though of course they had their moments too

Kitchen Counter (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut.
Word count: 2.4k

Part two: Laundry Room. Part three: The Club.

Summary: “Baby, we’re in your parents’ kitchen.” You muttered, squeaking softly, trying to push his arm away with both of your hands, but he just kept pressing those fingers into your core. “That’s what makes it so naughty.” He whispered against your neck before his mouth wound up back against yours.

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I cannot take back all the minutes, hours and days I spent loving you, and nor would I if I could. It is not the taking back I want so much as the getting back… There is nothing I would not give for one more second, one more moment… one more chance.
But in truth I know it would make no difference even if I had a million years because I would never be done loving you… I would always feel as though it ended too soon and I still had so much love to give.
So go out into the world and be happy.
Know that you are someone special who changed the course of a life with both your presence and your absence and that I will spend every one of my remaining weeks, months and years missing you…
Because whether you realize it or not – every moment of my lifetime has been dedicated to loving you… even if you don’t want to spend it with me.

anonymous asked:

a kiribaku tickle fight would be super cutesy??? (though bakugou may get violent... hope kiri's ready to harden)

a kiribaku tickle fight would be super freaking cutesy I actually had like a million different ideas for this but i only have so much sketchbook space lmao

So I hc that Kiri is super ticklish in his sides and maybe his sibs/friends too real advantage of this so he kinda adapted so that the moment anyone came near his sides he hardens his sides as a precaution

and Baku is super ticklish on the back of his neck so of course Kiri’s gotta give him a lil raspberry

Thinking of Her

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 800

Submitted by: @chaos-and-the-calm67 - She says: *hums innocently as I drop this into your inbox* I dunno if you need this…so imma just set it down anyway. Just in case…

A/N: I thought of this immediately when I saw the gif. It just had to be written. 

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Fairies First

RATING: R (it’s smutty!)
REQUESTED: sorta lol

hello, tis i with yet another domestic, smutty one shot!!! i rly hope u guys like this :-) if u enjoy it, please dont hesitate to reblog or to let me know what u think! [feedback] [masterlist]


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Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 4 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 5,487

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here!

And he asked te question he needed to be answered more than anything “There’s no (Y/n) and Dean, they are just friends… aren’t they?

“Baby, what is it?” you frowned, tilting your head to the side “Why are you asking me all these questions now?”

“I just- I figured there were some things I wanted to hear from you, some things getting complicated with Dean… and his role, and Sam so I just… yeah.” he pursed his lips, frowning at himself when he realized that sounded so not convincing.

“Is it about Sam or… Jared?” you asked with a raised eyebrow and his frown only deepened.


“Baby, if you still are jealous over the scenes we have I- I seriously don’t know what to say, now. I thought I’d done enough to show you how much I love you, I didn’t know you still doubted yourself so much about it.” you whispered “But- but if I have to say this all over again, every single day of my life then I will. Jens, you know he is my best friend, he is like a brother to me and quite honestly there is no man on this Earth that could ever make me feel the way I do about you. There is no man that I could love more than you, baby.”

“He’s… a great guy. He’s literally perfect.” he breathed out, not entirely meaning Jared but rather his own brother “I wouldn’t… really blame you.”

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Unexpected Guests Chapter Two: Start!

First / Previous / Next

At last! Chapter two begins. It was going to have a cover page, but I totally forgot about it until now… whoops… 

In any case, here’s the debut of the cel shaded style that means these pages won’t take quite so long to do–and the job that’s kept me so busy will be ending soon, and I’ll actually have more time too–which, of course, means more comic. So stay tuned, there’s more shenanigans to be had!

The last wedding

“I’m nervous.” Pansy rubbed the white lace covering her stomach.

“Of course you are.” Draco came up behind her and put two firm hands on her shoulders, looking at her sternly through the mirror in front of them. Pansy looked positively breathtaking. “After all if you do it right you’ll only get married once.”

“But am I doing it right though?” Pansy stepped back and leaned on his in tux clad chest. He leaned back a bit, careful not to mess up Pansy’s hair that Fleur had so meticulously put together just that morning.

“Pansy don’t be ridiculous. You and Granger are perfect together and you know it. Your love is so bright it’s hard to watch.” Pansy turned around with that familiar concerned look in her eyes. At the age of thirty three he was still very much alone. Too focussed on work he always said. Too busy running from happiness because you don’t believe you deserve it, Pansy always shot back.

“As long as you know that when the day comes for you you’ll have all six of us walking you down the aisle to give you away. ” She hugged him, painfully tight. Draco could hear she was crying.

“Now don’t start talking about me and my more than dead love life Pans, it’s your wedding day not mine.” The asian woman let him go and grasped his hands. She smiled the entire time Draco fixed her make up, something he had counted on with his planning. Merlin knew he’d done this often enough.

“Am I a crier?” She sniffed as he finished the last details on her eyebrows. “Compared to the others am I a crier?”

Draco smiled thinking back to all of his other friend whom he’d send off to have their happy ever after. First Marcus to Oliver, then Theo to neville, Daphne to Fred, Blaise to Ron and most recently Luna to Ginny. He’d been more than a just a bit surprised to be giving Luna away, but he supposed after five years of working together on a major thestral research project and fifteen years of being very good friends it made some sort of sense.

