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Punk (Chap. 2)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1805

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  I hope you like this chapter, for some reason I enjoy it a lot though it’s not much.  I have a three day weekend coming up so hopefully I can continue working on my fics.  Thanks for your patience and I LOVE the feedback :]


Natasha Romanov was many things: ace assassin, hotshot hacker, super spy.  Pleasant in the morning?  No. Not one of her virtues. You might as well have poked a sleeping bear with a pointy stick; their reactions were generally the same.  Though the bear was more likely to let you live, come to think of it.  But desperate times called for desperate measures.

 The red head cradled her mug as she shuffled back towards the bed with eyes half open.  You took that as an invitation, though it probably wouldn’t work on vampires, you’d have to remember that should the time come.  You kicked the door shut and plopped onto the bed where a half-naked Clint was slowly entering the world of consciousness.  You signed “good morning” to him once his confused expression grazed from Natasha and back to you.  He grinned puckishly before speaking aloud, “Is it my birthday?”

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Truth // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: can you make a scenario where Taeyoung is a angry deadly vampire that falls in love with a human???

words: 821

category: drabble

author note: you wrote taeyoung and i assumed taeyong so im really sorry if you meant taehyung. also, i wrote this in a completely different style from all of my other scenarios?? it’s not reader specific it’s more like a prologue to some kind of strange vampire novel?? i like it a lot though so i hope you enjoy this lil drabble from me to you.

- destinee

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In The Little Moments

Well now that the dust has settled and we are now into hiatus I wanted to get this meta off my chest and out into the Universe.  

I know the fandom, myself included, were disappointed at how the Fitzsimmons aspect of last season was done.  From the record low screen time together, the ‘reward we’d waited for’ not really being the reward WE wanted or what was hyped, and then the fallout post Framework.  We already have a pile of fix it fics out there that could have made things a lot better.  

I also stand by my analysis that the writers thought it was enough.   In the past the Fitzsimmons fandom hasn’t been a hard fandom to please. with something like a handhold and sandwich sustaining us for months.   And when we go back episode by episode and we had a moment or two nearly every episode, which is amazing.  They have us tons of ‘little moments’.

  1. We should build a place to get away, lingering hand holds, and bed cuddles.
  2. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab/cue Jemma gasping
  3. They both had HUGE hero moments separately and you don’t have to live in the shadows anymore.
  4. Love Nest shopping, casual “I Love You’s,”, “The Look”, and The Lean tm with I prefer a Classical Beauty.
  5. “The Look” pt 2 and fight
  6. Fitz losing is crap because he couldn’t get ahold of Jemma.
  7. Everyone ships them, everyone knows how much they mean to each other, ‘she’s out there all alone and I’m gone”, and glorious reunion hugs.
  8. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, working together, comforting touches (cue creeper AIDA), double shot, and couch cuddles.
  9. Fitz made the electric bobbi pin and no one can tell me otherwise.  But yes there was a distinct lack of moments here.
  10. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, sassing Talbot, and The Lean tm part two with adorable flirting.  
  11. KISS (short kiss but dang it it was the first one in forever), fight, protective get away from him Jemma with Dadcliffe.
  12. Has to be one of my top eps.  Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, backstory, protective/supportive Jemma, face grab kisses, adoring looks, and more Fitzsimmonsing.
  13. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab and in the field.  Supporting new step dad Mace and don’t get yourself killed hugs.
  14. Supportive Jemma, hand holds, Davis bit (rip Davis), and more scared hand holds.
  15. THE FEELS!  Protectiveness, more feels, oh god more feels, Fitz wants to propose, Jemma wants to say yes, more feels, I can’t think without Fitz, this is not where your story ends, and Jemma going to get her man back.  
  16. Jemma dug herself out of the grave…and yeah we don’t talk about the rest.
  17. His name is Leopold James Fitz and I love him.   And for good measure more feels.  
  18. Jemma driven to get to him and AIDA driven to make sure that didn’t happen.  
  19. AIDA pretty much confirms she’s took Fitz for herself here to Daisy.
  20. No matter what Jemma would not say that she meant nothing to him.  
  21. My love for will never fade, only room in his heart for her, and the most beautiful reunion hug ever.  Oh and the evil robot thought what they had was so amazing she tried to steal it for herself.
  22. FItzsimmonsing…kinda, decoy Fitzsimmons, and AMEN!

