though my bedroom is like this already

things to do instead of studying

Here’s a list of things you can do when you just really don’t feel like studying but still want to be (kinda) productive:

  • set up a bullet journal or if you have one already organise it and take a look at your spread for the week

↪ reflecting on these smaller goals can help you focus at what’s important at the moment, though you don’t have to do anything yet.

  • declutter your spaces 

↪ you’d be surprised by how much our spaces (bedroom, living room, etc) can get cluttered in just a matter of days! tidying up/cleaning can help organise your mind too, as well as being quite uplifting too (from my experience anyway!)

  • self-care time

↪ perhaps one of the reasons you’re not feeling like studying is because you’ve been overwhelmed by stress. If so, take some time out for yourself - catch up with your favourite tv show, read a book you love, paint your nails, have a bubble bath or whatever else makes you feel at ease.

  • learn to cook a new recipe

↪ cooking can be fun, especially with company or good music in the background! Best of all, you get a meal out of it and you get to switch things up from the usual dishes.

  • learn to play that instrument that’s been under your bed for the past [n] years/months

↪ it engages and positively affects your brain in a way that doesn’t involve cosine, syntactical repetition or grammar! Plus, it’s an impressive skill to pull out in front of your unsuspecting friends.


  • spend time with your family

↪ i like to think that time spent with family (or friends) isn’t time wasted. Strengthening social and relational bonds is a key aspect of life that we shouldn’t ignore! 

That’s all I can think of for now! I hope you find these helpful for when you have that kind of day. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share - we’re here to support each other.

sonnenstudy - over n out.


Requested - Hi! Could you write something with Aaliyah and Y/N. Like they get along pretty well and like Aaliyah asks Y/N about losing Virginity (Y/N lost it very soon) or something like that. Thanks!

Requested - Heyy, I have an imagine request 💕 so, you’re visiting Shawn in Canada and he’s busy, so you end up spending time with Aaliyah (like take her shopping or out for milkshakes or something) and Shawn finds out and he thinks it’s really sweet and fluff fluff fluff

Your name: submit What is this?


“Baby, I’m so sorry,” Shawn says for what seems like the hundredth time as he glances over at you briefly before refocusing his eyes on the road in front of him.

“Don’t be.” You respond with a cheeky smile. “I get to drive your jeep and hang out with your sister, so it’s a win-win for me.”

“Have I told you lately that you’re the best?” He asks.

“Maybe once or twice,” you tease, a smile on your face as you genuinely appreciate this time you’re getting to spend with your boyfriend, even if it isn’t a lot. You came to Canada to visit him, but he ended up having to rehearse at the last minute, which kind of ruined your original plans for the afternoon.

The drive to his rehearsal space goes by far too quickly, and before you know it you’re driving his jeep out of the parking lot on your way to pick up Aaliyah from school. Since Shawn ended up being busy, you offered to pick up his sister from school and take her to the mall. You’ve grown really close to Aaliyah over the past year that you’ve been dating Shawn, and since you don’t have a younger sister, you take full advantage of getting to spend time with Aaliyah and play an older sister role in her life.

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Patater Week - Day 1

Feb. 6- Get Together – (Coraline-inspired AU, magical realism, 6.4K)
Soundtrack: [Exploration] + [Dreaming]

There’s a low, paint-chipped door in the corner of Alexei Mashkov’s living room in Providence.

His agent tells him that the door used to connect to the apartment next to his, a long time ago, when the structure had been one. The door leads to nowhere now, only a wall of bricks. Alexei has even seen the wall of bricks in person, when he requested the landlord open the door for fun. He’s always been curious, after all, and the old, rusted key that the agent picks out from the cabinets only added to that curiosity.

“You’ll get yourself into trouble one day, Lyosha,” his grandmother used to tell him. Alexei had been young, perhaps seven or eight, when she warned him. “Don’t ask so many questions, and try to be happy, or the spirits will see, and take you.” She had said, “Don’t go through strange doors, and don’t follow voices, especially if they sing to you.”

“What’s so bad about singing?” Alexei had demanded, in a petulant way only a seven-year-old can manage. “I sing.”

“Yes, love, but they sing to confuse you,” his grandmother had responded. “They sing of a life better than the one you have, so you want to come to them. You see? They want to trick you and steal you away.”

Of course, Alexei had thought her warning had been metaphorical, if not slightly cryptic. She’d been old then, and easily confused. If you take out the spirits part, the rest sound more or less logical. He figured that she doesn’t want him talking to strangers and end up kidnapped, so Alexei had merely nodded and promised her. No going in strange doors, no following the singing voice, not that there’d been any in his life. Until now.

The bricks are nothing special: the seams filled with cement, the corners dusty with cobwebs. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but there’s a draft that only Alexei can feel because when he mentions it to the agent, she only blinks in confusion.

“Why not lock it?” Alexei asks, when the agent pockets the old key and closes the old, wooden door.

“Why should I?” the agent says, smiling. “The wall is bricked up. Not like there’s anything that can come out. Now, let’s go to the kitchen. The structure itself is a little old, almost 150 years, but it’s been recently remodeled. It’s got a beautiful granite counter top—”

Alexei loves the house. But doesn’t know why he feels uneasy about the door. When he gets the keys to the house, he finds the rusted key again and locks the door. 

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Taking Action

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Could u do a bucky x reader where he flirts with you and you blush like hell but then one time u flirt back and he’s a blushing mess. THANKS <3″ - @reyofscarlet

Warnings: Sexual innuendos. That’s it (I think???) 

A/N: MY FIRST ONE SNDJSNFJSF YASSS THANKS FOR REQUESTING!! LOVE U. PS: Raise your hand if you love Confident!Bucky, because I know I do. 

You paced around Nat’s room, listening to her rant about Bruce. 

“I just can’t believe him. One minute, we’re alone in the lab and I think he’s going to make a move, and then the next, it’s like I have a huge pimple on my forehead and he can’t stand to look at me,” she rambled. 

You nodded your head, chiming in when necessary, when she asked you about you and the infamous Bucky Barnes. 

“Well,” you started. “We’re fine, I guess. He’s been pretty flirty the past few weeks but he’s never taken it any farther. It’s like we’re moving in circles: he flirts,  I stumble over my words, he laughs, and it repeats.”

You thought back to the week before, when you sat in the kitchen and ate your breakfast. 

“Hey, Y/N,” you heard Bucky say from the doorway. “What are you up to?” 

You motioned down to your bowl of Lucky Charmes. “What does it look like, Barnes?” you laughed slightly. 

He walked up to you and sat beside you, eyeing your bowl. “Is there something you want?” you asked. 

He chuckled to himself, biting back his tongue. His blue eyes scanned yours, a smirk evident on his face. 


And just as quickly as he appeared in the kitchen, he was gone, leaving you flustered with a bowl of soggy cereal. 

Your mind wandered to another time, several weeks before, when you trained with Steve. 

“Come on, Y/N, focus,” Steve said, sweat dripping from his blonde hair. 

You swallowed and nodded, almost immediately going back to sparring with him. Within seconds, he was on the floor with his waist between your legs and his arm in your hands. 

Just then, the door opened and Steve tapped out. As you released Steve’s arm, you heard clapping behind you. 