“Marcus was definitely the worst, but then he was my first so I hadn’t been quite prepared for the many emotions that come with a wedding day.” Draco stepped back into Hermione’s childhood bedroom, taking a quick peek into the garden that was now packed with people. Then he gently lifted up the veil from its box and held it out for Pansy. “You’re definitely doing better than Theo too if it’s any comfort.”

“Theo cried before he walked down the aisle?” Pansy asked surprised. Draco didn’t try to put her focus back on her upcoming wedding hour. Some brides or grooms to be needed distraction just before they committed themselves to their spouse. He knew that after organizing five weddings.

“Of course he did. He was actually worse than Marcus because he had just lost his father while Theo is secretly just a giant bloody sap.” Pansy laughed at that. Maybe he should make a business out of this. Quit the potions lab and just become a wedding organizer. At least he wouldn’t lose his eyebrows on a near monthly basis anymore then.

“Can you put it on for me?” Pansy held out the veil. She was suddenly serious and anxious again, but it was a good anxious. An excited anxious. A gorgeous anxious.

Draco suddenly couldn’t bring himself to say anything back. He had no other eligible friends left after Pansy. This was his last wedding. The last time putting on a veil. The last time talking courage into someone who was about to embark on the biggest adventure of their live. Realising that made this the first time he felt a tear welling up himself. Though of course it was the last too. No more weddings after this.

He took the veil over from Pansy again and carefully placed it on her bowed down head before pulling it down to cover her face. Once they had manoevered them and the dress down the stairs there was only one short moment left before the bridal march would commence.

“Ready?” He managed to whisper.

“I can’t wait.” Pansy beamed, and just as every other spouse to be had done before her she shone brighter than any star. Like an essence from another world her happiness radiated off of her because somewhere in this universe it had been decided that she was meant to be with this one person, and this one person was waiting for her at the end of that aisle. The start of a new life until death do them part.

Draco held out his arm, and together they slowly strode towards the altar.

For the last time.

Frat Boy Pt. 10

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6,  part 7 (1), part 7 (2), part 8, part 9

Well well WELL look at me not taking six months to update ;) Left you on a bit of a cliffhanger there last time. After reading I have a question and I’d love to read your answers - what would you have done differently, or the same, if you were in this position? Enjoy the ride reading this! Everything is not quite as it seems is it, even with frat boys you thought you had all figured out… xx

His door was there. Just like any other door. But you paced around it a few times. He was probably sleeping. Should you just go to the downstairs? Just…I don’t know… grab a glass of water? Try putting on the tv? Like a normal person would? You raised your hand, but it fell just as fast. Gosh who were you?!

You couldn’t yell at Harry for being bipolar when you were basically the perfect spokesmodel. You knew why you were standing outside his door. You knew who’d make you feel secure. This was embarrassing.

But the door opened before you had to knock.

“You can come in,” he murmured.

“Oh,” you said, voice barely above a whisper. “Oh you don’t have to-”

But when he opened the door wider you didn’t waste a second in entering. 

“I’m sorry if I woke you,” I began, but my voice wavered at the end as I clung to myself in the center of his room. Uncertainty took the place of fear the second I was behind his door, just like I knew it would. But I didn’t expect the effect to be this instant. Even the smell of his room was comforting, the faintest hint of his cologne mingled with must, which if it had been anybody else’s but his would’ve been off-putting.

He was in only black boxer briefs and a dark t-shirt, and as his arm went up to ruffle his hair, I wasn’t blind to the way his arms seemed to make the material stretch.

“The walls aren’t as thick as you’d think.” There was a moment’s pause. “And I have really good ears. They’re a bit big.” His brows creased as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

Was he… rambling?

Rambling or not, my cheeks flushed. Had he heard me walk back and forth outside the door for fifty million years?? I didn’t think I’d been that loud…

He must’ve seen the look of guilt take over because he shook his head lightly. “I was already up.”

Although tonight he’d spoken the most out of the both of us, his words were still stated low. A little raspy at the hour, too. He ran his hands down his face when I didn’t offer any in return and he went past me, sitting down at the foot of the bed. It was a king, Lionel hadn’t lied about that. Yet somehow he didn’t manage to look small at the end of it. It was his and he owned it, in more ways than one. Artwork cluttered the space on the walls, but they were all dark pieces and it set a moody tone to the room.

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly, but I didn’t want to try to explain. To try and unlock the Pandora’s box of emotions I’d felt towards him. I could’ve gone easy, said a teasing “no, actually” and questioned him about what I’d seen in the closet, but my thoughts were on a lot.

No, discovering what I had wasn’t the only thing that made me run across the hall. A sorry was on the tip of my tongue, the nerves building up to push me to action because I knew that I needed to say it. But courage wasn’t with me.

Distracted by words I couldn’t say, it took me a while to see Harry studying my attire. His eyes scrolled down to the sweatpants a couple sizes off before lingering at the giant button-down swallowing all shape. I pulled the sleeves down out of habit, but they were already covering my hands. I was like a giant blanket burrito with a head poking out.