Theirs is a forever love.

I can only speak for myself as to why that impressive list didn’t feel like ‘enough’.  And its that while those little moments would have totally done it in past seasons.  Fitzsimmons has grown, not only are they now in a relationship and I expected to see at least a little more of that.  I expected to see them actually working and being together more.  If someone had told me at the beginning of the season we’d see more kisses for FItz when he was brainwashed into a relationship in the Framework vs. Fitzsimmons I would have come up with a nice long meta as to why that wouldn’t have happened.   

It was also they hype there was over selling.  IE us and Jed have very different understanding of what words like reward mean.  

This was also coupled with they went too far with Fitz in the Framework and they grossly underestimated the toll that and the whole thing with AIDA would take on the fandom.  Nor do I feel that was their original intention.  I do think originally we were going to get more of a Dadcliffe thing where it was indeed Radcliffe manipulating him in the Framework and then they jumped tracks and went with AIDA since they were so happy with Mallory.  

As I’ve said they crossed the line between fun and frustration.  

And Season 4 is in the books all we can do now is fix it fic the hades out of it over hiatus.  

But that also means I’m going into Season 5 with a very VERY different set of expectations.  This is more for self preservation for myself than anything else but if anyone else wants to follow along that is great.

  • We are a very lucky fandom with tons of very talented authors.  Last hiatus was fluffy fic fest 2k16 and so far I was right and we are in the midst of recovery fic fest 2k17.   I need to be ready for the recovery arc they have set up for Fitz and Fitzsimmons won’t get the attention it does in our fics.  So just as we didn’t get kisses and cuddles all the time in Season 4 we aren’t going to get a lot of really wonderful discussions on recovery and healing in Season 5.
  • I am going to be careful with any and all interviews. 
    • The Jeff’s:  Troll us…though Loeb was not wrong with his “This young man as you’ve never seen him before,” with Iain.
    • Jed and Mo:  Doesn’t outright lie but will over embellish or mislead.  Also these are the ones that know their endgame.  So even though he says Marriage is something that will “come up” again it might not be “soon” (another word us and the writers have a different meaning for).
    • Cast:  They have to be so careful in what they say and they get the scripts right before.  For example Iain had the ‘sit down’ with the writers for his arc but Lil wasn’t privy to it.  Lil being happy could be her just happy they are filming together again not that Fitzsimmons have a Love Nest in Space and a baby on the way.
  • My expectations are back to pre season 4 levels where I am happy to have them in the same room, know who each other are, don’t have a ton of angst, and are not kidnapped.
  • Know we will get some nice moments like we did this season.  But those moments will be smaller…big ones will come out of no where.
  • Pray that the writing team has seen a fraction of our feedback and taken it to heart.
  • Essentially plan for the worst and hope for the best.

I know Fitzsimmons is endgame.  I know there will be more obstacles for us to get there…fingers crossed they will face them together.  

Watch Me Burn

Prompt: A (darker) rewrite of Burn where Eliza reacts a lil differently to the Reynolds Pamphlet, where she narrates the moment as if Alexander is listening

Warnings: death, a lil smutty not explicit though (I think that’s all let me know if I missed anything)


Pain. It’s all I can feel as I stare blankly down at the paper clutched tightly in my hand entitled, “The Reynolds Pamphlet”.

Each word I read rings in my ears, a deafening sound shooting from one ear to the other. They scrape against my throat with every breath I take, leaving my voice horse and raw. They pierce every organ, meticulously breaking each rib to make way to stab my heart, my lungs. Everything in me aches. My mind is screaming, it’s screaming at you for betraying me and at me for expecting you not to.

