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Last Dance

(A/N): I thought this request was so fucking cute and honestly, Chris can dance so well??? 

Request: Can I request a Chris EvansxReader where reader is an actress too and instead of Liz, reader goes on Ellen show with him and plays that dancing bit and the whole dating thing but have it be true? Please and thank you!

Warnings: none 

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    You smiled as Ellen finally got to the topic everyone was dying to know about, whether or not you and Chris Evans were really a thing. 

   “So, I’ve read that you two are dating, is that true?” Ellen smiles at the two of you, clearly eager to know whether the rumors or not were true. 

   “Yeah- yeah we are,” You smile, laughing when the audience roars to life. 

   “We’re actually engaged,” Chris smiles, he too laughing as the audience cheers loudly. 

   “Are you guys really?” Ellen asks, her face taking on a mild look of surprise. You nod your head, reaching up to give Chris a high five the exact moment he did the same thing. 

   “For half a year actually, the wedding’s in a couple months,” Chris smirks, trying his best not to laugh as the two of you high five like a couple of nerds. 

   “That’s so exciting!” Ellen smiles, her eyes alighting with an almost mischievous glint. “And what better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than-” 

   “Oh god no,” Chris chuckles, hanging his head as a fit of giggles wash over him. Ellen chuckles as well, her smile growing in size. 

   “Come on, it’s gonna be fun, I promise,” 

   “Do we wanna know what it is?” You ask skeptically, a smile of your own rising to your lips once again. 

   “Well, follow me-” Ellen stands from her seat, directing the two of you to the open space she had besides her little set up. “Okay, stand on these two platforms,” The two of you take your respectable places, smiling at the audience before you. “You guys are going to take turns dancing to whatever dances show up on the screen but as soon as the dance switches you have to freeze in whatever position your in, got it?” 

   “Got it,” The two of you say in unison, smiling at Ellen as she goes and stands by some little table or stand she had set up. 

   “Okay Chris, you’re first right now-” And suddenly some music begins to play and a dance pops up on the screen. You begin to laugh as Chris dances, showing off his spinning skills to the movement of ballet, but suddenly the dances changed and it was your turn and you were instructed to do an Irish jig. You were honestly laughing so hard you thought you may fall and ruin your chance of bragging rights but before you could the dances switched and Chris was doing the best damn running man you’d ever seen. 

   “Oh my god,” You laugh, covering your mouth to contain your sudden giggles as Chris dances amazingly. But before long it was your turn and you had to quickly do your own dance, not able to see the rest of Chris’. You try not to giggle as you salsa, smiling when you heard Chris’ laughter beside you. “Shut up you jerk I’m trying my best!” You laugh, stopping when the dances changed again. You throw your head back, laughing hysterically as Chris does a perfect Beyonce dance, one of classic moves to single ladies. But before you could appreciate the dance to it’s fullest it changed again, coming back to you.

    You could practically feel Chris trying not to laugh as you did your best to shimmy, one hand clasped over his mouth as he watched you.  You did the shimmy for about two seconds before the dances changed once again and you nearly had a heart attack at the words printed on the screen before the two of you. 

   “Uhh- ahh-” Chris looks around, smirking when he skidded to your side, his body already pressed against yours as he gives an almost perfect lap dance. 

   “Oh my god!” You shriek, laughing as you attempt to swat Chris away. He laughs too, bracing his body as he puts his hands on his knees, his body shaking as he attempted to regain composer. “Oh my god stop, no!” You laugh, giving his ass a good swat to get him away from you. 

   You’re laughing so hard you can barely breathe and when Chris jumps away from you, swearing as he rubs at his butt you think you may drop to the ground from your sudden lack of oxygen but before you could the music ended and Ellen along with the audience members were clapping for you. Chris laughs as he turns to you, enveloping you in a warm hug, his arms wrapped around your waist and your face stuck against his chest. He places a comically big kiss to the top of your head, not even letting you go when Ellen approached the two of you. 

   “Well at least we can now say you guys are the cutest couple in Hollywood,” Ellen smiles as she stops beside the two of you, her gaze upon you and Chris almost affectionate. “And you two probably have the best dance moves in Hollywood too,” You laugh once again, burying your face into Chris’ shirt. Chris’ laugh rumbles against your head, almost soothing you in some way or another. 

