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Punk (Chap. 2)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1805

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  I hope you like this chapter, for some reason I enjoy it a lot though it’s not much.  I have a three day weekend coming up so hopefully I can continue working on my fics.  Thanks for your patience and I LOVE the feedback :]


Natasha Romanov was many things: ace assassin, hotshot hacker, super spy.  Pleasant in the morning?  No. Not one of her virtues. You might as well have poked a sleeping bear with a pointy stick; their reactions were generally the same.  Though the bear was more likely to let you live, come to think of it.  But desperate times called for desperate measures.

 The red head cradled her mug as she shuffled back towards the bed with eyes half open.  You took that as an invitation, though it probably wouldn’t work on vampires, you’d have to remember that should the time come.  You kicked the door shut and plopped onto the bed where a half-naked Clint was slowly entering the world of consciousness.  You signed “good morning” to him once his confused expression grazed from Natasha and back to you.  He grinned puckishly before speaking aloud, “Is it my birthday?”

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NCT Reaction to realizing they’re in love with their best friend

Anonymous requested: How would nct react when they realize they’re in love with their best friend?

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  • Taeil realizes he’s in love with you when he chokes on an ice cube and you save his life. Lol I’m kidding. Maybe. Not really. Anyways. I feel like it’d be something along that line though, Taeil realizes he cares about you far more than normal when he’s realized you read each other so well. Being more of a quiet guy, I almost call Taeil the KSoo of NCT, he’s quiet and reserved, but open and fun with his best buddies. You have to be his clique to really understand him. When you became best friends, he realized he loved you, not romantically, but he appreciated you so much for taking the time to be his friend. And after a while, he’s come to realize he cares so much about you, that he loved you before, but he’s in love with you now. I honestly think he’d keep it to himself, unless he had some knowledge that you liked him back, with you being best friends, he didn’t want to lose that, so he’d bury his feelings unless he knew for sure they were returned.


  • Ah our big dumb JoJo impersonator, how I love thee. He’s lowkey a big flirt, and besides that, he’s our resident hype man, so you know your friendship would be the most supportive, positive, and a lil bit of sexual tension naturally. But Johnny realizes he’s too far gone in the feels, after one too many compliments from you, and you know how blushy and giggly he gets from compliments, that even though you’re kind of embarrassing the hell out of him, he never wants you to stop talking about him. A moment he realizes that you speaking so highly of him, has a complete different affect on him, than when others compliment him, makes him reflect on why. Obviously you’re a close friend, your words outweigh strangers’ opinions, but still, there’s something more…When it actually hits him that holy fuck I love you, Johnny is so damn giddy and smiley on the spot that he can’t even hide it from you. “What’s got you so smiley all of a sudden?” “Just realized I love you, that’s all.” 


  • Taeyong would be so completely fucked. He’s always been super lovey to his best friend, obviously, he loves them in a non-romantic way first. Plus he’s such a mom. So affection between you and him isn’t uncommon at all. It sort of smacks him in the face in a second, Taeyong’s having fun teaching you how to cook. Seeing you concentrate so hard, hanging off his every word, he can’t help but think “they’re so cute, help me”. As soon as Taeyong realizes what he’s just thought, a warm feeling towards you he’s never felt before, he freezes up. He’s so caught off guard, unable to understand why he’s suddenly feeling this way towards his best friend, Taeyong shuts down. A moment ago, he was laughing loudly and making fun of how much salt you were adding, and now he’s lost in his mind, and so quiet it’s like you’re alone, and you have no idea what’s happened that made him this way so fast. It’s going to be an awkward silence moment, and a long thinking session later on Taeyong’s part for him to figure out what he’s going to do about this.


  • Whether his confidence is all a mask, or not, you know damn well Yuta would be a little shit with his best friend. And there’s literally no boundaries so trying to put a line where friend activities and relationship activities meet or cross or stop is pretty much impossible. He hangs all over you, jokes about you being his s/o to keep weird people away from you, he’s basically your boyfriend without you seeing his dick already, and you’re just friends. So him actually realizing his feelings for you is way more difficult since what friends do and don’t do blurs so much in your relationship. The only way I can describe Yuta’s reaction with understanding his feelings and realizing he likes you more than he should is just summed up by: “…well fuck.”


  • Doyoung is pretty…blunt, so to say, lol. Just like Yuta, I don’t think he’d have any problem face forward telling you that he loves you more than a friend. Plus he’d realize his feelings have shifted right away, there wasn’t really a moment or anything that happened that make Doyoung think about you, just one day he looks at you and is like, “I feel different when I see you than I did before….hmmm.” I swear he’d just throw it at you like it really was nothing. “I love you. “I know that you dolt, I love you too.” “No, I love you.” “Oh.” “Yeah. Now pass the popcorn.”


  • Aw can you imagine that pretty Ten smile when he gets all giddy and happy that he’s realized he’s head over heels for you? Ten’s so cute. Ten would honestly hide it, but he’s such a dummy that he doesn’t realize his efforts to bury his emotions is very noticeable. I mean, the poor boy can’t handle looking at a butt, how is he supposed to handle realizing he’s in love with, and is presumably attracted to, his best friend? He gets that serious face and avoids eye contact after it’s hit him and you’re like, “okay what the fuck happened why won’t you look at me? did yuta put something on my face again? istg if he drew another dic-” and Ten’s too much of a bub and can’t handle having to hold back his affections with you to try and hide his feelings that he just completely spills and then almost has a heart attack when he’s done and he’s like, “well no taking it back now f u c k” and you just end up looking at him like, “that’s it? you’ve been ignoring me…because you love me? that’s so stupid let’s go get ice cream you big dummy.”


