well, it looks like Alex set up her and her teammates with a pretty sweet hotel deal, at least for tonight.
Here’s to hoping she can manage to stretch her sphere of influence so all NWSL away players get similar treatment- or, you know, Hilton works a deal out with the league or something of that sort. 
Essentially, I hope my team isn’t the only one getting this sort of treatment.
Shoot the Messenger casts Elyse Levesque, Alex Kingston, Lyriq Bent
Alex Kingston, Lyriq Bent, Elyse Levesque and Lucas Bryant will play central roles in the forthcoming CBC-TV political thriller Shoot the Messenger.

Alex Kingston, Lyriq Bent, Elyse Levesque and Lucas Bryant will play central roles in the forthcoming CBC-TV political thriller Shoot the Messenger.

The series, which will air on CBC-TV and ITV, follows an ambitious young newspaper journalist (Levesque) who witnesses a murder and is drawn into a dangerous web of criminal activity that stretches into the corporate and political realms.

The eight-episode, hour-long drama “is going to be a fast paced, atmospheric drama that is driven by contemporary urban issues in media, policing, and politics,” co-creator Jennifer Holness said in a statement.



for real though

asynchronoushedgehog replied to your post “when asexuality is defined as no sexual attraction outside of sexual…”

there’s a theory that being ‘turned on’ and experiencing attraction are different things. the “sex now” feeling rather than the “sex with that person” feeling.

I’ll take “things the asexual community has known for years, and could have told scientists if anyone wanted to listen to us” for $500, Alex.

(All joking aside, though, this is absolutely a thing. A non-zero number of aces experience this. I don’t know how prevalent it is, but it’s definitely real and you are definitely no less asexual if you get turned on.)

-Mod Talie

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Running gags for each player based on observations. Hope: chickens. JJ: cinnamon rolls. Kling: martial arts/height jokes. Moe: never seen without Kling. Carli: split personality depending on the importance of the game. Alex: attractiveness. Ash: see Kriegs. Kriegs: see Ash. Press: dogs. Pinoe: public drunkenness. KO: squirrels. HAO: historically the team joker, though more recently (and sadly), Jill keeping her on the bench. Cheney: teeth. Tobin: homeless. ARod: accents. Cap: immortality.

This is a pretty solid list.

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Hey, for the prompt thingy : "Don't fucking touch me"

“She kissed me!” Miles says, and the words feel heavy and sharp in his mouth, because he knows how that sounds. He’s had it said to him before, and he’d scoffed at them then. 

(Suki’s voice, desperate and fraught, tying to explain away being caught in bed with another man as Miles retraced his steps back out of her apartment as fast as he could and tried to forget the lovebites he’d seen on each the bloke’s neck, marks that should have been his- fuck-it’s happening again but the other way around. It doesn’t hurt any less. Fuck-)

Alex isn’t scofffing, though. He’s curling himself up on the window seat of Miles’ living room and chewing at one of his hangnails. An anxious habit. 

Miles crosses the room and stands by him. 

“Babe-” he says, and hates how Alex flinches when he says it “-I’m being honest! I said I was waiting for someone and she asked me if it was  girlfriend and I said no, and I could hardly say I’m waiting for my boyfriend. Then she just went on her tiptoes and-” he stutters, then. “And you saw the rest.” 

Alex makes a pfff noise and snuffles and, fuck, he’d better not be crying. Miles can’t tell, because he’s still not acknowledging him. Won’t even grant him a glance. It’s making Miles’ stomach roil and twist. 

He extends his hand and goes to tips Alex’s chin up, fingers gentle, cautious, and the reaction is immediate. 

Alex rears back with such ferocity he bangs his head on the wall behind him. 

“Don;t you fucking touch me.” he spits, heaving himself up and stalks away, Miles powerless to stop him.

Anxiety clenches and unclenches in Miles’ chest, because he’s telling the truth, he is, but it isn’t working, and what other options does he even have?

Alex pauses in the doorway.

“I’ve heard enough tonight, just- god. Give me space.”

Miles nods, and his eyes prickle and his head is throbbing. 

Alex’s voice goes cold when he speaks again. 

“I don’t suppose you need me to tell you you’ll be sleeping on the sofa tonight.”

He doesn’t wait for acknowledgement. Just turns and goes upstairs without a backward glance. 

Later, Miles curls in a ball on the setee and hopes he hasn’t blown it all. 

It’s another world, hidden within your own, and most of those who live in it don’t like visitors. Those of who do like visitors have to advertise, and it’s tricky to find a way of doing it that doesn’t make you sound crazy. The majority rely on word of mouth, though younger mages use the internet. I’ve even heard of one guy in Chicago who advertises in the phone book under ‘Wizard,’ though that’s probably an urban legend. Me, I have my shop.
—  Alex Verus, fated by Benedict Jacka

lawchan89 replied to your post: “lawchan89 replied to your post: “lawchan89 said: Ford or Dipper going…”:

It seems like EVERYONE who’s not a member or honorary member of the Pines Family wants them defeated or dead. Ford and Stan left a lot of destruction in their wake, now Dipper and Mabel are the next generation O.O

I think Bud was only doing that on behalf of Gideon though? And Gids…. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE HE’S GONNA BE THE FINAL BOSS. I REFUSE. I will buy a plane ticket to California and physically fistfight Alex if that happens. He’s nothing more than a pasty white boy in flannel I CAN TAKE HIM.
I think with Gideon, he’s also good at manipulation. He was able to fool the whole town with the psychic act, not to mention his use of the amulet throwing him directly into Creepy Skeezer territory… but if he had never found J2, he’d be a normal kid… not to mention, Bill scared him in “Dreamscaperers”; like, there was legit fear in his voice and actions. Gideon acts big and tough, but he’s still just a 10 year old.