“Good job, Y/N” Steve said, turning to Bucky, who stood in the back of the room, his eyes watching you. 

“Buck?” he asked. “What are you doing here?” 

“I’m just here to watch my favorite girl do what she does best,” he smiled sweetly at you. 

“And what is that?” Steve asked, not giving you a chance to respond. 

“Taking men down, one at a time,” Bucky smirked. “I just wish she could do the same to me. Only, it would be better if she did it in the bedroom,” he winked in my direction. 


I felt the color in my face drain as his words dawned on me. 

“That’s enough, Buck,” Steve sighed. 

Bucky only laughed, though. “Close your mouth, Y/N, you’ll catch flies.” 


Nat laughed as you told her the memory. 

“You know what it sounds like, Y/N? It sounds like it’s time for you to take action and even the score,” she said, getting up from the bed. 

“How?” you asked, already having a feeling about what she would say next. 

“What you need to do is go down to the main room right now and do what he’s been doing to you. Here,” she said, walking into my closet and picking out a sports bra and a pair of skinny jeans. “Put these on and meet me down stairs in 10 minutes. I have a plan.”

You slipped on the clothes and in no time, you were in the elevator making your way down to where you knew Natalia would be. 

Sure enough, there she was, sitting between Steve and Bucky. You cleared your throat, half-uncomfortable and half-confident with the amount of skin you were showing. The three of them turned around, the two boys with their jaws on the ground and Natasha with a smile on her face. 

“Oh hey, Y/N,” Natasha smiled. “Nice outfit.”

“Thanks,” you said, still confused about what the plan was.

“Hey, doll,” Bucky said, getting up and making his way toward you. “What’s up with the new outfit?” he asked, his eyes raking up and down your body. 

You glanced behind him to see Natasha nodding, urging you to continue. 

You smiled and raised your eyebrows, “What do you think of it?” 

He smirked and leaned on the side of the table between you two. “You look great, doll. I do think you’d look ten times better without it, though.”

You saw your friends leaving the room and a surge of confidence began to flow through your veins. 

You walked around the table and stood closer to him. “Well, Buck. Are you going to do anything about it?” 

You saw him do a double take. 

This is the plan? To flirt with him until he feels the way I’ve been feeling for months?

He stumbled over his words, never expecting you to take part in his flirting. “Uh- you can, uh-” he began, a crimson tone making its way to his cheeks. 

“What’s wrong, Buck? And close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.” 


Sugar and Spice (Negan x Female)

Summary: She has a huge crush on Negan and would do anything to make him happy. He misses the taste of real pumpkin pie, so she sets out to make it for him. 

Characters: Negan x Female 

Word Count: 4,348

Warnings: SUPER FLUFF, a lil’ angst, some swearing

Author’s Note: This was a a fic request sent in by @may85 who asked:

“How about a Negan one shot where the reader found out what kind of food was Negan’s favorite, so she goes out to find the ingredients, succeeds and makes it, but he finds out that she went outside the walls and flips his shit. Fluff with some delicious Negan kisses?” 

I don’t know why I picked pumpkin pie. I’m kind of one of those people who goes crazy over it in the fall, and I feel like Negan would like it too. This is just super fluffy and yummy. Hope you guys enjoy!

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! <3

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Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (17/?)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (17/?)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1000
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
Series Masterlist so you can catch up!

Originally posted by obscure-imagines

“Mr. Scott, are you always so nosy with your engineer’s personal lives?” you asked with a smile.

“Aye.” he replied, unapologetically.

“It’s complicated.” you replied as the lift doors opened on one of the quarter decks, which one you weren’t sure.

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My top 25 NaLu moments! (Part 1)

Here I’m going to post my favorite 25 NaLu moments. Since they have a lot of moments, it was hard to pick just 25 (and keep in mind that this is manga only, no anime, meaning there’ll be no filler moments, nor movie moments). Since I don’t want this to get too long, I’m going to split it into 2 parts (25 through 16, 15 through 1). Also, this is MY OPINION only; my favorite moments. You don’t have to agree with me, or say ‘the other moment should be higher’ or ‘why didn’t you include that moment here’. I love all NaLu moments, but there are some that just make my heart go ‘whoooooa’ and those are the ones I’ll include here. It’s not spoiler-free, so if you’re not updated on the current arc, I suggest not to read it.

Part 2 can be found here.

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Perfection//Hanbin Scenario

Okay, so I have been obsessed with this band for what seems like forever now, and their music just gives me so much inspiration to write these kind of scenes.

While listening to Affection by Cigarettes After Sex, this little scene played in my head. (even though I should be working on this other piece that I’ve been working on for the longest time already…..)

Anyway, Enjoy! And I would really appreciate the likes if you enjoyed it :3

Sorry for any typos in advance!

Originally posted by baeky-v

His slow and even warm breaths grazed her skin lightly, and his warmth radiating from his lean body reached out to her amidst her cold, dark bedroom as they laid down next to each other on the girl’s bed. The proximity of his sleeping face as he slept deeply allowed her to see every minute detail of his perfect face, and the moonlight shining behind her and in through her window illuminated his figure, making him appear as though he came straight out of a movie scene. 

As she watched him, she still couldn’t fathom the reality of being with such a person as Hanbin. Such a perfect person as Hanbin. 

She knew that there was no such thing as absolute perfection in this world. Hanbin had his imperfections. His damaged hair, sticking out in all directions. The little marks of impurities scattered on his face. And the deep and dark circles underneath his eyes that always concerned her. Even his crooked teeth hidden in his mouth.

But strangely, despite all faults mentioned, to her he was perfect the way he was. I guess now she could understand how true that saying was, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” And her heart swelled from the thought of being able to say that he was hers. 

A content sigh gently escaped her lips.

How could such a man as Hanbin be hers? How could such a man as him fall in love with a girl like her when his beauty far exceeded hers? It was a mystery to her. But the way he looked at her, his loving and sincere look that he would have on his face as he stared at her, washed away all signs of her insecurities. Just by his tender and warm gaze, she melts inside every time as she feels how sincere his affection was.

Hanbin sighed deeply in his sleep, and his arm came up to wrap around her waist. She felt a smile form on her lips, and she continued to admire the boy in front of her. 

He was beautiful beyond words, and sometimes her breath would get caught in her throat from the little things that he would do. Like right now, how his chests rises and falls with each inhale and exhale. How his fingers slightly move involuntarily against the skin on her bare waist under her short shirt. How his lips part from each other then press tightly before relaxing again as he slept.

Not being able to resist anymore, her small hand reached up to touch his cheek. To brush her fingertips over his dark eyebrows. Over his plump lips. To trace his tall nose. And finally brush his bangs covering his eyes away.

His eyes gently fluttered open at her touch, and his eyes blinked a few times to focus his vision on her. A sweet and child-like smile immediately stretched across his face. Slowly. Leisurely. 

And there, her heart squeezed inside her chest again. 

“Can’t sleep?” He asked groggily, his voice hoarse from sleep. His hand on her waist moved to stroke her lower back up and down, and he smiled at her once again before closing his eyes again. 

She giggled gently then shook her head. “I was just admiring how beautiful you are in the moonlight,” she whispered to him softly.

