though my bedroom is like this already

Imagine having to deal with Jared’s drunkenness

The sun has already set by the time I wake up, and the noises coming from the living room let me know that I’m not alone anymore. I grab a blanket and wrap it around me, starting to walk outside the bedroom.

“Emma? What the hell are you doing?”

The kitchen island is covered with different kind of ingredients, and I can see at least two pans in the stove. When Emma hears me call her name she turns around with a big smile on her face.

“Oh, you know, a little something for the best roomie in the whole wide world!”

The smile, the treat… Oh no. “Emma…” I try to get her attention, but she’s already turning around to continue with her task.

“Did I wake you? I’m so sorry, I’ll cook more quietly and when it’s ready I’ll let you know”

“Can you just tell me what you are planning?” I say, crossing my arms over my chest, “If anyone knows you in this world, that’s me. Talk”

She turns around again, guilt clear on her face, “The guys told me we are going out today, and there’s this guy that I really like and he’s coming with us. I need friendly back up” She sighs, like she’s been holding this up for days.

“You know your friends and I don’t get along…”

“You get along pretty well” Emma interrupts me, now it’s her turn to cross her arms.

“Do I really have to recall that time certain friend of yours got me so angry I had to leave my own apartment?”

“Jared likes to tease you” She mutters, getting back to her cooking, “Don’t listen to him”

“I’ll think about it”

I return to my room, lying back on my bed. Memories from the night Emma invited all of her friends to the apartment come back to my head. Jared has always been a pain in my ass, every time he comes around he’s always trying to pick a fight with me, dropping annoying comments, but that night he really got on my nerves. The following day I had a job interview, and Emma thought that having a couple of drinks would lose me up for the next day. All of her friends came to the house, and we were actually having a good time till Jared started picking out on me. He started giving me ‘advice’ on what clothes I should wear so I could ‘impress’ my future boss; that the company was garbage; and so, so, so on. I told him a hundred times to stop, and he didn’t, so I left.

Emma comes into my room with a tray, a bottle of white wine and two glasses. I get up to help her with the tray and we sit in the bed.

We eat and drink talking about how our day went, Emma tells me about Jared, and I hear about her annoying boss with the best smile I can offer her. She hears about my day too and, as we finish eating, I know she’s waiting for my response.

“Ok, but you owe me one, you hear me? A big one”

Emma jumps from her side of the bed to hug me and kiss my cheeks, “You’re the best! THE best!”

“Ok, now leave me alone so I can pick my best Wednesday Addams clothes so nobody gets close to me tonight”

Emma leaves with all the dirty dishes and I’m left alone in my room. I quickly pick a dress, put on some make up and fix my messy hair. In no time I’m leaving the apartment with a really nervous Emma that cannot even stop thanking me for being with her tonight.

The place chosen by Emma’s friends is a bar close to Beverly Hills. We get off the cab and get in the bar with no problem at all, since there aren’t much people around yet. It doesn’t takes us long to see where the rest is sitting, and I notice how Emma starts to get nervous.

“Ok, let’s go, is now or never” I pull her to the group of men.

Everyone seems pleased to see us, even Jared, that reserves all comments to himself and just greets me with a quick “hello”. I let Emma sit with her special friend, and I sit next to Shannon, who immediately starts asking me about work.

As the night goes on, Emma disappears with her friend, just as the rest of the people from the group. I end up in the bar, asking for a beer, when Jared finds his way to sit next to me.

“You look really nice” It’s the first thing he says to me since he greet me an hour ago.

“Not too slutty?” I ask him, recalling one of his words from the last time we saw each other.

“Hey, you remember” He laughs, “I was joking; you didn’t have to take it that seriously, you know?”

“Not a nice joke, Jared” I mutter, receiving my beer.

“It was a good one. Anyway, did you get the job?”

I take my time to take a sip of my beer, play with my cup and bite my lip before I decide to answer.

“No” It’s the only thing I say, not wanting to continue and give him the satisfaction of knowing he was right all along, the company was garbage.

“They didn’t give you the job?” He asks, really shocked.

“They did, but I rejected it” I shrug, sipping my beer one again, “What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have some girls to woo tonight?”

All the time he has been sitting by my side, he’s been switching his eyes from mine to the television behind the bar. But now that I’ve decided to talk more, he turns to face me.

“You are really talkative tonight, I like it”

“And you are drunk when it’s not even midnight yet”

“I rather be drunk than pissed” He shrugs calling the bartender, “Can I have another beer?”

