though she does fall asleep with me

the princess stayed in the tower and read books about better girls, where their hands learned how to hold swords, where they rode in on horses. i gave her books as often as i could. she devoured them.

her princes saw her and pretended to be scared off by dragons. got too lost in the thicket. didn’t want to handle it.

“tell me what it’s like, out there,” she whispers to me for the millionth time. i take her from The Throne into her bed, tucking her in and making sure her feet are covered. 

“boring without you” i say as always, “but i did bring back a great story.”

i tell her about how the stars change beyond the equator. how there are places it looks like there are twin suns. how the desert crawls into you but so does snow. i talk about the taste of fruit and promise to bring her back some. she falls asleep while i murmur about rivers, and then in the morning i bring her from bed to Throne, even though she can do it on her own. sometimes she likes help, is all, and i’m happy to give it. 

she doesn’t want help getting dressed. the men come for me, blindfold masters i have almost befriended. the path we take away from her is always different, carefully manufactured so i don’t know exactly where she’s located. after all, a lady might get ideas about things.

they let me go in the queen’s room. i report findings, ask for fruit in the next week’s supplies, am told not to spoil the princess, that she must be kind and waifish and wanting when the prince comes. i spend an hour suggesting that fruit might turn the blood sweeter and am allowed six oranges.

in the next week, she marvels over them. turns them in her calloused hands. smells them. holds them until she can’t control her curiosity, devours them. i bring her books about rivers. i bring her books about deserts. 

“when is our birthday?” she asks me tonight. i’m knitting her a scarf for it.

“soon,” i tell her, “i’ll come by.”

she rolls onto one side, looks up at me in the dimming light. “I’m glad they chose you to be mine,” she says, and i drop a stitch. my heart sings against the inside of my wrists. i blow out a candle so she can’t see the blush and i can’t see her lips. i know what she means, i say. i know what she means.

it’s twenty-three for both of us. i bring her a cake we both eat, her on her throne and me on the floor. i am in the middle of laughing when she falls silent in the still night. “nobody else ever comes for me,” she whispers. i say nothing.

we have more cake, we go to sleep. i don’t know if she knows i’m awake, but i hear her crying.

the men come, the men take me. the one that smells like cedar always laughs at my jokes. the queen half-hates me because i remind her of “that nasty thing” they forced on their daughter. 

“the left wheel needs oil,” i mention, “she’s having trouble turning again.”

the queen’s nose goes up. she never reacts when i mention her daughter’s wheelchair by name - doesn’t find it funny we call it a throne, thinks it’s well enough to leave alone.

“well, she’ll have a prince in this next month coming for her,” says the queen, “i’ve arranged it all,” says the queen, “he’s … had the situation explained to him first this time. i thought it would be best,” says the queen. “we’re paying him…. quite a lot for his effort,” says the queen.

situation. she means that her daughter can’t walk very far. she means the situation of towers. i excuse myself. i find my girl books about turning down marriage. i’m not sure why. it’s all she’s ever wanted.

they blindfold me and take me. cedar laughs at my jokes. the sawdust one is here this time, even he chuckles at a few. we ride horses through places i’ll never see clearly. 

“so according to the queen this is the last time i’m needed, huh?” i ask them as they walk me blindly up too many stairs for my girl to make it down, “i’m sorry i never made your acquaintance.”

cedar laughs. he takes off my blindfold and for a second, lets me see his face. “it’s been an honor,” he says, shaking my hand, “you’ve been a perfect lady.”

i spend the day with my princess pretending i am not peeling apart from my bones. i just want her to be happy. to get to come home. 

it’s late. “do you think in a past life i was a mermaid?” she asks.

“almost definitely,” i tell her. 

it’s quiet for a while after. “what if,” she whispers, “i don’t want to leave?”

i sit up and look at her from across the room. 

“it’s just,” she says, “i have you here and all the books i need and nobody makes me walk too long and i don’t feel like… like i’m wrong here.”

i want to tell her she’s never been wrong. that she’s always fit into my heart like a puzzle piece. that, more importantly, the leadership i see in her glows like a fire - that, no matter her body, she’s always been kind and gentle and smart and sweet. a princess that could bring a nation to her feet and do so lovingly.

“it will be okay,” i say, “there’s more fruit to discover.”

she doesn’t say anything. i think i’ve ruined something by accident, but i don’t know what. i don’t really sleep. i don’t say anything when the men come take me.

the world outside without her is boring. no mermaids. i put my hand in a river once a day, just thinking about her. 

two weeks later i am awoken by my name, and a voice i recognize perfectly. cedar stands above me in the darkness. “i know two things in this world,” he says to me, “and one of them is about love.”

this time we make the trip without blindfolds. i see the squalor they keep her in. i see the waste surrounding her castle, the terrible place she’s in. rage fuels my footsteps even when they start flagging. 

the prince is already there. he has dropped her twice, cedar tells me. i am already running up the stairs even though i can barely breathe. i hear her crying through the door and i don’t need to get ready - the fire that starts in me burns so brightly.

i roar inside. turn dragon and beat back prince with girl made rage. the bruises on her body turn me into giant snake. i eat the man alive, or at least i chase him from the place, never to be seen again. later i will hear a rumor about a demon that stole the princess from him.

she cries into my arms. i take her down every single stair. i hear her murmur her thanks into my hair and then i kiss her, because i can’t handle it, because i have places to show her and she has my heart to lead.

my house isn’t much but it’s near a river. she likes putting her hands into it. i take her places when she is able, and otherwise i bring the places back. we read books together. cedar no longer works for the queen, but he’d rather live with the man of sawdust making tiny wooden figurines.

i lie in bed next to her, stroking her soft hair. “do you think i was a centaur in a past life?” she asks.

“definitely,” i tell her, and kiss her, gently. she holds my face and pulls herself closer to me.

“will i be a good queen? i mean, in this life?”

“i’m certain of it,” i reply. i can hear the truth ring in it. the bone-deep certainty.

she’s quiet for a moment. “you saved me,” she whispers, “and usually we’d end up married. but…”

i don’t know how to answer that. i feel ice down my spine suddenly.

“i’m not demanding, is all,” her voice shakes, “i’m asking this time. for you to choose me. for me to be yours, i mean. and for you to be mine. permanently.”

the next birthday we celebrate, we are both queens.

Yoongi’s runaway daughter. part.3

Yoongi and daughter AU

part.1 part.2 part.3 part.4:END

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Yoongi’s p.o.v

Everything. Everything was happening as if it were all in slow motion, right in front of my eyes. The way her body flew into the air, the way she fell to the ground, the way it she rolled a few feet across the road. All of it, every single moment happened in slow motion, for me to watch with clarity, as if it was a punishment especially for me. Because I had neglected her, I get to witness her being hurt, so that it would make me feel even worse. But I deserved it, I deserved every punishment but Y/N, my daughter, my little gem. She did not deserve this, any of it.

