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The K2 Episode 8 Preview

Reaction: Waking them up


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*ready af*

Bobby would be confused at first because he was just in his dreams a second ago and now he’s being tortured so early in the morning. After realizing the situation, he would pull you closer immediately and laugh while kissing you. Bobby prefers to tease you and make you hot so he would switch your positions and do the same thing to you to make you long for him.


*from the outside*


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*smirks* *smiles like an idiot* *can’t control face* *happy weird creepy dance*

Hanbin would really like the situation and just enjoy what you’re doing. He couldn’t control his face and just smile like a goof, showing how much he actually likes it. He would of course just pull you closer and continue the little session, now from both sides and not only yours.


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*blushes* “ooh what are you– ohhhh..”

Chanwoo wouldn’t realize what is happening first and just look at you with his round eyes. He would feel a little hot then and blush when he sees what you’re doing which he actually pretty likes but can’t show at first. He would be rather passive and let you do but after a while switch the roles.


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“ohh what kind of special day is today?” *getting ready*

Jinhwan would be half-asleep first, drowsily telling you that he wants to continue sleeping. After kissing him though, he would realize what is happening and totally enjoy your actions. After being awake, he would tease you at first by asking you questions and not letting you kiss him properly but switch your positions right then because he wants to do the same to you.

- moyo

I Love Sara Lance

And you should too.

(This post was inspired by something my mother pointed out while we were watching S2E1 of Legends Of Tomorrow)

Sara Lance is a great character for multiple reasons. 

She’s a strong female character. She’s trained and deadly, and cares deeply for her friends. 

She also isn’t afraid of showing emotions; she cries, she laughs, she kills, and she feels. She isn’t a stereotype, she is a well developed (developing) character. 

Not only that but she’s an openly bisexual character. 

She has had sexual and romantic relationships with both men and women. She deals with her partners well and is a very supportive partner. 

There are many more reasons to love Sara that I’m not mentioning because this was all a build up to my main point:

Sara Lance fulfills the trope of the Badass-Ladies-Man. Or in this case, woman. 

This character trope is usually filled by a man, sometimes he’s straight and sometimes he isn’t. But he always gets the love interest. (Captain Jack Harkness, James Bond, Tony Stark, Face Man, Captain James T. Kirk,  Any Male Main Character from Any Action Movie Ever!) 

This character trope is finally filled by a wonderful woman: Sara Lance. 

And we couldn’t have asked for a better woman to fill the role. 

The Pearl “Sworn By the Sword” debate also makes me think of well-intentioned parents who teach us inaccurate or even unhealthy things growing up. That is abuse in some cases–but only when the teachings reinforce or establish a dysfunctional, abusive dynamic between parent and child (even when unintentional, that is abuse), but in many cases, parents may simply teach us things that are wrong or unhealthy that don’t result in or stem from abuse. 

One example I can think of is how parents often teach young people that sex only happens when you “love someone very much.” That does set a lot of young people up for a faulty sex education and distorted ideas about sex, like that if they have sex with someone they must love them or if they love someone they should have sex with them. I wouldn’t consider it abuse per se, more a really unhealthy cultural norm that a lot of parents pass down to their kids.

There are loads of instances where parents mess up and teach their kids unhealthy mentalities they have internalized or that they think are best for their children. In some instances, it can be abusive, but not every wrong or unhealthy thing you teach another person, even someone you have some authority over, constitutes abuse. 

And I think people wrongfully think that when we make this distinction we’re defending teaching people unhealthy things or defending Pearl’s actions, but that’s not true. It’s one thing to acknowledge the wrong someone has done and argue against it (which both the the show itself and most of fandom did), but it’s another thing to hyper-inflate the wrongdoing that person did and misconstrue it as abuse.

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Hiiiii(: I'm a newbie to the 17 fandom and I'd like to know more about Soonseok friendship, could tell me something about them? I'd be grateful! (I've already read your post about them communicating w/o words) Thank you! ~aegi

Ok I am so sorry that you have been waiting for like.. ten days? /hides

What to say about Soonseok though? Hmmm. Well to me they are mere friendship goals. Not friendship tbh but life goals. I think actions can show much more than words so I’d just like to share some of my favorite moments with you.

