though ive had the idea ever since the first time i watched this scene

Request: Name

 Anon Request #1: 6/8/17 


count  ➵ 1,403 words

genre  ➵ angst, fluff, a lil comedy, [WARNING: some cursing in there]

theme ➵  bestfriend!jungkook

characters  ➵ jungkook, you



   Jeon Jungkook. It was a name so familiar to your lips that saying it would be no different to breathing air. It was a name you found comfort in, a name you called at times of trouble, misery, despair, happiness, and all sorts of things. It was also a name you screech at the top of your lungs at seven in the morning at a bus stop. 

   “Jeon, do you even use your new phone for the right reasons?” you hissed, fingers crumpling the collar of his blazer as soon as he was in your reach. You drag him up to the bus, scanning both of your cards (which you kept at all times because Jungkook, that darned boy, could never remember to bring his own shit).

   “Duh,” he answered matter-of-factly, panting as he uses your shoulder for support. “Gotta catch all them Pokemons!”

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katanacupcake  asked:

yo fam i read ur grifnut/rvbnut tags,,like just make a post, i want to reblog this

OOH u mean my tags on this post yea? i’ll just make it THIS POST 8))) i was just gonna screencap all them juicy tags but since rvbnut [best term ever thank u for that] is otp, i will retype for better readability + i thought of some extra things to throw in, so here we go:

  • as mentioned already, there’s donut’s super secret diary where donut describes"gazing silently into each other’s visors” and feeling a connection, as well has having sat in grif’s lap”. i very much believe donut had a crush on grif at some point
  • there’s some PSA or something that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, and it might just be a dvd extra cause I found it on youtube not through the rvb channel, where the reds are getting on motorcycles to go somewhere and grif has to share w/donut, and hes Very Hesitant and i dont remember what exactly donut was saying but it was Very Suggestive how he was telling grif to get behind him and hold on tight or w/e, and when grif didnt wanna get on it with him he was like 
    “whats wrong ;(?? dont be shy~”
  • ive pulled out my book now and donut describes the play they put on for tucker as being about “the band of handsome male survivors braving the elements together” so, donut thinks he + the other BGC members are handsome
  • “The first thing the doctor did when we got him back over to our base was pin Sarge against the wall with the Warthog. I always thought if anyone was going to ram Sarge up to the wall, it would be me, seeing as how I’ve been angling for a promotion lately” -another entry in donut’s diary. i honest to god have no idea how this could be taken as an innuendo, bc it straight up sounds like donut wants to fuck his way to the top
  • also in the book, simmons’ self insert fanfiction “Hero In Maroon” has… a special scene with “Donut the Enchanter,” who is “spreading his temptation magic through scandalous dancing.” This is SIMMONS writing this, and simmons has himself say “Tell me what you know about Sarge, else I will have to run you through with my long sword” and, sure, he has donut speak in innuendos and reply to that line with “I like where this is gong. Maybe I’ll keep you here… FOREVER!” but like, simmons literally wrote himself throwing an innuendo to donut. then you have the next few lines “DONUT USES OFFICER HOT PANTS HANDCUFF ATTACK” “”Oh no!” Simmons exclaims. A bed appears behind him. His hands are cuffed to it.” And while the next line is just donut laughing and saying “Now you must watch my rendition of the musical CATS” so while donut wasnt gonna do anything creepy, this really sounds like simmons writing a self insert fic that includes a provocative donut flirting with him while talking about musicals…. simmons dont repress ur crush on donut
  • ^not to mention the officer hot pants comes from donut having dressed up and jumped out of a cake for sarge’s birthday……..
  • at the finale scene of s13, donut says “I love you, too, Lopez”
  • Donut lived offscreen with Doc in valhalla, and then was dropped back off there to continue living in valhalla with doc (and lopez’s head) (i could talk for 60 years about them but anyone who’s followed me long enough has heard it all before and i’m tryin to keep the points b r i e f lol)
  • church has said “I like donut. He’s pretty harmless, man. I-I don’t think he’d hurt a fly.” and upon finding out donut got crushed by a spaceship, he paused his snarking to say “Oh, wait, the pink guy? Oh, I actually liked him!” to which grif replies “Seriously, what’s with all these feelings for donut?” 
  • tucker, thinking donut was a girl bc pink armor, asked donut if he “wanted to date one of us” and then called donut a “tease” when he said he wasn’t a girl
  • donut polished tucker’s codpiece 3 times when he and caboose were helping tucker get the black gunk off his armor, saying something along the lines of “a 3-coat waxing is just my way of saying I Care :)”
  • epsilon!tucker, while not canon to actual tucker, is implied to have jacked off to donut bc he thought he was a girl 
  • seems to be implied that tucker and donut were both assigned to the same desert location when everyone got split up, and donut passed out from thirst/exhaustion trying to get tucker’s distress call to the others
  • in The Best Red vs Blue DVD Ever of All Time, there’s a scene where tucker and donut are introducing “best couple.” Donut goes on about romance, while tucker says couple doesn’t necessarily mean romance, and  that “you[donut] think everything is romance! last week you called it romance when i accidentally took a bite of your sandwich” “was it really an accident tucker? was it?” “YES!” “time will tell” “ugh, whatever-” dudes, donut totally had a crush on tucker at least once
  • i dont have a good source but i remember seeing in a post a while back that there was a scrapped plotline that was gonna be a love triangle between donut, a “confused caboose”, and an unknown third party
  • i’m willing to bet the confused caboose bit is because caboose seems to have thought (and maybe still does? who knows) that donut was a girl, likely because of the armor. in caboose’s mind, donut’s a girl who says things like “I love caboose, and yet, I’m still afraid of him, he’s so scary :)” [cause he seems to think of himself as intimidating to the red team lol], and then in Head Canon, caboose!donut says something like “i like [something] almost as i like to paint my nails and not talk to boys. i would never talk to boys, especially not caboose for some reason!” which… is hard to make sense of tbh lol, but since everyone in caboose’s mind is how caboose perceives them, it maybe seems like caboose doesnt get as much of donut’s attention as he’d like?? lmfao, it sounds like “not caboose for some reason” means caboose doesn’t really understand either. 
  • donut tearily said to caboose way back in KITBFF: “ Mister Caboose, I just want you to know that even though we are on different teams, and we may never see each other again, whatever happens out there today, I’ll always remember the moments we shared together. You are now, and forever will be… my friend.” very emotional if i do say so myself
  • there’s this reconstruction deleted scene where i guess donut had gotten transferred to doing special agent stuff w/wash’s division or something (wash calls him Special Agent Donut so, i guess lol). Wash speaks in donut innuendos the whole time he’s talkin about donut [”He’s a back door expert” “if there’s an unsecured rear entrance, he’s your man” “legend has it he can get through even the tightest cracks-” lmfao and they address each other by name, so i like to think they’ve worked together and donut’s… mannerisms… have been Rubbing Off on wash ;p
  • ^also in that deleted scene caboose goes “DONUT! :D” when donut appears and talks, so he’s clearly excited to see him!!!!!!!!! 