Then Hanbin looked down at her for a longer time, his eyes moving across her face lazily. A bigger smile appeared on his lips, and whispered back, “You’re more beautiful.”

Then he hugged her close to his chest, and she smiled, satisfied in his embrace. She snuggled in deeper, entangling her legs with his, and relaxed. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. And just like that, the both of them slept under the moonlight contently.

I gotta admit, I’m smiling like an idiot right now after writing this xD

No Brotherhood of Mine Part I.

Summary: I can’t think of a good summary without spoilers. You’ll be fine.

Characters; Erik Lehnsherr x Reader, Charles Xavier x Reader.

Word Count: 990.

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Inspired by @mm277me ‘s request.

Series Masterlist.

Complete Masterlist.

“Good morning,” she said.
“Good morning, love,” Charles replied.
It was Sunday, and Sunday meant sleeping in and laying around late into the afternoon. It was usually quiet on such days. A relief considering a bunch kids are running around blasting energy beams from their chest and screaming so they can fly. Every now and then Alex would be teasing Hank and Beast would appear to chase Alex throughout the mansion. It was all in good fun, at least for Alex anyways.
Resting in white linens, Charles and his lovely girlfriend snuggled into one another, feeling at peace and pleased with the moment. Then a knock echoed throughout the bedroom followed by a bang. Charles huffed and begrudgingly left the bed.
“It’s Shaw,” Erik growled.
“Erik it’s Sunday, take a breath my friend.”
Erik shook his head and marched into the bedroom, “this is important, Shaw’s out there. We can’t be acting lazy because it’s Sunday.” He stopped at the sight of (y/n) sitting in the bed, wearing a strappy white night gown. He blushed and looked away, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.”
Charles scowled and patted him on the shoulder, “we’ll talk about this later.”
He walked Erik out and calmly closed the door. Returning to the bed Charles found her giggling.
“You’re jealous,” she observed.
“I am not!”
“Don’t worry, he’s only allowed to look.”
Charles huffed again, “he’s too much sometimes.
“He’s damaged and vengeful, can you blame him?”
“No, no I can’t.”
“Come back to bed,” she opened her arms.
Charles crawled back into the king-sized bed and kissed her before wrapping his arms around her. They both fell asleep and stayed like so for the next few hours.

(Y/n) woke up to a loud noise followed by shouting. Quickly changing and fixing her hair she followed the muffled yelling to Charles’ office. Him and Erik were going at it again about Shaw, she assumed. Instead of stepping in a diffusing the argument, as she sometimes did, (y/n) shrugged it off and went to make a hot drink and breakfast, or lunch at this time of day. As she poured the hot beverage into a mug Erik came into the room fuming. She watched as Erik levitated as fork from the dining table and stabbed the wall on the other side of the kitchen.
“I cleaned those last night, you know?”
Erik’s ears pricked up and looked at her. His breath became shaky, simply staring at her anxiously.
“You apologize to me far too much,” she replied, sitting on the counter.
“It seems I’m always invading your space.”
“I don’t mind, as long as it’s not too close or in my bedroom.”
You both chuckled.
“Care for pancakes,” he asked.
(Y/n) lifted her plate, “already got some food, but thanks.”
Erik took a few steps towards her, hands behind his back, “I didn’t mean to intrude with you dressed so… immodestly.”
“It’s very rare to see my collarbone, you should be honored,” (y/n) joked.
“It was a pleasure,” he countered.
“You could use some tea though,” she insisted,” I just bought some jasmine tea you may like.”
“That would be lovely.”
(Y/n) slid off the counter and took a new kettle from the cabinet. She handed him the jar of tea and he dug around looking for a bag.
“They’re at the bottom, I think,” (y/n).
Erik struggled to pull his hand from the small jar but succeeded with a teabag between is pointer finger and thumb. He gingerly gave the bag and she placed into the strainer. Closing the kettle’s lid (y/n) took a sip of her own drink and sat back on the counter, legs swigging back and forth. She noticed Erik staring at her legs, abruptly stopping causing his head to snap back up. She knew of his feelings for her and that if given the chance he’d sweep her off her feet to somewhere beautiful. (Y/n) herself had an adoration for him but not the same way, not when she was with Charles. Then again, she couldn’t deny a since a love for Erik as well.
“You can sit, you know?”
“I’d rather stand.”
“Nonsense, sit with me,” she patted the granite.
Erik plopped himself down next her, taking a sip to mask his squirming. The two sighed simultaneously and Erik looked at (y/n) and (y/n) looked back. They looked away from each other and sighed again.
“I thought you’d be in bed still.”
“You and Charles were fighting. I didn’t want to get involved this time.”
“You heard.”
“You have excellent projection.”
“Charles thinks he knows best.”
“You’re angry and he doesn’t want you doing something brash. I don’t want you to do something brash.”
“It makes no difference.”
(Y/n) twisted her face thinking of what to say next, her curiosity swirling.
“Why Shaw?”
“He’s the reason why I’m like this, a monster.”
Erik hesitated but slowly peeled back his left sleeve. Upon his forearm was a list of numbers: 214782. (Y/n) quivered at the sight, placing her fingers on the strip of ink.
“How long were you there?”
“After the war ended I ran.”
“No family.”
“My mother died the day we got there,” Erik began to cry and leaned on her shoulder. She had never seen him this way, she couldn’t anyone has. She caressed his back as he fell apart in her arms. She stayed quiet and let him have his moment of grief.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” she said.
“I was fourteen,” he sniffled, “and he killed her right in front of me!”
“I understand your want to take revenge but I don’t want you going after someone like this.”
“I’m going to kill him and Charles won’t stop me.”
The two heard Charles’ voice ring down the hallway. (Y/n) left the counter and turned to Erik.
“If you do go after Shaw, please be careful. Someone could get hurt.”

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~>Oo°(_ Ade’s Servamp-shrine ! :D_)°oO<~

hellouuu thereeee :M !
Now it’s my turn to show my personal boooootyful Servamp-shrine >w>)9 !!
( although I’m sure it’ll be a Sakuya-shrine in future, ehehehhhh >v>)“ )

so there you go ~
that’s the place where I put most of my merchandise. It’s right in front of my bed, maybe you can already see it… :’D
The shrine got built randomly though. At first my sis and I were just piling up video games over there, and then I collected the merchandise and
somehow I put them there too and it grew and grew and grgeewewftewwtwetwwwwwwww - like this >^>) ! <3 ( and it’s ONE part of my bedroom EEEEEEEEHHHHHH >:M !! )
I always have to watch out that I or other people do not stumble on it ‘n stuff. If one thing falls down, it’s like a Domino-thing where a bunch of
merch fall down right after that. AHHHHHHH if ONE merch thingie EVER gets scratched or anything I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GONNA BE A PSYCHO.
jokes -

however, I’m showing this because it is my personal Servamp-anniversary todayyyy \( >w>)/ ! ~
” hue, why ? “
I discovered Servamp exactly 4 years ago ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ!
it’s very important to me I’M SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
it’s just my all time favorite Manga EVER.
I never fell in love at first sight with a Manga like that before. Just by looking at the artstyle I already knew I would sell my soul for it :’D
so yeah, 14.06.2013 be it then.
( ok it’s ACTUALLY the 07.06.2013 where my homodachi said that there’d be a Manga with an artstyle I’d definitely love so I instantly googled for Servamp.
But only a week later I got the first Volume, so….  - ok who cares, long story anyway xD )
it’s sort of funny for me that my anniversary is the 14th of June and the actual Servamp anniversary is one day later, huehuehuehue ~~~ <3
6 years tho, jfc <3

naaahhhh ~
so that’s one part of what I collected all these 4 years, hope u like iiit >3>)~ <3

// btw, don’t worry, I asked @ko_na_ta1 on Twitter for permission for printing out a Cosplay of her ~ THE BEAUTIFUL SAKUYAAA…!