“Are you warm enough then?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” I saw his lips move to the side in thought and I realized he was probably wondering what in the hell I was doing here. And desperate for an excuse my mouth moved faster than my brain when I said, “I saw some pills in the cabinet I didn’t know if you had a sleeping pill or anything. Could I like, take one? Just to help me.”

If I’d have been a step further I would’ve missed the way Harry’s eyes snapped into focus for a split second before reverting back to normal. But it happened so swiftly and in a room as dark as night that I was left wondering if it’d happened at all.

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The Arrangement (Epilogue)

Originally posted by deanjackles

Summary: I’m not telling, you’ll have to read it

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,700

Warnings: absolutely none, just teeth-rotting fluff

A/N: It’s finally HERE you guys! That word count might explain why it took so long, but I figured nobody would complain about a lengthy epilogue. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Find the Series Masterlist Here

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title:   crinkles and dimples
rating: t
word count: 1k
summary: in honour of dnp’s 8th friendiversary, here’s my shamelessly soft, fluffy version of their first kiss

[read on ao3]

Phil’s mouth tastes like caramel and coffee and his heart is racing–has been since the moment he spotted Dan at the train station, tall and lean and shaggy-haired and beautiful. Has been since they locked eyes and walked a little faster and threw their arms around each other carelessly and squeezed.

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Something Unspoken

Peter x Reader

Hey, I know it’s been a while but I recently saw Guardians Vol 2 and was inspired, so I hope you like it!

Edit: Also, would anyone like a sequel to this? Let me know if u do!

Words: 2,306

Something Unspoken

Traveling with the Guardians is not an easy feat what-so-ever, but in all honesty, as much as I complain, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Before I spent my time roaming through the galaxy with my new team, I was head nurse for Tony Stark, and when Peter and the rest of his team had met up with the Avengers, I volunteered to go back with them. They had no kind of medical expert on board, and I craved a new sort of adventure. Cap had tried to talk me out of it, said it was too dangerous, to which I told him how much of a stupid hang up that was, seeing as he was a super solider who had fought off aliens himself. He soon realized how silly his initial argument was.

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@lightningflamedragonaf : “ A one shot where midoriya/todoroki walks into his dorm and catches uraraka/momo trying on his hero costume. “ 

Thanks for the request! Enjoy this short, fun fic :)

In which Uraraka and Yaoyorozu gets caught 

“Are you sure Uraraka-san?”

“Yes I’m sure! Come on, Vice Prez, have some fun!”

“But isn’t that bad?”

Uraraka stood there, leaning back on her heels with her arms crossed. She was clearly unimpressed.

“Uh, no, it’s their fault for leaving it out in the open like that,” The Uravity heroine jabbed her fingers at the outfits in front of her, lying lifeless and crumpled on the head rest of the lounge chair. Said outfits being Todoroki and Midoriya’s hero costume. Despite looking as if it went under a typhoon and seemingly whipped back out, it was pristine. As expected of UA’s laundry delivery system.

Yaoyorozu bit her lower lip. I mean, no one was around right? Her eyes instinctively did a quick scan. Nope. Zero. None.  Just her, Uraraka, and the clothes.

“Okay, Uraraka-san, “ The creation heroine glanced over at her friend and back to the subject at hand for the third time, “let’s do it.”


Were they supposed to change in the lobby or should they take it upstairs to their rooms? Yaoyorozu already thought of 50 different possibilities within the time Uraraka took to pull off her tee shirt. The former did an audible gulp. If any of her friends came into the lobby at this very moment, she was sure she’d have a stroke.

The bubbly brunette, now fully ready to charge into Midoriya’s green costume, grinned widely and slipped her legs into it.

Yaoyorozu followed suit, hands shaking slightly. Todoroki’s outfit was way heavier than it looked and now that she had gotten a good look at it, that metal thing looked like a backpack. She coughed out a short laugh but quickly composed herself.

“What’s so funny, Yaoyorozu-san?”

The black-haired girl turned around just as she unzipped the item in hand.

“Wow, you look so adorable!” Yaoyorozu gasped. Uraraka looked too small for the costume and given her height, she looked as though she was engulfed in a giant green marshmellow monster. She even flipped over the hoodie, causing her to look even cuter, like an innocent bunny. Yaoyorozu reached over to grab the floppy rabbit-like ears that adorned the girl’s head. Yes, she had to take a picture of this!

Though, the creation heroine felt a smirk tug at her lips, she had to finish wearing hers first of course.

A short moment later and with the last yank of the zipper, Yaoyorozu was done with her part. The girls exchanged glances and within a heartbeat, a joy beyond words stirred somewhere deep within them and bouts of giggles flourished.

“Yaoyorozu-san,” Uraraka’s voice was tainted with mischief, “The zipper on your boobs is going to burst open.”

“Wh-what?!” The girl tilted her head down and instinctively placed her right palm on it, “No, I think it’ll be fine….sort of.” She paused and saw Uraraka hold her midriff in laughter, “Should I take it off in case I break his costume?!”

