though it really isn't because it's from the game not the movie

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OMG!!!! ok ok I want to request the rfa+the trio going to an abandoned house and mc exploring like a boss while they are nervous and wondering how she isn't scared. omg I'm so pumped for Halloween

A/N: its 10pm and after halloween of course i can post a request no one can judge me
Alright, so this is more their individual reactions to mc, i hope this is okay;;


Was he more afraid of the paranormal or was he more afraid of getting in trouble for being on private property? Seeing you walk around like it was nothing was… also terrifying. But also really concerning- he wanted to be the one who wasn’t scared! So he could protect you, like in the movies! In all honesty, you take off into a room, wait for him to walk by, calling for you, and pop out- he runs. Straight out of the house. Also doesn’t forgive you for days afterwards


“If anything jumps out, I’ll punch ‘em for you babe,” he says. What does he do? Death grip on your hip the whole time, until you take off. He’s calling out for you, trying to find where you went. He’s fine with this adventure, he’s explored abandoned buildings before with his previous motorcycle friends, so he isn’t afraid of getting caught…. he’s afraid of something paranormal because then he can’t protect you from things he can’t punch. MC please just come back


Refuses to go in there with you, that is against the law to trespass. But.. what if.. what if there are scary people in there. Nevermind, she’s coming with you. You keep asking her if she feels that breeze, or if she saw those leaves move, but you keep forgetting it’s autumn and there’s wind. Isn’t scared at all, but is uncomfortable at the fact you two are on someone else’s property uninvited, this is the ~spiciest~ thing she’s done in a while, what an adrenaline rush


Doesn’t see the point in it at all because? It’s some run down building. What if the structure is unsteady, what if something breaks and you get hurt? Who the hell is he supposed to sue? Says he’s not afraid, and he really isn’t. You’re looking around, trying to find some sort of ‘ghost’. Aren’t ghosts only supposed to come out at night? Or is that only in the movies? He doesn’t know, he doesn’t believe in them anyway. He’s just going to follow you around, taking pictures of how determined you are. They’re all blurry. You tell him it’s because of the ghost- he doesn’t believe you, though he does get a new phone the next day, just in case


“Dare me to go into this house? Too late I’m already in,” he said. He’s in there, pretending the app on his phone works for this. You think it’s funny and play along, who knows, maybe the app really does work- you never know with him. Quickly becomes a game of who can scare who, and due to your climbing skills and the help of a fallen beam in the structure, you’re the victor when you drop down in front of him and scream. And whose high pitched scream is that? Oh, not yours. It’s his. As he runs out of the building. He’ll tell you for days that he wasn’t scared, he was just playing along but you /know/.


MC we really should not be here and we really should not look for ghosts. He isn’t a full believer but he’s seen enough late night documentaries, spooky stories on the internet, and weird… unexplainable things to be terrified that /something/ is there. You move quickly, quietly, and like you’ve…. done this before. MC what if something is here? What if /someone/ is here. Would you get in trouble?? Would you get.. ghost… kidnapped? Clings to you the whole time, but tries to play it off like he just wants to be near you because he loves you.


He’s boosting you over the fence. Breaking in, HELL YEAH. Abandoned building, DOUBLE HELL YEAH. The edgelord in his is crying from joy. But when he finds out you want to look for ghosts he is… less excited. He thought the two of you were just going to explore and have a nice little adventure together, be 'cool kids’ and just fuck around, maybe throw some rocks and things- ya know, like you have a problem with authority. But nope, nevermind, it’s about ghosts. He isn’t impressed, in fact, he’s doing things to mess with you. You’re the one who’s a little afraid by the end of it all because this asshole’s been throwing things, blowing on your ear, hanging from the ceiling to touch your hair, the works.


Bitches listen, he is a good boy he will not trespass.

I couldn’t even tell you that with a straight face- but he could, he’s a very good actor. Acted like he was completely against going into this house and that he was going to ditch you if the two of you get caught. Which he would. But he’d come back to bust you out of trouble, of course. But you seemed fearless? Like, this house was spooky and gave him bad vibes- more than Saeyoung’s house- and you’re just.. creeping around corners, asking ghosts if they were there. He couldn’t help but laugh at the fact you thought you were going to get an answer. When a rock flew in his direction, though, he took off. Threw you over his shoulder, and out in a complete flash.


fic: forgetting the future

Summary: kid fic, mostly but not entirely fluff, in an au where season nine never happened. two days in the lives of a young william and the people in his life.