I snapped out of my trance and ran across to her, picked her head up and cradled her in my arms. I noticed that she was bleeding and so I screamed for help. Everyone gathered around, some on their phones dialling for the ambulance and police. I saw a man drag out the person who had hit Y/N, from his car to make sure he didn’t take off. I looked down at Y/N, tears falling from my eyes, I was completely broken. What did she ever do to deserve this? She has always been the best child. Good grades, good personality, good everything. Why was the world so cruel.

“Dad.” She said and she smiled looking up at me, slowly raising her hand to caress my cheek whilst wiping away the tears I had streaming down my face. “Don’t cry, I’m okay.” She looked far from being okay. Cuts covered her face and bruises were already forming. 

“Don’t talk princess, just try and stay awake, you’ll be just fine. The ambulance is coming okay? Just keep your eyes on me.” I reassured her, but it was more like I was reassuring myself. 

“Dad, I never knew that a moment like this would bring me so close to you. I don’t remember the last time you held me in your arms.” A tear escaped from her eye as she smiled. She didn’t intend to make me feel bad, but it still did because it’s true. I don’t remember the last time I gave her a hug either. “Maybe I should stay like this forever so you’ll slowly come to love me.” Even in the state that she was in, she smiled and she looked happy. Genuinely happy, why? Was it because I was giving her the attention? How does she look this happy?

“Shhh baby don’t speak, save your breath.” I didn’t know how to respond to what she had said, I wiped a few strands of hair away from her face and heard the sound of sirens in the background. Y/N’s eyes were slowly closing, she looked as though she was trying so hard to pry them open. “Princess, look at me. Don’t fall asleep, come on the ambulance is here now. I’ll be right next to you the whole time I promise now please, please don’t fall asleep.”

“Dad, I’m sorry.” With that her eyes closed and her hand fell from my cheek.

pt.4 or nah since I can leave it up to your interpretation of what happened to Y/N.

Tape Hiss

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Characters - Dean x Reader, Sam
Summary - He does what he thinks is for the best. What was best for her. But what he’s really doing is running away, and you can’t run forever.
Word Count - 1,383
Warnings - Language.
A/N - My apologies for the lateness! This is what happens when you think you’ve queued something for a specific day, and tumblr decides to mess with you.

This is part of @iwantthedean’s Two Prompt Oneshot Writing Challenge- I got the prompt: “I can’t sleep without you." I’ve combined it with a songfic request for ‘Redemption’ by Frank Turner by @ofloveandlonging. Hope you enjoy!

He didn’t look her in the eyes when he said it. The lie was bitter enough rolling off his tongue, and he was sure she’d see it in his eyes if he’d looked at her.

The night was cold, snow drifting to the ground all around him as his hands gripped the steering wheel hard. His knuckles were as white as the snow. As mile markers flew past, the deep dark pit in his stomach only grew. This was for the best. That’s what he kept telling himself as he drove, anyway. He wasn’t good enough for her anyway. He was beyond screwed up, and she deserves better. Better than some idiot with a GED, a few bucks to his name, and a short lifespan. She was in the life, sure, but those around the Winchesters never live long.

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starting after the 4x03 hand snuggle scene except clarke asks bellamy to stay with her? :)

Because of Bellamy.

Thanks for the prompt anon. It’s one of my fav bellarke scenes ever and adding up some only made my heart warm up for them. Also s/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic again <3 (There will be a second part soon guys! Just wait for it!)

We are still breathing.

Clarke drops her gaze from Bellamy to the list again, staring at her name adorning far bottom of it. She is on that list now, she is going to be saved, along with Bellamy. Then she feels Bellamy’s hand on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

It’s in that moment that Clarke realizes that she is not saved along with Bellamy. She is saved because of Bellamy. And with that realization, memories of the numerous times Bellamy saved her life come flooding back. He has saved her from too many times to count, from anything from traps to grounders and now he’s going to save her from the second apocalypse, too.

She lifts her hand up and give his hand a squeeze too, then tilts her head and rests her cheek on their clasped hands, showing how grateful she is to have him by her side, now more than ever.

“Get some sleep.” Bellamy whispers some moments later and Clarke lifts her head up again, letting go of his hand and looking up at him. He is staring back at her with the same sad smile he’s worn since they discovered that Jaha’s bunker wouldn’t save anyone, and that the list would have to be made after all.

Clarke gives him a nod and his hand releases her shoulder, the weight of saving the human race returning heavier than before because now, she must carry the weight of forgiving herself and keep living with the decisions she’s made.

She watches as Bellamy steps to the side and heads for the door and worry washes over her face. “You can stay.” She says quickly, making Bellamy to freeze and turn to look at her. “If you want.” She adds waveringly.

Bellamy just stare at her, studying her to find what is bothering her. “Clarke…”

“I just don’t feel like being alone tonight.” She interrupts him, eyes dropping again to the list still on the table.

Bellamy gives her a sad smile again, only this time Clarke doesn’t notice it, eyes glued to the list in front of her. With a sigh, Bellamy walks back to her and lifts the list from the desk, folding it in half and setting it down underneath. “We did the right thing, Clarke.” He whispers. “Let’s hope that we don’t have to use it after all.”

Clarke stares deep into Bellamy’s brown eyes, wondering how can he comfort her like that, how he can find the right words to take some of the weight off of her shoulder when she need him to. How he can still be so strong after everything he has been through. How he still has hope.

“Are you staying?” She asks some moments after, standing up from the chair she was sitting on. The nod she gets from Bellamy warms her heart.

“I’ll take the couch.” He prompts. “You take the bed.”

Clarke wants to protest, she doesn’t want him to have an uncomfortable sleep on the couch so she can sleep in the first place. But she knows better to fight him on that. He would prefer sleeping on the floor over making it slightly awkward for them to sleep next to each other on the bed. So she just nods her head in agreement and walks pass him, making her way to the bed in the far corner of the room.

She turns her back on him and she can hear him taking off his gun belt and jacket as she does the same. Once out of their boots too, Bellamy and Clarke sit on the couch and bed respectively and glance at each other.

“Do you want me to turn off the lights?” Bellamy offers.

“No. I- I prefer to sleep with the lights on.” She tells him, trying to hide her vulnerability.

“Okay.” Bellamy nods. “Good night then.”

“Good night, Bellamy.” And with that, the two exhausted leaders lay down. To her surprise, Clarke falls asleep almost instantly.

