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Hello, I want to make you very happy, so here's a letter of my appreciation. Ok, let's begin. First up, I wanna thank you for two years of clinging onto this account, even though I could tell throughout the years that you've REALLY tried to keep us updated with probably more stress than I've ever had. Second, you're art is by far the most pretty I've seen when it comes to the ttte community. I can tell you've tried hard, and boy has that paid off. And finally, thank you for so much. Really.

This has been sitting in my drafts for a while now because I just wasn’t sure how to respond to such a kind message……………

But honestly thank you so much, anon… I really can’t say how much this means to me. I’m really glad my hard work pays off. And about the art, thank you!! I really do try to make it nice to look at and I’m glad I succeed. Thank u so much  ❤


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.

Remus being your dad would include…

- When you were younger, he and your mother would always alternate with their work, so at least one of them would be there for you

- Always reading you bedtime stories when you were younger

- Wanting for you to not only be familiar with the wizarding society but also get to know the muggle world

- Him having kind of mixed feelings about uncle James’ and uncle Sirius’ questionable influences

- Sirius and James telling you all the wild stories about their time at school together

- Them being totally excited when it’s time for you to go to Hogwarts, probably even more than you

- Even though Remus would be super worried about you. Constantly

- Both of you beaming when you come home from school during your holidays

- Him always trying to keep you away during full moons because accidentally hurting you would be his greatest fear

- Which is why the first and only time you saw your father cry, was, when you announced that you’d become an animagus to be able to stay with him during full moons

- Taking you to walks through forests on sunny days

- Despite him being his gentle and friendly self, he would be absolutely not amused by the thought of you starting to date someone

- You sometimes having to tell him to go to bed when he got so absorbed in his studies that he didn’t even realize it’s past midnight

- No matter whether you’d be 3, 16 or 36, you would always be his little boy/girl

“OMG Sera Myu at Anime Matsuri! We should support more Sera Myu in the US!”

…Really now?

Then how come I didn’t see all of you Sera Myu fans turning out for Power Morphicon 2014…

…or for Eternal Con 2016 in New York last June (which even had a bunch of the DiC/Cloverway Sailor Moon dub cast too!)…

…OR for Power Morphicon 2016 last August…

…for this guy? How come I never saw any of you talking about these appearances before or after the fact either, even though they were mentioned in various places online? How come I’ve never seen any of you talking about wanting ANY Myu cast–new or old alike–at US conventions before now?

But I bet that’s probably because most of you in the Myu fandom right now don’t even know who this is, do you? This is Yuuta Mochizuki, one of the original Myu cast members and still one of the longest-running cast members EVER with eight years (1993-2001) and literally HUNDREDS of Myu performances to his name. He was Kunzite in the first Myu ever, then moved on to Tuxedo Mask (1993-98, and still the longest-running Tux), King Endymion (1998-99), and Count Dracul (2000-01), not to mention the action choreographer from 1998 to 2001. Literally a living legend of Sera Myu.

Yes, the earliest Myu are very much a product of their time and the costumes aren’t as pretty as the current ones, but without the original musicals that ran from 1993 to 2005, Sera Myu as you know it now may not even exist! Did you know that the original musical theme “La Soldier” was used in the climactic battle at the end of R? Or that the version of “Moonlight Densetsu” used for the S and SuperS openings was performed by the musical cast of the time? That’s how big the Myu were in the ‘90s! Even previously manga-only attacks like Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber and the Inner Senshi’s new attacks from the Infinity arc showed up in the Myu a good 20 years before they were finally animated in Crystal.

So to make a long story short…if you really actually cared about Sera Myu cast appearing in the US, you’d support ALL the Myu cast, not just the new!Myu. The original cast paved the way for what you love now; the least you can do is show them your respect.

(And no, I don’t care that the conventions mentioned here focused more on his tokusatsu roles. I don’t care that I’m even cosplaying one of those roles in one of my photos here. I happen to be a fan of those too. But I know for certain that he and his US agent want to use his Myu roles as a means of appearing at more conventions. They’ve even personally asked me to provide material to help with such promotion, which I was more than happy to do purely out of appreciation and love for the Myu and expecting nothing else in return. And isn’t that kind of selfless love and appreciation what Sailor Moon as a whole is all about?)

