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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

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I’m not good at keeping in touch, or eating the right food, or sleeping enough. I’m not the best at saying how I feel, and I can’t seem to say no. I’m bad at not apologizing for the ate I exist. I’m always tired. I’m good at loving people though. I’m good at laughing too hard. I’m good at making memories, and staying out too late, and I’d like to think that even thing I’m not good at taking care of myself, I’m learning to love myself.
—  laceerainspoetry, The Things I’m Bad At


SUMMARY: -request-You told your sister that you have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set you up with people but now she’s coming to visit and you’re in too deep and need a fake boyfriend ASAP. (THANK YOU TO @super-slick-fanfic-chick for letting me use this idea for my series! Love you!)

PAIRING: Barry X Reader 

WARNINGS: none really

A/N: I am so happy to announce that I am finally done with finals and have returned to the land of fan fiction and tumblr. This was a lot of fun to write, even though finals kept me busy and writers block tried to stop me. Let me know what you guys think and whether you want part 2 or not! ALSO! thank you @winchester-with-wings   for editing this! You rock!

        You are seriously starting to consider murder. Life imprisonment doesn’t seem so bad if that means a break from your sister’s constant nagging on your perpetual single life. But if you’re being honest with yourself, she’d probably haunt your ass, asking why you still haven’t found a man. You know she means well, just wanting you to find the same happiness she’s found with her wife, Jane.

           However, with terrible blind dates one after the other, set up by your well-meaning sister, you couldn’t handle any more. That’s why when Thanksgiving came swinging around this year, you tried everything to get out of it. Even going as far as to say you were in the hospital, but your mom saw through every lie. She’s known you long enough to spot it over the phone, (it’s a little discontenting at times). So here you are, miles away from your home in Central City where you could be wrapped in a blanket or dining in with Barry, who had invited you to Thanksgiving with him, Iris, and Joe. Instead, you sit at your family dinner table, with your sister, Megan, across from you in the middle of one of her infamous rants. Like this one, they usually focused on your “fast approaching doom” of becoming a spinster.

“Y/n, I’m just saying that there comes a time in your life where you have to ask yourself, is it me?” Megan chides as she passes the mashed potatoes to your dad. Unintentionally your jaw clenches, it has developed into a habit around Megan.

“Right, dad?” She asks him, like a child waiting for approval. He seems like a deer in headlights and makes the wise decision of standing from the table and claiming to have forgotten the gravy. Even though it was sitting in front Aunt May.

           It doesn’t take Megan a second for her to spin her head back to you, her face a bit softer.

“You know what? There was this guy, Sam something, I met at a charity event last time I was visiting you in Central City. I think you both would hit it off—“

“Meg, honey, not now.” Jane, your sister-in-law, pleads, and you mouth out a ‘thank you’ to her. You’ve spoken too soon; however, as Megan pulls out her phone waving Jane off.

“Just a second, I’m sure I have his number in here somewhere.”

           Your heart beat quickens while anxiety follows. You are not going on another crappy blind date.

“Meg, stop it. I’m serious!” You beg, but she’s glued to her phone. Heat bubbles up inside of you, and anger fills your head, turning your ears red. “Megan,” Damn, what are you going to have to do to convince her to give it up? This is getting ridiculous.

“Found it!” She exclaims, and you forget to think. (God, you’re an idiot sometimes).

“I have a boyfriend!”

           At that, your sister is snapped back to reality, and it takes you a minute to let the words sink in. Shit, what did you just do? Your mind flies through possible ways out, take it back, lie, act like nothing happened…but it all brought you back to the simple point: if your sister thinks you’re taken, no more blind dates, no more speeches of being doomed to live alone. Of course you don’t really have a boyfriend, but how hard can faking it be?

                                       **6 MONTHS LATER**


           Pretending to have a boyfriend has turned out to really not be that hard. With your sister almost never visiting, all you really had to do was answer questions about your “boyfriend” whenever she called. And man, was it bliss, to not be worried about what blind date was next.

           Barry’s feet rest on top of your coffee table, and you stretch your legs on top of his. He smirks, and pulls his eyes away from the movie.

“Comfortable?” He asks, laughter hinted in his voice.

“Very.” You give him a cheeky grin, cuddling up next to your best friend. Chuckling, he wraps his arm around you.

           Tonight was one of your weekly movie marathons with Barry. When no metahumans would be tearing the town apart and Barry, aka the Flash, didn’t have to stop them, the two of you would choose movies you’ve never seen, or movies you wanted to see again or TV shows and marathon them together. Eating more popcorn and milk duds than humanly possible, and joking around. Sometimes muting the television and making up your own commentary for the characters.

“Hey, we’re out of popcorn,” You point out and look up at Barry expectantly, causing him to roll his eyes with a smirk. He doesn’t need to respond and he moves away his arm, standing up and moving towards the kitchen, taking the empty bowl with him.

“Thank you!” You call to him, stretching out the ‘ooo’ sound as you say it.

           Suddenly, the noise of someone knocking against your door enters into the apartment. Groaning, you toss the blanket you had to the side and make your way towards your front door.

“Barry,” you yell out, pulling open the door as you speak, “did you order pizza again? You know there is such a thing as too much pizza…” Your voice regresses suddenly when you’re met with the person standing at the door. Instead of a pasty, teen in delivery uniform and holding a pizza box, your sister, Megan, is there.


           She reigns you into a hug, taking you in by the neck causing you to laugh.

“What are you doing here?” You inquire, pulling away to get a good look at her. You haven’t seen her since Christmas.

“What? A loving sister can’t visit?” One look from you has her giggling away her previous serious expression and walks inside, dropping her coat into your arms. “Okay, your right. My business is hosting another Charity event here! It did so well, last year and I thought, ‘hey if I’m in town, why not stay a couple days with my younger sis?’”

“So, you’re staying here? At my place?” Oh no.

“Well yeah, unless, of course, if you want me to go…”

“No, no, of course not, it’s just—“

“Y/n, I get it, you don’t want me to intrude on you and the boyfriend, but I swear I’ll be the best guest ever. You and him are even invited to the Charity Gala!” You don’t know how to respond, but she doesn’t notice, her eyes busy looking around the room. “Where is the guy anyway? I want to meet the man who stole my sister’s heart.”

           Right about now you wanted to hit yourself in the head with a frying pan. How could you forget, about telling her you and your make believe “BF” were living together? Another one of your brilliant lies, at the time you thought it made your story more believable, but now you were wishing you kept your mouth shut.

“Megan, I have to tell you something,” you begin, the truth has to come out. You can’t invent a boyfriend out of thin air.

“Oh, don’t tell me that you and him broke up? I mean seriously, Y/n, can you not keep a man?”

           At that, you shut your mouth tight. It was all flooding back again, like nothing had changed. It’s in this moment, that Barry, bless his soul, decides to come out from the kitchen, a newly filled bowl of popcorn in his hand.

“Double buttered just how you like it,” His voice trails off when he sees that you’re not alone, his eyebrows crinkling together for a moment.

“Oh, you must be him! I am so happy to finally meet you!” Megan’s face lights up when she sees Barry, quickly walking over to him and enveloping him into a similar hug she gave you earlier.

“Uh, Barry meet my sister, Megan. Megan, this is Barry.” You introduce, awkwardly shoving your hands into your pockets. Your best friend’s face lights up in recognition and immediately returns a smile towards your sister.

“It’s really nice to meet you, too. Y/n, has told me a lot about you,” he tells her and she looks him up and down with a grin plastered to her face.

“Y/n, you didn’t tell me your boyfriend was hot.” She exclaims,

“What?” Barry questions, his face in complete shock and bewilderment. Megan, luckily, didn’t catch on.

“Hey, I may be gay, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a hot guy when I see one, and my sister has definitely snatched up a good one.” She replies in confidence, and you want to hide your face in your hands.

“You know what, Barry, can you come with me?” You say finally, trying to control this before things gets out of hand, “I, uh, need some help setting up the guest bedroom.”

“Uh, yeah, okay.” He agrees, reluctant, placing the popcorn on a table nearby.

“Meg, just make yourself at home, we’ll be right back!” You tell her before pulling you and Barry into the spare bedroom.

           You turn around, after closing the door behind the two of you, and are met by Barry’s stern green eyes and his eyebrows raised expectantly.

“Okay,” you begin, reaching out to him, “I can explain.”

“Run that by me again?”

           Barry sits on the edge of the bed, and he runs his fingers through his hair, before turning to look back at you, across from him.

“Barry, you know I wouldn’t be asking you if I had another choice,” you don’t bother to repeat the plan again, you’ve already done it twice.

“Okay, let me get this straight. You told your sister you were dating someone so she would stop setting you up on blind dates, but now she’s here and you need me to pretend to be your boyfriend?”

           You move closer to him,

“She’s only in town for a couple days. Barry please, I’m desperate.”

           He bites the inside of his cheek, like he does when he’s thinking something over. Your heart beats anxiously for his answer.

“How sure are you that it’s going to work?”

“Like 20%.”

“And the other 80?”

“The other 80% means my sister finding out I’ve been lying to her for months and she never talks to me again.”

“Those odds suck.”

“I know, but I need you, Bare.”

           Barry smiles and scratches a spot behind his ear, before giving a reluctant sigh.

“Why not? It should be fun.” He breaks into a large grin, and you tackle him, covering him in a bear hug.