ahem. point being: the bgc needs to embrace the donut love and i firmly believe that if someone didnt have a crush on donut, donut had a crush on one of them at some point in time

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hey!! if u dont mind me asking, what are ur top 5 bmc fics of all time and why? (including the ones you've already recced!!) anyway i hope ur doing great ily<333

THIS IS SO DIFFICULT WTF but i did it anyway. pls take note that these r my personal faves and curating this list was HARD bc i love so many fics and there r so many good ones out there hhhhhh!! but i did it!! god!!!! i tried to keep my paragraphs of praise (relatively) short-ish and spoiler free.

(!!!make sure to check the tags and the ratings of these fics!!! my previous bmc rec lists can be found here, here, and here.)

without further ado here is, in no particular order, 4 fics id take a bullet for (I KNO U ASKED FOR 5 but there are only really 4 that struck me to the point that i go on and on about them embarrassingly)

no such mirrors by Kalopsia

Jeremy didn’t know of any other superhero that had to commute.

Sometimes he was alone when he got the text, and it was easy to slide open the window and sling on over to whatever disaster was striking the City That Could Never Catch a Break. Other times it was during things like his parent’s divorce hearings, in Hackensack, and he’d have to spend his bar mitzvah money on a cab ride to the bridge and change into his spandex in the bathroom of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Even at home, he’d have to spend fifteen minutes slinging webs across highways and toll booths and the George Washington Bridge before he even saw what he was up against.

At least Christine could fly.

(or, the AU nobody asked for in which Jeremy is Spiderman and the rest of the crew has superpowers, except Michael, who has No Idea About Anything except for the fact he’s Spiderman’s #1 fan)

ive recced this before and i love it and! just!! GODDD!!!!! so i think this was one of the first fics i read upon falling into bmc and ive followed it even before i started writing any fic for the fandom myself. reading it was definitely a turning point which maybe cemented my stay in this weird corner of the internet because 1) it was the first Full bmc au fic i had read and 2) it’s so good.

exciting! hilarious! an incredible balance between jeremy’s normal life and jeremy’s spiderman life!! im usually very picky with fight scenes (ive been in several spy movie fandoms) but the ones here are so good fast paced and!! the movement!!!! it feels like watching a movie. of course, when the action dies down, this fic goes fucking hard with the emotions. the last few chapters have had me clutching my chest basically the entire time because god. damn. damn. send help. not just to me but like, to various characters in this goddamn fic, jesus. anyway overall this fic, when not hurting me, is so much fun to read.

your song’s got me feeling like by DivineProjectZero

“Actually,” the DJ says, “I watched you dance for a while.”

God, he just wants to have this man for one night.

this fic was literally just posted yesterday but it’s so good it’s my top 4 already. like okay ive been in love with DPZ’s fics since two years ago in the kingsman fandom (which u should also read if ur interested bc they are 👌👌👌) and when i saw she started writing for bmc i did the mental equivalent of vaulting over a 40ft hedge to yell at the world.

GOD THIS FIC!! heads up, this is porn. and it’s damn good at that. the gang are now functional adults and poor jeremy just meets the most gorgeous dj ever. like. okay all the characters here each get a little bit of their own screentime and it’s SO GOOD! the buildup? FANTASTIC. the chemistry? A++++++. the bit after? added 10 years to my lifespan and also made me believe in love. jeremy’s pov here is sooooooo good because it’s the self esteem mess we all know and love but translated into an older (though not exactly surer) version which is just a joy to read. well written and well paced and fantastically characterized and also the smut is incredible. i need to lie down for a bit.

Like Mother, Like Son by hurricanesunny

“Jeremy gets a text from his mom after a year of her being gone without contacting him.”

i have also recced this fic before and the first time i bingeread it i cried twice over the course of six chapters. i mightve cried more had i not paced myself. who knows!!! all i know is that this fic maybe probably totally owns my ass.

this fic is hands down my favorite post-canon fic for like. so many reasons. all the characters in this piece are glorious messes. like, no joke, they mess up and make mistakes and there are consequences everywhere, be it from the events occurring in the fic or events that had happened prior. theres so much . and. then. this fic confronts each and every one of those consequences. the structure of this piece reads like a one by one revenge arc, but instead of revenge, it’s jeremy making amends. AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER. each chapter is a special kind of catharsis boosted forward by incredible characterization and a pov internal monolog to die for. the writing is phenomenal. the development is like. beyond words and i wanna scream. or maybe cry for the third time. anyway just. it’s good okay. im beginning to lose my coherency.

you give me miles and miles of mountains (and i’ll ask for the sea) by left_uncovered

It scares Jeremy sometimes, the things Michael does for him.