I shake my head, leaving my empty cup aside, “Whatever, it was nice talking to you”

I start walking away, but Jared grabs my wrist to stop me. I look at him impressed, since this is actually the first time we touch each other.

“Why don’t you stay for a while? I’ll buy you another drink. Hey!” He calls the bartender again, “Another beer”

I pull to set my wrist free, but he looks at me with pleading eyes. I end up rolling my eyes and getting back on my seat. The bartender puts a new beer in front of me as he gives me a quick smile and gets back to his duties. Jared drinks his beer in silence, giving me quick looks, like he wants to make sure I’m still there.

“I wasn’t joking when I said you look pretty tonight” Jared mutters, his eyes fixed on the television.

I turn my head to try and catch a glimpse of his eyes, but he doesn’t look at me. Jared is complimenting me, but I can’t take him seriously.

“You are really drunk” I laugh.

“I’m not” He complains, finally looking at me in the eyes.

“Yes, you are. You should stop drinking and go home”

“Whatever” He says, standing from his stool, “I shouldn’t have ask you to stay, you are as unpleasant as ever”

“Nice talking to you!” I shout at him as he disappears among the people.

After a while of walking around, talking to a few people and lose track of everyone who I came to join tonight, I decide it is better to go home. Emma looks really happy with her friend and I feel it wasn’t even necessary to bring me for support, since she left me alone 10 minutes after we arrived.

I walk towards Emma to say goodbye, but she walks towards me too. When I have her in front of me I notice she looks worried.

“I need a favor” She says holding both of my hands.

“I’m drunk and my mom is already asleep, I can’t leave the apartment, sorry” I talk way too fast, raising my hand to silence her.

“What? No, it is not that” She sighs, looking at me in the eyes, “It’s Jared, he’s drunk and Shannon already left. I can’t take him home, everything is on track and I think I may get a kiss tonight!”

“A kiss? Wow, when do you announce the wedding?” I mock at her, being my annoying drunk self.

“Please, it’s the last thing I ask you” Emma looks at me with puppy eyes, and I can’t say no to my best friend. I end up nodding, “Thank you, thank you! I haven’t drink, so I’ll take his car. Here, take some money for a cab, I’ll text you his address”

“You owe me two now, Emma, two huge ones”

“I know; but you really don’t know how thankful I am. He’s at the bar trying to get a drink”

I walk towards the bar and it doesn’t take me much to see Jared trying to convince the bartender to give him another drink. I sit next to Jared without saying a word, but when he acknowledges my presence, he gets quiet.

“We need to go” I tell him, turning to face him, “You are too drunk”

“You already said that”

“Yeah, an hour ago. You are wasted now”

I see him rolling his eyes, and if it is hard to deal with Jared when he’s sober, dealing with him drunk is going to be hell.

“Jared please, don’t make this hard”

“Hard? I’m not hard” He affirms standing from the stool, I look at him serious as he gives me a smile, “Come on, I haven’t even see you smile tonight”

“Well, you haven’t said anything that can make me smile, only get angry”

“I’ll go if you show me a smile”

“I’ll smile when we are already at your house, ok?”

“Ok, deal”

He wraps one of his arms on my shoulders walking me out of the bar. Outside, he starts heading us to the parking lot of the bar, but I stop him midway.

“We are way too drunk to drive, we are getting a cab”

“You are drunk?!” He asks me, way more surprised than I would expect, and I blame his drunkenness, “You are not drunk, you don’t look drunk!”

“Jesus, Jared, keep it down” I ask him, leading him outside the bar again to catch a cab.

“What? I’m not shouting!”

“You clearly are, just stay quiet for 5 minutes, ok?”

“You are not my boss” He mutters, crossing his arms, “Am my own boss”

“Sure, whatever you say”

I decide to ignore Jared, but always keeping an eye on him in case he decides to get back inside the bar. He walks around restless while I look for a cab. Fifteen minutes pass, and Jared is really starting to annoy me.

“How come you don’t have a boyfriend?” All of the sudden, my private life became the topic at hand, “I’ve known you for two years and you’ve always been single”

“I like being single; stop talking about me and shut up”

“But you are pretty and intelligent; guys should make lines to date you”

“They don’t. Shut up, Jared, or I’ll punch you in the face”

Jared raises both of his hands starting to back away, looking at me a bit scared.

When a cab finally appears, I throw Jared inside and give the driver the address Emma texted me a couple of minutes ago. Jared rests his head on my shoulder and keeps quiet for the rest of the trip. I thank whatever god helped me to finally shut him up, but I pray that he doesn’t fall asleep before we arrive, or I’m not going to be able to get him out of the car.

