though you act pretty weird in that one


8/3 Today we picked the white apples. They have skins the color of old yellowed bones, and translucent flesh so that when you slice them open you can see the seeds through the flesh. Bone-and-glass apples, parchment apples, ghost apples.

They bruise easily, a purplish brown rather too similar to a bruise on human skin. If you pick one up, there’s a good chance the shapes of your fingertips will be marked on it the next day. I want to try writing words on them by pressing on them with a pencil eraser sometime.

They smell very faintly of perfume, maybe roses. They do not smell like apples. Apple maggots never infest them.

They’re lovely. They are also disgusting. Mealy and soft, with no flavor whatsoever. They’re not sweet. They’re not even sour. It’s like a mouth full of wet cotton ball. I’m pretty sure I spit it out the first time I tried one.

I hope you all understand how weird this is: even the goats are reluctant to eat them. They’ll eat an apple or two, but then they lose interest (except in keeping the sheep from eating any, of course).

I have no idea why a previous resident planted the ghost-apple tree. If they have any flavor at all, only the restless dead can taste it.

pinkrangerv can have them all. :) We’ve tried making applesauce, though. Not even that helped.

( PS I’m trying to act all mysterious about it, but the actual reason they don’t get infested by apple maggots is probably that their growing time is too short to support the apple maggot fly life cycle. It’ll probably be another month or two before the rest of our apples are ripe. )

My Impressions of the Types

These are based solely on my experiences. They turned out a little more negative than I intended, since I’m not great at expanding on the positives. I love all the types, so focus on the good parts please lol. Also included: advice for each type.


We’ll start here, because this is me. I don’t actually know a whole lot of other ENTPs, at least not very closely right now in my life. The ones I do know I get along very well with. They’re funny and it’s always great getting into discussions about random things. Tbh tho ENTPs are kind of 50/50 hit or miss with their Fe. Ones that have healthy Fe are all around wonderful to be around; they’re fun, engaging, and nice. Ones that lack healthy Fe sometimes act weird just to get attention or will say some pretty insensitive things. Most are pretty awkward though, in one way or another. It’s hard to break past the acquaintance barrier unless they’re actively trying to befriend you. My advice: work on socializing and figuring out what to say and also not sucking at being organized (I’m working on these too lol)


INTPs are really similar to ENTPs, just quieter and awkward in a different way. I love them to death though. The ones I’ve met are really great people and always have some funny remark or interesting insight on anything. The one I’m closest with right now is a little bit dependent socially, so I feel kind of tied to them at social gatherings. Oh wait there was this one other one I knew a while ago who’s a huge jerk, and rejected anything good about others. My advice: open up a little more. You’re great, people will love you if you give them the chance (unless you’re an edgy jerk, then work on being a decent person, then open up, but that’s probably not you).


I love ESTPs they’re so fun. As an Ne-dom though, it’s sometimes hard to relate to them, as abstract discussion is much more interesting for me than for them. Also, I find that every single ESTP is into some combination of sports, cameras, and cars (or for the 1% that don’t fit any of those, try music or video games). As long as you know something about each of those, you’ll be able to have some sort of conversation/hang out with any ESTP. Many are prone to doing really stupid things though (at least the male ones I know) and will probably die someday in a silly stunt. Overall, super chill people. My advice: Don’t do anything too stupid. Always calculate your risks.


I don’t know too many ISTPs very well. But the ones I do know, I very much enjoy hanging out with. As an ENTP, I love their strong Ti. It’s so fun to dissect things in conversation with them. They sometimes will also suffer from Edgy Jerk Syndrome like INTPs, but if not, they’re very likeable. They’re also really chill, like ESTPs, but in an even more laid-back way. Unless you’re annoying, then they will not be chill at you at all. My advice: Be nice to people, and keep doing you.


Oh dear where do I begin? My 13 y/o brother and my dad are ENFPs and as far as I can remember I’ve had an ENFP best friend/sidekick. My current best friend is an ENFP and he’s great and I love him but also I hate him. My dad is such an incredibly extraverted person if we’re outside the house. He will talk to literally anyone about basically anything. Now that I think about it, my brother is the most exaggerated form I can think of of each of his function (except inf Si). His Ne is literally insane. Ne: For the past few weeks he’s been singing/screaming about “chickensquids” to the tune of any song he can think of (and he loves memes). Fi: Ohhh boy has this kid got some not-so-healthy-Fi. He always has to have his way or he starts yelling. He doesn’t care much for what others want and will make some selfish decisions like all the time. (But when he’s not he is a really fun person to be around). Te: When he wants something, he will create a specific plan for how he wants it and he will Execute. I need $60 for this new game? If mom and dad pay me $10 an hour for doing chores, I need to do exactly six hours of dishes, vacuuming, etc. and I can have this game by 4:00 today. But other than that he will not lift a finger of work. My best friend though, I love him, we’re very similar people. Our Ne is always in-sync. He knows about MBTI in-depth too, so he’s worked on polishing up his Te and making sure his Fi thinks about other people. And he just keeps better too. I’m real grateful to have him around because I’d be so bored without him. He’s a lil dramatic sometimes but that’s okay. So… overall ENFPs are real social and fun but can be a pain in the butt if they don’t get their way. My advice: Remember that there’s more to life than just you having fun.


I’ve mistyped a good (ISTJ) friend of mine as an INFP for a long time and it’s been a while since I’ve actually interacted with INFPs regularly so writing this one might require a little more thought and digging through my inf-Si haha. In my experience INFPs are pretty 50/50 too: they’ll either be super sweet and quiet, or very strongly-opinionated individuals with a bit of a wild side, which will especially come out once you get close to them. The latter are truthfully a prime example of my (not-to-be-taken-very-seriously) saying of “Feelers have no chill.” My advice: Idek you probably wouldn’t follow it anyway


I have a love/hate relationship with ESFPs. Two of my good friends in my recent high school years were ESFPs and they were quite different but with significant similarities. Let’s start with similarities: Probably the most fun people you will ever meet. They love dancing and are always fun to be around. Unless they’re in a bad mood. Differences: ESFP 1: Probably the most outgoing person I’ve ever met (even more than my aforementioned ENFP Dad). He was a huge mess with girls tho. Everyone was in love with him and he’d be absolutely in love with a girl one week, and then drop her and be into another the next week. He hurt a lot of people’s feelings and was kind of a huge inconsiderate jerk. Also, a bit of a pathological liar and would find out people’s secrets and then broadcast them to the world. Idek why we hung out with him so much. It’s kinda weird how he managed to be so charming yet so inconsiderate. When in a bad mood, he wouldn’t say anything or look at anyone, but you could see the fire in his eyes. ESFP 2: Very opinionated social activist and lead actor in like all of our productions. He’s much less outgoing, but was still really fun to hang out with. He disliked a lot of people and would get annoyed by little things. I wasn’t around him too much outside of school, but I know he partied hard, but wasn’t openly a huge stoner like some people are. My advice: CHILL.


I’m not too familiar with many ISFPs, but they’re all pretty quiet. Basically the same as the second kind of INFP but typically have some specific thing they’re really into: theater, drawing, sports, music. They tend to not like most people as well. My advice: tbh same as INFP.