Notes: I meant to post this about a month ago (the reason why will become apparent if you read) but deadlines are hard, especially self-imposed ones.

Length: about 4,500 words

Will awakens abruptly, sensing someone in the room with him. He twists his head around to face the doorway. “Mr. Skinner.” He blinks in surprise and confusion, still disoriented with sleep.

Skinner feels a little uneasy. He and William are somewhat friendly, but he isn’t a regular babysitter, not by any means, and he doesn’t quite know how to talk to the boy. “Your parents, they had to run an errand,” he explains. “I’m going to take you to summer school today.”

William’s parents’ instructions for how to deal with Mr. Skinner are complicated. On the one hand, he is expected to be extra well-behaved and respectful (the only other people he has to call “Mr.” are teachers), but on the other, his dad once said that if he ever gets a bad feeling about him, he should “kick him in the ‘nads and run like hell.” His mom later agreed, then taught him the proper technique for such an action, and also that the better term is “genitals.” They still have regular self-defense nights, which William loves, because he gets to beat up on his mom and dad, and they always have ice cream afterwards.

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Hi! I really like your Headcanons! I was wondering if you could make a head canon with RFA + Saeran trying to find a way to celebrate MC's birthday who isn't very ecstatic about it because her family couldn't afford to celebrate it? Idk it's up to you if you'd like to make it.


  • He was the kid to have the most normal birthday parties out of everyone in the RFA when he was a kid. 
  • When he was little he’d have all of his friends over and they’d have a themed party with lots of balloons
  • By the time he was in high school it was a smaller group of friends coming over to play games and have an excuse to eat cake. 
  • By the time he was a senior in high school, it was a group of his friends, and his family, and instead of presents, he asked for donations to be given to a charity, an idea which he and Rika had come up with together when he was volunteering with her after school 
  • Learning that MC wasn’t excited for their birthday was a bit confusing for him since, even though most of the other RFA members treated him like a baby, he’d always genuinely enjoyed his birthday and celebrating those of the people he was closed to and when he realized that they’d never been able to celebrate it, he was already coming up with ideas of how to give them a great birthday 
  • It would end up being at Seven’s bunker, simply because both Rika’s apartment and his own were too small to have the entire RFA over comfortably. 
  • He’d managed to pull it together enough that everyone brought MC a gift and that there was cake and snacks honey buddha chips and PhD Pepper
  • There wasn’t really a lot planned out, but MC had a lot of fun, just realizing how much effort Yoosung and the rest of the RFA had put into this for her. 


  • When she’d been little, she used to have good birthdays with her parents and her friends, but she definitely hadn’t done much for her birthday in the past few years 
  • Still, learning that MC had really never done anything for their birthday… 
  • She immediately set to work planning out a decent party, especially since MC was normally the one planning the RFA’s parties, it was the least they could do for her, so they quickly planned out, finding a place that would work (Seven’s Bunker) as well as a guest list, which consisted of MC’s friends, close family members, and the RFA 
  • She’d be the one to make the cake and other sweets and drinks for everyone 
  • Even if it wouldn’t be a very fancy or expensive party, they’d be surrounded by people that cared about them 


  • His birthdays as a kid were always a rather public and formal affair 
  • He was expected to be kind and polite and smile when friends and coworkers of his father greeted him and gave him gifts. 
  • He also never really had any friends as a kid, so most of the parties were really quite dull, more of event that his father would enjoy and he would be forced to tolerate 
  • The only friend he really had that would come to those parties was V and normally they’d end up sneaking away
  • Jumin’s dad would likely know how boring the parties were for his son and would conveniently not notice him sneaking off 
  • V’s presents were probably the only ones he really looked forward to each year. 
  • He wanted MC to have more than that, and learning that their experience with birthdays was both a good and a bad thing to him, because at least they hadn’t had a terribly negative experience with their birthday, but also they hadn’t had any good ones either 
  • The party would be small, just the RFA and would be a much more comfortable event than his birthdays when he was a kid 
  • It wouldn’t be rigidly planned out or themed, just a group of friends getting together to celebrate MC’s birthday 