What is not a surprise though, is the nightmare that wakes her up a couple of hours later. The first thing she seen when she comes back from her nightmare is Bellamy’s worried face, eyes wide open and concern taking hold over every muscle on his face.

“It was just a nightmare.” He whispers, cupping her cheek and tucking some stray hair from in front of her eyes behind her ear. “It’s okay, you’re okay.” He promises, coaxing her to him and guiding her head to rest on his shoulder.

Clarke lets him calm her down, she lets him comfort her for the second time tonight and she lets herself free, too. She doesn’t really realize they’re both sitting on the bed, but her arms find their way around his torso immediately and she lets the tears out without a second thought. In her cries, she feels Bellamy’s arms holding her close to him too, stroking comforting circles on her back as he whispers, “Shhh, it’s okay. You’re okay.”

She doesn’t really know how long Bellamy has been holding her and letting her cry on his shoulder, or how long he has been whispering comforting words to her before she pulls back from him. She can’t bring herself to look him in the eyes as she wipes the last tears from her own and lets go of his shirt.

“You okay now?” He whispers, hands falling on bed between them.

Clarke only nods, eyes glued on the floor. “Yeah. Thank you and…” She pauses. “I’m sorry about this.”

“Clarke.” Bellamy says and with one hand, he hooks a finger under Clarke’s chin and nudges her to look at him. “There is nothing to apologize for. We all have our moments and we all need someone when we do.”

“I know. I just- You’re probably tired from working all day and I kept you up, and…” She decides to stop talking before she says something she’ll regret later.  

“It’s okay. Really.” Bellamy insists. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Clarke stares at him surprised. Does she want that? She isn’t sure at first, but she quickly thinks it over and decides against it. “No, it’s okay. As you said, it was just a nightmare.”

“Okay.” Bellamy says lowly, not wanting to push her on the subject.

They sit in silence for a couple of minutes, Clarke’s heavy breathing finally ebbing. Neither of them want to break the silence. It’s a silence they both feel comfortable in and maybe just a little bit safe, too. It’s Bellamy who finally breaks it though.

“I guess we should go back to sleep then.” He proposes, slowly pushing himself off the bed.

“No.” Clarke protests instantly, reaching to grab his wrist. “I mean… Can you stay here, please? I don’t want to fall sleep alone again.”

Bellamy stares down at her, blue eyes pleading him. With a nod and a small smile, Bellamy climbs onto the bed and pulls Clarke to lay down with him. A moment later, Clarke has her back pressed into Bellamy’s chest and his hand around her torso, holding her close to him as his hot breath hits the back of her neck.

“Get some rest, princess. I won’t let anything near you again.” He promises, knowing that Clarke is already sleeping and she won’t hear him. Sleep comes easier for him too that night.

Okay okay but…… botw au where Zelda talks to Link regularly. Starting off, he spends a lot of time trying to learn things about her and encouraging her to talk to him. Later, once he’s retrieved some of his memories and they are more comfortable talking, she starts scolding him when he’s hurt doing something dumb and outwardly worries when he goes up against tough enemies. She gets sad when she sees the Zora still mourning for Mipha, embarrassed when Kass plays his final song. She answers any questions Link has about the champions, going on and on about how cool they were, how much she misses them. 

She’s the one that points out which mushrooms and flowers and herbs are safe for consumption, and she’s the one that encourages him to experiment with frogs and bugs to make potions. When he’s in the shrines, she chatters excitedly because she finally got to see inside them and she offers help with puzzles if Link admits he has no clue what to do. Sometimes she and Link have nighttime conversations as he’s falling asleep, other times she tries to give him cooking advice but it always comes out dubious when she does. He can’t even see her, but everything about Zelda just seems so beautiful and wonderful and bright that he can’t help but develop feelings for her.

And by the time he defeats Ganon, even though he doesn’t remember everything, Link still fell so in love with this girl that he basically tackles her into a hug the moment she’s in front of him.

So I Drank Espresso Yesterday.

TL;DR: Turbo!Mimbsi does 4 hours of overtime.


After about 3 hours in the shift I was already falling asleep on my feet.

I suffer from an underactive thyroid, and even though I take pills for it, I’m not very balanced (I have an appointment in effing November, I hope I can get a prescription for something better) and I get very tired very easily.

Anyway, a coworker told me she was going to buy something at the supermarket downstairs and asked if I wanted something. I said “Sure, get me a long espresso.” (= same amount of coffee, double the amount of water).

She came back, I went to the kitchen when I had the chance and drank the coffee.

After about an hour the coffee kicked in and I spent the rest of the shift in Turbo-Mode.

I filled the two major baby wipes sales, diapers, baby formula (twice), toilet paper and paper towels every time I passed those shelves (right next to the door to the back), I filled the shampoo dept. (two of the brands were EMPTY and required two trips) and then the beverage fridge.

I asked for special permission to do my shift between noon and 7pm instead of between 1pm-9pm because I wanted to go do something afterwards, but 8pm came and went and I was still busy doing not only all of that but also helping at the register and helping the other shift manager and instead of going at a normal hour - say, 8 or 9, I stayed till close and left at 11.30.

And then it took almost two hours more for the caffeine to wear off and being able to sleep.

Little Hints

Cassian Andor x Reader

Request: Hey could you write something for Cassian/Reader, something along the lines of Cassian having a hard time verbalizing his feelings but he expresses them in other ways?

A/N: Hello everyone! I am excited to be able to write more and I will be getting to your requests now! I hope you enjoy this fic and please don’t hesitate to send in requests!

I do not own anything!!!

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How about the NDRV3 guys sleeping with their S/O for the first time? (Just sleeping. Nothing NSFW)

Awh that’s cute Anon ^^ Have some fluff >_>

NDRV3 Boys sleeping with their S/O for the first time (No NSFW)

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The boy was stressed

- This was the first time you agreed to stay over at his house

- He literally cleaned everywhere just for you

-The two of you spent the day watching Sherlock (Best show)

You noticed he was yawning more and more 

- “Saihara - kun! Let’s go to sleep now, I won’t carry you to bed haha”

- You take his hand and pull him towards his room

- He already has a faint blush but once he realises that you’ve decided to sleep with him he’s instantly bright red

- “U-Uh… Are you sure S/O - san?…”

- You nod before cuddling up to him

- “Night night Saihara - kun!” You give him a quick kiss on the nose

- Gah… You’re so cute…

- He shyly kisses the top of your head before wrapping his arms around you and closing his eyes

Kaito Momota:

- He loved the idea of you staying over at his house for the first time!