(Michael is in love with Jeremy. Jeremy just wishes loving and being in love were the same thing.)

havent recced this before but here i am now and. you have to read this. well, okay, you have to read this if youre fine with your heart being ripped out gently by an incredible fic that is a mosaic of pining and pain and how unfair things are sometimes. if ur alright with that, PLEASE READ THIS. IT’S SO GOOD.

left_uncovered, resident pain lord, is startlingly bad at actually getting Michael and Jeremy together in her fics but she’s so ridiculously good at constructing a story that is so real it cuts you to the bone and makes you hurt. it’s not the Over The Top kind of hurt, but the hurt that’s even worse because against all odds and optimism and hopes, you understand why it’s happening. sometimes things dont match up, and it’s a little bit of a tragedy for everybody involved. that’s life. this fic is just so gentle and so good at telling you that with short scenes and a stunning writing style that, at times, can only be described as brutal. in one word: ouch. in many words: ouch but holy god, this was fantastic.

so yeah!! there it is!! i highly recommend all these fics and the other fics these authors have written too. make sure to leave kudos on fics u like!! make sure to comment nice things!! show love!!

Mad Sounds

Request: Can you do like a prequel to the Friends With Benefits one with smut? :)

Part 1

I looked up from my book when I heard a loud knock at the door, followed by some whistling. I frowned, creasing the corner of the unfinished page and tossing the book towards the opposite side of the couch. It was nearly midnight and I didn’t invite anyone over, who the hell would be here this late?

I checked the peep hole to be safe, sighing with relief when I recognized my raven haired neighbor. He was leaning against the iron railing that wrapped around the second floor, an unopened pack of beer in his hand. His mouth curled into a smirk when I answered the door, kicking of the railing and shouldering past me.

“You would not believe the line at the store. It was like everyone and their fucking mom was at Safeway in the express checkout,” he exclaimed, dropping a case of beer on my coffee table and flopping down onto the couch.

“Please, come in, have a seat,” I said sarcastically as I shut the door. He simply smirked, kicking up his boots onto the coffee table and sending dirt flying all over the glass table top. “Hey, boots off the table,” I scolded, hitting the toe of his combat boots in disapproval. 

He groaned dramatically and rolled his eyes as he reluctantly put his feet back onto the floor. “God, your tidiness will be the death of me.”

“My apartment, my rules. Now do you mind telling me what your doing here?”

He frowned, putting his hands behind his hands and leaning against the back cushions. “Geez, I was expecting a little more hospitality.”

“Well you did barge into my apartment unannounced.”

“I knocked didn’t I?”

“What do you want.”

“My date cancelled on me,” he shrugged nonchalantly, not looking too upset at all. “And I was looking forward to hanging out and getting wasted at a bar, so I went and got this. The only problem is that I need someone to share it with. And if I remember correctly, you owe me a favor.”

“Since when do I owe you a favor?” I asked over my shoulder as I walked into the kitchen, drawing open the cupboards.

“I sacrificed a Saturday to help you move all your shit up a flight of stairs, I think you giving up your Saturday to get drunk with your old buddy Gee is equal payment,” he called after me.

“’Old buddy’ huh? I’ve known you for barely a month,” I chuckled, walking back into the conjoined living room and setting two glasses next to the case.

“Hey I personally deliver your mail nearly every day and jumpstarted your car last week, we’re at least best friends by now,” he teased, tucking a stray strand of ebony hair behind his ears. He frowned when he saw the glasses, leaning forward and tapping on one with his index finger.

“Why did you get glasses?”

“To drink with?”

“You drink beer out of a glass?” He sputtered incredulously, looking at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears. I shifted, feeling my cheeks burn.

“Don’t you?”

“What? No, God no! It’s beer, not champagne. You’re supposed to just drink it from the bottle. Please tell me you haven’t been drinking Corona like some snobby soccer mom your whole life.”

“Fuck off,” I groaned, glaring at him as another laugh bubbled out of him. He shook his head, sitting up and plucking one of the bottles from the package. Resting one edge of the bottle cap on top of the table and gripping the neck of the bottle tightly, he slammed his hand onto the bottle and the cap flew off with a loud pop.

“Here, tonight were gonna drink beer right and have a fucking killer time.” He handed me the beer as he pulled out another bottle for himself. The bottle was still ice cold and condensation rolled off the neck and onto the floor. After another loud slam and pop, Gerard held up his bottle towards me. We clinked the necks together, fighting back any giggles of how cliche it was, and taking our first (of many) sips of beer.

“Yuck that guy is a horrible kisser!” Gerard exclaimed, twisting his face in disgust. We though t would be a good idea (and a hilarious one) to browse through Netflix and pick out the most low budget, cheesy, rom com we could find. We laughed like lunatics nearly the whole time, and somewhere between clinking our bottles together whenever someone cracked open a new one and splitting a box of pizza for dinner, a weird feeling began to pool in my stomach.

Familiarity, comfort, warmth, I didn’t know how to describe it. It felt like we had known each other for years, not just a few weeks. He didn’t judge me for burping or spilling all over my shirt every now and then, only laugh or snort out a sarcastic comment, but it never felt like he was mocking me. Besides, it felt amazing to take a load off and just drink away my worries with someone. 

I finished off my drink, sliding the empty bottle next to the collection piling onto my coffee table. “Like you could do better,” I teased, nudging his side with my elbow.

“I absolutely fucking can,” he mumbled through a mouthful of pepperoni pizza. He wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, washing down the cheap pizza with some more beer. “I mean look at this shit, he’s putting in way too much tongue too fast. You have to ease into that shit. And his technique is fuckin’ awful, he’s practically just licking her.”

I snorted out a laugh, my nose burning as some of the sour liquid shot up my nose. Gerard giggled in response as I fought to regain my composure.

“Shut up,” I slurred, pushing his shoulder weakly. “Can you hand me another bottle please?”

He nodded, performing his bottle opening skill for nearly the tenth time that night, and holding it out towards me. “Number five?”

“Number five.”

“To number five!” He cheered, roughly clinking our bottles together. 

Yep, that wasn’t getting old.

“But really though, im offended just watching this,” he scoffed, gesturing towards the TV displaying a low quality sex scene. 

“Because you’re just such an amazing kisser right?”

“I am.”


“Really, I am,” he insisted. “I’ve never heard any complaints, not over all the moaning. I once got a girl off just from making out with her.”


