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Baby, the way you kiss me

A thing I’ve been thinking about for a hot minute. 

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There are hello kisses; little pecks good morning, and deep ‘I haven’t seen you all day’ kisses. They have public kisses for when they get off school or work, not meant for an audience, but tame enough that they can handle them. And ones that touch their souls and shake their cores within the walls of the home they made together. Even loves those. He loves to show off his baby, but even more than that, he loves how Isak kisses him when no one is looking. 

There are ‘I feel like it’ kisses, because they can. They have the most incredible thing in their hands and hearts and Isak will get on his tip toes (even though he’s not that much shorter than Even) and press his lips to Even’s quickly, and pull away with a satisfied smirk. Even noses along Isak’s cheekbone, and keeps his eyes open so he doesn’t miss a thing. 

Then there are ‘I’m sorry’ kisses. They argue everyday, constantly, and its fun. Until it’s not and they aren’t just arguing, they’re fighting and words hurt more than flying fists. Someone takes a walk, and the other is left with dying anger and growing worry. Is this it? Did I do it? Have I finally pushed him away? Baby, please come home. Sometimes, the kiss starts from an exposed shoulder, facing away from the door, too afraid to watch it never open. It travels up until there’s a nose pressed right under a tight jaw. It’s ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘hello’ and ‘you have me’ breathed into shivering skin. 

The sweetest are the ‘I love you’ kisses. These ones take their time and spread warmth into every inch of their bodies. They don’t even have to be kissing. Just pressed together, going slightly cross-eyed. They don’t say it out loud often. It’s reserved for the moments they truly need to hear it. But its there. In every touch, every look, every minute. It’s hot and comfortable and buzzing around them constantly. They happen everywhere, too; empty classrooms, when they’re settled into some couch at some party, when they’re making breakfast on the one Sunday Even wakes up before noon.

Sometimes, they need the ‘I’m here’ kisses. When life is working against them, and they’re sinking. A warm pair of lips on a forehead, a cheek, a knee. Wherever they can reach. It’s a lifeline. When Isak’s father says just the wrong thing after a failed test. When Even’s mind is a swirl of grey. It’s an anchor and even if they won’t fix anything, they know that they aren’t alone.

There are plenty of hot kisses too. Too many to count. They’re open mouths and dancing tongues and clashing teeth. They get messy and sometimes they even bleed. Every kiss feels better than the last, their skin growing hot with touches and promises of more. Even knows just how Isak likes his mouth used. He knows that if he sucks Isak’s bottom lip, the boy will sing sweet and high for him. Just like Isak knows that Even loves control. He gives himself over and loves to be dominated in that lovely way Even does. 

Goodbye kisses are the hardest. It doesn’t matter if it’s for 5 minutes or 5 days. They all feel too final. Isak grips onto Even’s hair just a little tighter, and Even will always hold on for a few moments too long. They’ve said goodbye too many times in ways they never want to again. So they take whatever they can get. Even if it means that Even is nearly always 2 minutes (and 43 seconds; his boss is really anal about this) late to work and Isak will always rush to his lecture, barely making it most days. They have a hard time letting each other go, when every moment feels like they’ve only just come together. 

They both agree, though, that the best kiss they’ve ever had was their ‘I do’ kiss. The one that tied them together in front of everyone they love. 20 and 22 may be too young to get married, and maybe it’s all a mistake. They don’t know. But in that moment it meant everything. It was the sweetest promise. They would be there for each other in every way they could. Them against the world. Even held Isak’s face, like it was something precious. Isak’s lashes fluttered, and his chin tilted up in the way that made Even weak at the knees. Isak whispered a soft, ‘love you’ and grinned. Even took his time, eyes roaming his baby’s face, before leaning to press his lips against Isak’s. It was perfect. Every kiss is. 

The Corkboard

So I was looking back over chapter 4 of WKM, and noticed something I had previously missed on the corkboard. Of you skip to 2:42, you can see pictures of Abe (detective) and finger prints that may be associated with him.

What if this isn’t his doing? What if it’s Mark’s? What if Mark was putting together a collection of information about all of his guests? Because to my knowledge, the only thing tied to us is our envelope from chapter 1. He didn’t know we were coming, and rolled with it.

Just a theory though.

What The Heck Did You Do - Anthony Ramos x Reader part 2

Title: What The Heck Did You Do ?
Ship: Anthony Ramos X Reader
Prequel: What The Heck I Gotta Do?
Tags: @spilledkauffie @cupofkauffie
Note: This is part two. I don’t know how to link part one, so if anyone can show or tell me how to, I’d greatly appreciate it! ❤️❤️
It’d been about two months since you’d gotten engaged to the love of your life. Everything was doing amazingly well and you and Anthony were practically tied at the hip. He tended to get more jealous of Lin than before now you two were engaged, since you had to kiss him in Helpless. However, he was extremely happy that he got to perform act 2 with you.

You were leaning against Daveed while Anthony had his arm wrapped around your shoulder, just to show Daveed who you were engaged to, even though Daveed would never dare trying to steal you from him. Act 2 was going to start in two minutes and you weren’t wasting any free time trying to rest your voice. Suddenly Anthony pulled you closer to him and kissed your forehead gently before replacing his lips with his forehead as you bumped noses. You giggled quietly and savoured the moment as you heard Daveed mutter go Renee “God, they’re so in love.” That made her laugh until Lin walked in “Daveed, you’re up.” With that Daveed kissed your cheek, just to annoy Anthony, then walked out. You heard Anthony growl and you took his hand to calm him down. Lin grinned at you two “Get ready, Love Birds. You have roughly eight minutes.” He stated before rushing off to god knows where. Anthony sighed a little

“What’s wrong baby?” You asked softly

“Nothing darling. It’s just Daveed. He’s purposely trying to get me to punch him in the teeth” he growled and you giggled

“Youre so cute when you’re mad.” You smiled and he couldn’t stop a smile creeping onto his face at your innocence.

“God I love you.” He said quietly and you grinned

“And I love you more” you replied. You sat leaning against his chest in content before the two of you had to rush on stage.

“Un, duex, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…”

You ran on stage, singing, sounding outraged, heartbroken and scared.

“Is he breathing?! Is he going to survive this?! Who did this, Alexander did you know?!” You nearly screamed and fell to your knees in front of Anthony, clutching onto him as Lin held his head and shoulders.

“Mom, I’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me.” Anthony sang weakly, feeling your heart crack a little.

“My son” you sang underneath him.

“We played piano-”

“I taught you piano-”

“You would put your hands on mine” he sang and you took his hand

“You changed the melody every time."You replied softly

"I would always change the line”

“Shh, I know, I know.”

“I would always c-hange the line” his voice cracked in the middle of his sentence

“I know I know.” You paused “Un, duex, trois, quatre, cinq, sept, huit, neuf.” Anthony repeated the words you sang weakly

“Good. Un, duex, trois, quatre, cinq, sept, huit, neuf.” Anthony cut off and you repeated the line before screaming in heartbreak and putting your head onto his chest. Lin put his hand on yours but you yanked it away. Then It’s Quiet Uptown began playing.

You began to feel dizzy as you stood next to Lin. As you took his hand, you’re head actually began spinning and if it hadn’t been for Lin’s hand, you would’ve crumpled to the ground. You didn’t know why. You kept feeling light-headed, dizzy, sick and weird right up until Best Of Wives and Best Of Women. Despite the horrible feeling, you went on stage. Anthony watched anxiously from the sidelines, hoping, praying you’d be okay.

You managed to get through the short song and your short part in The World Was Wide Enough but when you got to Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, you got a funny feeling.

Then you crumpled to the floor, unable to stand anymore. Anthony instantly sprinted from his position and held you in his lap, helplessly. Daveed also ran from his position and and held your head in his hands, tilting it a little so you didn’t choke on anything you may cough up. Then you began coughing up blood and the whole audience gasped. The scarlet liquid collected in a pool by your mouth.

You stopped coughing up blood after a while but felt very weak and your vision kept fading. The whole cast surrounded around you, crying in panic. Lin had called an ambulance ten minutes ago. The people were lead out the theatre by Thayne, Jazzy and Leslie and they were very obedient though being scarred for life and worried.

Anthony gripped your hand and smoothed your hair.

“Hey, hey. You need to stay awake darling. Please. You need to stay away from the darkness.” He said softly, his head close to yours as everyone looked down in pity and fear. You shook your head weakly. Your eyes began closing slowly. Anthony understood.