“Seriously? Thank you so much!” Barry laughs into you, his back lying on the bed from when he fell against your sudden burst. You fall to the side, rolling off of him. The two of you stay like that, for a second, giggles being shared between the two of you. Him on his back, with his head turned to see you and you on your side, a hand propping up your head. Barry’s the first to speak,

“How hard can it be, right?”

  • RotomDex: Mimikyu: Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.
  • Me: Dude, he's right here.
  • Mimikyu: "sad noises"
  • Me: And that seems like an exaggeration. Here let me show you.
  • Dex: Don't do it. You don't know what he looks like.
  • Me: He'll look like a friend. 'lifts up disguise'
  • ~~~5 seconds later~~~
  • Me: See? Was that so bad. 'hugging Mimikyu without the disguise'
  • Dex: Well I guess it wasn't. I wonder who wrote that though?
  • ~~~In Kanto~~~
  • Blue: Gramps, the sun is still there. Please stop writing pokedex entries.
Bring Me Back {Carl Grimes x Reader}

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Synopsis: After Glenn and Abraham’s death, you seek comfort in your best friend Carl.

A/N: It’s kind of bad because I have not wrote in a while, but I felt an insane urge to write about Carl today. Anyways, enjoy!

Many things in the new world were no longer constant. There was no constant source of food, no constant source of safety, and no constant source of hope. What consistently proved to be a loyal factor in your life was the mental turmoil you underwent. It was different for a while though, you had fooled yourself into believing Alexandria was an oasis, shielded from the horrors of the world; it seemed untouchable, indestructible with its steel walls towering below the treeline.

   You thought the walls would keep you safe, they were much like the walls you had constructed around yourself. Walls could save you from the walkers, you knew that, but what they couldn’t save you from was the people who would tear them down, obliterating and burning down the haven you and your family had cried, longed, and killed for.

Each night, after the darkness consumed the room you were able to call your own, your wounded and weary eyes were forcibly clamped shut by the flashes in your head. You were quick to realize that even the gentle lull of sleep was not enough to give you the inner peace you so desperately craved, as the memories vividly replayed in your head, only to be rewound over and over again and again.

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Feysand Modern AU, Part 3

JFC I have no idea what happened here but I am out of practice. Also v long chapter but I haven’t submitted stuff in so long that you guys deserve it.

So sorry if this is bad my writing seems to have taken a hit.

Part 1 | Part 2

Over a week passed and Feyre was happy to have someone to talk to, besides Morrigan, who seemed to know exactly how to react. Though Rhysand did have a new game he liked to play called “Scenarios that lead to me punching Tamlin in the face.” He’d gotten rather ridiculous with the new ones, lately, but they made Feyre smile and laugh all the same. She wasn’t quite sure how to process Rhysand’s reaction to her smile. It was like he lived for them.

Which was absolutely ridiculous. Men like Rhys went after super models, not clunky artists who cried on their shoulder.

She’d recently taken to drawing him. Especially while he was working. He’d become a freelance writer, his family’s wealth allowed him to pursue whatever career he wanted, and sometimes spent hours staring at a laptop or pad of paper. He had a habit to tapping his bottom lip with a pen, even while writing on his laptop. Feyre loved to draw Rhys like that. 

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Regain Control - Jason Todd x Reader

Okay so before I accidentally kill all of you, here’s the happy ending (at least I think it’s happy. I’m not even sure if I know how to write happy anymore). Remember the first part of this is the same as Gun Control and No Control

Tagging: @speedypan @cait-writes-stuff @memento-scribet

Words: 1789

Moonlight streams through the boarded up windows of the abandoned warehouse you and Jason had been sent to investigate. It seemed that there was some suspicious energy emanating from the location, and even though nothing bad had come from it, the two of you had decided to check it out just in case. Besides. It’d been a slow week anyway.

Starting at the edge of the room, you investigate every inch of space for a source of the energy. There aren’t any false walls or trap doors. After cracking open a few crates, you decide there isn’t anything of concern. From the other side of the room you see that Jason has come to the same conclusion. You meet back up in the center to discuss your next course of action.

“I found nothing. How about you?” you put your hands on your hips and look up at Jason’s red helmet.

“I got nothing.” Jason puts his guns back in their holsters. “But something about this is bothering me. I just can’t place my finger on it.”

“Well, we can figure that out when we get back to the cave.” You rub your arms as if fighting off a chill, even though the air is warm. “Let’s go. This place is starting to give me the creeps.”

Jason nods in agreement. You both start walking toward the door. Just before you get to the door, Jason grabs your shoulder and pulls you back.

“Watch out!” He points to a trip line on the floor. You swear the wire wasn’t there when you checked the area earlier.

An echoing laughter bounces off the walls and meets your ears, sending a shiver up your spine.

“Klarion,” Jason mutters in your ear. It certainly explains the energy signatures reading from the area, but why is he here? You can feel Jason’s frustration as he scans the room for the Witch Boy. “What do you want, Klarion?”

“I just want to have a little fun. That’s all,” a bodiless voice speaks from what sounds like everywhere. A wisp of smoke draws your attention to a large stack of crates, and you focus on the form of Klarion and Teekl.

“Well we’re here to cut the fun times short.” Jason takes his guns out and prepares to fight.

“Awww, come on Red Hood. You used to be so fun, but now you’re just so boring.” Klarion floats above the crates and turns upside down as if he’s having a casual conversation with an old friend. “Never was able to predict how you’d react to a situation.”

“I’ve found my reason to fight.” Jason ever so slightly turns his head to you, and the knowledge that he’s referring to you stirs up the butterflies in your stomach.

“Hmmm,” Klarion spins right side up and narrows his eyes at you. “You want to fight? I’ll give you a reason to fight.” He cackles before he starts casting a spell. Jason raises his guns to shoot him before he can do anything, but Klarion is too fast. He sends a cloud of magic directly at you.

You try to move. Really you do. Every fiber of your body is screaming to get out of the way. But your limbs don’t listen. You watch helpless as the spell gets closer and closer.

But it never hits you.

At the last second Jason shoves you out of the way, absorbing the magic in your place. You stare with wide eyes as he hunches over and trembles, attempting to fight off whatever Klarion threw at you.

“Jay—Red Hood? Are you okay?” you place a hand on his arm and the tremors immediately stop. He stands straight without saying a word.

“Well isn’t this an interesting turn of events?” Klarion giggles.

You would have mouthed off at the Witch Boy were Jason not distracting you. His entire body language is mechanical, and he’s staring directly in front of him as he walks toward you. Ever so slowly, he raises his gun.

“Jason, no!” You yell and shove his hand to redirect his aim away from you. It might have worked better had his reflexes not been so quick. While you managed to knock the gun out of his hand, he took advantage of your momentary contact to grab your wrist.

“What is wrong with you?!” He doesn’t respond. You try to rip your hand away but his grip tightens.

“Say something!” You need to see his face. There’s no way you can fully figure out what’s wrong with him as long as this helmet is on his head. You rip the hood off knowing that he wears a mask underneath for emergency situations. And this definitely qualifies as an emergency situation.

But the sight under the hood makes your blood run cold.

He looks completely normal. Except for the fact that his face is completely blank. There’s no life. No charm. He normally has at least a ghost of a smile when he looks at you. But there’s nothing.

It’s like he’s turned into a mindless zombie.

You stumble backward in shock.

“What have you done to him?!” you ask Klarion, who is floating in the rafters and cackling.

“Oh, nothing much. I’ve just taken over his mind for a bit. That’s all.” By the tone in Klarion’s voice, it’s apparent that he is having the time of his life. “He’s going to kill you. The last thing you’re going to see before you die is the face of your partner. Your murderer.”

“You bastard!” You shoot at Klarion. You spend the next several minutes trying to think of how to stop Klarion and avoiding Jason’s blows. You don’t have any ranged weapons to hit Klarion with, and if you fight Jason you risk hurting him.

But you were never much of a long term fighter, and your energy is dropping with every blow you counter. Jason catches you in a slow moment and throws his elbow down on your shoulder, sending you to the floor with a yelp of pain. While down you manage to hit your emergency alert. You need backup, and you need it fast.

When you roll over to look at Jason’s painfully blank face, it’s down the barrel of a gun.

“Jay,” you whimper. You don’t even care that Klarion’s still here. The only way you have a chance of getting him back is by calling him by his name. “Jay, baby. Please. Please come back to me. I—I don’t care if you kill me, but do it as yourself.” Tears you didn’t know were there start welling up in your eyes.

“Remember me. Remember your family. Please let me see that beautiful smile one last time. Please, Jay. I love you.”

Jason doesn’t respond. He continues to stare blankly down at you. You expected him to have pulled the trigger by now. He should have if Klarion is controlling him.

That’s when you notice that the gun is trembling in Jason’s usually steady hand.

“NO NO NO!” Klarion whines. “KILL HER!”

Jason’s hand steadies.

You close your eyes to accept your fate.

When the gun goes of you don’t feel anything.

You hear an animalistic cry of pain, and you open your eyes to see that Jason has turned to face where Klarion and Teekl had been, his gun pointing at now empty space.

“This isn’t over Red Hood!” Klarion’s voice echoes off the walls, and as much as you should be concerned that Klarion now has a grudge to hold against the two of you, you can’t help but sigh in relief that he’s gone.