It’s weird to think that the journal was able to corrupt him, and I wonder if it’s doing the same to Dipper? If it did the same to Ford 30 years previous? And here’s something weird. IT’S GENUINELY BOTHERING ME. But in TSC, Ford is re-reading his journals. Like… did he forget what he wrote? It’s totally possible… but still…….. I feel worried about it???? IDK.

Bill did talk about a “shaman” and “there’s always the next generation” in the AMA… HMMMMMM……. Honestly, I’m hoping it’s not the Pines he was referring to? Pushing the potential that it’s cultural appropriaton to the side, 1) It makes more sense that he’s talking about the Northwests in terms of shamans/next generation (YO) 2) tmogf tweeting about “the devil went down to georgia” ; i saw the photoset regarding part 1 of the song making the rounds on tumblr, but nothing for part 2 (“the devil comes back to georgia”) AND WTF. LOOK AT THIS TWEET:

whoufflemachine replied to your post: where are the haters though bring on t…



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So, let’s do it (’cause I’ve nothing else to do, I haven’t an exam in few days, no)

  • Name: Geraldine
  • Nickname: Gea (’cause I’m a goddes, y’know)
  • Starsign: Aries
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 1.65 
  • Sexual orentation: straight I think, I don’t have a lot of experience though
  • Favourite color: Red, purple, black and everything that is dark and gloomy and Dracula
  • Time right now: 14.30
  • Average hours of sleep: I need to sleep AT LEAST 10 hours per night like babies (no kidding) but usually I sleep only around 6 hours sob
  • Lucky number: 4 and lately 17 (I can’t tell you why, it brings bad luck)
  • Last thing i googled: The middle streaming (I am not obsessed)
  • Number of blankets i sleep under: 1 or 2 depends on the weather
  • Favourite fictional character: Ah. Ah. Ah. Do you think it’s fair to choose between your children?! Definitely Holden Caulfield
  • Favourite famous person: All Time Low, Green Day, Taylor Swift, Ellen Page, Ellen Degeneres and too many people.
  • Crushes: uh he barely knows that I exist (and we attend the same classes) (and I am in uni) (I am such a loser). Oh, but yeah, Alex Gaskarth, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellen Page are always here when I need them
  • Dream trip: Australia and I really wanna return to Cali
  • Dream job: Astronaut I think
  • What i’m wearing: a black jumpsuit ‘cause I’m stuck at home ‘cause I have to study for my exam WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME HERE

So, that’s it. I’m tagging radom people (maybe some of you doesn’t even follow me) who have awesome blogs (really, I love you), but don’t feel like you have to do this.

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Alex mentioned that (though the parents are spoilers) that they will not be in the show because parents = end of summer. It's more likely that they will be this vague over arching treat (them seeing Mabel's letter and calling Stan to demand he send them home) rather then physical characters in the show. It's also very unlikely that Dad!Pines is the glasses because Ford had them circled in his book meaning that he knew the person they represented (he had to know he was the hand. Kinda obvious)

Yeah, the DadPines4Glasses theory was created pre-AToTS, before it was clear just how involved the Stans were in each other’s lives. Clearly Ford did not know he had a nephew (whether Dad Pines is the son of Shermy or Stanley is irrelevant on this point–Ford was pretty disconnected from his family), which means if Dad Pines is the glasses then Ford wouldn’t have known that and wouldn’t have circled it. 

Of course the glasses could be the anomaly we were told to look for or they could have belonged to someone Ford worked with and that’s why he circled them. There’s a lot of back and forth on this theory and I can’t wait to see what the show reveals about it in the future about them and also about the Pines parents. Even if they don’t appear in the show I feel very strongly that we’ll learn more about them as the story develops. 

lawchan89 said:

Aww man I really hope Gideon’s not the final boss. I’m still holding out hope that it’s someone none of us are expecting. (Aside from Bill, but he goes without saying)

I would honestly be disappointed if Gideon was the final boss. That and, Alex + episode descriptions keep mentioning “new threats”, so I’m assuming it’s got to be someone else. Though Alex also did say that Bill would not be the final boss either… what could be worse than that guy?

Wats up! I just bought my friend a present :) at the mall though :( I wanted to go to the farmers market but I forgot Alex is playing there today and I don’t wanna see him ever again basically I don’t think. Remember yesterday when I was walking by myself and fell on the pavement. I spent 300 $$ today even though I only had $1000 lol like for the month or like until I get a new job out of necessity … I played a piano by myself today in the mall. I don’t care. I hate retail chicks in the mall the girls like what’s your name for the change room im like katie she’s like with a K or a C im like K she’s like ie or y? I’m like does it matter fuck im trying on a shirt

River Song to Return to Doctor Who This Christmas

River Song to Return to Doctor Who This Christmas

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Spoilers sweeties!!

The BBC announced today (September 2) that Alex Kingston will return to Doctor Who this year. Kingston will reprise her role as River Song in the Christmas special, which began filming this week. Even Kingston was uncertain if she would return to the BBC show, though she did hint at River’s return in interviews earlier this year.

River and the Doctor have…

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Had a dream (or nightmare?) last night that my cat died and we held a funeral for her in a church and afeatherofabird turned up in full Greek mourning garb and started reciting Hecubas speech about Polyxena from Trojan Women/Hecuba (can’t remember which one it’s from). Then swushi burst in and claimed Molly had been murdered but everyone ignored her and then a friend of mine just suddenly started djing in the middle of the church

I don’t understand what that was