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illyriantremors replied to your post“Is there any chance that Damaris ( the sword of Truth ) and Azriel’s…”

I only just realized TT was a dagger and not his sword like… a week ago. Whoops.

hahaha omg, I think this is a fairly common fandom misconception though? but it’s always…confused me??? because like…well for one thing I mean he tortures people with it?? which is…kind of difficult to achieve with a sword?? but a lot of people seem to think that’s what it is and I am Confused 

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

RotBTD Epic AU - Chapter 1

Hi! This fic is largely inspired by fangirltothefullest’s and themoontalkstome-isthatnormal hijack epic au rp. I hope you enjoy reading!


Queen Rapunzel was well loved and her decisions never questioned by the inhabitants of the forest. Well, almost all of them. 

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hey hi lemme tell you a story

so back about a year ago now i saw a post on my dashboard. i can’t link to it bc i don’t think i reblogged it and i sure af didn’t tag it, and trying to find a specific post on tumblr is like trying to find a specific needle in a haystack of needles: it’s impossible and it hurts.

i remember it, though. it was a screencap of 03!envy and a caption along the lines of “it’s been 10 years and i still can’t tell if envy’s a guy or a girl.”

^ i’m like 33% sure it was this screencap but if not it was something similar. i didn’t care. i was intrigued anyway. I HAD TO KNOW MAN I JUST HAD TO

well, he was hot pretty and that was good enough reason for me, and more relevant to my point, i was (at the time) starting to get accustomed to how bullshit the gender binary is, so i took note of that and checked the tags on the reblogs and found out he was from fullmetal alchemist.

i watched fma03 first. i enjoyed it. then i watched brotherhood. i adored it. i still adore it. it’s amazing, and the instant this asshole showed up on the screen was the instant i sold my soul to the devil. && i regret nothing

but fangirling aside, here’s the important part, okay? okay. listen. at the time, i was still getting used to this whole “gender is a spectrum” thing and because i’d gone through 20+ years of life assuming that you were either a boy or a girl and that that was designated by what was in your pants, i was a little iffy on the whole “agender” thing. i assumed envy was male because everyone was using male pronouns, and then fma03 confirmed 03!envy’s gender as male anyway, so i was like “yeah cool, he’s a dude” and didn’t think on it any more… and, by the way, that confirmation was not a good thing. it stole that nb representation away from the series. i take issue with that for reasons that are probably obvious to y’all, since this is tumblr i’m posting on.

and then when i watched brohood, i learned that that authority of authorities hiromu arakawa herself confirmed his gender as… unconfirmed, so take that as you will, but as i got into the fandom i was exposed to way more voices about gender and sexuality (because they tend to go hand in hand, since they’re both major social issues at the forefront of public notice rn) and i discovered a veritable shitton of info about myself.

in this last year alone, i’ve discovered that i am demi-panro, ace, and easily won over by androgynous and effeminate characters because that’s how i swing, man. that’s just how i swing.

i am now 110% sure that (not-03!)envy is agender, or at least demigender, and that’s fuckin’ awesome. and he’s cute as hell and a wonderfully complex character. the writer within me aspires to create characters this deep. i just have a lot of feels

and you know what’s really killing me is that, if i hadn’t seen that post, i wouldn’t have seen fma. i wouldn’t have discovered envy and i wouldn’t have discovered so much about myself. i also wouldn’t be writing so many literary analyses or running an rp blog, either, but that’s beside the point.

so the takeaway is this:

  • noncis & nonhet representation is important as FUCK and if you believe otherwise you are wrong
  • people are constantly changing and i would totally slap 21-y/o-me in the face except nt rly bc i am not violent. i would sit her down for a longass chat tho
  • fma is a fantastic manga with two very good series && you should check it out if you haven’t already. 1000/10 would recommend before you can say “the law of equivalent exchange.”