My body shuts down, and suddenly my feet are moving and my arms are reaching out and I have no control. My hands feel warm, and the room gets bright and it takes a piece of flaming ash scourching my palm before I realize what I’m doing. The pamphlet up in flames in my bare hands. And then without warning the flames seem to encapsulate me, surging through my blood and when I look down my veins are glowing, burning orange and red. And all I think is that you did this to me, you made me this and you deserve to burn for it. I let the pamphlet drop from my hands landing on the floor, the hardwood extinguishing the remaing flame.

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I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Hi, my darlings!! I’ve missed you!! Just a reminder, I am still currently on a mini hiatus (you can read about it HERE plus news about future fics), but this is the one exception because I agreed to the challenge months ago. And what a challenge it was! I am often inspired by music, but it’s different when you are given a random song to find inspiration in. I kinda like how it turned out though? Even though I wrote it at 1am? Let me know what you think, I look forward to your comments! 


I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Pairing: reader x Bucky

Summary: Bucky remembers the happy times with you.

Warnings: none. Just a lil fluff and a lot of angst. 

Word Count: 1097

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

A/N: I wrote this for @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s Food Song Challenge. The deadline is today, November 20th, and I’m barely squeaking by!! Oy. I didn’t forget, but life just got crazy. The song I received was Tangerine by Led Zeppelin. It was quite the challenge to build a story around it but I like it! I hope you will too. FYI: Bold italics are lyrics,  and plain italics is a flashback. 


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The scruffy brunet sat on a park bench, baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes with a book in hand. If anyone near was paying attention, they might’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a page in half an hour. Reading was not his focus on this cool Autumn day. Instead, his gaze wandered to the woman seated some distance away. The woman in the light orange sweater.

From his vantage point, Bucky could see you through a break in the trees, but still able to keep himself hidden. Your hair was different, he could tell, and also there was a change in your demeanor. He remembered you as bright and vibrant, but time and life had softened you. And yet to him, you were just as beautiful as ever.

His mind wandered to that Summer so long ago, the memory bringing a smile to his face.

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How do you think Pharah would react to meeting mccree again after he comes back and she's brought in post recall. seeing as he amassed quite the bounty

You know what I should be working on? Gency stuff. You know what I’m not working on? Gency stuff.

*sighs* I’ve just dumped myself into a rarepair trashcan and I just don’t care anymore. Take this away from me.


High Justice (McCree x Pharah). Fluff. Reunion. 

Her mother held the spotlight that night upon their arrival to the Overwatch base. Many were hugging the now older women and Reinhardt was crying but no one said a word about it. The whispered questions and breathy exclamations of happiness come from everyone. All the emotions rolled through the agents. Pharah knows. She’s felt every single one herself when her mother first contacted her.

The darker thoughts towards her mother’s sudden resurrection threatens to damper her emotions. Instead, she pushes her relationship with her mother into the back of her mind. She’s exhausted, and wishes to not dwell on things she cannot fix this very moment. She’s glad her mother is alive of course, but there are so many other emotions playing in on her coming back from the dead.

After greeting the team members, some old, some new, she stopped still when a figure pushed away from her mother. The face different but not, hidden under a cowboy hat. More rugged and covered in hair. Then the familiar gait and drawl of his words washed over her, and it was as if her body dove into an ocean after being in the desert much too long.

“Howdy, lil’ lady. Though, I suppose you’re not too lil’ anymore, huh?”

Somehow, even with everything that’s been plaguing her mind, she smiles at Jesse McCree.

“Jesse.” She takes the last step that puts only a foot of space between their bodies. She’s looking up into honey brown eyes. Even though his face as aged, his irises are timeless.

“It’s good to see you, alive and well.” She says, her tongue trembling with the effort to not speak any more rushed and unbalanced words. 

“Haven’t gotten killed yet that’s for sure, and well… You’re certainly not the little younglin’ that used to bother me and Angela before missions.” He tilts the brim of his hat up to look at her with a warmth that she can’t place.

Her cheeks wish to burn at the secret that she keeps to herself still to this day. By sheer force of will she controls her blush. The young cowboy was once a childhood crush to Pharah when she was younger. Though, when she was older she never did seem to grow out of thinking of him. Even when Overwatch disbanded she wonder where he wondered off to.

