though the rest of her is also lovely

you know who i’m so grateful for? amy santiago

  • firstly, she isn’t stereotyped at all but her culture isn’t ignored
  • despite her rule following and sucking up to her superiors she’s never been a killjoy and ruined things for the rest of the squad
  • she’s always been portrayed very much as jake’s equal, even though they’re so different, they’re still both super good at their jobs
  • she’s never just been a love interest, the show has given story lines outside of her relationship with jake and she has been allowed to grow and develop friendships with the other characters
  • her character development has been amazing. she was so concerned with impressing holt in s1 and now in s3 she’s become so great at standing up to him and making sure that he respects her as much as she respects him
  • she’s also become a lot more chill, without becoming, y’know, actually chill, probably thanks to her friendship/sister-in-law-hood with gina
  • she proves that you can be a nerd and be badass
  • she’s a disastrous chef and she doesn’t think that putting eIGHTEEN CUPS OF OREGANO in cooking is at all weird, what a dork
  • she outsmarted both jake and holt when they underestimated her also rosa called her an evil genius (because she fucking could be, okay)
  • she’s also really adorable and sometimes i find myself getting distracted by how pretty her face is

Soooo I tried to do an edit of Rosalya’s new character sprite with her old skin palette!  I feel like my edit’s a little shaky in some places (I’ve literally never done a palette swap before, oh gosh), but I did my best!

I can’t wait for the rest of the girls’ redraws! ♡ Chino’s art has come a really long way and I may have a little shading envy at this point.


The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.3 (Air)

 Gemini - James Potter

James is tall, has black hair which is always untidy and hazel eyes. He is also known as Prongs due to his animagus in form of a stag. James is definitely a true leader and a loyal friend, he shows this traits when he and the other marauders learned how to become Animagi in order to accompany Remus in the nights of the full moon when he transforms into a werewolf. James is also known as a trouble maker and is always involved in some sort of mischief. In addition to being adept at getting in trouble James is also exceptionally bright and is considered one of the smartest students in his year.  

Libra - Andromeda Black

Though she looks like Bellatrix Andromeda is nothing like her sisters, and never has been. Growing up was difficult for her as she really loves her family but did not believe in their prejudices. She manages to keep these feelings and thoughts hidden from the rest of the world. When she started dating Ted Tonks she lightened up and could be truly herself.  Most of the time Andromeda is a very kind and charming person but she also can hold her ground against even the toughest of opponents. She has a fierce attitude as well as a sensitive heart. Andromeda firmly believes that people should be judged by their heart and actions rather than their blood status.

Aquarius - Sirius Black

Sirius is definitely brave and bold with a thirst for adventure. He is a loyal friend so his animagus is a dog for a reason. He is a true Gryffindor which does not fit the standerts of the House Black. Moreover Sirius is rebelling against his family in order to uphold conviction of blood equality. He also put much effort into hanging Gryffindor banners all over his room at Number 12 Grimmauld Place to show that he is different from the Blacks. He is a real rule breaker and troublemaker just like his friend James. Sirius has the tendency to say what is on his mind and has a devil may care attitude about it.




  1. 1.reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness.


The light shone from the slightly open window and lit up the room. Though, in Joker’s opinion, nothing lit up the room more than the currently sleeping Harley Quinn. That’s just the sleep talking, he told himself. You’re awake,you idiot. 

Harley was smiling in her sleep and while part of him wanted to lie down next to her for the rest of her slumber, he also knew there was work to be done. He sighed and moved over to her side and shook her slightly, just enough to snap her out of her slumber. She looked drowsy and beautiful, “Puddin?” she mumbled and despite the fact that he was late and stressed, he couldn’t help but smile at his own sleeping beauty. 

“Baby, remember, we have that business meeting today,” he glanced down at his watch, “Ten minutes ago,” he muttered and she yawned. “It’s Saturday, Mistah J, let’s sleep in,” she coaxed, tugging off his jacket. He let out a sigh, he could never resist or deny her. Ever. “Don’t you wanna stay with me?” She was pouting and even he couldn’t help but lean down and kiss her, pressing a soft yet passionate kiss against her lips, she sighed happily.

“Fine. We’ll stay in. Only this once, Harley, we won’t be making this a regular thing. Understood?” He peeled off his shirt and went under the covers, holding her close to him. Harley shuffled closer and pressed another kiss to his lips, “Whatever you say, Daddy.” 

