though this is a pretty attractive look on him

when that starry eyes sex magnet Japanese boy that dry humped your leg + literally stripped for you and you fucking fell in love with the kid so then you fly out of your fucking country because you finally found a video of the dude and you fall a little further even though you’ve stalked all of his social media ever since that night but whatever right you show up and then this KID mothafuckin says that he’s sexually attracted to pork cutlet bowls or some shit like bitch you pretty sure you knew that this kid thought you looked a little tasty despite him being drunk off his thick ass but whatever you guess that this dude right here is just being sarcastic, like seriously maybe he’s just making it an inside joke between them because he really does think you’re his Eros haha yes that must be it, he must still remember. our safe word is going to be katsudon for now on. Every time he says it, he will be referencing to me and my sexy ass Eros. Yeah, that’s what he means.

Toxic masculinity and heteronormativity of sport is something that I feel really affected Oliver and Marcus

  • Both of them just assumed they were straight despite never having interest in girls
  • Oliver justified it to himself because he wanted to focus on his career but when girls asked him out he did go on dates with them. He was aware that girls liked him despite never returning the interest
  • For Marcus, he felt that is was impossible for him to be gay. He felt with the amount of masculinity he had it was something that wouldn’t happen to him. He knew girls didn’t like him and he’d never minded that because he didn’t like any of the girls at school
  • Marcus was the first to realise something was up when he noticed Oliver. That Oliver was pretty good looking. And that Oliver had really bulked up
  • But he ignores it. Because he doesn’t have feelings for the other boy. He’s a heterosexual. He’s athletic. He couldn’t be into blokes. 
  • That attraction turns into anger though. He takes it out on everyone around him. But secretly he’s really scared inside. Because he could be gay, not him
  • Oliver is still really unsure of himself. He’s been out with many girls and hasn’t been interest in any of them. He’s tried and has kissed a lot of them but he doesn’t feel anything
  • And when Marcus starts to act off around him he’s gets really curious
  • Because he and Marcus had always had a weird relationship. Their rivalry came from nothing but the Gryffindor-Slytherin dichotomy. Aside from that he’d never had a reason to dislike him
  • But it still felt weird when he Marcus started to avoid snide remarks and sneers towards him. And he was definitely purposely avoiding him
  • He also starts to notice something about Marcus. He notices he might have a certain attraction to him. He’s noticed Marcus’s subtle attractiveness
  • He’s confused and scared and tried to figure out how he could be like this. He’d always heard snide remarks about how the best way to prevent your son from being gay was to have him play sports. And he was one of the most athletic people at their school
  • Surely he just hadn’t found the right girl yet
  • But in the library he noticed Marcus across the room, his hair falling in his face as he was hunched over his homework
  • And he was still confused. Because he wasn’t a watcher. But he liked to watch Marcus
  • Marcus was still having trouble with his feelings. His avoidance turned into hostility towards Oliver
  • And Oliver one day had enough. He followed Marcus to the Quidditch pitch, stopping right outside the change rooms. And he confronted him, demanding to know what was Marcus’s problem with him was
  • And then Marcus snapped, grabbed Oliver’s robes, and Oliver assumes he was going to hit him but when he was pinned to the wall he felt Marcus’s lips on his
  • And he realised this was what he was looking for. This is why he felt nothing with girls
  • But it took them time to tell people. Because they knew it’d cause too many issues. In their personal lives, in their careers
  • When they do have their careers and are making names for themselves their love lives are frequently questioned. They dodged the questions, whether it was from gossip columns or their friends and families
  • It was difficult and it took them years to actually tell people. Since they were on opposing teams the gossip columns had a field day while their friends and families were surprised but supportive
  • But it took far too many years for them to be comfortable with telling people or even with themselves


Even though he’s not a companion, I’ve always been a little disappointed that you can’t romance Seneschal Bran. He isn’t bad looking, his voice is attractive, and I think his constant frustration/snootiness with Hawke is pretty cute~ Imagining him gradually breaking down and accepting the Champion with growing admiration makes me smile (his age is a little offputting, though). It’d give him a chance to redeem his attitude, too

chrisemi  asked:

What kind of person would Izuna fall for?

