though this one is lanyon's fault

Silver, Part X

Where oh where could that Henry be?

Words: 4,165
Warnings: Body horror

Part I Part IX

Utterson clambered up over the railing as Hyde fled and saw Mr. Guest crumpling to the ground. Utterson dropped down beside him. There was blood, so much blood. Guest was gasping and white with shock. Utterson ripped off his coat and balled it up, pressed it to the gushing wound in Guest’s shoulder.

“Help!” he cried at the top of his voice. “Poole! Jekyll! Help!”

There were two other wounds, low on Guest’s left side. Utterson cursed and pressed his knee against them. He kept hollering until the door opened and Poole darted out.

“Bring him inside, quickly, quickly!” he said, already helping Utterson to drag him in. “I’ll fetch Dr. Jekyll!”

He scampered off again. Utterson kept as much pressure on Guest’s wounds as he could, his jaw locked, lips pinched.

“I should never have brought you into this,” Utterson said, the words thick with horror. “God, I should never have brought you into this.”

“I’m all right,” Guest said, strained and choked. “I'm—I’m all right, it isn’t serious—”

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