Temptations (M)

Originally posted by jinyoung-ahh

Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All that we have, is what’s between hello and goodbye.”

Summary: Sometimes when you have everything you asked for…. it’s never enough. You have a fiance you are about to get married with soon and life is good, until that one guy changes it all… He’s that something that you need to have a bit excitement in your life… He was full of surprises and brought you feelings you haven’t felt in a long time… But was he just a temptation or someone worth the trouble to get involved with?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 // Part 17 //

Part 18 is here~

More Parts:

Part 19 // Part 20 // Part 21 //



Your Point of View.

At last you had the last of your things and you continued to let tears stream down your face and pushed your suitcase to the front door to your old apartment.

Before you opened the front door, you looked at the apartment one last time and you sighed..

It was good while it lasted..

But you had to let Youngjae go before you could hurt him anymore..

You turned around and faced the front door. It was time to remove yourself from Youngjae’s life and act as if you two never met each other in the first place…

As you opened the door you eyes widen when you noticed Jinyoung standing right then and there..


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Certain As The Sun: A Feysand Fic Part 4

Here is the much anticipated fourth part of CATS! ***WARNING: VERY MATURE CONTENT***I’m pleasantly surprised at the amazing response I’ve gotten from people on this particular story, and as a result have decided to make it longer than I had previously planned on doing. This story has so much potential. I’ve already got some surprises in store for you all, so I hope you’ll stick around and continue to enjoy CATS!

Links to Parts I, II, and III. Don’t forget to like, reblog, and tell me what you think!



Upon arriving in Velaris I had been utterly exhausted from my travels, but as soon as my eyes beheld the five figures sitting in the house that had become a home it felt as if I’d never be able to get rid of all the energy that seemed to be roaring through my veins. As if just the sight of my friends—family—of Rhys immediately renewed me, made me as newly whole as a mortal being dunked into that damned Cauldron.

At the sound of my voice all five heads whirled towards me, none of them immediately going on the defensive. As if they could tell it was me. That I was here.

I’m here.

I’m here.

Mor let out a sound that was somewhere between a squeal and a cry, and—Cauldron damn me—my face felt like it was going to split wide open with how viciously I was smiling. Tears raced down my cheeks as she swept me up in a hug, my face buried in her shoulder as she repeated, “You’re here. It’s you. You’re here.”

It was both a frightening and exhilarating feeling. I was certain I was dreaming, or that at any moment Tamlin was going to lay siege to the Night Court and I’d be hauled back. I knew that if he found out he’d go straight to the King of Hybern and we’d all be executed immediately, or tortured so severely we’d wish he had just ended it all with our heads being served on fine porcelain platters.

“I’m so happy you’re here, Feyre, but that dress is about as pretty as Cassian when he first wakes in the morning,” Mor whispered. We drew apart, laughing as Cassian marched towards us.

“I heard that,” he scowled at Mor before smiling at me, ushering me into a hug. “Thank the Mother you’re back, Feyre. Rhysand needs to get laid; he’s been in such a pissy mood ever since you left.”

Amren also hugged me and we exchanged pleasantries; Azriel hung back as usual, but there was a ghost of a smile on his lips as he bowed in reverence.

My heart felt it was about to burst with elation. I hadn’t realized how much I missed them all. Cassian and Mor’s constant arguing, Amren’s fierceness, Azriel’s dependability. Together they all built an impenetrable wall, one that would gladly die before they saw their High Lord or Lady fall. And in return, Rhysand and I would do the same.

But then I turned to him. And I could have sworn the room was spinning before but as soon as my gaze met his I was tethered. I saw the disbelief in his eyes, and he looked as if he was going to take flight at any moment. So I opened myself to him, whispering a caress down the bond.


I felt it then, that our soul’s were bonded as one, that I’d lay down my life for this man, do anything and everything to be back at his side even if it meant destroying myself to do so. I’d walk to the ends of this world to find him—and if I couldn’t find him in this world I’d travel to the next and every one after that until I found him. I’d go through it all again if it meant being able to stand here and see my soul reflected in his eyes. To be here, alive, and say that Rhysand was my mate. I was his.

Rhys,” I breathed. The most broken sound I’d ever heard expelled from his lips, cleaving my heart in two. I could bare it no longer. I needed to touch him, breathe him, feel him.

And then he was right there. Only an inch of space was between us but I was dying to close it. So I stepped closer, my hand reaching up to cup his cheek. My heart stuttered. I’d nearly forgotten how his skin felt—like night and silk bed sheets. He leaned into my touch, clutching my hand as if releasing it would cause me to disappear.

His throat bobbed, “Feyre.” His eyes shining with tears. “Feyre.”

“I’m here.” Rhysand shook his head as if still not believing.

“I can’t believe it. Tamlin would never…Why—How—?” I felt my body instinctively stiffen at the sound of his name. The man who’d brought me so much pain and anger; the man who had preached love and adoration but had only deprived me of everything and made me believe I deserved it.

I explained that I had escaped, that no one knew I’d left. As I talked I could see shadows forming in his eyes, the ones that usually indicated a brutal storm coming. I gently squeezed his hand, encouraging him to come back to me.

The shadows ebbed, I knew what his next words would be.

“And they haven’t hurt you? You’re truly okay?”

Again, I nodded but the action felt contradictory to the emotions flaring in my chest. “I had to refrain from communicating with you, Rhysand because…”  I steeled myself. “Because there are things that I’ve had to do that I would never want you to see or know about.” I attempted to swallow the lump in my throat, tearing my gaze from him. I could look up into his eyes and see disappointment or disgust. It would destroy me to see him consider me with such emotions.

Slut. Whore. Dirty. They were words that repeated in my head whenever I’d force myself to sleep with Tamlin. Rhysand won’t want you now that you’ve whored yourself to Tamlin, the voices in my head would whisper.

I felt a hand slip around my waist, the other tilting my chin up to meet his gaze as he pulled me closer. “Feyre, there is not a thing in this world that would ever tempt me to think of you differently. What you have done, what you have to do…believe me, I understand it all. And if I could take your place I would. In less than a heartbeat, I swear I would.” I didn’t know when I had started to cry, but Rhysand’s hands were there—fingertips like kisses as he gently wiped away the tears that raced down my cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” I said softly. I shouldn’t have pretended to break the bond between us in Hybern, shouldn’t have offered myself up.

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” he reassured. “Although, if there is anything you should be apologizing for, it’s those naughty little images you tended to enjoy sending in the middle of the night.”

