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It looks like Cosima is Skyping with captured Sarah and Ferdinand is watching them both? I’m not really sure about the composition of that image but I’m pretty sure that’s the case??

I mean look at this:

It totally looks like the same scrubs on Sarah. So what’s the deal? Is Sarah back in Toronto (with DYAD) while Cosima is still on the island? And both can communicate with each other? Or at least Cosima with DYAD?

Oh man I’m so ready!!!!

What’s this! A wild commission appeared! 

This is for my good buddy @cinnamontoasten ! I’m sorry, I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy XV yet! ・゜・(ノД`) From what I have played though, I’m really loving it, though I think I’m still at Galdin Quay.

I wanted to try a digital background for this one. Digital media isn’t quite like watercolor haha (☞゚∀゚)☞ Also cars!! How the heck do people draw cars !!

(time spent: about 4 hours)

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I’ve seen a lot of people jaded with Legends about how they brought Snart back, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree.

But I’ve been thinking on it since watching the finale.

When we meet Len (this Len) he’s harsh, bitter, nothing of the heartily developed character we’ve been granted from the beginning of his dance with the Flash. But he has the Cold Gun. 

Confirmed in the finale when Mick takes him back to 2014, Eobard must have recruited Len just after his first encounter with Flash. I.e. After he’s derailed that god damn train, but before he reconnects with Mick.

Now, is that a coincidence?

That 2017 Mick drops Len off in 2014 and wipes his memory, and the next thing Len does canonically is find his estranged partner? Perhaps. But I like to imagine that Len’s time with the legion and with Mick more specifically, although removed from his memory, left behind a trace. A feeling. Reminded him what it was like to work and live with his partner, reminded him how much he missed him.

Because at this point in canon, Mick and Len have gone their separate ways since Mick’s incident and burns.

This also explains why (2014)Len was so openly hostile and harsh toward Mick in their moments alone together. This Len still bears all that negativity from their split, all that anger at Mick for losing control and letting the fire be more important than the job or their partnership. And also all that anger at himself.

Because this Mick, 2017 Mick, has rekindled, strengthened (and then lost) his relationship with his Snart. This Mick chooses Snart without a second thought, does as he’s told like an obedient puppy, and looks at Len like he’s made of gold dust - so precious, but like he could be lost to the wind at any second. ]

And Len hates it. He hates that this Mick has, or had, everything he himself lost. He hates himself that he let what they had go. He hates Mick for making him feel… well. Anything at all. Because he’s spent so long distancing himself from his partner - his partner who has stood by him for three decades.

Dropped back in his own timeline and memory wiped, Snart’s anger still bubbles. But he has a new target, now, a fun one. The Flash hasn’t seen the worst of him yet, and Snart can’t wait to show him. Only this time, he won’t be alone.

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tumblr does let you search multiple tags at once! how you do it is putting the first tag then the second one with a # before it E.x "Pastel #stim"

I’m. My mind is blown to pieces. Since the heck when did they start letting you do that?? And how have I not heard about it?? Am I still in the same universe?? fjkdsjgkgfg

Well, that aside, I sure am glad that’s a thing! Even though I didn’t know until now, better late than never ! ^^;;

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i've been trying to be very conscious when editing bill's skin on edits, but i'm still not sure about it, could you give examples of edits that have done it right?

@akajustmerry, as a white person, I don’t feel particularly qualified to answer this. Would you maybe have the time to link to a few posts which you think are coloured well?

imagine a modern au where eponine sits next to cosette in class and one day marius asks eponine to give a cosette a note that says “i really like you. do you wanna go out sometime?”. but before eponine gets a chance to say that it’s from marius cosette’s face just lights up with amazing smile - the prettiest smile eponine has ever seen, and something inside of her warms and it’s like the rest of the world fades away till it’s just her and cosette with her beautiful smile. eponine is vaguely aware of marius sputtering and tugging at her shirt and whispering “tell her it’s from me you idiot” but she can’t. she can’t form any words until cosette says “sure. where do you wanna go?” and she hears herself say “i could take you out to a movie? then we could grab a bite after, if you’re up for it”, but it’s like she’s seeing herself from afar, like she’s being dragged down a river by the current except she doesn’t mind it. not at all. she tries to pay attention to class but she can’t stop smiling at her notepaper and when she walks out for a lunch she isn’t even sure if she just had math or biology. cosette bumps into her on her way out the door and slips her the note back, only this time it has her phone number scribbed on it. “text me when to meet you tonight,” she says and then she’s gone. “you’re the worst friend ever” marius says, but follows eponine into the cafeteria anyway, muttering about betrayal the whole way. he’ll forgive her eventually though, eponine is sure of that. still, she gives him her chocolate pudding just to be safe. then she texts cosette.