“Nope, scouts honor,” he added seriously, pressing his hand against his heart. “Sex is the one thing im good at it. I remember once I was going down on this girl and she came so hard my eyelashes got stick-“

“Ew okay no we’re not having this conversation,” I groaned, clamping my hands over my ears. Gerard laughed loudly, setting his drink to the side.

“Don’t question my skills next time.”

“Yeah, i’m still skeptical about that.”

“Oh yeah? Try me.” I scoffed and took another sip, brushing off his challenge and returning my focus back to the screen. But Gerard wasn’t backing down, sitting up and turning to face me with his legs crossed. I peered over at him, raising an eyebrow.

“What are you doing?”

“Ready to put your money where your mouth is?”

“You really want me to kiss you?”

“No, I want to kiss you. I’m not saying i’ll be able to make you come just from making out because that girl was on a lot of shit at that party, but I can guarantee I will be the best kiss you ever had.”

I paused, chewing on the inside of my cheek as I thought it over. I would be lying if I said I never wondered how it felt to kiss Gerard, even if it was only a light brushing of lips and not the intense snogging session he promised. Gerard smirked, scooting a little closer to me. 

“Would do you say sugar?”

I let out a shaky breath, swallowing against the pressure building in my throat. Why was it so hot and humid in here? 

“J-Just this once.”

His smile widened, his eyes fluttering shut and leaning forward. I felt his lips graze against mine, fitting together like two puzzle pieces. His lips were soft, soft and wet from how much he chewed and bit on them. He scooted closer without breaking the connection, resting one hand on my hip and the other behind my head. He added more pressure, his tongue gliding across my bottom lip and making a shudder run up my spine.

I moaned softly and clawed at his jean jacket, digging my nails into the denim in search for something to grip onto. I felt his lips curl up against mine at my submission, pressing harder, sliding his tongue along my lips until they part, easy and willing.

My back sinks into the cushions as Gerard slowly lowers me down, hovering over me. I shamelessly grinded against his knee he had between my legs, moaning loudly at the feeling of finding some friction. But Gerard quickly adjusted, pushing his leg back and out of my reach. I whined in protest, not caring how pathetic I sounded.

Gerard chuckled, pulling away from my mouth and caressing my cheek. “The bet was kissing, not touching,” he reminded.

“I don’t care…I need you.” I always liked Gerard, ever since I moved in. Seeing him in the first lights in the morning, hair disheveled and coffee in hand, whistling a Bowie song as he delivered my mail to me, was enough to make my knees buckle. And now, with enough liquor flowing through me to drown out any sense of reason and the idea of him being half as an amazing lay as he bragged to be, I was more than willing to see for myself. 

He groaned, eyes rolling back and shaking his head lightly. “Please don’t say things like that. You have no idea how many things I want to do to you and hearing you say that is making me loose control.”

“But I want you to!” I insisted, lifting my head up to kiss and nip at his throat. He let out a deep breath, licking his lips. His grip on my hips tightened, indenting crescent marks along my side.

“Say that again.”

“I. Want. You.”

“God fucking…okay okay, if we’re gonna do this, I need to know this won’t change anything.”

I pulled away, letting my head drop back down onto the armrest of the couch. “Won’t change anything?”

“Yeah, y’know between us. Like we’ll still be friends and it won’t get all awkward between us?”

Oh. Disappointment churned in my stomach, making me shift uncomfortably under his concerned gaze. I should have said no, it would painfully awkward and probably take a few days for us to make eye contact again, but it was still the smart thing to do. An the only way to salvage our friendship, that was hanging dauntingly by a thin thread that was straining with every kiss.

But I was drunk. Drunk enough to not even consider tomorrow, every moment felt like it was going to be my last. And maybe it would be. I wasn’t willing to deny myself the simple pleasure of hooking up with my hot neighbor when who knows, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. My buzzed mind couldn’t think past now and how my body throbbed with want. So instead of grabbing onto it, I snapped the remainder of the thread and let our sprouting friendship fall as I arched up into his chest, running my hands through his hair.

“Nothing’s gonna change, now just fuck me already.” 

His eyes darkened and he flashed me a small smile before dropping his head to met my eager lips. I could feel him fucking smirk into my mouth as he continued kissing me, pulling my face closer to his. His skilled mouth pulled away abruptly, kissing a sloppy trail down to his hand’s placement at my neck. I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to thread themselves in his dark locks as he continued to lick, bite, and suck his way across the expanse of my neck.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he murmured into my skin, and I hummed in response. I felt his hand rubbing slow circles on my inner thigh, slowly working his way up higher into my body. His hand toyed with the drawstring of my sweats before dipping under the hem, sliding down toward my aching heat. I gave a little shudder when he finally reached the warmth of my core. He smiled against the skin of my neck, resting his head on my shoulder and rubbing me slowly over my panties. I felt my cheeks heat up as I realized how embarrassingly damp my underwear already was, which Gerard realized instantly.

“You’re so wet, I gotta taste you.”

“W-Wait!” I protested weakly as he began to shift and move lower. “Not here, in my room.” He snickered and rolled his eyes theatrically.

“Can’t get your precious couch dirty eh?”

“Fuck off.”

Our limbs untangled as he sat up, circling his arms around my waist and pulling me into his chest. “Wrap your legs around me,” he instructed. I quickly obliged, tightening my legs around his waist and hooking my arms around his neck. His mouth was back on mine, hot with passion and haste. I could tell by the eager and fast paced kisses and the hard bulge against my thigh that he was just as impatient as I was.

Getting to my room was a hassle. Gerard had only been in my apartment maybe twice and had no clue where he was going. And since our mouths refused to part for a split second even to check where we were going, we were forced to stumble blindly through the hallway. Being piss drunk didn’t help the cause much of course. He cursed and mumbled something that sounded like “sorry” when my back collided with the wall. After bumping into a few pieces of furniture and kicking open the door to the bathroom, Gerard finally led me into my room.