And for the first time in eight months, I laughed. It started off as little giggles, building up inside me like a fountain. When I was finally able to control myself, his eyes were once again gleaming with joy, though there was a ghost of a darker, much more primal emotion hiding in its shadows.

“Are you saying you didn’t enjoy them?” His arms circled around my waist, trapping me against him. He left the barest whisper of space between our bodies, the bastard. Rhys lowered his lips to my neck, and I nearly lost it as his cool breathed fanned over my skin before he said lowly, “Oh, I very much enjoyed them. Would you like to know why.”

We were treading very dangerous territory.

“Enlighten me.”

“It’s because, Feyre, darling, I got to make up a bit of a list every time you sent me one of those image,” he said,  “A list of all the things I’d do to you once you returned as retribution.”

“Oh really?”

His gripped tightened as he purred, “If my memory serves me correctly, I promised that the next time we had a moment to ourselves, I’d fuck you.”

Our gazes met, a corner of my lips lifting slightly. “I believe there was mention of a wall.” His mouth opened to reply, but he was interrupted by an alarmingly loud BOOM!

I knew that we both immediately thought the same thing. Tamlin was here. He’d found me and was now attacking Velaris.

Rhys and I hurried to the balcony, listening for high pitched wailings of screams, searching for the bright oranges and reds of fires, anything that would confirm our suspicions. But Velaris was as it always was and always should be—teeming with people, music blasting, lights lighting up the city.

And then we heard Mor’s voice from somewhere down the hall, “Don’t expect me to feel bad for you, Cassian. You were a fool to try to best Amren.”

My heart immediately began to return to its normal rhythm, and I nearly began to laugh again at the exasperated look on Rhysand’s face. “I’m going to have a very long talk with that insufferable fool later,” was all he said. I took his hand and winnowed us into our room.

For a moment I stood there in the middle of our room, my eyes roaming over the pale purple walls, the glass doors that led to our balcony, everything. Everything from the dressers and drawers and nightstands to the dark obsidian flooring that was embellished with what looked like constellations of stars winking up at me screamed that this was my home, that that gaudy castle back in the Spring Court truly was a prison more than anything else.

My eyes slid to the bed which took up most of the room. My hands slid over the silky soft sheets…but something was off. I sniffed the sheets, sniffed the entire room before realizing what it was. This room did not smell like anyone had occupied it in—

“I couldn’t sleep in here. Not while you were gone.” I turned to him.

“Where did you sleep, then?” I quietly asked though I already knew the answer. Rhysand smiled, a lifeless, cruel thing.

“In your old bedroom.” Night violet eyes—overflowing with anguish— appraised me and he took a few steps closer before stopping.

I understood then. “The night terrors.” Rhys flinched as if the words I’d said had reached across the space between us and physically slapped him.

“I tried sleeping in here the first week after you’d gone. It wasn’t bad at first, not until I woke up one night searching for you. I searched both here and the House of Wind before coming to terms with your absence. It was as if my mind couldn’t comprehend it.” As he talked I noticed shadows brewing behind his eyes. “That’s when the night terrors started. I decided to sleep in your old room. They weren’t nearly as bad when I slept there.”

I silently beckoned him to where I stood next to the bed. He sat, and I carefully took place on his lap, wrapping my arms around the familiar broadness of his shoulders, inhaling his smoke and midnight and mist scent. “Tamlin’s never allowed me to share a room with him,” I whispered into his shoulder. “Not even when I was in love with him, not after he saw me die…right there on the floor of Amarantha’s court.”

“Tamlin is a fool,” Rhysand growled, his body shuddering with the memory of my body—broken and beaten, my neck snapped, life slowly ebbing away. Hands caressed the length of my spine, my body instinctively inching closer.

“I still remember those nights directly following Amarantha’s fall. I’d wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes multiple times a night. Visions of red hair and a wicked smile, of tear filled eyes and innocent faces, of blood on my hands… He never woke up to see if I was okay. Not once. Never held my hair as I vomited over and over again into the toilet, never stroked my hair and stayed with me until I could finally fall back into a pitiful sleep.”

I leaned back to look into Rhys’ eyes—the eyes of the man who had damned all the odds, who had waited and hoped…My mate…My husband.

Rhysand gazed at me, eyes filled with awe and reverence as he softly said, “I’d do it all again. For you, I’d go through all of it again.” He leaned forward slowly, tentatively before his lips brushed mine. Immediately my entire body ignited at that whisper of a touch. He repeated the action, his mouth barely touching mine. And then he was everywhere, his lips ghosting over my neck, my shoulders, my collarbones, his hands caressing the curves of my breasts, the length of my spine, fingertips brushing my sides.

My eyelids fluttered closed, lashes tickling his cheek as he worshiped my body. I burned wherever he touched and all I could think was that I could never endure having Tamlin touch me again. That I only ever wanted Rhys’ hands and mouth and tongue, that I would only ever open myself up for him. Just the thought of Tamlin’s hands roaming, touching me—

Rhysand lightly gripped my face, forcing my eyes to meet his. His voice was a sensual growl as he said, “I don’t want you thinking about another man touching you, especially that piece of shit Tamlin.” I had been rendered breathless from his touch, from that possessive Fae male quality in his eyes. “I know that you’re doing whatever you have to for the sake of Prythian…for the sake of both Realms, Feyre. But there is only so much I can take… and what I cannot take,” Rhysand lifted me into his arms before laying me down on the bed with heartbreaking tenderness. His body was so close I could feel his warmth intertwined with mine, his face mere inches away as he braced himself on his elbows above me.

“What I cannot take, Feyre, is the thought of anyone else touching you. In fact, I’m a hairsbreadth away from marching down to the Spring Court myself and turning it’s prick of a High Lord’s mind to putty before setting his entire rutting court on fire. Fae males have done much worse to men who’ve even dared to look at their mate in what they consider to be the wrong way. So believe me when I say that though I only have you for a few moments—hours at the most—I’m going to make every second you grace me with count. And I do not intend to spend any of it thinking about anything or anyone other than what’s before me.”

I hadn’t realized when I’d began to cry, but then he was there, lips soft and gentle as he kissed away each of my tears. When his mouth finally found mine I could taste myself on them. The kiss started out slow and sweet, a kiss that perhaps would have taken place somewhere where we were nestled deep in the mountains in a tiny little cottage, snow swirling about outside. A kiss where we had all the time in the world to ourselves.

But we didn’t, as Rhysand had pointed out. I knew the thought had also crossed his mind when his hands went to grip my thighs, the kiss deepening. I pulled him closer, closing the distance between us so that our bodies were flush against each other.

My hands went to his tunic, fingers deftly unbuttoning it. He pulled back slightly to allow me to finally release him of it, but his mouth never left my skin. With his tunic now off, my hands roamed over his bare chest, appreciating the honed muscle and faint scars that marked him.

I felt his hands move to the back of my dress, his fingers still fumbling over the ridiculous amount of tiny pearl buttons that held it together despite me having arched my back to allow him easier access. Rhysand growled in frustration. “This damned dress.”

“What I don’t understand is why you’re being so gentle?” My head cocked to the side. “Just rip it off.”