   “Well thank you, I must admit my lap dance was pretty damn good before someone ruined it,” Chris gives your butt a playful pinch, causing you to squeal and lean against him more, your face burning in embarrassment. You don’t even have to look at Chris to know he has a self satisfied smirk on his face, you’d spent enough time with him to know what his ever facial expression looked like, guess that happened when you spent every waking moment with someone. 

   “Shut up, my shimmy was pretty damn good,” 

   “So was your Irish jig,’ You smile against Chris’ chest, your heart fluttering at the praise. 

   “Well everyone, let’s give it up for Chris and soon to be (Y/N) Evans!” You blush at the name, something you hadn’t heard anyone else say other than Chris, it was nice to finally have someone else saying it. Everyone stands up, clapping for the two of you wildly. 

   “Well (Y/N) Evans?” Chris whispers in your ear as everyone continues to clap. “Since you liked that lap dance so much how ‘bout we continue it back home?: You laugh, your head getting light headed once again. 

   “You know what,” You smirk a bit. “I’d gladly take that lap dance,” 

Watch Me

Title: Watch Me

Parings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,530

Warnings: PURE SMUT! Like absolutely nothing but teasing Dean smut

A/N: This came to me late one night after watching too many con videos. The end makes me laugh out loud every time, not gonna lie. Yeah I think that about covers it! As always feedback is appreciated and my ask box is always open. Tags at the bottom. Stay awesome everyone <3

 Thank fucking god, you thought to yourself as you heard the boys walking past your Bunker room door to their rooms. You’d been waiting what felt like ages for them to finally go to bed. Your room was a little too close to the library for comfort and you were always super paranoid when you had your “alone” time.

You went to your dresser and reached to the back of your underwear drawer grabbing your favorite new toy. A vibrator dildo combination that you absolutely loved. You popped in the batteries as you turned back to your bed, slid your panties to the floor and stepped out of them getting into bed. As you sat down you lifted your shirt and threw it to the ground.

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It’s been a while but @scarecrane got me back into DC comics so I of course had to draw Riddler again, this time with a lot more sparkle and rolling his hat down his arm for fun; this is my personal design for him (with one of many outfits i designed) because I can’t see the riddler looking different than this (though I usually picture him kinda chubby, I just haven’t drawn that yet)

this took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but the result is nice enough that i’m glad~ it seems these days everyone is all about Riddler, I thought I was the only one… I welcome increased riddler content but can’t lie that sometimes I feel like a hermit with a pitchfork yelling ‘THAR CAN ONLY BE ONE!’, though all riddler fans/kin/etc are welcome to tag/reblog this as such~

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

Forensic Science: what is it?

WATSON REALIZED SOMETHING IMPORTANT!! And by that she means she was hit with the sudden realization that both Sherls and Watson never covered what Forensic Science is. And given the massive influx of new followers (thank you everyone, you guys are amazing!) Watson thought she should define forensic science and cover the sub-disciplines in the field. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of forensics, Sherls and Watson have a pretty general science background, so don’t be afraid to ask us about anything. 

Forensic science, in the most broad definition, is the application of any science to the court of law (both criminal and civil). Essentially, it is using the scientific method to help with court trials. It’s important to keep the law part in mind, because everything we do in the field, scene processing, evidence collection, evidence analysis, all the tasks are done with a goal in mind: to preserve the integrity of evidence so that it is viable in court. Their third job is to search, find, and collect possible evidence in an efficient manner to ensure fragile evidence isn’t lost, but also in a careful way so that the evidence is preserved properly and not contaminated. With that said, we have a very general knowledge of law, and it mainly pertains to the Criminal Code of Canada, while @scriptlawyer​ is the better person to go to for detailed law knowledge. 

The most publicly know facet of forensic science is crime scene investigation. These are the people that come in a scene in full Protective Personal Equipment/PPEs (bunny suit, gloves, goggles, mask, boot covers, etc.). Their first job is to protect the scene, make sure nothing is tampered with. The second job is to record and document the scene in a thorough manner (photography, video tape, hand written notes), to ensure that the scene can be revisited later in the future. 