“I think I’m drunk” He mumbles when we arrive.

“You really are” I laugh, “Good to know you finally noticed it”

Jared gets out of the car while I pay the driver. My door suddenly opens and Jared is offering me his hand to help me out of the cab. I roll my eyes and take it. He doesn’t let go of me as he takes me inside the house.

I’m too drunk to push him away and head back home, so I just follow him inside, wondering why all of the sudden he looks so happy to be by my side. But I’m also surprised by my attitude; I promise him that I’ll make sure he is in his bed before I go, but I’m actually not certain that I want to leave him.

“I’ll brush my teeth first, wait here”

He gently makes me sit on his bed and holds his hands on my arms to stabilize me. When I see him walk to the bathroom I notice how drunk he still is, and how he needs to use the furniture to stay on foot.

“I have to go, it’s late” I tell him when I see him come out of the bathroom.

But he does not say a word and walks towards me to lay me on his bed, resting all his weight over my body. My breathing turns heavy when his face gets too close to mine and his eyes are in full display just for me.

“What are you…?”

His lips silence me and I find myself responding to his kiss. His hand starts stroking my cheek, pulling away my messy hair that insists on getting in the middle. His breathing turns heavy too, and my hands find their way through his chest to get to his neck and pull him closer to me.

“We shouldn’t” I mutter between kisses.

“We should” He corrects me, still kissing me, but with a smile on his lips.

The same hand that stroked my cheek now starts to go down. He traces my arm, waist and hip, ending up in my thigh, using it as a way to switch places with him.

A minute ago I didn’t know what I was doing, and now all I wanted to do was to be with him. The sudden thought makes me pull away from him and get up from the bed.

“No, where are you going?”

Jared gets up too, holding my arms to stop me from leaving the room.

“We are too drunk for this” I mutter, trying to pull away once again, “Jared, please, just let me go”

“I can’t” He mumbles, and I’m afraid he’ll start crying.

“What are you talking about?” I ask him cupping his face, “Are you alright?”

“I love you” He mutters.

Both of my hands fall as I start to back away.

“Ok, I’m done” I laugh, “Bye, Jared, have a good night”

I’m laughing as I get out of his room, but he runs to stop me again.

“I’m serious” His hand holds mine and I decide to focus my eyes on this rather than his eyes, “I love you, why do you think I was being so annoying with you?”

“You are…”

“Stop saying I’m too drunk!” He shouts and I can’t help but stay quiet, finally fixating my eyes on his, “I’m not joking, nor lying. I love you”

“I have to leave”

“No, please stay” He asks with pleading eyes, “I won’t kiss you again; I just want you to stay the night… please”

I impress myself by nodding to his request. We head back to his bedroom, but I’m the one who breaks the promise of no kisses. I can’t hold myself and I pull Jared by his shirt. At first, he asks me to stop and I consider it for half a second before I decide that the idea is complete bullshit and push him to the bed.


I roll on the bed, bumping onto something that shouldn’t be there. My eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the light and, when I’m finally able to see clearly, something is not right. I know I’m screaming before my brain decides if it’s a good idea or not.

“What?” Jared opens his eyes scared, looking around for the source of the noise.

When his eyes finally lay on me, a big smile appears on his face as he lies back on his bed again, “Shit, I told you”

“Wait, what?” I ask him confused, starting to get out of bed, “Oh, God, I’m naked”

“Of course you are” He laughs.

And as if something suddenly hit my head, I start to remember.

“You seriously don’t remember?” He asks me, eyeing my naked body from his position.

“I think I do”

“Good, because I’m not going repeat it. And I think your bra is over there” He adds pointing at his television on the other side of the room.

I run to catch my bra, hearing how he mumbles from his bed.

“God, you must have been so drunk. You fucking hate me!”

“And apparently you love me, so shut the fuck up”

“That’s not a good way to start the day” He says, kneeling on the bed, “Come here”

His hand reaches for my arm, dragging me towards him, making me fall over his naked body.

“Jesus, you are naked, let me go!!” I shout, trying to escape, but his hands are already on my face, steading me to kiss me again.

“That’s better” He mutters, when my body starts to relax and give in to his touch, “I like it when you hate me like this”

“You are going to pay for this” Is the last thing I say before I finally give in, grabbing his hair to get him closer to me and start my day in the strangest way possible.

