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Im a cancer with a sag moon and aries asc and lately I've just been feeling really really anxious and i just want to be alone all the time and though this moodiness is nothing new for me i was wondering if you knew any way that would help me pass this. Also could this be due to the planets and where they are right now? any help would be really appreciated :c

Yes, everyone is feeling this anxiety. It’s intensely bad. awful really

The world is feeling this tightening of the Pluto-Uranus square, it is within 6 degrees right now, with the friction of Saturn-Neptune square. It’s like we have been boxed into a horror show

It’s been a rollercoaster ride the central of cosmic chaos
This has been a pattern over the last few years. The world is in turmoil so it is all hands on deck and for transdimensionalists, that’s you
astrology charms and starseeds. it means we have to keep our etheric channels open and release when we are pulled into trance. The path defined is limitless. It’s bringing out the worst so we can transcend and create a
sparkling new essence. With radio electric fusion of Uranus-Pluto, the intuitive lightning barbs of Uranus shock the higher mind with the unconscious signals of Pluto. Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, two spiritual bodies crashing into the walls and wisdom of Saturn and the delusion and divinity of Neptune.

All that is rotten, decayed and deviating from the soul agreement with Pluto is slashed into broken Phoenix pieces by a volatile wild child, better known as radical Uranus. This can come through the sudden, out of character rattles of Uranus or the deep, painful pangs of Pluto. Albert Einstein says that, “It is impossible to solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created it”. The accumulated and outworn wreckage in one’s life (outlook, relationships, desires, profession), may be exhumed by the new perspectives, intuitive bursts in consciousness and confronting truths erupting from the Uranus-Pluto sub-layer.

The soul’s infinite manuscript, and this is the words of Pluto are flickering neon Aquarius light. Uranus is the kaleidoscope of the future and overturns existing arrangements, habits and lifestyles in wicked and outlandish fashion. And with barren Pluto, existing only as a flickering light lantern in the underworld, shock and scream combine to create twin demolition forces. This sparks conflict. Sagittarius rules countries, global thought, and foreign affairs. Saturn represents politics. Saturn squares Neptune in Pisces, the collective unity, but also the mass delusion. Pluto can be war mongering, it rules nuclear weapons, and Uranus is unpredictable in combative Aries. This can bring about tremendous transformation of the Saturn establishment. Neptune in Pisces wants humanity to unify, through taking each other in, as asylum seekers and ‘We are all one’ campaigns, but there is Neptunian confusion and illusion, political (Saturn in Sagittarius) lies and international deceit. There are irrational Neptune fears that all refugees are extremists and high fears and anxieties in general.

Steven Forrest says that transiting Uranus-Pluto aspects barely give us time to think. They are extremely revealing of personal character, our true psychospiritual orientation, our priorities and agendas. Uranus enters the picture and detonates the power of Pluto social conditioning. Plutonian truth is liberated by Uranian contact. This can be through unconscious, unprocessed material; old angers, betrayals, humiliations, and violations. It can also express through sudden risings to consciousness of what we really want or need. He describes it as being a sort of “I’ve had enough of this job, I’m handing in my resume and starting a new career”.  
There is conflict when we lose our comforts and stability under the impulse of transient surges and flashes of a new life pathway that promises a new, a better, mystic wealth and divine recognition.

The tension going on in the world is impossible to miss. Tragedy is thrown into our face during every moment. The  chaos in the world right now is a reflection of the tension within. We watch the world roar on throwing tragedy in our faces
day after day. We are not so sure if we should appreciate that we are still alive, participating in this life, but we have been left with a wasteland. It’s during these times the most beautiful and simple things, a newborn’s giggle, the sound of a panflute, the mango skyline as the sunsets that keep the spirit alive and thriving. As Forrest concluded, our true psychospiritual orientation is bought to light, if we focus, we can find God in a glass of water. That may be all we need right now. The tightening of the Pluto-Uranus square will continue until mid 2016

Through the crackling signal, sparkling Air breath (Uranus) and otherworldly, angelic potential (Pluto) await.