I don’t know any ENTJs. Where are they? Advice: Show yourself


Are NTJs even real? Are they a myth? Are we human? Or are we dancer? (Sorry idk I’m a meme). I see tons of people typed as INTJs online but I suspect a lot of them are not what they think they are. They’re rare types, we can’t all be INxJs. (So rare that I know none.) Advice: Read up on functions in-depth, if you’re not suuuuper well acquainted. Make sure you’re 100% an INTJ. (Inb4 people offended I’m questioning their type)


ESTJs have a pretty wide spectrum from pretty chill to pretty stereotypically Te. My main ESTJ is literally Dwight from The Office sometimes. The most stereotypical ESTJ you can think of. He ran track and Cross Country (not that it’s stereotypical but an interesting detail) and was always leading Boy Scouts projects and events. Very quick to direct people and give orders. He was really into superheroes though. He also memorized thousands of bad jokes, one-liners, and puns that I heard so many times over again over the eight years of knowing him. Prone to getting slightly physical when angry. His dad is a huge ESTJ too, who knew every practical skill you can think of. He was a church/scouts leader of ours and has a lot of knowledge in so many different topics. He was in the navy and is now an ironworker. Such a great storyteller and always the center of attention. He’s actually a very funny person and puts up a bit of a mean facade, but really has a heart of gold under it all and everyone knows it (but he does intimidate younger kids occasionally when he comes across too strong). Another ESTJ church/scouts leader I know is super chill and hangs out like one of us kids a lot of the time at events. Also a great storyteller. My advice: No you give me advice. How are you so organized and straightforward? Real advice: Let other people be themselves and handle their own life.


Most of my ISTJs I had previously mistyped as other things, so this one will take some thought like INFP. ISTJs are mostly all really nice people that I love to be around. A good friend of mine in high school was so much of that that I was positive she was an ESFJ. Another I thought was an INFP for a long time. ISTJs will always put the group first, and almost seem like they have Fe most of the time, with exceptions of course. One ISTJ I know was THE MOST STEREOTYPICAL STJ POSSIBLE. He was a 50-60 year old Boy Scout leader and EVERYTHING has to be by the book and by the rules with no exceptions. There will be no fooling around when he is there. One time at a Fourth of July social event he gathered up a bunch of kids and told a very boring, ridiculously long story about something in American history. (I just walked away after two minutes. I’m there to have fun, not hear a boring story.) My ENFP best friend’s parents are both ISTJs so that makes for an interesting family dynamic. Si-doms will also talk and talk and talk. The one I thought was an INFP, my closest ISTJ friend, will go on forever about computers. He loves computer programming and suggests to anyone that they study it because “it’s a growing field and it’s very secure with lots of options. And it’s a very useful skill” (not an exact quote, but he says things like it very often). My advice: Make sure people are interested when you talk about the same thing for long periods of time. Give them space to also give responses of a decent length. And not everything needs to be fully planned out. Go with the flow.


I don’t know too many people of this type very well (he says for the the thirtieth time), but those who I suspect to be ENFJs are all very likeable people. They’re social and kind, but not overbearingly so. Just the right amount that they know what to say but they typically don’t talk too much. My advice: Keep doin you.


What’s an INFJ?… Actually when I was writing the ENFJ section I realized someone I previously typed as one is probs an INFJ so… Yeah same as ENFJ, really. But also see INTJs above. My advice: see INTJ and/or ENFJ


I know so many ESFJs. Honestly, I bet everyone does. This section doesn’t really feel needed because you could just go literally anywhere with people and find twelve. I love ESFJs though, they’re one of my favorite types on average because they always make you feel welcome (unless they hate you). ESFJs are either really nice and sweet or need to chug a bottle of chill pills (figuratively. I’m not advocating drug use) or both, depending on the day. Also, kinda unrelated but I love how mom ESFJs increase their mom-mess by about 300% whenever there are people over. There is about a 70% chance that the house will be clean and a 100% chance food will be offered, much higher than the average levels. ESFJs are also very susceptible to Feelers Have No Chill™. My advice: Chill. Keep doin you tho, just don’t stress so much. And stop gossiping, for the love of all that is good in this world. ESFJs will always, without fail, say “ugh I hate drama/gossip” and then proceed to gossip for three hours and cause drama. (ExFPs do this too).


I love ISFJs (again I’ve said this for like every type lol). My little brother is one, as well as a number of other friends and some church/scout leaders. They are so considerate and kind. Sometimes too considerate though, for example, an ISFJ friend of mine worries about offending someone or saying something rude at every turn when they weren’t doing anything of the sort. Apologizing too much. One ISFJ I know will end up sharing a lot of their feelings or whatever and then say to themselves “Okay, (ISFJ), it’s time to stop oversharing. Nobody wants to hear about your issues” and give a nervous laugh. ISFJs are really smart too like a lot of the ones I know have some rock-solid tert-Ti (not to say that Ti is a measure of intelligence or that Ti=smart, but like… You get what I’m saying). Honestly, I feel like some ISFJ stereotypes are the most accurate of any MBTI stereotypes. The first time I met one ISFJ I know was at a pool party and they just made brownies to bring and share and I’m pretty sure that was the only food there. My advice: Don’t worry so much (about anything, i mean this in every sense of the word). See also ISTJ.

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i love ur blog and i also love pidge (she's literally me we're almost the exact same age i l o v e h e r )can i have some fluffy dating hc of the pidgeon

Welcome to my sin blog lol, time to balance this thing out with fluff!!! 