- He won’t deny it, his house was messy so he did what we all do when we have guests

- He threw everything into the wardrobe

- The two of you were night owls which meant that you could appreciate the night sky with him

- The two of you were lying on his jacket as he lazily pointed out stars to you

- You cuddled up to him and slowly started to drift off to sleep

- “And this is… Oh… You’re asleep”

- You look so cute, it’s unreal

- He carefully wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead

- “Goodnight, my brightest star”


- He didn’t really know what to do

- He invited you over to his house for the night but he didn’t really think about what you two could do

- When you finally arrive he gives you a small tour of his house

- “So uh… I would usually charge up over there but… It’d be rude to just leave you..”

- You give him a confused look, he’s blushing quite majorly

- “I… Can… I would like to accompany you whilst we ‘sleep’!”

- You begin to giggle, he was just so cute!

- You just spent time talking to each other before you started to become sleepy

- “Bedtime!” You say as you yawn

- Kiibo just sort of stays in one place so you have to take his hand and guide him to the bed

- You let him lie down first and then you simply place your head on his chest

- “Night night Kiibo - kun!”

- Hesitantly, he puts his arms around you before turning on sleep mode

- “Goodnight, S/O - san”

Rantaro Amami:

- You invited him to stay the night for the first time

- “Make yourself at home!”

- The second you say that he smirks and jumps onto the sofa, taking up all of it

- He flashes you a grin before getting the remote and switching the TV on

- “Come watch with me S/O - san”

- “There’s no space.”

- “I’m sure you’ll think of something”

- And think of something you did, you walked up to him and casually sat on his stomach

- “Kh! Okay, stop!”

- You roll your eyes before shifting so that you’re lying on top on him

- “Better Amami - kun?”

- He begins to blush and just stutters out a “Y-Yeah…”

- The two of you just watch TV but… He’s really comfortable…. Soon enough you find yourself slowly drifting off

- The next time Amami glances at you, you’re happily sleeping on him. He just smiles and wraps his arms around you before closing his eyes

Kokichi Ouma:

- Of course he invited you to sleep at his house!

- As soon as you enter he pulls you into his room and shows you all of his best possessions

- He then proceeds to tell you all about the best pranks he pulled

- “Nishishi~ S/O - chan should join me one day!”

- You giggle before rubbing your eyes. You loved listening to Ouma’s stories but that didn’t stop you from becoming sleepy

- “Huh? Are you sleepy?”

- You nod before slapping your cheeks lightly

- “Nishishi!”

- Before you know it, Ouma jump hugs you causing you to fall onto the bed with him on top

- “If you’re tired you should go to sleep S/O - chan”

- “Eh? What about you?”

- “Well~ I have someone I can cuddle now so I’ll sleep too!” As he says that he kisses your cheek before cuddling up to you and closing his eyes

- This is cute

- You hug him back before letting yourself fall asleep

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Being the gentleman he is, whenever you offered for him to stay the night he always slept on the sofa

- You two were together for a while now and you knew he was just being polite but you wanted him to be happy too

- “Hey hey Gonta - kun!”

- “What is it S/O - san?”

- “Tonight, you have to sleep with me okay? No more sofa sleeping, it’s bad for your back!”

- He makes a somewhat shocked face before blushing

- “It’s nice that… S/O - san cares about Gonta’s health”

- You two spend the evening watching a wildlife documentary before you take his hand and lead him to your room

- He takes up most of the bed but you don’t really mind seeing as you just cuddle up to him 

- He’s like a giant teddy bear

- At first he feels kind of.. Awkward seeing as he never did something like this before but after a while he just brings you closer before playing with your hair

- “Sleep well Gonta - kun..” You murmur into his chest

- He lets out a little laugh and kisses the top of your head

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- The two of you didn’t really do much when you spent time together

- And by that I mean you mostly read books together

- He was just sitting on the sofa reading whilst you were lying on the sofa, your head resting in his lap

- You had to admit, reading like that made your arms quite tired but it was worth it

- As you glanced up you noticed his eyes were closing

- Aha! There’s your chance

- You quickly put your book away before sitting up

- He gives you a confused look but you ignore it and quickly sit on his lap then you lean against him

- “Huh.. What are you doing S/O - san?”

- “You look like you need a nap so I’m joining you of course!”

 - He just rolls his eyes but then lazily puts an arm around you

- “We should do this more often S/O - san”

- “Agreed!”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He somehow managed to convince you to go to the gym with him

- That was a mistake

- By the end of it you were exhausted whilst he seemed as energetic as ever

- As soon as you got home you collapsed on the sofa

- “Hey, S/O, come on that was barely a proper workout”

- He starts poking your cheek but you just reply with a groan

- This however, does not discourage him so you open your eyes and glare at him

- “Stop”

- “No”

- “Okay.” You quickly reach out and pull him towards you until he’s pressed against your chest

- “Gotcha”

- You can’t see but his face is bright red

- “Now I sleep”

- It doesn’t take long for you to actually fall asleep and he just kind of… Thinks about this situation a bit more

- She pulled me into a hug. She’s asleep now though. Is this sleeping together? Wait if it is this is the first time. She’s warm… Wait no bad Ryoma!

- He tries his best to get out of the hug but your grip is like iron

- Guess he’s staying here for a while…

- Not that he’s complaining :3

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Daddy Bruce and the little Cass Headcanon?Please <3

  • When Bruce comes in from patrol, Cass has a cup of hot coco (that Alfred made for her to give to Bruce) that she gives to him, and she kisses his cheek while he bends down and says “Thank you sweet heart.” Bruce sits down on a big chair that Cass joins him in and with a giant blanket on top, they fall asleep like this
  • Bruce goes to all of Cass’s ballet classes. Even though most of the time it is just them spinning around in tutus and playing on the bars, he is always really proud of Cass. If she actually does the thing she is suppose to do it shouts “THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!” and Cass beams with pride
  • Cass loves to make art for Bruce. His office has framed drawings of Cass with Bruce with arrows putting to each of them that say “Me (with the e backwards)” and “Dadda.” If Bruce is having a hard day he looks at one of them and it instantly makes him feel better
  • Bruce has tried to spoil Cass in the past but she doesn’t like it. Instead of being showered with gifts all the time, Cass asks for something every once in a while but it is usually something big. That’s why she has a 5 foot tall teddy bear  and a BB-8 that she can control with Bruce’s iPhone
  • Cass makes sure to boop Bruce once in the morning before he goes to work and once before she goes to bed. Bruce does it back to her and it’s their way of saying I love you
  • Bruce takes any opportunity to brag about Cass to his friends. If one of them saying their kid is in a spelling bee, Bruce brings up the fact that Cass can read at a skill level two grades above her. If another one is talking about their kid does two sports, Bruce brags that Cass is the main dancer in her ballet class
Let me in (2)

Bucky x shy!reader

Notes: fluff, nightmares (anxiety?), angsty(?), none other yet.

