though she is more relatable this season and i love her face so

CASTIEL AND HIS SACRED OATH - 12x10, 12x12, 12x23

This scene here. This split second glance is so so important. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it (I couldn’t even find any gifs of it and had to take pictures coz I’m computerly incompitent). But I wanted to give my own analytical response to this millisecond glance, because I think it demonstrates properly why Cas has never done anything about his feelings for Dean. 

First, some context from my behalf: I always assumed Cas had never admitted his love for Dean for one of two reasons, 1) he was an angel, therefore not quite understanding his feelings himself - perhaps confusing them with familial love, Dean style. Or 2) he was afraid his love may not be reciprocated. But after watching 12x10, 12x12 and 12x23, I can thoroughly rule out reason 1. 

Now, I’ll be talking a lot about 12x10 as that ENTIRE EPISODE and THIS LOOK are so closely correlated. 

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Summer Anime 2016

This summer we have so many anime with an all-male cast, I was so happy I decided to to a rec/ranking/review/summary. Note: I only watch anime with mostly males I’m sorry it’s just what I like lol so this list may not match yours. (I cannot stand female leads - except maybe Gintama? - because they will escalate into romantic relationships and they annoy me to no end. It’s like the only purpose of females is romance and I hate that.) And a warning is that I’m kind of shallow so I normally look at the guys’ looks and then their character. But good character and relationship developments are definitely essential to me too.

1. Fukigen na Mononokean

I’ve rec it so many times I feel like I’m part of the official publicity comm but it’s really good :) My favourite character is Abeno cause he’s really adorable and tsundere (?) haha. If you like youkai, friendship and touching moments, do try this out!! It’s a little similar to Natsume Yuujinchou too.

2. Servamp

It looks really interesting so I watched it and when I saw the OP I screamed cause all-male cast! Compared to Spring 2016 this season does look more appealing to me. And I’ve ran out of anime with all bromance (other than sports anime) and no romance. So anyway for Servamp, Kuro was a really cute cat, and the setting seems interesting enough for me to chase. I feel like I might not like the main character as much though but we’ll see. 

3. Fudanshi Kokou Seikatsu

Ahh this is really cute I can relate so much to the main character as a Fujoshi myself :D and I can hardly find friends who can fangirl with me. It’s really sad to be embarrassed for liking gay ships ;n; The only bad thing about the series is that it’s too short each episode haha.

4. D.Gray-man Hallow

I’ve read the manga but didn’t understand most of it. Still, it’s likeable and I like Allen and Kanda. I felt like this season they beautified all the characters and Kanda definitely looks better with his new hairstyle/fringe :DD I hope they can animate most of the manga and I hope we can finally understand what is going on with the 14th.

5. Handa-kun

I just watched the 1st episode today and all I can is that it’s really good and hilarious omg. Only it’s too short with the first 9min trying to break the fourth wall and I couldn’t understand the humor at all. Still, the rest of the episode was worth it! Can’t wait for the rest!

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LGBTQ+ Representation in the 2017 Broadway Season

For a long while, Broadway has been considered somewhat of a haven for the LGBTQ+ community (the past few years, though, have been monumentally lacking). For this post, I’m making a list of LGBTQ+ representation currently on Broadway. This will not include fanon opinions or implied LGBTQ+ characters. I’m talking about characters who either say “I am LGBTQ+/not cis/not straight” outrightly or are seen/discussed as being in a romantic relationship with a same-gender character. I will also only be discussing musicals, as plays have very, very limited accessibility.

Shows that I have not seen before and/or do not have enough information/knowledge to confirm one way or another are labeled with a question mark. If you know about any LGBTQ+ representation in these shows, please reblog with that information, and I’ll update this post accordingly! Also, if I have missed or somehow misinterpreted any representation, please send me an ask, or something, just tell me, and I’ll make the appropriate changes!

Here we go! Happy pride!

A Bronx Tale - No.

Aladdin - None.

Amelié -?

Anastasia - No.

Bandstand -?

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical - Nope.

Cats - Nada.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - No.

Chicago - None.

Come From Away - A lot of non-straight characters are in this show! Two of the most prevalent supporting characters are an interracial gay couple! Also, LGB (sadly, no transgender/nonbinary/or otherwise non-cis characters are ever mentioned) family members are mentioned by various other characters. No discussion of non-cis people, though, and all non-straight characters are supporting, not lead.

Dear Evan Hansen - :/// None.

Falsettos - The best! The greatest! The lead character is a Jewish gay man who is in love with another Jewish gay man! Also! An interracial lesbian couple!! The most representation of LGBTQ+ people on Broadway since Fun Home. (Still no non-cis people, though.)

Groundhog Day: The Musical - There is a very minor gay character in this show.

Hamilton - Noooope! (It’s here that I’ll remind you of this: “This will not include fanon opinions or implied LGBTQ+ characters. I’m talking about characters who either say “I am LGBTQ+/not cis/not straight” outrightly or are seen/discussed as being in a legitimate romantic relationship with a same-gender character.”)

Hello, Dolly! -?

In Transit - Yes! Two of the main characters are gay men in love, and the homophobia they face is mentioned a lot as well! I absolutely love this show, and it has wonderful representation all-around as well! (Thank you to @meepzer for pointing out that I forgot to mention it the first time around (I’ve been listened to this cast album on repeat for a month so I don’t know how I did that))

Kinky Boots - No. (The secondary main character, named Lola, is a self-described “drag queen”–which, of course, is not, under any circumstances, the same as a trans woman–who mostly uses she/her pronouns but identifies as a man and, if my memory is correct, is only attracted to women.)

Miss Saigon -?

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 - Kind of? Apparently, at one point, Dave Malloy may have confirmed Anatole to be bisexual, but this is never explicitly mentioned or confirmed in the show itself. Also, there is a lot of same-gender attraction seen in this show–i.e. women dancing with and kissing other women, men dancing with and kissing other men–specifically in the chorus, but no character is ever explicitly mentioned as being LGBTQ+.

On Your Feet! -?

School of Rock: The Musical - Yes! The parents of one of the main characters are gay men! BUT, this show has been criticized for a stereotypical portrayal of gay men :(

Sunset Boulevard - Nope.

The Book of Mormon - There is a gay male supporting character who eventually overcomes his internalized homophobia and leads a self-accepting life.

The Lion King - No.

The Phantom of the Opera - Not at all.

Waitress - None.

War Paint -Yes! There is a gay male supporting character.

Wicked - Nope.

Simply put, there’s a lot of work to be done on Broadway, in relation to LGBTQ+ representation, as well as representation overall.

OK SO I’ve never really did one of these long theory posts but here I am. I’m prob gonna do one about Shiro too but when i have HD pictures cause my internet sucks so my netflix is blurry. I have more pictures for this theory.

ANYWAY I’m going to talk about this lovely lady ACXA

NOTE: This theory ISNT about how she related to Keith, it’s possible but I dont have anything to back it up to me her looks aren’t something that would give it away or facial expression. That’s a very broad so to me it’s not good enough backing.

I’m going to talk about her possible character development.

I want to mention that she is very merciful from what i’ve seen. It seems she doesn’t want to really hurt anyone or kill anyone as much as possible compared to the others. Only other one would be probably Ezor she just seems like she’d rather toy with people more than anything. BUT a few examples as to why Acxa is more merciful than she comes off to be .

1: She had many chances to just kill Keith and Hunk off (blah its a kids show i know) but she didn’t she learned from them that their paladins of Voltron she could have shot keith when leaving but I feel she would’ve knocked his bayard from his hand instead like she did to Lance and then kicked him back.

2: In this scene she emphasized on “KILL NO ONE” and she got shot at a second after they disbursed. She went after them and shot at their guns not THEM to disarm them and put them in a force field.

Now I wanna get a major one that happened

3: She remembered and she HESITATED and then she moved to another stance what I’m guessing was to get either get a better look at his face OR for Ezor to have a better angle to hit him maybe both. But the fact is she REMEMBERED and hesitated once she did…She maybe fighting him but I think part of her is very thankful for him saving her. Because if he didn’t she probably would have died in there.That small memory might have meant ALOT more than we think.

4: She stopped Zethrid when she wanted to fight them more and pummel them. But a keyframe after this I want to linger on is this one

It had menacing music and a face like that tell me she is PISSED that Acxa stopped her I’ve gotten to a point if I see this I automatically assume the worst such as Plotting Revenge. So to ME this face says “she’ll pay  for that” in other words do something such as frame her, make her purposely mess up, make Lotor HATE her. I know it’s just a small frame but I like to think some things are important even though they necessarily might not be. Either that or she was just a grumpy mcgee and was upset she didnt get to blow them up.