“Hey. Best of wives and best of women.” Anthony sang softly as you began to loosen your grip on his hand and your eyes shut slowly. He pressed a gently kiss to your cold lips as tears began pouring down his cheeks. You two were in the same position as Eliza and Philip had been an hour before.

Anthony trudged through the darkening Autumn evening like he did everyday. His wife and children always complained about him going away at the same time every night but they could never stop him. They weren’t ever going to be good enough. And they knew it. But they tried. Hoping that,one day, they’d be enough. But they wouldn’t. Never in a million years. He opened the old gate, the creaking noise filling his ears like an old friend. It was one of the rare things that let him smile. He then continued his journey, trailing and making his way around the stones that had risen above the muddy earth.

There you were. Your gravestone at least. He laid down a single rose on the grave, like he did everyday. On the gravestone, it read:

Here lies (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N)

‘While we’re alive, we’ll tell your story. We’ll keep fighting for your honour, and we’ll dedicate everyday trying to find who did this.

Loving daughter, (sister/brother) ( A/N: IF YOURE AN ONLY CHILD, JUST IGNORE), lover, coworker, actress and friend.

A ghost of a smile flickered on Anthony’s face at the writing. But it turnedHe sat on his knees in front of the stone for what he thought had been a few minutes, but was actually a few hours. The night had risen from the hills. His phone began ringing, pulling him out his fantasy. It was Jazzy, his wife. He felt a guilt pull his heart but it was quickly removed as he answered the call

“Where are you?! We’re worried sick!” She yelled

“You know exactly where I am. Just get off my case!” He snapped “Do you not care that she’s dead?! She was your best friend!”

“Of course not! You were meant to be with me from the start. That’s why I killed her!” She yelled back and almost both of them went silent

“You…. you killed her? It was you?! She was the love of my life! I’m going to the cops now!” He yelled, shocked and heartbroken. He hung up and stood up, dialling 911.

After about two hours, the police knew what happened and had arrested Jasmine. Anthony had full control of his children and he’d done justice. All the cast knew how Jasmine had poisoned you in the interval of Hamilton and they were shocked and angry. The last words he said to Jasmine as tears filled his eyes was “What the heck did you do?”

prettylatxna  asked:

I saw the reply you made to someone who told you to remove Pocahontas from your blog because she was written incorrectly, but i really appreciate you pointing out that just because she was mishandled doesnt make her less of a POC. As a kid i knew her story was super incorrect but as a Latina child i was excited to see an indegious people with skin similar to my own even though i wasnt Native Am. I felt closer to her than ti Jasmine, who also had similar skin color, because im from indegious(1/2)

(2/2) people with skin similar to my own even though i wasnt Native Am. I felt closer to her than ti Jasmine, who also had similar skin color, because im from indegious tribes of Mexico and it was far closer to the US. But just, i really wanted to thank you for not removing her and for showing all sides of it, because even though her history is wrong, her representation in color of the skin for young girls was inspiring.

Of course! Like obviously people who are upset about the glaring inaccuracies of the movie have a right to be upset because it IS upsetting

but that doesn’t mean that she loses any importance for kids who grew up looking up to her and identifying with her. There’s a lot that is good and redeeming in the film.


Charles Xavier Request- Citizenship

Request: How about student reader is in love with professor x and one day he had to marry her for citizenship to save her from prison and after marriage she keeps trying to get close but Charles acts like he doesn’t want to but in the end he admits that he didn’t want her to feel obligated any affection because of pity and fluff! please write it Im gonna die! <3 

So sorry about how long it’s taken as well, but I’m getting back on my game, I swear! This one is also a longer imagine because I had to try to design the backstory in your imagine, but it was fun to write, like thank you so much for the request :) Anyways, Happy Reading!


It had been 2 months now since Charles and you had tied the knot, so to speak. You were an adult legally, but still a student at the school. You had travelled over seas just to get to study under the Professor. Your entire family knew only his school could help you understand your abilities. They knew only being there would give you the acceptance you deserved, so they raised the money and sent you. After a while though, your visa was running out with no chance of being renewed. You couldn’t get back home, you had no money for the flight back, but if your visa ran out you would surely be sent to prison… So it had been Charles’ idea to get married. He had come up to you, sat in his wheel chair and suggested it so quietly. “It wouldn’t be a real marriage,” he had argued hastily, “I mean, if you find someone you actually want to get married to, we can get divorced and you can marry them, I’ll pay for it all.” His voice had been so rushed, like he was desperately trying to not scare you off of the idea, trying to tell you you had your own freedom. It had been a plain ceremony, nothing more than a signing of certificates, but afterwards the other X-men threw you a ‘pseudo reception’ where you had cake and danced all evening with everyone, to celebrate your staying in the country and out of prison.
But there was one thing Charles didn’t know about your wedding…. You wanted to be married to him. Charles had this way of talking to you that didn’t make you feel different or stupid. It didn’t make you feel like a student either. You felt like an equal always. The two of you were close, regardless of the situation and regardless of how others viewed you. Charles always talked to you, told you interesting facts or stories… He was always so kind to you, but also to everybody, that you just…. it was inevitable that you would feel this way about him.
But lately he was distant. Whenever you would try to talk to him, he was flippant, dismissive. He talked about legal affairs mostly if needed but then kept to himself again. It was getting ridiculous.
It was early morning in the mansion and you went to the kitchen for some food. Charles was already there, mug of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other.
“Y/N…” he started in surprise. “What are you doing up?”
“I was hungry… my tummy wouldn’t stop rumbling and so I needed to quiet it” You murmured sleepily, giving your tummy a slight pat. You were just happy Charles had said more than 3 words to you.
“Oh… well, I can leave…” Charles said, putting down his coffee and newspaper to start rolling away.
“Don’t be ridiculous Charles, I don’t need to eat in private.” You fixed him with a look that said if he didn’t stay, he’d be offending you. He slowly picked up his coffee mug again in defeat.
“So how have you been lately? We haven’t talked properly in ages.” You turned to start making breakfast, hoping for once he’d actually give you a proper conversation.
“Y/n… you, you don’t have to, you know that, right?” You turned to look at him, dead in the eye, confusion written all over your face.
“Don’t have to what?”
“You don’t have to keep… keep trying to get close. You don’t have to be boxed in by our marriage, I mean, it’s only a piece of paper… You can feel free to live your life.” Charles voice wasn’t exasperated, nor was it angry, it was just firm and explanatory, as if it were the most simple facts in a biology text book he was explaining.
“Charles… had it ever occurred to you that actually maybe the reason I’m trying to get close to you is because I want to?” You asked, extremely annoyed.
“Please, y/n, you really don’t need to pity me. I have my wheels and I love everybody here and everything so I’ll be fine, you don’t need to feel obligated or anything, honestly.” He still had that textbook tone… you just wanted to slap it out of him so he could get it through his thick skull that you actually loved him. Truly and properly loved him.
“You are, on occasion… an absolute arse.” You told him. He looked at you, however this time it was his turn to be confused. “I don’t feel any of that. I don’t feel pity. I don’t feel obligated. I don’t feel boxed in by this marriage, in fact Charles, I’d go as far as to say I’d enjoy it if you would stop being so bloody distant! I have feelings for you, you stupid goose! Actual, real-live love feelings. You want me to live my life? This is how it starts, by telling the man I love that I love him!” By then you had run out of steam. The ramp up of emotions was suddenly gone and now you were left with nothing but the realisation of what you had said… though you were quite proud of yourself for telling him, regardless of wether he reciprocated or not.
“Y/n… I didn’t know….” He started.
“Well you should’ve done, you’re a blooming mind-reader after all.”
“I’d never read your mind, I value your privacy.”
“So you have no idea what I’m about to do?”
“No, none whatsoev….” by then you had walked up and kissed him. You had to lean down but you enjoyed it just the same. He kissed back, returning your passion equally.
“Sorry…” you said as you pulled away.”
“… Don’t be.” He told you, and pulled you back in for another kiss.
Exactly one week later, you had a vow renewal ceremony where you did things properly… the priest was surprised that you were renewing your vows so quickly and why everything was so very much like a first-time wedding, but it didn’t matter to the both of you. You were intrinsically, irrevocably happy.

