though maybe not beneficial to anything

Heart’s Desire

A/N For the anon who requested Patton angst and for @imin-loveanon who asked for something similar a while ago.

Pairing: none

Genre: angst

Word Count: 620


If Thomas truly wants something, Morality, as his heart, was obliged to get it.

It started during the Growing Up video. As he was being talked down upon, Morality had felt a phantom tug, the kind of feeling he got whenever Thomas wanted something. It usually happened whenever Roman inspired Thomas to achieve some kind of ambition, but why now? What could possibly form out of the constant insults that were being pegged Morality’s way?

What on earth did Thomas want?

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Teach Me To Love (G Dragon Mafia!au/Soulmate!au Fic) Chapter 12

Warnings: None

Character Ch. Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14


“WOULD YOU QUIT YELLING!” you yelled back into the phone.

She cleared her throat. “Sorry…but I called your cell and your phone and got no answer…and when I called your work, they said you had called out sick…I thought you got shot or something.”

“No I didn’t get shot…I…I was outside of the bar when it happened and I got scared so I’m just,” you looked over and Jiyong who was listening closely to what you were saying, “I’m staying with a friend for a little while.”

“A friend? You could of stayed with me I…wait…a friend or a friiiiiieeeeeend?” she questioned.

“A friend with a better err…security system?” you said.

“Right…security system…is that what they call it-”

“I’m going to hang up on you…”

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anonymous asked:

I saw your post on the Dark skinned elf discourse and you did bring up some good points, though it was a tad extreme. But commenting on something on Tumblr isn't going to solve anything with Blizzard. Maybe bring your thoughts to the forums? if you already haven't already.

in all honestly i 100% believe blizzard will be implementing those customization options in the near future, as they’ve been hinting at for a while. they’ve made significant strides with beneficial representation, and i’m very happy with how they’ve handled overwatch in particular. 

the primary purpose of my posts is to counter some of the ridiculous arguments i’ve heard against more representation from fellow players / rpers in-game (“it’s too hard or expensive to do”, “but the lore says-”, etc.)

i don’t think there’s any justification for telling people their real-life race doesn’t belong somewhere, especially if it’s the world of warcraft, where waaay more ridiculous canonical shit happens all the time. the idea that there is diversity within the warcraft races shouldn’t get people so up in arms, but it does. who cares??? why is this such a big deal????????

consider my inflammatory language bait for the people i dont want to deal with in the future, lol. i sound a lot angrier than i actually am. i’ve been playing this game for a long time now, and this isn’t the first or last issue i’ve put any thought into. just felt like getting my opinion out for once!

“A Cheeky...”

How to use “a cheeky…” correctly:

-It always has to come before a thing you would DO, but can use the verb “HAVE” for. ie. Have a cheeky Nandos (squeeze in a tasty peri peri chicken meal at a Nandos), or have a cheeky fag (smoke a quick cigarette).
-It cannot be something you are under any obligation from authority to do. Nor can it be a thing an authority has given you permission to do. If you have a fag on a designated fag break, there’s nothing cheeky about that, nor could you ever have a cheeky scheduled work meeting. A cheeky fag is one snuck in on a five minute walk between two buildings, or quickly behind the bike shed. A cheeky spliff is one smoked anywhere public. A cheeky pint is a quick pint of beer on your way somewhere else. A cheeky study sesh is nabbing a a high scoring fellow student after class for a quick unscheduled 10 minute run-over of something from class.
-To be “cheeky” the action must be impromptu, possibly rebellious or maybe even against rules, and be a thing that is fun or beneficial for you. It may be slightly brazen in crossing boundaries of social etiquette, but you get away with it because even though it’s a bit cheeky it’s effectively harmless and everybody’s okay with it.
-The more working class or underprivileged you or your background, the more inherent cheekiness there is in anything you do autonomously and on impulse for your own enjoyment or benefit.

So why is getting a Nandos cheeky?
1. Everything in the UK is comparatively expensive, so treating yourself to a Nandos with your mates carries an intrinsic guilt. It’s also kind of technically fast food (but it’s the sit-in kind like a pizza hut, not a takeaway, so a little more expensive and respectable) so cheeky if you’re supposed to be eating a home made veggie casserole or something.
2. If you go and get a Nandos, anybody who was not with you when you got the Nandos will be like “You cheeky git, you got Nandos without me!?” because nobody goes to Nandos on their own, so your poor mate who was stuck at home not out with you at the time heating up some crap from Iceland will definitely be annoyed that you snuck in delicious Peri-Peri without them but now they can’t go get some alone; that’d be embarrassing. You didn’t plan or organise it, so it’s cheeky.
3. In the UK we apologise for walking into rooms. It’s not that surprising that treating yourself to anything is considered vaguely transgressive and rebellious if you’re not an entitled upper class toffy wanker.

How to use it if you’re American:

DON’T. You’ll sound ridiculous, just like you do when you try to say “bloody”, “bugger”, “wanker” or “git”. I know you guys always are like “Ohh! Oh haha! It really honestly just slipped out because I watch so many British movies and shows that your way of speaking just seems more natural to me! I say it all the time, really!” Which would be way more convincing if you didn’t say them in such a deliberate way with that fractional pause before them. You know when rich or old people are like “Word up, dawgs, I am giving you the tight shizzle from the streets, yo. Ratchet!”, or like, when some white person otaku is all “Konnichiwa! I am Jedd-san and I am Amerikajin Otaku desu!” and it’s like, “oh my god, this is terrible, make them stop”? That is exactly the level of embarrassing you’re on when Americans start saying “Bloody hell! Look at this minging git! Would you absolute ledge brevs like to have a cheeky Nandos?”