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Yes my Twitch Plays Pokemon Print is finally done :D!! I’m glad i made the time to make this because i really like the result TuT, and I rarely get the chance to draw pokemon even though it’s basically my favorite franchise evvverr?? It was nice having an excuse to draw old pokemon too, and I hope it is as cool to you as it is to me :3!

Will be available 2014 con season, including Anime Boston, Sakuracon, ACEN, Otakon etc.!

An animated GIF of the process will be posted after this so keep your eyes peeled if you are curious :)

I guess after 4 and a half years of taking photos and sharing my art with you all it’s time I introduce myself, my story (briefly) without hiding behind the comfort of my photography.

Josh Hedge


Self-taught photographer, Vegan, Lover.

Having never enjoyed being told what to do at school like most of us, I didn’t care too much about my results or what I wanted to be when it all finished. School was fun though, my fondest memories when I’m old will be of the funny times and friendships made. But it ends really really quickly then suddenly you’re a 17-18 year old thats been catapulted into the ‘real’ world after 13 years or however long it is of being nurtured in schooling systems. A good majority of us move away as soon as possible and pursue a further education in University, Tafe etc. Others stay in their respective home towns with good friends and enjoy the simple life, surfing, drinking, working casual or part-time jobs they don’t mind all that much to earn just enough to get by. I’m sure there are others though that end up like me, having always been a creative human just never having an outlet to express it through I found myself in a rut as soon as the final HSC paper was handed in. After enjoying a year of freedom during my first year out of school I suddenly fell into this dark hole that spiralled quickly, being told I had depression leading to the doctors putting me on anti-depressants which only made matters worse. I spent a long period of time hating myself, the world, despised the thought of life, endless nights without sleep and only agitating myself more because I knew I had nothing to be sad about. My family treated me with the utmost love, provided me with food and a beautiful home to sleep in as well as friends that I would’nt trade in for anything. Nothing made me happy though full stop, I had cut myself and bled tears of sadness, would’nt go outside, I’d just sit there on repeat for however long it was during this black period of my young life.

I was 19 when a friend was selling an old DSLR canon 40D for a measly $200 I think it was, to this day I’ll never know what it was that took over, but my instinct said to buy it. A camera was the last thing my mum thought I would ask to borrow money for but without hesitation she happily gave it to me and so I bought it. I don’t think in words I could describe the feeling of when I pushed the button for my first photo (which was of absolutely nothing special at all). The shivers it sent down my spine, and the weight of the world falling off of my shoulders alone was enough to give me reason to have a purpose in life again. I am a strong believer in every single one of us being on this planet and existing for a reason, so to have found mine at age 19 was an overwhelming moment as I knew photography and sharing how I see this world with others was what I was here for.

So I started a blog, the one you’re reading this very post from. It’s always been my never ending self-portrait of sunsets, people, nature and happiness portrayed in both analogue and digital formats. I never expected to have anyone say to me “you’re an inspiration” or “I love your work” or anything positive along those lines.. EVER. When I started recieveing them it was very kind and it made me smile. But I continued to take photos because it’s what makes me happ, to have had Tumblr itself not so long ago asking to do a feature on my work I was’nt sure if it was real but it soon put my name across every dashboard of every user that has a Tumblr account which was absolutely mind blowing. From starting off as a hobby, this beautiful form of art has provided me the opportunity to turn what I love doing into a ‘job’ by travelling overseas and across Australia for work, covers of magazines, editorials, album covers, solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, meeting people I’ve looked up to my whole life and connecting with companies I’d never thought of being in the same room in let alone collaborating together and having a website giving me a place to showcase my most favoured work from the very beginning ( ).

Now I see the world for what it really is, filled with complete joy, the spontaneity and ability to live life by the minute, explore places not so familiar, make others happy, to know that theres always someone else out there that has it worse off than you do no matter how shit you have it at the time so to always be grateful, to wake up with every sunrise, to do what makes you smile and be with whoever it is that will share a smile with you, spend money on opportunities where you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime rather than materialistic items you’ll throw out in a years time, to respect our planet and the other inhabitants we share it with and love our families. I could go on for days but above all, loving yourself.