  • The pidgeon is the most awkward girl alive my god
    • when she first saw you pidge.exe stopped working 
    • she’s stuttering all over the place and keeps adjusting her glasses unnecessarily. once she missed and just smeared a finger on the glass and but was too nervous to clean them so she suffered with the smear until she was alone
    • later that night she found Lance and just went off about how cute you were and how much she wants to kiss your stupid face
      • She asked you out like three months later (she suffered every minute) by accidentally screaming, “Please date me!” when you tried to confront her about why she was constantly avoiding you and always acted like talking to you caused her physical pain.
      • you panicked and just said ok because she’s super cute and you’ve been trying to get to know her better because you have a crush on her
  • When out and about you two hold hands constantly, but she’s got sweaty hands lol
    • there’s a lot of wiping them off on her outfit because she is determined. to hold. that hand!
    • also walks super close to you, like her shoulder is always bumping into yours she’s so close
    • when you two or older she’ll shift to always keeping a hand in your back pocket or a finger hooked in it if she doesn’t have your hand
  • You two have a thing going on where one will just ramble on and on about whatever while the other nods along and offers support while not really knowing what the heck they’re talking about
    • Pidge will talk about science, the beautiful mechanics of Green and the castleship, and other neat-o things like biotechnology that sometimes are just a bit above your head. But hey! You’re a wonderful listener and keep picking up new things
      • “I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with this stupid panel! Why is it blinking!! AARRRGGghhhhh!!” 
      • “Weren’t you talking about Ockham’s Razor the other day? What if you just pop the sensors out and plug them back in? Like, maybe they were just misfiring?”
      • “Y/N, you’re amazing!”
      • “Naw, I just have an amazing girlfriend who likes to talk a lot.”
      • Cue the adorable kiss
  • Pidge also does her best to learn more about your interests because she wants to know everything about you and what makes you happy because honestly? If something makes you happy then it’s worth her time to understand it.
  • Has the worst sleep schedule so be prepared to have a sleeping Pidge snuggled nice and cozy into your side during slow afternoons
    • it’s like having a small animal on your lap: you can’t move or else you have no heart. The boys will happily bring you what you need to keep you entertained while Pidge dozes. 
    • sometimes you snooze with her and you usually end up on your back with Pidge on top, tucked under your chin while her arms are comfortably tucked under your shoulders. someone has put a blanket on you two
  • once a week you guys have a sleep over and it involves making an epic fort
    • it’s only once a week because any more than that and Shiro insists on ‘The Talk’ and frankly, that’s just an embarrassing thought. Like thanks for looking out for us Shiro, but please don’t. 
    • you three have an agreement that should you two last long enough and decide to move your relationship to the next level, Shiro’s the first to know so he can offer advice to his smol children.
    • also he’s not allowed in the fort because he’s a lame adult. Same for Allura. Coran is allowed. Keith, Hunk, and Lance must bring sacrifices (food) for entry
  • Quick little shy pecks on the lips! Bc Pidge is an embarrassed smol bean
    • kiss her on the cheek and she turns so red
    • forehead kisses are basically ‘Good Job!’ kisses and she loves them
    • she likes to kiss your cheeks and the tip of your nose because you have a good face!
  • Punches Lance when he makes fun of you two (i.e. kissy noises when you two walk by)
    • she must defend your honor
  • On your birthday she has Hunk help her make a cake for you but she has to do it all herself
  • space rides! for when the castle seems too boring and stuffy and you two just want to escape
    • you get a chance to pilot Green and you’re surprised about how she seems to move more with your thoughts than with the controls
    • Pidge is super proud of you and insists you join Paladin training because she’s pretty sure you’re her second
  • Protecting each other during combat
    • Pidge is a bad-ass on her own but with you mixed in you two are a tiny unstoppable force of pure evil team work
    • also enemies underestimate you two and you use it to your advantage
  • Sometimes Pidge gets a little snappy and self-absorbed when she’s working on a project and lashes out with unkind words when you bother her too much
    • she’s fairly selfish but she knows this and being with you makes her want to work on it.
    • she apologizes after she’s finished and taken a nap and will give you the space you need if you’re still mad at her.
  • You two do get in small little fights but they’re rarely anything serious. You’re both young teens fighting in an intergalactic war. Sometimes things are tense and it’s easy to take things out on each other
    • you always make up and just cuddle each other after
  • You two try to adopt any small creatures you come across
    • “Pidge, Y/N, what. Is that?” Shiro drags his hand across his face, hiding a very, very pained look.
    • “What does it look like Shiro? It’s a dog.” You shrug.
    • “Dogs don’t have three inch spikes down their spines.”
    • “Don’t talk about Skittles like that!” Pidge whispers, covering ‘Skittle’s’ ears, “He’s very sensitive about them.”
    • “No. Just, no. Put it back.”
  • You are the only one Pidge truly vents to
    • you know about how terrified she is of not being able to find her dad and Matt
    • you know how she is ready for this war to be over because if it keeps on for too long, statistically? she’s pretty sure she’s going to die. or you will. and she’s not too sure how to handle that.
    • you know that even though she acts like Lance is a big pain in her ass she loves him like a brother. Hunk, Keith, and Shiro too. They’re her brothers. Coran is her weird space uncle and Allura her weird space sister. she loves her weird space family
    • you’re the only person who knows how concerned she is for her mom and dog back on Earth
  • When you vent, Pidge tucks you under her arm and brushes a hand through your hair
  • Sometimes you guys color coordinate outfits
  • definitely have matching bracelets that you made for each other
  • making faces at each other from across a room while trying to avoid being caught
  • turns out if you wear Pidge’s glasses you can see everything in the distance super clear (she’s near-sighted) so sometimes you wear them when practicing with a long distance weapon
    • Pidge’s poor heart 
  • Sharing clothes? Big yes
  • Canonically, Pidge is a hoarder so every once in a while you make her toss out a box of stuff because seriously, her room is a fire hazard. how does she live in it?
  • If anyone insults you, they’re in a world of hurt. No one insults Pidge’s boo.
  • Probably not into cutesy nicknames but if you giver her one she’ll nearly die in embarrassment but she’s so touched
    • however she will find you and be like, “Hey, you cute loser, what are you up to?” and I’m not sure that counts as a pet-name but alright?

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Hello! Is you ask box opened? If it is, can I request friend-turned-lover HCs of Kuroo, Iwaizumi and Akaashi please? Thanks!


  • He’s absolutely the type to pine. He realized much sooner than anyone else that you’re the only one for him. What’s better than having a lover? Being friends with them first!!
  • Let’s face it; he’s head-over-heels for your laugh, your smile, the way your nose scrunches when you’re thinking. He somehow finds himself buying extras of limited edition snacks at the convenience store, so that the two of you can share.
  • You probably find out that he likes you as more than a friend after volleyball practice is over but everyone is still around getting some extra rallies in!!
  • One of his teammates - let’s face it, probably Lev lmao - says something about the two of you suggesting that he thought you were dating this whole time. “Dude, he’s like so in love with you?” and you’re like “WHAT” and Lev is like “uh yeah it’s obvious lmao why would you two be dating if you didn’t have the hots for each other.”
  • You’re so flustered at the idea of it, but not displeased, and Kuroo accidentally denies it too harshly out of his own embarrassment.
  • You’re shocked and kinda hurt at his reaction until his head whips around and he’s like NO NO THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN—
  • You leave the gym and it’s Yaku who hits him in the shoulder like, “go after her!” and Kenma doesn’t look up from his phone but he’s like “yeah, go after her” and Kuroo is so touched by his friends he’s like yeah yeah okay I will with tears all up in his eyes.
  • He leaves the gym and looks around for you, scared you’re long gone but you throw yourself into his arms and once he gets over the initial shock and wraps his arms around you, you look up at him and smile. “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”


  • I can’t totally see Iwa-chan and you being total blockheads about dating. You’re friends and you’re happy with the way things are; what’s the point in changing something that’s operating perfectly fine?
  • And you two say so, too. But people are like “lmao ‘operating’ why are you using those words to begin with that’s weird you guys are so dumb.”
  • But you and Iwa-chan just shrug it off like your friendship is great; other people’s opinions don’t bother you.
  • But what no one else really realizes is that you guys are already kind of acting pretty couple-y? Going out on dates which you both call “hanging out” even though it’s just the two of you.
  • You cuddle on the couch when watching movies and feed each other popcorn. Sometimes you two even play footsies but more competitive than actually cute. It’s all teasing and picking on each other, but to outsiders it straight up looks all affectionate and intimate.
  • Oikawa is like “I’m always third-wheeling!! tHE SEXUAL TENSION!!!!! I hate it!!!!!” lmao and Hanamaki and Matsukawa are like “do you guys friend-hold hands too?? how about friend-kissing?? friend-sex?????”
  • It isn’t until everyone starts pointing that stuff out and you guys deny it that someone outside of your immediate group tries to make a move, whether it’s someone asking you out or someone asking Iwa-chan out, that you both realize hey, actually I don’t like the idea of you doing these things with other people.
  • And whoever got asked out says so to the other!! But let’s face it, not without a bunch of misunderstandings, unnecessary angst, and Seijoh 3rd year meddling.


  • You’re friends with someone else first! I was gonna say Bokuto, but let’s switch things up a bit and say Konoha!! You go to every game, and Akaashi recognizes you but he’s never talked to you.
  • Finally, you see Konoha outside the gymnasium and greet him and he introduces you to the rest of his team. You’re instantly attracted to Akaashi, even if it is platonically at first. Your guys personalities just really complement each other well!!
  • Bokuto has never seen Akaashi show that much interest to people who aren’t in the volleyball team, so he takes it upon himself to plot a way for you to get together…because he probably assumes that Akaashi’s got the hots for you just by the way he’s acting.
  • Konoha starts inviting you to hang out with him and his vball friends now that everyone knows you! And you and Akaashi are so in sync even though you don’t hang out otherwise.
  • The rest of the team manages to ditch you two during one of your hangouts and you both receive suspicious texts from Bokuto and Konoha, respectively, but don’t really tell the other person the details. You both have vague explanations like uhh let’s go they aren’t coming back,,,,,,and Akaashi suggests it’d be a waste of a day so why not hang out anyway?
  • You agree, and after realizing how much fun you two had, especially without taking care of the big babies in your friend group lmao, you exchange numbers and start hanging out just the two of you!
  • Which inevitably leads to dating, Konoha and Bokuto being really butthurt but also kind of happy about the way things have turned out. But of course, this isn’t gonna stop them from trying to crash your dates lmao
  • Well, you probably accidentally call it a date out loud for the first time and someone is like “you two are dating?!” and you get flustered and Akaashi is just like, ah I mean, if you want to, I’m not against the idea,,,,AT ALL.
  • And you’re like omg of course I would love to.
Bed Friends Forever || Taehyung




SUMMARY: You and Taehyung (V) have been best friends since you two were children up to now. He’s become famous and you barely seen eachother. Then one day, he comes to visit you and things you never thought would never happen, happened.