Below, in no particular order, are brief synopsis of forensics in a given sub-discipline: 

Pathology – they are the coroners and the medical examiners, performs autopsy and is responsible for determining manner of death, cause of death, and estimating Post Mortem Interval/time of death (PMI) 

Biology/DNA – looks at the biology of the scene, including DNA and any other bodily fluids (blood, semen, saliva, urine, etc), when looking at DNA, will be intimately familiar with a process called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), will also look at hair and fibre samples, botanical material, and soil 

Toxicology – the chemistry side of the science, examines compositions of drugs, glass, paint, explosives, soil, determines presence/absence of drugs and poison, alcohol, uses lots of fun equipment, refer to @scriptchemist​ 

Firearms – looks at firearms (we are hoping that is obvious), discharged bullets, spent cartridge cases, shotgun shells, ammunition, gun shot residue (GSR), approximating how far from the target a weapon was fire 

Fingerprinting – studying minutiae of fingerprint, comparing prints left behind in a crime scene to prints from known origin, there’s actually not a lot of work being done on how accurate fingerprint is, and fingerprinting is under a lot of scrutiny right now for lack of organizational structure (some one should change that) 

Computer/Digital – one of the new emerging fields, basically finding, collection, preserving, and examining data from digital devices (computers, cell phones, etc.) Sherls and Watson do not have enough technological background so we will refer everyone to @scripthacker​ 

Anthropology – deals with skeletal remains, differentiating between human and animal remains, determining approximate gender, age, height, race, and any physical injuries or osteo-diseases 

Entomology – uses insect (mainly flies and necrophilious insects), flies life cycle, and the cycle of arthropod successions to determine long term PMI 

Psychology/Behavioural – this is a subfield of psychology/psychiatry. In criminal cases, work tasks might include determining if a person is fit to stand trial, evaluate for behavioural disorders, looking at behavioural patterns to set up a profile. In civil cases, they might determine if an individual is competent to decide when preparing a will, settling property, or refusing medical treatment. Both of us do not have much experience in this field, and would like to refer you to @scriptshrink 

Documents – document analysis studies handwriting, type-writing, type of paper and ink, tries to authenticate sources, basically anything to do with documents, neither Sherls or Watson has much experience with this 

Odontology – this field looks at dental evidence when the body is unrecognizable. Enamel in the teeth are hardy substances and can last for a long time, identification of the person can be made based of characteristics of the teeth, their alignment of the mouth, the great thing about living is the first world country is that almost every one has a dental record. Bite marks compared to dental cast has also been used as evidence in court (see Ted Bundy), but Sherls and Watson are both leery about this particular field, since there are not a lot of research proving that there is a scientific basis behind the field

Engineering – looks at failure analysis, accident reconstruction, and causes and origins of fires/explosions, mainly looks at the structure sides of things (is there an engineering scripty around? Because Watson would love to see one)

Others Watson found while researching: theres units for polygraph and voiceprint analysis too apparently. We do not know much about these two fields either.

*Phew* We know there is a lot of information on this post, we are planning to break down a few things we mentioned here and go into more detail in future posts. Send us asks if you lovelies have any questions.

(Credit to @butchpharah for the banner! Thank you so much for helping out!!)

Bruabba Week: Sunday, February 5th to Saturday, February 11th

Introduction: Thank you everyone, who suggested prompts for this week! It made my life a lot easier and there were some cool suggestions I’d never thought of! Big shoutout to all y'all for making this happen!

Anyways guys, it’s about time we celebrated these gang boyfriends, isn’t it? I love this ship with all of my heart so I decided to make an official event for them since no one else has before! As stated in the title, the week will run the 5th of February to the 11th, making for 7 days in total. Let’s celebrate the gay gangsters in style, shall we?

First thing is I’ll give you the prompts, and then under the cut will be the rules and whatnot for the the event. If you plan to participate in this, I’d advise you read this entire thing!

Day 1: First Kiss/First Date/First Fight
Day 2: Models for Gucci/Outfit Swap/Make-up
Day 3: How They Met/Gang Dad Shenanigans
Day 4: Mourning/Comfort/Fluff
Day 5: Sun and Moon/Confessions
Day 6: Monsters/AU/Road Trip
Day 7: Wedding/Future/Cop and Fisherman Reset Universe

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i have no idea how did this even happen but i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you 💫

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Tag, You’re It - Leto!Joker x Reader

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted a Joker fic in a while so here’s my offering to appease your appetites. Sorry about it being a bit short though.. I’ve recently found that I love Melanie Martinez (Thanks to @ashmuck ), and I thought her song Tag, You’re It fit the Joker perfectly. So without further adieu.. Enjoy! -J.xx

Walking down the sidewalk, I had my coat collar flipped up, keeping the cold away from my face as much as it could. I watched as my breath swirled around me, helping some to calm my nerves. The few streetlights lit my way, but giving me no console in the darkness that surrounded me. He wanted to play his favorite game again, and there was no way of getting out of it. I had to play along; I was too scared to find out the consequences of disobeying.