  • Okay Jaehyun is going to be the most level headed and calm one of the boys, trust me on this. His weird ass skills on Law of the Jungle and shit, he’s a man and knows what’s up and it’s not the end of the world so let’s all just c h i l l o u t. He realizes it fairly easily, it’s not hard to miss when you figure out ‘when the fuck did I start wanting to kiss you??? when did that happen?????? oh well. just gonna roll with it then’. His weird butt probably realizes it at 2am for no reason and then the dud texts you. “hey just letting you know i love you. like love love. we still on for brunch tomorrow or nah?’ and go to bed. 


  • Ugh my baby. Y’all laugh at me for babying Mark but if you knew me, you’d know WW is my actual baby. No idea why I do it. He’s my child. Anyways. WinWin would be so fcking shy and quiet about it. He’d probably already had a crush on you when you met, and just put it on the back burner because who needs a relationship and you’re fun anyways so hey let’s be friends! So he’s already on a slippery slope. WinWin isn’t…reserved. He’s part of the savage squad but he’s still way more quiet than the others, but that’s mostly language barrier and thankfully that’s breaking now a days and we can see WinWin being happier and more comfortable. Anyways, WW would probably realize he loves you at some late night get together or something, and the whole gang is there and yeah you’re his best friend but he’d think you’d choose to have fun with the group, but when you end up just chilling in the back with him, content with sitting back and just enjoying the insanity, he gives you this look like, ‘you’d really rather sit here than have fun with them? just because i’m here? fuck i love you….wait a minute.’ And you know he’d ask Taeyong wtf is happening and what to do. So he’d probably end up keeping it to himself for so long until Taeyong and the gang have hyped him up enough that he confesses.


  • Oh the poor shy baby. Can you imagine the blushing wow. It finally occurs to our fully capable Mark, when he’s faced with thinking about a life without you. He’s probably just showed you the new choreo for a comeback, and gets all blushy and shy when you’re all hyped and clapping and praising him, and a thought occurs to him, “what if you’re not always here? what if they leave? or I leave?”. It’s a moment where he’s realized he never wants to be away from you, and that ends up making him think of why he feels that way. “Well of course I love them, they’re my best friend but…is that love bleeding in to something else?” 
    He’d be so quiet and reserved about it. Mark would prob end up confessing to one of his brothers, and they’d just tell him to spill his guts. So after like a week of trying to figure his feelings out, he’ll come clean to you, and just hopes you don’t reject him, and prays this doesn’t ruin your friendship forever.


  • Being one of the babies, he’s definitely going to be the more flustered one of the group when he’s realized he’s legit head over heels for his best friend. It takes Channie quite a while longer to actually realize what’s going on, it’s not a split moment where he’s like, ‘crap…i love love them.’, more he’s started to actually notice he’s being more cutesy towards you for no reason, and he wants to cuddle you more, and an extremely fluffy dream to make him realize. Haechan’s one that’ll definitely sit on it for a while, and question himself over it. “Yeah I think they’re cute but like…they’re my friend. Of course they’re cute! It’s not weird that I think they’re cute! But why did I have all those date dreams…people don’t have fluffy dream dates with their bffs….do they?” I so feel like he’ll have to ask for a second opinion, and of course, you’re his bestie soooo. “Listen, so I keep having these dreams and idk what they mean.” “You doorknob, you freakin love me. That’s lame lol.”
12-year-old girl comes out to her Mormon congregation
Savannah, 12, made a decision this January; she was going to come out as lesbian at her Mormon Church. Nothing was going to stop her.
By Paul P. Murphy, CNN

Savannah, 12, made a decision this January; she was going to come out as lesbian at her Mormon Church. Nothing was going to stop her.

She’s a normal almost-teenage girl in Utah: She loves to draw and make art. When she grows up, she wants to be a Disney animator. Her favorite bands are Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy.

On June 22, 2016, one day after her birthday, Savannah came out to her parents as lesbian.

Mom had suspicions and knew that day might come.“I looked at her and said, ‘OK, I love you. And I’ll support you no matter what you do,’” said Heather, her mother.

The family felt strongly that they didn’t have the right to prevent Savannah from telling her story publicly, including sharing it with CNN, but asked that their hometown and last names be withheld to give them a measure of privacy.

After coming out to her parents, Savannah began the process of coming out to her friends and extended family.

Six months later, she felt a calling.“I had a feeling like I should come out to the church,” Savannah said shyly. “I came out to all of my family and I just wanted to do something more.”


Happy Pride Season indeed! I never *officially* came out at church, but my mama had the church leaders praying that I would be released from my homosexual demons so I guess I didn’t have to. I can’t imagine preparing a testimony and standing up in front of all those people to say “I’m gay, God made me this way, and I’m going to live openly and happily.”

On one hand, I don’t see the point in trying to force respect out of a religion that wants you to suppress who you are. I don’t understand wanting to belong to a group that says some intrinsic part of yourself is fundamentally wrong. I pay them dust and keep it moving.