Sudden exhaustion washes over you, and you collapse onto the floor and start crying. Tears of relief that you’ve both survived this encounter. Tears of fear at the thought of what almost was.

“Y/N?! Are you okay?!” Jason is suddenly beside you. He’s taken off his other mask, and, even though his expression of concern hurts your heart, it’s the most relieving thing you’ve ever seen.

“Yes, Jay.” You sit up and take your mask off. In one swift motion you throw your arms around his shoulders and force your lips against his. He stiffens up at the initial shock, but eventually gives in and kisses you back. You rest your forehead against his and stare into his blue eyes. “In fact I don’t think I could be better.”

“I am so sorry, Y/N.” Jason wipes a tear from your cheek. “I should have broken free sooner.”

“You weren’t in control of yourself, Jason. But now you’re back, and we’re safe.” You break your stare and look at a crate, suddenly nervous at what you’re about to say. Something you’ve been meaning to tell him but just couldn’t find the words. “All three of us are safe.”

“All… three of us?” Jason looks at you in confusion, but you refuse to meet his gaze. “Y/N, you don’t mean…”

“Yes,” you nod before looking at him. “I’m pregnant, Jason. You’re going to be a father.”

“I can’t believe this,” Jason mutters with wide eyes. Fear rises in your stomach that he’s going to reject you. That he’ll be upset that you’re pregnant. “I mean, I’m going to be a father. But, Y/N, if I had pulled the trigger… if I hadn’t regained control…”

“That doesn’t matter now.” You place your hands on either side of his face so that he looks at you. “What matters is that you did regain control of yourself. Because you’re strong, Jason.”

“It wasn’t because of me. It was because of you. Because you fought for me. You brought me back, Y/N. And I’m so, so glad you did.” He pulls you into a tight embrace, and you relax into him.

“I still can’t believe it.” He mutters in your ear. “I’m going to be a father.”

“You’d better believe it, Jaybird.” You giggle, and he places a hand over your belly.

“I… I never thought about being a father. I never really had a good example.” He says with fear in his eyes. “What if I’m not good enough?”

“Jason Peter Todd. Don’t you dare think that you won’t be an amazing father. Because you will be.” You smile at him.

“If I am it will only be because you’re such an amazing woman. You brought me back into the light, Y/N. I can never repay you for that.”

“Your love is all the payment I need, Jason.”

“I small price considering I get your love in return.” Jason smiles, and you see calm slowly wash over his features once again.

“Now come on,” you stand up and pull Jason with you. “Let’s go get some froyo and talk about baby names.”


Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request: Hey! I love your work and read literally everything on here! // could you write an imagine where the reader is having a bad day and is crying and Fred comforts her and they cuddle together or something like that? Please💕thank yooou💕

A/N: lol I wrote this about two weeks ago and forgot all about it, sorry! I wrote a bonus canon at the end to make up for it though I know you requested about the reader having a bad day, but I’m currently dying from a horrendous cold, so this seems like a fitting Imagine to write, enjoy friends

Squicks: none


You were lying in bed, the sunlight shining into your dormitory through the curtains.

It was Thursday morning, meaning that you were meant to start the day off with Transfiguration, which was in approximately 10 minutes.

An you were still in bed.

The whole front of your skull was pounding, your throat was ripped and sore and every time you breathed the pain intensified. Your chest was heavy, your nose was blocked and you just felt like all round shit.

The girl’s dormitory was a round room with each bed up against the wall creating a circle. Your bed was positioned right next to the door, so Fred and George saw you through the opened door on their way down to Transfiguration,

“It’s not the weekend yet, Y/n,” Fred said leaning on the door frame,

“Yeah, get up lazy bones!” George joked.

“Uuuugghhh” was all you could manage, and even that sounded funny with your blocked nose.

“Yeesh, that doesn’t sound good,” they both say together.

Fred walks into the dormitory and pulls the doona down away from your face. He sees you lying in the fatal position, with red puffy eyes and a matching red nose, surrounded by at least 30 scrunched up tissues lying all around you. You tighten yourself to keep warm, and Fred pulls the doona back over you.

“You’re not well,” he says with a concerned voice,

“No shit, Fred” you reply, muffled from the doona around your face and from your blocked nose, causing both the twins to chuckle,

“Y/n, you need to go to the hospital wing,” Fred says to you, crouching down so he’s at eye level with you. You shake your head, causing your headache to intensify. You wince at the pain and make a small little noise, Fred and George both noticing,

“You go look after her and I’ll tell McGonagall where you are, ‘kay?” George said as he began to leave,

“Yeah alright, I’ll see you in a bit,” Fred replies to his brother as the door shuts behind him.

While Fred waits for you to finish your fits of sneezing (you were up to 6 in a row now), he rested his head in his hand, looking at you in pitty.

“Fred, I don’d wand do go do ‘da hodpidal wing,” you say, blowing your nose,

“Y/n, you have to, look at you,” he says seriously, looking you in the eye,

“I can’d even geddup led alone go all ‘da way over ‘dere,” you say sadly.

“Well in that case…” Fred says, as he puts one arm under your knees and one under your back and lifts you out of bed bridal style.

“No, Fred, you’ll ged sick, doo!” you protest, wriggling around in his arms,

“Too bad, you’re going to the hospital wing, now” he says, walking out of the dormitory and down the staircase, your doona still wrapped around you to keep you safe and warm.


“Ah, Mr. Weasley,” Madam Pomfrey says as Fred walks in the door with you in his arms, having another sneezing fit, “for once it looks like it isn’t you needing a bed, what’s the matter with her?”

“Y/n’s got a ruddy bad cold,” Fred informs her.

“Ah, that seems apparent,” she says as you continue to sneeze, sniffle and groan. “Pop her on the bed closest to the heater,”

Fred nods as he carries you over to the bed, placing you down gently.

As Madam Pomfrey leaves to get you something for your throat, Fred lies on to of the bed next to you, sliding an arm behind your head to snuggle closer,

“Fred, you’ve godda ged ‘do class!” you try to protest, but Fred just laughs and shakes his head,

“Nah, I reckon looking after my sick girlfriend takes a bit more priority than one class,” he says looking down at you with a smile, kissing the tip of your red nose, causing you to smile too, before you went into another fit of sneezes. Fred sighs, sad that he has to see you so sick, but also smiling at how cute you were, wrapped up in now three blankets, your face scrunching up with each sneeze,

“I love you, Y/n,” he says with a smile, looking at you dreamily.

You look back up at him, your eyes wide and a small look of confusion. Fred had never told you he loved you before, and you found it strange that he was saying it now, when you looked all gross and snotty. But nonetheless you gave him a big smile and held his hand, “I love you ‘doo, Freddie!” you both giggle, and he cuddles you tighter.


Bonus cannon that didn’t deserve its own post 

Sneeze Fit

The scale of my sneezes is either two sneezes, or 4097410 of them, there is no in-between, and I feel like Fred/George in between sneezes would just be like:

  • Bless you
  • Bless you
  • Jesus, bless you
  • Ble-
  • B-
  • Okay that’s eno-
  • Y/n
  • Stop
  • Bless y-
  • How the hell can one person sneeze so mu-
  • STOP
  • Y/N


  • Bless you.
“chance encounter”

In which Jyn Erso is an employee of Starstruck, a local bakery in the little town of Echo. The issue? She hates her job. But when Cassian Andor, a biochemistry major with a handful of textbooks and more pages of notes than she can count starts making frequent stops at the café, working at Starstruck doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

a/n: first ever au! feels a little odd to be writing rebelcap out of the sw universe, but the idea popped up in my head a few days ago and i figured i might as well try. turned out okay, i guess (i feel like i made jyn act a little out-of-character though)

“Here’s your vanilla latte, sir! Have a lovely day!”

Coins clinked together as a handful were dropped in the glass tip jar, and Jyn had to resist rolling her eyes at the high-pitched squeal from her fellow co-worker, Lacey. The other girl, a giddy smile now plastered to her face, always managed to get tips. But Jyn, in all the time that she’d worked here, had never heard the jingle of coins fall into the jar for her.

Then again, maybe it was because Jyn hardly offered smiles—only the occasional forced ones, perhaps—tending to have a scowl dragging her lips down rather than an all-too sickly sweet grin like her co-worker’s.

“Just smile, Jen!” Lacey would tell her, and all Jyn thought was that the stupid girl couldn’t even get her name right. She’d corrected her multiple times, yet it never seemed to go through her pea-sized brain.

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anonymous asked:

Pls torture our son yurio. A request. Give him a horrible stomach ache. Lots of stomach clenching and bending over. He's cramped up in the backseat of a car. Yes Beka is there with him. Yes viktor is driving and yuuri is in the front seat cliche. Make him sick and Awake. Make him need to throw up but can't because he can't get out of the car. But then Yuuri has a plastic bag to offer. Include a moment where he opens the window for fresh air and he almost leans out to retch but beka stops him.

Of course, I love to torture our poor son Yurio XD I had a lot of fun with this request, though I felt a little bad. I seem to be sprinkling hints of Otayuri into my fics too… I don’t intend to when I start writing X3 Anyway, hope this is alright.

Car journeys with Viktor, Yuri, Otabek and Yurio were usually rather jovial. The four would call and chat to each other throughout the drive, laughing and joking and poking gentle fun at each other.