  • He didn’t have birthday parties as a kid much. 
  • His brother used to try and do things for him when they were little, but it quickly became the opinion of his parents that it was only helping to boost his ego and that he didn’t need that extra attention 
  • He wasn’t the best in school and his parents agreed with each other that he shouldn’t be rewarded for not trying hard enough in his classes and for his ridiculous dreams of being an actor 
  • After he dropped out of school and ran away from home, he didn’t really have many friends or the money to have a party, and especially with when his birthday was, most people didn’t even believe that it was his birthday in his first place, instead believing it to be just another lame April Fools Day joke
  • He’d want to make sure that MC had a better experience with their birthday than him so he’d mark the date on his calendar and be sure to get it off from work to spend the day with them 
  • Unlike the rest of the RFA, planning a huge party for MC probably wouldn’t be his thing, especially without having had a big party of his own before or anything to base it off of
  • Instead they’d just enjoy a lazy day at home, sleeping late, him making them breakfast, and watching movies all afternoon 


  • He’d never had a birthday party. 
  • Not when they were kids, living in their mother’s house and not with the agency, but he of course knew about birthday parties and learning that MC hadn’t had one either just wouldn’t do 
  • He’d start planning early, but, being given a lot of time to plan was never a good thing for him 
  • He’d think too much, come up with too many plans. 
  • The party would start off at his place, with a banner, balloons, gifts, and food, but that wouldn’t be the end of their birthday at all. 
  • Next would come the group trip to play laser tag, because that was something that kids normally did on their birthdays, right? 
  • After that the rest of the RFA would leave and they’d end up watching a movie, but he still wasn’t done with what he’d planned for their birthday. He had years birthdays to make up for, after all, so he took them out, away from the city to watch the stars until they were both ready to go home. 