We dropped onto the mattress, our bodies staying glued together as Gerard tugged and gripped at my clothes. I moaned into his mouth when he began to rut his hard on against my core, my arms tightening around his neck and surely suffocating him. Gerard was definitely not kidding when he said he would be the best i’ve ever had, I wouldn’t last much longer at this rate.

He reluctantly broke the kiss apart, both of us panting and breathing raggedly, taking the opportunity to began stripping me down. I raised my arms, allowing him to pull the fabric over my head. In exchange for my shirt, I helped him shrug off his jean jacket and Rolling Stone shirt. Our little game continued, prying off each article of clothing one by one with a few sloppy kisses mingled in between until we were both reduced to just out underwear. His eyes wandered up and down my exposed chest before kissing me down my body until he moved off the bed and knelt down on the floor at the edge of the bed, positioned in between my knees. I saw him smirk up at me before pulling the dark sweats down my legs, tossing them into one of the dark corners of the room.

His arms looped around my legs, pulling me towards him in one swift motion until he was face to face with my core. I propped myself up on my elbows, watching him intently. His features were hidden in the darkness, the only source of light emitting from the lamp on my night stand that was desperately in need of a newer, brighter light bulb. He looked even more intimidating, dark hazel eyes hidden behind stray locks of black hair that had fallen out of place, smirk defined and contrasted in the low lighting and making it seem even more mischievous.

He slowly pushed my knees further apart and leaned his head in, slowly kissing the side of my knee, moving his head oh so slowly inward, leaving a trail of kisses along my thigh. When he reached my core, he barely allowed his lips to ghost over my clothed heat, before continuing onto the other thigh. I groaned in annoyance and I could hear him laughing below me.

He mumbled something into my skin, something too low for me to catch with the rapid heart beat pounding in my ears, never breaking in his trail of kisses. When he reached the opposite knee, he placed one final kiss to the side of my knee before letting his hands slowly drag upwards toward my panties. Hooking his fingers around the edges, he slowly began scooting them down my legs, making me raise my hips of the bed, allowing him to fully remove my underwear. He looked at the pink Victoria’s Secret item in his hand, studying it, before putting it in his back pocket. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Souvenir,” he replied, keeping eye contact and maintaining that daunting smirk. His tongue poked out the side of his mouth, coating his lips as he slowly dragged his fingers up to my folds and easily sliding them around, spreading my wetness. I let out a whimper at the contact, and Gerard tore his eyes away from my core long enough to smirk up at me. “Feel good?” he asked, and when I nodded my head desperately, he grinned up at me, pulling me slightly closer and settling more comfortably between my legs. 

He continued running his fingers slowly up and down my folds, stopping every so often at my clit to give it a sharp little rub, making me whimper and thrust my hips upwards for more friction. He brought up his other hand, spreading me out before him and I could feel his hot breath hitting my core. I felt him lean his head in and give a hearty sniff, moaning as he did so. He then nudged his face along my folds, making me gasp at his touch. I felt him bring his head closer, barely kissing my clit. I let out a rush of breath, instantly wanting more, but Gerard was determined to drag this out. 

I wondered if this was his tactic on girls, to tease them to the very edge until he gave them what they wanted. 

He slowly dragged the tip of his tongue up from my entrance to my clit, allowing his fingers to softly wander around my my folds as well. I bit down on my bottom lip to prevent myself from crying out when he began flicking my clit lightly with his tongue, circling my entrance with one finger. He moaned softly at the taste and closed his lips around my sensitive clit, continuing to flick his tongue around it, and slowly pushed one finger into my entrance. 

My head collapsed down onto the comforter, my hands clawing and fisting into the blankets while Gerard worked diligently against my shaking bottom half. I had my legs thrown over his shoulders, pulling him closer to my core by wrapping my legs around him. I was breathing heavily as he began pumping one finger in and out of me, curling it up every so often, making me whimper. His mouth was still latched onto my clit, but he was now switching back and forth between long pulls with his mouth and soft little flicks of his tongue.

“G-Gee,” I said breathlessly, moving one hand down to his head to try to pull him closer and feel his hair between my fingers. I tried not to moan out as Gerard began darting his tongue in and out of me, remembering how paper thin the walls in the complex were. The last thing either of his wanted was for the rest of our neighbors to know what was happening next door.

But Gerard seemed to take my muffled sounds and struggle to remain silent as a personal challenge, curling his tongue upward like he did his finger and sucking on as much as he could get in his mouth. “Gerard…i’m so close. P-Please,” I whined desperately down at him, and I felt him hum in response into my heat, only making me moan out more as the vibrations traveled through me. He buried his face in deeper, moving his mouth back up to my clit and sucking harshly, not even worrying about the slurping noises which were now coming from him. 

He brought his hand back up to my entrance, thrusting two fingers in suddenly and curling them upwards, making me moan out loudly and bite at my lip. “Come one, baby, come for me,” he growled into me, making me moan again, louder this time. I could feel myself coming closer and closer to edge as he began sucking on my clit harder than before, moaning into me, making the vibrations edge me on. After curling his fingers in me roughly once more, I let out a high pitched moan as I began to unravel. I felt myself let go, spilling over into his hot mouth, as he moaned once more, greedily licking up at the mess I’d made. 

After I began to shift and whine from sensitivity, he looked up at me from between my legs, giving me a smug smirk. He stood up and laid down next to me, stroking my hair as he let me catch my breath. “Considering how hard you just came, I’d say I did a pretty good job,” he chuckled quietly, his voice strained and out of a breath. I nodded, still in a daze. My eyes fluttered opened and I turned my head to face him, cupping his cheek in my hand. 

I fought back a snort when I noticed the clear wetness that was sticking his eyelashes together. 

He exhaled deeply through his nose, letting himself relax against my hand. “Hi.”

“Hi,” I giggled, running my thumb across his bottom lip and collecting the coating left on his lips before bringing to my own. He watched me, transfixed on my mouth. “I believe I owe you another favor now.”

His head titled slightly, a small, curious frown forming on his darkened face. “A favor?”