Spencer Reid x Reader - Match Made in the BAU

“No freaking way…” You gasped as Spencer spun around. Both of you were holding two cups of coffee. “You brought me coffee??” Spencer asked eyes darting between both of your hands. “Yeah… Did you bring me coffee??” You smile and shake your head. “Looks like we got each others back… A good sign since I get to go in the field with the team today.” You smile brightly as you two exchange cups so you both one of your own in each hand. “Really?? You got the paper work done??” Spencer’s face lit up at the news. He gave you an awkward coffee handed side hug as the elevator doors opened to show Derek with one eye brow cocked up. “Whats up with the PDA??” Derek pried as you and Spencer walked into the elevator. “(Y/N) here is going on her first field endevor today…” Spencer sounded like a proud mother. “Alright good for you intern.” Derek nodded in amusement. “Can’t have you paired up with pretty boy here though he might do something reckless trying to be your knight in a cable knit sweater…” Derek teased as Spencer shot him a sharp glare. You laugh it off as just teasing thinking nothing of it. 

On the plane you listened intently to Garcia as she gave everyone the run down on the case updates. Over the last 2 weeks 4 women had been found tied up in garbage bags in random people’s garbage cans outside their houses. Another victim had been found fitting the profile of a married woman between the ages of 25-35. “Reid I want you and Rossi to take (Y/L/N) with you the forensics lab to see what the COD was…” Hotch ordered as everyone nodded… Derek winked at Reid who just rolled his eyes. 

You Spencer and David walked into the police station together chatting about what you had found out about the body when the subject changed. “So (Y/N) how you liking the BAU so far??” David questioned as you Spencer held the door for you. “I like it… Great environment to work with… I have learned so much from everyone I have come into contact with… And I have made some friends that I am so thankful for…” You smile over at Spencer who just clears his throat and avoids the wink that David sent his way. 

“Derek I want you to take (Y/N) to the house of the first victim and see if you can see anything that would tie her to the last few victims.” Hotch looked to you for a reaction but you just jump to your feet ready to go. “Come on intern… Lets go get your hands dirty.” Derek followed you out the door and made sure to send Spencer a thumbs up before walking out. 

“Garcia what you got for us??” JJ asked as he put Penelope on speaker phone. “Lab work just called in to tell me that they have the COD… It was constant to that of an automobile accident… But not like a car on car accident… But like a pedestrian one?? Does that make sense??” Garcia paused for an answer from the other side of the call. “So the unsub is running over women and then taking them with him just dump them in someones trash can??” JJ looked around to the other agents for some answers. “That doesn’t make sense…” Spencer scrunched his nose up in thought. “If you hit someone with your car someone is bound to see it happen and call the cops…” David scratched his head pondering how someone could get away with hit and run so easily. “Not unless they do it in privacy… Like a driveway…” Spencer looked through files and came to the conclusion that all the women were last seen at their own houses. “I’m gonna call Derek with an update…” Hotch began to reach for his phone but it rang right as he went to pick it up. “Hotchner.” Hotch’s usually stern face changed to to fear as he stood from his chair. “There has been another victim and she is alive.” The team followed after him in a hurry. “Do we have a name??” Spencer questioned as Hotch swallowed a lump in his throat. “Its (Y/N).” 

At the hospital the team finds Derek at the emergency room entrance. “What happened??” Hotch questions before anyone can being to think. “I don’t know… We had just went through the house and came up with nothing… We went to look around the garage when we heard a yell for help… (Y/N) just ran off in the direction of the sound and right when she stepped on the sidewalk he hit her… I… I couldn’t do anything…” Derek ran his hands over his face. “You should have know she would be reckless… She doesn’t know any better…” Spencer spat out at Derek as Hotch gave him a warning look. “Spence…” JJ reached to calm Spencer but he just jerked his arm away. “Where is she??” Spencer demands. “Spencer calm down…” “WHERE!?!?” When no one answered him Spencer stormed out to find out on his own leaving his team back sharing sad knowing looks. 

‘Room 305, 304, 303…’ Spencer counted down in his head as he finally came upon your room. He gently opens the door to find you sitting alert in your hospital bed. Bandages adorning your frame. “Hey…” You give him a weak smile. “Hey…” Spencer stood beside your bed. “Good news… No broken bones… He just grazed me… I’m gonna have some fantastic bruises though…” You smile up at him as Spencer breaks into a smile at your stab at humor. “You could have been killed.” Spencer shook his head turning back serious. “You can be killed at any moment… Shouldn’t stop you from doing things though…” You argued as Spencer gave you a stern look reminding you of Hotch. “You can’t be so careless in this line of work…” Spencer’s stomach clinched as thoughts of his past run ins with death flashed in his head accept he thought of you being in those situations. “Learning from mistakes is the best teacher…” You shrug taking his hand in yours. He laces his fingers with yours and shakes his head. “If you get put in the BAU… I’m gonna have grey hair before I turn 35…” Spencer smiles as you give him one of his favorite smiles. “Why is that?? How am I different than the rest of the team?? You think I’m stupid and careless??” You pout a bit. “No… I just like you more than a friend…” Spencer admits before he can realize what he was even thinking… “Really??” Your wide eyes look up to him. He just nods and adverts his eyes. “Then you would say yes to dinner sometime when I can walk without wincing??” You tug his hand wanting him to look at you. “Yup.” Spencer nods as you give his hand a squeeze. “I cant’ wait.” 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… another big thank you to @cutesterfor the request and patience… please let me know what you think… any and all feed back is welcome… THANK YOU AGAIN FOR READING

Lupin Family Headcanons

Based on their Welsh heritage! (Yes, Hope was Welsh and met Lyall outside Cardiff. They’re Welsh. Remus is Welsh. At least, it is very, very, very heavily implied. Fight me.)

  • Hope worked in Cardiff as an insurance saleswoman. And at one point or another, she lived in or visited Caerphilly.
  • For a time after they started their relationship, Hope and Lyall continued to live in Cardiff.
  • As a sensible Muggle woman, Hope wanted to go to a hospital instead of St. Mungos. As a sensible wizarding man, Lyall did not want those butchers touching his newborn child.
  • Hope won, because she was the one having this baby, thankyouverymuch.
  • But they agreed to compromise, and had a wizarding midwife present.
  • The naming seer took most of the galleons that the new parents had, and thus they weren’t able to give baby Remus a sickle to hold onto and promote prosperity in his life. But they thought the naming seer was pants anyway, because how could their son really have so much dark fortune? So they thought it was just superstition and overlooked it.
  • Growing up near Caerphilly, Remus and kin definitely know about The Big Cheese
  • He continues to commonly say, “thanks, drive,” and “now, in a minute.”
  • He had to grow out of calling his friends “butt,” because none of them are Welsh and they just don’t understand that it’s not about butts.
  • No matter where the Lupins moved, Remus was always called by one parent or the other to check the garden for sheep escaped from the farm down the road.
  • They’re late for events because there are tractors on the road.
  • They’re late for things because there’s a sheep just standing on the train line.
  • As a boy growing up in Wales, Remus was fascinated and then very interested in studying Welsh dragons.
  • Remus learned Welsh from his mother, and he is fluent.
  • Subsequently, a tiny Remus would run around demanding, “Dw i isio gwybod am y dreigiau Cymraeg!”
  • He got a book covered in green scales and had a moving dragon eye on the cover for Christmas the year after he was bitten to help keep his spirits up. It worked. His room smelled of smoke for 2 months afterword because the pages emitted magical smoke.
  • (He was disappointed that a Welsh dragon was not included in the Second Task though would never even admit that to himself.)
  • He swears in Welsh at Hogwarts, and says Welsh things at Hogwarts just because he knows it irritates the others when they can’t understand him. He sits there with this innocent grin and asks stupid things like, “Wnes ti licio'r cinio heno?“ to which Sirius in particular responds, “I’m onto you, Lupin” and tries to find the dictionary because “Prongs, with that grin it’s got to be something big. Look at him!”
Thanks to @mushroomless for helping make some of these happen! (Ac am fy helpu i ddysgu Cymraeg. … Even though I’ve probably done horribly in the above.)
I need some advice

So I was talking with my parents and just learned about something I had forgotten.

So apparently when I was still in the womb, my parents thought I was going to be born a “girl” and wanted to name me Josephine. Later when an ultrasound revealed I was actually a “boy,” they had to pick a different name and ended up naming me my deadname.

