though the it clearly doesnt look as good as the book


Character Design is an important part of any movie, but few use it to map out character design as well as Howl’s Moving Castle

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Rainy Coffee Runs (1/2) [Lee Jihoon]

whoops this was supposed a different scenario but it turned into cafe encounters. this is how you meet woozi, part 1 of 2, next part will continue the relationship!

|sometimes, making coffee runs wasn’t so bad.

word count: 1312 words

Read Part 2/2 [Here]~

  • your apartment mates are coffee addicts, and you’re often the loser of games that result in you having to make coffee runs
  • which, isn’t so bad, because at least you can also run to the convenience store if you need to
  • however
  • some nights it doesn’t play in your favor because weather can be pretty unpredictable
  • the most recent incident is what changed things
  • after losing another game of rock paper scissors, you had to leave in a rush because your roommates had warned you of an oncoming storm
  • so of course, you wanted to get that coffee and get home
  • but of course, your usual coffee shop is closed that night
  • so you have to make the run across a few blocks to another one that you’ve been to a few times
  • by the time you get there, clouds have rolled in, and for the most part it looks like the cafe has a few people hanging around
  • tiredly greeting the barista, you pay for your houses’ drinks and wait
  • you’ve set a few of your things on the counter, like your keys and phone, white you look around the shop
  • y’know, because you gotta wait 
  • and you happen to notice that among the people in the show, one guy has colorful dyed hair
  • he’s sitting at his computer, a pair of ear buds in his ear
  • and you can’t help but stare a bit, because, wow, florescent hair
  • it’s actually a white/blonde but in the light it looks like its glowing
  • but when you make eye contact with him
  • oh no no, not eye contact
  • he raises his eyebrows at you
  • as if he expected you to recognize him
  • but man is his stare piercing
  • flushed, you turn away and grab your orders
  • and book it the heck out of there
  • lets be real, the guy at his laptop was really cute
  • but
  • you didn’t want to say anything
  • you didn’t recognize him but did he recognize you
  • with the coffees in hand, you make your way back to your apartment
  • you’re really lucky because when you get back the skies open up
  • so you’re dry and the coffee hasn’t gotten watered down
  • all you gotta do is unlock the door and —
  • the door
  • shit
  • you left your keys at the shop
  • so after banging on the door, your roommates let you in
  • of course theyre very confused when you shove the coffee into their hands and go running off into the rain
  • how could you have left your keys
  • and you didn’t think twice about it raining
  • so you have to run a couple blocks again
  • halfway there though, you’re pretty much out of energy
  • so you finally arrive back at the coffee shop, thoroughly soaked
  • so you’re freezing, but hey, at least you’re back
  • the barista is looking at you like “wtf”
  • and so is computer guy
  • “I’m sorry i didn’t mean to leave my keys are they still here??” you ask
  • you didn’t want to admit that computer guy had startled you and that’s why you left it
  • “oh, your friend over there was going to bring them to you”
  • ?????
  • none of your friends were here
  • but computer guy was clearly packing up to leave
  • you make eye contact with him again, and you’re mesmerized
  • “You, um, you left your keys.”
  • of course you know that but you dont know how you know this guy
  • “um… do I…?”
  • its awkward at first, you both kind of fidget
  • “oh, um…”
  • he holds your keys out to you
  • “you i.d badge for your work, it was, its on the lanyard. i was going to drop it off there, its on my way back home.”
  • “oh, that’s… thank you.”
  • so you awkwardly take your keys from him, and now you’re both just standing there
  • so, you gotta ask him
  • “Have we met?”
  • and he looks startled by that question
  • “No, i don’t think so.”
  • “Oh, I’m…”
  • awkward
  • “I’m Jihoon.”
  • “I’m (Y/N)…”
  • and you think about it, and ask another question
  • “Can i repay you some how? I’d be screwed if i had lost this” you ask him quietly
  • which shocks him, because he’s shaking his head again
  • and you’re just kind of in awe bc wow this dude is cute
  • “It’s okay.” he tells you, and he’s shuffling his laptop closer to him.
  • “please, let me do something…”
  • “Ah, no, really…”
  • he takes a look at you, wrapping his headphones around his hand
  • “Are you sure, i insist.” your adamant about it, like, your phone and keys are essential
  • and this guy seems pretty nice, even if he’s awkward
  • “I…” he pauses, shuffling. “Okay.”
  • You smile happily, despite being soaking wet and freezing.
  • By now he’s noticed you’re shivering and he knows its still pouring out and so do you
  • so you’re soaking wet, it’s still pouring outside
  • so what are you to do??
  • another look at Jihoon and you find yourself smiling again
  • “alright, meet me here again tomorrow night! i’d get your number but my phone is probably gonna be dead when it gets soaked.”
  • sheepishly, you wave to him,  ready to head home
  • “Wait,”
  • you find it odd that the rain isn’t falling on your head
  • turning, you find that jihoon’s opened his umbrella over your head
  • “here, hold this.” he’s very blunt, but you take the handle
  • “I’ll… i’ll walk you home…” he’s quiet again, and is shuffling
  • as you go to tell him that you’ll be fine, you feel something warm draped over your shoulders
  • “you look like you’re freezing.” he mumbles, and isnt looking you  directly in the eye
  • you smile again, handing him umbrella back, and he just, stands there
  • “lets go then.”
  • so, underneath the umbrella, the two of you end up getting to know each other on the walk home
  • even though he’s a quiet kind of guy, you find out that he’s really into music
  • “so, like an idol right?”
  • he seems shocked by that question, almost dropping the umbrella
  • “I figured, you seemed shocked when i saw you earlier, plus, you were kind of hiding in the corner of the shop.” 
  • “oh, uh…”
  • jihoon looks at you with a confused look in his eyes
  • you didn’t want to bother him with anything, especially if he really was, but he had been the one who was going to return your keys
  • “its okay, if you really dont want me to repay you, i wont. i understand, you know, idol stuff…”
  • “no!!” he kinda yells, but  then stops. “its okay, no one bothers me there. its… its right near pledis.”
  • “tomorrow night then?”
  • as the two of you reach your apartment, you go to give him his jacket back
  • “just…” he pauses, looking at you, who is still sopping wet but smiling, offering to give him his peace this late at night
  • “i’ll meet you tomorrow. hold on to the jacket.”
  • and so jihoon awkwardly pats you on the back, ushering towards the door
  • “i’ll, uh, get your number then too..”
  • thats if he decides youre not crazy, which you certainly seemed normal
  • “thank you, jihoon.”
  • and its your bright smile you give him even though you’re clearly tired and cold, that makes him not regret his decision
  • “good night (y/n). sleep well”
  • he wants to tell you not to get sick but he also doesnt want to seem, like, doting or super duper caring
  • and so he leaves you to let yourself in, not wanting to be seen by your roommates
  • and its as he leaves, waving awkwardly, that you see the glint of silver on his pinky
  • “good night jihoon…”
#204 - For crazed-abstractionists & anonymous x2