Anyways like I said, just a brief story. Theres obviously a lot more that goes on in 4 and a half years time.

Although I am quite comfortable to answer personal questions as well as share what is basically my life on this blog to 22,000 followers (which isn’t many in the big scheme of things and is only a number at the end of the day, is still never the less a lot of people to be putting yourself out there too). I have constantly struggled with anxiety in public and crawl into my shell with a lot when I can’t hide away behind the safety of my images, which is why I’m posting this series of portraits. Recently my beautiful girlfriend and I were signed with an agency, a huge milestone for me individually and for both of us as a team and it has made me realise I really do have a gift and deserve what ever it is thats going to come my way, after too long of not putting myself out there completely and ironically shying away from being in photos. I wanted to show who I am.



This took me a long time to finish, but I am happy with the result! Also this is 11″x17″ size so maybe it’ll be a future print. Hope you like it! (Reference )

College AU [3/?]


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Finally! I am finished! This is a fusion of my persona Drago and Dapper-Deoxy’s Stjerneklart! (You have no idea how painful it was to find Deo’s persona’s name. I had to crawl through soo many posts before I found it. soo many posts…)

I have to say, though I think that this is awesome, they look more like Stjerneklart than Drago but these two pics are my best results!

If you’d like some stuff (prints, phone cases, shirts, etc.) with this picture on it, please check out my RedBubble shop! Even if you don’t, simply clicking the “like” button on the page or sharing this link will go a long way!

Ooooh boy. In the time it took me to finish drawing Cereza, I could have drawn at LEAST two and a half ganondorfs. So many details…A fitting final boss for my Smash Bros project.

I’m really happy with the results though. Please take a little extra time with this one.


Killian reading peacefully

First watercolor drawing ever(+ steps).
Well, not the first first I’ve tried to do but the first one I’ve started and finished for now.
Gotta improve myself… not very proud of it!
And my scanner is a bitch.

It was really fun to do though! And it had been a while since I’d last drawn on paper!
I know you dirty minds would have liked to see the result without clothes; sorry!~ 

Hope you like it :)

Was in the mood for painting some Overwatch fanart so this happened tonight. Did my bae Mercy first since she’s the hero I play the most. I also realized how deceptively complex OW character designs are, even one of the more simpler-looking designs like Mercy. She’s got subtle segments and other details everywhere. Still a lot of fun though!

Started the sketch of this around 10PM last night, and finished it at…5AM this morning. I really need to stop working these kind of hours, but I feel like I’m getting faster at this whole painting thing, or at least more confident, since results like this used to take me several days to finish.

Still gonna do more Overwatch fanart! I’m sort of thinking about doing everyone’s (least) favorite edgelord Reaper as an ode to all of the 13 year olds who’ve told me “KYS” after losing a solo-queue game lmao, but I’ll let people decide which character I do next x3

Advice: Solving the Unsolvable Conflict

Anonymous asked:

hi! so i finished most of my nanowrimo novel but i’m really struggling with the ending now. i had an outline when i started but the novel has changed so much as i wrote that the ending i had originally doesn’t really fit and i almost feel like my conflict has no real solution now. i’ve tried giving my novel space and i still feel just as lost. any advice to solving a conflict that seems unsolvable? thanks!

There are a lot of different things you can try, though not all are meant to yield fast results:

1) Take some time away. I mean, a lot of time away.

I know you said you’ve already done this, but sometimes you have to step away from a project for more than a few weeks or a month. As much as it sucks, sometimes a story just has to percolate for a long time so that your brain can find a way around the problem. In the meantime, you can move onto a new project, and occasionally just getting yourself invested in another project is enough to grease your wheels. I think just about every time I step away from a project and move onto something new, I’ll suddenly get a bunch of ideas pertaining to the old project. And if this works for you, it doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and run back to the old project. Just write down any ideas or solutions that come to you, then get back to that project after you finish your new WIP. It’s not ideal, but that’s what it takes sometimes.