“You’re certainly not the scrawny teenager giving attitude to Reyes every chance that you could. Or at the very least, you have more facial hair now.” She deadpans besides an arching eyebrow.

He laughs, one hand resting on his waist as his teeth flash at her. She allows a smile to creep on her features.

“Naw, I’ve grown up. Just like ya…” He says looking at her for a beat longer than normal. “I-I mean, look at that armor. Ya still so ready to fight when you just got here?”

“Funny you should say that, seeing as how you used to sleep with your peacekeeper under your pillow.” She say lightly, watching his grin widen once again.

“Use to?”

“Jesse.” She breathes out in exclamation.

“Now ya know Peacekeeper is different. She needs to be treated right and kept close, just in case.” Pharah lets out a soft chuckle.

Jesse McCree is still that cowboy she remembers running behind while they played games in the facility. Her soul elevated that he’s one constant in this ever changing storm she’s be trying to get through with all her bits and pieces still intact. He’s the anchor on the choppy seas.

“I suppose I understand it now.” She admits with a tilt of her head. “The Raptora Mark VI is very important to me.”

McCree’s grin can’t be contained as his fingers subconsciously brush at the stock of his gun in its holster. “Heard you’ve been keepin’ busy at some fancy security operation in Egypt.”

“Yes, until Mom contacted me.” She throws a glance around McCree’s figure to the person conversed about. She speaks to Reinhardt now, both talking softly and with much emotion playing along the wrinkles in their face.

He turns his head to steal a quick glance before once again focusing on Pharah. A glint in his eyes that she only remembers as his only sign of him being thoughtful sparkles down on her. He’s a quick cowboy, that fact would never learn her.

“But what of you?” She says quickly, drawing attention to her fast words. “There were reports of a bounty set out for a vigilante with a cowboy hat. Sound familiar?”

The subject is actually a real interest to Pharah. It was only three weeks back when a passing security member mention Jesse McCree’s name. Upon further investigation she found a pretty sum of money waiting for whoever brought the famous vigilante dead or alive.

“Heard he’s a handsome son of a gun.” He cracks, and Pharah’s stoic posture almost breaks.


“You are so reckless, Jesse. Becoming a bounty hunter? You should have joined a security team like I did. I know many companies who would have hired you on the spot.” She shoots off mildly, looking over his body to find the same metallic arm on his left side. He’s okay, from what she can tell. Her heartbeat slows down just a bit.

“I’ve never been one for rules. Ya should know that lil’ lady.” He grins, before letting it drop away as he starts. “Sorry, Fareeha. It still amazes that you’re so… mature. That pretty tattoo on your eye sure makes ya look like your mother back in the early days, huh?”

He must note the twitch of her eyes, but then again, careless as Jesse could be, he never did miss much. He takes half a step closer to her, and Pharah finds herself leaning towards his smoky scent.

“Everything will end up all right, I swear.” Pharah locks gazes with Jesse McCree. Possibilities of warmth and safety and constants nestled in his irises. The whispered promise burning into her heart. “And you’ve always got me, lil lady—Aw. Sorry.” He smiles now, speaking at a normal voice level. “Old habits have always been hard to shake.”

“No.” she says, before quickly adding, “You don’t have to break that one… I don’t mind.”

She truly doesn’t. The pet name still makes her feel something in her ribcage. Now, it’s as if an earthquake is erupting over her chest cavity. What is this cowboy doing to her?

“Mmm, no.” Her eyes flicker over him in surprise as he smiles at her. “You’re so much more now, Fareeha. You deserve a title to match.”

She almost forgets to breathe as he dips his hat brim. “I’ll be thinkin’ of something then. I’m glad you’re here, Fareeha. See ya in the mornin’.” He moves aside just as her mother begins to break away from the group and head towards her. With a wink, McCree disappears further into the base.

It will be a long night as she knows she’ll be waiting for morning to come.