“You fucking minx,” he growled and she laughed, “Love you too, J,” He was screwed, he was so screwed. “I love you.” he mumbled, grinning when she shot up from the covers. “Did you just-” “Night baby, I thought you wanted to sleep in,” he teased.


Way to Attention

Summary: Jyn feels as if Cassian has been ignoring her because of work and gets a little carried with drinks one night. It leads to an interesting conversation in the morning and revelation that maybe she has much simpler means than passing out straight in his arms to get his attentions.

A/N: Response to @dogtorbones prompt, because she’s such an enabler. Anxious about characterization, but thought I’d share it anyway. Also @radiojamming come and look at the mess!! :D

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For people who do not know if they will see next day, Rebels sure party a lot. Or perhaps that’s exactly the reason why. Though ‘party’ is a mightily stretched term for groups gathering together in the makeshift cantina and drinking until they sing or drop. (Or both.)

Usually, Jyn does not join them, still feeling like there’s invisible wall between her and rest of the rebels. With equally invisible ink words 'Galen Erso’s daughter’ are written on it and she isn’t sure if there’s any door in this wall that would lead to them occupying the same space. Doesn’t really care to find it, either. She has her Rogue One team. That’s more than she could ever imagine.

But tonight she’s angry and either she will drink it away or punch it out of her system. Probably the latter. It’d be best if she could hit Draven, for making Cassian so busy he has been basically ignoring her for a week now while she’s forced to sit back and do nothing. Baze and Chirrut have each other for endless bickering and Bodhi’s busy learning to be X-Wing pilot, but no one is teaching her that, as she’s too unpredictable in field.

Bantha assholes. Every last of them.

So, if she can’t touch their precious ships, she’s at least going to peruse their booze collection. Especially since this is a larger gathering they’re all suggested to attend. Even Cassian is here, in middle of small crowd, most likely discussing something work related. The bottle in his hand looks half empty, not that she’s checking or anything.

Jyn downs another glass (or two) of something sweet and suddenly, he’s by her side. “Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Cassian asks with a frown she wants to slap off his face. Who gave him right to-to…

The thought floats away, as does lights and the next thing she’s aware of is metal ceiling above her and dryness in her mouth that would make Jedha jealous.

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Avatar Actor AU

After seeing the actor au for Voltron and @avatarsymbolism and I’s conversation, I decided to make one for ATLA:

  • The cast is one big happy family
  • Sokka and Katara are brother and sister, while Zuko and Azula are not (though they act like it)
  • Katara never auditioned for her part and had never acted before but when she went in to read lines with Sokka, the directors loved her so much they casted her on the spot
  • Toph is actually blind and her scripts are all written in braille 
  • Both Aang and Toph are child actors and Iroh is the most well known. The rest (excluding Katara) all dabbled in having minor parts on other shows
  • The cast keeps an “honor count” to see how many times they can get Zuko to say honor on set (it’s well past 100)
  • They also have a war to see who can mess up the most while filming
  • The special effects team loves to play jokes on the cast too. When Zuko pretends to firebend, farting sounds come out instead. Safe to say everyone dies laughing
  • After their first kiss on screen, Sokka and Suki started to date off set
  • Aang adopted a dog and cat, naming them Appa and Momo respectively
  • At comic con, Toph loves to spread around rumors when asked questions
  • And as a joke at comic con, they like to cosplay a different character from the show, ie. Zuko as Sokka, Katara as Azula….
  • Zuko and Azula have to wear contacts. Her eyes are brown, while his are blue
  • Even after the show ended, everyone stayed great friends and hang out regularly for coffee and tea
  • Also, under heavy make up, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Toph all guest starred as their older selves on Legend of Korra

@brianiswikyd: “First of all, dammit, why did it have to be Brian? Making a bad name for the rest of us out here.

Seriously though, I have a daughter who has just turned 10. She loves the default expected female role for most things: pink, submissive, dainty, princesses, feelings. I encourage most of that in her because that’s who she is. She also loves Batman, Justice League, Pathfinder, and swinging swords at people. I encourage all of that in her just as much, if not more.

I took her to GeekGirlCon in 2015 to get her into the community, and to see if STEM interested her at all. It didn’t, but holy shit did she love the artist booths, the comic booths, the Cosplay competition…

Her grandfather (my side) has told me several times not to spur her on with comics and gaming because it’s a toxic place for girls. He’s the same person who expects my mom to do all of the cooking and yells about my ex-wife swearing because it’s not ladylike. I feel that if I tell her to avoid things because of what people will think about her, I go against the upbringing she’s had where she’s free to explore anything without worrying about how I’ll react. Women and girls have shaped so much of the world, why should I stop her from experiencing it? To protect her?