What kind of person would Izuna fall for?

Tysm for all the Izuna love ❤️

•Izuna, in his younger years and early to mid twenties, is pretty (I mean a fuckton) biased towards anyone from outside the Uchiha clan, so he would definitely want to look for someone within the clan. I could see him being more open to other people after the village is founded and he socialized with other people outside the clan though, but they’d have to be really great to get his attention

•He’s really attracted to someone who is smart, can hold a conversation with him, can take all of his sarcasm with a pound of salt, has just as much wit as he does, can fight for themselves, is kind at heart, can be patient with him and understand him, holds themselves up with dignity and honor, and gets along with Madara (good luck fam he’s suck a dick sometimes lol)

•Izuna is also really, really attracted to someone who had a melodic speaking voice? In men, a really smooth and deep voice with bite to it and in women a light, harmonic voice that be sweet and warm just as easily as it can be icy cold

•He secretly would fall for someone with a great sarcastic sense of humor. He has a deep appreciation for sarcasm himself, and he would like to see the same in someone he’s attracted to

•In terms of how they look, Izuna is definitely attracted to both tall and short people. He’s not the tallest dude anyway, but still taller than most women, and that makes him feel better about his height because he’s a little insecure about it. He also likes taller men though, he sees height as a weird connection to strength in men so yeah, he likes strong guys. He doesn’t really have a preference for hair or eye color, but tends to be more frequently attracted to deep brown tones and rich reds as well

Realistic Handsome Jack!
I interpreted his mask as pretty life-like, because it moves so well with his face in the game (and a lot of people didn’t even realize he wore a mask for a while)…. But I still wanted it to look like his mask. I didn’t think the AI version would do him justice, so here’s the real one!

tobeflyhaikyuu  asked:

Aone ^-^

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really (im v smol and loud, though i do like smol jumpy middle blockers :) | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno



continuing in the vein of Not Sad b99 headcanons, imagine Jake - or, well, Larry - slowly getting to know The Neighbors in their small Florida community pretty well, and of course all the Neighborhood Moms think he’s very sweet, if sometimes looking a little sad. Anyway, the point is, the kids love him, and even though he and Holt try to keep a low profile so as not to attract any unwanted attention, there’s one time where he’s passing by the park, on his way back from like, the grocery store or something, and a bunch of kids are there and he knows the parents in the neighborhood have schedules for who kind of lowkey supervises the kids at the park every alternating day but on this day, the parent in charge is an emergency errand to run and they spot him like, “Oh, Larry! Thank goodness, listen, could you just keep an eye out on the kids while I go do this thing? It’ll only be for a half hour, it’s not a big deal, just make sure nobody gets hurt.”

So of course Jake is like “sure, yeah, of course,” because he’s a Very Nice Boy

Five minutes later, it’s raining in buckets and they’ve all huddled underneath the gazebo on the other side of the neighborhood park, and half the kids are groaning because ugh, they were in the middle of playing cops and robbers

But then one of the boys is like “wait! I brought a book” (”of course you did, Kamal” “hey, books are fun!”) and he pulls out this thick book of fairy tails, full of colourful illustrations and looking like it’s been very recently bought. Of course, the problem of There’s Only One Book and Five Of Us then arises, and Louann with the braids claims that they should all get a turn reading it, but Bryce with the glasses says that no, that’s silly someone should read it aloud, and Katy with the braces says that she’ll do the reading because she’s in the big kids’ reading group at the library, but Kamal points out that it’s his book and anyway, Katy has a lisp.

Which is very Not Nice and makes Katy gasp in Mortal Offence and everyone starts squabbling, somehow loud enough to drown out Jake, who keeps trying to mediate without taking a side - a feat that is proving to be a lot more difficult than initially anticipated. 

