though my character designing


B. F. Skinner and Howard Marks

Finally finished this piece for cutiesaturday!! This has been sitting in my files and the back of my head forever?! Link to the Past is my favorite LoZ game - and as such, pink/magenta haired Link is always my fav too <3

One of my favorite character designs for County Road 13, even though his design isn’t very concrete.

This fellow here is The Fracture, a crossroads demon that terrorizes the souls stuck in Purgatory. Where The Shard used his shape shifting abilities to create logical forms, The Fracture takes the fluidity of form to its extreme and presents as a constantly shifting mass of fur and teeth and claws that can rapidly become very large and terrible at will.

He always displays as something resembling a black dog, but other than that there are no rules for him. He is The Shard’s biggest adversary.


A design based on one of @dahmumu’s sketch:

Edit: Scanned version :3

It’s wasn’t on my list of drawing to finish but…he just showed me his sketch one day and I was like “Amygad ♥ I need to do something with this as soon as possible! ☆゚.(#;3;#) .゚☆ “

So I redraw the design and added details like pearls,embroideries and gave name to the decorations //thanks to a certain game I became addicted to small details like this //

I named this outfit “La Matadora” because the design is inspired by bullfighter or “Matadore” costume.

And it’s suit the fact that William is exactly the kind of person who like to show off and provoke his enemies.
(That leaves the time to Hei to pass from behind to finish them properly 8D)

This,and it’s also a part of his heritage since he’s half spanish
(but he take it like like a joke  most of the time leul )

I feel like I ended up with some kind of ultimate transformation,with the Epic-Final-Battle-Of-Doom in ~Space ~against the Final Boss….
you know, that trend who manage to stay epic no matter the number of time you see it in anime XD

Or this is just his Alola form idk

Little by little I’m becoming consumed by the entity that is Nier: Automata.

Story, characters, music, battle system, I’m convinced that I’m going to be thinking about this game a lot after I finish it. I’ve been so compelled to play just to see what happens next.

And that hasn’t happened in a while. I’ve played a lot of games, but only a few has left a “feeling” while playing/concluded playing.

(I’m still not done yet but, trust me when I say that it’s definitely one of the best titles I’ve played this year. I know it’s just March but, hahaha, yeah. You might see this game featured on your dash a bit from me now and then. >.>)

So, as I was watching Star Wars: Rebels, I had the idea to re-design those younglings from Season 5 of Clone Wars as they would appear ~15 years later, and just a bit ago I finished my personal favorite of those younglings, Gungi! The idea I had with him was that, after the Jedi were killed off and the Wookies were made slaves, he was left without a home to go to, and so he took refuge on a planet somewhere, waiting patiently for a new hope to reveal itself.

Honestly, though, I’m lost as to what to do with the others. I have some ideas, like Katooni taking over the Ohnaka gang or Petro becoming an Inquisitor, but beyond that I haven’t got much. So if you guys don’t mind, could you offer some of your theories/headcanons/whatever to give me some ideas? It’d be a big help to me!

But yeah, what do you guys think? Did Gungi turn out cool? Do you have any ideas for the others? Let me know what you’ve got! :D

Others from this series: Katooni,