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you talk a lot more about papyrus as a child than sans, probably because he's still a kid and there's more to remember while it's happening, but I wanna hear more about sans as a kid! as your first kid, I'm sure he came with a lot of surprises!

-“You’re right! I don’t talk about Sans’ childhood often. He’s more private about his life than I am, and he doesn’t always want me talking about things like this. 

He allowed me to show off these pictures though! Isn’t he the sweetest son anyone could of asked for?”

RotBTD Epic AU - Chapter 1

Hi! This fic is largely inspired by fangirltothefullest’s and themoontalkstome-isthatnormal hijack epic au rp. I hope you enjoy reading!


Queen Rapunzel was well loved and her decisions never questioned by the inhabitants of the forest. Well, almost all of them. 

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I thought you weren't into Destiel, how come you reblogged that suburban destiel gifset?? what's going on??

you’re right! i hate destiel. i still do. that hasn’t changed.

but that dadstiel au gifset was hilarious and awesome. it was too funny to ignore just because i hate the ship. 

kudos to rockandrollchick for making a destiel post so funny that i had to reblog it. 

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Sometimes I think really deeply about Rage status in Persona. I mean, just consider it. There are so many ways it could be spun. Imagine, instead of its usual effect, your best friend turns on you and looks at you with an expression of hatred, not even recognizing you, and has animalistic fury in their eyes.

For an example, let’s say Yosuke and Souji. Yosuke gets hit with Rage. He immediately goes after Souji, not even seeming to think about what he’s trying to do to his precious partner. He doesn’t snap out of it until he’s slammed Souji onto the floor, kunai jabbed so close to his face that it’s a wonder they aren’t stabbing him straight up…I don’t think he’d even be able to forgive himself after that. Sure, it was a status effect. But he still nearly badly hurt his best friend. Might even avoid Souji for a while.

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I'm going to write some fanfiction soon but there's one thing I can't figure out: Anders and Dorian. How would they react to each other? I've spent a long time thinking about it but I can't decide if they'd hate each other or love each other. Maybe a bit of a love/hate thing going on? Best friends maybe? They have a lot in common really but still their personalities are so different so... I reaaaaally can't make my mind up on this one

Anders and Dorian… I always thought they’d actually get along quite well. I imagine the initial bits of the relationship would be Anders excitedly asking him how great it is to live somewhere where mages aren’t demonized just for being what they are, while Dorian would have the fun job of informing him that no, it’s really not that great, and yes, most of them do use blood magic and it’s all very bad, oh and if you happen to be a noble and aren’t exactly what everyone expects you to be, you’re fucked too. And then Anders would basically have his hopes crushed that no, the Chantry doesn’t just spread these tales as propaganda, and oh shit, the elf might actually have been right about something.

Dorian might get testy over the ‘blowing up a Chantry bit’, but that could lead to some chilling conversation as to what it really takes to change your homeland for the better. Because they do have the desire to for positive change in common, except that Anders has already paid the price it took to actually do it. Dorian hasn’t yet. He still has a lot of idealism left, so that might be something Anders would end up teaching him. Because if you really want change, you have to be willing to do what’s necessary to achieve it. Sometimes you can’t succeed if you’re not willing to do something drastic.

I’m also not sure how Dorian would feel about Justice. There’s not much info on how Tevinter views possession by benevolent spirits, but I can’t imagine they view it as this horrible, evil thing. I think Dorian would be accepting, but still a bit wary. He may even know something about it that could help Anders’ and Justice’s situation, given that he’s exceptionally well-read. The part of Anders that is Justice might also give Dorian a quite the tongue-lashing (not dirty) over the whole slavery-apologist thing, however.

They do have some things in common though, such as using sass as a coping mechanism. The combined dark sarcasm of those two just might envelope the world before the breach does. I could also see Anders helping Dorian deal with being an outcast (he’s been one basically his entire life, after all), and joining him in the outrage against his father’s reaction to his sexuality. And it would help Dorian to see a man who is completely unashamed of his sexuality, even if they aren’t the same kind of 'deviant’. If this is an AU where Anders isn’t with Hawke, they could even get together in some sense, and it wouldn’t be a terribly unhealthy relationship. Dorian is the only Inquisition companion I could see him theoretically working with.

Overall, I think they’d get along pretty well. Perhaps not best friends ever, because there’s a few things to be touchy over, but Dorian tends to be fairly open-minded given his background. They’d have a few common things to bond over, and I could see them engaging in debate rather than yelling at each other when they do disagree. Dorian would totally mock his whole feather pauldrons thing though, which would probably be hilarious.