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Hi, okay so I'm completely in love with Piper and Alex. They have an undeniable chemistry and their so cute and hot together. But there is one scene today that I can't understand from a shipper's standpoint. I get that while Piper loved Alex, she chose Larry over her in the first season bc she still desperately wanted a stable life with a "guy" and get married. But then what was that talk about Cambodia and stuff that Alex and Piper had. Was that all for bullshit??

Ah, in my opinion, I think that was meant to kinda show how flighty Piper really is.

Other than that, my best guess is that it wasn’t necessarily bullshit, but like tipping your toe in to see if the water is cold before jumping in. Maybe she felt like it was too cold.

I think a part of her wants to jump, though. I mean, there’s undeniable tenderness in that scene, a moment when they’re both holding each others’ hands and looking at each other like some kinda defining moment. I don’t even think Alex was 100% convinced? Cause Piper did the free-falling through life with Alex thing once before, maybe she’s scared to do that again even after it’s different circumstances. And I don’t know…to me, it was the “logical” part of her that didn’t “choose” Alex. Like head vs. heart. How else can we explain the way she looked at Alex walking away in the library? Sooo much pain.

But it has historically been the case with white people, in their regard to black people, that even though we might be with them, we weren’t considered of them. Even though they appeared to have opened the door, it was still closed.
—  Malcolm X

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Hi, Cat bby! I’m hecka excited to see Joesph on the dash, and I’m also hella happy to see these traits! That’s a super cool label ya’ got there, and I can’t wait to see your charrie come to life!


The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California.

Opened for business in 1958 by Alex and Phyllis Madonna, it quickly became a landmark on the Central Coast of California. The property is adorned with a pseudo-Swiss-Alps exterior and lavish common rooms accented by pink roses, Western murals, and hammered copper. Each of the 110 guest rooms and suites is uniquely designed and themed, though some tourists stop just to peek at the famous rock waterfall urinal located in the men’s restroom, a feature designed by Hollywood set designer Harvey Allen Warren.

Gravity Falls tonight: A story through Gifs.

The fans:

Before the episode:

During the episode:

At the end of the episode:

After the episode:

When people learn they have to wait 3 weeks:

The non-fans:

Before the episode:

During the episode:

At the end of the episode:

After the episode:

When people learn they have to wait 3 weeks:

Alex hirsch:

Before the episode:

During the episode:

At the end of the episode:

After the episode:

When people learn they have to wait 3 weeks:

Why Bill Cipher Would Be A Tall, Hot, Dude And Not A Nasty, Sleazy, Car Salesman: by marauders4evr

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about these two tweets:

And though I’m not really an active member in the Gravity Falls fandom, I know exactly what the first tweet is talking about. There’s a huge collection of fanarts out there that depict everyone’s favorite, menacing, dorito as a human. And yes, most of those fanarts show Bill to be tall, hot, suave, etc.

But you know what?

That works!

It works so well for his character!


Because it adds to the shock value when the characters (and the audience) realize just how intimidating he is.

I mean, sure, I guess you could make him look like a sleazy car salesman. But you might as well paint the word ‘VILLAIN’ on his forehead. I mean, that’s essentially what you’re doing. Associating a villain with ugly characteristics is about as cliche as one can get.

And really think about it.

If the twins were to meet an ugly, nasty, sleazy, car salesman…they would immediately be suspicious! The audience would immediately be suspicious! There would be no doubt that he would be the villain.

But if they were to meet a guy who was sexy, suave, etc. the twins (and the audience) would be less likely to be suspicious and, again, that’s what would make it even more shocking when it’s revealed just how menacing Bill can be.

Face it, Bill would be that guy who was incredibly hot, incredibly smooth, incredibly charismatic, etc. He would get everyone to love and trust him (men and women alike). But as the episode goes on, the twins (and the audience) would begin to see that he might not be as hot/charming as they had initially thought. In fact, he seems to be smirking a lot. And there’s a dark look in his eye. And some of the things that he’s saying are downright intimidating. And whenever he removes his hat, the universe threatens to collapse. And now your soul is ripped from its body and what the hell is going on you thought that you could trust him he seemed so nice and charming what’s happening this is terrifying!?

That’s BIll. That would be Bill. And nobody can convince me otherwise.

And think about it: that’s kind of the angle that they went with for Gideon. GIdeon was this cute and charming kid who turned out to be extremely menacing. And so that would parallel Bill being this tall, hot, sexy, man who would turn out to be extremely menacing. One of the greatest themes of Gravity Falls is that things aren’t what they seem. Making Bill a really hot guy who would ultimately rip out your heart, rip out your soul, and rip apart the universe just fits.

And if you want one more example, think of Tom Riddle from Harry Potter. Again, a really hot, charming, guy who turned out to be really menacing.

That would be Bill.

And again, nobody can convince me otherwise.

BOOK OF THE DAY: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver’s Delirium is the most unique plot about love that we have ever read. A dystopian novel, it follows the story of Lena Holoway, a girl who falls in love 95 days before she is “cured.” She lives in a society where love has been pronounced as an illness. Deliria nervosa (love) causes sleepless nights and other strange effects, which must be promptly cured at the age of eighteen. Satisfied with her life, Lena feels comfortable about her impending future and the career and husband the government has chosen for her. After her love destroyed her mother, Lena has complete confidence in the government until she meets Alex.

"Ninety-five days, and then I’ll be safe. I wonder whether the procedure will hurt. I want to get it over with. It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard not to be afraid while I’m still uncured, though so far the deliria hasn’t touched me yet. Still, I worry. They say that in the old days, love drove people to madness. The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t."

Delirium is part one of the trilogy and defined as Lena’s awakening. Her doubts to submit herself into treatment grow, once she experiences deliria. As Lena’s doubts grow, your anxiety also becomes uncontrollable. Oliver’s execution is breathtaking and deadly, Lena’s narration reads like poetry. Oliver’s prose constructs an element above a simple love story. Although it reflects a world built on science fiction, Delirium feels authentic and urgent. We suggest you  buy a box of tissues before opening this book. Delirium is by far one of the most profound novels about love we have ever read.

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Shadowhunters’ Calendar: February - A Photoset of Malec (Magnus/Alec) or Blackhallow (Aline Penhallow/Helen Blackthorn) a day

February 21st 

"Alex—Alec. If I gave you the impression I had accepted the idea of your death I can only apologize. I tried to, I thought I had - and yet still I pictured having you for fifty, sixty more years. I thought I might be ready then to let you go. But it’s you, and I realize now that I won’t be any more ready to lose you then than I am right now.’ He put his hands gently to either side of Alec’s face. ‘Which is not at all.’" 

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