though maybe not beneficial to anything

simmsmatic  asked:

I actually was hacked by somebody, I'm not making anything up like you claim. Half of my followers were blocked by the hacker and my DM's were deleted as well. It took me an hour to fix my account and get it back on it's feet, so.... That doll collector nonsense? Sorry, but if you're gonna lie about me, make it believable. And no, I'm not changing for you or anybody else. I'm changing on my terms. So, suck it up or you can just leave.

It seems a bit weird how the hacker never posted anything on your account though… why would they just block fans and delete your DMs? That sounds kinda weird. There’s no motive there whatsoever.
Oh and I am leaving you alone, I’m just suggesting that maybe being nicer to other fans and neutral individuals might be beneficial for you. Also stop spamming out my page, I didn’t tag you which means you came looking for information about yourself on my blog. -L