“I think I need to make you come as hard as you made me,” I said, gauging his reaction. He nodded hastily, rolling over onto his back as I moved forward to straddle him.  I left a lingering kiss on his lips, quickly deciding that the taste of his smoky, sweet lips were my new favorite flavor. I shuffled down the bed until I was settled between his legs, resting back on my knees. I hooked my thumbs under the elastic and tugged his briefs away with the help of my teeth. I couldn’t have contained my excitement at seeing what he was working with if I’d tried.

His cock was larger than I’d estimated the times when I caught myself staring at the outlined bulge in his impossibly tight black jeans or the loose sweatpants he wore in the morning. I blinked uncomprehendingly at how someone so lanky and lean like Gerard was blessed with this kind of equipment, my mouth watering in anticipation. “Can you…fuck, please do something” Gerard groaned in a high pitch voice the longer I just stared at his prick, his voice jarring me from my extremely filthy thoughts. 

Instead of answering him I tossed my hair behind my shoulder and leaned forward, his entire body tensing up as I gripped the base of his cock.The moment my lips connected with his tip, he jerked his hips up, a hiss escaping his throat when my tongue flicked over his slit. I applied more pressure with my hand and sensed the salty taste of precome bubble from his slick head onto my tongue as I inched my mouth farther down his shaft, Gerard’s breathing quickly becoming audible. I felt his long fingers part through my hair, his nails pricking my scalp the farther down I went. 

“I can’t, fuck, I can’t believe how good you are at this,” Gerard hissed through clenched teeth, the prominent vein on his pale neck bulging out. My eyes closed on their own accord as I sucked tightly and bobbed my head up and down a few times to get him nice and slick before I adjusted the angle of my neck and descended slowly down his shaft. “Oh, fuck,” he cursed, tears stinging at the corners of my eyes when he hit the back of my throat. He was so big, almost too big, but I was determined to take him in as far as I could. “Look so pretty with my cock in your mouth baby,” Gerard encouraged as he arched his hips up until he physically couldn’t go any farther inside of me, his loud moans reverberating around the room.

He was letting any noises go out of his mouth freely, clearly not caring or completely forgetting the fact that we were surrounded by people we have to come face to face with every single day and neither of us would be able to look them in the eye knowing that they heard what happened in here. The noises were beautiful though, each low grunt and incoherent whimpers going straight to my core. 

He gave a harsh tug on my hair, signally for me to come up. I wiped the corners of my mouth, my throat feeling raw and sore. Gerard leaned forward, pulling my face towards his and slipping his tongue between my lips without a second thought to where my mouth had just been.

“Do you have a condom?” I nodded, gesturing towards the night stand.

“Bottom drawer.” Gerard dug impatiently through the drawer, pushing aside a vast collection of miscellaneous items before making a satisfied sound of triumph, holding up the tiny square package for me to see. He rolled the condom down on his length and I tried not to watch too closely. His lips met mine again, more gentler and slower than earlier, kissing me like a real lover for the first time that night. 

His skilled hands guided me onto my back, letting him hover over me. Positioning himself at my entrance, he grabbed a hold of my hands and intertwined his fingers with mine before slowly pushing in. I held eye contact until he was fully in, wincing at the stretch. 

“You okay?” He asked nervously, pecking my lips softly. I nodded, biting down on my bottom lip when he tried to pull out too quickly.

“’I’m fine,” I stammered in a not so convincing voice. “Just…give me a moment.” He nodded, tightening his grip on our interlocked hands to give me a reassuring squeeze. The dull pain subsided quickly, it was still there, but only a small sting that I could handle. “Okay, you c-can move now.”

He pulled out slowly before thrusting back in, keeping a gentle speed that I never would have expected from him. “You feel amazing,” he said breathlessly as his eyes closed and he rested his forehead on mine, both of our breathing spiking up. With my small whines and grunts of discomfort transforming into loud moans and eager begs fro more, Gerard sped up the pace. His thrust were rough, sharp and dead fucking on. He rocked into me sharply, the sensation sending tides of unimaginable warmth down to my very core. He pulled out carefully only to slam back into me relentlessly and unapologetically, the sweet nothings he breathed into my ear lost a midst the sound of slick skin on skin and my carnal, desperate whimpers of pleasure.

His teeth leaving small red welts along my flesh with no attempt at soothing them with his warm tongue. With each thrust he penetrated my walls deeper and deeper, my breathing speeding up as an untamed fire began to burn hot in my belly. Gerard must have noticed the signs of my impending orgasm as he quickly attended to my needs while he continued to give me everything he had. I clawed at his back mindlessly, leaving red marks up and down his shoulders as his digits circled my clit firmly, and I cried out as the volcano inside of me erupted, spewing fire and ash in the form of waves of euphoria and shaking limbs.

I came down from my high just in time to see Gerard reach his, eyebrows furrowed and swollen lips parted in a deep moan that shook me to my core. He quickly sat back and took me in his arms as he thrust up into me, his gaze never leaving mine as he finally found his release. As he spilled himself inside of me, Gerard held me against his trembling chest. I went limp against his tight embrace, hearing him chuckle tiredly into my ear.

“Don’t worry Sugar, I got you.” He adjusted the pillows before leaning back against the formation, keeping me rested against his chest. He leaned over the edge of the bed and picked up his jeans, returning with a fresh cigarette and his signature lighter. Normally I would have protested and scolded him for even attempting to smoke in here, but I was far too exhausted to move or say anything. Besides, he looked hot when he smoked. 

We laid in silence, me tracing abstract patterns onto his creamy stomach and him combing his fingers through my hair in between drags. It all felt so peaceful, a serene aura wrapping around us. I strained to keep my eyes opened, fighting to live in this moment for just a minute longer. But, the steady rise and fall of his chest and melodic sound of his exhales were an unorthodox lullaby that quickly lulled me to sleep.

I woke up to an empty bed. An empty bed and a blinding light shining through the cracks in my blinds. I groaned, rubbing my eyes as I sat up. My body screamed in protest, feeling the rough marks left on me last night ignite at any sudden movement. 