“No, you look great in it, Yaoyorozu,“ a deep voice called out.

The two girls whipped their heads around so fast Uraraka had to place her hand on her neck to make sure she didn’t dislocate something.

How did the two not notice their footsteps?!

Midoriya, face red with something hopefully not related to the flu, stood beside Todoroki, who was holding a mug of black coffee from Family Mart.

“Uraraka-san,” Midoriya began, “What… are you doing in my suit?”

Wow, it’s shocking that he hasn’t died yet. It’s quite obvious that the Uravity heroine was making his heart hammer like no other. The green-haired boy walked over, admiring. Uraraka responded with a grin and also with embarrassment tinting her cheeks.

“Deku-kun, I’m sorry,” Uraraka pulled the hoodie down, sounding quite defeated, “It’s my fault, I convinced Yaoyorozu-san to try on your costumes.” Her eyes darted over to Todoroki who was now inches apart from the Vice President.

Midoriya nodded, albeit a bit too fervently, “Apologies accepted. Don’t worry about it, you look…” He could see the anticipation written all over Uraraka’s expression, “You look so cute.”

The girl did her signature move: the widened eyes and heavy breathing. Midoriya could melt right then and there.

Yaoyorozu’s lips formed a thin line. Those two had it easy, she thought, at least they didn’t have to deal with this guy.

She was starting to feel the heat get to her, no pun intended, as Todoroki walked closer, placing his coffee down at a nearby stool. Yaoyorozu could never read him. His face and his tone of voice. Everything was shrouded in mystery. Todoroki never let slip his intentions and motives which sometimes made Yaoyorozu more irritated than her mother would have liked.

“Todoroki-san, please accept my humblest apology,” her fingers wrapped around the zipper and she heaved it downwards, until she realized that she wore nothing but a black sports bra underneath. Nevermind.

The boy in front of her looked deadpan as always, and Yaoyorozu’s brows knitted together in frustration.

“I’d much rather you chastise me,” she spoke. At least she could keep her dignity. Maybe.

Todoroki suddenly gloved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Wait, before you take it off in your room,” he had to make sure he emphasized the word ‘room’, “Could I get a picture?”


Uraraka and Midoriya did a double take. It’s not every day you hear a Yaoyorozu shout like a madman.

“Todoroki-san, you want my picture?” The girl could feel her lungs failing her, “But, this is so shameful! As the Vice President of the class…how dare I-“

Todoroki cut her off, “Don’t worry, now look here and smile.”

Click. Flash.

Yaoyorozu swore her soul just escaped her.


Another click. Another flash.

Todoroki scrutinized his screen and squinted.

“Okay, great,” his voice was gentle and with a swift motion, his phone disappeared into the depths of his pocket yet again.

“May I ask, what is Todoroki-san’s intention with my picture?” the girl swivelled a little in her position, hands sweating from nervousness. Whatever he had in mind, it better not involve uploading it onto UA’s Facebook page.

The fire and ice hero made a smirk. Such is Todoroki, even a small smirk could send the girl to the moon. She shook her head slightly to keep herself grounded.

“Well why don’t you take a look,” He fished out his phone again and unlocked it, pushing it well onto her nose almost.

Yaoyorozu took a step back in horror. Oh no. Her picture was now his mobile wallpaper.

“That’s what you get for using my costume without permission,” The boy teased, “If you want, I can send you the pics.”  

She didn’t even know that he could make jokes.

“Uraraka-san, could I get a picture with you as well?” Midoriya spoke up, fingers twiddling.

Yaoyorozu, frozen in her position, turned to watch as the other two made a few quick selfies after Uraraka’s instant nod of approval.

“I-I think I’ll go change,” the Creation heroine’s feeble comment trailed off in tone.

Todoroki took a sip of his coffee, “Do you need help? Sometimes the thermal regulator can get really heavy.”

Ah, another joke from Mr.Jokester over here.

Yaoyorozu turned to give him a childish scowl before trotting her way to the elevator, vanishing from his sight.

As the lift made a close, she leaned back onto the railings and covered herself in her palms.

The girl sighed. Lesson learned. Todoroki can poke fun at you if he wanted to. Now, if only she could come up with something to get back at him too.

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drarry prompt !! draco starts pranking harry and it starts a prank war between them. lots of angst . harry falls in love with draco

I made it a little Halloween-y for ya

“Potter!” He heard the familiar voice of Draco Malfoy call out. Harry whipped his head around to see him storming down the hall, soaked from head to toe is water. He was fuming and shivering. Harry burst out laughing as he handed him the towel he had on hand for this occasion. “I cannot believe you pushed me into the lake! The lake! So immature! So unoriginal!”

Harry tried to stop laughing enough to speak, but failed. Draco groaned and stomped off towards his dorm. Harry smiled amusedly after the blonde boy. Ever since eighth year started, Harry and Draco’s rivalry had been more lighthearted than their previous years at Hogwarts. They had started with some light teasing, but they quickly got bored of that and so one day, Harry decided to switch the sugar with salt so that Draco would ruin his tea.