Filling the prompt “van said to the girl he loves her a few times and always expect her to say it back but she doesnt since she never said it to anyone. so he has a panic attack bc he thinks she doesnt love him back (in the end theyre good and she loves him ofc)” and “something about van and the lads going into a fancy restaurant and meeting reader who is a server and just like cute stuff and flirting and leaving a big fat tip with his number written on the check”

Note: Shoutout to @crazed-abstractionists for the constant likes and reblogs, and especially the little comments on posts. You’re an A+ supporter!

The restaurant was frequented by the rich and famous. It only took a couple of weeks of working there for the novelty of that to wear off. You theorised that the rich stayed rich because they were so cheap; they didn’t tip any more than regular people. And, the famous stayed that way by not associating with the (gasp!) lower class. Okay, so, it was a generalisation, but for all the recognisable people that had come through the doors, you’d not served many that stood out as remotely human. The only exceptions were Ewan McGregor, and Olly Alexander from Years and Years. They had both been kindness and grace and good tippers. The rest though, fuck ‘em.

It was for this reason that you loved when record executives would bring messy bands in for fancy dinners. They always looked uncomfortable, and sometimes they would do everything they could to undermine the bourgeois atmosphere of the room. Always the highlight of a shift. So, when Catfish and the Bottlemen walked through the door and followed you to a table, your hopes were high. 

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For those ships not only Bughead but Cole/Lili as well.

What if Cole and Lili were together in real life?

Lili has known from the very beginning to not let the hate comments bother her. She knew that clearly when she signed up for this. Her life isnt exactly private anymore since it was announced that she was going to be in Riverdale. Even from the very beginning, her manager already informed her that there will be haters and different mixed opinions, she knew that but that doesnt mean that it still couldnt get to her.

“Oh god, this is getting way outta hand.” She murmured when she found twenty more hate comments that was she was tagged in.

Ewwww b*ghead sucks. @lilireinheart @colesprouse

THEY DONT HAVE CHEMISTRY! Please dont let them be endgame! @riverdale @lilireinheart

There were alot more hate comments much worse than what she has read, some were saying she wasnt pretty enough for Cole so thats why they aint got chemistry, some were just downright hateful towards their team up which made her feel very upset and confused.

Lili scrolled down, as much as it upsets her, it seems like she could not stop reading. She was so engrossed with what she has reading that she did not notice someone coming in her house.

She yelped when she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist but immediately relaxed when she turned to see who it was.

“Damn it Cole, you scared me.” She exhaled, placing a hand over her heart which was beating like crazy.

The raven haired actor smirked and gave her a small kiss on the nose, noting how cute she looked.

“What ya doin?” Cole asked when he noticed her holding her phone.

Lili realising that she still had her twitter opened, she locked her phone and threw it on a sofa nearby.

“Nothing.” Lili denied but did not sound convincing enough for Cole to believe her.

“ I could read you like a book Lil so quit lying and tell me whats going in that that pretty head of yours.”

Using his hands, he grabbed her waist and turned her towards him making their bodies pressed against each other and placed his hands on the small of her back.

She knew better than to lie to him so she took deep breaths before looking into his green eyes and placing her hands on his chest.

“I-I have been reading some comments in twitter and-” she silenced by Cole immediately knowing what it was all about.

“Baby, what did I tell you about reading those tweets?”

She looked down sheepishly, “To not.”

Lili heard him sigh and used his fingers to lift her chin up and look him in the eye.

“There are always going to be hate on the internet everywhere. We cant let it affect us.”

Lili wanted to argue, “But the fans, they dont want us to be together on screen. They’re sending us so much hate-”

“And most of them are also sending us love. Seriously have you checked your tumblr or instagram lately?” Cole chucked but continued.

“Don’t focus on the people who do nothing but hate and appreciate those who appreciates our work.”

Lili knew that Cole was right, “Yeah you’re right. I’m just a little overwhelmed but yes I’ll focus more on the positive feedbacks.”

Cole smiled and gave her a kiss which made Lili’s toes curl and felt him whisper against her lips, “I missed you.”

She smiled and pulled away from him, “Missed you more. How was the road trip with KJ?”

He laughed, “It was fun but I had to cut it early. Couldnt stand being away from you for too long.”

Lili blushed. Sometimes she wishes that they could announce their relationship in public so she could show the world how much she loved this man but she knew that it would seem unprofessional in their parts and it wouldnt sit well with most of the fans plus both wanted to keep things as private as possible though they got to be more careful since someone already saw them in the movies once. For now they would happily stay in their little bubble.

That night, Lili agreed for Cole to stay overnight since he was clearly exhausted from the road trip. She changed into her comfy Pjs and gave Cole a clean shirt of his and his boxer shorts which he made sure to leave some of his clothes just incase he was going to stay over.

Both her in the verge of falling asleep when Lili suddenly had a thought, “What if Jughead and Betty aren’t endgame?”