But on the other hand, as an atheist I see all Abrahamic religions as fables and parables subject to changing interpretations wholly dependent upon time and evolving traditions in society. I think it makes no sense to say “this is the Word of God….but I’m going to toss the parts that I don’t like because they’re outdated.” Either God told you how to live, or He didn’t, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Since church business of any ilk is really none of my business as a lovable heathen with complete disdain for organized religion, I can’t be mad at this lil baby lesbian. The first person to decide “wearing a cotton/polyester blend is fine even though the Bible says it isn’t” is no different from the first homosexual who says “God made me this way and I’m going to enter a same-sex union.” If she wants to be that person who tries to push Mormons toward full acceptance of homosexuals the way the first Christians decided bacon was too delicious to keep avoiding pork like their Jewish parents, then so be it. I’m proud of her bravery and visibility.

Truth // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: can you make a scenario where Taeyoung is a angry deadly vampire that falls in love with a human???

words: 821

category: drabble

author note: you wrote taeyoung and i assumed taeyong so im really sorry if you meant taehyung. also, i wrote this in a completely different style from all of my other scenarios?? it’s not reader specific it’s more like a prologue to some kind of strange vampire novel?? i like it a lot though so i hope you enjoy this lil drabble from me to you.

- destinee

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In The Little Moments

Well now that the dust has settled and we are now into hiatus I wanted to get this meta off my chest and out into the Universe.  

I know the fandom, myself included, were disappointed at how the Fitzsimmons aspect of last season was done.  From the record low screen time together, the ‘reward we’d waited for’ not really being the reward WE wanted or what was hyped, and then the fallout post Framework.  We already have a pile of fix it fics out there that could have made things a lot better.  

I also stand by my analysis that the writers thought it was enough.   In the past the Fitzsimmons fandom hasn’t been a hard fandom to please. with something like a handhold and sandwich sustaining us for months.   And when we go back episode by episode and we had a moment or two nearly every episode, which is amazing.  They have us tons of ‘little moments’.

  1. We should build a place to get away, lingering hand holds, and bed cuddles.
  2. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab/cue Jemma gasping
  3. They both had HUGE hero moments separately and you don’t have to live in the shadows anymore.
  4. Love Nest shopping, casual “I Love You’s,”, “The Look”, and The Lean tm with I prefer a Classical Beauty.
  5. “The Look” pt 2 and fight
  6. Fitz losing is crap because he couldn’t get ahold of Jemma.
  7. Everyone ships them, everyone knows how much they mean to each other, ‘she’s out there all alone and I’m gone”, and glorious reunion hugs.
  8. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, working together, comforting touches (cue creeper AIDA), double shot, and couch cuddles.
  9. Fitz made the electric bobbi pin and no one can tell me otherwise.  But yes there was a distinct lack of moments here.
  10. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, sassing Talbot, and The Lean tm part two with adorable flirting.  
  11. KISS (short kiss but dang it it was the first one in forever), fight, protective get away from him Jemma with Dadcliffe.
  12. Has to be one of my top eps.  Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, backstory, protective/supportive Jemma, face grab kisses, adoring looks, and more Fitzsimmonsing.
  13. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab and in the field.  Supporting new step dad Mace and don’t get yourself killed hugs.
  14. Supportive Jemma, hand holds, Davis bit (rip Davis), and more scared hand holds.
  15. THE FEELS!  Protectiveness, more feels, oh god more feels, Fitz wants to propose, Jemma wants to say yes, more feels, I can’t think without Fitz, this is not where your story ends, and Jemma going to get her man back.  
  16. Jemma dug herself out of the grave…and yeah we don’t talk about the rest.
  17. His name is Leopold James Fitz and I love him.   And for good measure more feels.  
  18. Jemma driven to get to him and AIDA driven to make sure that didn’t happen.  
  19. AIDA pretty much confirms she’s took Fitz for herself here to Daisy.
  20. No matter what Jemma would not say that she meant nothing to him.  
  21. My love for will never fade, only room in his heart for her, and the most beautiful reunion hug ever.  Oh and the evil robot thought what they had was so amazing she tried to steal it for herself.
  22. FItzsimmonsing…kinda, decoy Fitzsimmons, and AMEN!

Theirs is a forever love.

I can only speak for myself as to why that impressive list didn’t feel like ‘enough’.  And its that while those little moments would have totally done it in past seasons.  Fitzsimmons has grown, not only are they now in a relationship and I expected to see at least a little more of that.  I expected to see them actually working and being together more.  If someone had told me at the beginning of the season we’d see more kisses for FItz when he was brainwashed into a relationship in the Framework vs. Fitzsimmons I would have come up with a nice long meta as to why that wouldn’t have happened.   

It was also they hype there was over selling.  IE us and Jed have very different understanding of what words like reward mean.  

This was also coupled with they went too far with Fitz in the Framework and they grossly underestimated the toll that and the whole thing with AIDA would take on the fandom.  Nor do I feel that was their original intention.  I do think originally we were going to get more of a Dadcliffe thing where it was indeed Radcliffe manipulating him in the Framework and then they jumped tracks and went with AIDA since they were so happy with Mallory.  

As I’ve said they crossed the line between fun and frustration.  

And Season 4 is in the books all we can do now is fix it fic the hades out of it over hiatus.  

But that also means I’m going into Season 5 with a very VERY different set of expectations.  This is more for self preservation for myself than anything else but if anyone else wants to follow along that is great.

