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judithbuttplug  asked:

I don't think I really understand what the age of Aquarius means. I heard it has something to do with knowledge and technological advancement?

all these age of aquarius qs are weird cause i kind of had this intuiton or flash of thisarticle i wrote aboutthe aquarius age a few years ago and thought about it, that it needed updating or even deleting… lol, thank you angels, but i have some info on the aquarius age

  • rapid changes in technology we’ve seen in the last number of years (uranus rules astrology) was orchestrated by the universal forces or the divine to prepare us for the next new age
  • science (aquarius) and the collapse of the church (ending of pisces age)
  • the bible code and remote qantam possibilities have transcended, making the darkness very possible, but by living conscious and with intent, we can change reality with thought (air:aquarius)
  • preparation for leisure and creativity (11th house) to become the main facet of life when technology voids the need for manual labour 
  • the rise of the divine feminine 
  • divine forces raising collective elevation so we may become “spiritual beings having a human experience,” instead of human beings having a worldly experience
  • void of the religious patriarchy 
  • celebration of intellectuals 
  • age of reason
  • telepathy 
  • crystal power
  • rise of astrology and worship of cosmos 
  • fury of mother earth, esp through floods
  • progression toward equality 
  • the paranormal mind will become normalized; the loss of individuality to work for a collective conscious, the invisible and mental spear that will circle the earth where the world of lies and deception will fall to pieces
  • we are experiencing a conscious shift. with ultimate chaos results into synchronicity.

aquarius is a sign of uprising, rebellion, and revolution… these forces (mass displacement, rising right wing govts, attempts to separate by racism and war the collective nature of aquarius) are important instruments of powerful collective revelation, the agencies to protest, very primitive stages of the new age. 

in the aquarius water bearer we have the image of a pail titled downward from the sky. this symbolizes the release of knowledge and wisdom from higher planes, streaming onto earth like holy water. this is happening at all moments, ready for us to bath in. pisces was the sign that symbolised jesus, but uranus is the planet that symbolises christ consciousness, luke 22:22 says ‘Jesus told them, ‘Just after you go into the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him into the house he enters.’”
Luke 22:10‪. christ consciousness is available to each individual, for the sake of social and soul repair, collectively. we are so distracted by the outer world that we no longer listen to the treasures of universal knowledge within us. this is the the annihilation of the ego, the end of duality, the peruivan prophecy where the 3 cosmos the over/under/everyday world the golden age when we meet ourselves again


When it comes to rules and guidelines, my rule of thumb is usually “if someone tells you not to do something, it’s cause someone’s tried it before”.

So imagine my surprise (and slight confusion) when looking up tips for washing/drying minky fabric, and seeing one of the tips saying “Minky melts, so don’t warm it in the microwave”.

I mean…it’s good advice and all….but still….

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Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden: Mukami Azusa (Dark 04)

(Fuu….today i’m going to take my time soaking in the bath)

Yui: A-Azusa-kun…..!?

(T-That surprised me….! I didn’t even notice Azusa-kun was here when I came in)

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I saw @xgracigloo(x) and @actualkana(x) do their versions, and I just had to try my hand at it.

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red rescue team originalshipping au anyone???????? gijinkas?????? wha???


My dear Hal,

you look absolutely delicious all wet and rumpled. Your hands are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. All slender, with delicate fingers and so long. And I’d love to lick that throat of yours. Touch that bulging vein with my tongue. You are sexy beyond description and make me think about debauchery things. My mind wanders to places that make me equally wet as you are. You are really filthy and dirty. And I don’t mean that in a good way. The mud is coming of in pieces from your skin. Please take a bath in something else than wine or ale. I’d help you with that. 