Cole, still feeling drowsy, answered his girlfriend, “We dont know *yawns* what will happen with their story. They’re good for each other and I hope that they are but-”

Cole paused and smiled, “In case they werent, at least you and I are.”

“What?” Lili smiled obviously knowing the answer but she still wanted to hear it from him.

She feels him tighten his arms around her, securing her safely while her head laid against his chest. He plants a soft kiss on her forehead.


I know im trash but I couldnt help it. Literally just wrote this in the train. Just humor me why dont you?

anonymous asked:

character analysis for kang dongho? thanks so much >.<

YO IM DOWN FOR THIS. Let me declare this, i was one of those people who genuinely thought kang dongho was too overpowering as a personality but i guess its making a lot more sense now. hear me out

  • he reminds me of bagheera from jungle book. a panther. panthers are just as overpowering in presence as tigers and lions but they really do mean well most of the time. they dont go for anything unless they really need it.
  • i think the boy is an overpowering personality. the kind of person you feel more than hear or see, when they enter a room. which can be a good thing or a bad thing. i think he just has a very strong chi if that makes sense
  • probably doesnt help that he oozes manliness. i mean that scruff? boy doesnt lack testosterone clearly
  • though he is ambitious, i dont think he’s the greedy sort. atleast i do think he’s seen enough to know that nothing good comes out of greed in excess. so he only goes after what he wants but if someone’s trying to stop him from getting it, he’s going to get his shit down by hook or by crook
  • his desperateness to reach his goal comes off as frustrated aggressiveness. which is what gives him this big bag wolf image. he just got no time for these young boys who are playing at being idols like he’s been in this world he knows its not nice and it wont be nice again to him. if he’s got a second chance he’s damn well going to make sure he makes good use of it
  • regardless of that though, he could use some of jonghyun’s tact in his system honestly
  • probably not one to understand humour in stressful situations. if someone jokes when he’s stressed or frustrated, he’s either going to stare down at them until their cower or gather his self control and leave the room
  • very reliable, mostly because he looks like a perfectionist. not someone who’d count the details and plan the long term things but would blindly trudge forward for what he wants
  • if he meets someone with tact and maybe a touch of manipulative kindness, he’d do well i say
  • but, a man for the underdogs. he’s like rocky that way lol
  • though he’d like to get to the goal, doesnt wanna do it alone
  • a total people’s leader. sometimes, it might backfire because he cant see someone hurting while he’s doing good. the kind to give away his food if someone else is starving in front of him
  • he’s just a big bear with a soft heart and a steady brain to follow his goals let this boy live guys
  • probably soft enough to be a little spoon kind of guy


bihexualwitch  asked:

Hey, I happened upon your blog and saw that you believe that Sherlock is trans. How come? This is the first head cannon I've heard of this and I'm truly curious about your answer. What's your thought process? Thanks!

WOW BOY okay this is my first time actually being asked this question so here we fucking go!?!??! (edit upon actually having typed this all out: HOLY FUCK; read more:)

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I honestly forgot what order my screenshots were meant to go in but whatever I have things to say.

First of all I was so happy to see a Natsume and Kitamoto focused chapter because well I love Kitamoto and so does Natsume and this is quality content .


This holds up very well with literally everything I think and love about Kitamoto and I love that it’s a fact that’s being reinforced here.

Kitamoto is and always has been the person who doesn’t ask for much. Someone who cares about the people around them and wants them all to be comfortable and happy. We see this so much from Kitamoto, in his special chapter and in his general behaviours but seriously??? 

Even as a child??? Most kids tend to act up and make themselves louder when new siblings come into the picture, something that’s natural and understandable in children. But nope, Kitamoto took a step back and actively gave up the attention he once had for his baby sister. And I stress this because of the wording. It’s not that he became quiet because he was struggling to accept it. he ‘asked for very little attention’. Meaning he made the active effort to sacrifice his own time with his parents.

What a little trooper jfc my heart hurts.

ALSO Kitamoto just has such good happy memories with his family and I love it. I love seeing this. It shows just how strong his relationship with his dad was even before he got sick (I mean of course it was but this is the first we’re really seeing of it.)

KITAMOTO CALLS A USED BOOK STORE EXCITING OH MY GOSH what a precious little nerd he is.


Just picture it. Little Kitamoto trotting around in the book store admiring all the books and marvelling at all the fancy looking books that are up just a bit t high for his grasp.

Let me point out that he says ‘bother’ his father to help him. 

(I was also under the impression that Kitamoto was using a more informal tone here so I thought they’d translate it to ‘dad’ at least but I’m not sure about that.)

Another reason why Kitamoto is an absolute angel. Not only does he remember that there was a book his dad wanted years ago, he spends days on end trying to find it for him.

Are you serious???? My son is literally the cutest sweetest lil cinnamon bun on the planet and he loves his family so freaken much it hurts me.


Let’s talk. We don’t know for sure how long Nishimura and Kitamoto have been friends for but I think It’s pretty clear that it’s been a long time. The reason why I mention this now is just how???? Nishimura is so sure that there’s something off about Kitamoto meanwhile he says its not his speech or his behaviour, and that what ever it is he doesn’t show it. Basically it’s something very hard to pick up on, but Nishimura did and pretty much right away. As he says it started days ago, he noticed it days ago and he’s been keeping an eye on him probably.

Nishimura must know Kitamoto so well??? He can pick up on such little things, and even if it’s something so tiny it worries him enough to actually bring it up.

Kitamoto probably doesn’t outwardly express much. Like I said earlier he seems bigger on observation and helping others than expressing himself so Nishimura has probably learnt to pick up on all the subtle things which is so sweet. You also see that sort of thing when he interacts with Natsume.

Basically Nishimura is more observant than people think and he’s an absolute sweetheart. 

And of course Natsume takes his worries into his own hands by stalking his friend after school. He’s got only the best of intentions of course.

But yeah not much to say here but I wanted to mention it because, come on, Natsume taking care of his friends it so sweet.