Remember her piloting that ship made out of the comet and fighting Voltron? It was a main part of the episode of course you do. and that she shot the teledove piece

Sweety you know you done fucked up and she knows it too. SHE FAILED! LOTOR IS MAD!

THESE are critical moments to me FAR more than the others. WHY?! Because this seems major its a critical failure because Lotor NEEDED the blue prints of that teledove piece as a Blueprint and it was probably the ONLY one of its kinda that was left over DESTROYED. The ending was funny because they went into the past on the episode right after we don’t see the present, so something is telling me that she is going to regret letting that teledove slip away.

Lotor put his trust in her and she failed so she’s probably going to get demoted from second in command. OR worse as in paying dearly for that loss so ya know getting booted completely from his generals. She seems more distance from the others and does her own thing unless ordered otherwise she’s DEATHLY loyal to Lotor maybe even loves him but once she betrayed by him…she won’t know where to go.

In other words.. What if she switches sides and becomes part of team Voltron. She definitely seems ALOT more willing than the others if she’s betrayed she runs and also WHAT if she runs WITH the ship Lotor made and if anything if she disappears and joins Voltron she could also have a TUN of information they could use. From what i’ve seen they’ve emphasized on her character more than any of the other generals.

I wanted to make this while I had the willpower because I want to see if I’m right when next season comes out.

Besides I LOVE the thought of getting a new badass alien on the Team


keith and allura + growing stronger by letting go of the past

since i have yet to find another post that goes into detail about just how much keith’s arc in ‘the blade of marmora’ and allura’s arc in ‘crystal venom’ parallel one another, i went ahead and did the thing myself !! i find it both curious and kinda enchanting how alike keith and allura are in so many respects. realizing these similarities while re-watching the show was far too riveting not to share my thoughts, so here they are ^^

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Truth: Arrow 5x20 Review (Underneath)

Arrow isn’t a perfect television show. To be fair, I don’t know one that is, but I never needed Arrow to be perfect.  All I need from Arrow is a good story.  My frustrations with Oliver and Felicity’s break up, and the Baby Mama storyline, aren’t a secret. I found their break up to be wildly problematic on multiple levels. However, the one caveat I always held to was if Arrow can piece together some interesting character growth for Oliver and Felicity it would go a long way of easing my ruffled feathers. We’ve been dealing with the ramifications of Oliver’s lie about William since 4x08. That’s 35 episodes. We’ve waited a long time for Oliver and Felicity’s individual arcs to come to fruition.

The wait was worth it. At least for me.

Our perceptions of “good story” vary as widely as our perceptions of “perfect” but “Underneath” is a good story for me.  It’s almost perfect. 35 episodes. This road was long. It was hard but, in the end, I feel like I understand. It connects all the dots that need to be connected (and some I didn’t expect) while delivering some real character development that feels earned.

In the midst of the crazy world of arrows, masks, Mirakuru soldiers, 15 different canaries and Barry Allen resides the relationships between Oliver and Felicity

and Original Team Arrow. 

These characters, and the love they have for one another, is the sanity in all the madness. It’s the real in the fiction. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are the beating heart of Arrow for a reason. The love we have for these characters is the reason we watch and “Underneath” returns Arrow to center. It focuses on the love stories that made us fall in love with the show. In particularly, it brings Oliver and Felicity’s individual arcs to fruition and FINALLY merges their roads into one again.

Trust. Honesty. Forgiveness. Compassion. Humility. These aren’t always popular concepts in our society, but they are the building blocks to any relationship. You lose one, the whole house can come down on you. Love feels like it has its own inertia, like it chooses you and not the other way around. And maybe that’s true. Maybe we can’t choose who we love.  However, we can choose how we love.

If you are either Team Felicity or Team Oliver in the break-up- Baby-Mama-drama then there’s probably things about “Underneath” you didn’t like. As for me, I believe there are things both Oliver and Felicity need to learn from the breakup and “Underneath” addresses those things. But more than anything, I am ready for Arrow to rebuild what they broke. I am ready for Arrow to fix it. Are you?

Buckle up. This is, by far, my longest review. We’re going all the way back to the pilot and discuss about five different episodes. This took me about 22 hours to write. No need to comment on how long it is. I am well are.

Let’s dig in…

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12x17 I..... liked this episode ?

This is my first post-episode overview commentary because I just was surprised how much I liked this episode. There was still some wtf-ery but generally I enjoyed it and, well, I can’t help but link everything to Destiel these days and the Destiel itself was strong but man, the continued breaking down of the barriers to it becoming canon more textual just keeps coming this season. 


Originally posted by michael-scott-quotes

The women: Ok so I really hope they follow through on the Mary can actually “have it all” and I hope there’s a reason for Kelly’s characterisation like she’s being mind controlled by the kid, but other than that I’m pretty happy with this episode? Kelly textually said she was used. Yes, thank you.

Mary and Ketch - I didn’t…hate it? Ok so it’s a bit weird but only because we have info on Ketch that Mary doesn’t? To Mary he is her trainer, he’s charming, he helped save her boys…. she doesn’t know about Magda, Toni, maybe not even how vicious he can be…. and Mary is allowed her fair share of Winchester terrible sexual partners and she’s a big girl, she can do what and whoever she wants as long as it’s not hurting anyone. 

And there is a clear Destiel-related reason I am 100% OK WITH MARY MAKING THIS DECISION! (see below).

Crowley / Lucifer: I’m hoping this whole thing is just another set up like it was last Bucklemming episode, to be ‘fixed’ later, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there. 

Mick: I liked Mick, I wanted Mick to live even though I knew he wouldn’t really. At least now people wont be worried he’s replacing Cas. Oh well. Also, kind of re-cements Ketch as our bad guy. Will he still try to kill Mary? *drum roll*…

Omg the Saileen: They are cute, they HOLD GREAT EYE CONTACT and all the little smiles and flirting while at the same time wow badass hunter couple. And Sam learned more sign language?! And they talked before off screen after Coeur d’Alene and its implied they talked more than that?! Yes please! 

My head canon is that that night she still couldn’t sleep after killing whatisface snobby Brit guy (yeah, another snobby Brit guy, thanks for that), knocked quietly on Sam’s door, he wordlessly offered his hand to her, she climbed into bed with him, they cuddled and he comforted her, that is all. They are so pure and I love them.

They can be a badass hunter husband and wife and just all the cuteness.

Ok so the Destiel: 

Pining!Dean is what I live for in these kind of episodes. Whispers *Thank you Bucklemming*? 

Dean / Cas and Sam / Eileen clear romantic parallels all episode! Dean not deflecting and admitting he is worried to Sam! (Also aside - Dean admitting Mick drank him under the table and not posturing like he’s this big macho guy).

Dean called Cas 4 times… that day. I would also be worried, Cas always calls Dean back. They also text regularly. So yeah. Also the callback of Mick talking about Lucifer being in your boyfriend. Ouch. Also MORE Dean calling Cas away from Sam *satisfied face* - will add this to my already long phone call post ;) 

Ok, so the Mary/Ketch thing…

Personally, Destiel shipper hat on I hope that between the colt and this, when Dean finds out it will really cement his realisations this season about his feelings for Cas. 

If Mary can sleep with who she wants why can’t he? He’s put her on such a pedestal and she’s shown she’s human over and over again, this would cement it for Dean. And if Mary can sleep with someone she doesn’t love, who Dean knows is a psychopath (even if Mary doesn’t), why can’t Dean acknowledge his own pure, healthy feelings of love for Cas? I don’t know if I’m voicing this coherently but I have feelings about this ok. 

This season is just building so much to break down the walls around Dean / Cas: 

1. Dean generally is letting his facade down and letting his real self shine through, see ALL the meta about the whole of season 12 plus the textual whole episode of 12x11 showing us this is what we are meant to be seeing and getting from all this.

2. Cas was / is still thinking about where he belongs. Dean was / is still worried that everyone he loves will abandon him. THESE THINGS TIE IN TOGETHER AND ARE TEXTUALLY TIEING IN TOGETHER THIS SEASON.

3. Sam and Eileen are / could be a cute hunter couple and a great example. Sam doesn’t have to rely on Dean if he has someone else. Dean can move on himself much as a single parent often does once they know their child is emotionally OK. Check. 