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MC the little math nerd

I am soooo sorry how long this took to be written. I mean damn, this is a pretty simple request and you don’t even follow me anymore it’s been that long. I still hope that if you read this @celestialqueenofdragons that you enjoy :)


♬ he is extremely confused by it

♬ then again Zen didn’t get by in life because of his brains…

♬ as long as you don’t expect him to participate, do whatever rocks your boat

♬ then he feels guilty though, because you don’t act but always support him

♬ you find him in the middle of the night, failing to solve one of your math riddles


★ he finds it a little weird

★ anything school related causes him to have freaking flashbacks

★ math is definitely on top of that list

★ then again who is he to judge, having been addicted to LOLOL

★ in fact, sometimes solving Sudokus with you is actually fun!


♨ she’s curious about it

♨ it’s hardly an ordinary hobby to have

♨ she asks you a lot of questions, like where your passion comes from

♨ admittedly, she also likes it because it’s beneficial to her

♨ doing accounting for the Café with you is so much easier and more fun


♛ he is immediately intrigued by it

♛ you never cease to impress him

♛ if you weren’t his wife, he would have offered you a job in accounting

♛ instead he opted for nourishing your talent

♛ there wasn’t a single day he didn’t have some riddle or work sheet for you to solve


☼ he loves it

☼ you’re just as big a nerd as him

☼ when you talk binary to him it turns him on

☼ once he was mumbling some numbers for his newest robot

☼ you calculated them in your head in second and he almost creamed himself


☀ he pokes fun at you for it

☀ that is until you remind him that he literally learned flower language

☀ he never mentions it again

☀ he does silently look over your shoulder while you solve the sheets though

☀ it is kind of cool how quick you are…a little bit

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I've been googling around but can't really find anything relevant: are there any outward physical signs of a (not super severe) depersonalization/derealization episode? Like, would the average joe notice anything odd about a person who is currently experiencing depersonalization or derealization? Or are the people experiencing depersonalization/derealization able to function (relatively) normally from an outsider's point of view?


Some people might not notice depending on how well they know the person. I’m usually able to function mostly normally, I think. It’s just all wrong. People that do notice but don’t understand have commented that I’m “in a mood” or “in a funk” or maybe acted like people do when someone daydreams like “snap out of it” or “earth to anon32!” I feel like I don’t get as much done as normal, but I can make myself be somewhat productive.


Almost nobody notices when I’m mildly depersonalised - I think I come across as not really paying attention but that’s about it. It’s difficult for people not to notice when I’m very far gone, but when it’s comparatively mild no one seems to notice.


yeah, if somebody knows you well enough they might say you’re spaced out or distracted, but most people probably won’t notice


Yeah! Ive mostly been told i look spaced out and move a bit slower than usual & eyes get unfocused but thats pretty much all i can recall


I’ve had complete strangers ask if I’m okay, though that happens very, very rarely.  Usually no one notices, not even friends. If they do then they’ll comment that I’m acting “weird”. The people that tend to notice most are teachers - they will say I look distracted, unfocused, distant, etc.


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Can u teach me how to tell bangtan boys (BTS) apart. I'm only new to kpop, so I hope I'm not offending anyone!


Yes of course I can teach you!!! You’re not offending anyone, we’re all very happy to get new fans so don’t worry about asking questions we’re all here to help!

Since you’re new to kpop, I’ll teach you under the assumption that you know very little about them so please bear with me if I’m telling you thing you already know :)

Bangtan Boys aka 방탄소년단 (bangtan sonyeondan) aka BTS (aka these guys have too many names) is a relatively new group, but they’ve been doing very well for rookies. They have had a debut mini album, two full length comeback albums, and two follow-up promotions (meaning they promoted one song from their debut/comeback and after that they promoted a second track from that mini/full album). They’ve also done a lot of pre-debut stuff and some unofficial MVs and mix-tapes and things, but they only have FIVE official MVs:

No More Dream (official debut)

(left to right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope)

We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 (follow up track)

(Left to right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope)

N.O (first comeback)

(left to right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope)

(wow they’re in the same order I never noticed that)

Boys In Luv (second comeback)

(left to right: Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope)

Just One Day (currently on-going follow up track)

(left to right: Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope)

Okay, now that we have the eras clear, the members!

Rap Monster (real name Namjoon)

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

You can most easily recognize Rap Monster’s older pictures by his sunglasses and afro-fohawk-what-ever-you-call-it hair. He literally NEVER took off his sunglasses until their first comeback, and then for Boy In Luv he went blonde. I’d also say he’s probably got the tannest skin color. He’s the leader, and one of the rappers of BTS. He also produces/writes most of their songs (if not then he assisted) and writes all of his own raps. He taught himself english too :)

Suga (real name Yoongi)

External image

External image

External image

External image

Suga is also one of the rappers, he writes and produces as well. You can identify him from older eras because he would usually wear some kind of weird hat, but for later comebacks not so much. He’s got this really adorable gummy smile that’s easy to spot, and reddish brown hair most recently, tho other members have similar colors so don’t learn him by that.

Jin (real name Seokjin)

External image

External image

External image

External image

Jin is one of the vocalists, and also the ‘face’ of the group meaning he’s the prettiest. He honestly hasn’t changed much since their debut image wise…. you can identify him by his lip tbh because they’re so freaking plump which sounds really awkward but srsly look at them….

J-Hope (real name Hoseok)

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

J-Hope is the final rapper/writer as well as one of the main dancers of BTS. He’s also the cutest (debatable). He’s always acting ridiculous, but actually ALL of them act pretty crazy so… that won’t help you…. For their early on promotions he would wear either a hat and bandanna underneath or a weird mask type thingy.

Jimin (that’s his real name)

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Jimin is another vocalist and dancer of BTS. He’s the one who does the abs flash in No More Dream. You can recognize him by his kinda squishy face under his eyes that makes him look a little sleepy all the time. Though he has lost a lot of that recently….

(real name Taehyung)

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

V is another vocalist in BTS. The fans call him the alien because he does really weird things at really random times and no can ever seem to figure out what goes on inside his head…. that last picture is the darkest his hair has ever been and it was taken like a couple days ago. He was the secret member of BTS up until their debut, so you won’t find anything of him from their pre-debut videos. The fans were really surprised when his debut teaser image came out

Jungkook (that’s his real name)

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

And last but not least~ Jungkook! Jungkook is the last vocalist of BTS. He’s also the youngest member (with Jin being the oldest) born in 1997. He’s really young for an idol >~< He used to have this adorable baby face in their early promotions but as of Boy in Luv he’s looks SO MUCH OLDER it’s rather startling actually how much he’s grown up….

So that’s BTS! I can’t tell you much about their personalities because they all act really crazy and ridiculous. You’ll know what I mean if you watch their Bangtan Bombs which is just videos of them doing random stuff backstage and what not. You can watch them on their official channel here

As for learning them, it’s understandable that you’ll get them mixed up. It’s hard to keep any kpop idols straight unless you REALLY know their face. Just study their features and their videos and you’ll find your own way of telling them apart over time :)

Some tips:

NEVER LEARN AN IDOL BY THEIR HAIR COLOR. They dye their hair ALL THE TIME. Don’t do it find something else.

DON’T TRUST GOOGLE IMAGES. If you search a group member you’ll find that ~75% are of that member and the rest are of other members and it’ll be impossible to tell who you actually are looking for if you don’t already know them.