Sonny Thoughts

Based on this script spoiler posted here by @minidodds​:


Thought 1: Is Rollins actually blaming a victim of abuse (a mother of an abused child, I’m guessing) for “letting” a man hit a child? Do the SVU writers think victim blaming is better when done by a female character? And can we get one single episode without a “bad” mother? And do Amanda’s issues run that deep, that she thinks every single woman (including herself) is possibly a terrible mother? What the fuck, writers?

Thought 2: Do we really need the male character to explain the cycle of abuse to a woman who’s probably had her fair share or run-ins with abusive assholes? Not to mention, a woman who’s suffered psychological abuse at the hands of her own family? If it were that easy to escape it, why has Amanda been completely unable to cut off her mother and my queen Kim? It’s one thing to have Amanda being judgmental about addiction (also troubling, but more consistent with a recovering addict who is trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow), but this? And, again, a man with no children chimes in to set her straight? What the fuck, writers?

Thought 3: What if the writers are attempting to retcon Sonny as a victim of abuse in his childhood?

(just spitballing here, of course, to balance out all the Barba theories with some Sonny ones)

Depending on how Peter plays that scene and if it doesn’t get cut and then posted as a “deleted scene" a week later, it’s a possibility. The text is somewhat suggestive, isn’t it? “It beats you up on the inside”? This would fit with Sonny’s anger (almost to the point of rage) when working cases with underage victims, and it might also explain why he’s always so sweet to children and teens.

It might clash with his early happy-go-lucky characterization though, and with the fact he’s always painted the picture of a happy family with a bunch of sisters and a dad who loved inflatable Santas. That, plus all the early interviews, when Carisi was first introduced, clearly stating that the “new guy” had a healthy family life, unlike Amaro and Rollins (and Barba). Then again, we have never gotten the slightest solid hint about Sonny’s home life (except when he said he never told his parents he was applying to college), and this type of retcon is nothing unusual for a network drama.

Or, what if Sonny sounds so knowledgeable because one of his sisters has suffered domestic abuse? And he tried to help her? Maybe when he was a teenager himself? What if she’s still struggling? That would be interesting, and it would honor the classic Carisi trait of saying “my sister…” every few minutes.

I’d imagine there’s a chance Sonny is just saying this because, like, he’s read it in a psychology book (also consistent with Sonny’s personality plus the writers’ aversion of giving anyone a personal storyline this season) or he had a friend of a friend etc, but still, he could be speaking from experience.

What do you guys think?


Part 01: A few days ago I had some problems and I even stopped talking to some people, first because I was not in the mood for it and second because I didn’t want to bother you. I thought about deleting this blog and sometimes I think about doing it, but I have lots of friends and I don’t want to lose them. I would miss you a lot if I left. I want to thank some people who helped me by sending me messages and also giving me edits (I don’t deserve this) but thank you very much ♥

Part 02: My classes started in a few days and that means I will not go in here often, so I’m sorry.

Part 03: Part 3: I got 7k+ \o/ Thank you so much guys!! Love you ♥

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That moment when you’re upset but you thought your mom was genuinely concerned about you so you start to feel better but then she goes into a lecture about how you shouldn’t be upset bc she thinks you’re upset with her when you weren’t and you try to tell her this but she just keeps talking so she doesn’t hear you and now she’s mad at you

