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Brasher is exclusively into violent entertainment. 

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Imagine some person see Supergirl fly into her apartment's window (really though it's a thing she does in the show and she's so careless 😂) and the person, not knowing better took a video of this and posted it on social media. The internet basically assumes that Supergirl is dating Kara Danvers and Lena's really pissed about it cause they're dating but haven't told anyone and she also doesn't know about Kara being Supergirl so she acts all salty about it in social media.

tbh I think no matter how pissed off Lena is she’d never cause any unecessary public attention to kara’s dating life.. and if Lena would mention something on social media it would get A LOT of attention..

so I think she’d be really upset, probably crying a little when noone sees her and then distract herself with work, she’d need some time to process what she just saw, she and Kara haven’t been dating that long, it’s still a secret, they haven’t been on that many dates yet and only made out a few times..  so she’d wait for Kara to come over to her office for one of their lunch dates the next day. and when Kara comes into the office she’d notice that something is really wrong because Lena is always happy to see her but this time she looks really sad and doesn’t even get up to give her a hug.. so she asks what’s wrong and Lena would be like “why?” Kara is really confused at that. “why what?” and Lena would be like “Supergirl?” Kara lets out a deep sigh and continue “so you heard about that? It’s not how you think it is…” “Oh really?” “Yes!” Kara walks around Lena’s desk to be closer to her and Lena trusts Kara so much and really wants to believe what she says so she gives her a chance to explain “then how is it?” and that’s how Lena finds out Kara is Supergirl and when Lena asks “Would you have ever told me on your own?” Kara answers with “of course!” right away. “I’ve been trying to for a while now but I never knew how to say the words, I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me.” “why would I be disappointed” “because I didn’t tell you the truth when we started dating. you deserved to know the truth from the start and I just didn’t know how to tell you” “because I’m a Luthor” “No!” Kara nearly shouts and gets down on her knees before Lena so Lena doesn’t have to look up to see her. she catches her eyes. “Because I love you” Lena’s mouth falls open slightly at that “and I didn’t know if you still would have wanted me if you knew the truth. My cousin.. he’s the one who arrested your brother and I know how much he still means to you” Kara looks down at that. Lena raises her hand and touches Kara’s cheek slightly “I love you too Kara, and nothing will change that. Lex deserves to be locked up and” she shakes her head, deciding that’s a conversation for another time.  “you know, I always thought Supergirl was really hot” “Oh really?” Kara blushes. “I mean have you seen her arms? They’re really strong… and the way she held me” she adds with a smirk. “If I hadn’t already been infatuated with you I might have asked her out.” “So you’re okay with it?” “Darling, I’m so okay with it” and with that Lena leans in to kiss Kara who responds very enthusiastically..

..and that’s how they accidently broke Lena’s desk..

“Don’t worry Kara, I wanted to get a new one anyway, this one was a little.. unstable” 

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Fem!JD is really high on the femme scale but she's one of the lucky girls who doesn't have to try to be a really scary femme. She does wear eyeliner though and she is kind of bad at it but she's too intimidating for anyone to point it out

She tall hot and ready to kill folks and then fuck her gf she goes hard

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i never see (that much) cute stuff in hk... your mom knows where it's at 👌👌👌👌 have a nice day ~~

THIS IS SO SWEET WOW i just picked up my laptop and carried it over to show my mom this and she got all giggly and happy ♡♡♡ she really does though! thank you for bringing joy to this old lady’s heart…and my mom’s ~~

  • Text from Non Jewish Friend: "Did you start your shopping yet?"
  • Me: "For what?"
  • Non Jewish Friend: "Hannakuah" "I know I spelt it wrong"
  • Me: "Like... candles?"

isabel’s grandfather is abusive

Second character design for Dancing Knight Fever (The current name for the dancing rhythm rpg idea I’m conceptualizing). He’s the leader of a desert gang of dancing skeleton baddies that specialize in tango. Still want to refine his design but I’m enjoying his first pass. 

When some fanfic writers put curses (like f*ck) in (literally) each of kanda’s sentences, and show him only being angry and pissed to everything and everyone around him, and purposely starts fighting or being mean to others..

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our terrfying-and-totally-not-tryng-to-bolt-it antagonist Kira Yoshikage