The Little Things

I have forgotten the little things 

the rough edges 

I see it in others and can’t help but be attracted to what seems so minimal or obtrusive to themselves

Those things I found weird, compelling and unique are floating through the air

they are all mine, and they wait, and they float

for me.

Hoping someday, sometime soon, I have the discipline to put them back where they belong

how I happened to slowly arrive here I wont waste my time figuring out

I just hope I go back soon before Wonderland becomes just a childish dream and a human is made out of me

I feel like making or downloading one of those "nature" worlds (you know, the ones with nothing but trees and trails) And just populating it with a whole bunch of deer sims. )

What other animals could you make with a sim? 

Sometimes I wonder why, of all things I could have been born as, I was born as a human? Humans have to go to school, get a job just to make money and pay for food and a house. Why couldn’t I have been born as a duck? The duck life looks so much easier. Just floating around all day. See some grass? Just take it! It’s not yours, but it doesn’t matter because you’re a duck!

When I die and reincarnate, I’m going to choose the duck life.