That’s not how things work. Hiding your daughters from the ugliness does nothing but leave them ill prepared for how to respond. She has learned by the age of 10 that you don’t have to put up with people’s bullshit. You don’t have to bend to the opinions of others. If you enjoy what you’re doing, and you aren’t hurting anyone (or breaking any laws, tentatively), there’s no reason to stop. She’s empowered, not because I can’t feminist slogans at her, but because she’s learned from a young age that she matters as much as anyone else.

I’m sure how I’m raising her will make teenage years tough on me, but I think she will be better than me, and I hope she can pass it on to another generation and they’ll be better than her.”

I agree with you that we shouldn’t shelter our girls by preventing them from pursuing their interests.  The fact is, you can’t protect your daughters from sexism; they’re going to experience it no matter what.  But you can raise them to have the strength and support they’ll need to handle the challenges. 

The gaming community can be very toxic, but ultimately games have been an incredibly empowering force in my life.  I wouldn’t trade this passion of mine for anything.

How The RFA Cuddles You


-Saeyoung loves having you within kissing distance
-He’s just so affectionate and gentle when he hold you
-Loves to play with your hair
-CANT GE ENOUGh of your head in the crook of his neck


-L I T T L E   S P O O N
-kisses your hand a lot
-lives for the kisses on the back of his neck
-also loves feeling your breath on his neck
-all around softie for cuddles



-holds you so tightly 

-you feel so safe in his embrace

-he rests his chin on your head it’s so cute

-your legs are often tangled with his

-don’t move your butt…or do 😏 


-She isn’t very big on being too engulfed (claustrophobic!!)
-she likes to have you close to her side though
-constantly plays and draws on your hand
-kisses your forehead like a little princess


-insists you lay on him
-loves to feel your weight on him, makes him feel calm
-kisses your neck and shoulder a million times
-rubs your back softly as you sleep
-loves when you have on hand on his chest

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I just found out that my family has acquired a kitten that looks a little like Orochimaru. She has white eye markings exactly like Orochimaru's though the rest of her fur is a dark grey. She's also already incredibly spoilt, tiny and exhibits the usual madcap insanity of kittens. Alas, she's already named, but I'm mentally thinking of her as Oro and I just need to hug her and squeeze her and encourage her to acquire many smol murder children/kittens as part of her legacy. Help. Cute!kitten!Oro!

ADORABLE. That sounds like a beautiful and lovely kitten and I wholeheartedly approve.  💕

“What’s the big deal? You’re so touchy!”

“The BIG DEAL is that it’s MINE.”

I also got “Hey! Don’t pull so hard, you’re gonna rip it!” but then they overlap and Luna yells and I can’t make out the rest.

Rei’s VA has this delightful way of yelling by way of emphasis instead of volume, though, at least so far, AND I MAY LOVE HER.

Just a flyby to talk about my two favorite parts of tonight’s ep before I leave and don’t get lost in tons of meta. I’m preferring to bask in my enjoyment of the ep before it’s reduced to tiny tiny very valid and thoughtful points.

When Castiel said that he loved them, all of them, he couldn’t look any of them in the eye. Throughout the rest of the speech, he looked them each in the eye, alternately. That one part, though, he couldn’t. This is def. my Destiel eyes, but I feel it’s because he couldn’t bring himself to tell Dean directly that he loved him.

At the end, when Mary laid into Ketch, she said that one of her boys almost died. Castiel is the only one that almost died.  AOMFGDHGFPIOGU SGFD Castiel is one of her boys!!!!!! giof ajbgk djfi;obvc

Also…okay, three favorite parts, I lied. Ketch sure as fuck was afraid of Mary Winchester. Hells yeah!!!

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Why do peebee get so much hate? She's so cute and sassy, and i already love her even before playing the game, why do you think she gets so much hate?

oh god I know… Honestly all I’m getting is that people don’t want “another Liara” where she is kind of favoured by developers and shoved in your face more than other characters. I can see how people would have felt that with Liara (I still love her though fight me) but I am not getting those vibes from these trailers from Peebee. She got the first reveal of any of the crew but ever since then she has had kind of equal screen time with other crew members as they have slowly been revealed so that worry should really be put to rest imo???