But this time the atmosphere in the car was quietly tense. Viktor tapped his fingers on the steering wheel anxiously, glancing in the rear view mirror every few minutes. Yuri had twisted round in the front seat, watching Yurio with concern.

The blond was hunched right over in his seat, his head between his knees, groaning and drawing sharp, gasping breaths. His hair had fallen to obscure his face, and his arms were wrapped tightly around his stomach. Otabek sat beside him, rubbing Yurio’s lower back firmly, speaking to him quietly.

“No better?” Otabek asked, drawing Yurio’s hair back like a curtain to get a better look at his face. The boy was a sickly white, his face screwed up in agony.

“Getting worse,” he choked out, teeth clenched.

Poor Yurio had woken that morning with a mildly uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, but it hadn’t been severe enough for him to feel he should mention it to Viktor and Yuri. He knew he was only going to be spending the day in the car anyway, he’d be able to rest.

But the pain in his tummy grew until it was almost unbearable during the drive, forcing Yurio to reveal his pain to his three companions. The other skaters had been alarmed to see the colour drain from Yurio’s face so rapidly, tears gathering in his strong green eyes.

The teenager coughed a little now, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“Viktor, could you pull over? I-I think I need to puke,” he mumbled, his face growing even whiter. Viktor glanced around anxiously.

“I can’t pull over here, Yurio. Do you think you can wait?” he asked apologetically. Yurio drew in a shaky breath, but nodded determinedly. Yuri didn’t look convinced, and handed Yurio a plastic bag.

“Use this if you need to throw up, Yurio. Don’t fight it, it will probably make your stomach feel better,” Yuri said kindly. Yurio took the bag, staring at the floor, looking embarrassed.

“Don’t want to puke in front of you,” he mumbled. Otabek placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, Yura. You’re sick, you can’t help it,” he reassured.

Nonetheless, Yurio continued to fight the pain and nausea for the next few minutes, despite all three of his companions being very aware that he was fighting a losing battle.

Yurio glanced at the window beside him, open now so the cool air could wash over his face. He could feel a heave building in his throat, and thought throwing up out of the window would be marginally better than vomiting into a bag in the car. The teenager moved towards the window purposefully, but was restrained by Otabek’s strong hands on his shoulders.

“It’ll be easier if you use the bag, Yura,” he said, guessing the boy’s intention. “It’s okay, we understand.”

There was nothing Yurio wanted to do less than vomit now, but he didn’t have a choice as he was forced forward with a heave, bringing the bag up to his face helplessly. Otabek held back the boy’s blond hair and rubbed his back tenderly, muttering words of comfort.

Yurio retched again, deep and painful, and the sound of vomit splattering into the bottom of the bag echoed across the car. Yurio whimpered as his stomach clenched in agony, and brought up a larger stream of puke, coughing and choking. Yuri and Otabek spoke to him gently throughout, their voices soft and encouraging.

When Yurio had finally finished vomiting and dry heaving, he was shaking pitifully, his hair stuck to his sweaty face. Yuri took the bag of puke as the teenager fell against Otabek, weak and exhausted.

“Feel any better?” Otabek asked, and Yurio nodded a little, his face still white.

Moving carefully, so the boy could protest or resist if he wanted, Otabek eased Yurio down until he was curled up on his side in the back seat, his head on Otabek’s lap. Yurio murmured a little in surprise, but didn’t pull away, even when Otabek began running his fingers through Yurio’s blond hair soothingly. Yuri watched from the front seat, smiling fondly at the pair.

“Try to get some sleep, Yurio,” he said, confident that the teenager was in good hands with Otabek.

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Hey, may I make a headcanon request for Oikawa and Iwaizumi? Could it be them reacting or trying to help out their s/o with has bad anxiety and it's to the point were they feel the need to dig their nails into their hand really hard to calm themselves down. And they end up with horrible bruises on their hands in the end. This happens to me often... but I apologize if it seems triggering and I completely understand of you don't feel comfortable writing it. Anyways, love your blog! ☺️

Thank you, Anon! And I am quite comfortable with this topic - though sorry for taking so long to get to it - due to my own experience. My anxiety endured an eating disorder, while now I got over that, I’m starting up an insomnia trend. If it’s not one thing then it’s another.

But I hope you enjoy!

Oikawa Tooru

  • Anxiety is something Oikawa relates to well - I honestly believe it’s what triggers his insomniac behavior - so when he sees the early signs, he’s instantly aware of it.
  • Their constant worrying and second-guessing of everything just confirms it for him and he quickly steps in.
  • While he can’t stop their mind from racing at all times, he can help in other areas: he makes sure that their diet is supportive of a healthy gut to prevent potential digestive problems and spends an hour with them after volleyball to exercise.
  • It’s not until he notices the bruising on their palms that he realizes the basics just aren’t enough.
    • He might even begin falling into his own anxiety again, they would both need to be the stronger supporter for the other despite their own needs.
  • For some time he’d refuse to let go of their hands, even if their muscles began to tense; he would rather any bruising be on him than on them, but quickly decides that it’s not a solution.
  • He suggests breathing exercises and talks with them about whatever is on their mind - he won’t think it’s stupid - and tell them that their thoughts and worries are real, but they can work through them one-by-one together.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Seeing as he’s Oikawa’s best friend, he’s also very familiar with anxiety and its effects.
  • He’d quietly listen to any worrying thoughts that came from their lips, letting them know that their fears weren’t strange but normal and natural. And his hands would methodically work out any tension in their shoulders and forearms as they spoke quietly in their bedroom.
  • The sight of bruises on their palms when he had returned from a week long training camp was enough for him to finally break down about the situation.
    • He cried as his fingers tenderly traced along the sensitive purpling skin, his own hands trembling.
  • No time was wasted in buying self-help books and reading as many ‘10 Ways to Stop Anxiety Today!’ articles that were available on Google.
  • He insisted that they try everything; and they did, keeping the methods that worked and throwing out anything that didn’t. It was a slow and tedious process, involving many tears and probably a couple fights, but he wasn’t going anywhere.
Fairy Tail Chapter 526

After reading this chapter I’m so confused, but a lot of things finally make sense!! Oh my God, I just read the chapter and I am trying to process everything. What I thought I knew was wrong and we find out what the last chapter was referring too. I’m going to try to write what I was thinking after each page. (This contains bad language, sorry I curse when I’m upset)

It starts with Gildarts and Cana against August. They’re still fighting but it seems none of their attacks are working.

Gildarts seems surprised that magic isn’t working on him. Is he that strong or does his ability negate magic?

He’s still going on about parent and child. What the hell. OH MY GOD! No don’t kill another parent please.

Wow that’s true though. He did leave multiple times.

Lol that’s cute that they’re having an argument when the enemy is right in front of them in the middle of a fight. Oh shit don’t go sacrificing yourself!

She called him Dad and is crying! Don’t do it!

Shit! Zeref stop. Why are you kicking him?

Oh my god! So he’s a demon? Shit so they’re not related? But he’s crying, he thinks of you like a father, you jerk!

Natsu’s right, what the hell stop kicking him. Zeref looks like he’s trying to control himself though, he’s shaking. I still believe he doesn’t want to do any of this, that it’s the curse making him do this.

Oooh Flashback! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM? WHEN did that happen!!!!? Wait did that happen before or after she fell asleep?!?(can I just believe that they did it before they kissed and she was still awake please! Can I have that hope and not that he did it to her after she fell asleep because that’s fucked up.) OH that’s what he was referring to in the last chapter. He wasn’t talking about Mavis but the baby. Shit this page fucked me up.

OK what up with the creepy form? Is this Larcade’s memories? Zeref looks surprised to see him.

Gildarts figured out his magic. Does that mean they can beat him?

In the fight against the Oracion Seis, no one could beat him because they didn’t use holder magic. (Shoutout to Lucy) Cana can beat him!

Cana’s tsundere is back! She loves him, look at that card! Lol it hit him in the head.

Ok it’s going back to august while the memories are showing, wait is this what I think it is? He’s going to get defeated by Gildarts though.

OK August is getting killed. Aww Zeref looks so nice. Why can’t he be like this all the time.

OH SHIT!!!?! It was leading up to that! OH MY GOD!!!?! August is Mavis’s son? What but he’s old (oh wait, if he met Zeref while Mavis was still in the crystal that means he was aging while Zeref didn’t. OK so he’s human) OH shit it makes sense why he was always obsessed with Zeref and his child’s love. Because he was the child who didn’t get any love.

OH shit guys! I can’t stop freaking out! Does Zeref really not realize that that’s he’s their child!?! Or does he refuse to accept it? The next chapter is Passion. I really want to know how August is their child. The name usually has a hint on what the chapter’s gonna be about unless it’s something else. I can’t wait for the next one though. (This arc has so many family members dying though) Mavis needs to reunite with August and Zeref.