The rumbling of a car got louder and louder the further I walked down the side of the street. He found me already. Picking up the pace a little, I saw his purple sports car pull up beside me out of the corner of my eye, crawling along as I walked.

He rolled down the tinted windows and called out to me, trying to bait me into giving up already. But he thrived off of the chase, he lived for the challenge. If I gave up now, I’m sure the repercussions would be just as bad if I denied him my partaking in his game in the first place.

“Let me take you for a joy ride,” he called from within the powerful machine, his voice sugary sweet, “I’ve got some candy for you inside.”

I noticed an alleyway a few feet away on my right, and take this as my opportunity to give him the thrill he craved. Taking off, I sprinted down the alley, ending up in the middle of an empty parking lot, a single light hardly lighting the deserted place. I heard the crunching of his designer shoes against the gravel behind me. There’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

Continuing to run across the lot proved no use, I felt his hand bury itself in my hair, shoving me to the pavement in front of him. My breath came out in heavy huffs, nervous of what he planned to do to me this time.

“I love it when I hear you breathing,” he whispered, his hand still in my hair and forcing me to look up at him. “I hope to God you’re never leaving.”

I stared up at him with wide eyes. Never leaving? My heart beat even faster inside it’s ribbed cage. He was going to keep me forever; this game was our destiny. At the realization of this, a wicked smile spread itself across his face.

Leaning down so his paled face was inches from mine, he murmured without ever breaking eye contact, “Eenie meenie miny mo, catch a lady by her toes. If she hollers, don’t let her go.”

“Eenie meenie miny mo, your mother said to pick the very best girl, and I am,” I finished, my gaze never wavering from his.

His smile grew even bigger, pulling me back to my feet and keeping me within his arms. He bent his head down just slightly so he velvet red lips were right next to my ear. I could feel his soft breath against the shell of my ear, sending a shiver down my spine and causing a chuckle to reverberate in his muscled chest.

“Tag, you’re it.”

And so our game began again, as it would for the rest of eternity. A game of cat and mouse, a game of tag. We were forever locked into this course, unable to pull ourselves away from the thrill of it all. He would forever hunt me down; I would forever satisfy his every need.

Thank you all for responding to that last post and to everyone who sent requests!! 

The posts currently in the queue are:

  • “the universe is expanding to get away from this cum load i’m about to blow”
  • “nothing brings a family closer together like a few good games of russian roulette”
  • “nothing quenches my thirst like some nice liquid chlamydia”
  • “A confused Abraham Lincoln buys a newspaper, then remembers he can’t read”
  • “Just when you thought I was clean I showed you I was dirty”
  • “I’m actually not writing your order down. I’m just making a list of reasons why you’re a piece of shit.”

 First off, I never thought I would do a follow forever, because everyone I follow are the people that I wanna follow forever. I never imagined my tumblr would get where it got  (I mean, seeing people posting my gifs on twitter, or compliments, you know?) so, before tagging everyone and showing you guys how you’re all important to me, I wanna talk about specific people, ok? first up: 

SAM. (brookesjauregui) I still remember when I first called you on private to compliment you on your gifs, and it is with property that I say you have the best fifth harmony gifs tumblr and you will always have! Thank you for your friendship, your advices, for trusting me and believing in my potential. I hope you have amazing holidays and next year, with h4rmony, we are still here making gifs of our girls.

BRUNA K Krys, (nojauregui) se eu pudesse entrar no seu tumblr todos os dias e reblogar o lauren words acredite em mim, eu faria. Então obrigada por entender o meus puta que pariu comentando, obrigada por ter o meu sangue e fazer parte disso aqui, tu é importante pra mim pra caralho. 

To everyone else, I am very grateful for what each and everyone of you added to my life, and you all can rest assured that you have a huge space in my heart. I hope you guys have awesome holidays and a lot of love and luck in 2017!!

 And this is my babes. 

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I’m terrible at these kinda long, thought out, emotional posts, so it’s about to get REAL CHEESY ALL UP IN HERE LOL.