  • He’d know almost nothing about birthdays or parties. 
  • He wasn’t even sure why the day that you were born was supposed to be something special, but he asked the members of the RFA to be sure before coming up with an idea 
  • He couldn’t stand the idea of a big party and MC helping him through a panic attack was about as far from the ideal birthday as you could get
  • He’d instead plan something simple
  • He’d want to do something small and preferably at home, so he’d make them breakfast and bring it to them in bed before they watched MC’s favorite movie 
  • after that he’d reluctantly agree to leave the house at which point he’d take them out for ice cream, because honestly, who doesn’t like ice cream and they both liked going out for ice cream together and they’d go to the park nearby to eat it before going back home
  • it definitely wouldn’t be grand or dramatic, but it was very sweet and very Saeran and it definitely was the best birthday MC had ever had. 
Until Dawn Headcannons
  • Update #2
  • Matt: To me he seems like the kind of guy who adores Marvel/DC/ Superhero movies. Why? I have no idea. But I can't help but imagine him at Halloween being the most excited (behind Josh of course) and just dressing up as whatever superhero he can think of. Ever since he was a child he's been doing it and can even talk the others into joining him in a group costume sort of thing. (Ex: Mike as Batman, Matt as Robin, Emily as Catwoman, Jessica as Harley Quinn, Josh as The Joker, Chris as Riddler, and Ashley as Poison Ivy) On his Tumblr is ALL SUPERHEO stuff. Not even kidding either. (Some can be other funny stuff, but mostly Superheros.) He reblogs a lot of Chris' stuff and Jessica's.
  • Bonus: Total dog person. Power bottom. Tall (5'11)
  • Chris: We all know Chris is a huge nerdy boy who can't get off his phone to save his life. So I think he has a Tumblr (Let's say they all do actually). He's the one who secretly has one, no one knows he has one, but they all follow him without realizing it and always try to talk him into getting one so they all can follow him. He just rolls his eyes and says 'Maybe some time bro.' And they never once find out he has one. On this he reblogs the shit out nerdy stuff he likes (Video games, TV shows, Movies, etc.) and a lot of relationship bull crap that he insists is he thinks is stupid but has a secret love for corny/cheesey things and because of this blog he reblogs a LOT of it.
  • Bonus: He is SO a Dog Person. And I could see him a bit on the chubbier side, just not like, huge. Tall (6'2)
  • Josh: Just like Matt he adores Halloween, maybe a bit more than Matt. By a bit more I mean he goes crazy when it comes to decorating and his entire house becomes one huge haunted house every year and he pays people to actually hide around his huge house and scare people in the middle of one of his infamous Halloween parties. Sometimes he gets so into decorating that he actually forgets to dress up once October 31st comes and goes to get a last minute costume that he always somehow, in such little time, makes look fabulous, even more than Chris's which is usually just cardboard on his chest and he calls himself a knight, so it's easy to outdo him. Hard to outdo Jessica and Emily though, they both go all out. Josh's Tumblr is just full of Halloween shit all year round with the occasional favorite TV show posts/Couples. (Hannigram 5ever)
  • Bonus: He is SO a Cat Person. And I can see him being slighter taller and thin. Also; Power Bottom/Top. Tall (6'4)
  • Jessica: We all know that Jessica is the Queen B, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, all that. SO of COURSE she would have an Instagram. I mean seriously, if we follow along with the stereotype she DEF has one. But! Her Instagram is a bit. . .different. I feel like Jessica is a cosplayer and actually enjoys dressing up like her favorite characters, doing make tutorials, all of that. I can see her being the Fangirl of the group and swooning over ships and head cannons and whatever the new trend is on Tumblr or Twitter. And she sends Emily Anon love all the time without revealing who she is.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Average (5'6)
  • Emily: 4.0 Bitch. She is a know an all, as we can see in the game. But I have a feeling she is actually a bit insecure but tries to hide it by false confidence and knows that she isn't the best but is always trying her hardest. (Strict parents, perhaps?) She constantly posts on her Twitter and Tumblr new fashion ideas and life hacks which Jessica reblogs the hell out of. She reblogs the hell out of Jessica's make up tutorials all the time and always puts a heart in the tags.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Ashley: Ah yes, the girl I wish I didn't relate to but I do. Except I'm way funnier just sayin'. She is a writer as said in the game. So I can imagine her, Sam and Jessica getting along famously, all three of them work together on a lot of projects and Ashley, being the writer will write fanfictions for Jessica and have Sam illustrate them for her. Her Tumblr is full of fanfics, reblogs of her favorite couples, and art Sam has done for her fanfics.
  • Bonus: Cat person, Short (5'2).
  • Sam: I can see her being an artist, and she, like Ashley and Jessica, absolutely adore shipping and head cannons of all sorts and will always read Ashley's work and reblog them for her followers to see and then she normally illustrates the hell out of whatever couple Ashley had written about. And of course she also posts vegan recipes and how to keep healthy and selfies of her climbing trips. On another 'secret' blog of hers (Josh totally found it) She draws pictures of her friends in different couplings, her favorites to draw are Josh/Chris and Ashley/Her. When Josh found that blog she threatened to beat him up if he ever tells anyone about it. (Chris secretly found it and using his fake blog loves to reblog the stuff)
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Average height (5'5)