There are also the few het men who pretty much hate her because she’s “ugly” but that doesn’t compute with me??????????? shes??? cute???? fuck off????? And even if she’s not the most beautiful character in someones opinion, is that a reason to hate her????? no????? fuck off?????

Y'all hoes gotta chill k, game ain’t out. Get mad when you’ve played it and the faults are actually evident and stuff. Until then, imo just hold off on the hate.

I have worries but I’m not letting them get to me unless they actually happen *cough* het vetra *cough*

This has been a PSA by Lisa

Yaminah Callidora - Eldarya Guardian

After like 6 months, I finally created my Eldarya OC. I deserve a gold sticker. Anywhoo, here is my Eldarya Guardian, Yaminah Callidora.

Name: Yaminah Callidora
Age: 20
Species: Banshee
Guard: Shadow

Personality: Yaminah has a very relaxed and laid-back personality. Her demeanor compliments this, being informal in the presence of superiors and colleagues alike. She also is very quick-witted and sharp-tongued though, she is also very kind and loving to her friends and colleagues. Minah is also very curious about her surroundings since she was sheltered by her family for most of her life. There are often times when she is mistaken for being a cold and intimidating person due to her expression; resting bitch face syndrome. While she doesn’t mean to come off being like that upon first look, Yaminah can’t help but have the expression. Although, a majority of the time Yaminah tends to goof off and tease those around her for her own enjoyment or the enjoyment of those around her.

Background: Yaminah was born and raised on an island far from the City of Eldarya that was known for having a small village of renowned Banshee Heralds. However, Banshees were often kidnapped and taken as captives or used due to their powerful abilities, which is why the last majority of Banshees were exiled onto the island far from El. When Yaminah was ten years old, she received her first “Death Call”; a Banshee scream that not only indicates that someone is going to die but also proof that the person is a Banshee Herald. Upon discovering that their daughter was a Banshee, they decided to keep her under close watch and not let her wander from the village too far. 

On the eve of her 20th birthday, Yaminah was sleeping when she suddenly started sleep-walking towards the forest near her village. Her parents soon realized she was gone and searched around the island for her. Yaminah found herself drawn to a fairy ring deep in the forest and when she stepped into the ring, she suddenly found herself in a new surrounding. She wandered the forest shrieking until she found herself face-to-face with the Eldarya Guards who were investigating the screams. They took her to see Miiko, who was surprised to see a Banshee, since coming face to face with a Banshee was very rare.

They all agreed that until finding a way back to the Banshee village, they’ll keep Yaminah within the City of El so that she would at the very least be safe.

((That’s all the basic info on her but I’ll post more info about her in another post~))

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Ardyn looks over at her. He didn’t care if others hated him, he was use to it, even enjoyed the paranoia, but sometimes, it also still hurt. So when his wife walked into his office he slowly looks up and blinks in a bit of surprise. She, wanted him to join her today. Slowly he rests back into his chair and raises a brow. “…Oh?”

、:*:。.:*:・’ ☾ ・‥…                         It was a day to remember and celebrate with those who you loved and cared for, time and time they have been together she great to enjoy the married life even though he may have his doubts on it. With only and ‘Oh’ to slip it made her laugh while stepping closer to rest against the desk.

   ❝Oh? Now come, there is more to
     that you would wish to speak I’m
     certain. Not to mention leaving
     from behind the desk for just this
     once am I right?❞

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1. One of my puppies- Penny- was a one-eyed pirate for most of her life. Perfectly healthy otherwise though!