When I came out publicly as trans last fall (or to various people before that), I just asked to be called Roxa because that is what i had been going by on here and it seemed to be ok. Since then, though, I have had two problems with it: (1) I have been wishing I had a name that tied in with my family history in some way, or that had some meaning to people beyond myself. (2) Some people for whatever reason think “Roxa” has sexual connotations, and that makes me obviously quite uncomfortable.

– – – –

Anyway, I’m considering asking my family if it is ok if I started going by Josephine (or probably, Josie) instead. (I do want to ask their permission because it was a name that originated from them.) I would probably need to do this soon, because school starts in a week or so and if I do ask for a different name it would be easiest to do it now.

On the other hand, I just wanted to check in with y’all to see if anyone could give me any advice

1) Does anyone see any awkward sexual connotations, or less-than-ideal references, in the name Josephine or Josie? (I’m really bad with references and wondering what references this name brings up for people.)

2) Am I giving into the gender binary by picking a name that is pretty much exclusively “female”? Will this cause the wrong impressions and erase my nb identity even more than people try to now? Or will it cause people to take my gender (at least as “not male”) more seriously?

(I would particularly be interested in perspectives from nb people who have taken a name that is stereotypically for the “opposite” gender from their agab.)

3) Is this just too much of a can of worms right now, since my mom seems terrified right now that I am “turning into a trans woman”?


Victor’s Thought Process and his Decision to become Yuuri’s Coach

So I’m sure a bunch of people have talked about this by now but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. We can now clearly see Victor’s mental journey when it comes to his decision to be Yuuri’s coach and that, unlike what we had previously thought, it was never just based on a whim in the first place.

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I just wanna get this out there into the void real quick, so excuse my rambling.

I remember, it was 2012, and FNAF came out. Long story short I was OBSESSED. I scoured the youtube community for someone with enough balls (or not, in my case haha) to play this surprisingly horrifying game. 

Then I found Markiplier’s first FNAF video. 

It was back when it just came out, and it only had a few thousand views. I clicked on it, being skeptical (at the thumbnail especially lol), and being surprised at his voice (bc honestly his voice is literal butter) ((no not exotic butter)) 

I  L O V E D  I T

I loved his wholesome reaction, and his franticness, and just falling in love with him as a person. Needless to say, I subscribed shortly after.

But in late 2015, my life was going to hell. My ex had just broken up with me, my grades were slipping, and my depression got so much worse. I had no one at that point, so I turned to my trusty friend, Markiplier.

That night, though, I noticed something… off… about his videos. He didn’t seem to have as much passion about everything as he had for the past 2 years I had subscribed. His enthusiasm was low and he didn’t have such great interactions or videos as I though he did before. In fact, I thought it got so bad that I didn’t even watch his videos for a couple months because I couldn’t see the (excuse me for the stupid cliche reason) “Old Markiplier” in him anymore. This is actually how I actually got into Jack and Felix’s videos even more, so I guess it can’t be all too bad.

But this week.
(Oh this week :) )

I was absolutely awestruck by Mark’s Disco Discomfort video. I was blown away, and it was so much fun watching his long intros. I haven’t seen anything like that in 5ever, and it was such a nice change in videos. I could see the (again I’m sorry) “Old Markiplier I was talking about before. It rekindled something in my heart, and I was so excited to watch him again, and his newest videos. I’m so glad Mark has more passion for doing this stuff again. 

I missed you buddy :)

Thanks for making my week a bit brighter, and every week in fact.

Didn’t See It Coming

Ahhh, I’ve been saving this request for you as your my favourite author on tumblr, could you write a one shot where the reader is Hotch’s daughter and is dating someone who happens to become an unsub, Spencer notices before anyone else that something isn’t right and goes to visit her, finding her tied and beaten up in her apartment he had tied her up so she couldn’t call for help and has beat her up because she tried to stop him, Spence saves her and stays with her and just fluff, thank you ❤️

I can do this!  This is a pretty loaded prompt, so if enough people want another part I can write the taking care of scene, but there was a lot to pack in to fully flesh out your idea.

Warning though, the scene in which he finds you is described in painful detail.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2)

Driving in the SUV, Spencer’s eyes whip around all of the streets, refusing to waste the time to cut on his blinker as he ricochets his car to the left, barreling down the road towards your home.

It had been four days since the team first got the case, and Spencer couldn’t help but see you in all of the victims.

“Reid, a lot of women have Y/C/H hair and Y/C/E eyes.  I’m sure that if Hotch felt something was wrong, he would call her and inform her.”

Morgan’s words kept ringing in his ears from the very first day of the case.

You were his boss’s daughter, and it was no secret that you and Spencer got along well.  You were constantly getting coffee and light lunches together, coordinating break times and texting each other to check up during cases that took Spencer away.

Hotch wasn’t a fan of it at first, but Rossi had kept reassuring him that if there was any man that would latch on to you, Spencer was the best one for the job.

And finally, Hotch had relented.

Meaning, the two of you no longer had to feel awkward around your father when he called and you two were together for one reason or another.

But now, after several failed text messages and many calls on Hotch’s part being shot to voicemail, even Aaron began to worry as he started running his hand through his hair.

That was when Hotch had ordered Spencer to go check on her, just to make sure she was alright.

But on the ride there, Spencer’s mind kept whirling.

And the more it spun, the more pieces started falling into place.

“Shit,” he murmurs, fumbling his phone in between his fingers as he hits Hotch’s speed dial number.

“Reid, do you have her?” Hotch answers.

“No, still driving.  Listen, Hotch…our unsub, mid-thirties male with mother issues and problems performing sexually.  Mom has the broad characteristics of the girls being killed, and probably has massive anxiety issues, especially with going out into public, right?”

“I know the profile, Reid,” Hotch bites, “how far out are-”

“Has anyone looked into Y/N’s boyfriend?” Reid asks.

Hotch furrows his brow deep as he opens his mouth, but remains speechless.

Taking the phone from Hotch’s hand, Rossi places Spencer on speakerphone as he cocks an eyebrow at Aaron.

“Reid?” he asks.

“Rossi, tell Garcia to run a full background check on a Robert Morris,” Spencer says.

“How’s that?” Rossi asks.

“Y/N’s boyfriend,” Reid lulls.

“But I thought-”

“I know what you guys thought,” Spencer bites before sighing heavily and hanging another broad right turn, “just do it.”

“Hotch, listen…if Y/N’s still a virgin, she wouldn’t know about his sexual performance issues.  And since she’s a homebody anyway, she wouldn’t know-”

“-about his social anxiety,” Hotch breathes, his face paling as he reaches back for his suit jacket.

“Reid?  Step on it,” Hotch breathes, scurrying out of the bullpen while Morgan places the call to Garcia.

“I’m coming with you,” David says, staying at Hotch’s side as Hotch slowly turns his head towards his friend.

“You can’t let me in that house.  If something’s wrong-”

“I know,” Rossi nods, stepping into the elevator with his friend, “I’ll tackle you to the ground if I have to.”


Pulling up into your driveway, the front door swinging wide open alerts Spencer to danger.

His eyes began to water at the idea that he may have been right.

Pulling his weapon as he slowly approaches the your house, he clears his corners before stepping into the dark house, looking at all of the overturned, broken furniture.

And just before he went to call out your name, Spencer’s phone rang at his hip.

“Shit,” he murmurs, his hand flying to the device as he clicks it silent.

And then?  He heard a groan.

“Y/N?” he calls out, slowly meandering through the open rooms as his eyes take in the scene.

As his eyes settle on a train of blood, he slowly makes his way up the stairs as he tries to calm the shaking in his hands.

“Y/N!?” he calls out a bit louder.

And this time you groaned a bit louder.

Walking slowly down the hallway, clearing the rooms as the blood trail gets thicker and thicker, he swallows hard just as he puts his hand on the cracked door, the hinges creaking and grinding as his eyes widen slowly.

There you sat.  Bound to a chair.  Your legs duct-taped wipe open as a bloody protrusion sits in between your legs, a piece of glass lodged into the top of your thigh as your head lobs forward, tears pouring down your bruised and battered face.

“Oh, my god,” Spencer murmurs, holstering his gun as he rushes towards you, his hands lightly cupping your cheek as he brings your head level to his, your left eye swollen and bruised while the other sits half-open, a gash ricocheting diagonally across your right eye as the imprint of a hand begins to blare itself around your neck.


“Sssshhhh sh sh sh sh,” Spencer says, a tear pouring down his cheek as he begins to work the duct tape off of one of your ankles.