  • Mike: I can totally see Mike being a theater buff, fighting for the role to play as Romeo in the school reenactment of Romeo and Juliet (Whom of which he always gets Jessica to try out for) I can see his Tumblr being full of nerdy/cute things from famous plays and characters in those plays. He reblogs the shit out of Matt's stuff and without realizing it, Chris' stuff. He sends Josh a lot of prank ideas as well which of course he helps Josh with to do to the girls and/or Chris.
  • Bonus: Cat person. (idk why. . .it fits) Tall (6'6)
  • Beth: I can see her as more of the athletic type of girl. She is always trying out for the school teams and has done every sport there is. She's not the biggest fan of Halloween but loves to see Josh so excited about it. (Though when he hides skeletons everywhere and screams SKELETON WAR she hates his guts.) Her Tumblr is just full of sport life hacks and how to keep healthy. She reblogs a lot of Sam's Vegan recipe posts and Hannah's intellectual/serious posts.
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Hannah: Hannah I can being a huge nerd, but the really serious kind. Her blog is full of feminist ideals and how to be equals, she believes everyone should be treated the same not one person is better than the others. Her blog involves a lot of political ideas and how the world should be working and dissing the economy on several posts. She posts a lot of things that can actually help people and always lends a hand to her followers when asked a question. She reblogs a lot of Sam's climbing posts, and some of Josh's silly posts.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'7)
  • Mike/Ashley: Very very rare pairing. But I believe the two of the mare actually pretty good friends behind everyone's backs and Mike constantly compliments Ashley's writings or acting skills when she helps him practice while everyone else is busy or doesn't want to deal with his over dramatic crap. It's a platonic relationship, they go out for coffee a lot and listen to one another go on and on about their days, actually listening to one another.
  • Sam/Ashley: I ship it, everyone should ship it. My head cannon for these two would be that they are constantly bickering about something small and everyone always makes them make up and kiss/hug. Samantha has the biggest crush on Ashley but because Ashley supposedly likes Chris she backs off a bit and just fantasizes and draws. Ashley of course likes her back and wishes that she could tell her but her parents are homophobic and she's too scared to come out. Sam's parents know that she is a lesbian and accept her for who she is.
  • Chris/Josh: For these two I can see them accidentally being together. Everyone actually believes the two of them are together and every time they try to get with a girl the girls asks 'Why?' and 'Aren't you with Josh/Chris?' which confuses the fuck out of these two babies but they insist they're not but no one believes them. I can see them just lying around, drinking, playing video games and sneaking kisses to one another every once in awhile, always insisting no homo until one day it goes full homo. Also, they are both meme loving shits and scream JOHN CENA to one another all the time, or whatever the most famous famous meme is at the time. (Josh walked around with a 'Promblem?' mask on for 3 months until Sam finally ripped it off of his face and destroyed it.)
  • Mike/Josh: These two are constantly pranking one another, there is no boundary and sometime they can hurt each other from the prank but they do it all in fun, neither of them are upset with the other, they just try to find a way to one up one another. I can see the two of them hanging out and actually comparing problems and helping one another solve them and being really good friends.
  • Matt/Mike: 'If I had to choose a dude' Is what Mike likes to call Matt, making the other boy always glare and flip him off while Mike whispers 'I love you' to him. I feel like they'd have a great back and forth to one another and always keep each other on their toes, always waiting for the lighthearted insults from the other. I can see the two of them being the douchebags at parties that jump off the roof into the pool while holding hands and then complaining about things together. (Ex: Emily, Girls in general)
  • Mike/Jessica: Like in the game Mike cares more about Jessica than anything it seems and would do anything for her, but I see them more in a brotherly love way? Like, I adore them together but I can also see them just acting like brother/sister. Still one of OTPs, but I can see them like that. Mike constantly gives Jess flowers and candies and snuggles with her whenever she asks or is in the mood and just worships every part of her like he would die without it, emotionally and physically. I can also see him being the one to fix her hair if she's tired or there's no mirror around for her to fix it herself.
  • Mike/Sam: Even though they are different in almost every way I can so see them together or (like Jessica) in a brother/sister type way. I adore this pairing as well and like them in any way really. I can see the two of them making plans to go climbing together and do dangerous stunts that the others are too chickenshit to try. They secretly cuddle when the other is feeling vulnerable and feel like it's something personal that the other's shouldn't know about and are content. None of it ruins anything so they don't see the point. They care about each other's well being.
  • Josh/Sam: These two I have a small head cannon for; They are best friends due to Hannah, meeting they instantly hit it off and Josh may hold some feelings for her but she has told him on various occasions she thinks of him like a brother. He doesn't mind. She realizes they have a connection, but knows it would never work due to her feelings for Ashley and Josh's for Chris.
  • Chris/Sam: These two of course joke around constantly and are always pushing each other's buttons and making terrible jokes (mostly on Sam's end) and are the people who can go from playful to serious in an instant during their conversations. They sometimes talk about deep, personal matters that Chris tries to shy away from but Sam pulls him right back in, knowing this was important for both of them and in the end they leave feeling relieved and thankful for the other.