I dunno. Just a thing I thought would be cute. Cause I love the thought of Aftertale family. Whoo. Yeah. I’ll shut up.


Frisk was definitely going to have a bad time. Before bedtime. Sans looked everywhere for the kid. He could hear giggling in the little human’s bedroom as he held their nightshirt.

“Hey kiddo. Where are you? I know you’re hiding. Come on out already. Or else you’ll have a bad time.” The giggling grew slightly louder. In fact from under the bed.

‘Bingo,’ he thought as he formed a plan. This always worked when Pap was a kid. “Oh dear. I just can’t seem to find Frisk. Such a shame. I guess I’ll just… ‘Frisk’ telling Tori I can’t find them.” Sans heard the stifling laughter of Frisk, knowing they were trying to keep their position hidden. Sans sat on their bed. “After all, it’d be too bad if they got captured by…” he then looked under the bed, grabbed Frisk, who squealed, and pulled them onto it tickling them. “A bunch of tickling monsters.”

“No! No!” Frisk kept squealing with joy and kept laughing with excitement. Sans couldn’t help but to get a few laughs out of it. He missed taking care of a little kid. This was one of his favourite things he did when taking care of Papyrus.

After Frisk surrendered and he ceased his attacks, he held up the shirt. “Cmon buddy. Arms up. There we go.” Sans then helped Frisk into their shirt. Afterwards, he had Frisk lay down and tucked them in.

“All set Frisk?” Frisk nodded.

“Yep. Hey Sans?” Sans stopped and looked at the kid. They smiled at him and hugged him. It was a usual thing so he didn’t mind and hugged back before lying them down again and fixing the covers.

Sans then got up and walked to the light switch and turned it off. He looked at Frisk, their face illuminated by the hallway light. “Night, bucko.”

Then, just as he shut the door and expected the usual ‘Night, Sans’ he received, the worn out answer stopped him.

“Night, dad.”

Sans turned his head to look at Frisk. They were already asleep. Sans stood there for the longest minute of his life, soul pounding. A warm smile spread on his face, the kind that was real and was meaningful. Unlike the one he usually wore.

Sans then shut the door, turned the hall light off, and went to bed.

Meeting your family for the first time - Derek luh

“Kitten, can you help me to tie my tie?” Derek asked from the bedroom. “Yes, I’m coming” I replied and left the bathroom. 

Derek was meeting my parents and the rest of my family for the first time and I can tell that he’s beyond nervous. 

Me and Derek are dating for 5 months already, I know it’s pretty late to introduce him to my family and stuff. But my dad is a bit protective over me, especially if there are boys or boyfriends involved.And there is an age difference of two years between me and Derek. I met his parents and family already though. 

“What if your dad doesn’t likes me?” he asked a bit terrified.

“He’s going to like you, I’m sure of it.” I tried to assure him.

“Do I look ok?” he asked nervous.

“You look really hot in a suit though” 

He grinned and gave me a kiss on my lips.

“Ready to go?” I asked him.

“I think so”

I grabbed my bag and we made our way to the car, once Derek started to drive he laid his hand on my thigh like he always does.

We arrived, I gave him a kiss as courouge, we got out off the car and he laid his hand on the small of my back.

I greeted my family and Derek did too.

“So this is the famous Derek Y/N always talks about” my godfather said.

Derek blushed a bit, “It’s nice to meet you Y/GF/N” he said while shaking his hand.

We made it to my grandmother that I adore so much, her aproval is definitely a must for me. I know she doesn’t like tattoos, so I’m glad Derek had a suit on. “Hey, I’m Derek” he said a bit nervous to her, he knew I adore her. 

We made it through my whole family and then there was only my mom and dad left. I showed my mom a picture of Derek before and she finds him an atractive young man.

“So you’re the boy that my daughter can’t stop talking about” my dad says.

 “Hey, nice to finally meet you, mr. Y/L/N.” 

“Say, Y/F/N, please. Mr. Y/L/N sounds so old.”

My little niece definitely likes Derek. He’s so cute with kids, he maybe looks like a though guy, but he’s such a big teddy bear.

Derek’s POV

Y/N was talking with her aunt and her dad came sitting next to me.

“I have to admit you are a really good boy for Y/N. I’ve never seen her like this before, she really loves you. But don’t say that to her or she’s going to kill me. She was not really a girl that had lots of boyfriend, she only had one boyfriend and that was back in high school. But she always said to me that she only wants serious relationships. And you two have that, so please keep that. You’re really welcome in the family” he said, I was a bit taken back. He approves me, I’m in! I’m beyond glad her family likes me.

