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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

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sorry if this has been asked before, but how do you pick your colors? your art is great btw!

ah tysm !! also at this point its kind of a lame answer but most days i just eyeball it

i made a tiny tutorial a while back, it doesnt go in depth much but its generally how i go about pickin color schemes, though its mostly trial and error at this point

this is a very good post about it though !! rly goes into detail in ways i cant describe, its generally how i go about picking colors out :oo

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I was thinking, isn't it strange that Shakespeare's son was called Hamnet? Is it possible that he wrote Hamlet after his son's death, and that's why the father/son relationship is so important in the play?

It’s curious, but maybe not strange. 

Shakespeare’s twins were named after his and Anne’s friends and neighbours, Hamnet and Judith Sadler (they called their son William in return – isn’t that sweet?). Hamnet – and the related forms such as Hamlin, Hamelot and Hammond – was quite a common name back then (both as name and surname).

Shakespeare’s son Hamnet died in 1596 (aged 11). Hamlet was probably written in 1602 (earliest possible date it was written is 1599), so it was definitely written after Hamnet’s death. 

From some of the contemporary accounts we have, there appears to have been a Hamlet before Shakespeare’s one (most likely written by Kyd), that also had a protagonist called ‘Hamlet’, which is, in turn, an anglicised form of the earlier sources where the character is named Amleth. So Shakespeare wasn’t responsible for choosing the name Hamlet for his protagonist; that is, the main character isn’t named after his son. It’s also important to remember that in the essential details most of the father-son theme is present in the play’s sources and weren’t added in by Shakespeare.

Of course, it is possible that when Shakespeare came across his sources for Hamlet that he was drawn to it by the nominal similarity between his son Hamnet and Amleth/Hamlet and because of the father-son theme. Some scholars have argued that, since Shakespeare’s father died in 1601, the play might be an exploration of father-son relationships prompted by the death of his own father. Perhaps both deaths influenced the writing of the play. 

In the end, this kind of thing is pure speculation. No doubt biographical circumstances do contribute to an author’s work, but no play can ever be boiled down to the details of an author’s life. Father-son relationships are extremely important in Hamlet, and Shakespeare’s father and son died within a few years of the play being written. It doesn’t necessarily follow that father-son relationships are important in the play because Shakespeare’s father and son died within a few years of the plays being written, although it may have influenced the author’s thoughts in some wise.

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Hey, so I found out apparently aide de camps had to share beds, two in one bed, so I was wondering if u could write about Laurens and Hamilton as aides sharing a bed?

Alexander is possibly the worst bedmate you could ask for; even in sleep he never stays still, always tossing and turning and mumbling words that makes no sense but seem to have context to him and him alone.

He has a bad habit of shaking John awake in the middle of the night and excitedly explaining his latest thought as John tries to listen and not fall back asleep.

Most mornings John will wake up to pins and needles in his arm from where Alexander fell asleep on it, occasionally they end up in the reverse position on the off chance that Alexander makes it to the bed before he does in the nights they’re too tired.

The sheets are never wide enough to cover them both and the blankets itch uncomfortably with every movement, forcing them to curl into each other to share warmth.

For all of that neither complain, not when those nights are the best thing they have to look forward to; when in the dark they can have the relationship the day doesn’t offer them and Alexander will whisper flattery into his skin and John can watch him come apart beneath his hand.

In those moments the bed is a safe haven, a promise that at the end of the day it will be worth it and in those regards, there’s no one else that John would rather be with.


what a great request i love all three of these guys \\

i decided to draw them in em and annie’s elite team au 

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Epiales and Spica? oh, you must mean Darkrai and Cresselia! What have those two been up to lately anyways? I hear the former ran an inn somewhere at one point but not much else

“I’m surprised you even know their names, considering how long it’s been since they’ve bothered interacting with mortals. Then again, it’s been a while since I bothered with any other region, so maybe things have changed…”

“Not that I care for the two of them anyway, I’d rather them stay out of Alola. Whether they’re the goddess’ creations or not, I don’t want that murderer or his apologist lover anywhere near my island.”