This is part two of a short series, which probably will be three or four parts long. Mostly Bucky’s POV! Thanks for the request!

Requested by: Anonymous

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The following night I’m alone in the kitchen again and I find myself feeling relieved. It means she’s probably having a good nights rest; unlike me.

As soon as that thought crosses my mind I hear whimpering coming from down the hall, followed by a strangled scream. My senses are still heightened from the terrors that haunted me earlier and my body instantly reacts, bolting down the hall, looking for where the distressed sound is coming from. I follow the heavy breathing and hoarse whines to a closed door. Her door. Something’s wrong.

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Home Sweet Home - Dash Wilder

Originally posted by frentique

Since Dash got his jaw broken at one of the NXT live shows, he had to get his jaw wired shut and he was coming home for about six to eight weeks. Getting his jaw wired shut, meant he couldn’t eat solid foods so it was going to be like when our daughter was a baby. In a joking way that is.
“Is daddy coming home?” Our three year old daughter, Y|D|N asked, walking up to me in the kitchen. 
I smiled down at her. She was a splitting image of Dash. “He is. He is also going to be home for a while since he is injured.” I told her. Her smile faded and looked at me concerned.
“Daddy’s hurt? Is he alright?” Y|D|N quickly asked. I ran my hand through her curly brown hair.
“He is okay, baby girl.” Just as I said that, I heard a car door close. 

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Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) series - Part Fifteen (Final)

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight // Part Nine // Part Ten // Part Eleven // Part Twelve // Part Thirteen // Part Fourteen

Luke’s POV

“(Y/N)?” I yell, turning in frantic circles as I try to figure out where she is. She’s got to be here. Her phone is here.

A flash of bleach blonde hair catches my eye and I see Michael, Calum, and Ashton getting out of a cab. They quickly make their way over to me and I continue looking around like a mad man.

“She’s here,” I say as soon as they’re in earshot. “I checked her location on my phone and it says she’s right here somewhere.”

“Are you sure he didn’t just dump her phone somewhere to throw you off?” Ashton asks.

I shake my head. “No, I talked to her on the phone less than fifteen minutes ago. The phone is with her.”

“Luke,” Michael whispers as he grabs my arm. He points over at something with a nervous expression on his face. “Isn’t that him? Isn’t that Jonah?”

I turn around and see Jonah in the alley between two buildings. There’s someone talking to him. I immediately charge in his direction, yelling his name as I get closer.

“Jonah! Jonah, you son of a bitch! Where is she?”

When I’m a few feet away, the guy he’s talking to runs away, but Jonah stays put. He looks at me and smiles sickly.

“Why hello Luke,” he says. “And you must be Luke’s friends.”

Ashton, Calum, and Michael run up behind me and someone lays a hand on my shoulder. It seems like a halfhearted attempt to keep me calm. I flick the hand away and grab Jonah by his shirt.

“Tell me where she is right now or I swear to god I will kill you with my bare hands,” I say, my voice low.

He laughs. How can this sick bastard laugh? He’s a whole new level of psychotic.

“Luke,” Calum says softly. “Calm down, mate. This isn’t you.”

“No!” I scream without taking my eyes off of Jonah. “I will not calm down! This is (Y/N) we’re talking about! He has hurt her time and time again and I haven’t been able to protect her!”

“Why do you even care?” Jonah asks, his smile only getting wider.

I narrow my eyes at him. “Because I love her more than you ever can. She is everything to me and I will not let you take her away from me.”

“Looks like I already have,” Jonah smirks. “She chose me, not you.”

I lose all control of my body for a few seconds and next thing I know, my fist is connecting with his face. He falls to the ground, but I drag him back up by his shirt. I shove him up against the wall and put my forearm against his neck. He coughs a few times and looks at the ground.

“Doesn’t feel so good to be on the other side, does it?” I growl. “This is what you’ve been doing to her, you sick bastard. Now tell me where she is.”


I sit with my back against the wall. I stare at the door and just wait for it to open. I’m not sure how long Jonah plans to be gone, and even though I’m tired as hell, I refuse to sleep. If I fall asleep, I could wake up and be halfway across the world. I won’t let him take me. Not alive, anyway.

The floor is cold, and so is the wall. I wrap my arms around myself and take some deep breaths. This will all be over soon. I have to keep reminding myself that this pain is only temporary. And it’s nothing compared to the pain of having him hurt Luke.

I hear footsteps outside of the room and I stand up. I get into a defensive stance and prepare myself to fight. I’ll fight him until I have no fight left in me.
I hear the key going into the lock and my heart beats so loud that it nearly falls out of my chest. I can’t be afraid. Not now.

The door swings open and I brace myself for a fight. Instead, I see a figure running toward me, and seconds later I’m engulfed in someone’s strong arms. I can vaguely hear words coming out of his mouth, but I can’t decipher them. I think I’m in shock. He pulls away and his hands reach up to brush my hair out of my face.

“(Y/N),“ he says, relief flooding his voice. “You’re safe.”

I look into his eyes and I see that familiar shade of blue. Luke found me. Luke is here.

“L-Luke?” I ask.

He nods, tears streaming down his face. “I’m right here. You’re gonna be alright, I promise.”

I reach out and bury myself in his chest. I don’t know how he got here or where Jonah is, but I don’t care. All I want is to hold onto Luke and never let go.

After a few minutes, I hear another set of footsteps coming down the hall. I pull away from Luke and immediately get back in my defensive stance thinking that it might be Jonah. Luke assures me that it’s only Calum and Ashton. They walk into the room and their eyes go wide with relief when they see me. They both run toward me and wrap me up in a huge bear hug.

“Thank goodness,” Ashton whispers.

I smile. I never imagined that anyone other than Luke would care if I was gone. It’s a nice feeling to know that I was wrong.

“Come on,” Luke says once they set me back down. “Let’s go home.”

“Where’s Jonah?” I ask.

“Michael took him to the hospital,” Calum says.

I give him a confused look and his eyes flicker over to Luke. I notice then that Luke’s knuckles are bruised and covered in blood.

“Oh my god, Luke!” I take his hand in mine and bring it closer to my face to examine it. “What the hell happened?”

He smiles shyly. “I had to get him to tell us where you were. He didn’t make it easy.”

“The police have been notified and they’re going to meet him at the hospital and arrest him as soon as he’s conscious,” Ashton continues.

“You knocked him unconscious?” I ask, my eyes narrowing.