BONUS to my previous post ;)

“It was almost 11pm, and while walking outside and simply talking seemed quite romantic, Mei was a bit shaky, since she didn’t knew this date would go on for so long. Junkrat, noticing her shiver, offered her his jacket, trying to be ‘a gentleman’, even though he’d never like to be associated with that word. Mei was bashful and refused the offer, yet as soon as the wind blowed again, she snatched the jacket right from his hands and covered herself up, however still looking away from the young mans side. Junkrat absolutely loves it when she shows him attitude, but this time instead of teasing her more, he asked if she’d like some boba, because there was one place serving it this late just around the corner. Mei wasn’t thirsty, but she didn’t want to go back home, neither did she really want to stop spending time with Jamison, because even though she hated to admit it, but he did make her feel some sort of special way…”

Bundle of Love Pt.4 [Jungkook]

Originally posted by donewithjeon

| part 01| part 02| part 03| | part 5|

Summary: Jeon Jungkook - Golden Maknae of famous group, BTS. He was charming, lovable, sweet, adorable and everything else girls swooned over. However, it was all act - he couldn’t care less about anyone’s feelings and used his fame to have one night stands with girls who were impressed by his money and fame. You, a loyal yet naive fan of Kpop have finally gotten the chance to meet your favourite grup, BTS. What exactly happens when one of the members, and your ulimate bias, Jeon Jungkook, seems to take an interest to you?

Word Count: 7,365

Type: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Warning: Bad language

Member: Jungkook from BTS

A/N: Becuase i had no plans this weekend, I found time to write up this chapter! This chapter is basically your date with Jungkook, so i apologise if this chapter was a bore. Don’t worry though, there wll be drama-filled chapters coming your way very soon! I hope you precious baby stars enjoy this new part! Love youuu! x

Happy reading! x

“I’m going on a date with Jeon Jungkook.” You spoke to your own reflection in your crystal clear mirror as you stared deeply into your own pair of twinkling eyes. A chuckle fell from your lips, an amused smile curving your nude lips as you added on, “Never thought I’d be able to say that.”

You briefly chuckled once more at your humorous self, holding your gaze with your own reflection for one last second before you swiftly turned on the heels of your bare feet and padded back into your warm bedroom and out of the blistering cold mini bathroom that gave your skin goosebumps. Your eyes instantly set upon the outfit that was put together by who you were assuming were BTS’ stylists. The package had been delivered to you earlier that morning when the sun had merely just began shining upon your campus grounds. Curious as ever, you looked inside the package the second the plastic bag was in your possession and an over-exaggerated gasp fell from your nude lips, the gasp drying up all the moisture in your throat in the blink of an eye.

You walked over to where it was placed on your unmade and all-in-all messy bed, unzipping the plastic bag and humming in satisfaction as you revealed the entire outfit to yourself.

This was certainly going to grab people’s attention.

Keeping that very thought in mind, something powerful and exhilarating had clicked within you like a sudden boost of positive energy and you were ready to take on the world in that outfit made for a goddess. Even if you were supposed to take on the world in such a gorgeous outfit on a date with Jungkook, who you hadn’t entirely forgiven just yet.

There was no reason to, in all honestly. He hadn’t apologised for what he had said back at the fan-signing event, he did not approach you to discuss whatever it is he may want to clarify with you or anything in that manner — as far as you knew, he didn’t even spare you a single glance since you had left him confused and in-denial a few days ago. Of course he didn’t want anything to do with the baby, that was expected, but this whole act of his where he pretended as if you didn’t even exist was something that was totally uncalled for and unnecessary might you add.

 If he didn’t want anything to do with the baby, then he didn’t have to inform others about your pregnancy like you assumed he did. You weren’t going to bother him about it anyways. It was pretty clear that he wasn’t the nicest person to be around when bothered. And even if you weren’t exactly financially stable to raise your child, there was still an option of putting your unborn child up for adoption after you gave birth to them, that way you could somewhat continue with the life you had before you met Jungkook and give your child the life you simply couldn’t provide for them. However, as of right now, this moment in time, you couldn’t see yourself giving up your little bundle of joy to someone else.

You were selfish and wanted him or her all to yourself. No matter how difficult it may be to give him or her the life of happiness and love they truly deserved.

You had gotten yourself dressed more quickly than it took for you to apply your stellar make-up that was bound to have people give it a second glance. Once you had finished getting yourself ready for your date with Jungkook, you plotted yourself onto your bed, your jet black high heel boots dangling off the bed as you checked the time on your phone screen.

 Jungkook was late.

 Well, you should of seen it coming. You would also be rather reluctant to show up on a date you weren’t all that enthusiastic about too.

 While you were mindlessly scrolling through timelines and dashboards on multiple social networking sites with your eyes glued to your bright phone screen, Jungkook was wondering around the campus of your university like a scared lost puppy.

 Before the meeting yesterday had ended, Jungkook’s manager gave out clear instructions on how your date was supposed to run. One of these instructions was that Jungkook would have to fetch you from your dormitory on your university campus, for what reason he did not know. He guessed it was probably because if someone had caught him travelling to your school campus and posted it online, it would be just the beginning of the mighty fire of questions asked concerning your ‘relationship’.

 Surprisingly, Jungkook wasn’t as reluctant to go on this date as you might of thought he was. In addition to that, he also didn’t plan on showing up late, he actually left the fairly large dormitory he lived in with the rest of the BTS earlier than expected, he just managed to lose himself on the enormous campus you called your temporary home.

 Any thoughts of your date, your pregnancy, his comeback with his group had all vanished when he had set foot on the grassy greens of your widely spread campus that brought an immediate sense of belonging to whoever walked onto the premises. Jungkook had always wondered what it was like to attend university, seeing as he never got the opportunity to have that experience since he was too busy travelling the world and performing for adoring fans everywhere. It was most definitely true that Jungkook enjoyed the bright spotlight — who wouldn’t love having loving and loyal fans on most continents stating and showing their love for you? However, Jungkook was still a human being. He was still a nineteen year old that played video games too much, loved to get together with old friends and chat about fond memories in which they shared and wanted to enrich his knowledge about the world he lived in.

 He desired having that college experience where he’d have mini freak out sessions because he put off doing three assignments due the next day because he was too preoccupied with less important things. He craved to have his own seat he would regularly sit in at the public library with his earphones in whilst stealing glances at the beautiful girl with an ethereal mind who would always browse the fantasy section. He even fantasied about those legendary parties he couldn’t even remember the next day, but could just tell he had an amazing time parting with random strangers and close friends. All he wanted to be was to be normal. But he also wanted to be famous and have so many people love him and appreciate the work he put in to have BTS become the big success it was.

He couldn’t have both, and that was beginning to not sit well with him.

  Miraculously, as his feet had a mind of their own and took him to wherever they desired to go, he just so happened to stumble upon the block of dormitories you happened to live in after taking a few minutes to watch in both fascination and envy as your local team of baseball players were attempting to score home runs.

He missed playing baseball.

  “Can I help you?” A light and sweet voice asked Jungkook, pulling him out of the thoughts he seemed to always drown himself in. He blinked momentarily, still a little lost with his current surroundings, but was quick to regain his proper eye-sight as he laid his eyes upon a ginger haired doe eyed girl that was at least forty centimetres shorter than him. “You look kind of lost.”

“Oh yeah, I am.” Jungkook confirmed with a sheepish smile, his wet tongue running over his chapped pair of lips before he asked the ginger haired girl. “Do you happen to know Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N?”

“Yeah, I know her!” The short girl answered with a beaming smile at the mention of your name.

  Seems like she likes you. I wonder how many others like you, Jungkook thought to himself as he observed how alive the ginger haired girl became when he asked about you.

 "Oh, good. Do you happen to know where her dorm is?“ Jungkook asked her as he shoved his ice cold hands into the pockets of his toasty and chic black winter coat.

 "I do.” The ginger haired girl replied with less enthusiasm as she casted Jungkook a skeptical look. She crossed her arms over her chest, a clear sign that showed she was questioning Jungkook’s intentions as she asked him with furrowed eyebrows, “Who are you anyway?”

Who was Jungkook to you?

 A person who you had the pleasure of having a one night stand with? A person who just so happened to get you pregnant? A life-ruiner? Someone you were possibly in love with?

As of that moment in time, Jungkook was none of those things mentioned above. He was your— “I’m her boyfriend.”

 Once those three words and fourteens letters had escaped the confinements of Jungkook’s cold bitten lips, there was no way in which he couldn’t take them back. The odd thing about it was, when he actually informed the girl about who he was to you, he didn’t cringe, he didn’t grit his teeth, he didn’t clench his hands into fists. He did none of that. Why? Because it was natural.

 It was almost as if Jungkook was born into this planet and had the sole purpose of possessing the title of your boyfriend with the way he responded to the short girl’s inquiry with such ease.

 The doe eyed girl looked surprised by the news. Jungkook couldn’t tell whether it was the possibility that you didn’t date much and having a boyfriend was something very rare in your life, or the fact that Jeon Jungkook, famous maknae of BTS, was your boyfriend. Either way, the girl still would of been shocked to her very core as she ended up pointing down the hallway of the block of dormitories they stood outside of, “Her room is the last room down the hallway.”

“Thank you.” Jungkook bowed respectfully, biding the ginger haired short beauty farewell before he was on his way to your dormitory as planned, Jungkook having entirely missed the silver heart shaped necklace around the girl’s neck with the name 'Park Jimin’ precisely engraved on it.

 She was one of the firsts to have knowledge about your relationship with Jungkook, and she surely wasn’t the last. Particularly when she whipped out her phone, speed tweeting to her dozens of followers while taking in shallow breaths about her encounter with Jungkook and the news of your relationship.