WATCH LOTS OF SUBBED VIDEOS. You’ll learn them faster if you watch a lot of interviews and backstage footage :)

Thanks for asking anon, and welcome to kpop!!! Sorry for the super long post, I just really wanted to help you out >~<

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I honestly want your opinion on Bigmouth. Is it really pedophilic? I wanna watch it but I don't want to actually see kids having sex and I'm worried, but I've heard it's good and I know you're really critical about that kind of stuff.

Leans back in chair

Its a show based after the creators experience with puberty.

This is tough bc if you’re like me, any depiction of children in any sexual situation (humor intended or not) is super uncomfortable. This show is def in a grey area. It has a lot of masturbation scenes, a lot of jizz sock jokes,and the boys talk about fucking inanimate objects… a lot.  I’m still technically a teenager and it’s uncomfortable to watch sometimes (though, it does ease up after the first few episodes). It’s not the puberty talk, but the graphicness of how its presented via…….. 6th graders perspective. In the 5th episode they show a 6th grader talking to her genitals, and while it’s educational, it’s still fucking weird and uncomfortable to watch.

For younger teens, I’m sure this is a lot less awkward to watch and is probably comforting and relatable because it is about puberty and the struggle of becoming a developed teen. I think the way one perceives this show is how they experienced puberty, which is a very personal and different experience for everyone.

That being said, this show has the capacity to be really fucking funny. I cackled a couple times. Some notable pros of it:

  • The way it handles female sexuality (the interest in the smut novel) and how wearing certain clothing doesn’t dictate consent.
  • Cheating parents and abusive relationships
  • Nick’s entire family, his parents are cute and his siblings are cool
  • The awkward helplessness of getting you first period
  • Boys pressuring women into sexual situations 
  • The Hormone Monstress 
  • Confusion and acceptance about sexuality and how one of the characters though he may be gay and his friend was really accepting about it
  • Missy and her parents
  • The voice acting is actually pretty good and the backgrounds are pretty
  • Moving too fast in relationships and first loves + moving on

Idk, that’s just my input. I’m not thrilled how this show handles everything. Proceed with caution is my best advice. This show is weird and ugly as sin, but has it’s perks.


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt

While he wouldn’t say they’re the worst things that he has to deal with, Kenma would definitely say that training camps rank within the top three. Maybe five, now that he’s finally aware of how they work. But they’re still up there with concerts (too loud, to many people, too many lights) and class presentations (too many eyes, all on him, watching his every move) with his worst experiences. Still, he goes because he has to go for the team, and he has to be on the team for Kuro.

And… maybe he wants to play against Shouyou again.

He sleeps through most of the bus ride to the camp, with Kuro’s arm around his shoulders and his headphones in to drown out the noise. When the bus stops and he’s forced to wake up, he takes a mental note. Yellow. Not bad, the best he could ask for, all things considered. He doubts, as he drops off his bag and heads to the gym, that he’ll be green all week. He goes with the team to warm up in the gym, still thinking.

I wonder when Karasuno and Fukurodani are going to–



Well, there’s one, he thinks, shaking his head fondly. Kuro and Bokuto are idiots, but at least they’re loveable idiots. While they do their dumb (they know it’s dumb) “bro ritual” hello, he heads over to Taketora to start warming up.

About a half an hour later, Karasuno arrives… quietly. Kenma only even looks up because he catches a glimpse of their senior setter’s unmistakable hair.

“Where’s Shouyou?” he wonders quietly, not meaning to be heard.

Taketora apparently heard some kind of news about him and the scary setter needing to take supplementary exams, and Kenma lets out a quiet “oh” in response because apparently, even monsters like Shouyou and his setter are human.

It’s only after they’ve started drills that Kenma notices Lev sitting on the bench, staring intensely at the Karasuno third years, who look mildly uncomfortable.

That’s right, they haven’t met him yet.

“Lev,” he says, only raising his voice enough to get the boy’s attention.

Lev’s eyes snap over to him instantly and Kenma holds out a volleyball with both hands in a silent offer to toss to him. He almost winces at the brightness of Lev’s answering smile.

About an hour later, the door slams open and then people are yelling. Kenma can only be grateful that the ball is in his hands now, and that his flinch doesn’t cause him to mess up a toss. Once he gets over his initial shock though, he glances at the door. Sure enough, there’s Shouyou, right next to his terrifying setter.

Everything after that is a bit of a blur for a while. They play a few practice games, and Kenma curses the fact that he and the first years are still a bit off in their timing, because it costs them the second set in one game, which means more diving drills. They’re nothing they aren’t used to; after all, Nekoma is only famous for its receiving. That doesn’t mean that Kenma likes expending energy to throw himself onto the ground a hundred times.

Still, he supposes he doesn’t have it as bad as Karasuno, who seems to be losing every single one of their games.

They make it to dinner without incident, Kenma sticking close to Kuro’s side the way he always does during these camps. Kuro is a lot of things, but charismatic isn’t one of them; people tend to avoid him. And if the price of avoiding strangers is having to deal with Bokuto and, surprisingly, Lev, then it’s a price that Kenma is more than willing to pay. Besides, where Bokuto goes, Akaashi tends to follow, and he’s not bad company at all.

Around his third or fourth plate of food (Kenma would wonder where he puts it all, but with people that size he never really can tell), Lev gets up to go to the bathroom. As soon as he’s out of sight, Kuro looks at Kenma, an oddly intent look on his face.

“Have you noticed him acting… weird?”

And… oh. So he wasn’t the only one noticing. Kenma nods, glad that it wasn’t all in his head this time. Lev has been himself for most of the day, but even on the court there were a few instances when his enthusiasm waned today. It threw off their rhythm, but only slightly; Kenma thought he’d been the only one to notice, but he should have known. Kuro is a pretty observant guy.

Now that he thinks about it, though… Lev was at his worst today when they were up against Shinzen. He wrote it off originally as not knowing how to deal with their famous combo attacks, but that can’t be all it is.

A quick glance around their immediate area confirms his suspicions. Shinzen seems to have finished their diving drills for the moment, and is sitting down as a group at the table next to them. For once in his life, Kenma stares, combatting his unease with his PSP.

They’re nothing special. At least, not that he can tell.

But then the captain– Shouyou had called him… Broccoli Head? It’s fitting, Kenma admits –catches him staring, and grins back. As it happens, he’s sitting closest to Bokuto, which puts him right within Kenma’s field of vision.

And, apparently, within earshot. “You’re a hell of a setter, you know.”

Something about him really doesn’t sit right. Kenma averts his eyes to his game again, hoping the guy will take the hint.

He doesn’t. “You’ve gotta be, to use that freak’s height so well.”

It’s not the first time Lev has been called a freak. Hell, the team’s called him that more than a few times, because he really is freakishly tall for a first year. But this guy’s voice is completely devoid of the affection their teammates have.

Kenma pauses his game and looks up at the guy again, blinking in a way that conveys his confusion. He doesn’t really want to talk to him any more than he has to. Doesn’t think he really can.

“He’s always been weirdly tall, you know, even in middle school. Just never knew what to do with it because no one wanted to be around him.” Luckily or unluckily, this guy seems to be doing enough talking for the both of them. For all of them, actually; Bokuto, Akaashi, and Kuro have all stopped to listen. “I’m amazed you can actually put up with him, you’re such a quiet dude.”

Oh, wow. He’s disliking this guy more and more, and he’s not the only one. Bokuto looks uncharacteristically somber, and Kuro has tensed up beside him. Out the corner of his eye, he sees a flash of silver hair hovering by the door (and he knows Karasuno is still doing drills so there’s only one person it could be).

“He’s so loud, you know? Can’t take a hint to save his life, and add that to the thing with his dads–” He spits the word out like venom and keeps talking, but Kenma’s done listening. He won’t allow it to continue.