And then, suddenly, from the smallest child in the group, with neatly shaved curls and who is clutching a dirtied plush elephant to his chest:

“What if Mister Larry reads it to us?”

And everyone looks at Jake. 

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Simon and the Alchemist portrait your icon is based on


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Long-haired Alchemist   

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

I really like both of them. Simon’s kinda young though. The long-haired Alchemist is probably one of my fav portraits in all the games and I always use him. I like his look/style more than I’m attracted to him though

mira-eyeteeth  asked:

Well, I can see an informal epithet being used for emphasis or a more in-depth sort of look into a character's mindset? I could see, for example "the aggravatingly attractive asshole would not stop grinning at him" being used even when said asshole's name is known. Though I'll agree that using something as pedestrian as hair or eye colour in the epithet is pretty pointless and jarring.

That’s true, and it’s a good point. But in your example, such an epithet significantly alters the tone (I think it makes it more humorous, in this case) as well as being something that is clearly related to the thoughts of one character towards the referenced character. Either way, it’s doing something in the story.

When I rail against epithets it’s at the times when they’re used because it seems like the writer is following a rule that a character’s name can’t be used more than once per paragraph, or something, and also doesn’t seem to realize the personal distance that a generic/eye color-type epithet implies.

Jarrich musings

The thing I love about Jared/Richard is that it could be both cute as all get out and horrifically uncomfortable. As in it could happen on the show without derailing the tone 

Like Richard has a panic attack and throws up and Jared kisses him and its super romantic until Richard’s like “Why did you do that…I just puked thats gross”   

Or they try to sleep together and Richard sweats through the bed or pisses his pants and Jarred speaks German in his sleep which freaks Richard the hell out when he looks it up on HooliTranslate, or he tries to strangle Richard when he wakes him up from a nightmare about his terrifying childhood

I do want to see my awkward techy pretty princesses make each other happy in the end though I don’t think thats likely outside of fan fic. Though I’m 99% certain Thomas and Zach would be down for it 

Also I feel like Elrich would totally be offended that neither of them were attracted to him 

bloody-mary-23  asked:

41 for Finley (the super detailed oc ask meme) :3

Thank you for the ask :D

41. What’s their sexuality? What do they find attractive? Physically and mentally? What do they like/need in a relationship?

Finley is pan. 

In guys she likes large hands and being well built or just fairly tall. Her first love, Mathel, was a slight, willowy guy with shaggy hair and a reluctant grin, and after what happened with him, she doesn’t care for anyone who looks too much like him.

In ladies, she likes a slender neck and being around the same height. She feels like its easier to cuddle, even though it’s not really. 

In general, she’s drawn in by a pretty smile, a warm laugh, and a great ass. Mentally, she likes someone who can handle their own, without openly ‘needing’ her too much, if that makes sense. She needs to know that if something happens to her, they’ll be alright on their own.

She’s also two for two, in serious mage relationships ending with abominations, so even though she has magic, she gravitates unconsciously toward people without it. 

Honestly, if she hadn’t made a connection with Cullen so soon, she probably would have ended up with Bull. 

She likes feeling wanted, not needed, that being with her is a choice, not a necessity. Her parents were bound together out of necessity, and she doesn’t want to be like them. 

As far as needs, she needs to feel genuinely safe. She’s capable of taking care of herself, but she needs to know that the person she’s with won’t be a weakness. She’s not fully aware of it, but when she feels like someone will protect her and be there through anything and can handle anything, that’s when she starts falling hard.   

@Vulcanheritage: Hypnosis of the Endless Sorcerer


“Okay, Charchim, that Mach Punch has given you the opening we needed! Now finish it with a Double Kick!!”

“Mooooon… FERNO!!!!” With a swift sequence of kicks, the monkey pokémon easily managed to beat… a random tree in a park. Despite such a defenseless adversary, the Monferno seems pretty satisfied with himself, all fired up (literally) over his ‘victory’.