“He’s coming,” Spencer reassures you, talking through his tears as he finally works your stabbed leg free, “I promise you he’s coming.”

But your eyes widened as Robert appeared in the door.

Crying out as Spencer turns around, he blocks the metal pipe coming down at him with his arm, his jaw gritting in pain as he stands up, grasping the pipe as he rams Robert into the wall.

“You get away from her!” Robert roars.

“Not on your life,” Spencer growls.

Backing him out into the hallway, Spencer brings his knee up into Robert’s stomach as the man doubles over, gasping for air as Spencer comes down with his elbow on the back of the man’s neck.

And that’s when he heard someone bounding up the steps.

Drawing his gun, he points it at the figure as Morgan comes around the corner, his hands thrusting high into the air as tears stream down Spencer’s raging face.

“Whoa whoa whoa, pretty boy.  It’s alright.  It’s just me,” Morgan coos, his eyes dropping to the body laying at Spencer’s feet.

“He alive?” Morgan asks.

“Unfortunately,” Spencer says, holstering his gun as he rushes back into the room.

“Is there an ambulance here?” Spencer roars behind him, listening to a tussle going on outside as he works your other leg free.

“Called for it on the way here, should be pulling up any second,” Morgan says as he cuffs the unconscious man on the floor.

Working your other leg free as you hang your head, your breathing become audible as the pain in your leg starts to ricochet up your side.

“I’m going t-”

The sobs caught in Spencer’s throat as his eyes travel to the protrusion in between your legs.

The idea made him absolutely sick.

“I’m going-”

Taking in a shaky breath, he hears Morgan finally shuffling the rousing man down the stairs, reading his rights as he presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he whispers as he shifts around you, working the binds off of your hands as he tries to put off the inevitable.

Grasping an evidence bag from his pocket, you raise your head to look him in his eyes as tears begin to flow once again down your cheeks.

“It’s ok,” you whisper, nodding lightly to him as he swallows thickly.

Feeling his hand creep up your thigh, your body begins to tremble in fear as Spencer begins to talk to you lowly, reassuring you with sweet nothing that you are safe, and that he is gone, and that you will be taken care of.

Grasping the object as he slowly pulls it from between your legs, you whimper in pain as anger flows through him, his hands trembling as he sticks the small metal pipe into the evidence bag, sealing it before his tears can taint the evidence.

You began to sob in shame.

As Morgan approaches silently from behind, he takes the bag from Spencer, their eyes connecting heavily for a second as Morgan’s jaw clenches in anger.

“The ambulance is ready for her,” he glowers.

“Take this to someone.  Anyone, except Hotch,” Spencer pleads.

“That won’t be a problem,” Morgan states as he rises to his feet, “Rossi has him handcuffed to the car door.”

Feeling Spencer hoist you into his arms, his clothes slowly absorbing your blood as you lay your head on his shoulder, your mouth groaning with every step he takes.

“It’s okay,” he trembles as the tears begin to drip down his neck, “I’ve got you now.  You’re safe.”

Spencer cursed himself within his own mind, angry that he didn’t see the signs sooner than this.

“You couldn’t of,” you say, almost reading his thoughts as Spencer angles his head and looks down at you.

“You couldn’t of known.  None of you could’ve,” you hoarsely whisper just before Spencer steps out of the house with you.

As the paramedics rush towards you, his arms lowering you to the rolling gurney as he lightly brushes the blood-soaked hair from your face, you hear your father yell for you in the background just before the heavy foot-falling of steps.

Rossi must have let him go.

“Y/N!” Hotch roars, his body scurrying to your side as he looks down at you, his own daughter…bloodied and bruised and broken.

“Oh, my god,” he whispers, his face crinkling as he begins to sob at your side.

“You can ride with us, Dad,” the paramedic says, rolling you to the vehicle as Spencer watches Hotch trot by your side, holding your ligature-marked arm as your eyes flutter heavily.

“Stay with us, sweet pea,” Hotch begs, tears dripping down his face as his eyes scour your entire body, stopping on the glass protruding from your leg.

“Just stay with us,” he whispers desperately.

And as Spencer watched the ambulance doors shut, he watches his boss peer out at him through the windows, a mixture of sadness and gratefulness washing over his features as the ambulance begins to pull away.

“Come on, kid,” Morgan says lowly through his own choked emotions, “you can ride with me to the hospital.”

Let's Have a Family(Style 5+Sosuke)

Anonymous asked: Style five + Sousuke wanting to start a family with their wife. Like how would they let her know? :)

Haruka: “I want to… Have… Little people to swim with…” Though Haruka is very blunt with many things, he finds himself awkward with trying to tell his partner he wants a family. He tries to tell them, but his sentences come off as confusing and weird. Luckily, they get it after he tell her he wants “baby ducklings to teach them how to swim”.

Makoto: “___, I think that I want to add more people into our lives.” Makoto tries to persuade them to want to start a family before he tells them he wanted one. He’ll start with his partner watching movies about kids like Dumbo, Wolf Children, stuff like that. After he feels like they sort of want children, he’ll admit his feelings towards his spouse.

Nagisa: “___, let’s have some kids!” When Nagisa feels like it, he’ll go straight to the point and talk to his partner about having a family. He would persuade them by telling how much fun it would be to have kids running around their legs and how great it would be to push them on the swings.

Rei: “___, I need to tell you something…” Rei would be ready to present his feelings with carefully written note cards that had strong points and compromises about having kids. Though, it may all be in vain since his partner will either say 1.“Yeah let’s have kids” or 2. Fall asleep in the middle of his speech.

Rin: “So… Ehem… ___…” At first, he thought that he should just wait for his partner to bring up wanting to start a family, but he got worried that he may have to be the one to initiate it. Rin tries to look for a perfect time to tell them, but he always got tongue tied when he tried. His partner only brings it up when they hear Rin sleep talking about it.

Sosuke: “I think we’re ready…” Sosuke holds his partner’s hands as he tells them his feelings. He tries to look confident and ready, but he knows that his cheeks are red and his hands are sweaty. He gives his spouse every reason they should start a family, usually stuttering in all his points.

Ladybug yoyo

Find Part 1 <–here—> Part 2

Once you have given the paper clay enough time to cure, you can move onto sealing it (you don’t necessarily need to do this but I wanted to make it more durable) I used PVA glue mixed with some water and made sure to give it a couple thick layers, around 2-3 before I went onto primer. Remember to give time for it to dry.

**I actually can’t remember if I did use primer or not since I used the glue as a primer, but you can choose whether to or not. the end result should be the same.** (however if you don’t do the glue seal then you will need primer.)

After all the prep is done, next is to glue in the compact. I just hot glued it in and for a nicer appearance I filled in the gaps around the compact and clay with a multi-purpose sealer. So the gap in between would be less noticeable. 

(as I said painting the compact can be done before or after you glue it in place)

With butterfly~^

Now for yet more painting and waiting around….=^-^=‘’

After the sealing, gluing, priming is done and dry next is to spray paint it red. Take your time and make sure to give time for drying between coats, I gave up to an hour or more before adding another thin coat. Around 5-7 should do, making sure to hit all over.

Once the the red paint is dry and all coats are done, (you can add a few thin sealant coats 1-2 (I did but only because I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess up the paint when painting on the spots.)) If You choose not to then move straight onto painting the black spots.

For this you might want to draw out a template. Use a circle the same size as the yoyo, draw on the spots (deciding on what size best fits your yoyo) and cut out the holes. Place atop the yoyo and paint in the holes. Paint 2-3 layers for the spots. I used Black acrylic paint for this, though I’m sure if you wanted to you could use a black marker. 

I also choose to paint the spots on the inside of the yoyo as well, I found this to give it a nicer overall look but you don’t have too. If you choose too paint the inside make sure to line up the spots as best you can so it’s parallel. 

Take your time when painting the spots, especially when painting the compact side. If you make any mistakes you can always got back in with some red acrylic paint to cover them up.

Once you’ve finished painting the spots, next is to seal all the paint. Around 3-5 coats should be fine. (maybe less I just wanted to make sure..) Again let the sealer dry before doing anything else.

After it has dried it’s time to add the wood rod. To do this you’ll need to measure how far in the yoyo it goes for both sides and then add on about 1cm for the space between. It’s always better to add more than you need and test the distance than making the rod to short. Once you have sawed it down to a distance you’re happy with, hot glue one end into place. leave the other open to make it easier to attach the string.