Kenma can hear his own pulse and he knows he’s going to have to have a proper freakout about this later, but he ignores it in favor of pulling Kuro down to eye level with him and planting a firm kiss on his lips. Kenma is 99% sure that Bokuto wasn’t aware that was a cue, but he takes it anyway, wolf whistling and whoop-ing loudly enough to get the entire room’s attention and start a chain reaction of cheers that don’t die down for a long moment.

He’s trembling when he pulls away, but the shaking doesn’t reach his voice when he speaks. “I don’t put up with him. All of my friends are loud and can’t take a hint. But none of them are you, so I think I’m doing pretty well for myself.”

Kenma thinks that maybe the shaking is worth the utterly floored look on the guy’s face and the quiet, approving grin he’s getting from the rest of the table as Lev sits back down, looking grateful and infinitely more comfortable.

skateboards and snapbacks: part two

so the other day i posted part one of this au, which at that time was untitled, because i didn’t expect it to garner any attention at all. and then it turned out to be the most popular piece of writing i’ve ever posted on tumblr. so i don’t really know what to say, apart from thank you! i hope that you enjoy the follow up just as much as you did the start.

shoutout to ananbeth who by total fluke knew exactly where this was going (and whose fic helped inspire this in the first place). i can guarantee that the rest of your tags will also hold true, eventually.


Despite her better judgment, Annabeth told Piper about her encounter with the hot skateboarding stranger. The more she talked about it the more idiotic she felt, and the more unattainable he seemed to become. Piper was of an entirely different opinion, her eyes lighting up at the mere mention of her friend meeting a guy. She was probably already planning double dates with her and her crush Jason by the time Annabeth had finished the tale.

“How many Percys can there be at this school?” Piper said brightly. “He can’t be too hard to find.”

“I’m probably never going to see him again,” Annabeth said, aiming for casual indifference and instead hitting sad desperation. She sighed. “I made an idiot of myself, anyway, it’s probably for the best -”

“Whoa, wait, did Annabeth just call herself an idiot? What’s going on in there? Is the world ending?” Rachel stuck her head around her bedroom door, one earbud dangling in her hand and charcoal smudged across her cheek.

Annabeth huffed. “I did not call myself an idiot. I meant that I acted like an idiot.”

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wait what's the boat incident

After Hyde Park (the first time we got the girls in public for over 4 months) we figured we were going to get some damage control after… And we did. Taylor, CH, Karlie, Taylor’s parents, Gigi, and Joe all hopped onto this boat. Then we started getting pictures….. They came from a private photographer, and he had placed them on his website under the PR tag. We had figured this out within like 10 minutes of them being posted here on Tumblr? Tay Tay wasn’t too happy about that. SO then she hopped on to Tumblr and liked a post that said us kaylors make the girls uncomfortable, we need to stop saying they’re fake dating people, and that we are turning into the larries. Reasons why that doesn’t make sense

  1. Taylor follows over 20 kaylors
  2. Karlie had been liking IG pictures the night before that had captions that were totally not platonic. Some said, #kaylorisreal and others talked about them dating.
  3. Karlie’s sister was favoriting tweets on Twitter that weren’t platonic AT ALL after Hyde Park

So is Taylor REALLY that uncomfortable? Or did she just panic because we outed the stunt that quickly? My guess is the latter cause none of their actions in the first option (her being uncomfortable) make sense or add up. Also I believe the latter cause it was totally used as a distraction. No one talked about how staged those pictures were the rest of that night because our ask boxes were filling up with SO much hate, and everyone was freaking out over the like. It was super petty on Taylor’s part, and I don’t think I will ever forgive her for that one. Partially because she did something like that again a few months later. 

But, the whole shit show didn’t end there though. Karlie was publicly mocked for an entire day in the tabloids over there in the UK because of the way Taylor tried selling this whole boat ride. It made Karlie look like such a 5th wheel, and it was pathetic. We are pretty sure that whole fiasco led to a fight between Karlie and Taylor because Taylor was acting really freaking weird when she got to Dublin. She didn’t post a thank you for them on IG (just like when the stunt took a shit in the media the day of the Fargo show in October), she hid from 3 fans at the airport, and her and Calvin didn’t stunt at all while being there.

So yeah, that’s basically what the boat incident is.

Pre-relationship things for your ships (Based on actual experiences) (Part 2)

Whoaaa, my last two prompt posts totally blew up. Was not expecting that, haha- thanks so much guys. Guess I know what kind of thing you like now. <3 Feel free to send in specific prompt theme requests. (Ex: More “based on real experience” prompts, more “relationship things” prompts, etc.) In the meantime it appears that you guys really like the “pre-relationship things” post in particular, so here’s another one of those for you. (I’ve had tons of weird experiences that make some really great shipping prompts so these are pretty fun for me to make.) Enjoy~ 

  • Going on a class trip to an amusement park and being in the same group, acting more like a couple than the actual couples on the trip and constantly making jokes and acting so comfortable with each other and the taller one offering to hold the shorter one’s hand “so they don’t get lost in the crowds” even though it’s really not that crowded today. 
  • Taking group pictures with two or three other friends in one of those little photo booths and keeping the picture in their wallet even years later because that’s the only picture they have of them together. 
  • Not realizing their feelings for each other until one of their friends says “I ship it,” and then suddenly feeling so overwhelmed and full of affection but holding back because they have no idea what to do or if the other person even returns their feelings. 
  • Feeling that jealous, awkward fear of losing each other when they see each other interacting with other potential love interests and feeling so stupid because they’re allowed to be friends with other guys/girls but damn it, they want to be the one making them laugh like that. 
  • Riding home together after some outing with their friends and both of them sitting right beside each other with their knees touching, quietly singing along to the same song on the radio and smiling as they look out the window and trying SO hard to just ignore the silent grins that their shipper friends are giving them.
  • Late-night online chats. Biting their lip and staring quietly at the screen before sending getting up the courage to send that message - and later, when they’re actually talking, self-conscious uncontrollable smiles and butterflies while uncertainly sitting there wondering ‘am i reading too much into this or are they flirting with me??” 
  • Going rollerblading with a group of friends and finding out that one is amazing on skates and the other can barely stand up. The one who’s good at it offers to hold the other’s hand until they get used to skating. 
    • Bonus: “oh hey i think you’ve got it! want me to let go?” “NO DON’T I’LL FALL” “haha okay”
  • ‘you’re my best friend’s sibling and i’ve had a massive crush on you for years. i’m staying the night at your house and s/he has to go somewhere for a few hours so you called me into your room to hang out and now we’re eating oreos and yelling/laughing at each other while playing video games, this might be the best sleepover i’ve ever had and also my crush on you just got that much bigger’ 
  • ‘there’s a banquet coming up at school and you’re talking to me about it and you ask if i’m going and i laugh awkwardly and say only if someone asked me and that there’s no way anyone would ever ask me, so probably not, and now you’re giving me the most intense look ever and help why do you look so concerned’
  • ‘it’s some kind of spirit week event in the quad and the spirit crew is playing music on the speakers and they just started playing “shut up and dance” and I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS SONG GIVE ME YOUR HANDS YOU’RE GONNA DANCE WITH ME i’m gonna ignore your beautiful confused face and just enjoy the fact that you’re holding my hands and sorta dancing/spinning me around I’M ALSO GONNA IGNORE OUR OBNOXIOUS FRIENDS WHO ARE LAUGHING AND YELLING ‘THIS WOMAN IS YOUR DESTINY’’ 
  • ‘Chatting’ online just to send each other links to songs on YouTube, and at first they’re just sending cool catchy songs because they’re both bored but after about half an hour they slowly start finding songs with lyrics that hint at their feelings and the songs just keep getting more and more meaningful and both of them are just sitting there trying not to explode because am I imagining this or are they saying something here. 
  • One being hilariously offended when the other says they’ve never seen any of Studio Ghibli’s movies and then they just SPAM THEM WITH LINKS TO EVERY SINGLE GHIBLI MOVIE AND TELL THEM TO WATCH EVERY SINGLE ONE and they actually DO it because the other person loves Ghibli and they want to make them happy but then suddenly grave of the fireflies and that is where happiness ends
    • Bonus: “WTF GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES I’M LITERALLY SOBBING I HATE YOU SO MUCH UGH” “you liked kiki’s delivery service though right??” “yes very much” 
  • One finding out the other’s favorite song and then “casually” singing it around them because hey maybe this will make you like me more.
  • One having a weird thing about necklaces being off-center and the other wearing necklaces all the time just so the other will come fix them and pretend to be mad at them for ‘never putting this stupid thing on right.’ 
  • One knowing some palm-reading and using it as an excuse to hold/touch the other’s hand. 
  • One hands the other their copy of ‘A Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and commands them to read it and then a few hours (or days) later the other comes over to them and is pretty much crying with laughter because “wHAT THE FUCK EVEN WAS THAT BOOK LMAOO” ‘I KNOW RIGHT WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE LINE” 
  • ‘our friends said something stupid and you just looked at me like ‘lmao nope come on (name) we’re leaving now’ and before i could respond you just scooped me right off my feet and started carrying me away IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE’ 
Shock Confession