A dazzling grin graced his lips and he only said, “No need to tell me twice,” before he easily cleaved the dress in two, slipping it off me and discarding it to the ground.

Rhysand’s eyes hungrily grazed over my naked form once…twice, before they finally met mine again. “If I wake up and this has all been another very cruel trick my mind has decided to play I don’t believe I will still possess enough restraint to stop myself from visiting the Spring Court.”

I lifted an arched brow. “Another? Are you saying you have sex dreams about me, Rhys?”

The corner of his mouth lifted in response. “If by sex dream you mean me having visions of  fucking you on every available surface in this house, then I suppose the answer is yes.”

Every available surface?” I teased. HIs mouth met mine again in answer. “Let’s begin with the wall, shall we?”

One moment I was lying on the bed, the next my back was against the wall, legs wrapped around Rhysand’s waist, his hands gripping my thighs. His tongue ran from the curve of my throat down to the curve of my breasts. He took one in his mouth, teeth biting and nipping at the sensitive skin, tongue tasting and massaging my nipple.

I could have fallen apart then and there. Nearly did.

And then his hand moved farther south, mouth swallowing my gasp of pleasure as his thumb rubbed the sensitive nerves between my legs. My grip on his hips tightened, my body blossoming for him as his thumb continued its slow, pleasurable torture. I could feel my body heating, carnal desires pooling in the pit of my stomach and traveling down to the intimacy between my thighs.

More of Rhysand’s fingers joined the assault. My eyes fluttered closed as his finger felt the wetness at my core before entering me. He slowly began pumping in and out. I felt like I was on fire. Like I was an ever-burning fire that burned just for him.

I could feel myself climbing higher and higher, reaching for that release.

“Open your eyes, Feyre,” he softly encouraged. I obeyed. And at the sight of those violet eyes, filled with carnal desire and an unmeasurable amount of love for me, lost it. His thumb and middle finger worked together, one still massaging the sensitive bundle of nerves, the other pumping in and out at a much faster pace now, drawing out my pleasure.

Small cries and whimpers still fell from my lips after I’d finally come down from that high, but I didn’t want to stop. My hands went to the waistband of Rhysand’s trousers, and just because I could, I teased him, palming him through the material. I could have sworn his knees wobbled as a result.

His wings emerged from his back, encircling us in shadows and darkness. I tentatively reached out to touch the strong, leathery wings that I knew were so sensitive. My fingernails grazed over the inside of his left wing, a low, animalistic growl reverberating in the back of his throat. His cock twitched, eyes becoming impossibly darker with lust.

“Such a little tease,” he struggled to say.

“There’ll be time for that later,” I promised. I unbuttoned and shoved down his trousers, where they pooled at his ankles. Rhysand quickly finished taking them off, kicking them so that they disappeared to some other place in the room.

I could feel the hard length of him against my stomach, his breath coming out in hot spurts against my breasts. Taking his face in mine, I gently kissed his closed eyelids, between his brows, his cheeks before reuniting our lips.

Mouths and teeth and tongues clashed, and then Rhys was nudging at my entrance. I growled and nipped at his bottom lip, already swollen from kissing.

“Now who’s the tease?” I whispered.

At my words, he pulled back before slamming in. I wasn’t sure either of us were breathing, but his hands tightened, and mine ran over his wings.

“If you don’t stop that, Feyre, I’m going to embarrass myself by finding release a lot faster than my ego can handle.” My hips ground against him, and I only smiled wickedly before running a single finger over the edge of his left wing. His cock twitched inside me in response.

Then Rhys had both my hands in one of his. He raised them above my head and hard as I tried, I couldn’t escape his grasp.

“Rhysand, I—” Whatever words I was about to say flew out of my head as he drew back and pounded back into me. Again. And again. And again. So viciously the walls shook, things fell off the dressers, a lamp crashed to the floor, and I was afraid for a moment that Rhys would fuck me so hard we’d end up bursting through this wall and entering whatever room was next to this one.

His lips, astoundingly gentle compared to the way his hips slammed against mine, kissed the spot between my neck and shoulder. “Mine,” he whispered against the skin. “You’re mine.”

“I’m yours,” I managed to say between moans of pleasure. “And you’re mine.”

“And I’m yours.”

I saw only night and stars, could scent only mist and shadows as I came over the edge again, screaming his name, moaning that I was his and he was mine, my body seizing to the pleasure that was roaring through my entire body.

Rhys stilled, slamming into the hilt as he too, found his release, his head nestled in my neck as he said over and over again ‘I love you. I love you. I love you.’

I didn’t think the words would ever fully express what we both felt. How our souls were bonded, how I would literally cleave the world apart for him. For him. For my mate I’d do anything.

It was then that I realized no matter what I did while in the Spring Court, Rhys had meant what he’d said. There was nothing that would change the way he viewed me, nothing that would make him want to cast me aside. He’d been in my shoes before, he knew—better than anyone—how it felt to have to destroy yourself for those you loved. I was not dirty, I was not unloved. I had a family who would love me and eradicate the world for me, and a future. A home.

I saw all of that and more when I looked into Rhys’ eyes and was filled with a hope that I hadn’t realized I’d lost while in the Spring Court.

Letters to Bucky (Part Six)(NSFW)

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This tried to just be smut but OH MY GOD THE FEELS just overwhelmed it. Still so very NSFW so you know…!!
Shout out to my lovely
@bethy-sue​ for helping me with this scene! I am 100% in love with these boys and hope you guys are too!


“So do you actually know any of these people?” Bucky asked, carefully grasping a champagne flute, wrinkling his nose at the taste.

“Some of them.” Tony remarked, draining his glass and reaching for another. “I’ll be able to pretend to like more of them after a few more glasses of this.”

“Geez Tony.” Bucky chuckled. “Why do you come if you hate it so much?”

“With great money comes—” Tony motioned around the room. “Great nonsense. Speaking of great money,” he stepped a little closer. “We didn’t actually do a ton of talking earlier. About the whole me secretly being a billionaire and all that.”

“Yeah, well there’s so much more to do with our mouths than talk, sweet thing.” Bucky murmured and Tony nearly snapped the fragile glass stem in half.

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Tony Padilla | Little Padilla

Requested by anon
Bi!Tony Padilla X Fem!Reader
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of smut, mentions of abortion
Word count: 1374

It had all started as a simple hookup after the Winter Formal. We had been making eyes at one another the entire night, flirty glances and sexual gestures, simple body movements that suggested the most intimate. We had sneaked away with his Mustang and shared the bed at my place, since my parents weren’t home that evening. 

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Wet Myself While Gaming (And nearly got caught!)

Another post of mine from my early days on, for those whom haven’t seen it! I actually really need to go right now, and re-reading this while I need to is a weird experience.


Hey everyone, it’s me again!

I had another accident last night and I was nearly caught again. It was a series of incredibly erotic events! Luckily my ability to think on my toes in these situations saved my ass again.

So I’ve been playing SOMA. Its a horror game made by the same people who made Amnesia, so if you don’t know of it I just told you everything you need to know.