 As the girl added her own tank of fuel to the blossoming ferocious fire of questions about your relationship with Jungkook, Jungkook himself made his way down the relatively silent hallway he had yet to come across another living soul. As he approached your door that had multiple authentic and aesthetically pleasing signs to keep out, he was able to hear the audible sounds of what sounded like GOT7’s new comeback song and couldn’t help to snicker to himself.

 You were such a fangirl.

 He knocked on your door with a little more force than he usually used since the music you were playing might drown out the sound, which it did since you had not alerted Jungkook of you walking to the door. He knocked again, louder this time around to try his luck, and still you hadn’t opened your door because you were too preoccupied with losing yourself in the sounds of GOT7. Shaking his head, Jungkook took a gamble and attempted to open the door, surprised to find out that the door was unlocked but instantly halted once he took one step inside your dormitory when he laid his eyes on you aggressively shaking your butt, before going onto shaking your shoulders and turning around.

  If there was a word in the English language, or any language for that matter, that could describe how embarrassed, humiliated and mortified you were when discovering the presence of Jungkook, who had probably seen you viciously shaking your butt, you would most definitely use that word a thousand times over to describe how you felt in that moment.

With widened eyes that were starting to collect water within them and a jaw dropped down to the depths of hell, you witnessed as Jungkook laughed. And by laughed, you mean he hunched over with his hands on his knees and laughed until tears left his eyes and his stomach ached.

 You had never been so humiliated in your existence.

Nevertheless, you attempted as best as you could to regain some dignity with red flushed cheeks as you asked loudly, “Haven’t you heard of knocking?”

 Wiping the reminder of his tears of laughter, Jungkook let out a pleased sigh as he responded to you with an dirty snigger, “I knocked twice but you didn’t hear me. You were too busy shaking your butt to hear me.”

You had never stepped forward and slapped someone on the shoulder as rapidly as you did with Jungkook. Despite being slapped by your powerful five fingers, Jungkook began to laugh again, less dramatically this time with his hand over the painful spot on his arm.

Shut up, Jungkook!” You yelled out with a slight pout to disguise the embarrassment you had the displeasure of experiencing. “And you’re late, so you have no reason to be laughing.”

“I didn’t plan of being late, I got lost when I arrived on this campus.” Jungkook explained to you with a brief snicker, covering up his snicker with an awkward cough when he caught you crossing your arms over your chest. Jungkook let out a heavy sigh, looking directly into your eyes and he apologised somewhat sincerely, “I’m sorry, okay? I’ll try not to get lost next time.”

And?” You inquired with a playfully raised eyebrow, a smirk of satisfaction curving your beautifully plump lips as you watched Jungkook roll his eyes for only a second before you heard him say, “And I’m sorry I barged in on your intense twerking session.”

Jungkook received yet another slap from you.

After having to listen to Jungkook childishly whining about how you were abusing his precious skin and probably created a bruise that fans would no doubt question, you two left the comfort of your semi-clean dormitory that Jungkook observed to have quite the collection of Kpop posters pasted to the ash grey walls. As the two of you briskly walked alongside on another, a mixture of both an awkward yet calming silence made itself comfortable with the air surrounding you both, you failed to notice the girl that assisted Jungkook in finding your dormitory discreetly followed behind you two with her phone in hand, snapping as many pictures as her phone with limited space would allow her to, the girl posting proof of Jungkook’s presence at her university and receiving more attention from ARMYs all over the world who had one question, and one question only.

 Were you two in fact dating?

It wouldn’t take much longer for their countless questions to have some sort of confirmation to them as Jungkook and you arrived at the train station nearest to your campus after a short walk that took only ten minutes, and hopped onto the train that was about to close its door on you if you hadn’t been yanked inside by your date, the dashing Jeon Jungkook.

 Since Jungkook had decided last minute that he would just yank you inside the train to avoid any part of your body to be tragically crushed by the train doors, he was unprepared for how much force he used when pulling you inside that resulted in you crashing right into his chest. The moment your bodies collided, flustered blushes decorated your freezing cold-bitten cheeks and neither of you were sure as to how to react. However, seeing as the train now began moving as all the seats were taken by tired business men, sweet elderly women or the occasional young teenager, you had no choice but to wrap your arms around Jungkook, embracing the father of your unborn child tightly almost like you feared your life while listening to the thundering beat of Jungkook’s heart.

He was nervous. You were relaxed.

Out of all the things you could of possibly done under your certain circumstances, you strangely chose to embrace Jungkook as tightly as you could without taking away the needed oxygen from the man’s lungs. It was strange, it was odd, it was just plain weird, yet Jungkook still found his one arm slowly circling around your body to secure your safety in his arm while his other hand tried its best to grip the yellow metal pole placed in the middle of the train as firmly as he could because he knew he could lose his balance at any moment with the way some trains abruptly halted when they arrived at a station.

Embracing the person you were outraged by just days ago was something that wasn’t common, or never had taken place in your life or someone else’s. But then again, there was nothing exactly mundane about your relationship with Jungkook, so this was just another thing added to your ever-growing list of things to have occurred during the time in which you knew Jungkook.

 In an effort to relax yourself yourself in your somewhat awkward position, you had resorted to peacefully resting your head on Jungkook’s rising chest, breathing in his masculine cologne that had a touch of vanilla essence as you mostly relied on him to keep you from stumbling in your position.

 Fans of the insanely popular group, BTS that were simply taking the train on their way home were in a state of pure astonishment as they gazed upon their glorious Jungkook, with his arm wrapped around a girl they did not know the name of, but were going to soon enough. Those three fans on the train were quick in retrieving their mobile phones from wherever they might of been, trying to go unnoticed by Jungkook and others on the train as they subtly took pictures of the two of you looking quite cozy on the train together. Unfortunately, one of the fans had made the mistake of not checking if her phone was set on silent and when she had taken her picture, anyone on the train was able to hear it.

  Both you and Jungkook acted as if you hadn’t noticed the sound unlike the other passengers on the train that casted the embarrassed girl a curious glance. You two seemed to be in your own little world of blissful love and content as Jungkook easily rested his chin ontop of your head as he blankly gazed ahead of him. On the other hand, there was no denying that your body tensed when the audible click of her camera going off made its way into your ears, or when you felt your heart hammering against your own bruised chest as Jungkook’s chin laid itself upon your scalp.

 He was relaxed. You were nervous.

The two of you remained in your small world filled with tranquil silences and euphoric thoughts up until you heard Jungkook whisper to you that the train was approaching your destination. You won’t tell a lie, you weren’t exactly excited about arriving at your station because that would mean that you would have to remove yourself from his warm embrace that you could of so easily fell asleep in if it weren’t for the fact you were standing on a moving train, but ended up doing so anyway as you turned yourself around, holding onto the pole to steady your balance.

When the train had halted, opening its doors to allow people to exit and enter, both you and Jungkook strolled all the way to the exit, alongside one another as you climbed up the stairs that led you to the young and crispy night that sent unpleasant shivers down your spine. Stupidly, since you were too distracted with hitting Jungkook because of how humiliated you felt with him walking in on you dancing, taking a coat with you had completely slipped your mind and you were forced to deal with those harsh and cold consequences.

 You hugged yourself in an attempt to provide warmth to yourself, only taking one step before you heard Jungkook’s voice say to you, “Here. Take my coat.”

 You turned your head in the direction of the boy, acting as if you hadn’t heard what you just heard while your widened eyes blinked repeatedly. Sure, you and Jungkook weren’t on the greatest of terms with one another, causing everything between the two of you to become a product of awkwardness, but that didn’t mean anything when Jungkook witnessed you shivering at the mildly cold weather.

 "No, no, no! I’m fine.“ You insisted with a flustered smile. "I’m okay. I’ve got this sweater on anyways.”

“No, you’re not.” Jungkook replied with the shake of the head, the both of you stopping in your footsteps as Jungkook began to remove his coat.

 You stuck your hands out immediately, your palms facing Jungkook as you quickly responded to his reply, “Keep the coat!”

 Jungkook rolled his eyes in annoyance at your stubbornness, now well aware that there was no convincing of you taking his coat. And the only other way in which you would wear the coat to protect yourself from the blistering cold of the night was if Jungkook used force.

 Suddenly, before you could even fathom what was taking place, Jungkook had stepped forward and draped his addictive cologne scented coat onto your shoulders, the mere coat placed on your shoulders instantly providing you with a warmth that made your stomach do summersaults. Or was it because of Jungkook’s sweet gesture?

Sheepishly, you wore the toasty warm chic black coat that coincidentally coordinated with the dark colours of your black and navy blue outfit, this leaving Jungkook in his black thick sweater that you couldn’t help but doubt shielded him for the freezing cold of the outside world. Despite your multiple pleas for Jungkook to take back his coat, he acted as if he didn’t hear you and took you by your hand, by your cold hand, and started your journey to who knows where.

  The two of you weren’t exactly given an itinerary for what you were supposed to do on your date. The only goal was to get caught on your date, which was going fairly well, thanks to the ARMYs on the train that snapped a handful of pictures of you two together, as well as the other ARMYs you would come across during the course of the night.

 Seeing as though you two didn’t have any agenda except for being spotted by loyal fans, you ended up aimlessly walking around the roaring streets that brought a whole brand new definition to life with its blinding and flashing neon lights, lively and running conversations that consisted of mostly overjoyed laughter and merry atmosphere that could touch anyone’s soul. However, when the two of you caught site of a forming crowd, curiosity had gotten the best of you and you two added to the growing crowd that surrounded the group of fresh-faced juniors in high school performing guess what? Fire by BTS.