Luke shrugs. “He deserved it. He’ll be fine. But more importantly, he’ll never get near you again. He’s going to go to jail for assault and kidnapping. He’ll be away for a long time.”

Relief floods my body and I wrap my arm around Luke’s waist. I finally feel safe again for the first time in so long.

Six Months Later

“Babe? Have you seen my keys?” I ask as I scramble around the apartment.

Luke smiles and points to the coffee table. I sigh and grab them. I’m going to be so late for this interview.

“How do I look?” I ask, doing a little twirl for Luke as he stands in the kitchen eating cereal.

His eyes fill with wonder every time he looks at me, and it’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. 

“You look incredible, as always,” he says.

I can’t help but smile. Luke is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

“I have to go,” I huff, knowing that I’m running late. “I’ll see you for dinner?”

He nods and walks over to give me a kiss before I run out the door. This is my first job interview since everything with Jonah happened. I wanted to go to work earlier, but Luke insisted that I stay home and make sure I’m alright before I throw myself into anything new. At the time I thought he was being overprotective, but looking back, I’m really glad he made me wait. 

I needed to start healing before I faced the world again. Jonah took a piece of me that I’m not sure I’ll ever get back, but that doesn’t mean that I stop living. I still have plenty of life left in me, and I intend to live it to the fullest.

“I love you,” he whispers as he pulls his lips away from mine. “Be safe.”

I nod. “You are my safe place, Luke. I feel like nothing can hurt me as long as I have you.”

5 years takes time - parenting evak drabble

halla!! its 2.57 am and i just finished writing up this special drabble for @betchnaesheim :’) i hope she likes it and i hope u all do, too <3

When Isak and Even had first decided to adopt, they didn’t read through the ‘fine print’ of what taking care of a child may hold. The first five years for them were the hardest - but considering they adopted a girl, they thought they had a clear mind set of what they were up against. But, boy, were they wrong, because over the course of the first five years of taking care of their daughter would really open their eyes to many things.


The first year;

Isak had just gotten Sol to sleep in her crib after having fed her a bottle of warm milk. It was a working cycle over the past few weeks since they had adopted her, but tonight Isak felt relieved since Even was home a bit earlier from his shift. He collapses onto their bed, Even chuckling as he heaves out a sigh, brushing some hair out of his eyes.

“I finally got her to sleep. Took some effort, but I did it,” Isak grumbles, crawling up closer to Even who smiles at him, instantly wrapping his husband in his arms.

“You did good,” Even tells him, placing a kiss on top of his head.

“You’ve told me that for the past five weeks since we got her,” Isak huffs, burying his face into the crook of Even’s neck.

“I’m not wrong,” Even laughs. “It’ll get easier.”

“I just need a full night of sleep for once,” Isak says as he pushes himself under the duvet, his eyes drooping closed and he can feel Even’s fingers run through his hair. Isak allows his breathing to slow, his muscles relax as he tries to fall asleep but he moans as he can hear the loud crying coming from Sol’s room. He moves to get up but he feels Even stop him and he looks up at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Just go back to sleep, I can handle it. Good night, Isak,” Even says, placing a quick kiss on Isak’s forehead before getting up from their bed and heading out of the room and into Sol’s nursery and as soon as Isak closes his eyes again, he’s fast asleep knowing Sol is being taken care of.


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@snakepitnet and @slytheringirlsgang event - lightning era girls -> the greengrass sisters

tw: mentions of child abuse (not any of the sisters, theo)

au where none of the slytherins joined voldemort (yes, not even draco)

daphne greengrass was used to be the princess of the house even when being only two years old. she was the first granddaughter to be both of her grandparents, and the oldest cousin, a few years later. she was not only a beautiful baby, but a very clever young girl. she knew to identify many different shapes, remembered the differences between her parent’s wands by the age of 8 months and started walking by the age of 10 months. truly, daphne greengrass was a wonder to her family. the best thing ever to happen to them, her mother said.

until astoria became part of the picture.

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evilwriter37  asked:

Imagine the gang putting each other to bed. Like, Hiccup's really tired and overworking and someone just likes picks him up, puts him in bed, and tucks him in. Just any of them doing that for each other.

Ooh, yes. That definitely happens. 

With Hiccup especially. I can picture like, the other five looking at each other when they realize he’s yawning but he’s still working or refuses to sleep for some reason (or looks tired) and like…. time to put his ass to bed for him. Like Snotlout rolling his eyes, looking at Astrid or Fishlegs and then like picking him up and putting him over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and Hiccup’s like “Hey!” And Snotlout’s like “Time for bed, dude.” 

Fishlegs and Astrid go for a more gentle approach. Maybe like, hey wanna cuddle with me? And really the cuddling is just to get him into a bed so he sleeps. Though, I’d love to see Astrid pick Hiccup up and carry him either piggyback, fireman’s carry, or bridal style. He probably falls asleep while she does this too. 

Or the twins basically going Thorston Sandwich with him and like, now you can’t go anywhere because you’re stuck between both of us. Time to sleep. (They pull that with everyone else, too. Snotlout acts like he hates it but he actually loves it!)

They probably get Toothless in on it too. Like “Watch him, make sure he sleeps.” Maybe have Toothless tuck him into those lovely wings of his and Hiccup now is cocooned by 2000 pounds of Night Fury.

And plus, they literally did that for Astrid in Night of the Hunters! (She wakes up in Hiccup’s bed after her all day water adventure). Canon evidence! Yay! I could see them doing that immediately after Buffalord Soldier. Like, yes, you’re well now, but you need a good night’s sleep, okay? Stormfly, make sure she sleeps. 

I can see them tucking each other into bed after their various adventures where they were really concerned about one other. Or their friend is likely to be feeling really vulnerable. Like, everybody tucking Ruff (and Tuff) into bed after Twintuition. They probably tucked Hiccup into bed after Dire Straits but stayed in the room with him because they couldn’t fathom leaving him. They definitely all helped tuck Astrid into her bed while she was temporarily blind, and staying with her (or cuddling with her, if they asked or she asked). Same with Snotlout in Not Lout or Bad Moon Rising (though, I’d imagine they never left his side and cuddling happened.) They also did the same for Tuff in Bad Moon Rising.