  • We are a very lucky fandom with tons of very talented authors.  Last hiatus was fluffy fic fest 2k16 and so far I was right and we are in the midst of recovery fic fest 2k17.   I need to be ready for the recovery arc they have set up for Fitz and Fitzsimmons won’t get the attention it does in our fics.  So just as we didn’t get kisses and cuddles all the time in Season 4 we aren’t going to get a lot of really wonderful discussions on recovery and healing in Season 5.
  • I am going to be careful with any and all interviews. 
    • The Jeff’s:  Troll us…though Loeb was not wrong with his “This young man as you’ve never seen him before,” with Iain.
    • Jed and Mo:  Doesn’t outright lie but will over embellish or mislead.  Also these are the ones that know their endgame.  So even though he says Marriage is something that will “come up” again it might not be “soon” (another word us and the writers have a different meaning for).
    • Cast:  They have to be so careful in what they say and they get the scripts right before.  For example Iain had the ‘sit down’ with the writers for his arc but Lil wasn’t privy to it.  Lil being happy could be her just happy they are filming together again not that Fitzsimmons have a Love Nest in Space and a baby on the way.
  • My expectations are back to pre season 4 levels where I am happy to have them in the same room, know who each other are, don’t have a ton of angst, and are not kidnapped.
  • Know we will get some nice moments like we did this season.  But those moments will be smaller…big ones will come out of no where.
  • Pray that the writing team has seen a fraction of our feedback and taken it to heart.
  • Essentially plan for the worst and hope for the best.

I know Fitzsimmons is endgame.  I know there will be more obstacles for us to get there…fingers crossed they will face them together.  

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Can I request a BTS reaction to their S/O being Portuguese? Thank you!

— i needed to upload something so i decided to quickly do this haha. im not portuguese, so sorry if this isn’t that good lmao i don’t have much knowledge about portugal. i hope u like it love 💗—


Once the foreign words left your mouth he gasped softly, looking in your direction (if he wasn’t already). “what?” you ask, giggling. “the way you say those words is beautiful.” You watch as he breaks into a cute grin, laughing that windshield laugh that you love. After calming himself, he’d turn to you. “teach me sometime?”


While on the phone with your mother, he smiled at you the whole time. He didn’t understand anything you were saying but thought it was attractive how your voice changed. “what’re you smiling for?” you ask, teasing him. “oh, nothing. i’m just admiring my portuguese girlfriend.”


this boy would send you heart eyes as you spoke the language. He’d find your culture interesting, asking you a bunch of questions. “wait, how do you say that again?” Would probably show you off, loving the idea of being with someone with a different background than him. He also loves it when you call him cute nicknames in portuguese.


screams (you know that scream? the one that’s kinda like “ahhhh”? idk) when you say something, calling you cute. lowkey thinks it’s hot how your voice changes. “say that again? i really like how you say it.” Asks you how to say things like “sweetheart” and “cutie” just so he can call you them. He’d ask you to teach him a bit of portuguese so he could impress your parents.


like yoongi, he’d smile hearing you speak in your first language. Asks you how different Korea is from Portugal a lot. “do they have these over there?” Loves it when you cook him food from Portugal. He’d like to learn some words but whenever you teach him he complains about it being hard and just pouts like the cute lil mochi he is.


i see this lil cutie asking to talk with your parents, even though he doesn’t know portuguese. “hi!! im taehyung and i love your daughter” gets turned on when you cuss in portuguese, though he won’t admit it. you’d teach him some words and tae being tae would accidentally say some bad word. Gets really soft when you talk to your parents about him even though he doesn’t understand. “yeah dad, taehyung’s annoying.” “aw, jagi.”


he’s whipped for you in general, but when you start speaking the language he’s even more whipped. “are you cold? do you need a co-cobe-” you giggle at his struggle at pronouncing. “cobertor?” *holds hand over his heart* “you say it so cutely.” he’d ask you to cook him portuguese food, and like jimin, he’d love it when you did. He’d try to learn a phrase like “you look really good today” so he could show off to you but he’d mispronounce some words. you’d laugh but praise him once you see his pout. “i take time to learn your language, and this is the thanks I get?”


Lil Pumps lyrics’s are so meticulously crafted; only 25 seconds in and I can tell he has truly mastered the skill of lyricism. This boy is a genius. Some say Shakespeare’s ability to write and tell a story are unparalleled, however I feel his skills are being put to the test by this young star. Lil Pump never fails to coax me in with his truly thought provoking lyrics. He is an artist, yet uses words. He is not bound by the materialistic constraints of paint, pen or pencil. He has limitless access to an almost infinite plethora of words and phrases, each of which are malleable to his own liking. One cannot simply concoct a track where only 98 different words are used throughout its ENTIRETY. Though the vocabulary that is used is minimal and far from complex, it doesn’t stop him from making his audience ponder.

This lack of words shows how Lil Pump exceeds the craftsmanship of even the most highly regarded literature authors, as he does not need to excessively use the more complex and intricate words to make his point, this style that he alone has procured has had one of the biggest impacts music history has ever seen. In regards to the impact this young boy has had at only age 17, he can be likened to that of Malala Yousafzai a young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by militants for daring to go to school in October 2012. She has since dedicated her life to bettering the people of this world, as Lil Pump has.

This new young, lively generation has lots to offer. Lil Pump is an exemplary example; he is the hero we need but don’t deserve.

In the words of Gandhi “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Watch Me Burn

Prompt: A (darker) rewrite of Burn where Eliza reacts a lil differently to the Reynolds Pamphlet, where she narrates the moment as if Alexander is listening

Warnings: death, a lil smutty not explicit though (I think that’s all let me know if I missed anything)


Pain. It’s all I can feel as I stare blankly down at the paper clutched tightly in my hand entitled, “The Reynolds Pamphlet”.