I’ve been almost home alone since yesterday morning. What I mean by that is, my mother is gone on a trip for work and my brother is also gone away staying at a friends until Sunday, so until then it’s just me and Dad. I was taking advantage of this fact. Dad can’t cook so we’ve been living off pre-made store-bought food like subs and the chicken I just ate, as well as coca cola (Bad for me, I know). Now, I’ve been getting really into this game. Its really scary and really immersive. And I’m easily scared. I’m sure you can see the direction this is going. I was playing last night and had been drinking lots of coca cola. The caffeine really got to me, and I filled up rather quick. I don’t know HOW quick, because time flies when I’m gaming. I was barely paying attention until I noticed I had to cross my legs and rock a little to be remotely comfortable. It was undeniable at this point, I really, REALLY had to pee.

I was wearing tight light blue jeans, complete with a belt with a cute butterfly buckle, and black and white striped panties. My top was…somewhere. I dunno. I’m the type that after she gets home to relax, layers start coming off in no real specific order. I was still wearing my bra, a nice black one I like, but thinking back I’m surprised I didn’t discard that too in favor of just one of my big T-shirts for the sake of comfort. Too eager to immediately get into the game I guess. I didn’t even remember to eat. I rarely do, and when I do hardly enough to get any damn nutrients, thus my being a stick. This forgetfulness will come into play.

So anyway, I was playing SOMA and I really had to pee. Crossing my legs, rocking, no grabbing though, as my hands were occupied with the game (I’m playing this on a dualshock 3 I have connected to my PC. The mouse and keyboard business lately has been making my wrist sore so I’m changing it up!). But I’ve got a bit of a complex where I don’t pause to do something unless I’ve just hit a checkpoint. If I’m in the middle of an objective I don’t stop until I’ve completed it, no matter how urgent other matters might be. The objective in this case, was to go downstairs and reset the network connection so I could run some sort of simulation to get a code from a virtual dude. Of course I get down there and there’s a monster I didn’t predict. Some gross mass of flesh with legs. Anyway, the point is I didn’t know he was in there. And I get really immersed and really frightened.

I walked into the room and felt something was off. It was dark and the music and accompanying atmosphere had gotten heavy. To reiterate, I get a little too immersed. Just being here put a pit in my stomach and a cold sweat on my brow. I snuck around, not really expecting anything to be there. I was quite literally on the edge of my seat, stiff as a statue, legs crossed with a bursting bladder. Just had to hit the button on the other side of the room and I could run off.

But then I rounded a corner and saw it. It wasn’t looking at me, but it was really close and I could see how very grotesque it was. I couldn’t even move my character, I froze. My breathing went heavy and my eyes wide as I sat there, frozen and shaking. And my crotch going damp. Wait what?

I slammed the pause button and shoved my hand between my legs. I was suddenly acutely aware that in being frozen in terror, I had peed in my underwear a little bit. A quick check showed a small patch between my legs. I cursed myself for letting myself be so caught off guard and vowed to run to the bathroom.

As soon as I hit that fucking button, of course.

I unpaused and backed off a bit, composing myself, waiting for the enemy to go away. As soon as I had the chance I slipped across the room. Finally, the network reset button! I flipped the switch. But I had to wait a moment so I could hit it again as confirmation? God dammit.

Of COURSE, the button pushing action would be noisy enough to attract the flesh bag to said computer. I heard it coming so I tried to back up behind one of the server things. But something was blocking my character. Shit. I panicked and turned around to see a chair on the ground. blocking my path. And I turned BACK around, and creepy moaning flesh dude was STARING RIGHT AT ME.

So goddammit, I turned around, jumped over the chair and ran. Sprinted through the weaves of the mazelike room, and out. There was a room outside of it to the left I knew I could shut the door to. My plan was to run in, turn around, slam the door, and figure out a hiding spot in there before he got in. Of course my plan had a fatal flaw.

I was completely unaware that this limping, groaning bag of whatthefuck, could sprint like Usain Bolt like you were leading him around in a race car with a gold medal tied to the back, when you alerted him to your presence. He was sprinting and on my heels the whole way, when I assumed I had a few seconds of respite I really didn’t have.

I ran into my safety room and spun around to slam the door. And it was right there. Sprinting about 5 feet away from me screeching. It slammed into me and the screen went black. Of course during this short timeframe, I SCREAMED. I screamed and I dropped the controller, my hands shooting up to my face. The next thing I knew when I came to my senses, I was wetting myself from sheer terror. My ass was suddenly very warm, and as I was still on the edge of my seat, it was pitter pattering onto the floor. I stood up as fast as I could, crossed my legs, reached my hands down and held on for dear life. I regained control and assessed the damage. The back of my thighs and my ass were…very wet indeed. My pants and underwear were quite obviously saturated beyond saving so I’d have to change. The moment I stood up though my bladder dropped like a rock and I suddenly noticed that it was quite visible. Being a stick of a person, when my bladder gets big I can tell pretty well just by looking at my belly. I had severely leaked, yes, but I still had a ton left in me. So bathroom time it was!

Those of you who have read my last experience already know my bathroom is just a little down the hall from my bedroom, on the 2nd floor. So I shuffled to the door and turned the knob to open it…Just as my dad was coming in. He didn’t know I was on the other side, obviously, and my door, like most bedroom doors, opens inward. The doorknob was swiftly driven…directly into my bladder.

I hid 85% of my body behind the door and peeked around and looked at my dad, asking what he wanted. The door wasn’t wide open obviously, it was just wide enough that he could probably slip through if he turned sideways. While I was asking this I was trembling horribly. That impact to my bladder had knocked my control out of the park. I felt myself slowly start leaking, gradually getting heavier. My crotch was getting warm. The warmth started spreading. I could feel my pants getting wet in the back, and some starting to seep through to the front. I was not in a position where I could start dancing around or suddenly whip one of my hands out of dads view, as I was holding onto the door and leaning around from behind it. He could see from my head to my shoulders I imagine.

He told me I had forgotten to eat and that he had re-heated my food. I stammered, shaking, legs wobbling as I lost further control. I tried so hard to clench my muscles down and press my legs tighter together, but my control was heavily wavering, to the point it was rapidly switching between extremes. One second I had full control, the next I’d hear the hissing for a second and hope he wasn’t hearing it. I was basically peeing my pants now, the wetness traveling much further than my ass given that I was no longer sitting down. It started soaking my legs, leaving trails, two big ones down the back of either leg and smaller ones branching off. I told him I’d be down in a minute to eat. I let out a small audible gasp as my inner thighs became overly saturated and I could feel urine trickling along my bare feet and ankles.

He asked me if I was alright, saying he saw I was shaking. He moved in the door more, pushing the knob further into my bladder. There went any control I had left and the hissing in my jeans became loud and constant. Pee was pouring out of me, and I could feel it traveling all over the front and back of my legs. I groaned loudly as he did this and he raised an eyebrow, and he tried to come in, yet again pushing the knob into my bladder even harder. It was like a hose at this point, it had gone from a stream into a jet, and I was wetting myself so hard the crotch and thighs of my jeans just couldn’t hold this volume at this speed and it started heavily dripping onto the floor, pattering into the now growing puddle around me. He was about to come in and look at me in full and I started to panic.