[Fanfic] the Sailor and the Mermaid ch2

Summary: Mermaids were nothing more than fairytales, they weren’t real. Yet You finds herself questioning that thinking when she meets an actual mermaid, one that saved her life no less. ChikaYou Mermaid AU

Rating: T (Due to a minor instance of an almost swear in the 1st chapter, though I don’t know if things will escalate in later ones)

Word count: 1,592 words

Characters: Takami Chika (mermaid), Watanabe You (sailor)

Pairings: ChikaYou

Notes: Chapter 2 is actually a thing. :D This is good, this bodes well for this fic that I was able to get a 2nd chapter out, lol. One thing to note about this chapter; I do admit that I’m worried I’ve made Chika a lil too naive in comparison to her canon self. Now part of me wants to say its due to being a different species here, but I’ll leave that up to you readers. :’D If it’s too much, let me know and I can work on it for later chapters.

External Links: FFNet, Ao3

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Secret Santa

Merry Christmas, @madfatty! Happy Chanukah, @slitherouter! This fic is my gift to you! (Or at least the part of my gift that you’ll actually get this year, since I am seriously the world’s worst post-office-procrastinator.) The two of you are such an enormous gift, and I am so incredibly thankful for the hilarity and encouragement and hours of talking about anything and everything. I love you guys. Merry Christmas!

P.S. It was very hard to to keep this a secret and write without the hand-holding and amazing encouragement of Lil, beta extraordinaire. So please forgive typos and insane word repetitions.

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Secret Santa

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who are the most popular norwegian singers/groups (that actually sing in norwegian)? I find songs really helpful when learning a language, do you have any recommendations? takk ^^

Ahh actually, I feel like the most popular Norwegian singers usually sing in English (most likely to reach an international audience, which I suppose is understandable), but there are a feeew I can think of at the top of my head.

BE AWARE THOUGH, that Norwegians usually sing in their own dialect, and certain dialects are very different from ‘bokmål’. You could still pick up quite a few new words from their songs of course, but it can also be very confusing since certain words are spelled differently (sometimes the words aren’t even a little bit similar to their ‘bokmål’ counterparts), the intonation is different, and, occasionally, even the grammar changes. Just something to keep in the back of your mind while listening to the songs! (i’ll add a lil’ note to the artists singing in dialect so you’ll know which ones to watch out for!)

Karpe Diem (rapper-duo, especially popular w/ teenagers - they usually rap about relevant/controversial themes like racism, politics, etc.) 
Some of their more popular songs include: 
- Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din
- Hus/hotell/slott brenner
- Tusen tegninger

Gabrielle (female singer, **Bergen-dialect (which is closer to ‘nynorsk’ than ‘bokmål’)
Some of her more popular songs include:
- 5 fine frøkner
- Ring meg

Eva Weel Skram (female singer, **Sogndal-dialect)
Some of her more popular songs include:
- Selmas sang
- Snakke litt (cover)

Skei & PT (a rather new rapper-duo, **Trønder-dialect, usually party-songs etc.) 
Some of their more popular songs include:
- Målløs (ft. Serlina (**Bergen dialect)) 
- Plystre på deg

Sondre Justad (male singer, **Lofoten-dialect)
Some of his more popular songs include:
- Riv i hjertet
- Tilbake

Silja sol (female singer, **Bergen-dialect)
Some of her more popular songs include:
- Dyrene
- Stemning

Marcus & Martinus (twin-duo, literally Norway’s (mini-)Justin Bieber among Norwegian pre-teens lmao, **Elverum-dialect)
Some of their more popular songs include:
- Elektrisk
- Slalom

There are a lot more, but I think this blog has a much better and extensive list than what I’m able to write with my practically non-existent musical knowledge. And again, if you’re having trouble understanding the lyrics, it might just be the dialects making it difficult for you, so please don’t fret! 