I know that this is similar to before, Just Nishimura bringing up his concerns again but I have more things to say.

I really love Nishimura’s serious moments. I feel like it’s easy for people to see him as more of a flat character than he really is which is devastating because he’s honestly so amazing.

We’ve seen in Kitamoto’s special chapter that he does take a lot of stress on himself because of his family’s situation which is so precious but also so heart breaking in the way it takes such a deep effect on him. 

The fact that Nishimura brings it up here feels like its bringing in more connection with his concerns earlier. It makes me think (Or rather I like to think) that Nishimura more or less watches for the signs that things moght be getting too overwhelming on Kitamoto’s end.

From what I can tell Nishimura has trouble not expressing his feelings. Not that he always expresses them in a healthy way. In his special chapter he has outbursts that are mostly misdirected when he’s under stress. That being the case Kitamoto has probably never had a problem knowing when Nishimura needs support. The reason I mention this is I think that they probably have a sort of lopsided relationship, but not in a bad way. In a very normal and human way.

Kitamoto is good at helping others, even if it’s just in small, subtle ways and had probably more often than not been able to do something to help when Nisimura needs it yet he’s more narrow in expressing himself to others. The way he deals with issues is, though calculated, largely reliant on how much he can do himself.

On the other hand, Nishimura has trouble containing his own feelings, and though he expresses himself he doesn’t seem experienced or confidant the details of it all. I believe he probably has issue with keeping things and thoughts organised enough to know what to do when he or other people he cares for are experiencing negative emotions.

as such their relationship likely tends to lean more on Kitamoto’s shoulders at first glance. but like I said that isn’t a bad thing, nor is it that simple. It’s very Human.

Where Nishimura seems to lag he makes up for with effort. Kitamoto is somewhat natural at what role he takes in relationships even if he does spread himself thin. Nishimura on the other hand makes an active effort to make up for the qualities he lacks. He watches his friends, and he does his best to know if there’s something wrong.

So, what I was getting a lot here with the way he brought it up to Natsume is that Nishimura really doesnt know what to do, even if he really wants to. The fact that he clearly has an idea of what might be troubling Kitamoto (even if he’s wrong this time) yet is talking to Natsume rather than Kitamoto himself… He’s clearly worried, and clearly worries a lot, but Nishimura cant do much. It’s not something he’s good at and besides, its a problem Kitamoto has had for a long while and its not one that can just be fixed.

Yet he brings it up to Natsume. Because even if he doesn’t know what to do he still obviously cares so much. It seems almost as if he’s asking Natsume to look out for him too.

I’m reading waytoo much into this but shoot me, I’m allowed to make any interpretation I wish.

Again. Kitamoto being so freaken nice and caring. This girl rocks up, demands that they leave (pretty rudely) and tells them it’s dangerous and he’s just like ‘talk to me and I’ll do what I can to help out’ like just shoot me who is that nice???

I have nothing to say to this other than the fact that Natsume looks so damn offended that someone said something rude about Kitamoto. I love how defensive Natsume is about all his friends. He thinks every one of them is the most amazing thing to step foot on the planet and honestly he’s not wrong.

And such a sweet little moment between the two of them near the end. I really loved this because it’s so simple. It wraps up so many little feelings and meanings in this chapter (that I’m probably just imagining). Natsume loves his friend very much.and really does want to pull together all the little gaps they have between them. Any bad feelings, and things they dont talk about, Natsume just wants to bring them all closer to not having those silences between them.

And that so damn sweet and so perfect.

Reasons shadowhunters is great
  • More Poc than white people
  • 0 fake british accents
  • Malec gets as much air time as the straights™ (instead of them you know dissapearing on a trip for half a book)
  • Izzy is sexy af and knows it and she just wants to have a good time
  • 0 slut shaming comments towards sexy izzy (v. different from the movie where her clothes are compared to a “hookers”)
  • Izzy is instantly supportive of Clary and defends her and looks after her like girls should
  • Alec actually has a personality and shows his dislike of others with sass instead of cruelty as a gentleman should
  • Jace is actually nice to Clary which makes sense since he kinda loves her and all
  • Alec has other stroylines apart from his sexuality which is nice
  • Alec does not hurt or threaten clary when she confronts him about being in love with Jace (in fact his response is essentially “i know you are but what am I”)
  • also Clary doesnt try to shame him about it, even though she doesnt like him she’s not gonna out him or make him feel bad about his sexuality because she’s you know a decent person and all
  • Simon is the king of lightening the mood
  • Simon defends Alec even though he doesnt even like the guy because he is just the best and Jace is being an asshole
  • Raphael is there and 1000% done with the living (and is also clearly in love with simon but whatevs)
  • Magnus’ glittery phone case
  • the whole thing isnt centered around Clace 
  • Clary actually seems to be actively trying to find her mother, it’s all she wants above all else
  • Simon and Clary’s friendship is actually like a friendship, they care about eachother equally 
  • We actually get to see magnus and Alec interact (instead of them being pushed off to the side, no bitch they belong centre stage)
  • the list is endless, theyre doing such a good job and theres so many positives pls stop pointing out every single difference from the book because it doesnt matter
Mine (Derek Hale ft Jackson Whittemore Imagines)

Originally posted by stilinskikissme

Originally posted by stiles-stlinski

Request: Can you do one where reader and Derek are dating but jackson has a crush on reader (and knows that she’s taken) but he always flirts with her and maybe even one day kisses her suddenly and derek gets possessive of reader and furious at jackson? Thank you

 A/n: Sorry if it kind of short but i hope you like it :) x

 I was very happily with how things were right now for me. I have a wonderful life, great friends and an amazing boyfriend. Who i love clearly. But ofcourse there’s also that 1 kid that likes to ruin everything. By everything I literally mean e v e r y t h i n g!

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Why Lelouch is Alive

A 7 yr late theory by Sylar

Lelouch is, in fact, alive.  I don’t care if the writers came out today with a definitive answer as to his fate. He’s alive dammit.