2. I have Italian roots, and I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy. 

3. My favorite T.V. shows are obviously Criminal Minds and Teen Titans, though I also love Friends and Parks and Rec.

4. I love pineapple on pizza. Don’t even care, judge me!

5. If it wasn’t for health issues, I could gladly subsist on coffee for the rest of my life.

6. I’ve been through at least twenty different states while traveling in the U.S.

7. Another travel destination of mine is England. 

8. The only thing I can cook is pasta, but I do it damn well.

9. I’ve only been to the beach twice in my entire life, and I really want to go back in the summer when it’s warm.

10. My favorite author is Stephen Kings- horror novels are my life. 

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Okay, watched the second episode of Riverdale and it looks like they’re framing Archie’s relationship with Grundy in a more negative way after all. He still romanticizes it, but she was clearly manipulating him in that music room scene and Jughead called her out for it, too. It’s still incredibly painful and cringe worthy to watch but that gave me a bit more hope for how they might handle the storyline. Also I’m still loving how much Betty’s friendship means to Veronica, like she literally equated Betty not wanting to be friends with her as missing the “train to the rest of her life,” which is so intense??? And Archie!!!! Talking to Jughead again!!!! Jughead looking out for Archie even though he insists they’re not friends anymore, because he’s mad, but he still cares. And him telling Archie they aren’t going to hug it out in front of the school so they’ll just nod at each other and bottle up their emotions like guys do. Oh, and I also loved Archie reminiscing about his childhood with Betty, like she didn’t want him to be held back a year so she tutored him in reading in the second grade??? I mean, there’s problematic stuff in this show still but good lord the friendships in this show are, like, friendship goals honestly. And I miss seeing really nice friendships in shows. But also wtf did they find out during Jason’s autopsy??? I need to know.

Wrong (Josh Diaz x Reader)

request: @amayathatsme asked, “Hi I was wondering if you could do a Josh Diaz imagine wair the reader is part of the chimera pack and she is best friendes with josh but once they come back to life their feelings change you right the rest make it long please. Thanks!”

A/N. Thank you darling for the request, i absolutely loved writing this! The reader is the same chimera as in the dragon series: half dragon, half banshee. Just so everyone knows. Also, her really shitty sword skills are based on my dear friend, @chuchoteh, who can’t twirl a lightsaber to save her life. Love you Mackenzie!  Please note, translations were made using google translate. If you know a better translation, please let me know. its sort of a random phrase though so whatever. I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you guys like it! And it’s long, as requested, so enjoy!

You tapped your pen against the table, feeling the constant buzzing under your skin like an itch you couldn’t scratch. You flicked your fingers, letting the flames dance across your palms, and it relieved some of the tension.

“Hey freak.”

The ball of fire in your chest pulsed hot with excitement, and you hid your smile. “Hey ugly.”

Josh flicked the back of your head and sat down beside you, pulling out a textbook from his bag. “My mom’s making quesadillas and wondered how many she should make for you.”


He laughed. “You’re going to eat four whole quesadillas all by yourself?”

“Oh come on!” You protested. “You always eat like half the food on my plate. So it’s only really like two.”

“Yeah okay.” He snorted and shocked your side.

It has the wrong effect, sending a wave of what could only be described as tingling pleasure jolting through you. You jumped to your feet, a heated blush spreading across your face, and you mumbled some stupid excuse before running into the kitchen and sticking your head in the fridge.

You sighed, resting your head against one of the cold shelfs and squeezing your eyes shut. What the hell was the matter with you? He was your friend. That was all. Why were you getting all tingly every time he walked into the room?

The two of you had been friends since you were seven. You had been in the hospital, recovering from your lung transplant, and this obnoxious Brazilian kid had wandered into your room and told you you looked like merda (shit). You told him you most certainly did not and that he looked like a bunda de cavalo (a horse’s butt). Once he learned that you spoke Portuguese too he sat down on your bed and asked where you were from. You talked for an hour after that. He told you about how there was something wrong with his heart. You told him about your procedure, and how it wasn’t really that bad.

When his mother finally found him, cuffing him hard on the back of the head and scolding him in Spanish, he told her that he wanted your help with his surgery, and your parents exchanged contact information. You’d been inseparable ever since. When Josh finally got a match, at age 13, you were sitting beside his mother through the whole surgery, holding her hand and telling her he would be okay.

You had been the one to hide him in your room when he had gotten just a little too high, and scolded him fiercely, as someone born with lung problems, for putting that shit into his body. He’d told you how he felt like there was something wrong with him, that they’d done something wrong when they’d given him his new heart. He said he was always numb, and the only time he felt anything was when he was high. So you helped him as he experimented, figuring out just how much he could take. You couldn’t count the number of times you’d let him crash at your house to sleep off a hangover or a drug-induced vomiting fit. (It was five. Five times you had to clean up his puke from your bathroom.)

There has never been any romantic feelings towards him. Ever. He was always just Josh, your awkward best friend.

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Well, I mean how this blog was very active. Those were pretty great years.

Aahh, yes. That’s strange to hear, i’m not very used to people saying they actually like when i’m active here. (Or that they enjoy it, but it does make me happy that a few people have told me because of my blog they either went from hating/feeling nothing towards Gum to loving her)

  Lately it’s been difficult to make time for even my personal art. Been really busy with an intense session in college. Next semester i should have more breathing room for art. This is my last week of classes though, then i get a two week break.

This also ended up with a long explanation for shit. so i’m putting the rest under a cut.

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