“Atta boy!” Battler celebrates by high fiving his companion’s hand. “Look at what a strong and healthy pokémon you are! Soon enough, you might even evolve again, huh?” To reward a well done job, Battler gives a couple beans to Charchim. The shop owner where he got these told him that Pokémon love them.

…Their smell seems to have attracted another one, though, as a Drowzee suddenly gets its nose on his hand. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! These ain’t for you, buddy!”

Honestly there should have been a warning sign on the beach  ‘Warning: Beware of attractive lanky boys with tawny curls and pretty faces’. Sirius could admit there’s always attractive boys on the beach but none this pretty before. Every weekend James, Peter and Sirius all spent their days at the beach a town over from them.

Today though a new very much so attractive boy showed up with a pretty attractive red haired girl, the two were pushing each other into the water and laughing. Where the boys were sat they had a clear pictures of the possibly couple, Sirius admired the way the other boy’s neck stretched when he threw his head back with laughter  

“Do you think those two are dating?” Sirius asked, leaning over to look at James. James looked to where the two were chasing after each other along the shoreline

“Possibly, want me to find out?” James answered back a wide smirk on his face, before James could stop him he was already up and running towards the other two. Peter was beside Sirius laughing his ass off while Sirius watched in horror as James flexed in front of the girl. Red laughed but happened to show up James by flexing herself, Sirius cackled loudly when she muscles just as big as James

Sirius noticed the curly haired boy smirking at him slightly, cursing to himself and promising he’d kick James’s ass when he came back over to them.

Sirius was busy joking around and paying attention to what Peter was doing he hadn’t noticed the boy with fluffy curls walking his way until Peter laughed and walked off on his own

“Peter what the – oh hi” Sirius meant to curse Peter off only turning around to find a very much taller boy standing in front him with a bright smile on his face

“Sirius right? James said you were the one with shaggy dog hair. I’m Remus by the way” Remus chuckled, using finger quotes around 'shaggy dog hair’

“Uh yeah I’m him but my hair is not shaggy and dog like” Sirius scoffed silently cursing James

“I never said I agreed with him, I mean my best friend even had bigger muscles than him” Remus smirked, and now Sirius could cross off Remus having a girlfriend

“I happened to see that and trust me I’ll never let him down for that” Sirius laughed looking over at Remus who smiled at him

“James also happened to mention you wanted to know if I was dating the girl I was with. Lily” Remus teased, sitting down on the blanket laid out beside Sirius

“Oh fuck him” Sirius groaned, hiding his face in his hands. Two large hands moved his own away from his face

“Don’t hide the pretty face” Remus whispered, the blush that came across Sirius’s cheeks was a thing that never happened. Sirius was always the flirt who made people turn into blushing messes but here Remus was turning the table around and making Sirius become a major blushing mess

“Let me take you on a date?” Remus asked

“Please” Sirius muttered, looking up into Remus’s eyes he smiled

“So polite” Remus laughed, grabbing the phone next to Sirius and punching his own number in

“I do have to go now but I’ll be seeing you soon” Remus smirked, pressing a light kiss to Sirius’s cheek before running off back towards his own friend while James came back to him

“Admit it, you love me” James laughed, knocking his shoulder into Sirius’s trying to break his gaze from where Remus and Lily were walking away

“Oh fuck off you ass” Sirius groaned shoving James away but a smile plastered onto his face

I feel very insecure sometimes. VERY insecure. Especially lately since I cut my hair and I feel less feminine. I wish my body was more curvy like all of the pictures of black girls I see on the internet. I used to exercise to try to get wider hips. My boyfriend tells me he loves my body when I tell him I’m insecure but still, I worry that he might be attracted to another girl because of her body. I don’t even show him pictures of other pretty girls like I do with my friends because I don’t want him to think they’re prettier than me. Even though I know he loves me and he tells me I’m the only girl he sees. I know everything shouldn’t be all about looks and our bodies but that’s how I feel and I can’t help it. I just want to feel as beautiful as he tells me I am, even when I see other beautiful girls.