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Rental Contract (Namjoon/Reader)

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

Summary: Late, late, late. You were always late - to work, on bills, and more importantly, on your rent. Fortunately, your landlord is kind enough to help you find alternate ways to pay for that pesky rent you were always late on.

Genre: Smut - Alternate Universe

Words: 6K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Oral, fingering, dirty talk, dom!joon, etc. 

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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I don't really get why people ship todomomo, it's exactly like Kacchako in a sense that they've barely interacted. Basically what i'm asking is, what's the difference?

There is a difference anon.  Warning there will be spoilers

Shouto and Momo go way back, from the very moment Momo vividly explained the faults of Bakugou and Izuku’s fights in detail, he took notice of her. While this wasn’t in the manga, it was shown in the anime, Shouto was looking at her along with everyone else, it was the mini speech she gave that prompted him to (spoiler) vote for her.

Then of course there was the cavalry battle. They teamed up together and Momo realized just how strong he is, and because of that she started to admire him. She believed that she only made it far because of Shouto, plus her confidence started to drop too so there’s that.

Even after the sports festival, Momo continued to admire Shouto even more especially after seeing all the nominations he got. She looks up to him so much.

The thing about Todomomo is that even though it’s not much, it’s not completely one-sided.

Shouto also seems to notice things about Momo too

 I can’t tell what he was thinking here but it was obvious he noticed the change in her demeanor.

And of course there’s the whole end of term exam which is the main reason why people ship them.

Momo lost all of her confidence, and Shouto played a big part in restoring it.

It was this moment that got most people to start shipping them, well at least this is where I started shipping them. This scene had a lot of depth, and not just because he voted for her, but because he believed in her.

Shouto openly admitted that she excelled in leadership compared to him.

Which of course, touched her. Just hearing those words from the ‘oh-so-strong-and-powerful-todoroki-’ was enough to get her back on track, he acknowledged her. Aizawa helped a lot too of course.

Then apart from the exam, they had some cute interactions in the Kamino arc

and they were together a lot too

Originally posted by skunkandburningtires


Not to mention the fact that they’re seat mates, plus there was the drama CD 7 where they went to a festival together, they weren’t planning on going together but somewhere along the line they ended up staying together and Momo cheered him up when he started to remember his terrible childhood and how he never got to experience going to festivals with his family and whatnot.

I can’t really remember the details and I don’t have a link to it.

Now about kaccha//ko… they’ve only really interacted like twice.

Like I know Bakugou acknowledged her and all, and their fight gave Uraraka some serious, if not major development…plus they talked in the omake and Uraraka does seem to understand him… I guess. (I’ll talk about this ship another time)

the main difference btw the two is that Todomomo has a lot more content in the series and they’ve interacted a lot more than Bakugou and Uraraka.

Bakugou and Uraraka have only interacted twice in the whole series, and most of the ‘moments’ they’ve had (the omake, the kamino arc) apart from the fight were orchestrated by Uraraka so in a way this ship is one-sided…

Todoroki and Momo have a relationship based on mutual respect, while Bakugou and Uraraka have a relationship we have yet to see. That’s exactly the problem I have with bnha…the character interactions, which I will talk about another time…

Anywho, I hope this clears up your skepticism!

{Reaction} Being in the Mood with Monsta X

Note: I wanted to write for Monsta X, so I did. This turned out way longer than I expected, but oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway. This is written as if the reader is female, I’m sorry I didn’t make it as gender neutral as I intended.

Masterlist ~ Monsta X Masterlist

  • NSFW - includes themes of sex and swearing, please read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by trainingpanda

You and Minhyuk had tried to do it a while ago, but since you hadn’t been together very long, you stopped him before things got too intense because you didn’t feel as though you were ready. But now, as you thought about it with your bottom lip between your teeth needing him, you weren’t sure how to approach the situation as you’d never been good at talking about your feelings, or having a heart to heart. You figured the best way to get this kind of attention from him would be to tease him until he finally snapped. You took one final check of yourself in the full length body mirror of the bedroom.. You were wearing laced underwear and one of Minhyuk’s button up shirts, except the buttons were all undone, exposing everything beneath. You let out one final deep exhale before exiting the bedroom and following the sound of the TV where Minhyuk would be.

In the room, his attention was on you instantly. He smiled at you - still so sweet, he’d never want to do anything with you that you didn’t want to. Except this time, you did want to. You sat next to him, placing your hand dangerously high up his thigh, making his breath hitch. After a few moments of teasing his upper thigh with your fingertips, Minhyuk was on top of you, your back pushed against the sofa.

Minhyuk: “Is this what you want Jagi?” *Hands already gliding up and down your bare stomach with his other hand gently pushing strands of hair away from your face.*

{y/n}: *Nods*

Minhyuk: *Moans before pushing his lips into your neck - be ready for him to send you to complete ecstasy*

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun kept rolling his head back, hitting the wall behind him as though he’d lost the will to live. You and him had been stuck in this goddamn room for half an hour now after being sent in for a game of‘seven minutes in heaven,’ it seemed as though the other members had either abandoned you both on purpose or have simply forgotten you were both trapped inside of there. Based on Monsta X’s intelligence levels, you decided it was probably the latter that was more likely. You turned to look at Kihyun, who was still hitting his head and rolled your eyes. Seemingly, this action didn’t go down to well in his head, because next thing you knew, you were pushed back against the floor with Kihyun hovering above you. He looked as though he was about to give you a piece of mind until you pressed a kiss against his lips.