Each word I read rings in my ears, a deafening sound shooting from one ear to the other. They scrape against my throat with every breath I take, leaving my voice horse and raw. They pierce every organ, meticulously breaking each rib to make way to stab my heart, my lungs. Everything in me aches. My mind is screaming, it’s screaming at you for betraying me and at me for expecting you not to.

My body shuts down, and suddenly my feet are moving and my arms are reaching out and I have no control. My hands feel warm, and the room gets bright and it takes a piece of flaming ash scourching my palm before I realize what I’m doing. The pamphlet up in flames in my bare hands. And then without warning the flames seem to encapsulate me, surging through my blood and when I look down my veins are glowing, burning orange and red. And all I think is that you did this to me, you made me this and you deserve to burn for it. I let the pamphlet drop from my hands landing on the floor, the hardwood extinguishing the remaing flame.

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I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Hi, my darlings!! I’ve missed you!! Just a reminder, I am still currently on a mini hiatus (you can read about it HERE plus news about future fics), but this is the one exception because I agreed to the challenge months ago. And what a challenge it was! I am often inspired by music, but it’s different when you are given a random song to find inspiration in. I kinda like how it turned out though? Even though I wrote it at 1am? Let me know what you think, I look forward to your comments! 


I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Pairing: reader x Bucky

Summary: Bucky remembers the happy times with you.

Warnings: none. Just a lil fluff and a lot of angst. 

Word Count: 1097

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

A/N: I wrote this for @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s Food Song Challenge. The deadline is today, November 20th, and I’m barely squeaking by!! Oy. I didn’t forget, but life just got crazy. The song I received was Tangerine by Led Zeppelin. It was quite the challenge to build a story around it but I like it! I hope you will too. FYI: Bold italics are lyrics,  and plain italics is a flashback. 


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The scruffy brunet sat on a park bench, baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes with a book in hand. If anyone near was paying attention, they might’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a page in half an hour. Reading was not his focus on this cool Autumn day. Instead, his gaze wandered to the woman seated some distance away. The woman in the light orange sweater.

From his vantage point, Bucky could see you through a break in the trees, but still able to keep himself hidden. Your hair was different, he could tell, and also there was a change in your demeanor. He remembered you as bright and vibrant, but time and life had softened you. And yet to him, you were just as beautiful as ever.

His mind wandered to that Summer so long ago, the memory bringing a smile to his face.

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“Carpe Retractum.” Sirius Black Imagine

Request:  Can you do an imagine where it’s Sirius x reader and and the readers is james’ twin sister and talkative, loud, and lil sassy but overall really sweet and he really likes her and finally decides to make a move. You decide how James reacts please. Thank you !!

Word Count: 726

James and I were not just siblings, we’re fraternal twins. I was older by thirteen minutes, so I constantly took advantage of being “older”. We were very close, even though our personalities don’t necessarily match up. His friends were my friends, or at least that’s how I viewed it, James might have a different feeling towards that.

I made my way towards the Great Hall for dinner where I met back up with my brother and his (our) friends. James and I learned sign language and encrypted writing so we could speak to each other without anyone knowing what we were saying. I sat down across from my brother and Peter was to my left and Remus was to my right, Sirius was to the left of my brother. We were halfway through our meal and Peter and I just finished a debate on the lesson we learned in DADA when James snapped his fingers in front of my face to get my attention. I tilted my head to the right and shot him a puzzled looked. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and proceeded to start signing.

“I know someone who thinks they have a crush on you.” He signed, all the boys gave him a puzzled look.

“Who?” I signed back.

“Not telling.” He signed and let out a small chuckle.

“Not funny.” I said out loud with a pout.

“He’s just confiding in me since you’re my sister. I don’t know anything else.” He signed.

“Why tell me about it and not tell me who? You’re such a tease!” I signed back.

“I’m under an oath. Sworn into secrecy.” He signed with a smirk before going back to his meal. I rolled my eyes and the world around us continued normally. But this newly found information was eating at me.

I forgot my bat in my dorm so I had James just head down to the pitch while I went to get my forgotten item. But before I even made it to the castle, I spotted Sirius and he had something in his hand. It was my bat!

“Here you go Y/N, I saw you forgot your bat.” Sirius said.

“You’re such a saint.” I said as I gave him a hug.

When I pulled away, his hands lingered a little longer on my waist, but I thought nothing of it. I grabbed my bat and Sirius walked me down to Quidditch practice.

While we were getting into our gear, James came over to me.

“Sirius said it was Peter.” He whispered in my ear.

I just shot him the ‘oh, I already knew that’ look and we continued to get ready.

A fierce practice later, and James and I were heading out to go back to our dorms. Sirius met us at the courtyard.

“Y/N, can I talk to you for a second…alone?” He asked.

Before I could say a word, James spoke up.

“Whatever you need to say, you can say it in front of both of us.” James chuckled but Sirius’ face turned red.

“Okay, well…uhm…Will you go on a date with me? To Hogsmeade?” He asked as he kept looking at James and I.

Before I could even reply and comprehend the situation, James already had Sirius on the ground with his wand to Sirius’ neck.

“I thought you said Peter liked her!” James yelled, Sirius was trying to get up.

“He does, but..but..”

“Spit it out!” James yelled.


I had enough, I took out my wand and pointed my wand at James.

“Carpe Retractum.” I said. The rope flew out of my wand, wrapped around James, and dragged him towards me.

“James, are you mad? What is wrong with you?” I asked in a raised voice.

I looked toward Sirius who was getting up from the ground. “I would love to.” I said with a smile. He smiled and scurried away back to what I would assume is the common room to wait for us.