2) Brainstorm.

This may seem like a bit of a “no brainer,” but I think sometimes younger and newer writers underestimate the amount of time that writers spend fixated on a blank page, staring at the walls, gazing out the window, pacing around the room, typing something, backspacing over it, typing something new, backspacing over that… this idea that stories should pour like fluid from our fingertips is a myth. Stories are usually written in fits and starts. In the gaps there’s a lot of thinking–really really deep thinking, and that can be hard to do. But, sometimes you just have to grab yourself a drink and head out into the backyard or take a long walk or a drive, and just really think about the problem and all the different ways you could possibly solve it. Sometimes you’ll make a breakthrough.

3) Employ tools.

There are actually a lot of great tools for writers that can help when you’ve hit an obstacle. Online plot generators can throw out some crazy ideas that might get your wheels turning. The Writer Emergency Pack, Inspiration Dice, The Writer’s Toolbox, and The Storymatic are just some of the handy and affordable tools out there that use prompts and ideas to help you think through parts of your story in ways that might never have occurred to you before.

4) Do something crazy.

So, your character is standing on a figurative cliff ledge overlooking the chasm of your story’s unsolvable conflict. What you’re looking to do is build a bridge or find some other way over that chasm, right? Well, what if something else happens instead? What if your character hears a voice behind him and he turns around to see his long lost sibling that he thought was dead? What if he suddenly passes out and wakes up in a strange place? What if there’s a sudden earthquake and he has to start looking for survivors? Although it may seem crazy and counter-intuitive, sometimes doing something crazy will help you find a way through your conflict that you’d never imagined.

5) Work backwards.

If you know how your story is going to end, try working backwards from the last thing that happens, going all the way back to the point where you got stuck. Starting with the very last thing that happens, think about what happens (or what should happen) before it to get to that point. So, if the story ends with your character waking up in a hospital after being rescued from an alien spaceship, what’s the thing that happens right before that gets the reader (and the character) to that very moment? Perhaps it is the character being found face down in a field by another character. What happens before that? A flash of light in the night interrupts a raucous high school party in the middle of nowhere. What happens before that? Etc. Very often, coming at the problem from this unexpected angle allows you to pave the way in reverse, helping you to see connections you might not notice going forward.

6) Stop, drop, and rewrite.

This is an absolute last resort, but sometimes–if all else fails–you just have to go back to the beginning and start again. This isn’t as much of a step backward as it might sound. After all, the editing process is really about writing and rewriting anyway. You’re not starting over with a first draft. You’re just starting a second draft from an unfinished first draft. This can be especially helpful when–as in your case–the first draft deviated so far from what was planned that the original solution no longer works. The reason this can be really important (and helpful) in your situation is because you essentially set out to build a motorcycle and ended up building a car. A lot of the basic parts may be the same or similar, but if you want finish building your car, you need to go back and replace all the motorcycle parts with actual car parts. That’s basically what you’re doing when you go back and rewrite. You’re pulling apart all the pieces, using what you can, scrapping what you can’t, and replacing whatever you need to, knowing what you know about how your story has changed. Sometimes, re-building your story in this way is the only way you can get through a conflict that seems completely unsolvable. 

Best of luck to you!


Close your eyes and you’ll leave this dream .. 

here’s the HR & here’s a silly extra


*casually posts finished art instead of wip’s finally*

This was my design for the jojo69min twitter prompt from yesterday and the theme was “humanize a stand’ so I picked Stone Free and this was the end result. I kinda’ like how it came out but idk about the bg though. Couldn’t really think of anything XD.

And finally, the third sketch! This time, instead of an OC, it’s a fanart of Ky from Guilty Gear Xrd!

I tried to reproduce the game’s style (which is really freaking perfect), and I think it doesn’t look so bad! Now I’m finished with sketches for this collab, time to move to the nex part: Lineart.

I won’t post my friends drawings even though I’ll be the one doing the lines, but once we finish the collab, I’ll post the final result with all of our sketches together!

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