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as a Catholic, why do you support lady gaga? certainly she is very creative, effective, and innovative -- but the question is what we use our talents for, not simply whether or not we have any. and, imo, much of what she produces and her messages are irreverent or, in the least, counter to Catholic values. for example, even much of her performance clothing/fashion is obviously counter to what we understand from theology of the body, which JPII worked so hard to proclaim -- and, even though it is effective *performance*-wise in a secular sense, it essentially promotes (or is at least part of) the objectification and disrespect of the human body (and then inevitably, the human person) that we see so much of in our culture today.

I recently found your blog through some of the great Catholic-related posts you make, and this is just something I've been wondering. I would be interested in a dialogue about this.

It’s not so much that I support her. She’s a confusing figure, to say the least. I see conflicting views of both her sacrilegious nature and her sacred nature. Yes, she has views that conflict with Church teaching and her performance style and some of her lyrics are morally questionable at the least, but she is a nice person, according to many, loves all her fans, and is willing to stand up for what she believes in. With all these mixed signals, I usually wonder what she is trying to say.

Really, in essence, it’s not so much that I support her or her lifestyle; It’s that I find her music to be melodically enjoyable, even complex and compelling. The way she wraps melodies and harmonies can be fantastic in her greatest moments. She is talented in her own right as a musician. I am a fan, I guess you could say, because unlike other musicians, she is passionate about what she does.

Granted, though, I’m not the biggest fan of her. Some of her stuff can sometimes be cliche, repetitive, corny even. Sometimes her originality gives way to a certain pastiche mode.

So really, I don’t support the lifestyle, but I like the music.

I mean, it’s pretty much the same case for John Lennon.