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Aww I was thinking about the AU of the thing where Dean is a god that has faded until Cas comes to help him (what's that AU's official name? I'm sure you mentioned it but I forget ;w;), I saw the post about Dean slowly coming back and not being able to touch or interact or even sense things for so long as he tries to regain his strength, that when he comes back I can see him just wanting to constantly touch and cuddle with and scent Cas. <3

The AU doesn’t have an official name *lol* 

I think Dean probably loves hugs. I hope Cas loves them too because that would be good for Dean’s health *lol* (I’m just making things up now. Though Dean loving hugs seems to be a fact.)

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The recent radio station interview with B where he once again insists that he and G barely knew each other during Season 7, only saw each other in the halls etc. makes me wonder where this need to act as though they had almost zero interaction comes from? We don't expect him to say that he had a crush on her from the moment he laid eyes on her (cough, cough) but what is causing this 'total strangers' act? Do you think that are still worried about people accusing them of an affair, the kids...?

I think it is probably to avoid suspicion of an affair while they were still with their partners. The strategy makes zero sense though because obviously anyone who believes that (whether fans of them or fans of their exes) are going to believe it no matter what they say. I thought it was a good sign for the future (because I want them to give up that party line) when Gwen described their compatibility as being an instant chemistry and friendship when she was on the Today show last month. I think eventually she at least will be more open about their time as friends before they were romantic. It’s harder for him though because of the rumors and circumstances surrounding his first divorce, and the intensity of his ex’s fans and the insular atmosphere of the country community in general. 

So even though I wish they’d be more open about s7 I understand why they aren’t. And all you have to do to see their connection (whether conscious like I think it was) or just natural and something they didn’t intend, it’s obvious when you watch any clips. 

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I came out on facebook! It went great! My mom stopped being lame, too! Now all I have to do is come out to my dad and my grandpa and let me tell you what I'm dreading that hahaha. But some extended family saw and they were very supportive!

waaah, I’m really proud of you! you are really coming a far way, and faster than I did it seems (though my coming out to my extended family was kind of… incidental).

I think I will just warn you that, for all the confidence you are probably gaining in presenting yourself as who you are, there may still be encounters that are surprisingly hard. of course I cannot say what they will be, and I cannot say you should worry about them happening.

you just keep being you, and be happy about yourself! you are wonderful!

BTS Reactions To Finding Out That Their Girlfriend Is Suffering From Depression


I feel as if Jin would catch on that their was something you were hesitant to tell him throughout your relationship. He wouldn’t push you into telling him, respecting your privacy. I think he’d have some suspicions as to what it was though. Especially, on days that happened to be worse than others. If he saw that it was getting out of hand or becoming more severe, his worry would grow and he’d finally sit you down and have a serious conversation with you about it. He’d reassure you, that his love for you would never change and that the two of you would conquer it together. He’d be there every step of the way, and would be very patient. Eomma Jin would probably come out a lot.

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Yoongi, I think most likely would have caught on, even before the two of you started dating. I think he’d be able to recognize the signs pretty quickly. You would probably know that he knew as well and it’d become an unspoken truth. He would never directly address it unless he found that their was a need to. He would be very understanding of your abrupt mood swings. For example, if you had been fine one day but the next you didn’t want to leave the bed the whole day he wouldn’t question it. I think overall, he’d silently comfort you and try his best to be there for you at all times; lending an ear for you and a shoulder to cry on whenever you needed/wanted it.

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I feel as if Hoseok, would walk in on you crying one day. He’d immediately rush to your slumped form on the floor asking you what was wrong. When you told him that you didn’t know and that you just suddenly felt like crying all of a sudden, he wouldn’t catch on at first and simply soothe circles down your back and try to cheer you up. However, if he walked in on the same scene a second time, he’d begin to grow suspicious that something was up. He’d be very hesitant but he’d ask you if there was something going on that you hadn’t told him about. After your confession, he’d be relieved that you trusted him enough to tell him but also upset. He’d feel helpless, wanting to help you get better but not knowing how. He’d become a lot more supportive than he already was and would constantly comfort you and act silly in an attempt to bring a smile to your face.

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Similar, to Yoongi, I think Namjoon would have probably caught on even before the two of you had begun dating. He strikes me as the type to do research on depression and figure out ways that he could help make things easier for you and what course of actions he should take, in different circumstances. When he sensed that you were comfortable enough around him, he’d bring up the topic but would tell you that if you weren’t comfortable talking about it, he wouldn’t pry. He’d always for some reason be to be there whenever things got really bad and would walk you through your tears, your thoughts and -if things got to that point- any injuries you may have inflicted upon yourself. 