Hey, guys! I know I haven’t made an imagine in a long time. I hope you enjoined it and maybe if you want I can Make a part 3 of it.

Lots of love <3

Okay BUT...

…they were LITERALLY GONNA FUCK ON THE SOFA. Like, “your parents have no interest in walking in on us banging in our living room, babe, believe me.”

And that totally tells me this isn’t their first time.

I just.

I’ve lost the ability to even. So excuse my inability to speak properly or explain myself. I’ll try though.

See, if it was their first time, I’m pretty convinced that Killian would be all “no, our first time shall be in a bed, my love” and “to the bedroom, princess!”

But he’s more than content to christen the living room (if they haven’t already done that too) so I’m fully headcanoning that they do it like bunnies at every opportunity but we’re just FINALLY getting a glimpse of that.

Lbr Emma’s self control is the stuff of legends, but she’s just a hot-blooded woman with the most devilishly handsome pirate in all the realms for a True Love, at the end of the day. Even she can’t resist that for two seasons+.

I was on the fence before in regards to the “have they/haven’t they” but now I’m pretty sure they have. Thank god we’re finally seeing the receipts!

My last post from my childhood home

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. You all know me well enough by now to expect my sappy nostalgia, but I’m having a hard time letting go. In the next 24 hours I’ll have closed my bedroom door for the last time, said goodbye to my dogs that have passed away (now buried in unmarked graves. The new owners wouldn’t have kept their gravestones anyway) for the final time, and shut the front door to all tangible access to my memories. It’s a painful process, and even though I know tonight is the last I’ll spend in my bedroom, I already feel like a stranger in my home. Every piece of furniture is missing from my room and the sound of my keyboard is echoing off of the barren walls. My closet is empty of the books I stored there instead of clothing, I’ll fall asleep on a naked mattress without any bed sheets or blankets, and all of my belongings are currently boxed up in the back of a car and stored in the garage of a house I have never visited before in a town I hadn’t heard of until two weeks ago. I am moving an hour away from all of my friends, my two jobs, and the life I’d cultivated in this home. I am deeply saddened and cannot fully express the extent of my heartbreak to be leaving my life behind me. I’ll never show my children my old bedroom, never watch them learn to swim in the same pool I learned to swim in, never watch them chase dogs around the backyard or play between the trees or fall from the rope swing to the dirt and rocks below. I’ll never bring my lover home to meet my parents and show him around the halls and rooms, pointing out locations of sweet and sour memories, painting in his mind an experience his eyes can follow. It’ll be a drop in speed as we drive by, maybe, and a simple “that was my house. It looks different now, but my room was that window, and there was a crab cherry tree on the lawn, and a big oak or maple or some other impressive tree next to the driveway. We had an American flag hanging off of that post, and the shutters used to be cranberry before my mom painted them blue.” A point out the window, a foot on the gas pedal, and no more.

Instead, another family will be decorating my bedroom and laughing in the porch, painting the walls, huddling around the fireplace we haven’t used in probably eight years, treading atop the resting places of animals I grew up alongside whose names and bones will be forgotten with time by people who never knew the crushing power of their love. Someone else will sleep where I did, cook where I learned to make lasagna and chocolate chip cookies and cream puffs and eclairs from my mom, distant relatives of people whose faces I’ve never seen will gather where, for the past twenty years, my parents have hosted Christmas parties. The last place my grandfather watched Nascar and taught me to play checkers and chess with him will not be remembered. They won’t look at the porch the same as I do, remembering my mother’s face that St. Patrick’s Day, her eyes betraying her words before she spoke them. They won’t hate the concrete where I sat after I heard her say the words “he’s dead,” furious with myself for being unable to produce tears. The spot on the kitchen floor where I found my dog bleeding out will be swept and spilled on and re-tiled, maybe, and the place were I fell to my knees at his side might be carpeted. They won’t remember his naive anticipation of the return of his two companions after their final trip to the vet, his nose on the glass of our front door, watching the walkway for sight of the friends he couldn’t know were already buried. They won’t look at the spot in the living room where I’d wake him every morning with a kiss on his head, because he was deaf from old age and wouldn’t hear me call his name and his arthritis meant he couldn’t get up on his own. There will be love and sadness and new memories to be made, yes, but not by me. I’ll never run my hands over my mother’s flower gardens or see how long I can hold my breath at the bottom of an eight-foot deep end. I’ll never walk over the one spot in our backyard that refuses to grow grass and hosts tens of hundreds of anthills instead, never pick the raspberries that were left after my sister, during her gymnastics phase, ripped out the majority of the bushes to make way for a makeshift balance beam. I’ll never walk along the garden wall or sit on the steps in the back, watching my two dogs antagonize each other in the clovers. And it hurts to leave all of that for a summer in a foreign town, in a new house, just to leave it all again when the start of college comes.