The laws of how Geass works are actually rather explicit.
By examining the events of the series, contextual clues, and understanding how the damn magic eyeball works, you have no option but to accept that Lelouch survived the end of Code Geass and, is, in fact, alive and well. 


That is, the CODE users of the Geass world.

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DeanXreader Request: Dean gets jealous when he finds out I'm going on a date? Request: Hey will you write a one shot where the reader and Dean have an arguement and the reader storms off crying but then she and Dean make up? (Fluffy!) Request: :3 hiya! I love your DeanXreader fics, so can I request one where the reader falls asleep on Dean. -lots of fluff please-

Pairings: DeanXreader
Word count: 3304
A/N: So I mashed three requests up, and I hope none of you guys mind… If you do, just resend the requests and I’ll do them alone… But yeah, I'm sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while, so I made this one longer to try and make up for it? I saw other blogs setting their oneshots out like this, so I thought I’d give it a go, any thoughts/opinions are welcome! Or just a chat if you want? My ask is open! Thanks guys ily all!

(I hope you enjoy!)

Your name: submit What is this?


The music blared out of your speakers in the bathroom, undoubtedly echoing through the bunker and annoying the hell out of the boys, but you didn’t care.

You were in a good mood as you sang along and danced around, getting ready for your date.

You’d finally met a nice guy in town, and he had asked you to go and watch a movie with him.

You had agreed, only if it was a horror film. They never failed to make you laugh after the terrors ypu had to deal with on a regular basis.

The guy, Rhys, had given you a strange look but then grinned and agreed.

He probably thought that you were looking gor an excuse to snuggle,  but if he wanted a girl who was scared of horror films, he had the wrong one.

You finished doing your hair and pulled on a light blue 50s style dress, and some heels.

When you were done, you twirled around and grabbed your purse, applying your make up and then opening the bathroom door.

You almost got smacked in the face by Dean who was about to pound on the door, but he stopped himself in time.

You grinned at him and scooted out of his way, pressing stop on your ipod but continuing to dance and sing down the hall to your room.

Dean stared after you, open mouthed and in complete awe of how hot you looked.

Immediately he followed after you and leant on your bedroom foor frame, watching you dance with a bemused look on his face.

You didn’t even care that he was watching you, ans you simply ignored him as you sprayed perfume on your neck and wrists.

“Whats got you in such a good mood?” He asked, smiling at you, loving seeing you this happy.

You smiled back and twirled around, dropping into a low bow as you answered.

“I have a date,” you explained and then looked up.

Dean had frozen, a look of confusion on his face momentarily before his beautiful smile morphed into a frown. This had a knock on effect to you, and you stopped dancing and looked at him.


Without answering,  he turned and walked away from you,  trying desperately hard to keep his mouth shut.

You chased after him and grabbed his arm, spinning him round to look at you.

“ What, Dean? What is your problem?” You demanded, heart broken that Dean wasn’t happy that you had a chance to be happy.

Dean wanted you to be happy, but not with some ass who didn’t deserve you. A thought which he repeated out loud to you.

As soon as he spoke you felt your anger rise.

“ How would you know if he’s an ass or not? You’ve never even met him!”

Dean rolled his eyes at you and waved you off, starting back to the library with you hot on his tail.

“Oh please Y/N! I saw you at the mall the other day, making puppy love eyes at lover boy behind the deli counter. That’s who you’re going with?” He asked and you cringed.

You’d hoped that Dean hadn’t seen that, but clearly he had. You didn’t know why he cared though. He clearly didn’t have an issue with people dating as Sam had had a girlfriend and Dean always used to spend the night out with girls.

He surely couldn’t think that you were going to spill the big secret to the guy on the first date…

Crossing your arms, you met Deans fierce glare, much closer to eye level with your heels on.

“Yeah it is! His names Rhys, and he’s not an ass! He’s great, and nice, and polite, and he actually treats me like a girl! He holds doors open for me and compliments me on my appearance! Okay?! Hes nice Dean,  and I actually have a chance of being happy here! Why can’t you just be happy for me?” You demanded,  tears welling up in your eyes.

You weren’t sad though, you were angry.

You couldn’t remember how long you spent flirting with Dean, waiting for him to take the next step and grow a pair, but he never did. You’d always pictured yourself with Dean, but he wasn’t interested. You’d hinted at him, but it had become apparent to you that Dean didn’t want your relationship to be anything other than friendly.

So you’d moved on.

But now that you might finally have found someone else,  Dean wasn’t happy.

Dean saw the tears in your eyes and it destroyed him that he had caused them, but your question bounced around in his head.

Why couldn’t he just be happy for you?

He knew the answer. He almost said it, but he clenched his teeth together to stop it.

He couldn’t be happy for you if you weren’t happy with him. There was jo dpubt in Deans mind that you were the one he wanted to spend the rest pf his life with, however long that would be. But recently, you’d been becoming more distant from him, and now finally the inevitable had happened. Some other guy had seen your light and decided he wanted a piece.

Dean knew that the Deli guy only wanted one thing from you, and he clenched his fists in hatred at the thought of another man holding you, kissing you… anything.

Dean rolled his eyes and yelled back at you.

“HE DOESNT DESERVE YOU! He wants one thing, Y/N! You know that!”
Now it was your turn to roll your eyes at him.

“What, like you do? You’re good at bringing girls home for that same thing! So don’t be such a hypocrite!” You snapped, noticing that Sammy was sat in the corner of the room, trying to look as small as a moose in a library can.

Deans face was red with anger, bursting to yell at you that he’d stopping bringing girls home months ago, because of you. He didn’t want any girl unless it was you. He didn’t even notice other girls anymore, much to their dismay. But instead he had to cover it up. This date of yours proved that you didn’t feel the same way.

“Fine, Y/N, go with him! Enjoy your night, but don’t bring him anywhere near me, because I ain’t gonna play nice with him just coz he’s your boyfriend. And don’t come running to me when it ends in tears!”