4. Mary shows him that he doesn’t have to worry about *shame* on the family. She might even say something to this point about herself if they discuss this (I’m looking at you leaked argument between Dean and Mary in 12x21).

5. Cas has told Dean that he loves him. And yes I will go on record AGAIN to say that Sam and Dean both had an acknowledged, directed, written, face of REALISATION when Cas made the clarification and made clear the first I love you was to Dean alone. Even if it wasn’t (pffff), it was written ambiguously for a *reason*.

6. And….

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

It seems Dean is realising now how ‘fragile’ Cas is. He is no longer on the ‘Cas’ll be fine’ band wagon. HE IS NOT MAD, HE’S WORRIED.

There is a reason twitter is awash with - 


- every episode since 12x12 (even 12x15 only had marginal Cas and no real Dean/Cas other than both times it was gloriously, clearly, romanticised).

We are supposed to be worried, to be missing him because Dean is worried and missing him and off course this flows through to the show’s narrative and they’re making us feel this (and I’m sure Sam too of course but its not the same).

Dabb. I see you.

anonymous asked:

thoughts on the whole "lars and sadie are a parallel to rose quartz and greg" thing that's been going around?

(Excellent question! But I’m going to have to assume you’ve seen the SDCC promo, because otherwise it will be hard to discuss this topic in detail.  Just so you know, this will contain SPOILERS for unreleased Lars episodes.)

There is definitely a Rose/Greg parallel going on with Lars and Sadie.  At this point, there’s no denying it. And it’s been going on for much longer than I think people realize.

Before Sadie Killer aired on the CN app, I had reached the conclusion that Lars was always meant to be Rose Quartz’s teen parallel while Sadie shifted from a Pearl parallel to a Greg parallel as her character and relationship with Lars developed, so seeing more solid evidence for this and seeing fans talk about it is very exciting. 

The first thing you need to know is that Lars and Sadie’s personal story progressions flow backwards from their respective analogous character.

  • Lars goes from feeling dead and paralleling Rose’s ghost/memory, to sacrificing himself so Steven can live and be on Earth, to becoming a lively pink quasi-immortal rebel against Homeworld.
  • Sadie goes from working at a menial labor job to becoming a singer-songwriter with a focus on horror and the undead, which is connected to her reanimated love interest (much like how Greg’s music was space-themed and he had a thing for human/alien romances before meeting Rose).

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Fish....or cut bait!

Been an interesting couple of weeks, hasn’t it?   I’ve been around, just a bit too busy to comment with football season right around the corner, I do have a day job after all.  Yet with folks acting the fool all over the place I do think it’s time for another PR lesson.

I don’t know who’s running the PR show at Outlander – I have an idea – but I do know one thing, they’re floundering and it’s not completely their fault.   Mr. Heughan told on himself the other day with his statement in that lovely little interview.

“Say yes to everything.”  

It’s a studio’s and agent’s dream.  It’s PR nightmare, but it can be managed if you’re smart about it…which I’m afraid the Starz PR team is not!  I have a theory about what’s going on with the Starz/Lionsgate/Sam/Cait mess so let me explain.

First off…. let me tell you what I’ve been doing -the Falcon’s first pre-season game is the 10th so I’ve been setting the talking points for all the upcoming interviews.  That’s right, even at a sports level the interviewers are told what they can and cannot talk to the players about.  What does that tell you?   It tells you that if an interviewer asked whether Sam or Cat were together it was because they were told too by Starz PR, pure and simple!   PR sets the narrative, so with that in mind, let’s look at what PR is trying to tell us.

PR wants us to know that Sam and Cait are “obviously” not together and to bring home that point they have Sam and Cait state emphatically in interviews that they aren’t together (pay no attention to their co-stars who have trouble keeping straight faces through all this) and they trot out the blonde in a couple of scenarios so staged her ex-boyfriend found it necessary to throw a little shade.

Now my mind immediately goes to the “why” of them setting this narrative.  Why do they want us to think Sam’s hooked up with a 28-year-old blonde that really does nothing for him but make me roll my eyes at his taste in women?  Could this narrative be simply because Sam’s in love?   Nah, don’t buy that for a second.  Sure, Sam posted a pic on Instagram, but did he tag MM?  Has he ever?  Did he call her by name?  Has he ever, once indicated he has a girlfriend or significant other while avowing he and Cait are just pals?  A Little tip here people, if you’re going to try to sell this gal to me as his amore, for the love of God get some body language tips from somebody!  And don’t use Hargrave, that’s who HiddleSwift used and they were about as believable as a tutu on a crocodile.  Oh, and my favorite part, we had those lovely posed pics but the one candid shot had Sam on one side of the helicopter and her on the other and we’re supposed to believe it was because of weight distribution….um okay.  Add to that mentions that his brother was originally supposed to accompany him on this outing and the fact that Sam and MM are both represented by the same agent doesn’t help sell the “love” to me either.  But seriously they could be dating, who knows…they just don’t sell it too well if they are!

Okay, rant over, back to my theory.    So why the push of this narrative?  Let’s look at what’s going on in Sam’s life now.

The new movie. Let’s not pretend for a second that Sam’s part in this movie isn’t due to the Starz/Lionsgate connection – I’m not that dumb – are you?   And I’m not so dumb that I don’t think Lionsgate doesn’t realize what star potential they have in the boy, but here’s the problem. Outlander, while having a worldwide MASSIVE fan base, has a fan base of women who are mostly over the age of 35. To make Sam the star they want him to be, he’s got to appeal to a younger audience (18-35) as well and with Jamie and Claire aging in the show…it’s a dilemma - at least to the middle-aged male idiots that run things.   They can’t change Outlander and have Jamie run off after some younger woman (and not risk getting tarred and feathered) so they change the personal.  They concentrate on the shallow – his looks and his physique.  They insist that Sam “obviously” couldn’t be with a beautiful, intelligent, successful, woman nearing forty (whether they actually are or not, they can’t even allow the perception).   No way! (It makes me wonder, is that what caused Cait’s attitude - not her ire at fans, but at the underlying reason for having to make the remarks in the first place?)

See, I think it’s a battle of wills between Lionsgate and Starz when it comes to PR, Lionsgate wanting to quash the Sam/Cait rumors so they can push the Sam agenda and try to appeal to the younger crowd.  NOT a good move in my opinion – especially when the movie is just filming – way too early for such a move.  

Starz had it right in the beginning, play off Sam/Caits’ natural chemistry.  Are Jamie and Clair such a timeless tale of romance that even your actors even fell under its power?  The problem now is fans – even though they say they don’t – relate the actors to the roles.  Sam pulling away from Outlander will be emotionally perceived as Jamie pulling away from Claire – and it will hurt them, it already has – why do you think we’re getting all these spoiler pics.  It’s like when you’re fishing, you put bait on your hook and if you don’t get any fish…you keep throwing out more bait.  Right now, Starz is throwing out bait.  The less fish they get…the bigger the bait.  Problem is, they haven’t figured out just what kind of bait they need yet.

Remember last time I told you silence was golden.   Well for actors and shows it’s the kiss of death…if you want Starz - this time Lionsgate as well -to change its bait, stop eating what you don’t like.  You don’t like seeing Sam/MM…please for the love of heaven quit putting those nasty comments on her Instagram, you may think you’re hurting her but all you’re doing is raising her Q-score.  IGNORE her, and if you want to send Sam a message about her, ignore him anytime she posts a picture insinuating she’s with him.  Shower the show with love, go quiet on Sam.   Shower Cait with love, pretend MM doesn’t exist.  And let me be clear when I say ignore, I mean be quiet, don’t say her name, don’t comment on her blog, don ‘t check her twitter or her instagram, behave like you did before we knew who she was!  When the show throws you bait you like, eat it loudly – ignore what you don’t like.  And trust me, all the social media numbers are checked on a daily basis, probably twice a day I would guess, morning and afternoon.     

What would I do, if I had the com so to speak?  (a little Star Trek reference in case you know who gets a hold of this blog). First off, a certain blonde would fade into the wood work.  Sam interacting with younger males in the workout and sports area would go farther in endearing him to younger women than dating a quasi-child.  I’d go with attendance at lots of football games in the company of 20-something males and females and an appearance at the World Series.  A sighting of Cait visiting Sam in Budapest – or wherever else he’s filming the movie…. maybe a picture that may or may not be her. Then . just before the Outlander premiere…. a fan picture, fuzzy but one you can just make out of the two of them in an embrace….NO more comments of their personal lives period and let people think what they will!

