my AirDrop on while I went to the bathroom and when I came back there were 73 pictures of Pepe the Frog on my phone oh my god please stop” AU
  • “Last night you were really drunk and you started talking to me about every single one of the 15 cats you’ve owned while we stood in the bathroom line and I don’t know what to do with this information but idk your cat sounds really cute” AU
  • “We got in a discussion today about something and I was 100% sure I was right until you pulled out your phone and searched it up and proved me wrong so now I’m just standing looking really pale and kinda wanting to sink into the ground” AU
  • “We got in a fight a couple weeks ago and I just came up with a really amazing comeback which I didn’t get to use so I went up to you to use it and you didn’t even remember what the fight was about so now we‘re just standing here awkwardly” AU
  • “It’s your best friend’s birthday so you thought about showing up and serenading them with their favorite song while wearing a dinosaur costume but you messed up the apartment number and now you’re outside my balcony singing One Direction at me who are you” AU
  • “They played your favorite song at this party but they lowered the music for the DJ to speak so now you’re standing in the middle of the dance floor trying to sing both the guitar and voice parts at the same time and it’s adorable” AU
  • “I mentioned once that I really hate puns so now you’ve apparently made it your goal in life to make me laugh at one so you come to me with about 20 different ones every day please stop following me” AU
  • “You lost your very beloved family pet and I found them so you came running in the rain to come pick them up at my house and now you’re at my doorstep soaked but smiling so brightly bc you got them back and you are so cute I could cry” AU
  • “I started talking about my favorite character which is also coincidentally your favorite character and I turned around to find you right next to me whERE DID YOU COME FROM DO YOU SENSE WHEN PEOPLE START TALKING ABOUT THEM WTF” AU

actually i don’t know why this was my thought but speaking of those taeyong selfies it totally made me think of like, him posting on snapchat and the caption is like “just bought our hotel room ;)” and he posts it on his story and then

he keeps posting shit like the empty fridge and the view outside the window where he’s like “looks okay :/” and he posts a picture of you and it’s like “look at this view instead 😍” when really he could be talking about the view outside like he looks like he’s really high up but he’s talking about you like the dORK he is.

and then eventually this blurry ass picture gets posted to his story with the caption like “skj gnfjd g ETTING SOME BYE” or some shit.

yeah anyways end me.

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How come 7 and 8 haven't been up today, I thought you said they would be

it’s only 3 in the afternoon my time. i just finished part 7, and it will be up today. part 8 won’t. i just haven’t gotten around to writing it yet. part 7 will be posted in about 30 minutes.

reminder: i post when i want to, if i don’t feel like posting then i won’t. i made this account for fun, not for work. idk if i just read it in a rude tone or if you meant for it to be rude, maybe you didn’t mean to. but you guys need to be patient. if you guys can’t, then sorry bout ya.

sorry for sounding like a bitch, it’s just how i feel.

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Hey Donnie, I was wondering if being/feeling childlike can be linked to bpd? There are times where I want to be treated like an adult but most of the time I would prefer to be treated more like a child/looked after/cared for and thought of as a kid but idk where the want comes from. I just feel so much younger than I am and like I can't emotionally handle being an adult. Thanks for everything you do, your advice is so great!

It can, yes! When BPD causes it, it is called BPD regression- here’s a link to things about it!


Happy 20th Birthday, tessa !!!! It all started with a compliment of my colour palette gifset (back when i giffed **** **** and back when i thought oversaturated gifs were cool and i guess, so did you tess). (also pls let the record state that tess made the first move. your honour, can u believe this) Now we’ve been friends for over a year now and we don’t even talk about gifs anymore, because obviously our friendship is so much more than that. From our mutual love of star wars, to our mutual hate of past selves (i mean, we thought lipless ***** *’**** was the shit ok, idk her?), and even to disagreeing (but really agreeing) about my main michael b jordan (you totally love him too, admitting is the first step ok.) I love talking to you about the littlest things, how your day was, intersectional feminism, destroying gender roles; anything! 

Our convos include old classics like “raw me”, “also”(repeated 5 times in one series of messages), “your impact”, and your longstanding relationship with captain america himself, to our newer phrases like, “metaphorical boner killer”, “YEET [throws topic away]” and “*nuts instantly*” 

We’re literally internet pals but you’ve taught me so much, you’ve made me feel so much better about myself and you allowed me to be who I am, and that is literally priceless. Happy birthday, I love you, and I hope you like my gifset (i had to redeem myself over last years oversaturated Mess, thank you v much). 

