though we fell apart

"it's Disney!" Okay, I hear's going gay though

Jyrus most likely won’t happen….who knows, though.

Malvie most likely won’t happen….who knows, though.

Raven and Chelsea most likely won’t become more than friends….who knows, though.

Two…five…TEN years ago, answer me honestly, would you have seen these clips below on t h a t Disney Channel? I would think not! They were aware people would get the wrong idea. And if you saw something like this, it was usually an honest slip up and only happened on like…one show, two at the most. IF THAT. So tell me…look at these gifs below very carefully and tell me honestly, would you have seen this on Disney Channel ten years ago? ALL AT ONCE, COEXISTING THE SAME TIME?





A little more context/background on all 3:


(Andi Mack, S1E12 “Best Surprise Ever”) Amber is accusing Jonah of liking Andi as more than a friend, and tells him there’s one way to know if Andi likes him back.

[Andi and Cyrus are walking in the opposite direction of Amber and Jonah]

“…if she turns to look back at you, it means she likes you. Not just as a friend.”

[Jonah leaves before he sees Andi look back in slow motion…and then Cyrus in the same fashion]


(Descendants 2, “Space Between” sung between Mal and Evie) “I didn’t know what you were going through I thought that you were fine Why did you have to hide? - Evie

I didn’t want to let you down But the truth is out It’s tearing me apart, not listening to my heart - Mal

I really had to go - Mal

And I would never stop you - Evie

Even though it changed - Mal

Nothing has to change - Evie

And you can find me in the space between

Where two worlds come to meet

I’ll never be out of reach

‘Cause you’re a part of me so you can find me in the space between

You’ll never be alone

No matter where you go

We can meet in the space between”

[Ben told Mal he loves her, tried giving her his ring back, and she rejected it - this could have been a good moment to insert a love song with Ben trying to convince Mal to “come home” to Auradon with him and Mal insistent on the fact she believes she can’t be what Ben deserves, something very Troy and Gabriella-esque. But no, he walks out, resigned, Mal goes back to spray painting like nothing happened, and then we get an emotional breakup song between Mal and Evie and how they’ll always have a grey area between cookie cutter princesses and edgy villain kids to be together. Yes, it could just be platonic. No, I for one don’t think it is.)

“I know you have to stay

But I’ll never really leave you

Nothing has to change

Even though it changed

And you can find me in the space between

Where two worlds come to meet

I’ll never be out of reach

‘Cause you’re a part of me so you can find me in the space between

You’ll never be alone

No matter where you go

We can meet in the space between

There are no words left to say

I know you gotta find your place

But this is not the end (no)

You’re part of who I am

Even if we’re worlds apart

You’re still in my heart

It will always be you and me, yeah”

(Again, it’s totally fine seeing this as platonic. But darn, I’d be lying if I didn’t hear the romance in how someone is letting their favorite person in the world go because they know they have to and it’s right and instead of pleading with them to make a “better” decision they let them choose what they want and assure them they’ll always be with them in the space between their two different worlds…like, if that was sung between Mal and Ben? It’d be categorized a total love song!)


(Raven’s Home, S1E2 + 3 “Big Trouble in Little Apartment” and “The Baxters Get Bounced”) There were a few instances where Chelsea mentions a mysterious getaway/event that happened between only her and Raven and then they both smile at the memory and make faces like parents would about their honeymoon or rager of a college party they once went to because it was something they could do together on a weekend. This one may be a reach, however in the third episode where Chelsea mentions a second mysterious event that happened yet again only between her and Raven - leaving the audience wondering what the heck happened - she smiles at the ceiling after telling it and Raven narrows her eyes and a small smile forms as she nods at the memory. It’s just rather weird how they’ve spent this much time together even though they were married before, but then best friends do make time for each other and who knows when their marriages fell apart, really. Though we do know Chelsea had to have been recently divorced because she talks of her ex-husband in the first episode as if it’s just happened and Raven makes a point to ask Nia if it really is okay for Chelsea to stay in her room, meaning Chelsea and Levi’s move into Raven’s Home (teehee) had to have happened recently….off topic BUT anyway! Again, it could be a reach. However, I’ll just leave one more gem that’s a bit more telling but a lot sweeter than it is gay (still pretty gay tho).