….and that’s why they pay me the big bucks.

fave su moments courtesy of s4

For the season that has gotten the most backlash, I realized that a lot of my favorite moments in the whole entire series have actually come out of season 4, so I just wanna share them (yes this is long, sorry):

  • that part in Kindergarten Kid when Peridot bubbles her gem and asks “so where does it go?” and Steven answers “home.” Confirmation that Peridot finally viewed the barn, and more importantly the earth, as her home, like that was fuckin precious??
  • in Know Your Fusion when Steven and Amethyst fuse and Garnet is just. in the background squealing for like a solid 10 seconds. Also at the end of the ep when Pearl tells Amethyst she’s been such a good influence on Steven, like my girl getting the credit she deserves? Yes bitch!!
  • The entirety of Mindful Education. Here Comes a Thought still makes me cry, that’s not even a joke
  • That part in Future Boy Zoltron when Steven says to Mr. Smiley “You said you were always trying to make him happy. Did he even know he was making you sad?” In all seriousness, I did not expect that quote to resonate with me so much, like people should not sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of someone else’s, that was some deep and relatable shit that hit me real hard, which I did not expect from an ep titled future boy zoltron.
  • The entirety of Last One Out of Beach City. You guys don’t understand when I say this is my favorite episode, I would Actually die for it
  • The dinner scene in Gem Harvest and Lapis making that mirror joke? Iconic.
  • Stevenbomb 5!!!
  • “There is no Amethyst, only Garnet.” Lapis’ bad british accent debuting in The New Crystal Gems, 57/10
  • My boy Steven finally venting at the end of Storm in the Room, god bless
  • That one fucking Pearl face from Rocknaldo, I don’t have the screenshot but you know the one.
  • Steven and Amethyst!!! Killing me softly with their cuteness in Tiger Philanthropist plus my angel Amethyst’s self-confidence arc coming to a close because she finally feels good about herself, I cried real tears
  • The entirety of Room For Ruby. Just all of it. Lapis’ laugh at the end specifically shot that ep into my Top 5. 10000/10

Really though, I love all of these moments dearly, I love that this season gave them to me, and I love that I can look back on them and they just make me happy.

Eternal // Dylan O’Brien

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Dylan x reader
Word count: 2,899
Warnings: fluff
Request from @morganschiebel 

A/N: I feel like this is longer than it should have been but I wanted to add more stuff in addition to your request. Hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!

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What Star Wars Means To Me

I was twelve years old when I saw Star Wars end. I was sitting between my dad and my brother at a screening of Revenge of the Sith, a movie that my prepubescent mind had convinced itself was the greatest thing it’d ever seen.

The movie’s climactic battle had come to an end, and as I watched the final scenes play out, I could feel the film’s looming departure steadily but surely setting in. In the movie’s last moments, Owen and Beru looked out into the binary sunset, cradling their new baby nephew, with John Williams’ score emotionally building toward the final credits, and a hollow emptiness began to overwhelm me. Episode III was coming to a close, and with it, so too would end the saga of Star Wars. Something that had brought so much happiness, so much excitement, so much magic into my life was now ending before my eyes. Everyone knew that there wouldn’t be another prequel or sequel or anything else. This was it—these final frames all-too-quickly spinning past the projector. In just a few seconds, it seemed that Star Wars would be gone forever.

As I left the theater with my brother and my dad, they started up a discussion about what we had just watched, but I was too emotionally drained to join in. It was hard for me to come to grips with the fact that the Star Wars movies were really done with. Sure, Star Wars itself would still go on in some form. The Clone Wars cartoon was enjoyable. And they started making those cool-looking Force Unleashed games, too. Plus, there were the comics and the books and all sorts of other stories being made.

But it just wasn’t the same. You could write a thousand books, make a thousand TV shows and develop a thousand video games filling in whatever nooks and crannies the films overlooked in the Star Wars canon, but they would never, ever be a substitution for sitting in that theatre and seeing the quiet fade-in of the words “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

When the movies left, it was like a bit of magic had left the world, too. And between the ages of seven and thirteen, that magic inspired me. It made me read and create and imagine more than any time I spent at school ever did. Whenever a new movie came out, I fantasized about what the next one might be like. And when the movies ended, I fantasized about what a whole new Star Wars trilogy might be about. Maybe it would follow Luke creating a new Jedi Order, or maybe it would take place thousands of years before the prequels and show us the origins of the Jedi and the Sith. I hoped and dreamed and wondered, but I knew how unlikely it all was. Lucas would never make another movie, let alone give Star Wars to someone else so that they could go on to make an Episode VII. And so, Star Wars, as much as I continued to love it, slowly faded from my life. There was no use crying over spilt blue milk. Star Wars was done, and it wasn’t coming back.

And then I heard that Disney bought Star Wars and that they were going to make an Episode VII.

At this point, I’d like you to recall the scene at the end of Ratatouille where the evil food critic Ego takes a bite of Remy’s titular cuisine, and then suddenly he’s transported back in time to a moment in his childhood when he could still feel the warm embrace of love and happiness, and the cold, melancholic ice that once encased his withered heart melts away in a matter of seconds, restoring life and wonder to his old, bony body. Do you remember that scene? Because that is exactly what I felt like when I heard this news.

And I am not hyperbolizing here; I was literally shouting with jubilance when I heard that there would be an Episode VII. I can scarcely recall another moment in my life when I felt that level of genuine, startling happiness. It was like throughout all those years of Star Wars’ absence, all those years of resignation, a repressed excitement for the franchise was building up within me, never surfacing, never finding the right opportunity to ignite, but steadily rising and rising in pressure. And then, on that day, at that moment, upon hearing those words, all of that pent-up excitement just exploded out of me like a volcanic eruption. I didn’t know who was making this supposed Episode VII or what it would be about or when it was happening or even if it would be any good. None of that mattered. Star Wars was back, and I was going to celebrate like the Empire had just fallen.

Flash forward to the holiday season a couple years later, and even the non-geeks could see that the franchise had been reawakened in full force (get it, awakened, force, see what I did there). Star Wars logos, T-shirts, cups, toasters, mugs, toys, Lego sets and waffle irons filled the stores and display windows. Star Wars really, truly was back. What a fucking exciting time it was. I couldn’t help but just let all that giddiness get to me. There was magic in the air, and it wasn’t the magic of Christmas, but rather the magic of mystical techno samurai flying across solar systems to murder each other with glow sticks. Holy shit. Star Wars was back. STAR WARS WAS BACK. The hype was real, and it was everywhere.

But with that hype came an extreme and sustained spike of nervousness and skepticism. Criticisms of every new bit of information spread like fire throughout the interwebs. Did you see that weird new lightsaber? Is that another Death Star? Doesn’t that character just look like a rip-off of this other character?

After all, people loved Star Wars, and they couldn’t stop themselves from asking if this revival would live up to their expectations. Would The Force Awakens be a worthy successor to the franchise—a true return to form after decades of waiting for a real sequel to Jedi? Or would this simply be another prequel trilogy to dash the fans’ expectations and burn everything they loved about the series to the ground, buoyed only by the parallel stories of fans and creators determined to make sure Star Wars lived on? Lucas had failed us for the last time. People needed something GOOD.

The Force Awakens destroyed at the box office. Unadjusted for inflation, it became the highest-grossing film ever to hit American theaters, and the third highest-grossing film ever to hit the world. It was released to critical acclaim and massive audience approval. Abrams had done it. He had made a new Star Wars movie that both he and the fans could be proud of. All that hype was justified. All that waiting paid off. Star Wars wasn’t just back, it was good again. Great, even.

But as people celebrated Episode VII’s monetary and critical triumph, and as memes and excited chatter spread across the web, a notably large group of people simply did not feel that The Force Awakens met the standards they had set for it. To the point that they began to convince others that it was actually a bad, perhaps the worst ever, Star Wars movie.

And I’ll be honest—even I wasn’t sure how to feel about The Force Awakens when I first saw it. There was so much pressure on it to be good, and I was spending so much of the film’s runtime questioning whether or not I liked it, that I don’t think I was really, genuinely experiencing it. The movie felt like such a self-contradiction. It was so weirdly, at times even jarringly similar to the Original Trilogy, and at other times it was so strangely and uncomfortably different from it. The Resistance? That’s just the Rebellion. Starkiller Base? That’s just the Death Star. Kylo Ren? He’s not as threatening as Vader. Rey? She’s not as relatable as Luke. Part of me thought it was great, but another part of me felt terribly, soul-wearingly conflicted. I had to search my feelings about this film long and hard before I would be ready to draw a final conclusion about how it fit into the series.