You were shaking with anger now, your earlier mood completely changed.

You gave Dean one final word before stalking from the bunker.

“ FINE.”

Outside you waited for Rhys, shivering in the cold, remembering how Dean used to drape his too big leather jackets over your shoulders. He’d do it without thinking when you first met, even though you’d sometimes make him take it back so that he wouldn’t get cold either.

When that’d happen, you’d always wanted to just hold him close and pretend it was for the warmth.

You just wished that Dean had returned your feelings. It hurt you to even think about him with another girl.

Luckily a car horn pipped and you were momentarily blinded by headlights, so you didn’t have time to think about Dean with another girl.

Rhys jumped out of his car and jogged towards you, his hands stuffed in his pockets to hide from the cold.

He grinned when he saw you and you gave him a small smile back.

He put a hand on the small of your back and led you to his car.

“You shouldve waited inside. It’d be warmer, and then I could’ve met your brothers,” he said, but you shook your head.

“Not brothers. Friends. And they’re busy, so maybe another time,” you answered, thinking about how Dean would react if you went in. But Sammy would want to meet him, and you know he’d be upset if you went without an introduction.

Sighing, you stopped walking and took Rhys’s hand, pulling him towards the  bunker door, praying that Dean was in the shower so that you wouldn’t have to deal with him.

You pushed the door open and led Rhys in, making a bee line for the library.

Ypu opened the door and walked in, three pairs of eyes turning to you.

Oh shit…

Apparently the king of hell had dropped in for a visit, and he, Sam and Dean were all looking at something on the table. Some kind of weapon.

Rhys had already spotted it, so there was no point in making it look worse than it was. Choosing to act natural, you turned to Rhys and pointed out the guys.

“Guys, this is my date… Rhys… and Rhys, this is Sam…”

Sam immediately stood up and shook his hand, smiling a little to try and lighten the mood.

Dean had crossed his arms over his chest and was now giving Rhys the death glare from where he leaned against a book shelf.

You gestured to him anyway.

“This is Dean… And this is my uncle Crowley,” you thought quickly, trying to make this less weird than it could be.

Crowley smirked and tipped his imaginary hat.

“The pleasure is all yours,” he spoke to Rhys.

Crowley probably found it amusing that you’d pretended he was your uncle, but you knew he’d play along. The king of hell liked playing a part.

Rhys shook Crowleys hand, and then offered it to Dean, but Dean just continued glaring at him, not even glancing at his hand.

Rhys got the idea eventually and looked away, his gaze settling on the weapons in the room.

Before he could ask, you blurted out an explanation.

“Uncle Crowley is a weapons professor in England. He’s just visiting with some now…”

Rhys nodded and then looked at his watch.

You got the idea and said goodbye to everyone and headed out of the door, hand in hand with your date.

Dean watched you go, willing himself to stay where he was, because if he followed you now, he’d probably tear deli boys head off.

He’d seen how his eyes had wondered when you weren’t looking,  and the hungry look in his eyes.

Rhys had looked at you like you were a piece of meat,  not the princess you shouldve been in his eyes.

Dean realised Sammy and Crowley were watching him and so he growled and sat down, trying to research Crowleys problem.

After half an hour of staring at the same passage, Dean slammed the book shut and shoved it away hard enough that it toppled over the other side of the table.

Sam looked up from his book and sighed.

“She’s fine, Dean. Stop thinking about it.”

But he couldn’t. Dean did not like the look of that guy, one little bit. It wasn’t just his jealousy talking,  he felt it in his gut.

His chest felt tight thinking about how you were alone with the guy, and Dean leant back and covered his eyes with his hands, worrying about you.

Even Crowley felt like he had to reassure Dean.

“She’s a capable girl, Squirrel. I’d be more worried about what she’d do to him when he tries something,” he yawned, not particularly interested in you or what happens to you. He found the Winchesters love lives too amusing though. They lost everyone they loved. It really warmed his heart thinking about it.

Dean quickly stood up, fighting around the ache in his chest so he could speak.

“I swear to whatevers holy in this world… If he hurts her…”

He couldn’t even say the things outloud that he would do to him.

Crowley smirked and then disappeared,  knowing how the Winchester squirrel was likely to react when you got home and explained what had happened.

Crowley already knew, which was why he had left the blast radius.

Dean couldn’t stand it any more. He grabbed the impala keys and his jacket and headed for the door.

Sam jumped up to stop him, and eventually calmed his older brother down enough that he could go to bed without worrying about Dean ripping the poor kids head off.

If you’d known about that, you would’ve wished that Sam had let Dean go. You’d have helped him with the douchebag.

But Dean didn’t come to your rescue, and you’d had to rescue yourself.

Your only regret was that once you’d escaped from the car, you’d took off running, no jacket, and no car.

It was a freezing cold night and it was eerie walking through the woods to the bunker, hunter or not.

You checked your phone, but you knew that you wouldn’t have service out there, so you couldn’t even call Sammy to come and get you.

You wouldn’t call Dean.

It was bad enough that he’d been right about Rhys, but he’d also told you not to go running to him if it ended badly. He wouldn’t have any sympathy for you, and you knew it.

The adrenaline had worn off now, and finally the tears started.

You wished that you’d listened to Dean… You wished that you didn’t argue… But most of all you just wished that he loved you back.

Everytime Rhys had touched you or kissed you, you couldn’t help but wish it was Dean.

You knew Dean wouldn’t have done what Rhys did when you told him to stop.

You could still feel where his hands had dug into your arms, holding you against the car door.

He had messed with the wrong girl. Your hunter instincts had kicked in and Rhys was on the ground before he even knew what was happening.

The bunker finally came into view and you let out a relieved sob, running the last stretch home.

You opened the door and went inside, kicking your shoes off and leaning against the door, trying to regain your composure.

The tears wouldn’t stop though, and so you just quietened your breath, heading for the kitchen to get a glass of water before you went to bed.