“They’re two families!”

“I only see one.”




That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Whether you ship these characters or not, are pining for more gay representation in Disney (like me) or are just okay with it or not even caring or completely against it, you can’t deny……..there’s gay nearby!😏 Lame rhyme I know, I know. But eh whatever.

So in conclusion,

Will gay happen in these instances Disney has presented us the potential with?

W h o k n o w s

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Of Course Pt. 3 (Kim Seokjin)

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“You should know we’ve been fucking horrible.”

Word Count: 1,299

Genre: Angst


Sorry, this took so long, I hope you enjoy this <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

“Hyung please!” Jungkook screamed at Jin.

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I was there

I fell inlove with girl. She was my first love. The simple text, the sound of her voice when we talk, her laughter… all it does is made me feel warm inside. I remember the first time that I finally realized my feelings for her. It was my birthday and we were hanging out. She told me she needs to go, she was meeting someone. I was devastated, but I can’t ask her to stay. She left but then she came back. She handed me a paper bag, I look inside and found a brown teddy bear. It held in its palm a small red rose. I knew then that I have fallen for her and I can’t tell her that cause I was afraid to lose her. She is beautiful and kind. She’s smart and she’s tough. It was not hard to fell for her but she only see me as a friend. So I kept it all in.

One day her friend accidentally told me that she’s seeing someone. I was hurt, I was mad. I have no right to be. I was hurt because she didn’t told me. But I cant walk way.

When they broke up, I watched her cried. She cried for a stupid boy who broke her heart. It pains me that I can’t love her, that I can’t be a person who will not hurt her, who can take care of her. I will always be that friend. Just a friend. But I was there for her.

And then she met one of my friend. They have so many things in common. She was perfect, same as her. It made me feel that she doesn’t need me anymore. Atleast she found someone who can be a real friend. A genuine friend who doesn’t have any secret feelings for her. So I distance myself, out of self pity, out of jealousy. I can’t love her anymore. It was enough for me. So I stop then.

She noticed it. She felt it.

We had a miscommunication, she was angry, she said things and I cried.

I cried in front of her, I cried in front of our friends. She cried.

She asked me why I keep pushing her away.

I couldn’t tell her still.

One day we stop talking. One day…. she moved away.

For years we never communicate.

She had a child and was never married. This past few days, she started posting pictures and quotes and I know that she was sad, I know that she was hurting. I contemplated on reaching out to her. She doesn’t need me anymore, she doesn’t want me anymore.

But I still did it, I told her that even though we fell apart, even though I am not the one she needs, I will always be there for her. I may not know the person who she became to be, but i can still remember the girl who was strong enough to fight no matter how hard life seems to be.

this is the last message I got from her before I blocked her on all social media. we met in may of 2015 and fell in love even though we lived thousands of miles apart. with a 9 hour time difference things were hard from the start. but things got worse when she became jealous and paranoid about my loyalty. she doubted me constantly even tho I planned to up and leave my family and country for her. I tried my hardest but it still felt like i wasnt enough. im gonna miss the good days we had but I won’t miss her and what she put me through for almost 2 years.

The Moon: Part II, Sun

Gazing down upon a world,
Stood the golden sun,
And while stood proud, alone was he,
Looking for someone.

He watched on still as lovers kissed,
And for him sang the birds,
He bought the daytime from the dark,
Though lark song went unheard.

For he was distant from the planes,
The mountains and the sea.
The night could not communicate,
Nor give him company.

He walked the starlit paths of space,
Nobody to be found,
Shadows cast behind his back,
He trapsed in circles round.

The sun had not forever been,
Alone without a friend.
When he had met the moon of white,
Loneliness seemed to end.

