though it doesnt really matter

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i really like your blog but i was kinda disappointed to see that stuff about ace people... they're part of the community regardless of whether or not they're discriminated... and also tbh there are a lot of sexualities that simply don't get as much hate because they're not well known... as for ace people - I literally had a teacher tell my class this week that "being asexual or aromantic - those people are sick, you can't be those things and be healthy... it's an illness"... decide what you will

oh my god. Look. Okay, this is all I’m going to say on the matter:

being anything and everything outside of a cis heterosexual person is not like a free pass to the lgbt community. okay, I am an Ace person, I am ace. I am asexual. and people talking about aph*bia on here KILL ME, because at the end of the day being ace does not mean you’re lgbt. someone saying that- doesn’t mean they hate ace people?? It doesn’t! why is that so upsetting to hear? being straight ace doesn’t mean you’re lgbt, it means you’re straight ace, Why are straight ace people so Desperate to call themselves specifically LGBT??, like whats wrong with calling yourself straight ace?, 

I don’t care if you’re disappointed to see it on my blog, unfollow my blog, because I stand by this. Being straight ace doesn’t make you lgbt. And if someone who is lgbt tells someone who is straight ace that being straight ace doesn’t make them lgbt then honestly why should that bother them in the first place like?? Doesn’t mean you’re not ace? Doesn’t mean you haven’t possibly faced your own forms of exclusion as someone who is ace?? It just means you aren’t lgbt??? Why are these people so desperate to call themselves lgbt??

listen to me. being asexual IS valid. It is different and I am ace myself, I know that in being ace a person can be faced with various forms of exclusion and even manners of oppression in regards to that but that relates specifically to being asexual and it does not make someone lgbt.

the post I reblogged highlighted the fact that being asexual has never been punishable by law anywhere in the world at any given time. and that’s just true. that’s a true statement. there’s nothing wrong with wanting your identity to be accepted and understood and validated and recognized for what it is. but maybe let’s stop trying to identify it as something that it’s not??

Brasher is exclusively into violent entertainment. 

don't get me wrong I hate most of the deh fandom as much as the next person

they are allowed to Stop At Any Time with the shipping evan and connor or jared because he’s canonically in love with zoe and connor is dead. and the comics and animatics get old but it doesn’t really bother me that much. most of the fandom is really sweet and soft and they really love and appreciate the cast who have worked so hard for the recognition they get. I love that everyone appreciates memes and audio edits and that no one takes themselves too seriously. also,, so many good writers in this fandom im not even joking

Fun story

In my art class last year we had an assignment where we had to paint a landscape. It’s simple enough for me and I had fun with it but there were kids in my class that didnt want to be in that class and didnt like painting. So by the end of the class when mostly everyone was done, I look over to a table near me where three different people had painted the same thing. All three of them had copied a landscape painting of mine that my teacher had put on the wall a few days before. All three of them.

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So. Everyone says its a downside that the game is from game grumps? But- I'm not someone who plays games a lot and I'd never heard of them before... What's the deal?

game grumps is a popular youtube channel that plays video games. the negativity is because, in the past, theyve made some racist/lgbtphobic/misogynist jokes (i cabt remember). it was a long time ago and theyve been trying to not do that anymore. i have a biased opinion because im a fan of the game grumps.

it doesnt really matter though because, as ive stated twice before, they only provided a workspace, funding, and voice acting.

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I totally understand what you mean with the whole sex thing, but you have to remember that when you're about to have sex with someone they don't care that you are soft! When the mood is right and everything, they don't care, because they're just really keen on having sex with you and wont be thinking about how u are a little bit softer than in the pictures. That really doesn't matter! Trust me.

I know, I’m trying to get myself to remember that. you are right though, if someone really wants that it probably doesnt matter. I’m just incredibly self conscious when it comes to that

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How to attract an Aquarius?

Intelligence, humour, uniqueness, not being too clingy and as much as Aquas might not admit it, neat appearance plays a part. Once they like you though it doesnt really matter if you arent looking 💯 all the time

the only starfox game i actually played was the 3ds port, and that was for all but two days before i realized i was horrible at it and could only get one ending every time

but i wanted to draw him anyways(inaccurately, probably)

so i guess i still love you.

i mean it’s hard to just not

can you ever stop loving someone you once talked about the future with?

i just know i cant stop thinking of you non-stop

whether young or old it doesnt really matter

though i do know im a little bit tattered

im like an old flag out on the post

cant throw me away but also cant boast

im a little garbage now because you took a little piece of me

i cant get that piece back

though i ask myself again, do i even want it back?


I’m gonna go on a little rant here about my own experience in high school.

I spent my first two years of high school trying to fit in. It never worked. First off, I’m not a follower. I’m a leader. I do my own thing and dont really care what other people think about it. I didnt realize that until my junior year.

That’s probably something that stuck with me after I was bullied in middle school. Back then, my dad told me that because i’m a leader and not a follower those girls in middle school thought it was totally okay to bully me into not having friends or letting me feel accepted. I’m still dealing with the psychological residuals from that last one. How’s that for a mentally scarring private Christan school experience? Lol.

Fitting in has never been something I liked doing. I always wanted to be myself. I always do my own thing. And through that i’ve gained friendships that I value so much and I can never say how thankful I am for their friendship.. which is another thing I’ve always struggled with because of how I am.. i’ve learned to overcome that though. Not every friend i make will be important later. I have to let go of those who don’t make me happy, who stress me out, etc. And those who stick around after seeing who I am are those friends I want to keep forever.

You can’t let others break you down. And even if you think you can’t rise above it, you can. And know that because you can and are fully able to, others have taken advantage of the fact that you are not confident enough in yourself to rise above it.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. Just be you. It may not happen right away so don’t worry about how quickly that happens.

High school is not the end all be all of the world. High school is a four year span of puberty and hormones and figuring out which college you want to go to while trying not to lose your mind. After you graduate nothing in high school means a damn thing.
College is a fresh start, and from what I’ve learned and seen, no one truely gives a shit about what youre wearing, who you hang out with, or what idiotic thing you want to do.

So don’t worry about fitting in with the crowd. It really doesnt matter. Find something you like, though, and make friends through that.

I know Mark kinda shut himself down on his little rant there, but he’s definitely onto something. Take care of yourself and dont worry about what other people think. Their opinion doesnt matter. The only one that does, is your own. Validation is only valuable if its from the right people.

“Take the path that the weak ones demonize” is the title thing of my blog. It should make more sense now.