For the black string I had about 2 meters in length (though you probably won’t need as much, however make sure to have extra for error. Also don’t cut until after you’ve tied it.) Tie a knot around the wood rod, once it’s secure hot glue the other end into place. Then to measure the string, hold the yoyo down to the floor and cutting just above your hip/ around bellybutton height leaving extra for finger tie.

You can either tie a loop at the end of the string or use a red plastic circle (which can be found online or at craft stores. or in my case off a cat toy..)

Almost forgot to say as soon as the sealer is done you can add back in the mirrors using the hot glue gun (if you took them out that is.)

And then you’re done! Finally 0–0

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful. I’ll link the other parts down below as well as an extra post with some of my original ladybug yoyo concepts for this design. I’ll also add some fully finished photos and even some reference pictures from the show. (I recommend also studying some of her yoyo pictures for ideas and ref. though I know her yoyo is magic and takes many forms…yeah)  Anyway sorry for being so wordy but thanks for reading. And Happy yoyo-ing >-<

Links Part 1 Part 2 Extra owo 

On the Line.

A/N: So this is a request/gift to the lovely ravenclawslibrary who is lovely and wanted some phone sex action.  This is the sequel to the other call but, like years in the future after they are established.  Hope you enjoy.  You’re the cutest. SMUTTYNESS.

He was gone again.  

For someone who claimed that New Orleans was his ‘kingdom’ he sure had a habit of leaving it, and her behind. In all honestly, if he would have let her come with him to Italy this time around there wouldn’t have been a problem.
But no.  She mocked him as she took the pins out of her hair one by one.

 Listening to them ping of the wood of her dressing table.  “it’s not safe Caroline, you could get hurt Caroline, I’m only doing this to protect you Caroline.”
Seriously though.  It’s like he forgot that she was Vampire or something.
Because she was a Vampire, and she was more than capable of handling herself.

Come on, she handled him every day. A few witches with something to prove was like a prom committee at this point. As many times as she’s tried to explain to him that she was a big girl, and that she was going to do whatever she wanted regardless of what he said, he would not quit. 

They had fought when he had informed her that Elijah and Rebekah would be accompanying him to Italy.  Caroline could help.  She knew that she could.  She had proven herself over the years that she was every much as useful as Rebekah was whether she was a billion year old vampire or not. The argument ended with no clear winner, just a slammed door and a message that screamed ‘find a couch to sleep on because no’.

Like a normal person, she assumed that they were going to continue the conversation like adults and talk about why she should be allowed to come. So when she had awoken this morning to find the house emptier than the Lockwoods cellar she was pissed. 

No, pissed wasn’t even a strong enough word to describe how she was feeling at the moment. 

Irate. Murderous. Vengeful. 

He thought he could just leave without a word and she wasn’t going to retaliate?
Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. 

So she had plans.  Plans to make that over protective, infuriating, pigheaded, psychotic hybrid learn his lesson for once in his life. 

Basically she was going to visit Enzo. Without telling him.  Which wasn’t the super cataclysmic death defying revenge that the witches currently were concocting but it served many purposes. 

1) Klaus hated Enzo with a passion that burned in his soul even though she’d described to him at least a 1000 times that they were just friends and nothing was ever going to happen between them.

2) His stupid control thing, where he’s not in control and freaks out. 

3) He won’t know where she is? Which ties in to number 2. 

4) Did she mention #1?

Sure she loved the idiot, but every once in a while he needed a solid reminder that she was Caroline Forbes, not some blonde bartender who thought she had a particular relevance over than serving as her replacement. 

She. Was. Queen. 

And someone needed a little reminder of that.  

Now the only thing to do was leave in the morning.  Her bag was packed, her tickets bought, and in a few days she’d be rubbing Klaus ridiculously attractive face into the fact that though he liked to act like it HE DID NOT OWN HER.
She undid the belt of her silk robe, letting it gape open and then slither off of her shoulders to a pool on the bathroom floor. The heavy brass knob squeaks as she reaches forward and turns it on, the rush of hot water pouring against the ancient porcelain loud enough to drown out her thoughts of revenge.  Palming her phone in her hand and waiting for the water to fill she clicks on the icon for her music, ignoring the six unread text messages staring back at her and pulling on the tendrils inside of her that wanted to talk to him. 

She might be out for revenge, and done with his shit, and furious at him for being an idiot, but he was still her husband who was currently on another continent and well…she kind of missed him a little bit. 

The lilting cadence of Florence and the machine begins to echo around the massive room and pleased with her choice she sets the phone on the large tray holding her soaps.  With one perfectly arched foot she takes a step over the rung letting the water engulf her as she sinks down.  The heat seeps into her undead skin, giving her the warmth that she still remembered from her life. The tub is cool against her shoulders, but as she settles herself in and her body begins to adjust to the temperature she sinks lower. 

Time slips away as she let’s herself daze, it starts with a simple thread of thought. The glory of her planned punishment for his actions, how he would be begging her for her forgiveness at his foolishness.  It wasn’t long before it twisted, and morphed into a nagging hollowness in her navel.  
Klaus. So maybe she kind of missed him a lot. 

And maybe she kind of wished that he was there with her.  His chest wide, perfectly contoured to her body as he pressed against her back, arms looped loosely around her waist as he spoke endearments into her skin.  He loved bathing with her, loved washing her skin, holding her close in the heated water, making love to her as the water sloshed over the side, splatting loudly to the tile floor.  The splashing water and their desperate moans the only sound surrounding them as they lost themselves to bliss. 

It honestly didn’t matter where that man had sex, he was a god. 

And he knew it too. 

The smug bastard. 

But it was more than just his sexual prowess that she craved at that moment.  It’s his silent presence as she lay next to him in their bed.  To listen to the steady rhythm of his breaths.  Waking up with his arm slung over the small of her back and his face mashed into her pillow.  The husky sound of his voice in the morning which she literally couldn’t resist if she tried.  They had spent 15 years together now, with little time apart, and well… she didn’t think she’d ever get used to it. 

Did it make sense that she was going on an unannounced holiday without him then? 


Sometimes she was a hypocrite.  At least she admitted it. 

Howl started to sound around her and at first she swayed to the music before realizing that it wasn’t the next song at all, but the repetition of her phone ringing.
Klaus’s ringtone to be exact.  Her heart thumped in her chest.  

Should she? 

Swiping her thumb across the screen she brought it to her ear.  “I see you’re still alive.” She said tartly in lieu of a greeting. 

“Are you disappointed sweetheart?” 

“Kind of yeah.” 

“Now don’t be cross with me love. It was…” 

She broke across him.  “If you say it was for my own protection I will literally murder you.” 

“Impossible, you know I can’t be killed.” 

Caroline closes her eyes as she listens to him with her vampire hearing over the phone.  A door clicked shut behind him and she could hear the shuffling as something got tossed lightly onto what sounded like wood.  He was probably back in his room by now. Some elaborately posh place that he owned for like three hundred years and had a ornately carved balcony that he would spread her across and make love to her till she screamed his name. 

That might have been their honeymoon.  The memories trickled over her, her hand slipped under the water trailing down the valley between her breasts. The sound of his voice heightening the arousal she had already felt prior to answering the call. 

“Caroline.  You know how I feel about you putting yourself in danger.” 

“Yes Klaus, we’ve had this argument a hundred times. It’s not your decision to make.  We’re supposed to be partners and you just leave me behind like I’m some fluffy little puppy that’s afraid of its own shadow. Which I am not.”
“I know you are capable of handling yourself.  I do. It’s just…” 

She could not handle this right now.  She stood, the water sluicing down her as she hoisted herself out of the bath tub. 

“Was that water?” Klaus asked as she bundled a thick towel around herself and walked towards the door connecting the bedroom. 


“I’m assuming since it’s raining outside you were in the bath?” Her eyes skirted to the windows to see the heavy droplets of Louisiana rain. She rolled her eyes, a traitorous smile breaking across her lips. 

“Does your stalking have any boundaries? Like any at all?” 

He gave her a husky laugh and it slithered through her like electricity, shocking her straight to her groin.  Moisture began to pool there and she resisted the urge to moan, or scream in frustration, or whatever. 

“A warm bath on a stormy night.  I prefer to watch you bathe in the moonlight, your skin positively radiates under the light of the moon.  I wish that I was there.”
She picked up her jacket from one of the chairs, tossing it to the side.  