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I think Jimin, being the natural caregiver and sweetie he is, would become very doting. He wouldn’t mean to, he may not even realize what he’s doing, it’d just happen. If it ever came to be too much or too overwhelming I think you’d have to be the one to tell him that you weren’t comfortable with it. He’d be completely understanding and admit that he wasn’t sure of how to help you but he’d reassure you that he’d always be there for you and love you no matter what. I think just knowing that you were probably going through a hard time would affect him, but he’d try his hardest to not let it show. Whenever you became emotionally distant, it’d take a toll but he’d understand. 

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I think Taehyung wouldn’t treat you any differently, only because I feel as if he’d want to make you feel normal, not like others, which would treat you differently. That doesn’t mean he’d act as if it didn’t exist though! He’d always take it into consideration no matter what he did or said to you. He just wouldn’t be obvious about it. Ever so often, I think he’d ask you how you were doing and whether you thought it was improving or worsening. He’d be there whenever you needed him. For example, if you were having an off day, he’d probably try his hardest to take the day off or at least come home early from practice to keep you company. While on tour, he’d make sure to order presents to be sent to you probably every week and he’d try to text/call very often!

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I feel as if another member would have to point out the possibility to Jungkook, for him to actually start truly seeing it. Once the possibility was brought to his attention, he’d start to connect the dots between some of your past behaviours/actions. I think he’d become more protective of you, like if someone said anything that might upset you, he’d try to take you away from the situation or distract you enough for you to forget about it. He wouldn’t bring it up unless you did, but it’d always be in the back of his mind. If there was a time where he really had no idea what to do, he’d call his hyungs for help, most likely the oldest (jin, yoongi, namjoon, maybe hoseok).

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As someone who personally suffers from depression, I know how helpful it is to have someone you know that you can talk to about it if you need to. I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but personally I always feel as if I’d be burdening some by talking to them about it, or in a way make them feel uncomfortable. So, I just wanted to say that if any of our followers or anyone in general ever needs someone to talk to please don’t be afraid to message me! I’d be more than happy to listen to whatever you need to let out :)

~Admin Coffee

Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt.1

Episode Eight: Where Seventeen is about to head for the buffet restaurant but Wonwoo decides to take his revenge on Mingyu.

*at the dorm*

Joshua: “Wait where’s Mingyu?”

Hoshi: “Hmmmm I saw him wake up at 5am to get ready though…”

Jun: “Lemme guess he’s already at the buffet and probably cleared out all the food there?”

Scoups: “Nice guess Jun but his voucher is still with me…”

Woozi: “I think he’s in the toilet making space for the food”

Vernon: “Nasty”

Jeonghan: “So that’s where the smell was coming from, I thought it was the smell of my hair rotting but then again what are the chances right?”

Wonwoo: “I can wait for him….”

Scoups: “Okay then, we’ll go first and meet you two there, here’s your voucher and Mingyu’s”

Wonwoo: “Okie”

Mingyu: “Hey where’s everyone?”

Wonwoo: “They left first”



Wonwoo: “Oh… do you mean… THIS?” *waves voucher in the air*

Mingyu: *eyes sparkle*

Mingyu: “Yay Wonwoo you are the best! Did I ever tell you that you’re my favourite person in Seventeen?” *jumps to snatch it*

Wonwoo: *pulls it away*

Mingyu: *flops onto cold floor*


Wonwoo: “If you want this voucher you have to work for it”

Mingyu: “NO WAY I AM GONNA-“

Wonwoo: “Hmmmmmm I starting to feel a little thirsty, how nice would it be to have a glass of lemonade right now?”

Mingyu: *runs into kitchen*

Mingyu: *pours lemonade into a glass*

Mingyu: “Here you go”

Wonwoo: “I want it freshly made”

Mingyu: “WHAT?! You could’ve told me earlier!”

Wonwoo: “I guess I’ll just give this voucher to someone else then….”


Wonwoo: “Hmmmm not bad, could use a little sugar though”

Mingyu: *grabs sugar and adds a teaspoon*

Wonwoo: “Sigh the lemonade is making my stomach growl a little…. Maybe some Korean pancakes would make me feel better…”

Mingyu: “ORRRR we could always just go to the buffet!”

Wonwoo: “Maybe I should just go to the buffet by myself then…”

Mingyu: “Did you say Korean pancake? How many do you want?”