When you pulled away, he looked dazed, then, like the switch of a light, lustful. He stood up, pulling you with him before pushing you up against the door of the room, no one was going to be coming in anytime soon. Then, he pushed his lips to your again, passionate and open mouthed as his hand wandered down to the place you were starting to ache for his touch.

Kihyun: “If you were this horny for me, you should have just said so earlier.” *Smirking as he can literally feel how turned on you are.*

{y/n}: “Just shut up and kiss me”

Kihyun: “Oh {y/n} I’m going to have done much more than kissing when I’m done with you.”

Wonho/ Shin Hoseok

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Wonho can get you in the mood very easily, let’s be honest here. This is the kind of man that smirks when you call your real father ‘Daddy’ because God knows your father isn’t the only man you call by that name. But you, yourself, can be rather shy when it comes to intimacy, and while you’re more than happy to engage when Wonho suggests it, you’re hardly ever the one to hint that you want to even if you need it. But when you finally pluck up the courage to take the first step, you finally learn what magic really works with the simplicity of you taking the lead.

You lay in bed beside Wonho, your head leaning on his chest with his arm around you as you nervously took a deep breath before climbing on top of him. He grumbled for a moment, his muffled words saying something along the lines of ‘what are you doing?’ until you start kissing down his chest and his words turn to groans of encouragement.

Long story short, Wonho gave back all you gave him and more. You should definitely initiate passion when you need it, because however turned on you may feel, Wonho will always feel it more.

Son Hyun- Woo/ Shownu

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Shownu was away from the Monsta X dorms house-sitting for his parents for a week while they were away on holiday. For his week out of practice, he decided to take full advantage of his week off and invited you, his partner, over to his parent’s house to spend the week with him. He decided that he wanted to take you out on dates and spend as much time as he could with you for the week. Except, when you finally reached the empty house, a sense of excitement rolled in your stomach as he showed you around the house and his old bedroom.

On the second night of the stay, you found yourself getting in the mood as Shownu turned the channels on the TV, talking about how he used to watch it a lot between practicing when he was trying to get onto a traineeship with the company. Suddenly, you pressed your lips against his, and he finally got the idea as the remote slipped completely out of his fingers so he could pull you onto his lap and run his fingers along your upper thigh.

Needless to say, the rest of the week consisted of the two of you using every corner and surface of the house to make up for time lost to his practices.

Shownu: “I can’t believe we just did that on the kitchen table - my parents eat at that table”

{y/n}: “They aren’t the only ones that eat at that table” *winks*

Shownu: “{Y/N}!”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

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Since you’re usually rather shy when it comes to this kind of thing, it took him a little while to finally understanding what you were hinting at as you ran your fingers over his whole body. With each hitch of his breath, you smirked, making a side comment on how it was informative to find out where his sensitive spots are. You soon became frustrated as he kept acting clueless, so you jumped straight into the deep end, latching your lips onto his neck and letting your hand slide down his chest to the place you knew he’d seen your intentions with touch.

His eyes rolled back, moaning before grabbing your hips and pulling you onto his lap.

{y/n}: *innocently* “What about the film?”

Changkyun: “Fuck to film”  *pulls you in for a kiss*

Chae Hyungwon

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It was a hot summer’s day, so hot even the air conditioning wasn’t making it seem any more bearable. You, and your best friend Hyungwon were sat in the living room, all windows wide open as you sat in shorts and a blouse with as many buttons undone as you could get away with and the sleeves rolled up. But Hyungwon was in less clothing, literally sat in his boxers because he could, little did he know how much you yearned to see him in even less. It was wrong for you to have these feelings for the man you considered your best friend for the past several years, but you couldn’t help yourself, and it wasn’t helping when you’d been crushing on him heavily for the last few months. You decided it was time to take action.

You stood up, unbuttoning the rest of your buttons to reveal a purple laced bra, Hyungwon scoffed at you, telling you that it being so hot wasn’t an excuse to strip. You laughed, tossing the shirt aside before unbuttoning your shorts before him. It became clear very suddenly how the atmosphere changed.

Hyungwon: “If you remove any more clothes I won’t be responsible for my actio- wait, are you smirking at me? Are you teasing m-”

{y/n}: “I’m still not satisfied, maybe I should take the rest off too-”

Hyungwon: *pulls you in and does that job for you*

Lee Jooheon

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You had experienced blow of emotions, from jealousy, to anger and then to lust. You had caught Jooheon talking to one of the backup dancers after his earlier show, she had confessed to him, and even though he had respectfully turned her down, you couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated. It was that moment that it hit you how popular Jooheon was with the female (and male) population, and how quickly he could get over you is someone better came along. Of course, this was all rubbish, and Jooheon was more than pissed off that you even suggested that he’d leave you for someone else. That’s where the anger kicked in, the two of you shouted as you entered the front door of the apartment. You groaned frustrate as you tore your coat off, practically throwing it aside carelessly before attempting to leave the kitchen and sulk upstairs.