It wasn’t until I saw it again a week later—when the crushing weight of all that pressure and anxiety and anticipation had time to dissolve—that I felt as though I was truly watching the movie for the first time. I was relaxed, passive, and ready to be entertained. I already knew what the movie was. I already knew what was going to happen. There was no more nervously waiting and watching to see what would become of my beloved franchise, what new things they were introducing to it, what old things they were keeping, and whether any of it was any good. I could just sit back and accept the film for what it was. And this time, I absolutely adored it.

The Force Awakens is in no way a perfect movie—far, far from it. But it was a miraculous work of Star Wars storytelling that won over both audiences and critics with its skillful direction, clever writing, compelling characters, great sense of humor and warm spirit.

Yes, TFA was closely and purposefully tailored to the original movies, but it was so, so much more than just another adventure film about a desert-inhabiting youth taking off to explore the galaxy and blow up giant space stations. It was a tale of friendship, hardship, humanity, and facing your darkest fears. It was about Rey struggling to look beyond the unknown terrors that lied before her—to confront her destiny and take up the lightsaber so that she could protect her new family. It was about Finn embracing his own humanity and working up the resolve to fight that which he spent the whole movie trying desperately to get away from. It was about Han reaching the culmination of his character’s growth from self-absorbed, smarmy money-grubber who ran from danger to a damaged and guilt-ridden father who renders himself both physically and emotionally vulnerable in order to save his son’s very soul.

Every relationship feels meaningful. Every dramatic revelation feels earned. Every joke hits. Every effect is dazzling and eighty percent of the time completely practical, which is why this movie will look far better in ten years than the prequels do now.

Poe and Finn are two of the most likeable characters to ever grace Star Wars cinema, and it’s no wonder that everyone wants them to be a couple when they had such an amazingly fun first date. Kylo Ren freezes a fucking blaster bolt in mid-fucking-air with the goddamn Force. BB-8’s thumbs up made every audience I saw the movie with burst into laughter. Poe blows up, like, fifteen TIE fighters in a row, followed by Finn shouting “That’s one hell of a pilot!” not even knowing at this point in the movie that Poe is still alive. The scene where Rey touches Luke’s lightsaber and is thrust into an acid trip of Force visions is both terrifying and mesmerizing. The two guards steadily backing away from Kylo Ren’s temper tantrum is adorable and hysterical. That moment when an emotionally distressed Kylo Ren struggles to pull Luke’s lightsaber from the snow, only to see it zoom past him and be dramatically caught by Rey as John Williams’ iconic score begins to build is fucking fantastic. And Han’s final confrontation with his son is so horrifically tense, and so well-executed and fitting as a conclusion to Han’s story that the internet, as liable as it was to do so, miraculously did not explode with blinding rage when it found out that Abrams had killed off one of the series’ most beloved characters.

Is there reason to be skeptical about the direction of the franchise? Yes. Is Disney perpetrating some worrisome behavior with their successive hiring and subsequent firing of every prospective director they get ahold of? Yes. Will Star Wars just become another MCU where we get two to three new movies every year and they all kind of begin to just meld together without any sense of consequence or meaningful continuity between installments? Maybe.

But I just can’t bring myself to think about that sort of thing right now. And maybe it’s not even really useful to think about it like that at all. Because regardless of what I or anyone reading this thinks, all that stuff is basically out of our hands. Maybe Star Wars will become stale and burned out after a few years of sequels and spinoffs. Or maybe, after establishing their new claim to the franchise with a few safe movies, the company will start to be more willing to experiment with new styles, stories and characters. I mean, with that completely new trilogy on the horizon, it does appear to be where this ship is headed.

But, who knows. Speculation is all we have. And all I can really say for absolute certain right now is that, for the moment, I have Star Wars in my life again, and I’m going to cherish it for as long as I can. Because I spent ten years in a world without Star Wars, and I have a lot of love left in me to give the franchise before I burn out, as a lot of other people seem to have already unfortunately done. I’d rather not go into the future of this series revival already prepared to hate the new Han Solo movie or Rian Johnson’s new trilogy or whatever else might come our way.

Because at the end of the day, despite the way many fans and even some past creators have treated it, Star Wars, pure and simple, is about joy. And when we live in a world that’s so filled with dread, fear, corruption, terror, hatred and downright tragedy, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to just let yourself give into something like Star Wars. I don’t mean to say we should just unconditionally love everything with the Lucasfilm logo on it, but maybe just recognize that sometimes it’s more valuable to be open and understanding and willing to love something than it is to be skeptical, critical, nitpicking and pessimistic, especially with something that is so widely adored and cherished the world over.

Maybe people won’t like The Last Jedi. Maybe they won’t like the Han Solo movie, either. Or maybe they’ll love them. But Star Wars isn’t any individual film. It’s a part of our culture, a symbol of the human spirit’s fascination with adventure, mysticism and the battle between good and evil. It means a billion different things to a billion different people and spans generations.

My dad once told me that when he used to take my brother and I to the toy store—years ahead of The Phantom Menace being unveiled—he was shocked to see that Star Wars toys still lined the shelves when a new movie hadn’t been made in well over a decade. But that’s what Star Wars is. It might have peaks and valleys, and there might be times when it feels like it’s all but left us, but in reality, it never really ends. It’s an invaluable part of human history whose effects will be felt for generations to come, and right now, it’s thriving in a way that nobody has seen in years.

We owe it not just to the franchise but to ourselves to enjoy every moment of it. Because Star Wars is the very embodiment of love, joy, hope, humor and adventure. Because Star Wars is a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to just let yourself be a kid again. Because while everything can be going wrong in the real world, Star Wars will always see to it that the light triumphs over the dark. Because while life is tragically short and full of hardship, Star Wars is forever.

It’s a pretty picture...

Season 7 might have been a mess mostly but if Little Finger already planted the idea that Jon and Dany will form a marriage alliance and be invincible, and they’re already shacking up (albeit not knowing Jon’s parentage and their unwittingly committed incest), it’s already too predictable to end on that note. That’s a fantasy genre trope of two attractive messiah-like characters ending up together and there’s peace restored in the realm. It’s the oldest story in the book waiting to be subverted, especially because there’s actual history and politics acting against it here. If the boat b*ng montage in itself didn’t spell out doom and power struggles, then the obviousness of it all did. 

GRRM has stressed on details of ruling having less to do with being just virtuous but also being more calculative in administration. Sansa is the character with more connections than Jon or Dany to rest of Westeros and more supporters from a vast array of groups. At this point, if she wanted to be queen and she tried to mobilize these connections through almost every kingdom in Westeros, people would root for her over Dany or Cersei and even Jon, considering the Northerners’ anxiety about him going South and now him having bent the knee (Seriously, need him to be having ulterior motives at this point). She doesn’t have the military strength to go up against Dany though, but the way Dany plans to rule is through evoking fear and intimidation, dismissing the counsel of her advisors, and after a bunch of mad and/or incompetent Kings and Queens, Sansa would be a welcome change. 

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OK! So.

Due to popular demand, I have broken down the most egregious parts of Stefan’s bullshit speeches to Elena about Delena. I’ve said this all before in different ways so this might be repetitive but you guys asked for it so, lol.

So this is the speech from 5x13

Truth is, ever since the first time I know you’re falling for my brother. I’ve been awaiting for him to screw something up so badly, that you hate him. So I’ve been waiting, and watching him do all these horrible things. And every single time I think that he’s going too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was. So the truth is, after a while I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person he’d become. And I don’t wanna lose that person.

And every single time I think that he’s going too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was.

OK but where though?

The issue with this quote is that the show doesn’t take into account who the show says Elena is supposed to be.

Because, how is it that Damon is “there” for Elena?

He threatens people she loves to get to her or he explains that he would kill those people to save her, the way he’s there for her is always at the expense of people she cares about and Elena is meant to be a person who loves her friends and family recklessly and passionately, their well-being is supposed to be the most important thing to her

and when she is faced with their deaths or the potential of their deaths, this is what happens:

It’s emotionally traumatizing, it’s emotionally crippling, it’s emotionally scarring, being alive is just one part of an equation, it’s not the entire equation.