Mingyu: *runs into kitchen*

Mingyu: “Here you go Wonwoo”

Wonwoo: “Master Wonwoo”


Wonwoo: *stands up*

Mingyu: “OKAY FINE!”

Wonwoo: *sits down*

Mingyu: “Ma-ma-master Won-Won-Wonwoo…” *sighs*

Wonwoo: “Now let’s taste it”

Wonwoo: *takes a bite and spits it out*

Mingyu: “What? Is it not to your liking M-m-master Wo-Wonwoo”

Wonwoo: “At first I was feeling a little bad for doing this but after eating this I remembered why I decided to take revenge on you”

Mingyu: “But I secretly ate- I mean I was doing a taste test and it was fine!”

Wonwoo: “What do you think is wrong with it?”

Mingyu: “Nothing?”

Wonwoo: “Think harder”

Mingyu: “You want it to be crispier?”

Wonwoo: *shakes head*

Mingyu: “You don’t eat spring onions?”

Wonwoo: “No”

Mingyu: “You….. you….. want Korean chili paste?”


Mingyu: “Then what?”


Mingyu: “Oh really? Since when?”


Wonwoo: *gets up*


Wonwoo: “I want to watch the TV”

Mingyu: *turns it on*

Wonwoo: “Now what was it that you said before? Who was your favourite person again?”

Mingyu: “Not you”

Wonwoo: “What did you say?!”

Mingyu: “Wonwoo”

Wonwoo: “In a sentence please” *turns on phone recorder*

Mingyu: “Wonwoo is my favourite person in Seventeen”

Wonwoo: “What’s your favourite thing about me?”

Mingyu: “Do I really have to?”

Wonwoo: “I mean if you don’t want your buffet voucher, then it’s fine by me”

Mingyu: “My favourite thing about Wonwoo is his….. his…..”

Wonwoo: *glares*

Mingyu: “Rap?”

Wonwoo: “and”

Mingyu: “His sense of style?”

Wonwoo: “Not exactly the most convincing but it’ll do”

Mingyu: TT

Wonwoo: “My arms are aching lately…. Maybe I’ve been practising too hard”

Mingyu: *massages wonwoo’s shoulders immediately*

Wonwoo: “I said arms”

Mingyu: *massages wonwoo’s arms*

Wonwoo: “Now sing”


Wonwoo: “SING!”

Mingyu: “E-ev-everyday bo-boom boom?”

Wonwoo: “Different song”

Mingyu: “Errrrr”

Wonwoo: *gets up*

Mingyu: “Yeahh, I check in Seoul City”

Wonwoo: “A soft song”

Mingyu: *cries*

Mingyu: “I just want it simpleeeee”

Wonwoo: “I changed my mind, I want a cute song”

Mingyu: “I… I’m a little teapot, short and stout”

Wonwoo: “Don’t lie you’re tall”

Mingyu: “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands?”


Wonwoo: *wakes up*

Wonwoo: “What’s happening? Where’s Mingyu? Where’s my pancake?”

DK: “What are you talking about? Mingyu’s sleeping and there is no pancake”

Seungkwan: “Oh ladiessss, this is your storyyyy IJE WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE WAKE UP!”

Vernon: “Shut up kwan he’s already awake!”

Seungkwan: “You’re just salty cause you aren’t as faboolous as me” *struts away*

Dino: “Anyways hyung, you were… clapping your hands in your sleep?”

Wonwoo: “I was what?”

DK: “Did you dream of something that made you happy?”

Wonwoo: “Secret”

Mingyu: “I heard pancake, where’s the pancake?”

The8: “Dude there’s no pancake, what’s up with you guys and the pancake?”

Mingyu: “Awwww boooooo”

Seungkwan: “Yeah yeah, boo boo I loser”

Wonwoo: “Well… it was nice while it lasted”

Hoshi: “What was nice?”

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Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to the Pet Shop


Jisung didn’t get plastic surgery. What we saw on Gayo Daejun was just a job of extreme contouring. You can see in these before and after pics that his nose still looks the same. Plus, Jisung’s a growing guy, at 14 years old it’s expected that his looks are going to change, and I’m pretty sure all of us are familiar with losing a bit of baby fat here and there?

I probably sound like a petty fan here lol but I felt the need to clear up these rumors because frankly, even though we’ve all heard bad stuff coming from SM, I think it’s ridiculous that they’d give plastic surgery to a 14-year-old boy.