No chance. Jooheon grabbed your waist and pulled you in before setting a hot, passionate kiss upon your lips. And then, more clothes were coming off, and before you knew it, the anger had turned to lust.

Jooheon: “How about I show you how much I really love you?” *speaking in between kisses on your neck*

{y/n}: *moans in acceptance*


Eren was nervous. 

No. That was an understatement. 

Eren was terrified. 

Sure, he had thought about this day for over a year, but never did he think that it would happen as much as he had really wanted it to. Today was the day that Eren was going to meet his boyfriend for the first time in real life. 

They had been dating for over a year, meeting through mutual friends in a chatroom and things blossomed from there. Eren had never felt so happy before. Of course, he hadn’t ever dated anyone before Levi, but that didn’t mean anything to him. Levi was perfect. He was the only one that Eren wanted and after a long year of skyping and phone calls, he was finally going to see his boyfriend in real life. 

His stomach churned and his heart skipped a beat just at the thought. He had been giddy the whole plane ride, thinking through every kind of scenario that he could think of. The only thing that terrified him the most was that Levi wouldn’t like him anymore after seeing him in person, that Levi would think he looks too different. Of course, Levi isn’t like that and Eren knew this, but the thought stayed in the back of his mind taunting him. 

It had taken everything for Eren to convince his mother to let him go, eventually blurting out that he loved Levi and that even if she said that he couldn’t go, Eren would find another way to get there. She caved, though worried about him being broken hearted if Levi wasn’t the real deal. 

Eren refused to think that way. 

The moment the plane landed, Eren was a shaking mess. He numbly followed the other passengers to luggage pickup, shooting a text to his mother to let her know that he had arrived safely. His heart jumped when he noticed a text from Levi. 

Levi: I’m here waiting for you. Hanji insisted on balloons so you can’t miss us. There’s like ten of them, all rainbow and shit. I can’t wait to see you

Eren felt as if he was going to cry just at the message. Taking a few deep breaths, he adjusted his backpack on his shoulders and grabbed his suitcase before following the crowd to the terminal. His heart was pounding in his chest and his knees felt like jelly as he walked. 

His eyes caught sight of a large bundle of balloons and he could feel tears already filling his eyes. He walked closer, breath catching in his throat when Eren saw him. 

He was breathtaking. Even better in person than he was in pictures and Eren couldn’t believe it. He felt like he was dreaming. A smile broke out on his face when their eyes met and he walked closer, almost in slow motion like he couldn’t get there fast enough. 

Eren stopped a foot in front of him, staring at him. 

He sniffled, smiling. “Hi.”

Levi looked as if he short circuited for a moment, almost letting go of the balloons before his friend Hanji caught them with a grin on their face. They gave Levi a nudge and he stumbled forward a little. 

Without warning, he yanked Eren into a bone crushing hug, arms wrapped around his neck and face buried into his shoulder. Eren didn’t hold back his tears as he squeeze Levi back, spinning him around in glee as they cried together. Hanji could be heard squealing behind them but all Eren cared about was Levi in that moment. 

“You’re here,” Levi hiccuped as Eren placed him on his feet. “You’re actually here.” His hands came up to hold Eren’s face and wiped his tears away. His smile was just as miraculous as Eren had seen through a screen during their video chats. 

“I love you,” Eren blurted and Levi let out a breathy laugh before pulling him into a kiss. Eren’s arms wound tightly around Levi’s waist to pull him close and everything felt worth it in that moment. 

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Killing Me Softly

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Summary: The triplets have had quite the adventure together growing up. Of course they not only had each other, but a loyal and lovely best friend known as (Y/N). Growing up the boys have come to love her even more. Kylo’s love for their best friend however, seems to have gone down a different route than his brothers. 

Warnings: Lots of language

A/N: So first, I got this worked out in like 2 days and I’m very proud of myself, haha. So hopefully it turned out good! This is based off of the lovely drabble @imagines-in-a-galaxy-farfar-away wrote for me about triplet Kylo and she gave me the blessing to write this, so thank you first for that hun! Second, I am a SUCKER for these AU’s so this was a joy to write. Hopefully you guys like it too!

In one evening it seemed as though one small dingey apartment held more life inside of it than the streets outside. Music was blasting, practically shaking the walls. People of all different kinds were scattered in every which corner doing every sort of thing. Cups were overflowing with booze, laughs almost competing with the music, personal spaces being almost entirely forgotten. It was to be expected, to a certain extent. What was not expected however was the amount of focus and complete lack of awareness one man could possess in such an environment. That man of course, being Kylo.

Even though he typically loathed seas of people just like this one, he was completely lost in something else. Somewhere deep between a daydream and unfaltered and deathly precise focus. It seemed as though the chaos around him faded almost entirely, except for one pivotal point. You.