You. (Dean X Reader Soulmate AU)

Short Story Description: Set in supernatural universe. You wake up one day, with no memory or knowledge as to how you got in the middle of a forest. All you know is youre a hunter and a good one. Almost getting killed, however, leads to you meeting the boys. Dean, instantly, feels different with you as you feel different with him. You fall in love, and knowing you have the name ‘Dean’ on your wrist calms you. But without being able to tell Dean your name, you panic. Little did you know, Dean already knows your name.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Castiel

Word Count: 2158

Warnings: ⚠ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠ Angst, fluff, self-hate, self-harm, jealousy

A/N: So, this chapter is pretty intense. When i started this story, it was my venting tool. Now that there’s people who actually like it, I’m happy. The reader is based on me. So alot of things that reader says and describes are self feelings. All of the chapter below is everything thats happened to me regarding reader’s feelings and what she does to herself. I hope this isn’t a trigger for anyone. If so, im so sorry. I hope that you guys like this chapter.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

@supernatural-jackles @angelkurenai @d-s-winchester @ilostmyshoe-79 @lipstickandwhiskey @feelmyroarrrr @calicat79

Chapter Seven


I don’t know how long it’s been since (Y/n) fell asleep. I’m not complaining though. Its quite nice to have her sleeping peacefully near me. I could feel her chest slowly rise and fall. The small noises she made when she moved. The way her face would scrunch up randomly. It was beautiful. As I was driving to the bunker, I pretty much smiled the whole damn way. “You don’t know what you do to me (Y/n), god, how is it that you’re here with me right now ?” I whispered to her because I didn’t want to risk waking her up. I sighed contently, and kept rubbing her soft hair. She moaned. That gave me shivers and a slight erection which I hoped it went the freak away. I cannot let her already know how much control she has over me. I would do anything for her. Seeing her, asleep, at peace, I’d do everything to make sure she always feels and looked this way. But if she’s with me, that will never happen. Dammit, Dean. Be happy the girl is actually here. Your soulmate ! She’s here ! She’s yours. I can protect her. I’ll do everything to make sure she’s happy but that won’t be with me. I drove in silence, listening to (Y/n)’s soft breathing until I reached the bunker. I slowly got out of the car, making sure to not wake (Y/n) up. I went to her side of the car and slowly, picked her up and took her inside. It was night and dark. When I finally got to the door, I somehow was able to open it, carrying precious cargo inside. I slowly walked and took her to her room where I laid her down slowly. I took off her jacket, her shoes and everything else that isn’t considered pajamas. As I was walking out, I almost face planted into Castiel.

“Cas, what the hell ?!”

“Dean, why are you whispering ?”

“(Y/n) is asleep.”


“Cas, we need to talk.”

“OK Dean, but first I need to tell you something.”

“Ok, shoot.”

“Why would I shoot you Dean ?”

“No, Cas, its a figure of speech, it mea- just never mind, what do you need to tell me ?”

“Dean, you aren’t worthy of her love.” That’s when my rage took over. I wasn’t worthy of her love ? I mean, I didn’t want her to be stuck with me, but I’m sure as hell ain’t letting this angel make me look like an ass.

“I’m not worthy ?” As I said this, I realized I couldn’t have said it anymore venomous than it came out.

“No, you’re not. That’s why my name is on her wrist as well. However, I thought I’d be best if she didn’t have me in her life, but I realized she needs me more than she needs you.” Every word that came out of his mouth stung and cut me up inside.

“Well, guess what ? My name was there first. She belongs to me.”

“She was given a second chance. She has a chance to not be doomed. I wish I could’ve realized this sooner. Before everything I did.” I couldn’t stop myself from clenching my jaw so hard, I felt like a Ken barbie doll. My hands immediately went into fists. It took all my might to not punch him right there and then.

“What. Did. You. Do ?” Every word came out angrier than the last.

“I thought it would be best if I erased all of her memories of the last five years. All the years that included me in her life. When we met, when we fell in love, when she had a choice to be with me, but she was weak. Not even my grace could heal her. She was broken inside. She was hurting. I just, I didn’t want her to have memories of those hard times.”

“So, you’re the reason she’s like this ? Does Bobby know ?”


“Ok, well he’s gonna beat your ass.”

“I know he will be angry, but I believed it was for the best.”

“Well, it wasn’t, but you did it, you screwed her up. I’m willing to help her be her again.” And it was in that moment that I realized, I wasn’t going to leave her side. I just, couldn’t. She was my world now. And I was gonna take damn good care of it despite, what everyone, or angel, says. “Well, screw you Cas, I’m gonna be here for her.”

“Dean, I don’t want to fight.”

“I’d fight for her any day.”

“Fine, its war Dean. She will be mine. I will get her and she will be mine.”

“Not if I win her first.”

“What the hell ?” This voice was one that would make me melt, but in this moment, it filled me with fear. It sounded so, broken. “I’m not some item.” My eyes quickly turned to see a beautiful tearstained girl looking at me and Cas. “I’m not some trophy or property to be won and shelved. So you can both go and screw yourselves. ” she quickly pushed past me and ran towards Sam’s room. She slammed the door and I could hear her angrily, telling, practically yelling, to Sam what just happened. I was stunned. I couldn’t speak. I screwed up badly.


“Sam, they were talking about me like if I was some t-trophy or item, they had no respect whatsoever ! And I found out why I can’t remember anything !” Sam just watched you as you walked back and forth and ranted. Sincerely, you had woken and scared the crap out of him. He was worried from the moment he saw you pressed against the door.

“It was Castiel, he did this to me.” Your eyes began to water again, which made it worse. “He said, he s-said I was broken.” You couldn’t stop crying. Sam stood up from his bed right away and engulfed you in a big hug. Thats when you began sobbing. “I, Sam, I have to show you something.” Sam pulled away enough to hold you closely at arms length. You slowly moved back and took the shirt you were wearing slowly off. The moment his eyes landed on your body, they were wide. Full of fear, of mixed emotions, of hurt, of anger, of anything that wasn’t good. You were vulnerable infront of Sam. You had no idea why you trusted him so much. You had only met him the day before, but god, did he feel like that brotherly, father type you ever so needed in your life. His staring and wide eyes made you extremely self-conscious, as if you weren’t already. You began to cry. “Im sick Sam, and I can’t be helped.”

The tears in your eyes wouldn’t stop falling down your face. Sam was breathless. Eventually, you turned on the light only revealing everything else, which made Sam cry with you. He dealt with monsters, with spirits, with demons, he had scars of his own, but he’d be lying if what he saw didn’t break his heart. When you removed your shirt, he was shocked. He didn’t want to do anything. He just didn’t see you that way, and you were his brother’s soulmate. He couldn’t do that. But the moment he saw your bruised, cut up, scarred skin, he couldn’t help but stare, wide eyed. When you said you were sick, it didn’t click to him at first. But the moment he saw your skin covered in lines, so many lines, he knew you weren’t in a healthy state of mind. After a long time of quietness, you explained your theory to Sam. You were a cutter. These, could never be hunting scars. These were from internal battles you always lost too. You concluded, you were depressed. And the jumpiness and uncontrollable panics, was anxiety. It was the only reasonable explanation. Once you had turned on the light, it only made everything much more exposed. Upon your thighs, you had an endless amounts of dark, faded lines going in every direction, and covering, almost, every inch of skin. Your stomach wasn’t a great sight either. It burned you so much to see soo many self harmed places. Your arms weren’t pretty, your stomach neither, you legs were bad, and even, your ankles took a pretty bad beating. What Castiel said was right. You felt broken. You looked broken. You were broken.