With plastic surgery, there are so many things to consider. It could effectively make him look strange growing up with a nose job–it could not end up fitting in with his grown face at all. Being an industry known for being superficial, where looks supposedly nearly matter the most, I don’t think it’s a risk they’d be willing to take.

Plus, when would Taeyong ever allow such a thing to happen to his bby Jisung ???

(note: the pictures on the right are all pictures of Jisung during Gayo Daechukje, after Gayo Daejun when the rumors started)

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Hello, thank you so much for this site! I'm from Brazil and even though my grandparents are from Japan I don't speak japanese... I'm a new fan of the band and my question is probably kind of stupid... It's about オトノナルホウへ→ (one of my favourite songs). What is that arrow in the end (→)? Does it even mean anything? Thanks again

Hi, anon from Brazil!

means: To the Direction of the Sound’s Echo→

The  (→) means the direction of where the sounds is come from :)
That’s why when you saw the album cover: 

They go to the direction of the arrow

the sombra au- part 2
probably gonna write a part 3 #whippedforsombra #symbra
  • okay sombra didn’t come back here to find symmetra or anything
  • she’s just standing in the hallway where she last saw her because
  • because
  • because
  • because widowmaker is here and sombra doesn’t trust her
  • even though she’s five miles away with that orange croc-wearing fucker but ssh
  • reyes suddenly rounds the corner and sombra jumps
  • he looks at her. ‘sombra? are you looking for someone?’
  • she clears her throat, attempts to lean casually against the wall. ‘not at all, mi amigo! yep i’m really totally just… hangin’ out, you know the deal, gotta keep an eye on overwatch and- y’know- shit like that and stuff.’
  • reyes takes a breath to say something, but just sighs instead. ‘okay. i’ll see you at base.’
  • ‘yep.’
  • she waits till he’s rounded the corner before blowing out a sigh and relaxing
  • suddenly there’s a voice near her ear.
  • ‘you sure you’re not looking for anyone?’
  • sombra turns around, wearing her most whiny pout. ‘how do you do that?’
  • symmetra’s dressed in casual clothing, but the lighty ear things are still attached to her head. she looks really good in sweaters. she looks really good in anything.
  • she’d probably look good in nothing, too.
  • sombra goes bright red at the unexpected thought and satya frowns at her, reaching out
  • ‘are you-’
  • ‘um. okay.’
  • they stand there awkwardly for a moment.
  • ‘did you kiss me just to make a point?’
  • oh damn that was an embarrassing first line
  • satya blinks at her. ‘no.’
  • ‘are you sure? because i don’t-’
  • ‘i didn’t.’
  • ‘but you seemed like you were-’
  • ‘i didn’t.’
  • ‘but-’
  • ‘shut up.’
  • while sombra is still registering that, satya takes her elbow, steers her somewhere. they walk into a lab, and satya offers her the gun. 
  • her gun.
  • she’d almost forgotten about that.
  • ‘you bitch.’
  • ‘hm?’
  • ‘you absolute bitch, you fucker, you took this from me- i’ll bet you probably analyzed it, too, tryin’ to find all my weaknesses before you had to fight me- what are you doing-’
  • ‘please,’ satya says, leaning closer, smile forming on her lips. ‘i’m going to manipulate you, going to cheat you, tell the world about your weapons…’
  • ‘yes, you are. you’re probably evil, because only pretty people are evil, and you’re pretty, and also you totally manipulated me into giving you my gun and also- mmm….’
  • satya kisses her, hands cupping her cheeks, running through her hair smoothly, and sombra lets out an honestly embarrassing noise and moves closer, and then she pulls back for air, eyes sparkling
  • ‘wow.’ sombra breathes. ‘i just- wow, like, wow wow, not just normal wow, because wow.’
  • satya smiles and kisses her again before she can say anything more embarrassing.
  • wow.

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Every pay-day Friday, for the last ten years, Midori had made it a point to visit the Ochita Bed and Breakfast for, well, breakfast! It was a tradition at this point… though today was probably the first time she’s ever gone alone. Usually, Koma came with her, and it felt strange to come without him, but she really wanted breakfast.

She saw Manami almost immedietely after stepping in the front doors of the restaurant, and instead of waiting to be seated, she ran over to the young girl, “Manami! They don’t have you bussin’ tables on a day like this, do they?”