The boys would undoubtedly already be asleep, and so in the morning you could pretend that this never happened.

Yeah, you should be so lucky.

As soon as you tried to walk though the living room, a pair of emerald green eyes found yours.

You froze like a deer in headlights, and waited for Dean to say something.

He went to speak but then he saw the tears on your face and the way you shook.

Your earlier arguement forgotten,  he leapt over the back of the sofa and crossed the room as fast as he could, gently taking your arms.

“ What is it, Y/N? Whats the matter?  Are you hurt? Did he?..”

Dean suddenly went still, a dark look taking over his face.

“What did that sonofabitch do? Y/N did he hurt you?”

You shook your head and then leant forward, resting your head on Deans shoulder.

He didn’t hesitate before wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in your hair, whispering soothing words.

He could feel you tremble in his arms, and Dean felt powerless. He knew that you were lying. That guy had done something to you, but Dean was willing to give you time to explain before he went and skinned the bastard.

He led you towards the sofa and you sat down next to Dean, still holding onto him and hiding your face in his shirt.

He stroked your hair and waited for you to calm down.

It was easier now that you were in his arms and he was looking after you. You felt like you could tell him what had happened, even though you knew that it would piss him off.

As you spoke, you felt him tense up next to you and swear under his breath.

When you were done, you felt that you had to let Dean process everything before you stopped him from going out and finding Rhys.

Strangely Dean stayed quiet though, at least until he cupped your cheek and made you look at him.

In the semi dark room, you could see that the anger in his eyes was outweighed by his concern for you.

Dean wanted to get up and break the sonofabitchs face, but he knew that you didn’t want to be alone yet,  and so he would be happy knowing that you kicked Rhys’s ass.

He realised that you were still looking at him, and suddenly he was aware how close you were. It would be so easy for him to lean forward and let his kiss tell you everything he had wanted to for the last few months.

His mind made up, Dean closed the distance between you and gently kissed you, letting go of your face so that you could pull back if you wanted to.

Dean was surprised when he felt you bring your arms up and hold on to him as you leaned more into the kiss.

Dean had only beat you by a heartbeat. You’d just decided to kiss him when he moved closer.

His lips were soft and warm against yours, his slight stubble brushing against your face.

He brought his hand back up to stroke your face and felt the tears that hadn’t dried yet.

He pulled back as he remembered, resting his forehead against yours and looked deep into your eyes.

“Do you want me to go and find him?” He whispered and you felt your blood go cold as you shook your head lightly, pulling Deans mouth back to yours.

He probably would sort him out, but Dean wouldn’t look for Rhys, he’d just wait until they crossed paths.

You weren’t even thinking about him though, you were finally kissing Dean, and you knew that he liked you back.

A sudden wave of bravery took over you then and you pulled back and confessed to Dean what you’d known for months.

“I love you, Dean Winchester.”

Dean froze and then slowly pulled his hand back from your face, only to pick up your hand.

“I wish you hadn’t said that…”

You pulled back like you’d been stung, but before you could run, Dean grabbed your hips and held you in place, talking quickly.

“Thats not what I mean! I love you too!”

You stopped trying to escape and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

He took a deep breath and then spoke.

“Its just… This family is cursed… If you love a Winchester, your life expectancy seems to go down… and I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he whispered.

You rolled your eyes and took his hand.

“Dean, do you really think that anything could happen to me? I live with the two best hunters in the states, my best friend is an angel, and I’m on talking terms with the king of hell… I think I’m pretty safe,” you reassured him, leaving him no room to argue as you moved closer and kissed him again.

When you pulled back he laughed at you and then sat back, turning the TV on as you rested your head on his chest and slowly drifted off to sleep, a grin plastered on your face.

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quietsilenceus  asked:

Lol I love their 'just assume your dating.' Can I have a scenario of Alaude and Xanxus after their accidental kiss and sees their someone flirting with their s/o? S/o doesnt know that they are dating. Your blog's really good Good luck on your tests!

So I apparently also really loved this as well…haha…it kinda got a little longer than initially planned…

Thank you so much!!!


He deserved a fucking medal or something.  Honestly, he was proud of himself for not shooting the asshole right between the eyes.  But what was really bothering him was how you were letting that other guy flirt with you.   How you weren’t telling him to back off – that you had already had a boyfriend and weren’t interested in little twerps that probably still lived in their parent’s basements and weren’t the head of the fucking Varia Independent Assassin Squad (or at least, something in that vein…)

And it was that fact that had Xanxus standing up and marching over to where you and the other man were standing on the edge of the dancefloor – you making small talk and the guy clearly flirting with you.  As he approached, he noticed the other guy take note of his glower and flee the scene.

What a catch, leaving you to deal with the big bad all by yourself,” Xanxus growled as you turned around.  

What are you talking about Xanxus?” You couldn’t fight back all the nervous butterflies that erupted in your stomach.  You had been having the issue the past couple of weeks – ever since you had accidentally kissed Xanxus.  Not that the big man seemed to have given it the second thought.  It was still business as usual, you being forced to report to him…  Except now, maybe he was trying to get revenge?  He kept making you show up at all hours, going all over the place.  Why he would go to some restaurant on the other side of town when he had some of the best chefs in Italy?  It was definitely to get back at you – make you trek all over the city, after work hours, because you were clumsy.  

Clearly the idiot was trying to flirt with you.  Ha, must have a death wish,” he grinned down as you looked confusedly back in the direction of the other man.  Since you so obviously didn’t know what had been going on, he would forgive you, this time.

So?” You shot back.  “Are you trying to say that someone would be an idiot to actually be interested in me?”

“That’s not it,” he growled. “I just don’t like people trying to take what’s mine.  And if you let it happen again, I’ll do prove to everyone around that you’re mine.  

“I’ll have you know that while I might not be the most attractive person in the room, I’m not hideous old – wait what?”  His words finally forced their way through the righteous indignation.