I broke the spell and James got up, but before he got fully to his feet, I smacked the back of his head. He rubbed the back of his head and looked at me. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the common room.

“Mum and Dad are going to hear about this.” I said.

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How do you think Pharah would react to meeting mccree again after he comes back and she's brought in post recall. seeing as he amassed quite the bounty

You know what I should be working on? Gency stuff. You know what I’m not working on? Gency stuff.

*sighs* I’ve just dumped myself into a rarepair trashcan and I just don’t care anymore. Take this away from me.


High Justice (McCree x Pharah). Fluff. Reunion. 

Her mother held the spotlight that night upon their arrival to the Overwatch base. Many were hugging the now older women and Reinhardt was crying but no one said a word about it. The whispered questions and breathy exclamations of happiness come from everyone. All the emotions rolled through the agents. Pharah knows. She’s felt every single one herself when her mother first contacted her.

The darker thoughts towards her mother’s sudden resurrection threatens to damper her emotions. Instead, she pushes her relationship with her mother into the back of her mind. She’s exhausted, and wishes to not dwell on things she cannot fix this very moment. She’s glad her mother is alive of course, but there are so many other emotions playing in on her coming back from the dead.

After greeting the team members, some old, some new, she stopped still when a figure pushed away from her mother. The face different but not, hidden under a cowboy hat. More rugged and covered in hair. Then the familiar gait and drawl of his words washed over her, and it was as if her body dove into an ocean after being in the desert much too long.

“Howdy, lil’ lady. Though, I suppose you’re not too lil’ anymore, huh?”

Somehow, even with everything that’s been plaguing her mind, she smiles at Jesse McCree.

“Jesse.” She takes the last step that puts only a foot of space between their bodies. She’s looking up into honey brown eyes. Even though his face as aged, his irises are timeless.

“It’s good to see you, alive and well.” She says, her tongue trembling with the effort to not speak any more rushed and unbalanced words. 

“Haven’t gotten killed yet that’s for sure, and well… You’re certainly not the little younglin’ that used to bother me and Angela before missions.” He tilts the brim of his hat up to look at her with a warmth that she can’t place.

Her cheeks wish to burn at the secret that she keeps to herself still to this day. By sheer force of will she controls her blush. The young cowboy was once a childhood crush to Pharah when she was younger. Though, when she was older she never did seem to grow out of thinking of him. Even when Overwatch disbanded she wonder where he wondered off to.

“You’re certainly not the scrawny teenager giving attitude to Reyes every chance that you could. Or at the very least, you have more facial hair now.” She deadpans besides an arching eyebrow.

He laughs, one hand resting on his waist as his teeth flash at her. She allows a smile to creep on her features.

“Naw, I’ve grown up. Just like ya…” He says looking at her for a beat longer than normal. “I-I mean, look at that armor. Ya still so ready to fight when you just got here?”

“Funny you should say that, seeing as how you used to sleep with your peacekeeper under your pillow.” She say lightly, watching his grin widen once again.

“Use to?”

“Jesse.” She breathes out in exclamation.

“Now ya know Peacekeeper is different. She needs to be treated right and kept close, just in case.” Pharah lets out a soft chuckle.

Jesse McCree is still that cowboy she remembers running behind while they played games in the facility. Her soul elevated that he’s one constant in this ever changing storm she’s be trying to get through with all her bits and pieces still intact. He’s the anchor on the choppy seas.

“I suppose I understand it now.” She admits with a tilt of her head. “The Raptora Mark VI is very important to me.”

McCree’s grin can’t be contained as his fingers subconsciously brush at the stock of his gun in its holster. “Heard you’ve been keepin’ busy at some fancy security operation in Egypt.”

“Yes, until Mom contacted me.” She throws a glance around McCree’s figure to the person conversed about. She speaks to Reinhardt now, both talking softly and with much emotion playing along the wrinkles in their face.

He turns his head to steal a quick glance before once again focusing on Pharah. A glint in his eyes that she only remembers as his only sign of him being thoughtful sparkles down on her. He’s a quick cowboy, that fact would never learn her.

“But what of you?” She says quickly, drawing attention to her fast words. “There were reports of a bounty set out for a vigilante with a cowboy hat. Sound familiar?”

The subject is actually a real interest to Pharah. It was only three weeks back when a passing security member mention Jesse McCree’s name. Upon further investigation she found a pretty sum of money waiting for whoever brought the famous vigilante dead or alive.

“Heard he’s a handsome son of a gun.” He cracks, and Pharah’s stoic posture almost breaks.


“You are so reckless, Jesse. Becoming a bounty hunter? You should have joined a security team like I did. I know many companies who would have hired you on the spot.” She shoots off mildly, looking over his body to find the same metallic arm on his left side. He’s okay, from what she can tell. Her heartbeat slows down just a bit.

“I’ve never been one for rules. Ya should know that lil’ lady.” He grins, before letting it drop away as he starts. “Sorry, Fareeha. It still amazes that you’re so… mature. That pretty tattoo on your eye sure makes ya look like your mother back in the early days, huh?”

He must note the twitch of her eyes, but then again, careless as Jesse could be, he never did miss much. He takes half a step closer to her, and Pharah finds herself leaning towards his smoky scent.

“Everything will end up all right, I swear.” Pharah locks gazes with Jesse McCree. Possibilities of warmth and safety and constants nestled in his irises. The whispered promise burning into her heart. “And you’ve always got me, lil lady—Aw. Sorry.” He smiles now, speaking at a normal voice level. “Old habits have always been hard to shake.”