The way to be there for Elena is to be there for her loved ones, it’s to make sure that everyone else is safe because then she can be at peace. It‘s clear. When Stefan chooses to save Matt because she told him to

she’s at peace even though she’s dying

she’s supposed to love opportunities to comfort her friends

Stefan facilitating those opportunities and understanding the emotional nourishment they provide is being there for her

Not to mention there are direct instances in which Stefan is there for Elena more than Damon because Damon just doesn’t know what to do.

When Jeremy dies, Damon’s course of action is to turn off her humanity

which leads to Elena killing a waitress, attacking Liz, trying to kill Bonnie and Caroline and Damon can’t clean up his mess

but Stefan can

So the truth is, after a while I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person he’d become. And I don’t wanna lose that person.

How. Is. Damon. Any. Different. Loving. Elena. Than. When. He. Loved. Katherine?

In fact, in this very episode, Stefan points out that Damon is repeating old behaviour

I mean in this entire episode he is working overtime to make sure that Damon doesn’t do anything stupid because Elena broke up with him

and he FAILS. Damon kidnaps her brother

after he killed her friend

How has he changed exactly? What exactly is so different about him being with Elena than when he was pining for Katherine? In this season we find out he was systemically killing generations of an entire family behind Elena’s back and Elena even says it

And even if Damon did change when he was with Elena (which he didn’t) I don’t think people realize that if Damon actually became a better person because of Elena then he would just BE a better person, like Elena wouldn’t have to be in his life, he would’ve been irrevocably bettered, 5x13 is an entire episode full of contradictions.

The next speech in 6x04:

Believe me, I asked myself that for a very long time. And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself. And, when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again. And you made him feel human. You loved Damon for the same reasons that I love Damon. Because in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn’t live without him. And now, you don’t have to, but I do. So, I’m gonna do it my way. You do it yours.

I’m just going to go straight to the most offensive part of this offensive and idiotic speech.

And, when you died, he was the only one that could made you feel alive again.

Once again, the show is ignoring its own narrative, which it also did in season 4.

That looks pretty alive to me! Not to mention that save for actually having sex, Stefan is really the one who stimulates her in her newfound vampirism, it’s with him that she realizes what she can do and where you actually see physical intimacy enliven her

What do Damon and Elena really do in season 4 for “he makes me feel alive” to become their theme? The sire bond creates all of Elena’s problems, it actually, literally drives her crazy since Elena has to kill Connor because Damon told her to:

and even though Stefan and Jeremy actually got to the root of the problem and stopped the curse, because the sire bond means she is emotionally enslaved to Damon, yes, let’s look at that receipt one more time

he gets most of the credit for doing the least work, she is beholden to him even though that feeling isn’t in her control.

It’s the same thing as Damon saying that Elena has to drink human blood

and then her starving and spiralling because she can’t do anything else

and then telling her she doesn’t have to and she’s excited and grateful to him because that means she doesn’t have to “hurt people anymore”

That feeling of “alive” is manufactured because it’s the sire bond that makes her vampirism a living hell and it’s the sire bond that takes away the situations that make her vampirism a living hell, like someone who starts a fire and then puts the fire out, so Damon essentially controls her experience as a vampire, all the dialogue in the world doesn’t change that, it’s manufactured and contrived which makes that line in Stefan’s speech bullshit.

And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself.

This pretty much relates to what I just mentioned above because when did Damon did push Elena to own the darkest parts of herself?

Are we meant to believe that one night of raunchy dancing on a blood high is what got Elena to own the darkest parts of herself? Why. How does that help her grow, how does that help her own anything, all it actually does is reinforce how much she doesn’t want to be that person

If anything, it’s Stefan who helps Elena push her limits and take risks, to do things that require guts

and to confront the darkness of being a vampire and own it by not letting it consume you, that’s what owning something is and Stefan has been helping Elena do that from the jump

what Damon actually does is push Elena to admit she feels something for him

and the show wants to say that’s pushing her to accept darkness since he’s pushing her to realize she cares for a morally questionable man but that isn’t about Elena growing or being inspired, that’s about Damon being loved.

It’s Stefan who inspires Elena because she actually grows from the experiences he provides her

So basically Stefan was talking out of his ass.

Shae-lynn Bourne Interview at Y.H. 2017-18 Media Day

(Shae-lynn and Yuzuru’s ema at Seimei Shrine. Photo cr. misayuzulove@twi)

…I get goosebumps. He has a connection with the music and moves freely. He does everything, believing in what I say. He makes the process of choreography a really beautiful thing for me. ––– S.L.B.

Told from Shae-lynn Bourne’s perspective, a glimpse into Yuzuru the skater and Yuzuru the person. She also talks about choreographing for him and with him, and the bond they’ve forged. With her instinct to connect with both music and people, it’s clear how she and Yuzuru make a killer team. Alternatively––SLB is such a romantic (in the best way possible). She made the jump landings in SEIMEI 2 really hard. She confirms he grew taller. - Gladi :P

SLB spoke with the press on Day 1 of the 2017-18 Season Media Day. The 15-minute interview in its almost-entirety was edited by Figure Skate Magazine (B.B.Mook 1383). Repeated QA’s were omitted. 

Translated by gladi. Please do not repost without permission.  Photos below were taken by Ryosuke Menjyu and belong to B.B.Mook.

A new SEIMEI with increased charm
The year of reaching new heights

Although SEIMEI isn’t a completely new program, we’ve made modifications and added new appeal. It’s an improved, new SEIMEI. Of course the order of the elements has changed, so have the entries and difficulty of the elements, as well as the level of the content. It is Version 2, so to speak. I think this will become the final version.

I believe it was about a month after the World Championships. I wrote a message suggesting, “How about skating to SEIMEI?” I thought it was such a perfect fit for the Olympics. Afterwards, I was very glad when I learned of his choice.  I think it is the right plan.

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Coran’s backstory and my Theory

I felt like there is not much we know about Coran, but then I realized that there is quite a lot of information we get subliminal throughout the show and I decided to summarize it and add some of my thoughts to it.

First of all, it does not seem as if Coran has a family on his own. He never mentions any relatives and the fact that he agreed to be frozen with his superior’s daughter suggests that he does not have kids on his own he needs to look after.

He was the only one of the court shown the castle ship with Allura and Alfor. He seems to be a super loyal servant and probably like family to Allura and her father, which is later confirmed by Allura in actions and statements.

Allura hugging Coran suggests, apart from the fact that he is the only person she knows who is still alive, that they are closer than just servant and princess.

This statement proves that Coran is family to her. Maybe she was even raised by Alfor and him rather than by her father and her mother. Allura could easily have said “uncle” or any other male relative, but she said: “second father”.

So, Coran has a family, just different from what we might expected: Allura and Alfor are his family.

One person Coran frequently talks to about his past life is Lance.

They talk about the weather on their home planets in S1Ep4 and Lance saves Coran’s life afterwards.

Coran also mentions his education to Lance. It seems that Coran relates to Lance because he brings up his time as a young cadet when instructing Lance on how to clean the pods. Lance is the cadet and Coran is the veteran. Coran even suggests that Lance could earn himself his first stripes the same way he did when he was young.

These two kind of mirror each other several times. When Coran emerges from the pod the first thing he does is having a ridiculous showy “fight” with Lance.

They are both somewhat flamboyant and while Coran “the gorgeous man” owns this, Lance is still very much in denial about this side of himself.

I see the chance that we will get another conversation between these two that will give us more information on Coran’s past (and probably helping Lance to accept himself more).

So, what does Coran say about his education?

Something struck me about Coran mentioning boot camp and having to do rather humiliating tasks. This sounds like the experience of discrimination male military recruits face when not confirming to the traditional idea of “masculinity”. But maybe I am reading too much into this…

However, his education sounds rather sophisticated. He is also very knowledgeable about a lot of things this post pointed out that he might have been an xeno-zoologist because he knows so much about animals.

He also resembles Nigel Thornberry from “The Wild Thornberries” who happens to be a zoologist too (and an extremely popular meme…).

Coran was apparently staring in educational videos. Is there anything this man hasn’t done?

So, with an education from the space squad and his massive knowledge on space fauna Coran seems a bit overqualified for the job of a royal servant or even royal advisor. So, how did he happen to be working for Alfor and his family? I hope that is something that we are going to learn in the future and I have my own theory on this below.