“Well you’re not so…” 

“Was your hair up while you were bathing? I love it when  your hair is pinned, you have one of the most sinfully elegant necks I’ve ever seen love, It’s pure decadence against my tongue.” 

She halted as she began to sink into the chair.  Was he really doing what she thought he was doing? 

She grinned as she caught her reflection in the mirror.  Using her free hand  she untucked the edge of her towel from her breasts and let it hit the floor.  The cool air caused her nipples to pucker slightly and she resisted the urge to audibly gasp at the sensation. 

“No. But I’m going to put it up right now.” 

“You look marvelous either way sweetheart, I’m just remarking that it makes it easier for me to access your ears.” It was like she could feel it, could feel his teeth dragging along the shell of the ear his voice was filtering through.  Her breathing grew heavier.  She reached to the top of the dressing table winding her hair up and securing it with a messy clip.  

“You ears are so sensitive.  Sometimes, I think that my tongue in your ear could make you come.” 

Oh my god this was really happening. 

She hummed, trailing her free hand over her abdomen, looking at herself reflected in the thick glass. 

“Something I’ve longed to try, perhaps I shall upon my return.” 

Her hand wandered up, over one of her breasts squeezing it.  She willed her mind into thinking it was his hands caressing her body. 

“Not likely.  I’m mad at you remember.” 

“That’s right, what can I do to acquit myself.” She didn’t answer, just let her hand wander across herself.  She pinched the nipple between her fingers and a breathy sigh escaped her at the sharp pleasure jolting through her.  He continued, his silky voice weaving her into a hazy dream.  “I’d touch you.  Softly at first.  On your breasts, your thighs, the sweep of your back.  I’d touch you until you begged me to touch you where you really wanted it.” 

She kneeded her flesh harder.  The phone was becoming a bit counterproductive. She took it from her ear. Her eyes scanning around until they landed on their bed.  She padded across the carpeted floor crawling on the counterpane and sinking into the thick feathers pressing the speaker phone button and laying it next to her head.  She could smell him there, his heavy scent lingering against the sheets.  It surrounded her, adding to the fantasy he was weaving her with ever whisper of his velvet voice. 

“I love your skin.  It’s the most exquisite work of art I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.  You come alive when I touch you love.   When you’re arching underneath me.  Begging for me.  It’s a power that I’ve never known before.  The power to give you that kind of pleasure.  The power to make you sing.” 

Her back arched slightly off the bed, her hands leaving her breasts slowly, molding over her curves, floating down her body. Klaus didn’t stop.
“I’d touch you until you needed more.  Until you’re whole body was drawn so tight that it was painful to continue on without relief.” 

Her fingertips traced the tops of her thighs, dancing over the silken skin.
“And then I’d kiss you.  I’d kiss you until you were mad with need. Do you want that Caroline?” 

The way he said her name, it had never failed to DO things to her.  Now was no exception.  She tried to keep quiet. She really did. 

“Are you touching yourself sweetheart?” 

“Yes.” She panted softly.  His shuddering breath in her ear made her nipples tighten to painful peaks. 

Her hand feathered into the small smattering of curls between her thighs before they finally dipped into her dripping heat.  A moan of satisfaction dripped from her lips as she began to massage circles into her aching clit. His voice grew rough.  “And then when you couldn’t stand a moment more, I’d bring you to your feet…” 

Her breathing was getting sharper as her legs spilled out, opening herself to the room.  She felt empty, god why wasn’t he inside of her right now?
“Then I’d look you directly in the eyes, as I lowered myself to my knees before you.” 

More. She thought as her climax began to build inside of her.  Her mind constructed his face.  Of him kneeling before her, eyes blazing with unrepressed desire. The most powerful being in the world, The King, on his knees for her and her alone. 

“Then I’d taste you.” The sound that escaped her was between a yelp and a moan as the vision of his face pressed between her legs, his stubble scratching at her thighs as he tongued her.  Oh god she was getting close.  “There is nothing in the world as delectable as the taste of your cunt Caroline. I could spend hours between your legs. Worshipping you.” 

She pushed one finger inside of herself.    

It was coming.  It was coming fast. 

“But you’d have to look at me Caroline.  If you look away I’ll stop.  I want to watch you come.  I want to see you fall apart above me.” 

“Klaus.” She pleaded as she thrust another finger inside of herself, she’d lost control of her actions.  She was wild.  Her hips rolling of the bed. Her fingers fumbling for more.  Her loose hand pushing her breasts to relieve some of the tension wound inside of her. 

“Come for me sweetheart.” And she did.  She sobbed as her release swept her up and rode her over the peak.  The pleasure was acute, painfully blissful.  Masturbation had never been quite as intense of an experience as sex was, but this, this was more. Dazed she listened to his breathing until she heard his groan of his own release, her name spilling from his lips and around him.
It took a while for her to grasp her wits back about her.  Her heavy pants mixed with those of Klaus washing over her from over the phone. 

“I miss you.” He finally said his voice raw and filled with emotion.  She felt her heart squeeze. 

“I’m still mad at me you know.” 

He gave a tiny chuckle that made her skin hum and a smile tug at her lips. “I’ll make it up to you when I get home.” 

Her plan came full front to her mind. 

Well, maybe she had forgiven him a little bit.  Enough to tell him.
“You’ll have to wait. I’m leaving tomorrow.” 

“Caroline.” He growled, his voice laced with warning and suspicion.

“I’ll be back in a few weeks. But I want you to think about what you’ve done and if you ever do it again, you’ll be the one daggered in coffin.” And with that she picked up the phone and hit the end button. 

Her head fell to the side, her naked silhouette staring at herself in the mirror.  A satisfied smile broke across her face.  

He was probably losing his mind right now. 


Fics revealed on 13.12

I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas   for perhaps
Words: 10980
Summary: Harry can’t go home this Christmas to see his family and he’s kinda super sad about ti. He’s just not feeling the holidays this year, and the asshole who lies about him WILL NOT STOP PLAYING CHRISTMAS SONGS ON THE PIANO, seriously it is 2 on the morning and Harry has had enough.

Cold Days, Warm Hearts    for taggiecb
Words: 10472
Summary: “Do you want to decorate a Christmas tree?” Harry said, sounding shy as though he wasn’t sure how Louis would react.
Louis raised a sceptical eyebrow. “You have a Christmas tree?”
“Yeah. Mortimer.”
Louis raised both his eyebrows.
“He looks like a Mortimer.” Harry said, his eyes dancing. “Mor-tree-mer.” Harry said, and giggled.
Louis groaned at the terrible joke. He refused to be endeared. It was a lost cause though, because Louis could feel himself smile.
“That was really horrible, Harold.” Louis rolled his eyes, though he knew that his smile must’ve given him away. “I’ll help you decorate the tree if you don’t make any more bad jokes.”
Louis had resigned himself to spending his birthday, as well as Christmas alone in his shitty flat after a snow storm ruined his plans for going home. As it turned out, his hot-neighbour-Harry was spending Christmas alone too, and he readily accepted Louis’ offer to spend Christmas together. It turned out to be the best decision Louis had ever made.
Larry Christmas au ft. Mortimer the Christmas tree, Moira the cat with the stylish collar, and (not) very bro-y cuddles.

Joy That Fills Our Hearts And Makes Us See   for  YassNiall
Words: 4761
Summary: louis tomlinson isn’t one to make a fuss about his birthday, but the one time he lets a fuss be made, it’s all worth it.

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PSA for Kamigami no Asobi

I received some… Weird asks within 2 days and saw some stuffs going on around in the tag and the wiki and such. It might not be my place to say this but.

1. Kamigami no Asobi is a CERO-B game
- Even though it has some dark themes and some pushing down scenes /coughs/Baldr/coughs/, this game doesn’t have anything explict, which means no gore, no rape, no sex and so on.

2. It’s NOT a BL game
- Even though every god pair is gay at some point (this is broccoli we are talking about, just look at Utapri), this game is a OTOME game. It’s not a BL game, and does not have any BL end. (The fate end ties into the god’s story, it’s not a BL end)

3. Baldr is not a yandere
- yes, he might had acted possessive in the anime for just that 2 episodes, but he’s far from a yandere. Please read in-depth game reviews out there.

But you might say, hey! The anime is canon material too! But the problem is, the anime /is/ adapted /from/ the game, the original source. Which means things would be changed here & there to be fit into the anime. (Not only Baldr, Takeru’s a victim of this too) The anime is just a mere advertisement for the game.