A calming smell floated through the air, making my mouth water. Coffee. Fresh coffee. I rolled off the bed, gathering up my discarded clothes, that were thrown randomly throughout the room, before finding something to wear. I settled on plain jogging shorts and Gerard’s Rolling Stones shirt he left behind last night. 

I stumbled into the kitchen like a drunk, knocking my funny bone against the wall painfully. Gerard was shirtless, skinny jeans hanging way too low on his waist. His back was facing me, hunched over the counter as he poured a cup of freshly brewed coffee. 

“Got the mail,” he said over his shoulder. “Your cups on the table if you need a boost.”

“Thank you,” I yawned back, leaning against the wall as I stretched my arms over my head.

“No problem, I was thinking we could go get breakf- whoa” His eyes widened when he turned around, eyebrows raised at the sight of his shirt dangling down to my thighs. But of course, Gerard couldn’t handle being caught off guard, he had to remain cool and confident in any situation. He leaned his back against the counter, bending his knee and resting his foot against the bottom cupboard. “My my,” he smirked, pausing to take a sip from his mug. “Now that, I can get use to.”

it will come back; continued

SUMMARIZED: And tonight we have.. Well, shit hits the fan so rta. And there’s more moments with Mox and Isabelle. Roxy makes an appearance. Lots of things happening, friends. Lots.

[ fanfiction ] [ part I - II - III - IV ]

And now for the tags: @writergrrrl29 I still say this is our story and notjust mine because your insight has been so much more helpful than you have any idea. @panic-angel3314 I love you for letting me burst into your DMS like the Kool aid kid and how we can spend hours discussing our love for this man this story here is about. Your insight has also given me a lot more help than you realize and I love you for it. @theworldiscolorful I aspire to write like your Demon Finn au, okay? And you’re a kind person and I am enjoying getting to know you. @fan-fiction-galore Raini, my heart. My ray of sunshine. Your encouraging words mean the world to me and I love you, becdause you are one of a kind. And the fluff queen. Because yes. Yes. I also want to tag @tvrnbvckle because I’m getting to know you and I love, love, love, love your Baron story Flickers of Gold. I wish I could write intense scenes like you. I am really enjoying our conversations too. And I’d also like to tag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @xfirespritex @sweetmoxleygal, @thirstiswet @calwitch

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Public Indecency

ao3 / vaxgrog / oneshot; 1k words

A break-in does not go quite as planned, aka FAKEOUT MAKEOUT IN MARQUETTE.

I don’t even know, y’all.  I blame this gifset and also @trinketchu​.

It was supposed to be a simple break-in, exactly the kind of thing Vax did best.  As in, best on his own.  His backup stepped on the fourth creaky floorboard of the evening, and Vax grimaced.

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things you should definitely 100% not think about when you think about philip shea (except do because philip shea is perfect and you should always think about him)

- Okay, first of all, don’t think about how Philip was literally almost shot and actually did literally beg for his life for a moment and allowed himself to be scared about that for approximately .5 seconds before sucking it up and remaining seemingly calm for pretty much the rest of the show (except for when he realized tommy and tracey were in danger. because philip shea cares about other people. but once they are gone, he accepts it quickly and moves on. that is philips’ like number one skill. accept and move on. don’t think about why that is).

- Don’t think about how he somehow got to the city in the middle of the night and then didn’t even risk going inside. Don’t think about how he just curled up on the couch outdoors as if this was a common, acceptable place for him to sleep and passed out, alone, after almost being killed.

- Don’t think about how he goes from saying “I’m done. can’t go back, can’t go back there” to accepting he can’t live with him mom again in approximately ten seconds. He doesn’t argue too much about it. Doesn’t beg or plead or threaten to run away. Just says “I know” and gives his mom cigarettes and then sits and comes out to her because she wants to hear nice things about him and to him, lukas liking him back enough to kiss him is a nice thing.

- Don’t think about how when given the opportunity, Philip will sit next to a man who has almost definitely abused him and just do nothing but pretend the guy likes him.

- Don’t think about his honest confusion when he asks “Why not” after Lukas says he didn’t have sex with Rose.

- Don’t think about how Philip is so calm and willing to do or be whatever the person he loves (read: his mom and Lukas) needs him to be. I mean, yes, he tells Lukas no that one time and calls him on his shit other times, but really, overall, the kid is willing to put himself on the line for those he cares about: “Had to be cool for my mom—I can be cool for you to.” “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want.” Ugh, he just—he tells Lukas not to drink the hand sanitizer but then three seconds later he does the same thing, no questions asked, because Lukas tells him to. Don’t even get me started on the whole Rose debacle.

- Lukas freaks out when Philip hands him a condom, Philip minimizes it and says “It’s okay. it’s okay, it’s fine” coaxes him back down and no more pressure to do anything. Philip tells Lukas he told his mom about them, Lukas says “There’s nothing to say” and Philip just nods quickly, “Okay.” Doesn’t argue. Doesn’t call Lukas on anything. Just says okay and then offers to take Lukas into the city cause he thinks that will help him.

- Philip won’t get Lukas drugs, but he will help Lukas look for things to sell when he asks and go with him to the pawn shop and wait outside while he does it.

- And, like, I’m not saying this to say Philip is a pushover or weak, he’s not- he’s just contained. All the time. He is the stable one. The calm one. He is careful not to push too much. He thinks of solutions and waits to see if they will actually be listened to but is very, very cautious with actually being assertive with his ideas/wants/needs. He is just so much more attuned to everyone else.

- Oh, ALSO, don’t think too much about how Philip overheard Gabe and Helen arguing about him and chose to step out and put himself in that line of fire anyway. He could have just hung back and waited a little. Or, fuck, run off until things cooled down. But Gabe was being yelled at and they were arguing and so he decided to step in. Cause Philip wants to keep everyone happy.

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #6

Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader has wings and is new to the avengers. Pietro and her aren’t really friends but the way he looks at her when he thinks she isn’t looking makes the rest of the team wanna get them together. I love you

I love you too, anon who requested this. 

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about writing this prompt but I recently read a similar fic to this and it was actually super cool so now I know what I’m doing and here you goooo

Despite how easy the Avengers make it look, being gifted isn’t all that glamorous and awesome. In fact, it seems to be the exact opposite so far.