Coran often looks very sad when when he mentions Alfor, even if the occasion is not a particularly sad one, like when telling Allura about the AI.

Coran seems to have been very close to Alfor. In the flashback see that he hung out with Alfor and his friends and though he is not sitting with them, he is taking part in their conversation.

None of the others have servants with them and Zarkon treats his servants very differently. Also look at the difference of the framing of these two scenes. Here only the hands of the servant are visible, showing the distance between them and Zarkon, while Coran has his hand on Alfors chair, suggesting a close and personal relationship.

This statement makes you wonder what Zarkon thought about Coran’s and Alfor’s friendship.

In this scene Alfor says something and he and Coran laugh loudly while Allura’s mom is just smiling friendly. This is just a tiny detail, but it could be meant to tell us that Coran and Alfor had a stronger connection, or at least that Coran liked Alfor’s humor better than her.

Coran never mentioned the name of Allura’s mother despite introducing all the others present. And though she wasn’t a paladin he could at least have us told her name. It almost seems like he is avoiding it. I will come back to this.

The flashback also showed us that Alfor knows many very personal details about Alfor’s life. Even things which happened while he wasn’t around like the conversations with Zarkon and Honvera.

There are two possible reasons for this: Either Alfor told him about all those things since they were very close or Coran helped Alfor to store his memories in the AI Coran showed Allura in season 1 and this is where Coran saw these things. However, since Coran does not approve of searching people’s memories I don’t think he would have looked at them without Alfor’s permission.

So, Coran knows very personal details about Alfor’s life, raised Allura with him and agreed to be frozen with her not knowing when they would wake up again.

So, here comes my theory:

Could it be that Coran’s feelings for Alfor weren’t platonic?

Based on the information we got I can imagine that Coran was in love with Alfor. They probably knew each other since youth but weren’t allowed to be together. Coran could have taken his job so he could be close to Alfor. It would also explain why he does not mention Allura’s mother’s name, because this might still be a painful topic. She would have been with the person he had feelings for. Maybe Alfor replied these feelings or maybe he didn’t.

If he did this might explain why Allura’s mom is so absent and why Allura remained their only child. Once Allura was born royal succession was secured and if Alfor loved somebody else, this might have prevented them from having more kids. Maybe Allura’s mother even left Alfor and Allura. We don’t really know what happened to her.

If Alfor did not reply Coran’s feelings, I think he would have known about them. Alfor seems like someone who is sensitive for people’s emotions. So, keeping Coran around as his friend and confidant shows that he appreciated him very much.

However, we just know for sure that at some point Alfor got together with Allura’s mother. Coran stayed around serving them. Allura was born and her mother disappeared. Alfor and Coran raised the princess. Either Coran stayed at his love’s side in times of hardship or, if Alfor replied the affection, these two got a chance to be a family.

Allura does not seem to be aware of this, at least there are no hints that she is. Maybe subconsciously if we consider the “second father” statement.

If there was a love story between these two it could be a great form or representation of older same sex couples. They struggled since their relationship wasn’t accepted but they never stopped loving each other and managed to be together somehow, giving hope to younger same sex couples struggling today.

I am really curious, if my thoughts are anywhere near to the actual story. We will see eventually. Thanks for reading!

some things never change

Captain Cobra spec fic for Season 7 based on the spoiler that came from ABC’s upfronts yesterday. inspired by conversation with some of the enablers (@optomisticgirl, @thesschesthair, @fergus80, @xpumpkindumplingx, @kat2609). I doubt this will pan out but I was offered goats and then the idea ran away from me.

When he thought about it, it shouldn’t have been that surprising. Of course the man that his cursed self would often confide in was none other than his own step-father.

Henry stepped inside the small, dark bar near the shipping docks and glanced around before heading to his usual stool. Leroy was seated at the far end of the counter, nursing a beer and glaring at the world; Henry had to bite back a chuckle at the fact that he’d been drinking with a dwarf all this time.

Humming sounded from the back room, and suddenly, Henry was nervous. He shouldn’t be, he knew, but the prospect of seeing him—really seeing him—had him feeling like a 12-year-old boy again.

In this life, Killian Jones was a navy vet who’d lost his hand in battle and his wife sometime later. He never took off his wedding band, though, and said she was his true love—that there wasn’t another for him. It had always warmed Henry’s heart to know that that kind of love was possible; now that he remembered the real story, he had to bite back a grin.

The melody grew louder and then, there he was: a few years older than when he married Henry’s mom (there were some grays peeking through at his temples), wearing a plaid shirt not unlike one of David’s, and with a warm smile on his face.

“Henry; it’s good to see you, lad.” Again, Henry stifled a laugh—Killian was hardly even ten years older than him in this reality, yet had always called him “lad,” just like when he was a kid. Some curse this was. “Your usual?”

“Yeah; thanks, Hoo-Killian.”

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anonymous asked:

«She fancied Gehrman, unaware of his curious "mania", but was left heartbroken when Gehrman couldn't, or wouldn't, reveal his feeling towards her.» WTF, fextralife?!

Thank you fextralife! ~♡
No okay let’s be serious for a second and put aside my fangirl heart that craves for the damn romance and let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Let’s begin with the Hair Ornament and how the Doll reacts to it.

The item is described as “ordinary” and does look as such. This is not something fit for a woman of noble lineage like Maria is, is the sort of gift that a middle-class Yharnamite would give his fiancee. In fact, I would say that the Red Jewelled Brooch that Gascoigne gave to his wife looks way fancier and in line with what a Cainhurst noble would wear than the plain, ordinary hair ornament.

Giving little tokens of affection before the marriage was a no-no for Victorian lovebirds unless the couple openly expressed the intention to get married and both families agreed to the arrangement.

In Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, Marianne Dashwood’s spontaneous behaviour is considered unorthodox and her (only rumoured!) clandestine engagement with John Willoughby is heavily frowned upon. One of her biggest ‘sins’ was to have sent John a bunch of letters and locks of her hair that the young man respectfully gives back to her before marrying another woman.

So, if we take for granted that Yharnam’s courtship customs are similar to those of the 19th century’s I think it’s safe to assume that if an unmarried man gave something as cute and personal as a hairpin to an unmarried woman he was clearly saying “hey babe I like you. But I haven’t the slightest idea of what I’m doing and I should’ve finish that “how to pick up fair maidens” book before doing anything on my own” :P

Of course, we can’t take Victorian society and expect Yharnam’s to be exactly the same because of all the obvious differences such as the clearly more prominent role of women in society, (Amelia is the highest authority of the Church, many hunters are women, Viola, though traditionally married, takes instant action to help her husband etc) but I still think it to be a good lens through which seeing the game’s world and it surely gives some extra credit to Gehrman’s conscious decision to hide his feelings from Maria.

Now, on the subject of Plain Doll, if we gave her the Hairpin she says this:

What… what is this? I-I can’t remember, not a thing, only… I feel… A yearning… something I’ve never felt before… What’s happening to me? Ahh… Tell me hunter, could this be joy? Ahh…

And as she speaks, they even took the time to actually animate her so that she would wipe her tears and gave us the Tear Stone:

Now, the dialogue itself is enough for me to say that Maria had feelings for Gehrman because there’s _no way_ that mere admiration and/or respect for the guy would make her surrogate, who only shares a few, blurred memories with her, cry tears of joy. But hey, we could say that since Plain Doll was “made” to love her creator her perception could be warped by what Gehrman wants her to feel towards him. So, let’s read what the lore has to say about this ;) let’s turn the Tear Stone into a Blood Gem!

Created from a shining silver doll tear, this blood gem is a quiet but unfaltering friend that continually restores HP, the life essence of a hunter. Perhaps the doll’s creator had wished for just such a friend, albeit in vain

BOOM! “Albeit in vain”… and here it is why I think Gehrman doesn’t talk to/doesn’t care about and is openly dismissive of the Doll. She is not the woman he used to know but a pale imitation. She doesn’t have Maria’s memories, she is nothing like the hunter that fought by his side, the strong and kind woman he secretly fell in love with. Before Moon Presence brought the Doll to life, Gehrman poured love and care into her creation that most likely happened after Maria’s passing. All item descriptions related to the Doll include this bit:

“A deep love for the doll can be surmised by the fine craftsmanship of this article, and the care with which it was kept.“
It borderlines on mania, and exudes a slight warmth.”