Some of the gay domestic thoughts I was thinking about today:

Being able to wake you up in the morning with a freshly made breakfast. 

Having a small herb garden and taking care of plants together. 

Going to an animal shelter and adopting a dog together and that little dog will be like our kid idk if that sounds weird but. Maybe like either a pitbull, pug or doberman pinscher?

I was also thinking about how much fun it is just to go grocery shopping with you when normally grocery shopping is really boring.

Singing along to songs and dancing together in our own place, 

Decorating our place making it look really aesthetic with all the things we like.

Searching through a forest for good trees for you to be able to use for woodworking projects and searching for bones for my odd collection.

Taking bubble baths together all the time while eating ice cream in the summer.

Traveling to the best stargazing locations together.

Exploring abandoned buildings and taking really cool photos, maybe we could like have a photo album for all the places we explore together.

Getting an old van and fixing it up together, putting a mattress in the back and then traveling around where ever we want to go. 

I could go on but that’s all I’m going to write for now. @koigami

Hey wizzy fandom, I just had an idea. What if I made a blog to post when there’s new wizzy fanfiction? I was specifically thinking about fanfic exclusive to and/or AO3, but I could post about tumblr people’s too, if they ask me to. 

I don’t know exactly how it would operate, since I just thought of it not five minutes ago. Would I do reviews?, statistics?, or just post “hey there was an update?” Idk. 

I’d appreciate some input. Is this something you would like to see? 

Request: Hi can I request a Noah Foster imagine ? Y/n is Brooke cousin and she lives with the Maddox (due to some familial problems) and she is like the total opposite of Brooke, and she is more like Noah, and on Halloween night, y/n almost got killed and when Piper was killed Noah was so scared to lose y/n so he kisses her and idk can you make it cute and fluffy with a bit of action pls pls pls pls ?? Tyson !! 

You’ve been living with Brooke and her dad, for about two months your mom was dealing with a lot of stuff so she thought it would be best to drop you off at your cousins. Boy was she wrong, but you have made so many friends.

“Hey, you coming to my party tonight?” you were dragged out of your thoughts by Brooke. “Oh, uh I’m probably just gonna go and study,” you weren’t a big fan of parties, you were just going to watch a movie.

“Well you’re coming, you need to meet more people,” you smiled and closed your laptop, Brooke smiled  “There we go.”

The party had been on for an hour, everyone was a little tipsy you and Audrey were talking about movies, when you heard a scream. Then everyone started running, Audrey singled for you to stay put while she went and checked it out. You grabbed a big piece of wood next to the fire pit for safety.

Why was Audrey taking so long, was she attacked? You were dragged out of your thoughts when the lights went out, you jump now your heart was racing. Your phone buzzed and you look down to see you got a message from an unknown number saying ‘Turn around’. 

You quickly turn around to find the killer staring at you.You turn around and run as fast as you can towards the front of the house,you were hardly at the back door when you trip over a beer bottle, you tried to get up when the killer jumped on you and stabbed your shoulder. You scream in pain, then you kicked the killer as hard as you could.

The killer fell on to their side, nows your chance you run to find Audrey infact anyone, you look behind you and the killer is right behind you, they tilt their heads to the side, you felt pain in your thigh you looked down and saw a knife in your thigh, you fell in pain, you couldn’t get up you were weak but that wasn’t going to stop you from fighting.

The killer raises their arm with the knife they ripped from your thigh, you roll over and the killer barley misses to stab you. You grabbed the knife from the killers hand. You were about to stab them when you felt agonising pain on your shoulder. The killer was pressing hard on your wound.

You drop the knife and the killer quickly picks up the knife and slices your stomach you curl up into a ball, you heard shouts. The killer disappeared, you didn’t know where they went, you felt a cool hand on your face. Noah was shouting for everyone to come over.

He takes of his jacket  and places it to your stomach to stop the bleeding, you felt dizzy but you knew to try and stay awake you weren’t going to die tonight. “Come on (Y/N), stay awake i can’t lose you,” Noah had tears in his eyes, you smiled at him. Then everything went black.

Beep Beep Beep

You woke up in a hospital bed, you look to your left to see Noah holding your hand it looked like he hadn’t slept in days. You squeezed his hand gently, his head shot up “Oh my goodness (Y/N), you scared me,” you laugh at how dorky he is.