 It was simply incredible how you managed to miss the booming sounds of one of the songs that you constantly had on repeat, but forgetting about that for one second, you and Jungkook watched in amazement as the group of boys you could absolutely see debuting at one of the major entertainment companies perfectly executed the difficult choreography without a hitch.

  Since Fire was such a song in which could impress anyone with its catchy beat and get anyone dancing along whether they knew the choreography or not, your body now had a mind of itself as you tried to dance as discreetly as possible while singing along to yourself, “Errbody say la la la la la, say la la la la la.”

 "Are you serious, Y/N?“ You heard Jungkook inquire with an amused snicker, probably having seen you secretly moving along with the group of boys before your very eyes.

 Your head snapped in his direction at the speed of light. ”What? It’s a good song.“

Jungkook couldn’t resist but have himself smile at your behaviour, your fangirl behaviour something that he found rather endearing because it still came to a surprise to him that you were actually a fan. A fan of BTS’ music, a fan of GOT7’s music, and probably a lot more groups that he’d get to know over the duration of your nine months together.

Unfortunately, Jungkook’s short moment of smiles and happiness was cut short when he tore his eyes away from yours, just so happening to look into the wrong direction and lock eyes with evil in its purest form.

What was she doing here?

Out of all the people Jungkook could of come across, he just had to come face-to-face with her. It was like the universe hated Jungkook with its mighty heart and did whatever it possibly could to have Jungkook hate life on Earth.

 Once her black and heartless eyes locked with Jungkook’s, a wicked smirk curved the shape of her thin black lipstick covered lips. Jungkook felt sick to his fucking stomach. And if he stuck around, he was pretty sure he would cause a commotion with how he would throw up at the site of such a twisted, heartless, cold she-devil that Eunae was.

She hadn’t changed much since the last time Jungkook saw her. The only change about her was that her once vibrant admirable short strands of luscious blonde hair was now a longer pure jet black colour that matched her rotting soul. She was still the same girl with long pale legs, plastic-like doe eyes that were complimented by her false freckles that decorated her pale cheeks and a slender body frame. However, unlike before when Jungkook was completely, totally, utterly, head over heels in love with her, he knew now more than ever that she didn’t love him. She didn’t even like him. That made Jungkook feel sick to his fucking stomach.

  Because of all those love-filled memories of their sleepless nights spent together wrapped in silk sheets, whether it was making what Jungkook thought was love in its rawest form or simply holding each other close as they peacefully slept those spring nights away. Those joyful memories of loud overjoyed laughter, fond smiles that were directed at one another and stares full of nothing less than love. Those dreadful, painful memories of how she just left him stranded in a cheap hotel that smelt of cheap ladies perfume and weed, leaving behind a note that shattered his weak heart and had him crying himself to sleep for months on end.

 Those memories came back with just one glance and smirk, and Jungkook could not handle it. Not now, not ever.

  Before Jungkook could completely lose his mind in public, or have the twisted she-devil herself approach him and pretend like she hadn’t ripped his heart out and penetrated it, deserting his heart to bleed out all his love and emotions, he abruptly gripped your hand, pausing your jam session as he instructed through clenched teeth, ”Let’s go.“

The drastic change in his tone of voice caught you off-guard, resulting in you gazing up him to see how prominent his jawline was as he clenched his teeth or how his eyes had solemnly remained one thing and one thing only.

 Something must of been terribly wrong.

 Not wanting to upset Jungkook even more than he already was, you agreed straightaway to his instructions and you two had disappeared from the crowd without a single word. As you set off by foot to wherever an emotionally wrecked Jungkook was dragging you along to, you couldn’t help but glance back a few times to try and see what he changed his mood. What ticked him off. You couldn’t tell, but with the way a sick-looking girl with long dull strands of black hair stared at the two of you as you walked away, you were starting to think that maybe she was the problem. She was the thing that set Jungkook off. You don’t know why, but you had an idea.

 Ten minutes later, the two of you were seated on a pair of old tire swings that hung from even older pieces of wood you didn’t trust in a relatively small and abandoned playground. All that could be heard was the faint sounds of life far away from you two and the sounds of your swings moving. Jungkook seemed like he didn’t want to talk, and although you had questions for him, you figured right now wasn’t the best time to ask them.

 "I’m sorry for just…whatever I did back there.” Jungkook, for the first time ever, apologised sincerely, bringing your undivided attention to him as he sat still in his swing as mindlessly stared down at the gravel covered ground. “I just—I saw…I saw—”

“I know.” You confessed with a light tone to your voice, hesitating at first but going ahead and placing your delicate hand on Jungkook’s shoulder to assure him that you were there for him. “You don’t know have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

Since the once young night had gradually began to age as you spent your time in Hongdae, it was fairly dark outside and you couldn’t really make out Jungkook’s features, but when you heard a sniff, you could without a doubt tell what was going on.

He was crying.

 Jungkook was actually crying.

 He wasn’t crying so much that he had to take in sharp breaths and was sniffing constantly, but there were warm tears you couldn’t see slowly making their way down his cold cheeks and occasional sniffs that made your heavy heart filled with love and care feel weightless the more he sniffed.

He sniffed for the last time, taking in a necessary breath as he confirmed with you, “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

And that was fine by you. Jungkook wasn’t ready to tell you his story, and you were okay with that. You weren’t going to force it out of him, you were just going to wait, wait until he was ready. Ready to open up old wounds and confess to you about things that broke him down but unknowingly made him stronger as a person. It didn’t matter how long it took, nine days or nine months, you were going to give Jungkook the time he needed because you cared about him.

“That’s fine by me. I can understand.” You responded with a gentle tone, for the first time understanding and relating to something Jungkook was going through. “But just know…if you ever want to talk about it, I’m here.”

 "Thanks, Y/N.“ Jungkook expressed his gratitude to you, a faint grateful smile blossoming across his face.

 "You’re welcome.” You gave him a weak yet still positive smile. “Do you wanna go to Luxury Su? I’m sure going to a karaoke place will cheer you up.”

Jungkook smiled. You understood him already. “I’d love to.”

With that, you two leaped off your tiny seats of swings and travelled back into the lively setting of Hongdae, hand-in-hand as you weaved through the buzzing dozens of people crowding the streets. As Jungkook guided you towards the famous karaoke place, your eyes seemed to be looking all over the place to find that girl. She seemed to have really spooked Jungkook and you didn’t want that happening again, you didn’t want to see him sad again, therefore you kept yourself on high alert for the girl in sheep’s clothing, unaware of the fluttering your heart was doing at the feeling of Jungkook’s hand holding yours.

 After a twenty minute walk that had a soothing silence between the two of you, you had arrived at the dollhouse-like karaoke place. You were greeted by a garden that looked like a meadow out of a fantasy movie, the two of you making your way inside and going to the front desk right away.

A wave of deja vu washed over you when observing how identical your current reality was to that afternoon and night you spent with Jungkook. Particularly when you heard the female receptionist ask which room you two wanted to rent, as well as when you witnessed Jungkook pay for the room. This resulted in your heart beating rapidly, thoughts of that unforgettable night creeping towards to the front of your mind and forcing you to have brief flashbacks.

  Flashbacks of the sea blue ceiling decorated with twinkling stars. Flashbacks of how Jungkook’s larger hands held yours as he thrusted into you mercilessly. Flashbacks of how good he made you feel. Those flashbacks were coming in hot and heavy, and it put you on edge.

 As you were forced to relive those flashbacks with a dazed facial expression, Jungkook had escorted you towards the room you two were renting that just like the movie house you two rented a month ago, was the last room down the hallway. Jungkook held the room-card to the scanner, the door giving off a sound to notify the two of you the door had been unlocked and Jungkook held the door open for you.

 Mumbling a quiet thanks, you stepped foot inside the room and were in such a state of awe at how the room had been decorated. A variety of neon lights flashed in several directions (including into your eye), porcelain glass floor that wasn’t made for shoes to step upon and pink. Pink armchairs, pink walls and pink curtains — it was as if you had gone back into the past and were inside your bedroom when you were six years old.

 "I’ve never seen so much pink in my entire life.“ Jungkook claimed candidly, his comment receiving an amused chuckle from you as your curious eyes gazed around, finding even more objects in the room that were pink. No other colour.

As you took time to study the room that consisted of only one colour, Jungkook took it upon himself to take a look at the thick book larger than his head that was filled with popular Korean and English songs. Taking note of how many famous groups had songs in the book filled with lyrics, Jungkook called out for you and kindly asked you to chose any songs that night.

After spending yet another ten minutes trying to work the damn remote to the TV screen that you were tempted to throw against the wall at one point, you finally had gotten yourself familiar with the buttons on the remote and selected the first song of the night, straightaway hearing a snicker from Jungkook that had you snickering a bit yourself.

 When you could eventually hear the song playing loud and proud through the large speakers besides the gigantic flat screen TV, you automatically struck a dramatic pose, hearing Jungkook laugh in the background all before you began to sing along to lyrics of Girl’s Generation’s famous song, Gee, exaggerating your dance moves incredibly to encourage the laughs falling from Jungkook’s lips. Once he had caught his breath and was able to stand straight, Jungkook enthusiastically danced and sang along with you, the two of you mostly laughing into your microphones instead of singing.