Title: a kitchen sink and idle hands

Pairing: RoyalChaos

Rating: T

Summary: Even broken things have worth, sometimes.

Notes: asexual!steven, there’s a little bit of angst and a lot of denial, ze and chilled both sleep around a lot

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(pt 1) What is your impression of the overall relationship between the turtles in the 2012 and 2k3 series? I've seen some say that in the 2k3 series, the brothers were more open, affectionate, and mature with each other, while in the 2012 series they act a bit more like kids with more teasing and roughhousing, but that the "closeness" that the brothers had in the 2k3 series isn't there in the new show and they don’t feel like they care about each other as much.

(pt 2) In fact, I’ve even seen it postulated that 2012Don especially feels isolated from the rest of his brothers, which is why he has more of a temper, is a bit more full of himself, and was so eager to spend time with April and Timothy, since he couldn’t get that sense of belonging within his family. Would you agree with this? Or would you say it’s just a difference in characterization, and the bros are just as close in both series, just in different ways because of their personality changes?

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while trying to figure out how to come at it, and it’s a strange one because sometimes there are things that are pretty much set it stone with no other interpretations, and sometimes it really all depends on the lens through which you view it, and I think there’s a large element of the latter that comes into play when people are looking at the relationships between the boys across incarnations.

The way that I see it (and YMMV and that’s okay too) is that the 2K3 and 2K12 (and, for that matter, the 2K7 and 2K14 brothers) are equally close, but they’re close differently.  The 2k3 brothers didn’t fight nearly as much as the 2012 brothers, but for all they were undeniably close, they also aren’t as physically demonstrative of that closeness as the 2012 brothers.  They have moments, sure, but not nearly as commonplace as 2012. The 2012 boys aren’t afraid to touch one another. They hug, they kiss, they comfort through physical contact more often than words. The closeness manifests differently. That, incidentally, was one of the things I really loved about the 2k14 movie. For all its issues (and boy howdy, did it have issues), the relationship between the brothers was different in many ways from any of the other incarnations, but it still really, really worked. It may not be my favourite, but I love it because it’s something different and wonderful in its own way. Like, I love bacon more than I probably should, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a salad occasionally too, which can also be delicious, even if it’s not bacon.

…I should not do introspection when I’m hungry. 