It was a rainy winter day when Q was snatched off a busy London street. When they finally found him, he didn’t say anything. It wasn’t surprising at that point, not when the man’s injuries were taken into account. Not when they thought about what had probably been done to him. They didn’t ask questions. They just got him out of there.

He didn’t speak while in the hospital, either. They almost gave up on him at first. Some trauma can’t be reversed, they said. Some things, you don’t come back from. They were going to write him off, with his blank face and glassy stare, until the day a nurse saw James come to visit and Q smiled at him. There was some part of him left, after all.

He still didn’t speak, though. The weeks turned to months; even when he returned to work, he didn’t talk. They thought about replacements for a while, but Q’s colleagues shut that down. He was still the best boss they’d ever had. Things hadn’t been the same with him gone. Q smiled again, at all of them, but still didn’t speak. Not with words, not with signs. He only typed. Instructions, information, ideas for development projects. Always work. Nothing personal. No one dared ask.

It took James the most getting used to. He was used to a house filled with Q’s voice. His singing, his muttering, that annoying yet endearing voice he used with the cats. Q would smile at him, lots, and he would touch his hands and curl against him and press his face into his neck, but he would never talk.

Q’s mind was just as sharp as ever and James got the impression that people often forgot what he was dealing with. He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) speak and explain, but the signs were there. He would make noise sometimes, when he woke up suddenly, a scream dying on his lips. James would hold him until the shaking stopped. Gradually, it happened less. In that respect, James learned to enjoy the silence. 

In that way, a year passed, and then one day James put a cup of tea down beside Q as he worked at his laptop, just like he had done hundreds of times before.

“Thank you,” Q said, his voice gravelly, and when he looked up at him, James got the impression that he wasn’t just talking about the tea.

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the captains' reaction when they saw their crush for the very first time

I am not caught up so I did the characters I knew. Also, we need some Yui Michimiya love like come on.

When Daichi saw them for the first time it was almost like time slowed down, you know like in those cheesy romantic comedies. They both met each other gaze and felt a loss of breath. He swore he saw a beam of light shine down on them like an angel, though it was probably his imagination. Sugawara nearly lost it seeing Daichi like this, it was just like the movies and Daichi looked like a huge nerd just standing there.

Kuroo had felt his heart jump from their sheer beauty. Everything about them made heat rush to his cheeks. It was so weird for him to be the flustered one. Kenma had to elbow him to knock him out of his shock. After, getting over the shock however he made his way over to introduce himself, hoping to make a good first impression.

Oikawa let out a gasp when his line of sight was greeted by their form. He smiled to himself and let out a sigh, running his fingers through his hair. Nothing around him mattered except for them. He started walking over to them, completely forgetting he was having a conversation with some classmates. The one thing on his mind was to get to them.

When Bokuto had been introduced to them, it was like his voice stopped working. Nothing would come out, he was completely and utterly speechless. It was weird because his mind was blank and he was pretty sure his mouth was wide open. Kuroo laughed seeing his friend in this state, introducing him for him. He seemed to be very shy around them at first.

When her friends said they had someone new they were going to bring along with them, Michimiya hadn’t thought much of it, but seeing them in front of her proved to have gone different then she had thought. She felt shy under their gaze, heat rising to her cheeks as she introduced herself to them. She was more easily flustered and would lose her concentration more easily, finding her line of sight absent mindedly on them.


The series is as follows :

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Good to his word, he drove her home, stopping in front of her apartment but leaving the car running, indicating he wouldn’t be coming in for hot chocolate or drunken Scrabble. Giving him a sideways glance as well as she could, given her aching face, “headed home then?”

“I probably should. Let you get some real sleep before work tomorrow. We’ve been home for four days now, so I have a feeling there’s a case brewing somewhere with our name on it because the last thing we should be allowed to do is sleep in our own beds for more than a few days.”

She saw it though, the look in his eye. The one silently screaming to ask him upstairs to hang out because after his faux pas from earlier, he needed her to tell him she wasn’t mad. It made her happy inside that he cared enough to feel bad for doing something that he had every right to do so and she planned on telling him that …

Once they got up to her place.



“Want to come up for awhile? Have some hot chocolate?”

He couldn’t hide his look of relief as he nodded, “not too long though, I need my beauty sleep.”

Once upstairs, Scully headed to the bathroom, emerging a moment later with a bottle of pills, shaking several in her hand as she walked by him into the kitchen. Noticing his concern, “headache.”