I’m extremely thankful for all of you, whether you’ve been with me for a few days or a few years. Thanks for putting up with my dumb posts, reblogs, and OBNOXIOUS TAGS HAHA, and to the ones with me since the beginning, thanks for putting up with all that PLUS my fandom changes hehe.

And I’m especially thankful for FE and the Fatesona community. Before it, for the most part I always just kept to myself, but because of FE and Fatesona, I’ve met friends that I hold dear. I’m glad it’s such a friendly and loving community, and that it’s given me the opportunity to bond and laugh with you all. And I’m glad if it’s done the same for you!!

I love and am grateful for all my mutuals/friends/followers💙💙💙

Happy Thanksgiving again and hope you get to eat lotsa good food today!

(And if you don’t celebrate it, you should treat yourself today~)

Well, I really liked the episode? Idk, it was a pretty good ending apart from maybe some overused melodramatic situations but they had overall good outcomes. (Also, Jim Moriarty, thank god you showed up)

But just my thoughts on johnlock: I never shipped it, I never shipped Sherlock with anyone and after I found out about aro and ace I always head-cannoned him as aroace. (I honestly can’t see him in any other way, but maybe that’s just my strange view on things)
But still… They’re living together in 221B, they’re happy, they’re rebuilding their own home together, they’re raising a baby. And I love it.
Like, I’d be happy like this. Living together with your favorite person who you love in whatever way? It’s all I could ask for and the best thing in the world, isn’t it?

I didn’t personally know @thejudge very well. We have a ton of messages back and forth and we reblogged from each other all the time. I never got to know him more than that. But going through his tag to find more and more tribute art drawn for him hurts, a lot. I didn’t fully understand why until I thought about it.

Our fandom isn’t huge and because of that, I honestly feel like I lost a member of my family. All of you are kind of a family to me. It’s really inspiring to see everyone coming together in his honor. Every single one of you are amazing.


i’ve reached 1,000 followers on this little old side blog of mine and i just can’t actually believe it. i started this blog because i had all these headcanons about robron to share and i wanted to keep them somewhere, i never expected this reaction at all! so i’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, liked or reblogged a post and left their thoughts in the tags for me to see. it’s much appreciated 💗💕

Originally posted by soniamencarelli

- as a way of saying thank you to you all i would absolutely love to write little ficlets out of your favourite headcanons of mine. if you’re interested, send me an ask using the #no. of the headcanon and i’ll write a little something. or if you like you could send me one of your own headcanons and i can turn that into a little ficlet for you as well 💜

*I didn’t know how english dogs bark, so I asked a friend how russian dogs sound
*now toby dogfox barks russian
*It’s not wrong, it’s just my headcanon!

*(also everyone send me dogpuns for the next chapter pls)

first (of the fancomic) <-> next


*This is a fancomic of @tratserenoyreve webcomic THE THOUGHT. You should probably check it out since this comic continues from page 40 of theirs!. And also Trat is awesome.  

*(Undertale and sprites belong to Toby Fox!
Also thanks to @eagleofmars for advice he!)

I got one idea.

First off, happy Sunday everyone! It’s the last day of the meetup. The whole thing has been an absolute blast and I cannot thank you guys enough for this. Let’s end this off with a bang. <3

So I had an idea for something, and I hope you can be on board with it. 

–>I have a plan to bring back this tag when Ethan actually hits 300k! :) Which was the original reason for why I wanted to do this. Instead it became a thing during Pax for us to come together, which I never even thought about at the time.

I had some special posts planned for when he’s really close to it. And for those of you who missed the meetup entirely, you also have a chance to post some things! So far he’s stuck at 280k and I’ve been estimating we can do this by next week.

So what do you say, you’re up for this?

Monster of Mine Part 2- Negan

Plot/Request: @maflojo requested- “Can you do part 2 to your Negan imagine? I’m fascinated actually ❤” Anon requested- “Hi!! I loved your fanfic about Negan and I thought you could write a part II of that story…”

Word count: 1892

Warnings: swearing, violence, 

Note: I’ll be tagging everyone who asked me for a continuation on this story so they’ll be able to find it.  @chasingthestarlightonthehorizon, @lotuslandx, @lets-jade-world. Thank you to everyone for all the support on this! I’m probably making a part three :) Send in requests!

Read part one here first!