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(1)Remember me? The girl that gave to that guy a handjob? That lost her virginity to him and alao that the condom broke and i asked you for advice? Well im here. Crying.. not feeling well. I can feel something on my chest. We stayed together since then. We went on a vacation together with several friends. We slept together, took a shower together.. things that i never did with someone. He was kind cold with me, but he is like this to anybody so i didnt say anything. We have exams in 2 weeks..

(2) he said he wont be able to go out and talk that much with me. I saw that he changed while texting me.. i also told him that i dont force anybody to stay near me.. so if he doesnt feel anything anymore that he should tell me. But he said that everything its ok. One day … this girl followed me on instagram. We both are 18. This girl is 15. I saw that he follows her and that she likes my pics of me with him. I didnt think about anything because damn.. she is 15.

(3) i didnt followed her. But idk.. it just happend that i got on her instagram and there was a pic of her and my “ boyfriend” on his bed. He told me he cant go out…when i saw that unexpected pic i got a panic attack. I texted that girl. She told me that he is not my boyfriend anymore and that i should have realised before that he doesnt love me and that he has someone else. Hearing this from a 15 years girl made me so furious.

(4) i talked to him. I asked if there is something wrong. He said no. Then i told him that i talked to that girl and he said that is true. That he didnt know how to broke up with me because he cares and because i was a perfect gf. That he feels like shit that he did that. To tell you the truth.. i could imagine that he is not mad in love with me, That he may “ search ” for other girls. But to fck with them? No..Im so done with all this people. I can even concentrate rn for exams. Im disgusted.

I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you got the emergency contraceptives and if it worked and if you were doing okay.  I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t work out with this guy and I’m REALLY sorry that it’s all falling apart when you have exams coming up.  It’s hard enough to deal with heartbreak when you don’t have anything else going on, but mix it in with other life stressors… well, it sucks extra hard.  Unfortunately, there is no getting around the pain.  It’s like that saying, “The only way out is through.”  All you can do is take your feelings head on, chalk this up to a learning experience, and remind yourself that eventually you will come out the other side, a little battered, but hopefully a lot wiser.

I had to go back and look at the original ask you sent in, to remind myself of the details (click here to see the first ask and my response).  I noticed at the bottom, I added a tag saying: #FYI this guy is not good boyfriend material.  I feel like I should have emphasized that more in my original response.  I should have said “THIS GUY IS TRASH! STAY AWAY! DANGER!” But I didn’t and I’m not sure it would have made a difference.  It’s so easy to see what we want to see and convince ourselves that people are good and that we must be misinterpreting things despite all signs pointing to the person actually being bad.  I have a lot of examples from my personal life of times when there were a thousand signs pointing to me to get out of a relationship or stay away from a guy, but I convinced myself that he was really good, or he just made a mistake, or he didn’t mean it that way, or it must be my fault… But the truth is that you should never ignore the signs.  People who dump you for not putting out are not interested in you as a person but only as a sexual tool to get themselves off. People who take your hand and put it on their dick so you can give him a handjob in public – especially when they don’t have a preexisting sexual relationship with you – are not interested in what you want but only in how to get you to do what THEY want you to do. People who cheat on you are selfish, dishonorable, manipulative and are looking for a way to get everything they want regardless of your feelings on the matter.  People who make sure they have another girlfriend/boyfriend lined up before they are willing to move on from their current relationship are weak and dishonorable and unwilling to do the right thing if it might cause them any discomfort.  People who try to make you break up with them by becoming a crappy boyfriend/girlfriend rather than have the difficult conversation that they just want out are assholes who would rather cause you weeks or months of emotional distress than to have to say something that might make you mad… even though you will inevitably end up in the same place but only with wayyyyyy more pain first (that is such a trash move).

Maybe someday he’ll grow up and become a half way decent person (or maybe he’ll stay trash forever). But at least you are now free to find someone who is a good person now and not have to waste any more time on a garbage boyfriend.

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