“No.” she says, before quickly adding, “You don’t have to break that one… I don’t mind.”

She truly doesn’t. The pet name still makes her feel something in her ribcage. Now, it’s as if an earthquake is erupting over her chest cavity. What is this cowboy doing to her?

“Mmm, no.” Her eyes flicker over him in surprise as he smiles at her. “You’re so much more now, Fareeha. You deserve a title to match.”

She almost forgets to breathe as he dips his hat brim. “I’ll be thinkin’ of something then. I’m glad you’re here, Fareeha. See ya in the mornin’.” He moves aside just as her mother begins to break away from the group and head towards her. With a wink, McCree disappears further into the base.

It will be a long night as she knows she’ll be waiting for morning to come.

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  1. drink: Hot chocolate c:
  2. phone call: I was called so often the past few days that I forgot and I am too lazy to check who called me last xD
  3. text message: Mr Tarch!
  4. song you listened to: Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
  5. time you cried: Yesterday night

have you:

  1. dated someone twice: Nope!
  2. kissed someone and regretted it: Regret is a strong word. But I wonder if things would have been different if I didn’t. Though no, don’t regret what I did! ;)
  3. lost someone special: Close to losing - fortunately I didnt lose them completely!
  4. been depressed: I’ve had a crisis!
  5. gotten drunk and thrown up: nope and never ;)

list three favorite colors:

  1. Pastels…
  2. …are…
  3. …noice

in the last year have you:

  1. made new friends: Sure!
  2. fallen out of love: Nah
  3. laughed until i cried: Certainly c:
  4. found out someone was talking about you: Yep. In good (friends) and bad (bullying) senses!
  5. found out who your friends are: I’m working on that ;) But I’d think I found my league online!
  6. kissed someone on your facebook list: nA


  1. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: nA
  2. do you have any pets: I have meat in the fridge…? (omg I am so terrible omg stahp me)
  3. do you want to change your name: I like Leffie a lot! So nope!
  4. what did you do for your last birthday: Went out to a lake <3
  5. what time do you wake up: 8:00 is the median, lets say ;)
  6. what were you doing at midnight last night: trying to relax ^^’
  7. name something you can’t wait for: HTTYD 3 ahhhhh
  8. when was the last time you saw your mom: Right now. Hi mom. c:
  9. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: I’ll take the things that life gives me :) I dont wish for anything in paricular as long as I have things around me that make me happy.
  10. what are you listening to right now: The weird sounds my computer makes when it’s working :P
  11. have you ever talked to a person named tom: Yes. Tom’s are everywhere. Hi Tom.
  12. something that is getting on your nerves: stuff that’s testing my emotions and patience!
  13. most visited website: Youtube (I’m trassssh)
  14. mole/s: what’s a mole (too lazy to check)
  15. mark/s: I do have scars from an operation? (do you mean those marks or..?)
  16. childhood dream: Flower seller :D (7-year-old-me pft)
  17. hair color: Brown
  18. long or short hair: Long
  19. do you have a crush on someone: Yeah <3 hehe
  20. what do you like about yourself: I like my drawing style, and I dont think I’m ugly from the in- nor outside ^^
  21. piercings: None
  22. blood type: I have no clue C:
  23. nicknames: Leff, Leff-Leff, Doggo Bag, General Leff…the Discord chaps will name it :P
  24. relationship status: Single (but not ready for a relationship  ^^’)
  25. zodiac: Cancer
  26. pronouns: She/her
  27. favorite tv show: I don’t watch any shows besides RTTE :P (Maybe terrible X-Factor auditions :P)
  28. right or left hand: Both, though my left hand is dominant/more trained.
  29. surgery: Had to go to hospital to get a tumor cut out
  30. hair dyed in different color: Nah, I like brown!
  31. sport: Sport? HAHHAAAH….haaa
  32. vacation: Visiting my family - always <3
  33. pair of trainers: I have a pair of multi-colored Converse shoes. Does that count? c:

more general:

  1. eating: Nothing atm
  2. drinking: …Nothing atm…c:
  3. i’m about to: type duh :P
  4. want: Draw and animate more again! :)
  5. get married: Sure <3
  6. career: Being an artist would be nice!
  7. hugs or kisses: Don’t make me chose ;u; Though hugs are applicable and comfortable in more situations than kisses
  8. lips or eyes: Eyes (?) Right? Eyes are pretty <3
  9. shorter or taller: I’m…smol. What should I say? T-tall people are nice..? :D
  10. older or younger: What are these questions. That’s not a question. I am confuzzled.
  11. nice arms or nice stomachs: Ohhhh the questions are talking about what I find attractive…?
  12. sensitive or loud: I’m done with these questions. What even are they? xD
  13. hookup or relationship: Passss
  14. troublemaker or hesitant: Passssssss

have you ever:

  1. kissed a stranger: Don’t plan to!
  2. drank hard liquor: Nah (though…yeah. I did sip, but ah it tasted awful ;u;)
  3. lost glasses/contacts: <— my life
  4. turned someone down: Unfortunately :/
  5. sex on the first date: Not my cup of tea


  1. broken someone’s heart: Not until now, and I hope never ever!
  2. had your heart broken: Three times, ye.
  3. been arrested: Nothing you’d know of :PP (pfsht kidding ;))
  4. cried when someone died: Yeah
  5. fallen for a friend: Indeed! It’s nicer when you already have a stable connection to that someone <3

do you believe in:

  1. yourself: Yeah! :)
  2. miracles: Maybe. It’s more of I hope for miracles, but don’t neccessarily believe in them. Stuff happens for reasons, many of which are beyond my control. To me, saying “there are miracles” is painting life peachy, though I personally don’t see that as a bad thing. It just makes things nicer/more bareable. People find motivation in believing in the good ^^
  3. love at first sight: No…not really, hm. I’d find myself in a self-crisis if I fell in love the second I saw someone. I prefer having a comfortable base frist <3. Though other people are free to do and feel how they want :)
  4. santa claus: Not anymore ;u;;;;
  5. kisses on the first date: It depends! If he’s a friend already, sure! If he’s more of a stranger…meh. Mehhhh. :D


  1. current best friend: Taaaaaarch :)
  2. eye color: Brown
  3. favorite movie: HTTYD movies, Corpse Bride, and a few more ;)

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C and/or v stucky!

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

ooh boy steve has a Thing okay, a Thing in which he likes to mark bucky up as his, so there’s at least one load that ends up on bucky rather than in him, and sometimes it’s on bucky’s stomach, sometimes it’s on bucky’s chest, sometimes on his ass, sometimes he’s feeling somewhat possessive and knees over bucky’s shoulders and comes on his face before licking it off

and when it ends up in bucky, you betcha steve’s down there as soon as he can breathe properly, eating it out of bucky like’s it’s sunday breakfast

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

ohh boy they’re both loud but in different ways, bucky’s very chatty even though he doesn’t always know what he’s saying, his mouth just runs and he stops paying attention to what he’s saying because he’d rather pay attention to steve

steve on the other hand doesn’t do words very well, nothing more than swearing and bucky’s name, but he moans, yells, sobs, screams, and bucky loves dragging each and every sound out of him again and again.

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who are the most popular norwegian singers/groups (that actually sing in norwegian)? I find songs really helpful when learning a language, do you have any recommendations? takk ^^

Ahh actually, I feel like the most popular Norwegian singers usually sing in English (most likely to reach an international audience, which I suppose is understandable), but there are a feeew I can think of at the top of my head.

BE AWARE THOUGH, that Norwegians usually sing in their own dialect, and certain dialects are very different from ‘bokmål’. You could still pick up quite a few new words from their songs of course, but it can also be very confusing since certain words are spelled differently (sometimes the words aren’t even a little bit similar to their ‘bokmål’ counterparts), the intonation is different, and, occasionally, even the grammar changes. Just something to keep in the back of your mind while listening to the songs! (i’ll add a lil’ note to the artists singing in dialect so you’ll know which ones to watch out for!)

Karpe Diem (rapper-duo, especially popular w/ teenagers - they usually rap about relevant/controversial themes like racism, politics, etc.) 
Some of their more popular songs include: 
- Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din
- Hus/hotell/slott brenner
- Tusen tegninger

Gabrielle (female singer, **Bergen-dialect (which is closer to ‘nynorsk’ than ‘bokmål’)
Some of her more popular songs include:
- 5 fine frøkner
- Ring meg

Eva Weel Skram (female singer, **Sogndal-dialect)
Some of her more popular songs include:
- Selmas sang
- Snakke litt (cover)

Skei & PT (a rather new rapper-duo, **Trønder-dialect, usually party-songs etc.) 
Some of their more popular songs include:
- Målløs (ft. Serlina (**Bergen dialect)) 
- Plystre på deg

Sondre Justad (male singer, **Lofoten-dialect)
Some of his more popular songs include:
- Riv i hjertet
- Tilbake

Silja sol (female singer, **Bergen-dialect)
Some of her more popular songs include:
- Dyrene
- Stemning

Marcus & Martinus (twin-duo, literally Norway’s (mini-)Justin Bieber among Norwegian pre-teens lmao, **Elverum-dialect)
Some of their more popular songs include:
- Elektrisk
- Slalom

There are a lot more, but I think this blog has a much better and extensive list than what I’m able to write with my practically non-existent musical knowledge. And again, if you’re having trouble understanding the lyrics, it might just be the dialects making it difficult for you, so please don’t fret! 

Hope it helps, though!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Secret Santa

Merry Christmas, @madfatty! Happy Chanukah, @slitherouter! This fic is my gift to you! (Or at least the part of my gift that you’ll actually get this year, since I am seriously the world’s worst post-office-procrastinator.) The two of you are such an enormous gift, and I am so incredibly thankful for the hilarity and encouragement and hours of talking about anything and everything. I love you guys. Merry Christmas!

P.S. It was very hard to to keep this a secret and write without the hand-holding and amazing encouragement of Lil, beta extraordinaire. So please forgive typos and insane word repetitions.

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Secret Santa

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“There are a lot of things that we can learn in this life, Lu…And even we can learn from a spoon of sugar and a cup of coffee.” Minseok said, smiling as he saw an unspoken question plastered on Luhan’s face and Minseok decided to continue his words..
“….From them we can learn that even though we’re different, we still can be together and also bring happiness to the others…”

A/N: HOLY CRAP I GOT WAY INTO WRITING THIS. I have alot of stuff to post so lets get started.

Pairing: Bruce x Reader (Platonic)

Sometimes it got all to much, the superhero business. You had the power to manipulate electricity and teleport. You had never asked for this… curse. This night it was all too much. You needed to get away. Maybe you could teleport somewhere far, far away from here.

No. You needed to get away from yourself - you needed to run. With that you bolted it out the door and into the forest nearby. There was no one; no animals to be seen. Just you and your thoughts running around.

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