“So who’s the killer,” you looked at him “Piper” Noah looked at you with worry in his eyes, “Called it, you owe me money,” Noah laughed at you. “I’m glad you’re okay, i was so worried (Y/N),” you looked into his beautiful eyes. He leaned in and kissed you. You kissed him back “I love you (Y/N),” Noah hugged you gently.

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Idk how u can like my trash but thank u

Joke answer?

It’s trash so we treat this as our own children

Serious answer?

It was made for us. You thought about us when you created this drawing. I can even see that you utilized the way I doodle (Somewhat crayon shin-chan -ish), which means you observe how I depict myself closely. You provided mod Shellby with a cape in a blue color scheme, the one she commented about. I have my green hair and angry eyebrows. Who cares if the technique in the drawing isn’t what people consider “good art”? The only thing I care about, is that you paid close attention to us and showed us this through your drawing. It’s the first fanart I’ve ever received, and I’m incredibly flattered. It’s not because of the art quality, but because it was made with the thought of us.

- mod Levith

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How do you feel about the pewds stuff?

i never really enjoyed him back when he was popular. i’ll admit before all this grossly antisemitic stuff happened i occasionally watched some of his newer videos bc i thought he was much funnier now that he’s clearly dead inside, y’know? like, something about his newer humor made me laugh more than the older stuff but i wasnt an avid follower of his content. in fact i cant even remember if im subscribed to him i think if i was i probably already unfollowed (im gonna go check rn and make sure. i dont really follow my yt feed so idk WHO im subscribed to anymore lmao)

however, when that video came out where he paid some guys to hold those awful signs, it just kinda disgusted me, you know? ive never been emotionally attached enough to his content to feel BETRAYED, and like… tbh i believe that he probably is just a dumbass and sees it as only a joke and probably doesnt understand why everyone is so offended. but he strikes me as a guy in a position of a lot of privilege with not much empathy for people different than him, so he wouldnt have ever considered the harm that could and did cause people

so like. short answer yeah he’s garbage lmao but ive never cared about him and i dont care now. i hate antisemitism, and im glad disney and youtube have shown that they care enough about jewish people to drop him. 

sext: i remember your hands on the back of my neck when you would kiss me. i remember how your thumb would rub the top bone of my spine as your fingers curled around my baby hairs. I can still feel your hands if I think hard enough.
sext: I can see your eyes in the morning, squinting from the light cascading from the blinds over the white sheets. They were happy, I made you happy.
sext: i remember when we cried together, i was pmsing and you didn’t like to see me cry. you were drunk you felt bad, i was crying about a commercial. we laughed about it later we cried.
sext: i felt your lips on my jaw again, maybe it was the gin this time.
sext: i see you in my dreams when i drink too much, you’re not fuzzy everything else is.
sext: i smell you on my sheets
sext: i can’t wash my sheets
sext: i’ll never send you these.
sext: it’s four am, i’m drunk and i love you
sext: it’s five am and i hate you
sext: it’s all my fault
sext: no it’s yours
sext: i’m such a mess but i’m a mess of love for you, clean up on aisle four i’m a spilled mess on the ground. my heart is bleeding for you and i can’t see anything. my tears have blurred my vision but i remember getting dizzy with you and getting high on the couch and kissing you
sext: i miss our mess, i miss our messy kisses, i miss the four am phone calls about how i dreamt i was a bee and you were a flower
sext: i had a dream i was an arrow you were the bow, and i kept pulling back on you…i never made a bullseye
sext: i fucked up but i fucked up for you
sext: i fucking miss you
sext: i fucking love you
sext: why don’t you pick up when i call you, why don’t you see i still love you why can’t you feel what i feel
sext: you moved on
sext: i’m stuck in the memories
sext: i fucking hate you my eyes are crossed and everything is blurry you’re blurry i’m drunk and when i’m drunk i think of you, i love you so much clean me up
sext: why can’t you call me back
sext: is this what love feels like?
—  c.s. - sext 

anonymous asked:

Hello lovely, I lost a pet a while ago as well. It's okay to miss your Luna! She is somewhere safe with your other pets. I know she felt the love you gave to her. I'm sure you two will reunite one day. Idk what stance you have on prayer, but when I start feeling down, it can feel nice to take that grieving energy as an inspiration to send some loving vibes to your angel. I'll keep you in my thoughts.x

thank you so much for this message ; ; made me feel a little better about her not being here, it means a lot xxx