He had waited for so long before,
To hold the moon, to see,
Her flowing hair, her ashen skin,
Though he knew they could not be.

Or so it seemed, upon the face,
Two lovers kept apart,
But the universe could never keep,
Away, two parts one heart.

In flames and heat and soul ablaze,
The sun set off with haste,
To catch the moon, to take her hand,
To leave the dismal space.

By the time their bodies touched again,
The Sun was quite fatigued,
But he felt complete, content at last,
To lay so close to she.

She who’d changed a life of dark,
A heart into a home,
She who made his flames burn bright,
Though made no light of her own.

“Come close, my love, it’s been so long,
I could not stay so far.
I have a plan to reunite,
To free us from the stars.”

And so began a journey,
Of spirit, joyous love,
Curiosity and hopeless dreams,
Tumbled from stars above.

Although they did watch over,
The sun and Moon could be,
Free in spirit, roaming earth,
Alongside you and me,

“Stand up, step down I know it’s high,
We’ll stay close and safe together.”
He took her hand and closed his eyes,
“We could not be apart forever.”

But though they fell, they smiled still,
No tears, fear, dread,
Just tangled limbs and quiet songs,
‘Til clumsy feet could tread

The golden sands and dew topped grass,
Of brand new mornings bright,
Words were whispered, lips to skin,
Into the sparkling night.

And now the Sun and Moon could see,
The world they had designed,
As the lovers they had envied,
One heart, one soul, one mind.



Of Course Pt. 2 (Kim Seokjin)

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“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

Word Count: 1,039
Genre: Angst

A/N: I decided on a way to format this story, I’ll be going back in time through memories (I hope that makes sense) I do hope that none of you are too saddened by this, although it was rather painful to write this myself, the next part will be put up sometime before Sunday for sure, Enjoy <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

You walked straight to the nearest hotel, silently praying they had a room left. Thankfully there were a few available. After you paid the woman at the front desk kindly escorted you to a small room on the corner of the third floor.

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To the bff

My dear bff…our society can never get it’s narrow mind around the fact that a boy and a girl can be friends and just that. Although are we just friends? I feel you are so much more. You are the sister I needed.

You kept my secrets. Gave me counsel. Screamed at me when needed to. Made sure I never fell apart too badly. Even though we are an ocean apart I am glad technology allows us to stay in touch.

I am glad you found your happily ever after. I hope to shake the hands of the luckiest man alive.

Appreciation post (because what is sleep)

I capped Lore. (Not @bottomed-by-haurchefant FYI)

Spiteful people that remove captions from something just because of one person’s name in it that they dislike are my aesthetic (or not).

Tired and going to bed. Going to try to pester @itarairispyre @roegadyn-mom and @inorikaneki on Malboro tomorrow. ♥♥

Might also spend time just watching anime and stuff.

@degeneratemagicalcatgirl is precious catte and I luffs mah fren.

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I’ve met Johnnie three times and June 21st will be the fourth time I’ll be seeing him. Even though it hasn’t passed the 21st yet, my best memory of meeting him was on Valentine’s Day. It was at the Roxy Theatre in California where SayWeCanFly, and Catching Your Clouds were performing. Before the meet and greet after the show where everyone took a group photo and left.. i had the chance to meet him outside the venue with Drake. When everyone left in the little group, Johnnie came up to me and hugged me. He told me that it was the first time he’s seen one of his merch shirts in person and we talked for a bit. I also got to give him a rose that I made him, which I hope he liked even though it fell apart. We took lots of pictures together, and in one he kissed me on top of my head. I didn’t get to capture it on camera because he was holding my phone to take the pictures, but it was so sweet. I got to spend time with him and talk to him for more than a minute, it was the best day of my life. I remember everything about that day because I look up to Johnnie so much, and even though he has thousands of fans (or thug pugs) he made me feel like I was special to him and more than just a fan. I felt even more special when i got to see him at the Warped Tour Kickoff Party and he remembered me. Those small actions mean so much to me and I’ll never forget them. Thank you if you read this very long email :) x