“Should you be taking those on top of the other pills they gave you?”

“I didn’t take the prescribed ones. I shouldn’t drive while on them and besides, I don’t really like the spinning feeling when I’m alone.”

“But you like the spinning feeling when you’re with me?”

Giving him a smile as she tightened the lid on the Ibuprofen, “don’t flatter yourself. I just didn’t want to die on the road on the way to a happy Sunday dinner … would have made the dessert course too depressing.”

Mulder laughed at this, wondering if he should kiss her again, “yeah, who wants a cupcake after that news.”

Wiggling her finger towards the microwave, “would you start warming up some water, please? I really need to go lay down for a minute.”

Water forgotten, he stopped her by the elbow, “are you sure you don’t just want to go to bed? I’m fine without the hot chocolate, honest. I don’t want to keep you up.”

The look in his eye, the utter and stripped down concern for her made her breath catch, then she broke contact, shifting her gaze from him to the microwave just over his left shoulder, “I’d like something to drink and I mostly just want to lay down because forcing myself to sit up hurts too much … too many muscles to stay upright.”

Holding on another second, he moved his head to once again meet her look, “don’t stay up on my account.”

“I like your account, Mulder. I enjoy late evening hot beverages with you and I would like to just sit with you a spell, okay? Promise.”

“Sit with you a spell? You like my account? Are you coming on to me, Agent Scully?”

Grasping the boldness that flitted through her mind, she moved forward against his chest, reaching up just enough to hook her index fingers in his front pockets, back too sore to hug him in the moment. Immediately, he did the same to her, fingers settled just inside pockets, not wanting to hurt her anymore that she already did.

His chest was hard under her cheek but soft to her skin, his flannel shirt old and comfortable, worn and wonderful. The warmth seeping into her made her want to melt on the spot, use him as a full body pillow to rest her weary bones.

They were never going to get their hot chocolate at this point.

She didn’t care.

Stepping backwards, she felt drunk with exhaustion and swaying slightly, took Mulder’s hand from her pocket and wove her fingers through his, “come with me, please.”

“Where to?”

Not bothering to shut off any lights that weren’t on her direct path, “I changed my mind. I need to sleep.”

Very nearly stopping their trek to her bedroom, he mumbled and pointed over his shoulder instead, “then I should go. Let you get some rest.”

Scully shook her head, halfway to dreamland and planning on keeping him beside her the whole time, slurring her words, “stay tonight.”

Feather, meet Mulder. Mulder, meet feather. Prepare to be knocked down.

“Stay with you?”

In the bedroom, she stopped by the mattress, “please.”

Needing no further invitation, he helped her up, got her shoes off, tucked her legs under the already thrown back comforter, pulled the sheets over her shoulders. With a kiss to her cheek, “I’ll be out on the couch.”

“No. Stay. With me.”

How could he ever say ‘no’ to those blinking, heavy-lidded, dark blue wonders of nature, with their ability to make him forget himself and the world around him, “okay.” Heading to the other side of the bed, he toed his own shoes off, pulled the flannel over his head, tossed it on the chair then climbed in beside her, careful not to jostle the mattress too much.

In her twilight state, she decided he was far away and she lightly grasped at his arm, “closer.”

Complying, he moved until he was nearly against her, to which she sighed happily, then scooted her head onto his bicep, forgoing her pillow, slinging her arm across his chest in silence.

Another contented sound emerged from her throat and Mulder, a small smile playing on his lips, dropped a kiss to the top of her head, “you said stay.”

Gathering a handful of his t-shirt, “and you stayed.”

Starring Role

TITLE: Starring Role


AUTHOR: the-devil-herself


Imagine that, when you were only few days old, your mother promised you to the God of mischief, when you come of age. You live years, only having learned about Norse mythology in school. Your mother finds it too difficult to talk about and postpones it until it’s too late


NOTES/WARNINGS: I hope you guys like my twist on this imagine! Likes, comments, and feedback is greatly appreciated :) Also this is pre-thor movie

It had been way too long- two years probably. I hadn’t seen Prince Loki in about two years time, not that we ever spoke when we saw each other.  Even though I was born into nobility, I was taught never to approach the royal family unless I was called upon by them. I would glance at Loki every once in a while, catching him looking back, but, other than that, I kept my distance.

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Ok, so um… Idk if this has been done (sorry if it has), but I saw @nerdy-ai OC and I love the fact that it sings about anxiety, then I realized something. It was missing another mental illness, depression.