You walked along the streets of Alexandra with a small smile on you lips. Makeshift lamps illuminated the streets along with the moonlight that shone on your face softly. It was quiet, except for the sound of cicadas and crickets in the wilderness. It was similar to the night you had run from your father after he confronted you about Negan, but also far different. That night was filled with pain and regret but tonight was perfectly fine. Negan had visited earlier today, saying he was bored and it brought a smile to your face that he had come to you. Maybe, after all, he felt the same things toward you as you did to him.

You sat on your swing, looking over Alexandra. It was a calm morning, peace coated the small town like a warm blanket and you felt safe for once since the prison.

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Word game

thank you @bring-me-bellarke for tagging me! :*

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better ✨

A   age: 20

B   birthplace: Poland

C   current time: 10.24 PM

D   drink you last had: mirinda

E   easiest person to talk to: lately @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit 

F   favorite song: Killing me softly by Frank Sinatra

G  grossest memory: Once I was fighting with my sister and when she turned back to me I stuck my nails in her back and scratched through the whole length of it. She had literal claw marks. 

H   horror yes or horror no: No no no. 

I    in love?: yes.

J   jealous of people?: trying not to. 

K   killed someone?: yeah a few but no biggie

L   love at first sight or should i walk by again: should i walk by again. Much more exciting! 

M   middle name: Mary 

N   number of siblings: 3

O   one wish: to be succesful

P   person you called last: my mom

Q   question you’re always asked: Why are you like that? 

R   reason to smile: bellarke 

S   song you sang last: The 100 opening theme - if you can sing it 

T   time you woke up: 10 am   

U   underwear colour: pink

V   vacation destination: Canada or Australia. 

W   worst habit: staying up until I can’t open my eyes. 

X   x-rays: did you mean: t-rex? 

Y   your favorite food: pizza I guess

Z   zodiac sign: Pisces

And I’m tagging: @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit @niylah @craterhead @blakebird @octaviakomearth @bellamyaugustus @mountainbellamy  @bellamybb @bellark 

anonymous asked:

The diabetic Watari stuff made me so happy Thank you!!! And I'm sorry that the needles freaked you out! But with a pump it's one needle every three days instead of two shots every day! :0 but anyway! I'm here with more!!! I remember you talking about Fukunaga who can eat a ton and not gain a pound, but consider inuoka being the same. The first dining out experience with the two was when Kuroo decided cheap fast food was the best idea ((or just not bring both at the same time ~dealer Anon

I’m glad you liked it Dealer Anon~<3

Wahh, it’s really no biggie lol, I’m just a maj weenie about needles~ And 1 every 3 days sounds much more tolerable +o+

But yesssss, rip Kuroo’s wallet because the only thing worse than one person with a blackhole for a tummy is multiple people with one

rip me, I had to cut it in half lol, otherwise it wouldn’t have been very legible, gomen.

i bet they fill their bags with all kinds of junk food to take to training camps, so before leaving there’s a search to weed it all out because junk is not proper volleyball fuel and ‘why are you packing more food than clothes, rethink your priorities omg’. They’re probably some grade-A food smugglers, the kind of people you wanna go to the movies with because you won’t have to pay anything for snacks, they’re loaded up with all kinds of goodies hidden on their person. I wonder how much their parents suffer buying groceries.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I've been reading your fic pretty religiously since cacw came out, (you got me to read RPF! hdu), and I do feel guilty for not leaving many comments, sorry about that. But your most recent fic, the Steve/Rumlow one, I skimmed it because I thought I was willing to try anything you wrote. I was wrong. I have no complaints about your writing style, but I really hope it's the last "Strock" you write because it was nauseating. If you end up writing more HTP, please can you tag it as such? Thank u


I’m very sorry you didn’t like it, for sure it is not a fic for everyone’s taste, but no, I won’t be tagging it as HTP, because: it’s not HTP, at least not in the way I conceive of that trope/genre. HTP: “works focus on members of Hydra abusing other characters, especially Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Common topics include rape and brainwashing”. Just because a fic involves Steve and Rumlow doesn’t automatically make it HTP.

I get it: it’s Steve/Rumlow, and it’s not meant to be ‘nice’ or to leave anyone feeling happy. That’s kind of… the point. 

Everynow and then I see an artist that I know and absolutely adore their art like my stuff and im just sitting there like THANK YOU SO MUCH IM NOT WORTHY OF THIS.
(Dont get me wrong I freak out about every little nice tag, everyones likes and reblogs but to be noticed by someone you thought would never see you is kinda cool.)
Thank you all for supporting this blog you all make me so happy (゚∀゚)