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I am in love with the patience child's look! Where did you get the idea of the design?

thank you so much! 

i… just kind of drew them one day! you can see the very first drawing of ribbon kid here. that post explains briefly about how their design went. i loooove designing characters so it’s no bother for me! most of my designs just sort of happen. my hands create whatever they like!

the first instalment of many for a thing i’m doing - every bill outfit ever! (inspired by @joscribbles ‘ clara series, which if you haven’t checked out already you should because it’s amazing)

just to put it into perspective… this is less than a third of the outfits she wears in ‘the pilot.’ this is gonna be fun.

Commission for a non-tumblr user  ❤︎

I had a lot of fun drawing these two, especially ‘cause i was able to take my own twist on the characters designs, though it is so hard to draw tattoos aaa

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A design based on one of @dahmumu’s sketch:

Edit: Scanned version :3

It’s wasn’t on my list of drawing to finish but…he just showed me his sketch one day and I was like “Amygad ♥ I need to do something with this as soon as possible! ☆゚.(#;3;#) .゚☆ “

So I redraw the design and added details like pearls,embroideries and gave name to the decorations //thanks to a certain game I became addicted to small details like this //

I named this outfit “La Matadora” because the design is inspired by bullfighter or “Matadore” costume.

And it’s suit the fact that William is exactly the kind of person who like to show off and provoke his enemies.
(That leaves the time to Hei to pass from behind to finish them properly 8D)

This,and it’s also a part of his heritage since he’s half spanish
(but he take it like like a joke  most of the time leul )

I feel like I ended up with some kind of ultimate transformation,with the Epic-Final-Battle-Of-Doom in ~Space ~against the Final Boss….
you know, that trend who manage to stay epic no matter the number of time you see it in anime XD

Or this is just his Alola form idk


Eddie: With a Custom Leather Jacket, Stylish Pants, and a Bottle of hair gel on him at all times, Eddie always strives to look like the biggest badass on the block. Despite his “Intimidating” appearance, Eddie couldn’t be any more of a Softie, since hes never has the heart (and/or the Brains) to commit crimes, and still lives with his Mom in a Gated Community. He works nights making money to support his Mom, and spends the day loitering around with his “Gang”: The Misfit Street Boyz. Overall, Eddie has an average life…But that changes one night after work. On his way home, Hes kidnapped by a supernatural criminal known as “The Nidhogg Killer” and went missing for 3 Days straight. However on the 4th day, he suddenly appeared back at his house with no memories of what happened to him. However, the only memory he Does have, is that he now possesses a Revenant called Susanoo, a Familiar that represents his other self. Eddie now has the resolve to figure out what “The Nidhogg” Did to him, and teach this punk a lesson. By awakening his revenant, Eddie also has unlocked his own ability to “Blink”, allowing him to close short distances. Which is perfect, because Eddie Always prefers to take care of “Problems” at close range.

Susanoo: One day after being kidnapped by “The Nidhogg” Eddie awakens the potential within him and manifests “Susanoo”. Although Eddie prefers to Look like a Punk, he never actually has the heart to act like one…Unlike Susanoo on the other hand. Although Sus-y is a pacifist, he does however have a mighty desire to cause mischief, normally stealing things or doing pranks on unsuspecting victims, He mostly does this with his own ability: “Sleight of Hand”. He can swap inanimate objects of similar Size/Mass with a snap of his fingers, and leave no trace of his meddling behind. He technically has no body, only his head and his hands, and can manipulate his form to evade attacks. He too has no memories of what happened, except the fact that he’s Eddie’s Revenant. Even though technically Eddie is his master, he cant help but to mess him any chance he gets, mostly for his own entertainment.

With no memories of what exactly happened, and with no leads to follow, these two must co-exist alongside each other, and wait for the moment to get some answers once and for all. However, they might just so happen to come across some other individuals looking for answers too…Only time can tell…

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What was your first impression of Ravioli?

There’s an idiom we have in German, going “Aussen hui, innen pfui”. I think that’s all I need to say about him tbh.

FE Lost Heir - Ideas for Chon’sin Parallel Classes

Ideas for Chon'sin parallel classes for the Priest/Cleric, Mage, and Dark Mage classes. Also includes an alternate promotion for the Myrmidon class.

Thank you so much @random-delights for letting me indulge and do this!

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