Alec’s looks

I’ve been thinking (doing that a lot while procrastinating) about how Alec’s popularity ind of skyrocketed with Matt’s casting and then the first stills of him as the character etc.
Then I thought back to a tweet by CC asking if people already thought Alec to be ‘a hottie’ in the books and I asked myself if I had done so or how I’ve imagined him. I got to the conclusion of ‘No, I didn’t’. 

This is sort of me rambling about this topic, nothing groundbreaking. Just some random thoughts. 

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I used to never really see the appeal of Gray. I mean, he was typically attractive, but I was never a fangirl over him or anything. But ever since 211 (Gray vs. Cancer) I though he looked very attractive there, I don’t know if the art looked better or if it was just the sultry looks the episode had him giving but I found him pretty hot. Now I can see the appeal lol. <3
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Ace!Gabriel? Hell yes!

In honor of Ace Angels (and Demons) Day, have some asexual!Gabriel headcanons:

  • In the thousands of years he’s hidden himself among humans and gods and monsters, Gabriel has been in love many times, with many different people, but he’s never felt sexual attraction for any one of them.
  • He’s had sex, though. Many times.
  • Gabe is a sex-positive asexual. He likes the closeness and the physicality of it all, likes the tangible contact with whomever he’s with. For him, sex isn’t about love, but connection.
  • He can also be kind of an asshole about sex sometimes. That whole “libido” thing can be pretty funny to look in on, and he definitely gets his laughs.
  • Vessels are weird, okay? Gabriel’s an archangel, so they can’t exactly cut him off from anything, but vacationing on Earth for extended periods tends to ground you a little. Human bodies come with some weird junk attached, and he much preferred it after he let the soul move on and made the body his own.
  • He can do just about anything, change the map of the world, and he knows that some gods use that to great effect in the bedroom, but why would you bother when you can take on a much wider arena? Mostly, he’d rather build an entire castle out of jello and leave civilians to gawk at it than conjure some up for a quick romp.
  • Sometimes he uses his powers to make playmates: girls, boys, other categories that make humans get all hissy about binary systems. He knows most people assume they’re for sex, but they’re not. He just likes having them around. Mostly for aesthetic appeal. He makes some VERY pretty constructs.
  • Sex with Kali is some of the best he’s ever had because he can feel the heat in her skin, and she never cares if his attraction is exactly the same as she expects, as long as he’s focused on her.
  • And then there was the time Thor tried to bring up the “tension” between them. Gabe laughed until he cried, and still managed to choke out a “hell no.”
  • There are things Gabriel loves about humans, and the asexual movement is one of them (it took him a while to figure out that some humans felt this way too, and even longer for those humans to organize). He showed up at a Pride parade once, about a year before the apocalypse, and by the time he left, there were about 2000 more purple balloons and some very confused organizers.
  • More than one acephobe had earned his wrath and revenge. He takes altogether too much glee in showing them that, yeah, not only do asexuals exist, but some of them have the power of Heaven on their side.
  • That porno message he gave the Winchesters never really got around to the actual sex part. Yeah, he knew they’d turn the thing off at the first sign of skin. Wimps.
His Demonic Offer:

Atem was a lucky man in this cruel world. Pretty face, attractive body, a personality that was hard not to fall for….so many things that he had going for him. Many swooning over him and he only had to give a sweet look or gentle smile and it would make hearts flutter or even getting the other to work in his favor.

Yes…he had it good. Al but, his pathetic excuse of a family that had always never supported his love for the darkness. But Atem had a plan to runaway sometime soon. At the moment though he was celebrating his soon to be freedom.

Nothing said ‘fuck you’ to parents than drinking to your hearts content. Especially if it was on their bill.

“Hey! Let me get another drink. Give me the best you’ve got come on! Fuck me up I came here to have a good time.” He laughed as he was enjoying this so much. Using his parents card before he would head off…oh life was going to be so great. 

But little did he know….his life was going to change more than he knew tonight.