though not my favourite song

The song is going to be good. I might go as far as to say it’s my favourite song even though I haven’t heard it.
—  me as matt edmondson

So I’ve listened to Ghost Quartet on both my commutes to and from work today and I still don’t have half of a clue of what the fuck it’s about but here’s what I can tell you:

  • the rose/pearl timeline is gonna be my favourite I just know
  • though I gotta say I love the songs that name check dead roxy
  • if you respect yourself you don’t associate with ghouls 
  • the astronomer can go fuck himself for all I care
  • the cast could murder me and I’d love it
  • don’t talk to me unless your violin has something to do with your dead sister’s breastbone 

Castaway, 5 Seconds of Summer ~ first chorus

I have synesthesia - a condition causing my senses to get mixed up - resulting in my ability to see sounds. A lot of people ask me what it looks like, so I thought I’d share parts of some of my favourite songs so other people can experience it too

When your favourite artist releases new music:

●"I want this to be played at my funeral.“
●"I’m dead.”
●"I want this to be played at my wedding.“
●"Those high notes though.”
●"Their voices are so beautiful oh my god!“
●"This is my favourite song they’ve ever released.”
●"Half of the views are mine.“
●"Can we just talk about (artist’s name) at (certain time in the song or mv)?”
●"Oh my god I can’t I’m fangirling!“
● “…”
●” 😱"
●*crying when you realise you can’t meet them*
●*annoying everyone*

Snooping on your Playlist

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We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then chose ten additional friends.

1. You Keep Me Hangin’ On - Kim Wilde

2. Kugutsu no Gotoku - Gackt

3. Belle - Emma Watson, Luke Evans, ensemble (Beauty and the Beast) 

4. Break Me - The Gazette

5. Akatsuki - Akiko Shikata (Akatsuki no Yona) 

6. Roses of May (Beatrix’s Theme) - Nobuo Uemtasu (FFIX) 

7. Zero - Asagi

8. Unrequited Love - Nobuo Uemtasu (FFIX)

9. Hane wo Hitohira - D

10. Redo - The Gazette

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Back At One
Back At One

This is it. This is the moment that Kang Daesung stole my heart and became my favourite out of BIGBANG. Back at One by Brian McKnight had been my most favourite song when I was a little kid, when the song came on I had to make everyone be quiet and let the song serenade me. I listened to Back at one like it was my religion, no joke. After a while that phase had calmed and I was more into N’sync and finally kpop when BIGBANG debuted. 

However, as soon as Daesung began singing Back At One on 360kpop Show ( a video that had to be recorded for me by a pin pal because even though you tube was finally a thing, it had’t been expanded to Korea at the time sobs) I began to cry as childhood memories came back and I swear I fell in love with that man at that very moment. I would give almost anything to hear Daesung Sing that song again today because his voice and English have improved so much since the first time, that I am positive that if he sang it again, he would do it better then Brian McKnight ever could. Even though this is not Daesung’s song, it is my favourite of his and I love it so much that I just had to share this song and my story with you all.

Derek’s favourite song.

Hope you enjoy (I’m back finally!)  As always, comments and criticism are appreciated!

This fic was kindly suggested by anon:

Hi! I was wondering if I could request a little something, Morgan x reader? Maybe they’ve been together for a while and they’re having a chill night at home talking about old songs and whether they’re good or bad. A lot of fluff and laughing! And then Derek says that she sings his favorite song all the time and when she curiously asks what it is, he starts fake-singing the things she says/moans in bed (his name, etc.?). Thanks!! ☺️☺️

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Derek and Y/N cuddled up on the couch, legs intertwined as Derek flicked through the TV channels and Y/N had her nose stuck in a book. Derek changed the channel once more and Guns N’ Roses began blaring out of the TV, causing Y/N to jerk into Derek from the sudden loudness. Derek tightened his grip around her waist and chuckled at her,

“It’s not funny man! That scared the shit out of me.” Y/N whined, throwing her book down and burying her head in his chest.

“I mean, yeah, Guns N’ Roses can be pretty terrifying.” Derek laughed, picking up the remote to change to channel yet again.

“Wait, no! You can’t change it. Guns N’ Roses are so good!” Y/N complained, leaning over Derek to snatch the remote from him.

“Yeah, like the have 1 or 2 good songs but this is utter crap.” Derek groaned, his eyes burning into Y/N, who was now kneeling on the other side of the couch, nodding her head along to the song.

“Are you kidding?! What music did you used to listen to?” Y/N questioned, her eyes still locked onto the TV screen. Derek didn’t make a sound, Y/N glanced over at him to find his head bowed, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Oh god, what was it? I bet you was all about the pussycat dolls or some cringy shit.” Y/N teased, still glancing at his hunched figure. Derek laughed slightly, his head still bowed in shame. Y/N burst out into laughter,

“Jesus, are you being serious?” she yelled between her laughter, inching towards Derek.

“Some of their songs were great okay?” Derek smiled, Y/N fell back in a fit of laughter. Derek placed a firm grip on her thigh and pulled her up by her hand.

“None of theirs are my favourite song though,” Derek whispered, gleaming at Y/N’s intrigued Y/E/C eyes.

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance to relight my hope in you,” Y/N giggled, placing her hand over his on her thigh, “What’s your favourite song?” A small smile grew on his face, his eyes dark with mischief.

“You sing it all the time, how do you not know?” he questioned, his fingers danced across her knuckles, Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Huh, what is it?” Derek suddenly began moaning, imitating Y/N when she was weak under his touch. Y/N shook her head, unamused, but Derek grew louder as he mocked her, moaning his name and cussing.

“Okay, I get it” Y/N yelled, jumping on him and clasping his mouth shut, giggling. When she removed her hand Derek chuckled.

“I hate you, loser. What if the neighbours heard?” Y/N laughed, placing a small kiss on his lips.

“Then I’m getting the fuck out of your apartment.” Derek chuckled, returning her kiss.


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Person who wants to draw mods as musical people here I LOVE WICKED, I HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET BUT I'VE WANTED TO SEE IT SINCE I WAS LITTLE (my sisters got me into it) They're putting it on DVD in like 2018 and I am so excited though I'd love to see it in person one day, my favourite song is Popular, it's great and I lvoe it and I am in love with it all! End of my rambling about how great the musical is to me ahhh it's wonderful!

omggg popular is one of my nervous songs !!!!!!!!! its so poppy i LOVE it



On the setlist and Floor’s favourite songs (x)

TODAY IS THE 15TH !! TOMORROW IS THE 16TH !! TOMORROW IS FINALE DAY !! I AM NOT READY !! Omg I’m stressing !!! Have people been voting for Daniel enough?!?!?! Anyways here’s a quick Jang Moonbok, our precious Hip Hop President with hair more smooth than anyone I know haha

I’m still getting used to drawing fanart of real people?? HAHA please forgive me ORZ I actually started drawing Daniel first after the Concept Eval. but I’m gonna take time with him because I don’t want to disappoint myself lol

Honestly though I Know You Know was my favourite song out of the Concept Eval. and I’m so sad the whole team got eliminated !! Poor Hyunbin, he must’ve felt so guilty >A<


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