though the wifi is really slow

OK listen to me— first of all, i know i need to step up my indie game and be more active but it’s just THAT i’ve been quite busy lately plus the company cut off my internet so i’ve been leeching off my neighbor’s wifi (the password was his birthday) for like, five days now and that’s why i’ve been really slow. i might start working on a bunch of open starters (+ character bios) on my free time though and post one or two soon.

secondly, i decided to drop the remaining starters in my drafts but feel free to come plot with me or whatever if you’re still interested in rping with me 

lastly, congrats you made it to the end of this shitty ass post, for now please LIKE and i’ll go through your opens. i’ll reply with a random muse (or message me if you have someone in mind). might take some time though but pls