After she left to Sammy’s room, Castiel poofed of to God knows where. I was standing alone inside of her temporary room. I couldn’t believe we had argued about her if she was a toy. I wanted to cry. The last damn thing I’d want her to think was that she wasn’t worth every fight. I can’t bare the thought of hurting her, but losing her was worse. She was mine. She was meant to be mine. I have to protect. No, i need to. Shes someone who ive been waiting for my whole life. I just… Dean, snap out of it ! Shell suffer with you, youll break her more. I can’t do this to her. She doesn’t deserve crap like me. Im nothing compared to her. She was worth everything. I cant hurt her. I’ll keep her away. Thats the only solution. I stood up from her bed and slowly walked to my room.


I need to save (Y/n) before he hurts her. She broken. I need to heal her. I need her to be safe. Shes the reason for my existence. Flying to the nearest motel, i stood in the room observing my suroundings. She needs me. I need her. I will fight for her. If Dean will declare war for her, i will fight.


As i fell asleep in Sam’s bed, feeling safe, i felt like crying everything i had inside of me. I hope that everything i believed was the answer, wasn’t. I slowly drifted off to sleep, thinking of what i have dont to myself. The pain, the stupidity, the want for in the moment pleasure. The swift movement of the object, creafting a swift line of red across your skin. The suddent feeling of a sharp object on your arms jolts you awake. You felt the blade cross your skin, again and again. It burned inside. You looked at your arm and it was as clean as it could but the burning, new cut sensation fueled uour body for more. It felt like ecstasy. One minute you were terrified of this sudden hunger for pain, but it made you feel good to know, it was going to be over soon. You slowly stood from Sam’s bed and walked to the kitchen. You looked for a sharp object. You found the knife drawer. You grabbed the sharpest one and sat down, back to the wall. You slowly placed the blade up to your skin, hesitating a few seconds before merely slicing your skin, over and over. You couldn’t control yourself. It felt like you were trapped in yoir brain. Nobody being able to hear you. “(Y/n) ? Wha- (Y/N)!!!” Dean practically pranced to your side. You had cut up both of your arms very badly. You had lost blood, but not enough to be considered fatal.

Dean carried you, practically running to the library. Setting you down on the table, he ran for alcohol and gauze wraps. He had never seen this side of you. It was as if you were in a trance you couldn’t be awoken from. You watched Dean and you screamed from the inside for him to save you, to free you. He didnt hear you. You watched as he cleaned you and wrapped you. You had knocked out unconsciously.


When i heard noise in the kitchen, i thought it was Sam. However, walking into what i saw, was the one thing my mind feared of most: losing her. She had a knife in one hand, and on the other, blood. She was covered in it. She was hurting herself. After cleaning her up, i picked her up softly and took her to my room. I set her down and practically ran for Sam. “SAMMY !”

“Dean, c-calm down.” He immediately stood and reached for my shoulder to get me less tense.

“Sammy, i almost lost her. She almost-” i swallowed the words before saying them. His eyes showed those of concern and pure fear. “She cut herself, badly, and, she has s-scars all over !” Sam stayed quiet. “Sam, why are you quiet ?”

“Dean, she, uh” he couldn’t finish. I saw the tears silently forming in his eyes.

“Shes sick, Dean.” And i swear, in that moment, every ounce of my being came crashing down. My world was broken. She was not ok, i was not ok.

Baby, ill save you. I promise.

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Belinda’s Kiss

by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)


Shadowhunters fic. Jalec. TW: major character death, illness, graphic description of vile things, gross and questionable humor.

Summary: Jace is consumed by a mysterious illness. Alec does what he can to keep his parabatai’s mind off it.

Read it here or on AO3.


They joke about it being demon pox.

Well, it is a joke between the two of them, who know Jace hasn’t had sex with anyone other than Alec for the last fourteen years.

However, that is their most guarded secret. All most people know about Jace’s love life is that he has never married, and that in his younger days he had quite the reputation for sleeping around, not discriminating between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. So why not demons?

Alec wishes he could tell the healers the truth, so they would realize the unlikelihood of Jace catching such a vicious STD without infecting him. Granted, many of the symptoms are suspiciously similar—rapidly-spreading rash, high fever, skin sores, swollen limbs, hair loss, darkened corneas… But it has to be something else entirely.

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Written for Azurrin Week Day Two

Read on AO3

“Mama,” Kana murmurs, trying to hide her yawn. “Will you sing me a song?”

Azura pats her daughter’s hair, hoping to soothe her. Shigure, still just shy of having his own room, lays on his bed, pretending to be asleep; she can feel his eyes on her. “A lullaby?”

“…Lullabies are for babies,” Kana pouts.

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Request: Hello hello!! Could you do an exo reaction to when their crush falls asleep on their shoulders, like would they be flustered or greasy about it lmaoo 💕

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the guy who is super super flustered and doesn’t know what to do

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the guy who doesn’t know what to feel when he sees her sleeping peacefully on him, and believes the world must surely be ending 

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she trusts me enough to sleep on me. oh yeah.

while he doesn’t want to move around too much to wake her up, on the inside, baekhyun is screaming with the joy of approval

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the guy who keeps talking to her even after she falls asleep, not realising until he asked her a question and she didn’t reply

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“ah, great. now i can’t go anywhere.”

the guy who uses her falling asleep as an excuse to not do anything for the rest of the day

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the guy who tenses up and stares at the wall emotionlessly, waking her up when his shoulders stiffen

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the guy who doesn’t think much of it; stays as long as he needs to in the same position so that her sleep isn’t disturbed

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i could get used to seeing her sleep next to me…

shut up, minseok. literally just shut. up.

the guy who tries to control his wildin’ thoughts around her

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the guy who wanted to fall asleep on her first but was beaten as soon as she lay her head on his shoulder

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“what does she think she’s doing…”

super “bitch get out of my space” type of guy even though it’s his crush

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the guy who’s so flustered he just freezes up and sits uncomfortably until she wakes up

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“bitch this jacket is gu…”

starts off really salty but when he sees how cute she is, he forgets about it

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