 Steve Rogers x Reader
 Could you do a Steve one shot (possibly could be made into 2 shots I don’t know) about how Steve had a crush on the reader for a long time and they’re best friends and work together with like every mission, and one night at like 2 a.m. he comes to their apartment and tells them he loves them and the reader doesn’t answer because they’re in shock and he ends up leaving broken hearted, you can write the rest
Warnings: Jealousy
Notes: Thank you all for being patient with me, I am slowly but surely getting through your requests, I start work tomorrow so i’m sorry if there are no imagines out tomorrow. Everything is a bit hectic at the moment but i will try and organise everything for you guys by the end of the week. Anyway enjoy!

You and Steve had been best friends for as long as you could remember, you did everything together. He pretty much lived at your apartment. Which is why when he cancelled on you last minute tonight, claiming he had a mission to go on, you didn’t believe him for a second. You always went on missions together, you two worked incredibly well together, and his ordered ways and your air of chaos seemed to compliment one another perfectly. So why would he be sent on a mission without you? He had been acting weird all week. Maybe something was bothering him, though you couldn’t think for the life of you what it could be. Well except…

 You’d had strong feelings towards your best friend for a while, though insisted upon keeping them to yourself, you couldn’t damage your friendship like that. Because of this last Saturday night you decided to go on a date with someone Nat set you up with, even though she seemed to be trying to discourage you from going through with it, just to try and forget about your feelings for Steve for one night. When you’d rung him up to tell you would have to cancel your movie night his phone cut out very quickly, leaving only a static sound at the end. It freaked you out to be honest; Steve never ended a call with you without at least saying goodbye. Immediately ringing up Natasha to find out what had happened. “Hey Y/N what’s up?” Her cheery voice buzzed through the receiver. “Hey Nat, do you think you could check on Steve, our call ended really abruptly and now he’s not answering his phone.” You pleaded with the red head. “Sure, I’ll go check and text you what I find.”  She answers, immediately hanging up. A few minutes later your phone buzzes on your lap. “Hey Y/N, sorry about the abrupt ending to our call, it seems my phone is broken, have fun on your date and see you Sunday? – Steve :)” You read frowning slightly.

 Of course the date was then an absolute bust, you spent the whole time worrying about your friend and barely listened to what the man across from you had to say. You even found yourself comparing him to Steve in every possible way, that was not how you wanted it to go. Sitting on your sofa you thought about your failed relationship and close friendship with Steve, why couldn’t more men be like him? He was perfect in every way, well at least to you he was. Looking up at the clock on the mantelpiece you read that it was 2 o ‘clock in the morning. Sighing you lifted yourself up from your seat and trudged to your bedroom. As you turned the light off in your living room you heard a small knock at your door. Picking up the gun under your table you creeped towards the door. Pressing your eye to the peephole you saw a rather battered looking Steve leaning against your doorway.

 Throwing open the door you pulled Steve into your small apartment. Flicking lights on as you went you pushed him down onto your sofa and headed to get your medical kit. “Y/N…stop” Steve sighed, standing up from where you’d pushed him “I…I need to tell you something…” He stuttered bowing his head. “What’s wrong Steve?’ You questioned, slipping your small hand into his large one. Running his free hand through his hair and down his face, Steve took a deep breath and quickly said “Y/N I’ve liked you for a long time now, pretty much since we became friends. But I’ve kept it hidden from you for so long because I didn’t know how you felt and didn’t want o make things awkward. But then when you told me you were going on a date it felt like I was losing you. The reason our call cut out was because I threw my phone at the wall, shattering it n my anger. That’s also why I’ve been avoiding you all week; I don’t think I could bear to hear you talking about some other man. That’s when I realised something. I love you Y/F/N with my whole heart, I just hope you feel the same.” He gushed, leaving you stood there, paralysed with shock. You don’t know how long you stood there just staring at Steve, until you heard him sigh and watched him as he strode out of your apartment with his head hung low.

You’re an Idol and your group does a cover of one of their songs to pick on them (BIG BANG)

You do it like they did to 2NE1 during a big live concert

Jiyong: Bae Bae. Of course you did his part you guys copied a lot of the video even his odd thing the statues but you actually touched your friend’s chest as you ran around. And as your part ended you stuck your tongue out at him- “don’t worry I’ll make one of your songs look bad then”

Seungri: Bang Bang Bang. You guys sexualized the dance pretty well dressed as each member you admitted  ‘I got stuck doing Seungri’s part even though I wanted to dress like a cowboy’. The funny touching your group did made the experience much better. He made sure when the next time he saw you he said something rather loud to embarrass you- “why do you want to be a cowboy? We play cowboy when we’re alone jagi”

Daesung: Fantastic Baby. You didn’t have much power to embarrass him more than he did by himself. But your group tried after they picked on one of your songs. You played the weird suit Daesung for the whole song and even dyed your hair platinum blonde for it. Managing to embarrass everyone but him so you felt defeated. He really liked your performance though- “they’re pretty good I have to say guys”

Taeyang: We Like 2 Party. You felt so odd doing the song seeing as you didn’t drink and you had to act drunk. But you did such a great job embarrassing yourself and him as well, seeing as how you dressed like him and did all his parts. But at the end you said ‘I have no experience with drinking but Youngbae says he doesn’t get drunk to his knowledge’ before bowing walking off- “she’s so dead when we get home”

Seunghyun: Zutter. He knew where it was going when only you and one other member walked out with jumpsuits. He was amazed that you two could rap so well together but you guys were definitely picking on them, you went for his dancing mainly. As you got off the stage you two passed eachother and you gave him a loving kiss on the cheek apologizing- “it’s fine, just know none of your songs are safe anymore”

A Night To Forget

Arthur is attending the human’s annual Vampire Ball, looking for a free meal. He targets a young man named Alfred, though, he finds himself growing too attached to his food before it’s time to eat. USUK. Written for an October-long Halloween theme. //

‘Humans.’ Arthur thought, looking around the room. 'They used to fear my kind, now they impersonate me for fun. I’d be offended, if this wasn’t an opportunity for an easy meal.’ And truly, the Vampire Ball was the best free meal ticket a creature like himself could ask for. Men and women from miles around gathered in one place, at night, dressed like everything Arthur was. A rival of his, Francis, had told him about it. He hadn’t believed him at first.. But now here he was, surrounded by people who didn’t find him the least bit odd or out of place. He was complimented on his ethereal paleness, rather than asked if he was sick. His green eyes, which nearly glowed, were often complimented. It all seemed to be part of the fun.