Also a friendly reminder, always SOURCE any art you post & do NOT repost any edits or scans. This is basic respect to the artists, scanners and editors for their time & effort.

Feel free to add anymore points, and let’s all get along o/

She Was Made With A Purpose
Day 10/30

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

This Word from the Lord is a reminder to the children of Israel that even though they were in Babylonian captivity (and would be for seventy years), God still had a plan for them. Even though they were in a place where their hands were tied and hope of freedom was far away, God’s plan for them still remained. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that God has a plans to “prosper” and “not to harm” when we feel as if we are living in captivity. Maybe:

1. Your job just didn’t pay enough for you live comfortably and you’re always thinking about money
2. You have no idea how you’re going to through your next semester of college financially, or even emotionally or mentally
3. You feel like something (or someone) is missing in your life and you don’t know what
4. You are living at home with your purpose or with less-than-ideal living arrangements and you don’t know how to change it
5. You’re in a good place but you still feel like you could be doing so much better

In these moments, it can be easy to start to only think of where you are instead of where God wants you to be. He wants you to be in a place where you are trusting Him, even when you feel like your hands are tied. Even when you feel stuck and you’re not moving forward at work, at school, or any place in your personal life. Yes, there will be times where it seems like God’s plan for you is seventy years away and you can’t wait any longer, but what you have to remember is that God’s plan is so much more than just waiting around for exciting things to happen in your life, or waiting for your issues to sort themselves out. His plan for you was that you would be saved from your captivity through Jesus Christ (Romans 5:8). So even when you feel like your hands are tied and you’re not walking in your purpose, remember that in Christ, you are! Learn to find the joy and learn the lessons in where God has you today, knowing your future is already taken care of.

Biblical Context + Further Reading: Jeremiah 29:1-23
Frank Ocean's Album Is the Straw that Broke Universal Music's Back (and It May Get Him Sued)
In the end, Frank Ocean won, and walked away with his freedom and his money. Calculating those who lost, however, is a much more complicated equation.

In the end, Frank Ocean won, and walked away with his freedom and his money. Calculating those who lost, however, is a much more complicated equation.

Frank Ocean’s four-year sabbatical from the public eye following his 2012 album Channel Orange ended emphatically and dramatically last week with back-to-back releases: the visual album Endless, released as an Apple Music video stream via Def Jam/Universal Music Group; and the 17-song album Blond, released as an Apple exclusive a day later on Ocean’s own label, Boys Don’t Cry, without Def Jam’s – or Universal’s – involvement.

After an interminable wait (in music industry standards, at least), Ocean fulfilled his contractual obligations, sources tell Billboard, and increased his potential profit share from 14 percent to 70 percent of total revenues from Blond within a 24-hour period, seemingly pulling a fast one on the biggest music company in the world in the process. Def Jam and its parent Universal, stuck with an overshadowed visual album that isn’t for sale, and cut out of any revenue from the “proper” album that’s headed to the top of the charts on the strength of  225,000 to 250,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Aug. 25, were left with what amounts to a very long music video and without one of their marquee artists.

UMG chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge reacted swiftly by informing the heads of his labels that Universal was done with streaming exclusives on one platform and on a global basis, which has been at the center of the streaming services’ arms race in the last 18 months, though it remains unconfirmed whether or not Grainge’s policy change was a direct result of Ocean’s strategy behind Blond. But regardless, the damage was done.

Now, the question is, how did Ocean win this battle? Did he? And what does it mean for the other labels, streaming services and the industry at large?

In July, Billboard reported that Def Jam had spent as much as $2 million on recording costs for Ocean’s album, at the time thought to be called Boys Don’t Cry. Now it appears that Ocean, perhaps through an advance via his new deal with Apple (though one source suggests a separate, private benefactor), paid that amount back to Def Jam, absolving him of any recoupable claims from Def Jam/UMG and essentially buying Ocean his own recordings back. Ocean delivered Endless instead, fulfilling his deal and severing his contractual ties to the major.  

But to release another full-length, fully-realized album outside the label’s purview just 24-hours later is controversial, to say the least, and a source tells Billboard that while UMG hasn’t taken any legal action against Ocean or his team — yet — the label group may have grounds to do so.

For one, many record contracts are based on minimum-delivery clauses, meaning that if Ocean’s deal was just for two albums, he typically would have had to deliver them within a set time frame, and at a label-acceptable level of quality, in order to fulfill his contract. In addition, most recording contracts stipulate that a window of time during which an artist can’t release music on any other label, so as not to compete with the current project — in this case, DefJam’s Endless. By delivering Blond within just 24 hours, it raises the question of whether  Universal even knew it was coming – and what they could have done about it regardless.

The messy rollout is Def Jam’s third this year, following Rihanna’s leaked Antirelease via Tidal and Kanye West’s extended-streaming/eventual U-turn of a strategy for The Life of Pablo. But while both were rocky debuts, those two LPs at least went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200; with Ocean, Def Jam won’t even have that consolation.

That makes Grainge’s umbrage understandable, and paints Def Jam as a clear loser in the situation, with the company’s bottom line taking a tangible hit. But it doesn’t necessarily represent a coup for Apple Music, either, as the ire of the industry – and the biggest label in the world – turns toward the house that Jobs built. (Def Jam and Apple Music did not immediately respond to requests for comment.)

(continued at link)

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this is a bother, but I remember all the talk about a +1. Was that after TMH? That MM, Four, MitAM, and a +1 was when there was news that they signed a new contract? Or wa their contract always a 5 album +1? If so, do you think that a GH might come out in Nov when we "usually" expect a 1D album to drop? Would they have to do promo? Like, they would still be tied to Syco for X period to promo? Or would the album come out and they would be free from Syco at that point? Thank you!

This is new information to me, that’s a term I never thought to look into, but some outlets did refer to their “new contract” as being 2+1 (it wasn’t consistent though, some just said 3 album deal).

The first report of this new deal came just a couple of months after TMH. But it was just one article at the time. Then about 7-8 months later, after Midnight Memories had already been announced (and This is Us was being released), articles started coming out talking about the new 3 album deal. The implication was that it was 3 more albums after Midnight Memories, but I never found anything that confirmed that.

Like most deals, no ever ever gave specific information at all, just lots of chatter.

The one consistent thing in the chatter though was timing. The articles said things like “this new deal will keep One Direction busy through 2015 and probably into 2016.″  When I was trying to figure it out before, I assumed that meant that Midnight Memories WAS part of the “3 album deal” because continuing with one album per year would have meant the third album would be released late 2016, all the others had been, but the media reports didn’t ever say “through the END of 2016.”  So I figured the timing of “into 2016″ was just about promo responsibilities.

BUT if it was a 2+1 and the final album was a Greatest Hits (or similar) that they would not be required to actively promote, then all of those points align, including everyone on Team Simon talking about how the band was finished, done, kaput, nothing left to see here, please move on to Simon’s next big boyband that he hasn’t found yet.

I still don’t think this +1 (if that’s what we’re going to get, we still don’t know) means the beginning of another several months-to-a-year of stasis though. I think it will be the final FINAL thing and we’ll have new music from someone still in the band around three months following release.  

And I think shortly after this alleged +1, they’ll all be fully free.

Chances are good that Liam (or whomever) will not release their own album right at the same time, just because it’s really not cool to compete with your old band, y’know? Plus, it could make Liam’s sales look bad. After Zayn’s debut where he essentially proved that he only had 1/5 of the fandom on Team Zayn, I don’t know that Liam wants to show that he only has ¼ (I think he’ll do much better than that since he hasn’t alienated anyone in the fandom, but it’s still a real risk). And of course, there is likely to still be a time past that +1 in which they are contractually not allowed to release anything, but I doubt it’ll be a full year or we wouldn’t already have Capitol waving the Liam solo flag.

Considering that Simon & Co are pushing that the band has broken up, I don’t think there will be any band promotion for it. Releasing a GH and expecting them to promote it as a band would be… odd considering everything. Individual tweets, maybe, but actual promotion?  Highly unlikely.

What would be funny is if they did promote it as a group, but on their own terms. Like, using that as a way to show that they are in fact still a band, even as Syco is pushing it as a final bow. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

Anyway, until this theoretical album is released and until we see what they do for promotion - if anything - it’s all just possibilities.