A final sketch of Fingon. Dear Followers, It looks like this is my final post here! It’s time to finally say goodbye to this blog but…I was hoping I’d be able to leave with more control. Though being more active on twitter is part of why I haven’t been updating this blog the other main reason is I’ve lost access to it on the computer. The only reason I’m able to make this post is because I’ve thankfully been logged in on the Tumblr app on my phone. Since late last year I haven’t been able to log in on the computer because it keeps telling me there’s no account under the email I use (even though it’s the correct email I’m using). Tumblr has been super unhelpful by never answering any of the help requests I’ve sent them. Honestly, I don’t understand why they don’t have the option of changing your account’s email on the mobile app. I wish I could at least give control of this account to my other account. I’ve given up hope regaining access. I thought about deleting this blog since I’ll no longer have access to it once I log off on my phone but I guess I should keep up for the sake of archiving and also for those who still want to look at my old art. I really don’t know. If this does stay open please continue to respect my wishes to not repost/use my art without permission. Before I go I’d like to thank you all for supporting my art these past few years. It’s hard to believe I started this when I was graduating high school and now I’m 24. It was a lot of fun making friends here and I’m really grateful for the silmarillion/tolkien fandom especially. If you guys would still like to follow me/my art there are several places you can go: Twitter: - @ motherofbees: this is my most active account out of all. It’s my main twitter and it’s mostly me re/tweeting stuff related to fandoms I’m in/animals/whatever I find interesting or important. I also post art on here but it’s all fanart. If you want to know whenever I re-open my shop this is the account to follow. - stephescamora: this is my art twitter mostly for original art or finished fanart I really like. It’s also a sort of journal for my life. Any future Tolkien art will be found here. Tumblr: - same username as the art twitter one though twitter is updated more often. I’m probably gonna make a new IG with that username and I’ll announce it on twitter/blog. Well, that’s it I think! Sorry in advance if this post uploads as one giant paragraph. I can’t really tell how this will look since mobile is so unreliable. Again, thank you everyone for your kindness and for following my art. See you later💖

curiosityktcat  asked:

Wow, I was just reading Omegaverse stuff this morning and thinking about an omegaverse ml when I saw this! We are totally vibing on the same wavelength. So, how do you think the miraculous magic works in tandem with omegaverse? My personal theory is that it would default the holder to beta temporarily, or negate most instincts like scenting/heat behavior/pheromones while active, as a disguise measure as well as for practical reasons. What do you think?

man, that works pretty well!

i’ve been doing my oneshots based off the theory that the suits just negate scents to the point of no one being able to tell anything useful about their holders from them.

scents (in my verse, anyway) give a general overview of information to the smeller (whether they’re an adult or child, mated or not, where they fall on the a/b/o spectrum, which pack they belong to (if the smeller knows the pack) — broad, useful stuff like that, as well as being more obvious and individual than a fingerprint), and i think that the miraculous would probably deaden the information in those scents in the interest of keeping the identities of their holders secret.

stuff like age and alignment are there is you get really, really close and sniff ‘em, but the smell fingerprint is all blurry to the nose and making out more than ‘probably omega, possibly female… teenager??’ from your nose alone is probably not going to happen.

nothing else is really muffled or negated — chat wants to nuzzle ladybug just as much transformed as he would untransformed — but, once again, this is just how i’ve worked it out ^^

a few things to keep in mind with defaulting the holders to betas and/or negating their instincts:

  1. this assumes that betas don’t have those instincts — or defining behavioral patterns of their own — which may or may not be what you’re going for. 
  2. consider the way it would affect the holders to go without the urge to form connections the way they were taught was normal. would they continue to scent people they liked by habit? would the broader populace notice the lack if they didn’t? (assuming, of course, that the scenting you’re thinking of is the scenting i’m thinking of: cuddling/snuggling/nuzzling/touching for the sake of trying to mark each other as one of their own with scents.)
  3. does anyone know that the miraculous default the holders to betas? would marinette and adrien be expecting each other be betas when they finally reveal themselves? would the holders notice that they themselves no longer act like/smell like the alignment they were born with/have presented as?
  4. going back to #2, instincts are generally there to serve a purpose, whether that purpose is to encourage procreation or pack bonding or keep the person safe from harm, so which ones are the miraculous negating and what purpose do they serve?
  5. jumping off of that, what sorts of behaviors are actually instinctual and what sorts are learned from society? what were they born with and what were they taught? would the miraculous suppress the learned behaviors too?

i like thinking about this stuff

there’s no right or wrong way to go about it, but yeah, just think about cause and effect for the maximum amount of internal consistency :’D (or do it for fun if you’re the kind of nerd i am)