though you act pretty weird in that one

Thinkin on how player character sylvari will experience HoT …
Obviously we’re not going to become Mordrem. It isn’t happening, and if it does I’ll eat my hat! But, in the PoI episode they talked a bit about how the spoken dialogue by the character will be more unique to your race.
So I imagine that we’re gonna get the mother load of snide comments from other races ( just imagine charr and asura reactions! Though tbh I think norn are probably going to be the most chill about it because as far as I can see they’re pretty chill overall ). Now if anet has the tech to make race specific dialogue from npcs, who’s to say they won’t have some dummy NPC ( like a tree or bush or vine ) that doesn’t seem like one, but does behave as one ( imagine that weird thing you spoke to in the world summit to start it ) - who’s to say they won’t have dummy npcs like that who act as mordy’s voice in our heads?
Random foliage seemingly telling you about how annoying these fleshy races are, how they disrespect you - their commander! - and your people!
Of course we aren’t going to fall to mordremoth, but I think if he tried to get to us, his appeal would be that we’d be second in command once again, but this time, in command of troops who don’t doubt you one bit, who don’t view you differently for where you come from, who will end this war with a world better for you and your people, where helping the pact would, supposedly, empower all the terrible people you have to put up with throughout HoT.