Hope it helps, though!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


“There are a lot of things that we can learn in this life, Lu…And even we can learn from a spoon of sugar and a cup of coffee.” Minseok said, smiling as he saw an unspoken question plastered on Luhan’s face and Minseok decided to continue his words..
“….From them we can learn that even though we’re different, we still can be together and also bring happiness to the others…”


old, hot, & successful

the following is just a lil bit of extra words so you guys can take this bit out if u want! (yeah this is basically saying the most important words in this post are the ones at the top)

hey thanks for still following me even though i only post once every 5.7 years (not really that is a joke i exaggerated quite a bit!!)! school’s almost over so that’s a thing. also i wrote some lil headcanons to go with these sketches so if you guys wanna see em, click keep reading

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hi.. i was wondering if you have any tips for someone who wants to start writing? i've always had ideas for stories i want to write, but when i sit down to do so i have no idea where to start :0

This might be long, so forgive me!! 

My biggest tip is to read LOTS!!! You become a better writer through reading & observing the way authors construct phrases/scenes/chapters. 

Also, don’t be afraid to start wherever! I used to think you had to start right at the beginning of the story, but honestly just write the scenes as they come to you. Inspiration is fickle, so you learn to take advantage of it when it hits you. For example: if you were working on a scene at the beginning of your story yesterday and today you REALLY can’t stop thinking about this one part that’s later on when certain relationships or plot points have been established – go for it!!! Write that stuff down before it evades you.

I find the best way to get these “flashes” of inspiration down is to write them as quickly as possible. I’m a big perfectionist, so it took forever for me to relinquish a smidgen of control in order to become a faster writer/drafter. I’m not saying fast writing is the key to being a good writer (writing processes are different for everyone), but it personally helps me avoid thinking too hard about something that I should be writing down and worrying about later. For that reason my first drafts have gotten pretty messy. 

I often jot down scenes in a “stumble” method of sorts, wherein I writewritewrite and when an idea for dialogue or monologue that’ll be somewhere down the line pops into my head, I write it down immediately. If words start flowing from there, I build off that tangent and keep “stumbling” forward. It creates a bit of a mess, but it helps me jot down ideas before I can get blocked up. Here’s an example of this method from my manusctript:

The scene is fragmented, but that’s the point. All that matters in this case is that I’ve written key parts of the character interaction as the ideas came to me. When I’m doing minor edits (which I usually do at the end of a writing session), I go back and tie the fragments together.

Another way to get those ideas of yours written is to just summarize some parts as though you’re telling yourself the story, like so:

Obviously it’s not proper at all, but it helps me a lot when I just want to get those damned ideas out of my head and onto a page. 

So, TL:DR, my tips are: READ LOTS! And: don’t worry too much about where you’re starting and what scene to write and etc, etc. Worry about that in the editing/revising stages (which is a different subject entirely). Just have fun with your characters and stories and let those words flow my friend!!! I hope this has helped a bit or at the very least given you a lil boost of inspiration. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get started!


Here are some of my favorite homestuck cosplays from animefest this weekend! I have hundreds more from the photo shoot, but my phone camera took a lot of blurry ones :/

Click through to read my thoughts on all these beautiful people! ALSO! If you recognize yourself or someone let me know and I’ll credit you!

traded-my-fins-for-legs is Porrim in the 6th picture!

Prettymageoflight is the Skaia Jane in the first picture!

artfulImpersonator are the Gamzee, John, and Lil’ Cal!

A/N: HOLY CRAP I GOT WAY INTO WRITING THIS. I have alot of stuff to post so lets get started.

Pairing: Bruce x Reader (Platonic)

Sometimes it got all to much, the superhero business. You had the power to manipulate electricity and teleport. You had never asked for this… curse. This night it was all too much. You needed to get away. Maybe you could teleport somewhere far, far away from here.

No. You needed to get away from yourself - you needed to run. With that you bolted it out the door and into the forest nearby. There was no one; no animals to be seen. Just you and your thoughts running around.

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roy's icon tutorial part 2
alright so we're continuing on from
the first part, which can be found here


in this tutorial i’ll show you how to make circular icons, standard icons, and square icons. ( this tutorial is extremely long, and may bore you, but i’m providing you with as much information as you need, and i promise you it’s really worth the length ! this is the second part ! )

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