Forbidden Honesty

Anger boiling beneath the skin,
Behind facade lies unspoken sin,
Restraint falls short of success,
Honesty opposes intent to repress.


one of my fave things to do in stories and rps is to have one character, who is absolutely terrible at not neglecting their health and so on, tell another character how that other character clearly can’t take care of themself while being totally oblivious (or purposefully ignoring) the irony of the situation


i want to be loved

and i want to give my love

but i’m scared

because i don’t want my love

to be destroyed

it’s not that i’m picky

or that i’m stuck up

it’s just

i don’t know

i want someone who i can trust

i want you

i need you

but you don’t understand

no ones does

and they never will

you were the first one

i ever liked

and i guess i’m stupid

because i’m scared

and you’re distant

Your brain is built to learn languages. It is built to learn how to interpret sounds and body language and remember patterns, and once you have a solid enough grammar and vocab base to expose yourself to an environment where you have to speak your target language, you’ll see for yourself how fast you’ve learned and how fast you continue to do so.

and then there are days when the simple act of breathing leaves you exhausted. it seems easier to give up on this life. the thought of disappearing brings you peace. for so long i was lost in a place where there was no sun. where there grew no flowers. but every once in a while out of the darkness something i loved would emerge and bring me to life again.