My abilities were caused by a domestic gas leak I survived when I was 8. Unfortunately, my parents and two little brothers weren’t so lucky and died in their sleep. So, along with a sizable amount of survivor’s guilt, I was left to deal with the small, stormy gray pair of feathered wings attached to my shoulder blades. 

Because my family was dead, I was forced to live in an orphanage. Briefly after my wings appeared (quite painfully sprouting out of my back over the course of several nights), I learned to bind them back with ace bandage and cover it with ill-fitting shirts. Of course, this method couldn’t fully conceal the lump on my back, so I was endlessly teased and made fun of.


“Hey look, guys! Here comes Quasimodo!”

“So gross!”

“It’s the hunchback!”

Sitting in my room in Avengers Tower, I shuddered at the memories. Once I turned 18, I was finally free to leave that hellhole. So, I moved to the city and got a tiny apartment. It wasn’t until I was flying around one night (the only time of day I can unbind my wings and stretch them out) and what appeared to be a robot, but was actually Tony Stark, started flying next to me that I joined S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m still not on the Avengers, but I train with them and other agents almost every day. Shortly after moving in, Tony and Bruce ran tests on me and determined that my muscles are also 10 times stronger than they should be for their mass.

Even though these sorts of abilities are embraced and celebrated at S.H.I.E.L.D., I was still extremely insecure about my wings. They had grown after increased use (Tony said they likely wouldn’t get any bigger now), so I couldn’t necessarily bind them to my back anymore. However, I still preferred to wrap my wings around my waist and strap them in place under a large T-shirt when I wasn’t training simply because they made me feel like a freak.

It doesn’t help that a lot of my training is with Pietro Maximoff. Pietro is, by far, the most handsome human being I had ever seen. Even though I was slowly starting to open up to the rest of the group, Pietro just made me perpetually nervous. Especially because I always find him staring at me. His twin sister, Wanda, always tries to tell me that it’s because he finds me beautiful, but I brush it off because nothing in my life has ever even made me consider using that word to describe me. It’s not like I wasn’t used to people staring at me, but this was just the one person I was hoping wouldn’t think I was a total freak.

One night, we were having Clint and his family over for the evening. After dinner, his kids were picking out a movie for everyone to watch on Netflix while I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

 When I walked in, Steve and Natasha were popping popcorn. Nat looked over at me and smirked, “So, Y/N, I saw Sonic making eyes at you from across the table all night…”

I rolled my eyes and blushed slightly, “Oh, come on, Nat. You and I both know he wasn’t.”

Steve turned around and said, “No, he definitely was. Honestly, I have no idea how you didn’t notice. He literally couldn’t take his eyes off of you.”

I shook my head, now blushing furiously and smiling slightly, and quickly walked out of the room with my glass of water.

“Oh hey, Y/N, just in time! We’re gonna watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

My heart stopped.

I hadn’t seen that dreaded movie since my days at the orphanage. The little girls used to request to have it played at movie nights just so that they could make fun of me during it. But, I hadn’t told any of the other Avengers about my past, so I didn’t object.

I ended up on a small couch with Wanda and Pietro, my heart racing with dread as the opening credits played. To my right, Pietro was completely oblivious. But to his right, Wanda glanced over at me curiously before returning her attention to the screen.

I winced as the character I had so constantly been referred to as was introduced as “a monster.” When I heard the words “this is an unholy demon, I’m sending it back to hell,” I could almost hear the little girls venomously whispering in my ear, “Yeah, go back to hell, Y/N.” and giggling from behind me.

As the movie progressed, I became more and more uncomfortable; painful childhood memories flashing through my head. When the scene came where Quasimodo gets tied down and food thrown at him, I couldn’t bear to watch and instead stood up and left as quickly as I could without making a scene. Unfortunately, my actions were detected by both Maximoff twins. 

I retreated to my bedroom before anyone could see me break down. I slid down against my door with tears streaming down my face and horrible memories resurfacing. I curled into a ball and cried into my knees for several minutes until I felt a gentle knock against the door I was still leaning on. “Y/N? Please open up, I know you’re in there.” A familiar accented voice murmured through the wood.

I scooted away from the door and let it creak open. Standing before me was Pietro Maximoff himself. “Y/N, printcessa, what’s wrong?” In an instant, he was on the ground with me and he’d pulled me into his arms. I nuzzled myself deeper into his embrace and sniffled, trying to calm myself down. He sensed that I wasn’t quite able to form words so he added, “Do you want to talk about it?” 

I took some deep breaths and croaked out, “When… When I first got my… my…” I gestured to where my wings would be if they weren’t strapped down because I couldn’t will myself to say the word. “I was in an orphanage and I couldn’t just have them out for everyone to see, so I just wore my clothes over them. And the other kids… They… They used to tease me and call me… Call me…” I started sobbing into Pietro’s chest and couldn’t finish. Luckily, Pietro got the idea and stroked my hair soothingly. “Why do I have to be such a freak?!” I wailed, slightly muffled by his chest. 

Pietro tensed a bit, and his grip on me grew slightly tighter, “Printcessa, you are not a freak. You are a miracle of nature. Hundreds of people would be dead if not for your abilities. A large number of successful missions would have been failures if you had not been there to save our asses.” I chuckled and pulled away slightly to look into his piercing blue eyes. “You are astoundingly talented and beautiful and it hurts me to know that you think so poorly of yourself.”

My heart jumped and my eyebrow quirked at the mention of one word. “You… You think I’m beautiful?” 

Pietro froze for a moment, realizing what he said. Then, for a brief moment, a look flashed through his eyes that could only be described as “oh, fuck it.” and he pressed his soft, warm lips against mine. I was shocked for a second, but then I kissed him back just as passionately. Our lips moved against one another as if they were meant for the other. 

Due to lack of breath, we both pulled away and looked each other in the eyes. “I’ve always thought you were beautiful.” Pietro mumbled, his hand linking with mine. I broke into a grin and reconnected our lips.