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First Kiss
  • Ashton: Another party thrown at your house. Another night of your brother dragging you into everything even though all you want to do was leave and find somewhere away from your house where you could read in peace. Not tonight. Never in fact. You are pulled out of your book by your brother calling your name. You look up and see the bottle in the center of the circle pointing at you. "I'm not even playing," you tell your brother. It wasn't a lie. You are sitting on the very edge of the whole party, curled up with a book in your lap and your headphones on, trying to drown everything out. "Rules are rules, sis. And you're at this party. Into the closet you go," he tells you. You start to protest, but he's so much larger than you and just drags you to the closet, shoving you inside. You don't even know who you're in here with. This game was some hellish mixture of Spin-the-Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, just what you needed. You feel a hand reach out to you, settling on your arm. You jump at the sudden contact. "Hey, hey, relax. We don't have to do anything if you don't want to. I'm Ashton, by the way," the guy says. Your breath catches in your throat. Your brother had shoved you in here because he knew you had a massive crush on Ash. You stutter out your name and he chuckles. "Figures. Your brother knows I think you're pretty," he tells you. "You think I'm what?" Your voice cracks at the end. "Pretty. I think you're pretty and different. You've always got a book in your hands and your cute little glasses on and you're never actually part of our parties. You just, you fascinate me and I never thought you'd ever speak to anyone, let alone me, and I'm rambling now, so I'll stop." You don't know how to respond to his confession. "Ashton?" you ask, deciding on a response. "Yeah?" he responds. You reach out for him, finding his neck in the dark, pulling him close to your body. He understands and his lips find yours in the dark, your first of many, many, many kisses.
  • Calum: Your head is on his lap as a stupid movie plays in the background. Your best friend is finally back from months on tour and you both are too busy catching up to watch a movie. "So, any new guys I need to beat up?" he asks casually. "Or are you still into that guy you said wouldn't give you the time of day?" You laugh and sigh before saying, "Still into that guy." Calum rolls his eyes and tells you, "Either man up and tell him or let it go. He's definitely too thick. You're great. He'll definitely go for you." You bite your lip, thinking if you should actually take his advice. After all, Calum is the guy you are hung up on. If that's what he'd want, you figure you should do just that. You sit up, facing him on the couch. "Cal, I love you," you say simply. "Love you too," he chuckles. "Do you want to restart the movie? I mean, neither one of us were really watching it." You let out a frustrated groan before saying, "No, Calum, I'm in love with you. You're the guy I'm hung up on." His eyes goes wide as they move to look at you. He swallows hard and whispers, "You're not serious." Your breaths start to become shaky because you're sure you just ruined over ten years of friendship in two sentences. "I'm serious," you say. Without hesitation, his lips crash against yours. You gasp in surprise, giving him an opportunity to slide his tongue between your lips. He pushes you back on the couch as his tongue moves expertly against yours. He's now hovering over you on the couch as your hands run up and down his chest. "I've wanted you to say that for over a year," he whispers against your throat where his lips now rest. You laugh, running one of your hands through his hair. You gasp in surprise when you feel his teeth dig into your skin. "Calum," you breathe out. "You're mine now," he whispers in your ear. "I'm making sure everyone else knows that."
  • Luke: You laugh at Luke attempting to sing in falsetto to the song playing on the radio. He laughs when he hears you laugh. You can't wipe the smile off your face when your laughter dies down. This has been the best first date of your life. A drive-in movie with a beautiful, funny, talent boy who knew to bring Sour Patch Kids and liked cuddling. Dates didn't get much better than that. You, despite your mother always telling you to never, ever, ever kiss on the first date, hope he will kiss you when he drops you off. You know you're falling for this boy, dangerously fast, but you're not going to stop yourself and you're pretty sure he isn't stopping either. When he pulls up to your house, he surprisingly gets out before you and opens your door for you. He walks you to your front step, still making you laugh with his bad jokes. "I had a great time tonight," you tell him as you reach your front porch. "Really? Good, because so did I," Luke tells you. "Can I see you again tomorrow?" You laugh at his eagerness. "Tomorrow? Aren't we rushing things?" He hesitates before he starts rambling, "Do you not want to see me tomorrow? I mean, that's okay if you don't, but I want to see you tomorrow. Hell, I don't want to stop seeing you tonight. You're just really pretty and funny and smart and so damn amazing and I'm not good enough for you, but I just don't care anymore. I really want to kiss you too, but I know I shouldn't since it's only our first date-" You cut him off by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him down to your level, your lips connecting with his for the first time. He doesn't hesitate to pull your closer, his hands on your hips. You part when you hear the front door open. Your dad is standing there with a disapproving look. You knew he wouldn't like Luke: skinny jeans, lip piercing, in a band. He was your father's nightmare, but he was your dream that was quickly becoming a reality. "Call me?" you tell him. "Oh, definitely," he smiles at you. He nods and waves awkwardly to your father before retreating to his car, your lips still tingling where they met his.
  • Michael: You are sitting next to Michael, Wii remote in your hands and another in his. "Let's make a bet," he tells you. "You win, I have to do something you want me to do. I win, you have to do something I want you to do." You frown and say, "My clothes are staying on, Clifford." He laughs and says, "I promise. It won't be like that." You sigh and give in, making the deal. It's absolutely no surprise when he completely destroys you in Mario Kart. You're terrible at it anyway, let alone playing Michael, who is pretty much the master of Mario Kart. When he wins, you turn to him and say, "What am I doing, Michael? What terrible thing do I have to eat or tweet?" He sighs as he takes the remote from your hands and sets it on the table with his. "I'm not going to make you doing anything. I'm going to ask," he says. "May I kiss you right now?" Your eyes go wide in shock. "You're actually asking?" you choke out. Michael nods softly and says, "I don't know, okay? I'm bad at this romantic stuff. You just, you mean a lot to me and I don't want to screw this up at all." You can't stop the smile forming across your face as you lean in closer to him before pressing your lips to his, shocking him with how forward you're being. He immediately takes over control of the kiss, but doesn't take it too far. When he pulls away, you pout softly. "What?" he asks you, a chuckle in his voice as he speaks. "Why did you stop?" you reply. "Because I'm an idiot," he sighs before kissing you again. This time he deepens the kiss, making you tangle your fingers in his crazy hair as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his body. "My girlfriend," he mumbles when you finally pull away. "That wasn't a question, but I say yes anyway," you laugh, making him laugh with you.