but you led them to our hideout, forced their way inside now
they want us to surrender, us to surrender
but I could go all night, right here between their crossfire
we’ll send them up a message, I’ll send a message
saying give it up, give it up

wait out the sun
fic by @agentverbivore​ | art by @eclecticmuses
Fitz and Simmons go undercover in the criminal underworld, trying to get intel on a crime family with mysterious ties to Hydra. It takes time, but eventually they get comfortable with their new identities - so much so that it gets harder and harder to remember why they should go back.



Undertale IF: Chapter 1. Hope - 2





There are tons of things that I could fix in this ep -____- but I’m so burnt out now ;-; 

This part was especially difficult for me cuz I had to draw a lot of characters for once -.- and some characters were (ex. ASGORE ;-;) just hard to get used to for drawing.. Yeah. that’s probably why you guys don’t see him as often as other characters in the panels. LOL 

Also, trying to get better with dialogues haha -.-;

I loved drawing Undyne-with-attitude though. It was fun (:


I think this whole anti thing is really funny and interesting at the same time, so when I saw that  @cartoonjunkie was having a contest or whatever with anti, I thought, eh why not?

Now, I don’t normally draw people especially people that I like, even though anti is a fictional character, it’s still jack.

I am not happy with it…HAHA what a surprise…I am not happy with one of my drawing….you weren’t expecting that weren’t you?(*extremely sarcastic voice)…. I think I could’ve done way better especially with the pose….but I mean it’s a very rushed drawing, it took me I think less than an hour.

I have no idea what anti’s sam looks like, so I just drew that thing over there…I imagined it much more evil and well just like anti, but it turned out like a thing that you would normally see in horror movies.

I don’t think I will draw jack in the near future, simply because, it’s not like I would draw chara or altair or any character, he’s a real person, so it’s not real opened to interpretation.  You could argue about that, but I am just not confident enough…

I did not enter in this contest to win or anything, I just got in because it was an opportunity for me to draw something new or someone new, and someone that I really like…well, I mean, almost, since this is anti

also..yay for Jack!

You know what you could be doing right now? At this very minute?? 

Taking a few minutes to check out Lot 88!

It’s got it all– strange alien monster (things?), confused teenagers, confused adults, diverse family dynamics, redemption arcs, problematic faves– 

Oh, and romance. Just not for the main character– she’s aroace. ;) 

It’s just starting out (we’re about twelve pages in!) but I can promise a wild ride from start to finish; government intervention, pocket dimensions, Weird Time Shenanigans…

>>So maybe I should stop typing and let you dive in for yourself! <<

Updates every second Wednesday.

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shadikun1  asked:

So how did u like get ur idea for ur sona :3 *hugs u* i love ur art btw <3

Thank you for the ask! *hugs back* To be honest my fursona has changed a lot over the years along with my color taste. He used to be a silver fox… monster thing with cyan blue colors. This was when I was heavily inspired by others’ ideas and not using a whole lot of my own.

I turned him into a basic anthro type character when i could draw human bodies better but I never sketched a reference. I still really like this design even though I rarely used it.

I guess I slowly grew out of the neon blue thing and decided I wanted a sona that looked and acted more like me so the new Sven was born! I think this was the first pic I ever drew of him.

So yeah, I never really had a solid idea for my sona but if you ask me, the best fursona designs are the ones that grow with you over the years!

Bleeeegh so many MISTAKES *vomits* Grr… this was on my phone though… so eh. I could do so much better!! Y does Plushtrap get so much love?? These things are freaking adorable! I’m making Plushtrap too cause I went on a Plushtrap rampage and started to sketch a ton of different Plushtrap designs from other people… Design is by fazbear-and-friends it was just a totally random(and awful) doodle on my phone. This image scares me in a way…

anonymous asked:

Could you draw Ike and Firkle for the fusion thing? Sorry if it's a little obscure c:

I never really draw Ike or Firkle, so I loved the challenge! (: (Btw he’s wearing Ike’s pajamas? Just in black.. its the only outfit I usually think of Ike in. Oh and I swear those arnt Cowboy styled boots, theyre combat boots : P )

He will flip you off and call you a conformist cheerleader while watching Terrance and Phillip because even though it’s for conformists, he thinks it’s still better than Family Guy.

anonymous asked:

could you not draw like at all when you started?

well, i started when i was about 2 so of course things didnt exactly look like things… so yea! practice makes everything better. ive loved drawing my whole life though..

when i was ¾): 

this year):

Aah, I had way too much fun with this one, you have no idea, haha. Drawing this felt guuud~

So have a scene from my Loyalties fic (though if you seen the Wakfu OVA episodes, you can guess what is going on).
The sketch of this hung around in my WIP folder for like five months as I struggled with the poses and camera angle but it was something I did want to finish eventually. Yesterday, after drawing How To Cook and breaking my head over knowing I could do so much better than I did with that drawing, I looked through my WIP folder, found the sketch for this and completely went for it.

I decided to go with the OVA shading/coloring to keep the OVA vibe but also to keep it simple overall. I had lots of fun with drawing the cracks and the poses, along with Alys’ expression.

Art and Alys belong to me
Joris, Eliatropes and Percimol’s hammer belong to Ankama
Full view:


Could anyone else see Qrow being a mentor to Pyrrha?

Like, their first interaction goes like this:

Qrow: “Hey, you’re that Nikos girl in JNPR, right? My nieces told me about you. I caught one of your tournament matches a few years ago. Not bad. You could use a bit more work on your stance and technique, though.”

Like, the main thing that draws Pyrrha to Jaune is that he sees her as a person, rather than a prize to be sought after *cough*EarlyseriesWeiss*cough*

I wonder how she would receive Qrow’s potential criticisms, and potential offer to teach her some stuff, since he is a teacher at Signal.

I’m curious since it’s very likely that she doesn’t get critiques very often, since people are afraid of “accidentally offending” her, and then Qrow comes around and, blunt as a baseball bat to the face, tells her ‘You’re good, but you could be better. Want me to teach you a few things I taught Ruby?’


I’ve finally decided to finish it. I had this lineart lying on my “WIP” folder for a long time, and even though it was full of mistakes, I decided to color it hoping I could make it better.

It was supposed to be a sketch ahaha oh well.
Hope you like it, thetenacioustoastee!! (and sorry that it took so long lol)

hunny-boney  asked:

💚 who are you jealous of and why?

To be 100% honest I am jealous of pretty much everyone who can draw better then me ;c That doesn’t mean I don’t like them though c: It’s just I’ve always doubted my own drawings, and then I see what some other people can do and it makes me pretty sad, I feel like I could draw some amazing things if I had skills like they did x3 Honestly, I wish I could draw better T-T

I went back to pick at the Hale sketch I made a previous post about in random babble and I realized something

Something in my drawing style has shifted. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but I see a difference. Maybe I’m just seeing things, though I can’t fully judge a change in my work unless I finish a picture and compare it to something else.
Still, though, there’s something exciting to me in this. If something changed, I wonder how other things will look when I draw them. What I got better at, what I can focus on practicing next, etc.

… Now if only I could just draw something that isn’t Hale