though my character designing

(The drawing is transparent!! Please do click on it to see it correctly!)

I love these books so much jfc. I wanted to make something other than the 15 pages worth of sketches I have in my notebook, and so here we go.


doodles of other duos in the AA games that i love uvu

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A week or two ago, I came across this Sonic character guide for AoStH (drawn by Pierre DeCelles), and I just love how adorable Sonic looks in these illustrations! ^^

It’s too bad he wasn’t quite as expressive in the final cartoon.

the first instalment of many for a thing i’m doing - every bill outfit ever! (inspired by @joscribbles ‘ clara series, which if you haven’t checked out already you should because it’s amazing)

just to put it into perspective… this is less than a third of the outfits she wears in ‘the pilot.’ this is gonna be fun.


What if Queen Vanessa and the Snatcher still resembled their former selves?

Birthday love for the hammer mum (♡´▽`)

who here wants to see a jotaro n kakyoin fusion i drew…..


Trying to pin down my self-insert’s design… Her name is Ruru/Lulu (bc I didn’t want to go with my own name OR Vivi this time around)! I’m most fond of the ones at the bottom atm, but I may use the color schemes from the top ones. Oh, and of course, she’s gonna have two appearances; Casual phase and exam phase. University is pure hell!

anonymous asked:

I am in love with the patience child's look! Where did you get the idea of the design?

thank you so much! 

i… just kind of drew them one day! you can see the very first drawing of ribbon kid here. that post explains briefly about how their design went. i loooove designing characters so it’s no bother for me! most of my designs just sort of happen. my hands create whatever they like!