Which once again, reinforce my idea that my boi Gehrman cared for Maria not _just_ because she was hot. He doesn’t dress her up in revealing clothes nor does he keep her hunter attire while retaining elements of it such as the brooch and her boots. Maria killed herself after renouncing her life as a hunter, her conscience forever stained by what she and her teacher had done to the inhabitants of Fishing Hamlet. Dressing the doll in her hunter set would have been an even greater insult to her memory. Gehrman’s decision to dress her up in the seemly clothes of a respectable woman of the time is actually pretty tasteful if you ask me. May look strange and “unnecessary cute” to us modern-day players but that’s how women used to dress. Take a look at this picture of Mia Wasikowska’s in this movie adaptation of Jane Eyre. The reason why I pick this movie is its director, Cary Fukunaga who also directed the first season of the award-winning HBO series True Detective. (a show inspired by R.W Chambers and Lovecraft’s nihilism & cosmic dread.) This too is a pretty dark and spooky rendition of Charlotte Brontë’s classic.

But no more talking about Gehrman, let’s get back to Maria:

Among the first hunters, all students of Gehrman, was the lady hunter Maria. This was her hunter’s [cap/garb/gloves/trousers], crafted in Cainhurst.
Maria is distantly related to the undead queen, but had great admiration for Gehrman, unaware of his curious mania.  [Maria’s Hunter Set]

This description tells us a lot of things, but most of them are irrelevant to the subject of this analysis. I could go on for hours pointing out the similarities of her set to the Knight’s and other Cainhurst fashion but let’s not do that. What matters here is that Maria, despite being of noble blood, had no social prejudice towards her mentor (and I would assume, any of her fellow hunters.) and, just like Gwyn’s firstborn, “had respect only for arms and nothing else” :P

I wouldn’t say that the reason why she was heartbroken was the fact that Gehrman never revealed his feelings to her (as mentioned in the ask) but that she idolized him and the cause of the Byrgenwerth Hunters as a whole and couldn’t bear the guilt once the college’s research pushed their actions too far. Like Ludwig who had an unshakable faith in the ways of the Healing Church, Maria had faith in and was possibly in love with Gehrman and couldn’t believe that the man she admired so deeply would blindly obey Byrgenwerth’s orders.

“Go and kill those fishmen who did nothing wrong and aren’t bothering anyone. Oh, and be sure to rip that umbilical cord from the body of thad Great One that washed ashore.”

“Yep.” No question asked.

THAT’s why Maria felt betrayed. It hasn’t anything to do with Gehrman’s “mania”. In my headcanons Gehrman’s total obedience to Willem is motivated but there’s no solid proof in canon so let’s just say that Gehrman was an idiot who never questioned the orders from above :/

And now, let’s get to the final, FUNDAMENTAL point of this analysis: did Maria love Gehrman back?

Yes she did. Why else would anyone want to take a look at any picture one last time before killing themselves? To remember what they lost or could’ve had if things were different.

Why am I 100% sure that Gehrman is in that picture? Because in canon we don’t know the name of any other member of the Old Hunters. It’s just the two of them: Gehrman and Maria, the only ones with faces and backstory in a crowd of faceless, bloodthirsty mannequins.

Here you go, thanks Fextralife.

Skam fandom: The very best of

I’ve seen some ridiculous theories about the actors’ personal lives and what not in the Skam tag, so how about we have a little reality check and take a moment to remember some of the crazy theories and predictions the fandom came up with during the run of season 3.

1. Theory: Isak dies. This theory started to circulate as soon as Isak saw the video of Even talking about great love stories and death. People were looking for clues in the Bible and in the official header. This is the first time I’ve seen a fandom study the Bible to predict how a gay love story ends.
Outcome: Isak doesn’t die. Isak is born. Isak is born as his true self. The ominous letter I with the skull above it in the header? Turns out it’s not a skull, and turns out Even is a ridiculous romantic who enjoys tracing his lover’s name with his finger on café windows.

2. Theory: Even dies. Aka the Theory That Just Wouldn’t Die. This shit was everywhere after the first Romeo + Juliet reference, and some people wouldn’t let go of it until the very last clip.
Outcome: Even doesn’t die. Even changes the story. Moreover, they are both Romeo and Juliet on different occasions, which I feel is Julie Andem’s way of showing that their relationship doesn’t conform to heteronormative expectations where one is always the girl and one is always the boy. They switch. What a concept.

3. Theory: Even is a homophobe who intends to lure Isak into a trap and then assault him or out him.
Outcome: Even is a 19-year-old bipolar probably bi or pansexual cheesy romantic with artistic tendencies who intends to lure Isak into a hotel suite to pamper and love the fuck out of him.

4. Theory: It’s been over two weeks and they haven’t even kissed yet. NRK doesn’t dare to show two boys kissing. The show is queerbaiting harder than a Shameless producer.
Outcome: Soft boys kissing, nuzzling, mumbling, whispering, and stroking each other’s hair take over tumblr. There is softness everywhere. We’ve never seen anything quite like this. We cry in Norwegian. We cry in all the languages.

5. Theory: The voice behind the door in the Hjernen er alene clip doesn’t belong to Eskild but to Jonas. Isak accidentally outs himself and Even to Jonas this way.
Outcome: Jonas has broken into the flat, gone through a dramatic voice change after going down on too many girls, and memorised every shoe in the flat due to his shoe fetish. Nei.

6. Theory: Isak steals Linn’s sleeping pills and overdosesto deal with his insomnia and heartbreak.
Outcome: Isak deals with his issues by coming out to his best friend. Jonas reacts like a pro by having no reaction. Express Yourself by Isak’s favourite artist N.W.A. plays during the ending credits. The red heart on the Skam website changes to pride colours, people rejoice, I cry from happiness. Winter is coming, yet the air  – oh the air, it feels like spring.

7. Theory: Isak has sex with Emma or Eskild. The hiatus week was wild. People were climbing up the walls. Moles and boobs and nipples and freckles were screencapped and zoomed and discussed like we were a bunch of scientists on the verge of a breakthrough. I’m not one to judge, though. The Bros clip wrecked me, but at 5 am I was finally able to go to sleep after comparing Even’s chest from the pool scene to the anonymous boob of the preview and noticing that they kind of match.
Outcome: Isak has sex with Even. The sex scenes are super romantic and very tastefully done and don’t adhere to any stereotypes. Isak sure as hell doesn’t have sex with Emma or Eskild because Emma is a girl and Eskild is the mom. If Skam were a different show, maybe there would have been a sex scene between Emma and Isak that would then be used in all the promos so that the straights could ~relate~ and not be scared off by too much gay, but with Julie Andem in charge this was never really a worry.

8. Theory: At least one of Isak’s friends doesn’t react well to Isak’s coming out.
Outcome: The boys debate the difference between bi and pansexuality while Isak just stares at them in confusion because he has just come out and the boys have given exactly zero fucks about his news.

9. Theory: Sonja is evil and is holding Even hostage.
Outcome: Sonja is so evil that she calls to apologise for her mistakes instead of just sending a text, gives her ex-boyfriend’s current boyfriend advice on taking care of him when he’s depressed and even wishes merry Christmas to them both as a couple. What a nasty woman.

10. Theory: Isak doesn’t love Even enough because he never says I love you. He’s already thinking about breaking up.
Outcome: This theory is a personal pet peeve of mine. Were we not watching the same show? Even says I love you because he thinks he’s saying goodbye and because this show loves parallels, the previous episode ended with did you really think he’s in love with you so of course there is going to be a parallel that proves the opposite. And let’s face it. Isak “I’m not gay well maybe I’m a little gay” Valtersen was never going to say his first I love you under the mistletoe with angel choirs singing and stars exploding in the background. He’ll blurt it out by accident without any planning. It’ll be one of those I meant it but I didn’t mean to say it kind of situations. Also, maybe I’m alone in this, but when I say yes to meeting my significant other’s parents for the first time, my thought process is not I’m gonna break up with you next week but certainly not before I’ve hung out with your mom.

11. Theory: Even can’t reply to texts because he is a lizard.
Outcome: Investigation still pending.


What can we learn from this:

1.       Let’s have a little more chill during season 4. Myself included.

2.       We couldn’t even predict a fucking tv show, how could we make assumptions about actual living people and their actual lives.

whenever marginalized groups complain about the lack of content highlighting their stories and issues, they are told to “create their own content, then.” however, when they do, they are faced with overwhelming critique, overwhelming ignorance, or a mixture of both.

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