(x) Look at Soonseok acting like a couple and at one point calling each other jagiya istg I get goosebumps every time

(x) Look at Soonseok being their adorable selves just casually goofying around being silly and have so much fun and tell me it doesn’t draw immediate grin on your face

(x) Look at Soonseok getting married in a Christmas play

(x) Look at Soonseok literally giving birth to their child 

(x) Look at Soonseok being weird and in own little world again and Wonwoo openly judging them

(x) And Wonwoo judging Soonseok again but this time after debute


(x) And them again being so damn epic full of inside jokes with such natural flow it brings tears to my eyes

(x) And on latest Meet&Greet look at them just having to have some kind of contact after the most simple statement said and then later on whispering because why not??

ohh hold on and just look at this I dont need to say words to explain this one

or this one

or this one

or this one


talking about making off Manse MV can we mention how Sonyoung was worhishiping Seokmin’s body? (x)

(x) or again back to Adore U era and having Soonseok singing to each other together

(x) or back to predebute days when Seokmin proposed Soonyoung with a song and … well just seE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT

(x) Soonseok dancing together

OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY MOMENTS. But ya know what you have to do? Watch this Andromeda episode. This is Soonseok bible it’s bursting with so many Soonseok moments and you can literally smell the chemistry between them and cut it with a knife and Seungkwan being so damn done with both

(x) and just talking about Soonseokwan aka my ot3 this one is so worth checking

And not to mention how in this episode Soonyoung just had to mention Seokmin few times although Seokmin wasn’t even there.

Ok I could just throw billion more moments at you but I think this is as good sum up as it can be! Once again I’m sorry for waiting if you ever need anything more you can find me here and I hope to reply much faster.

ADDITION!!! how on the world did I forget the most important thing ever

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You've got such a cool, unique and expressive drawing style! I was wondering - what's your process?

Thank you very much! Comments like this make me feel all warm and soft inside.

My drawing process depends a bit on what I’m doing but here’s a short summary of the process behind most of my FE art (with horrible mobile photos, augh! I’m much better at showing than explaining, so I decided to do a quick doodle just for this and didn’t scan all the individual stages in order to keep the work flow undisturbed.)

(Forgot to mention that I use a color pencil for this stage. My fav color is orange, because it’s a light color but still visible - as opposed to non-photo blue or yellow for example.)

(”I’ll just draw a quick action pose for demonstration of the one character whose armor I still can’t comprehend. And no need for refs either, I can pull it out of my memory. What could possibly go wrong!”)

And that’s about it in a nutshell! How much time and effort I put on each stage depends on what I’m working on, but that’s the basic gist of it. Usually I put most effort into the stage two sketch to make sure the pose has the right sense of energy, action and dynamics. The lineart stage usually takes the most time, though, as that’s when I add all the details and it requires quite a bit of brain work if I haven’t sketched them in the previous stage.

Notable Events in 1d History: March 2015
  • Louis: *Breaks up with Elanor*
  • Louis: *Has new pics released kissing another girl*
  • Zayn: *Gets photographed potentially cheating on Perrie*
  • Zayn: *Leaves tour temporarily*
  • Zayn: *Leaves entire band*
  • Fans: Okay, our worst month ever is almost over. Just one day left... What more could even happen?
  • Louis: *Drags naughty boy's ass*
  • Naughty Boy: Hi everyone zayn is going solo here's a demo

i was having an argument with a SE fan this once and I remember her using the argument that damon objectifies elena, so i asked her to prove it to me.

she used damon’s quote “i got the girl” as evidence.

to begin with, alaric said it. damon repeated it. and i don’t get how that’s objectifying someone? he never got to be truly happy with the person he loves and that’s what he’s implying. so anyway, moving on, this is what i told her. then I reminded her about when stefan said ‘my brother stole my girlfriend and my girlfriend let him’ which is much, MUCH worse as he used the word STOLE. as in the person in question has no control whatsoever over their actions or emotions.

this is what she replied:

“so what if he said that? it’s the truth.”


so if i’m going along with their theory, anything that’s said on the show is acceptable if “it’s the truth." 

didn’t damon get the girl though? it’s canon, too! which brings me to quote: "so what if he said that? it’s the truth.”

(expect what stefan said wasn’t the truth)

they literally have the worst arguments it’s embarrassing