He glanced around. A lot of the partygoers seemed to be in groups, which wasn’t good news for him. He needed someone who had come alone, so that there would be no one to look for them. Last time he’d come here, he’d chosen a woman who had come with three of her friends, and he had almost been caught drinking. No, no, repeating that mistake wouldn’t do, he decided, and made his way towards the refreshments. He’d learned through experience that single individuals stayed near the food.

Arthur scoped out the refreshments table, and his gaze settled on a blond with a glass of 'blood’, which was only red punch. He seemed rather cheerful for a vampire, dressed in a white suit with blue accents. Much different from the blacks, purples and reds others were wearing. He wasn’t talking to anyone, only drinking and looking around.

Arthur made his way over, and poured himself a glass of punch. He took a sip, though made sure that the drink didn’t pass his lips. Glancing up at the blond, he gave a light smirk. “Enjoying the ball?” He asked, getting his meal-to-be’s attention.

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Lovesick Puppy (Tony Stark x Reader)

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1, 341

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Request: Tony X Reader? Mh, so the reader is working in a fast-food and Tony loves to go. One day after Tony saved the world once more the reader decides stated its flame for him and all the Avengers. How will Tony react?

Tony x Reader where Tony confesses his love for reader and she’s caught off guard? Love your work btw.

A/N: This is one of the worst things I’ve ever written oh my. I really super suck at writing Tony because he’s so great and witty that I never feel I do him justice, but flustered Tony is my favourite to read so here that is. Also, I couldn’t help but slip in some Steve x Reader flirting because you know I’m a sucker for Steve. Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve been super sick and have had no time or energy to write. I was also considering on just writing Steve and Buck so let me know what you think. Happy reading!

Your name: submit What is this?

It was a very un-busy Sunday evening and you were just about to clock off of your shift, at one of New York’s many fast-food restaurants, when you heard the bell ring on the door, meaning someone had entered. 

“Thank god you’re still here; I could really use a chocolate milkshake- extra cream. Wait make that six milkshakes. It’s been a tough day,” One of your regular, and most known, customers sighed at you, plopping down in a booth. 

You checked your watch, for no apparent reason at all, because now that he was here, you had no intentions of leaving. Not that you staying longer would matter, seeing as you were left to lock up. “What happened now? One of your super suits not working again? And the obvious question- why the hell do you need six milkshakes?” You called, as you began preparing the multiple orders of chocolate milkshakes. 

“You’ll find out,“ You could hear the smile in his voice, and also the tiredness. “Guess what I did today, Y/N, come on, guess.”

“Look Tony, you lead a very exciting life and I’m sure it’s something I won’t be able to guess,” you said, walking the tray milkshakes over to the booth and sitting down in front of him.

He snatched one the milkshake away from you hurriedly before leaning in, “I just sav-”

“Is lover-girl here? Or can we go someplace else,” A woman with red hair and a skin tight black suit said. A group of; well whatever they were, walked in. All cut and bruised, with bits of clothing missing. 

They definitely weren’t your usual customers, they looked tired and just generally fed up. You knew who they were as soon as they all piled in. These were The Avengers. You’d seen them all over the television last year when they saved everyone from aliens, you assumed, and Tony always came in complaining about how they use his money but only take orders from Steve because he’s a Captain, which always made you laugh because it was always the same rant.

“Y/N, this is the team I was telling you about, remember? Guys this Y/N,” Tony smiled, rolling his eyes slightly. “Oh and don’t listen to anything they say, especially this one over here, I mean he was in ice for like 70 years, he has no idea how to socialise.”

The man Tony pointed to coughed slightly and walked up to you, sticking his hand out. “Steve Rogers, or you may know me as Ca-”

“Captain America, I know,” you said, grinning, “I know who all of you are. And might I just say, I was totally team Cap in that argument you had the other day, Tony was so worked up over it, it was hilarious.”

You and Steve carried on your brief conversation for a while whilst everyone around you was talking quietly to each other. You were mainly making fun of the outbursts Tony has at ‘work’ and then the way he comes to you and complains about it all. It was hilarious to hear the way Tony acts, especially from Steve, who did a pretty good impression of him when he’s annoyed.

“Jesus Christ I knew it! I called it honestly.  Why don’t you two just get married right now, I’m sure there’s a priest available, better yet, let’s just go to Vegas!” Tony said, rather hysterically, causing pretty much the whole team to erupt in laughter. 

“Come on now, stop being stupid,” you laughed, moving to grab chairs for everyone to sit on. Clint, Natasha and Bruce all slid into the booth, leaving just you, Thor and Steve needing a seat. “I’m pretty sure the milkshakes on the table are yours, so drink up." 

After everyone was seated, the whole room was left in almost complete silence; just the sound of everyone slurping their drinks could be heard. "So, um, what’s got you guys so beat?”

“We just saved the world, no big deal,” Clint said, between sips of his drink. “Murderbots, as I call them, were flying all over the place, complete chaos.”
Yet again everyone laughed, but you could tell it wasn’t a genuine laugh.  It wasn’t one that ‘normal’ people would have.

That’s when you realised these people, the ones you were drinking milkshakes with, weren’t your typical people. They had seen more death than anyone, done some bad things and even saved the world god knows how many times. These were extraordinary people that were still able to sit with you and be positive no matter how hard their day had been and that honestly blew your mind; never had it occurred to you, when Tony would just waltz in and sit with you, he was a superhero.

“You know what me too!” You giggled, Tony looking up at you, smiling gently, “I fought off some sugar crazed 7 year olds, and I swear to you, if I gave them any more sugar we’d all be dead. All I had was a whisk; you don’t even want to know what happened next.”

“Wow Lady Y/N, they sound worse than the metal men we battled today,” Thor laughed heartily. 

“I’ve never been called lady before, Thor, that wa-”

“I can call you lady, if you want, that is, I mean not that I would want to because that would mean I’m taking tips off of Shakespeare in the park over here and that’s just creepy, because I’m cooler than him right Y/N,” Tony rambled, leaving you stunned and confused. 

What had gotten into Tony that made him ramble or get flustered almost every time you spoke to someone that wasn’t him? It was weird and pretty annoying because he could at least let you have a simple conversation without him jumping down their throat.

“What’s up with you tonight? You’re acting weird,” you asked, looking at him cautiously. 

Tony was your friend, one of your only ones at that, and you hated that he was acting differently around you because even though you hate to admit it, that stupid science dork that was stuck up his own ass, was important to you. 

“I just, I’m in l-” he began quietly, before shaking his head and stopping himself, “It’s nothing I’m fine.”

Clint and Natasha shared knowing glances and mumbled something to each other while Bruce looked at Tony sympathetically and clapped a hand on his back. What were you missing? Was something wrong with Tony? Did he not want to be your friend? 

“Look Tony, if you don’t want us to be friends anymore that’s fine, I’m sure I could handle it,” You sighed. It was the only thing you could think of, he’d never been this strange around you before. Unless he liked you? No, he couldn’t, this was Tony, the Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, as he called himself. And you were Y/N, who worked in a restaurant, earning just enough money to pay bills. 

“God that’s not it,” Tony blurted out quickly, looking up quickly at you, “You couldn’t be more wrong actually. Well, I guess you’re right at the same time.”
At this point you were the definition of confused. Not understanding the situation at all, surely if he was going to tell you something important or stop being your friend for Christ sakes, he wouldn’t do it in front of people who were strangers to you. 

“I don’t think I get what you want me to get, and if you think you’re giving me hints, well they’re not working and I’d appreciate it if you cou-”


Tony was in love with you?