I suddenly realized that the pee hitting the floor and the loud hissing coming from my now drenched crotch was pretty loud, almost deafening to my in my paranoia and I quickly raised the volume of my voice and used my daughter powers to cover everything.

“DAD!! I’m shaking because I’m cold! I’m not dressed, I’m trying to change in here!!” and gave the door a shove. I can pretty much guarantee you, you will never see a male back off faster in your life. Daughter powers. Every daddy’s girl has them, and they work 100% of the time, and we all know how to use them like its primal instinct. Don’t test us. Not applicable to mothers.

I’m sure the story may seem drawn out while reading but do remember this was a short exchange that lasted like 20 seconds, maybe less. I heard a muffled “Alright, see you downstairs” and him walking off. I turned around and rested my back against the door. I unbuckled my cute little butterfly belt, undid my button and unzipped my jeans to give my aching bladder some relief. I was drenched anyway, so I figured I’d enjoy the moment and just stood there and finished wetting my pants. It felt absolutely wonderful now that the panic was gone. The warmth, the hissing, the general relief…these are sensations I’m sure 98% of you know so I don’t really need to describe that. But it was amazing. And very much a turn on. I sat in my puddle for a bit and just recouped, before sitting back in my chair which also had a tiny puddle in it from earlier, and tabbed over to my browser to look up some…similar material to my situation, and yeah that other stuff.

When I was finished I stripped off and took a shower, put on some jammies, cleaned up my messes with a towel, and I threw all that stuff into my laundry pile (which I did today while Dad was at work) and went down to grab my dinner and kick it back in the living room to watch some netflix with Dad for a bit. Nice bonding time, also partially testing how aware he was. Completely clueless, just as I suspected.


2017-06-19, Lounge, Lounge 2, Bedroom, by Trine Watkins

I’ve been thinking about when I move out and what my apartment/ house would look like. I sometimes have a hard time visualizing things together though, so I decided to draw it. I think the bedroom would be the most different  in real life since I prefer warm and bright colours. However, I tried to compensate for the idea of living with my boyfriend and what he would like. I also tried to incorporate furniture and stuff I already have, or that my boyfriend has, which is mainly why the bedroom is mismatched.

bazwillendinflames  asked:

This sounds weird but what kind of tumblr blog do you think all the Class kids (+ Quill) would have. Quill would have a cat meme blog (obviously) but what about the rest?

okay, this was actually a series of asks a while back and tbh I think @resting-meme-face‘s answers to them are my favourites so I’m gonna link to those for the ones that she did:

So, that leaves April and Charlie. Though I did do one for Kalei when that ask thing was going around. 


Charlie needs Matteusz to explain how it works, but he gets quite into it. 

His tumblr is like his bedroom, it’s just about space, it’s the most obvious “look at me I’m an alien” you’ve ever seen, to the point where Quill actually criticises him for it and tells him that he needs to be careful in case UNIT are monitoring them. (You know, since there was already that close call with Matteusz’s instagram and Quill really doesn’t want to have to move to France or some shit.) Well, and he posts a lot of cute selfies of him and Matteusz and gets a bit of attention for that, because people love cute white boys kissing.

His URL is literally secretspaceprince and it was Tanya’s idea and the kids all think it’s hilarious and Quill wants to bash their heads together. 

He’s genuinely a bit traumatised the first time he gets followed by a porn blog, poor Matteusz has to save him and he’s trying to cuddle him to make him feel better but Matteusz can’t stop laughing into his neck because the look on Charlie’s face was just too funny. 


She changes her URL after the shit with her heart starts happening, to violinsandschmitars or something else that shows her contrasting aesthetics. Maybe like, violinwarriorking or something. 

Her blog is partly pretty aesthetic stuff, partly some shows like Riverdale that she just watches for the hot people and cos it’s easy, and then maybe some poems or something, tiny bit of social justice stuff. 

She reblogs a lot of Charlie’s pictures of him and Matteusz with a bunch of love heart emojis in the tags. 

Bedtime, babies.

olivia and fitzgerald grant were married with three kids.
their first daughter, carolyn grace grant, would be 4 this coming weekend. she was the perfect description of a daddy’s girl and she sure was treated like a princess. the second child, a son, was named alexander fitzgerald thomas grant. he was a mommas boy but even though he was only a year old, he was a handful and all he wanted was to be like his daddy. finally, their two month old angel, Charlotte eliza amor grant. my goodness was she their pride and joy. she was building her little personality and she had her mommy and daddy wrapped completely around her little baby fingers.

carolyn had been outside swimming all afternoon so she was in bed already sound asleep after fitz read her story and tucked her in. once he made sure she was asleep, fitz and charlotte went into the master bedroom to lay in bed and get some of his paperwork done while olivia was bathing alex and getting ready for bed. while fitz did paperwork, charlotte was sound asleep on his chest and he could hear small splashes from their en suite bathroom where olivia and alex were giggling quietly. out of the blue, a loud high pitched baby voice called out excitedly, “DADA! DADA! DADA!!!!!!!” @mr-president-grant

Roommates? Pt.1 | Taehyung (Rated M)

A/N: OKAY so I’ll be posting any scenarios I have written already from AFF. I’ve been MIA from my AFF for a while (oops), so I’m going to try to keep both that and this blog updated.

I really want to rewrite this lmao It’s based off a hentai manga i read once, but I don’t think part 1 is that good, especially leading to part 2 which is where the frickle will be frackled. 

Word Count: 1079
Genre: Light Smut (Masturbation) 
Scenario: Accidently renting the same apartment w/ V

Part 2 

“….Who are you?”

“I’m… I rent this place now.”


“Well, looks like we’re roommates now.”

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softmochifairy  asked:

Hi, hi!! ;w; I just wanted to say I love your blog so much. The way you talk about kook//min is really endearing. You explain their relationship so well (platonic or not) and it made me understand the nuances of their interactions so much better, I think. They're so precious. Before I found your blog, I was actually rly into v//min but now it's kook//min all the way. *cries a little* Also, I spent too much time in your 요정 tag...I'm afraid Jimin will disappear into the fairy realm soon... ;;

Another new kook/min shipper! Stay here and cry with me; I can never get enough of those two ;__;

I’m afraid Jimin will disappear into the fairy realm soon..

It’s funny that you mention that because Koreans have a similar saying: We tell him not to look up at the sky because we’re afraid he’ll fly away;;


I mean, Jimin can keep on pretending he’s not a fairy but that’s exactly what a fairy would say, so..

Jokes aside, there’s also the 망개요정 tag if you haven’t checked it out already ^^ I really need to collect more pictures and gifs of fairy Jimin..

Anon: I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about this, Jimin having a praise kink. Do you think it could be possible?

Yes, Jimin likes to be praised. He likes attention in general. Does he like it in the bedroom though? Uh, Jungkook hasn’t returned any of my calls so I wouldn’t know..

Anon: Does Jimin really have lisp?

YES. It’s not too severe or anything but it’s definitely noticeable, especially when he’s excited. Like 40-60 percent of the words that come out of his mouth loses their shape and comes out as air. You can hear some examples here and here but you can hear it in pretty much every clip (including recent ones). Even when he says Jungkook, he really slurs it to “Jun-gu-ga” and I just want to punch a wall at how cute he sounds every time.