So, hey, maybe I’m overthinking things, but to leave this all hurts more than I can let on, even with a post this long. The monarch butterflies we raised, along with their offspring (I still have no idea how long butterflies live), will return each year to the place of their hatching and find us gone. Not that they’ll care; I mean, they’re butterflies, but will the new owners appreciate them like we did? Will they let the flowers die? Will they cut the trees down in the backyard? Will they keep the skinny little half-eaten tree I marked with charcoal six years ago, and will they notice the words haven’t been washed away by the rain? I called it Artemis’ circle, back in the days when I was way too into Greek Mythology, especially for a twelve year old. The grass was always the thickest there, between the three trees, and for whatever reason, it was always very peaceful. I buried a baby mouse beneath that skinny tree when I found it dead within the grass, I laid a few clovers and wildflowers over the dirt and placed a rock against the tree’s base. They won’t know that. And what of the newborn bird that fell from its nest in the front yard? We buried it in a plastic bag in the back. The enormous willow, the one my friends and I called Grandmother Willow (like in Pocahontas) that was torn from the earth by a hurricane, the root systems we saw exposed, the broken, rusted fence no longer separating suburbia from the tangle of dying shrubbery leading to the highway. Will they know that the property extends just a foot or two beyond our fences, that they can technically walk into the yards of their new neighbors without trespassing? Will Hawky ever come back in their lifetime, or will a new bird of prey settle atop the Johnny Pines? Will they hate the birds waking them every morning at five, or will they enjoy the songs they hear each new day? Will the kids hide in the attic’s hidden compartments, or will they listen to their parents warning them about the exposure to insulation? How many times will they hit their head on the ceiling up there? How many times will they jolt awake at night at the sound of the basement’s heater? Will they call the attached room the “dog room” or the “tool room” like we did? What kind of animal will they let enjoy the yard, since the wife hates dogs? Will they use pesticides on my mother’s garden and kill the bees that frequent the blooms? Will they even use the vegetable garden? How many deer and bunnies and squirrels will they see, and how many moles or chipmunks will they find in the pool’s filter? Will they bury them? It kills me that someone else will get to experience all of my memories, and that there’s a high chance they’ll be doing it differently, that they’ll do it wrong.

So tonight, nostalgia’s going to pull me over a bed of nails. I’m going to sit awake on my mattress, crying over every memory I can summon, and when I close the door and walk away from this house, I’ll be in even worse shape. I’ve never been very good at goodbyes, but I hope that a few flowers on the otherwise invisible graves of Chester, Charlie, Rocky, and my mother’s old cat that I never knew, KC, will be enough, that a few Polaroids will help me to remember. If all else fails, I’ll have this.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Wanda knew that Luke could lift a Mac-Truck if he wanted to, but she still liked to joke with him. “Sure.. exercise..” She agreed, though honestly it was more that Wanda didn’t want to fell like an invalid, just because she was pregnant.

As Luke went to lock up the house, Wanda made her way to the bedroom, a trip that was interrupted by the need to go to the bathroom. By the time she made it to the bedroom Luke was already there, fixing the bed for her. “You had to make sure the whole house was on lock down and you still make it in here before me. I swear, this baby likes to lay right on my bladder.” 

Luke busted out in laughter.”I guess so babe.”Lately he noticed that her bathroom breaks in the middle of the nights became a lot more frequent.He was wondering if he should let her sleep closer to the bathroom instead of her roll over him to get out of bed.”You know,I could by you a bed pan baby.”He playfully suggested and kissed her cheek.” You’ll have your full mobility back soon.”He removed his shirt opting to remain in just his boxers and crawled into the bed.”Come on baby.I need your warmth.”

Oh my gosh Fai you shameless flirt. ♥

Like holy shit Fai can you look any more interested? You’re practically giving him bedroom eyes already. 

Oh, and:


(Though that being said, I have semi-sad headcanons on how Fai flirts as easily as he breathes, because that’s a lot less scary than actually letting people in; and then, of course, he goes and falls in love with Kurogane, which a] was never part of the plan, and b] is absolutely terrifying; and ugh my heart. I think I need to read this manga and finally write some fic for these two.)