“I’m saying that the next time someone else tries to take what’s mine, I’ll kiss you so hard, right here, in front of everyone else, that you won’t even be able to remember your own name, let alone someone else’s.”

“I’m sorry. I think I missed something…when did I become yours?”  You weren’t exactly upset with this turn of events, but you would like to figure out what exactly was going on.  After all, it never hurt to make sure you were on the same page as the trigger happy assassin.

You were mine as soon as you kissed me. Need a reminder?” The glint in his eyes was most definitely predatory.

You nervously looked around at all the influential people in the room.  All of whom – despite being in the mafia – definitely had ideas about the things that were done and not done in a ballroom…and knew what you had to do – no matter what your heart (or body) wanted.  “I think I’m good, thanks.”

Alright.  But this is your one warning.  Stick close to me from now on or else I’ll do it anyway.  You’re mine now.”


It had only been a couple of days since the accidental kiss had happened.  And Alaude was not happy with what was going on.  He hadn’t thought that he could make it more obvious than when you had apologize and he had said “Pay it no mind.  I take full responsibility.”  What else could he have meant than it didn’t need an apology because you were in a relationship?  But clearly something had been lost in translation – or, you were not the type of person he had originally thought.

Since the second option was definitely untrue, it must be the first. However, that knowledge was not making the situation any better.  He was definitely not thrilled with how you were allowing the other man to flirt with you, but he supposed that perhaps you had been too nervous about the kiss to understand his words.  This once he would think the better of the situation.  However, he was not going to let it continue.

He made his way to where you were seated, the other man standing much too close to the bench as he looked over your shoulder at the book you had been reading.  “You can leave now,” Alaude’s tone booked no room for disagreement, his sharp gaze on the interloper.  The man was gone in an instant.

What was that about,” you turned to Alaude, making sure your tone was curious alone, no trace of argumentativeness in it – definitely not wanting him to think you were looking for a confrontation.  You could only keep eye contact for a short time before your body started to remember the kiss and you had to glance back down to the book, now held shut in your hands.

Clearly you misunderstood me, after the kiss,” Alaude was straight to the point as usual.  You stiffened as what you had hoped to avoid happened – why couldn’t he just forget about it, like you were trying to?  You were embarrassed enough by it, he didn’t have to add to it.  (Though you really weren’t sure why he was bringing it up now.

I said I took responsibility because that is how a boyfriend should act.”  You couldn’t stop yourself from looking up in shock – not quite sure of what you were hearing.  “After the kiss, when I said I took responsibility, I said it to make you feel less uncomfortable.  However, do not think that it meant nothing.”

You were frozen, unable to respond to this surprise encounter with Alaude.  “I am not the type of man to kiss someone that I am not dating.  Therefore, in order to unite my actions with my belief, there is only one possible solution.  I am now dating you.  Which means, I – and only I – can do this.”

You were still frozen when he bent down and pressed his lips to yours, clearly sending a sign to the man he could still see lurking in the shadows.  “Don’t forget.”

Title: Honey, I’m not much of a dancer. ( but for you I’ll try ) pt.1
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Eventual Peggy x Jack, Steve x Peggy will be mentioned in other parts.
Summary: It started like all things did, with a dance.

Notes: If you are curious, I was listening to this song when I was writing. I have four parts in mind and this is the shortest. Just basically a couple of ficlets I’m throwing together on how it might ~happen~ if Peggy x Jack were to happen. You might notice, Jack is still… kinda a douche, but I figured it OC to make him suddenly more enlightened. He will still stick his foot in his mouth and inspire your ire in the future, trust me.

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Nice But Unexpected- Part 2

Hi again! i have finished uni and can work solely on fics! woo! on the downside…i turn 19 on sunday, and i am not dealing with this well at all. You know, no disney princess was ever older than 19? (elsa doesnt count because i dont have magical ice powers) you know what that means though? i’m not a disney princess, this was hard to take. really really hard. So i will ignore my impending old age and write apparently. and probably drink a lot too.

anyway, thank you for the lovely messages on chapter 4 of pet goldfish!! i read and loved them all, especially those of you who genuinely seemed to like the chapter despite the lack of Rinn - you are good people. (and yes chapter 38 was a little salute to jane eyre ;) i love that book)

Sorry, for the ranting. So this is a second part of Nice But Unexpected which was supposed to be a one shot but clearly i’m shit at keeping with one shots. so this will probably go on to three maybe four parts? i was thinking of getting Rae and Finn to Knebworth? maybe.

wandering-soul-7 kneekeyta  flxwxry tinakegg celestev31 ililypop fantasticab raernundo fuckintentshop losingpudge llexis i-dream-of-emus ducky17 courtkismet finnleysraemundo @dontneedamoralcompass fizzezlikecherrycola kerrv0rting-and-sn0rtin kristicallahan sarahlouise88ni shashaauss @myfinnnelsonpls how-ardently irish-girl-84 die4mysins jackiewalsh2013 heyheatherrr anglophileyoungblood @pink-royaute milymargot trout-is-now-charlie - as always just ask to be removed or added :) xxxx (btw, are the tags working? i might have messed up)

It hadn’t been easy. Trying to talk to Rae is like trying to rewind a cassette with your fingertips; painful and it gets you nowhere. He had been trying though. Ever since that night he’d stayed with her after Archie stood her up, he’d been trying. Too bad Rae was having none of it. She consistently rebuffed his woeful attempts at conversation, choosing to favour Archie’s boring history lessons and incomprehensible quotes instead. Finn didn’t understand that at all, Archie had fucking stood her up and they acted as if they were best mates.

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People keep asking me why I made that post yesterday about not getting my hopes up for bellarke in season 2 because the writers don’t like the fans. It’s beginning to get exhausting explaining it to everyone or copy and pasting so much - so as a means of explanation I’ve put a conversation that me and Brianna had when she asked me about it under the read more. It’s moderately long, but I think it explains my reasoning for everything & current attitude towards the writers and primarily Jason.

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