See, depression and anxiety kind of work off of each other, if you have one then you probably have the other (not always though). So, I drew the little cloud a buddy that sings about depression. It’s a raindrop because since nerdy’s (can I call you that?) was a cloud, raindrops come from it, and clouds are basically made out of water.

I image the way he would kill the students was by crying too much to the point they drowned in his tears. I just hope it isn’t too bad /)~(\ (I was also going to make a rainbow with bipolar but Idk that much about bipolar and might need help with that)

Rajigaze 29.7

K: why is it tat these two here doing this radio show? Re: Because we have to do it? K: yeah, but our listeners are thinking this right? Re: it’s me who’s wondering about it!

About fails with alcohol K: ah there probably are some Re: you know, for the Leader, I think I saw some, like 2 or 3 times in the past all 5 of them went for Yakiniku and if someone doesn’t drink it’s like “Why aren’t you drinking! Drink!” as Reita went out for a while, it seems Kai went to toilette and  didn’t come back. Re: Even though I wanted to open the door- I couldn’t bc of this guy! He really is no good. // Reita is the weakest out of them - If Reita drinks one glas he already gets red as tomato. the strongest are the guitarist- they drink n a daily basis and also even before encores K: Ah I’m doing that too sometimes Re: If I drank before a live my head… K: lolololol

they play a song requested by a fan! She requested Akai Kudo- seems like Ruki really likes this song

About instore events: K: for the young bands there are probably bands like this- right? yeah like hugging and such  Re: probably they’re really thinking about how they could make fans come to their instore events right? We didn’t do that that often so we  don’t really know about that…

There’s a fan who gave their kids the name of the memebers- just Reita is left (she changed the kanjis tho) Re: eh? URUHA???? K:but Uruha-chan.there are a few right?Aoi-chan of course it’s normal. Re:Kai……kun…   K:Yes? I’m listening? R:somehow there aren’t,right? // how they’d call their kids if they’d have some Reita wants to be really careful with giving the name-bc the names that are fashionable now might be embarassing if the kid is 30 or 40  (There is a trend to give names that are read totally different from the usual readings just for the meaning of the kanjis and the sound) K: if it’s a girl- in high school she’ll like vk and will go out with a bandmember Re: I’ll kill him! I say it again and again! // If it’s a boy Kai wants him to not play drums- but guitars would be cool (They basically talked around the question what they’d call their kids)

the girl who asked the question likes VK since highschool and looked a little like a boy- but she likes boys. It seems like she was confessed to by a (girl) friend-but couldn’t date her. She wants to know if it was right to do. Re: I think it wasn’t wrong.To date a girl even though she likes boys would be difficult right? K: If I think about that- just for imagination,k? It’s because they  were friends right? (that it’s better to turn her down instead of trying it and breaking up on bad terms I guess) Re: okay, but if… I’d say that I … K: ahh…. R: li- (both break out laughing) (he wanted to say smth like: that I like you) K:disgusting!disgusting!but I’d say-come to my room first! (echo) Re: scary!!I’m sorry-I’m really sorry (laughing) I’m really sorry lol

a fan asked is the ticket number for Heresy members get worse with the years they are in the fanclub- bc a friend who just joined recently tends to have better numbers K: that really has nothing to do with this! like really not at all! sorry to say that, but probably she just has bad luck. It has nothing to do  with old or new members

The song Reita introduced was the first one Uruha and Reita copied together: Luna Sea Precious

Re: with this… you know…In Uruhas rooms, we sat on the bed together and K: wait a second, when??? highschool? Re: in the 3rd year of middle schol? and we were trying our this and that. they were getting excited about the songs they tried to copy (in the middle of the night lol)

Kai loved Drums from the beginning,but he didn’t like bands but as he played together with others he started to like it

The thing is when you look at him you still think forever, even though he moved on months ago.

The things is you saw the entire sky in his eyes, but he never even noticed a single star in yours.

The thing is you meant it when you said you loved him, but he probably never did.

The thing is he was the best thing in your goddamn miserable life, but you were only a small chapter to his existence.

The thing is you were a sad story with hope for a better ending, but he didn’t stay long enough to figure you out

The thing is you felt a spark whenever he touched you, and all he thought of was touching you in all the wrong places.

The thing is you love with every ounce of your being, but he never does anything to prove he cares.

—  The thing is I don’t care. Please come back.