From the other side of the apartment Kylo watched you carefully, analyzing every little smile or bashful look you made with a drink in his hand. He had finished it long before this moment, but couldn’t find it in him to get up and refill it. He was far too engrossed in watching you. There wasn’t a single thing he wanted to miss. Whether it was a flutter of your eyelashes or a skimming of your hand over someone else’s forearm, he couldn’t bring himself to look away. He couldn’t, just like his thoughts couldn’t stop reeling. 

Matt smiled cheerily, pushing his large glasses up the bridge of his nose. For such a young face his glasses were quite ridiculous and almost comical. Yet also suiting.

“I vote we play house!”

Kylo perked up slightly in his spot. If he knew what this game would look like when he was older he’d die of embarrassment for being so excited to play. But there was one thing that always made it well worth playing.

You sat up with a bright smile, “Yeah!”

Ben joined in, crawling out from under his heap of pillows he had attempted to construct into something. 

“Ok, but who’s playing who?”

Kylo looked between his brothers and you, waiting for someone to speak up. You smiled still and gave a cheery response.

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hi um i saw this beautiful post reblogged by @sqiderling and i couldn’t resist so have a drabble of the ‘the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’

That goddamn alarm. 

For the 5th time in 3 days, the fire siren had blared loudly through out the building at some ungodly hour and forced all of the residents in your apartment block out onto the street. The first time, you had been home alone so: you panicked. Rushing around and grabbing whatever you thought to be valuable enough to save- (you found out after that you’d left your laptop and grabbed you toothbrush) you were the last out of the building. And in tiny avenger pajama shorts, that you had never hated more in that moment. 

You spent that early early morning, mourning the loss of your laptop & dozens of other important things inside your apartment. All whilst freezing your ass off in the cold night air. Sure, that might’ve not been so bad; if it was a one time thing. 

Except, when the alarm began blazing at 4am, again, you were fucking tired of it. Making sure to pull on some sweatpants and a large sweater this time, you gather the essentials in your apartment on the off chance it actually was a fire and calmly (though seething inside) wandered out to the front of the apartment block. Joining your neighbors, you peered up at the building, almost wishing for the sight of flames because then you’d at least have a reason to be out and about at 4am. Though, at least you were prepared this time. 

However, the next resident who stumbled out of the building, clearly wasn’t. 

Donned in only some ravishing Star Wars boxers, the undoubtedly hot teenage boy looked beyond uncomfortable as he awkwardly crossed his arms across his chest in attempt to cover up, searching through the crowd for someone. Shuffling through the people with muttered apologies, you watched with an amused smile playing on your lips as he obviously tried to locate someone in the crowd, all while in his boxers. But you couldn’t help but feel bad for him- it was clear he was caught very off guard and you knew it was a chilly night.

As he came closer, you could see him shivering in the biting cold and before you knew it you had opened your mouth. “Hey, Han Solo!– you want a sweater?” 

Jumping in surprise, the boy turned (this nerd turned at the name Han Solo) scanning the crowd for a moment before he locked eyes with you. Pointing to himself, he questioned wordlessly with an adorable confused frown and you smiled, nodding and waving him over. 

“Y-Yeah, actually, um, if you have– t-that’d be great.” 

Pulling off your own sweater, you missed the boy’s obvious blush at the notion but not his grateful smile as he took it & quickly pulled it on. He tried not to sigh at how warm it was or how nice it smelt. Instead, he just nodded at you, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’, awkwardly fidgeting with the end of your jumper.

Peter desperately wanted to strike up a conversation with you but he couldn’t think of a single interesting thing to say other than “hey, hope our apartment building doesn’t burn up!” and he was sure that wouldn’t be all too popular. It was bad enough that he was caught out in boxers (this was definitely in competition of the most mortifying moment of his life) but of course, this incredibly attractive person had to be there too. 

Though at the moment, you looked positively bitter & as if there was a thousand things you’d rather be doing (fair enough, it was 4am, so sleeping was at the top of that list.) 

“You haven’t been here for the past couple nights?” 

Peter paled momentarily, his mind whirling for a moment as he thought you knew his spidery secret before remembering you were a stranger. 

W-Wha– why’d you say that?” 

“I mean, this is the 5th time the alarm’s gone off. In the last 3 days.” 

You paused as Peter nodded in understanding, scrunching up the long sleeves of your sweater, giving himself sweater paws. You were silently aweing on the inside and also wondering holy when did we have such cute residents and why was i not informed???

“Though, I must say, this is the first time I’ve seen a cute boy in his wonderful Star Wars boxers on the streets at 4am.” 

Blushing furiously, Peter stammered as he tried to defend himself and his lack of clothing but you only found it highly amusing watching his pink cheeks glow. “I-! I-I was getting changed! And I thought there was a fire!” 

“Mmhm. So, you got a name or do I have to keep calling you Han Solo?” You asked, subconsciously taking a small step towards him, a light grin on your face. There was something about this short but oddly cute teenager that made you keep talking.  

“Park– P-Peter Parker. But, you’re welcome to continue calling me Han Solo if you want.” 

You grinned, holding in your laugh at his outstretched hand but took it in yours nonetheless.“The name’s y/n, Mr Solo.Though next time we meet, I hope you’re wearing slightly more clothing.”