I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable with it.

While I headcanon Corrin to not be bloodrelated to Anankos/Mikoto/Arete/Azura due to being mroe like Lilith- a child that was basically planted into a womb without parental relations,
I understand that people don’t like this ship as much even though it’s basically the canon romantic relation in fates.

If you do not like this ship, then use a tagblock to block it.
I draw it with my headcanon in mind because the way Azura and Corrin interact or could interact is something I enjoy drawing.
I don’t want incest bots to start swarming my block, as I do not support real life incestrous relationships.

Just leave people alone. You have better things to waste your time with then to insult artists.
What damage do I do by drawing this?
I don’t harm anyone.

Just let people draw and calm down.
It’s fiction- and it’s not like I’m showing it into your face 24/7.

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I know this is a bit redundant and cliche but... I'm currently depressed and closeted and as much as likely as it as you'll respond 'haha don't make me be your role model lmao' I can really relate to you, and I feel like you're just kinda an older version of me- oh god that sounds cringy af- Both my siblings are amazing artists and I've always felt really inferior but you inspired me to continue drawing and I'm finally improving. This post is such a cringy clusterfuck, but honestly, thanks.

the thing with my art and my happiness is its two entirely different things. and dude im glad that you keep drawing like for real keep doin that shit. art is pretty important and completely underrated in life but even though this sounds like some cliche disney bullshit if you work at it youll get better and if you work even harder you can actually do something with the talent. i guess i could put some of this in a ‘keep reading’ thing because this is gonna turn into a rant whoops

Keep reading

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Drawing people pictures doesn't make things better. This is why artists are flawed.

;;It could though. Because it’s a symbolic expression of care and gratitude towards the other person. If you believe this makes me and other arists flawed, that’s fine. But the way I see it, it’s the best thing I can offer. Being far away behind a screen, it’s not like I can reach out and hug my friend. It’s not like I can talk to the person who’s hurting them in hopes of making them stop.

And so I offer them a picture, in hopes that they see it and know that I care. If this makes me flawed, I’m perfectly fine with it.

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Ioanna- Greece : Hi !! please could you tell me if you write fanfiction? Ao3? i dont know where to look. Thank you!

Oh no, I’ve never written a thing in my life (except in school lol). That’s why I’m so grateful for incredibly talented fanfiction writers who keep me alive sometimes. Plus I don’t think my english is good enough for writing haha

Though my university specialty is literature, I don’t think I could ever write anything decent except for sarcastic responses to some stuff :D

The best I can do is try to breathe at least a tiny part of some awesome fics to life. And I want to vid better generally.

I also can draw disney princesses, but I don’t think you need that lmao

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“My general view on everything I draw, if not well received, is “well…”

your arts been lookin’ super nice though! it doesn’t suck.

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my quick fan art sketch gets loads of notes, my orginal art that I spent hours on?…..still waiting. But I enjoyed the orginal more.

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but you’re really good though?? It doesn’t suck

Aaaah, thanks guys :) I get that my original post sounded a lot more negative than it was meant to! While it does get me down sometimes to spend ages working on something and have it mostly be ignored, I was mainly talking about my general attitude, which is just to accept that I could always do better.

For the longest time I was being praised for drawing shitty 15 minute things and I got really lazy. Why even try since whenever you want notes and praise you can just draw a jokey thing based on a meme and everyone tells you how great it is? Since I put the source of “shitty 15 minute things” on hiatus, I’ve been a lot more productive with my personal artwork and I’ve been happier overall. On the downside, I realised hardly anyone gives two fucks about my original artwork! I totally acknowledge this fact. I don’t expect anyone to care, because why should they? But maybe they could. Some people do, and I totally appreciate them.

It’s so easy to churn out effortless fanart but my god it’s soul destroying when your one day off work during the week is spent forcing yourself to be funny to appease the masses. You want to draw your own OCs, you want to work on your own verse, but you have to keep to the schedule.

It’s hard to break a habit that became really comfy. It’s hard to break the habit of being secretive about everything. It’s hard to go from being really popular to being basically nobody again! But I’m trying and if one thing I post doesn’t capture much interest, I’ll move on and keep going until something does (or until my broken wrist really does stop me haha!) but at the moment I’m enjoying being able to draw for me again, even if it only a handful of people appreciate it too.

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So young Prince, what powers have you inherited from my counterpart, your father?

Prince Temor: I uh am loathe to admit that I’ve never been very gifted with magic. Some of my abilities had to be infused into me by my father, a painful process but well worth it as it helped me getter a better grasp on things.

I’ve been granted the ability to transform into smoke like him and can travel at speed like that, I have however not mastered the shadow aspect of it and thus can’t blend into the shadows. However, I can teleport.

I can enter the mind of other ponies and see their thoughts and I have managed to learn the rudimentary of mind control but sadly not to the extend my father could.

I can produce crystal from the ground though I still need to practice forming them into structures.

I’m still learning to draw power from the fear and hate of ponies, we had not really finished that lesson when the Princesses attacked. I’ve been practicing on my slave over there, with some success.

Emerald: *Snort*

Prince Temor: Silence, I’m answering a question.

I can conjure up weapons, my favorite being a longsword and I can conjure up illusions of myself. It is very useful ability for battle.

And finally I’ve managed to master forming shields around me for defense using the dark magic smoke.

Emerald: What, that’s all?

Prince Temor: Will you be silent. I already mentioned that I was never gifted with magic.

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I looove your drawings really. Can you post anything of yourself and your crush/senpai? You're so talented!! I also love your OC's so much (Wish I could draw like you though u-u) Keep up your good work!!!

OMG this is so sweet of you!! ;u; Thank you really much sweet anon <3 These kind of messages are really encouraging and make me want to continue and practice and become even better!!

I believe that, with practice, you can one day even draw better than me <3

I did this thing a few days ago, it’s chibi-like, but I think it’s really cute x3 This usually happens when we are alone. We just talk about our nerd stuff and have fun!