 Laughter and smiles dominated the fun atmosphere of the strictly pink room, your laughter bouncing off the walls and probably into the ears of guests in other rooms as you entertained yourselves with cliché songs that had you doubling over as you laughed until your stomach hurt. As the night progressed onwards, the fun mood had gradually began to die down, which explained how and why you sat on the custom-made fluffy pastel pink armchair while eating complimentary strawberry flavoured ice cream whilst watching Jungkook passionately sing along to Big Bang’s If You.

Even before you were presented the opportunity to meet your bias group, BTS and your ultimate bias, Jungkook, you always had a personal goal as a Jungkook biased person, which was to have the glorious experience of listening to his sweet as honey voice live. And here you were, eating sugary ice cream in a top-notch karaoke place and having the honour of listening to Jungkook sing his big heart out. Directly hearing his voice and hearing how much passion and sweetness there was in his voice gave you a case of the goosebumps as you watched Jungkook with your eyes twinkling in astonishment and lips curved into a fond smile.

He was so talented. You were glad that he chose to share those special talents with fans to admire and gain recognition from.

  Not long after hearing Jungkook bless your ears with the sound of his angel-like voice, the exciting mood was brought back to life and you were back to beaming widely at one another as you danced in-sync. It was as if all the problems you faced in the real world have melted away within the pinkness of the room and you were transported to a totally different world without any worries, heartbreak, problems, insecurities and sins. Just happiness.

 You two had set aside your arguments and awkward silences and comfortably settled for a night filled with terrible singing and lousy dancing that people would mistake for you two having seizers. You hoped you would remember these delightful forever for how overjoyed you were in those mere hours of your life spent with Jungkook. The aurora of cheerfulness and glee remained around the two of you even after you had decided to leave the karaoke place since it was getting pretty late and both of you had an early morning the next day.

The dark sky above was littered with stars and star dust that had fallen straight into your pair of sparkling eyes, the scenery of the glittery stars accompanied by the occasional howls of winds blowing past you and reminding you of how grateful you were that Jungkook gave you his winter coat to wear. You patiently waited outside for Jungkook as he checked with the receptionist about how much money he was supposed to pay for renting the room for as many hours as you did, hugging your upper body as your nose buried itself in Jungkook’s coat that smelled like your home away from home.

  Beyond the howls of the winds that had no mercy on any soul that wasn’t inside a cosy and warm house wrapped in mountains of blankets with hot cocoa in hand, you could hear the familiar squeals of excited teenagers and chose to subtly flick your hair out of your face, catching a glimpse of the fans that stood not very far away from you with their phones in hand.

 Pretending as if you hadn’t heard their squeals of excitement or constant chitter chatter about who in God’s name were you, you stuck your warm hands inside Jungkook’s coat as you let out a sigh of relief as you saw Jungkook wish the receptionist a good night before he walked up to you.

"We’ve got fans at three o'clock.” You spoke first, trying to seem as nonchalant as possible so the fans nearby wouldn’t have any knowledge that you were talking about them.

Jungkook’s eyes slightly enlarged. “Really? But it’s so late. And it’s so cold.”

“That doesn’t matter to some fans when they’ve actually gotten the opportunity to see their bias or something.” You explained simple logic of a fangirl to Jungkook who couldn’t get his head wrapped around the way fans’ minds operated. “Particularly when their bias or whoever is with a girl, might I add.”

 There was a sudden flash and Jungkook’s right eye visibly twitched right away. “They just took a picture.”

“Isn’t that what your manger is hoping for?” You decided to make a light-hearted joke, smiling in satisfaction as you watched crinkles by Jungkook’s eyes appear as he chuckled in amusement.

“Of course, but he’s also secretly hoping we put on a show that will set the Internet ablaze.” Jungkook laughed, scoffing a moment later as he shook his head at the antics his manger purposed you two would get up to in your arranged relationship.

  You laughed along with Jungkook, pleased to see that he wasn’t as bothered to take part in your procedure as you might of thought he was. It would make the next nine months a lot more enjoyable in a sense because neither of you were dreading the idea and were simply living your lives together. As you laughed mostly by yourself now, you failed to notice the way in which Jungkook looked at you with the slightest bit of fondness captured in his eyes, just as he did when he first saw how peaceful you looked as you slept after your night of passionate and energy consuming sex.

He knew he was slowly but surely falling for you, he knew he was. There was a part of him that was willingly wanting to dive right into having an immense infatuation for you and was ready to have you capture Jungkook’s vulnerable and fragile heart in all its glory. He wanted to visit vintage cafes while shamelessly admiring you as you expressed how cool latte art was; he wanted to hold you close as you two kissed as if you were standing in the pouring rain; he wanted you to wear his clothes and take endless amounts of pictures of you - the boy even wanted to put up with your mood swings, kiss away your tears and make you feel like you always had him, no matter how far away he was from you. However, there was the other part of him that fought long and hard to prevent such things from happening, because in the end, even girls as angelic like you could be she-devils that wanted nothing more than the money in Jungkook’s pocket.

 He had to guard his heart (and his wallet). Keep his heart locked away, throw away the key and spend a lifetime not allowing himself to feel or to love with his heart. But, you were making it very hard for Jungkook to do that.

 With the burnt image of your glowing smile and angelic self burned into his brain, Jungkook stepped forward to cross the personal space barrier you had set up for yourself, warm hands cupping your frost-bitten red cheeks as he gazed into your eyes.

Your body immediately froze when his hands came in contact with your skin, the warmth of his touch melting the ice wall around your heart and allowing your heart to reek havoc in your chest. Your bold red lips parted as you stared up at Jungkook in wonder, too stunned by his bold actions to question what was he about to do.

 Before he could lean inwards and have those fans standing meters away scream their cold lungs out at the insane public display of affection, you finally registered the seriousness of your reality and found yourself stuttering out, “W-what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Jungkook had the damn nerve to run his wet tongue over his kissable lips before he sent you a damned smirk that came straight from the depths of hell. “I’m putting on a show.”

 And those were the last words anyone spoke before he leaned in and kissed you.

 Your head was spinning so much you were feeling rather light-headed and your heart was hammering against your chest so hard that you thought your rib cage had shattered and your heart burst. His lips, just like they were a month ago, were soft to the touch, having you melt into the kiss right then and there. To prevent yourself from melting into a hot puddle of yourself, you placed your hands on Jungkook’s hips as his candy-like soft lips moved with yours in the most passionate and sweetest way possible.

  As predicted, you could hear the distant screams of outraged and flabbergasted fans and you could see beyond your closed eyelids the flashes of their phones, but you couldn’t care less. You were kissing Jungkook and by God, you were going to savour every moment of its rich sweetness and the heart-fluttering feeling he gave you as he kissed you like his life depended on it.

I hope you baby stars enjoyed this part! x

XOXO Admin Tina :)x

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So, today Aden here offically reached 100 followers. For most this is just another number, a small one compared to many - but for me, its an amazing thing, that - so many people have decided that they like my blog so much to keep on following even though I am incredibly awkward and hyperactive at times. That those people, they enjoy how I write Aden - that they seem to like me enough to stick around. I have roleplayed for years and never have I hit 100 followers so quickly and been so PROUD to have done so.

I have had some bad experiences in my rp past with trying to rp canon characters (Some so bad I was bullied into giving up) But the people in The 100 fandom seem to be more united (Despite if we rp Grounders or Skaikru, even with different prefered ships) Its like we have our own special safety net for when we feel down about our selves and our writing. Its something I havent come across for a very long time and I am proud to say I now rp two canon characters ( Aden and Raven ) and not only this, but its more than just those in the 100 fandom that have decided to follow Aden, which has inspired me to create some other verses - in other fandoms for him.

It is now so hard for me to believe that I was so afraid when I first made Aden here, I had been so terrified that no one would love him how I saw him - and now I am simply astounded that I have recieved so much support and have already made a few friends that I can’t imagine not rping with anymore. And because of some of those same friends - I have Raven now as well, because they encouraged me as I rambled about how much I adore Raven and they still listen to me chattering on about headcanons I have about both Aden and Raven. 

Its amazing.

This isn’t everyone, but here are just a few people who have either helped me feel welcomed or helped make an amazing impression and inspired me somehow:

@xnotafraid @forsakcnblood @skciripa @hxdaleksakomtrigedakru @warbuilt  @mcthersguilt @shxcklash @basiicphysics @firstwescrvive @portectorisms @forgedleader @childcharlotte  @crowneddeath @notrxcketscience  @hoperisen @hedaiisms  @imnobodysson

I guess I want to just say thank you to all of you, even if we havent yet interacted - thank you. I have felt so welcomed and accepted into this fandom it truly means the world and I can’t wait to meet and interact with many more of you lovely people.

- Sparky

anonymous asked:

I didn't name myself because I've seen you answer publicly to other users and publish their messages, and I'm shy in the internet. I don't see how you can't take my commentary seriously because I don't think it seemed like I was playing. I'm glad you know that I wasn't hating, though, just a little freaked out because I didn't know you were writing/drawing Ben as a villain here.

I see your point, but then again, you can message me privately :D I don’t bite

about anon thing - here’s the actual representation how I see it

They all appear to me the same. And while it’s ease to distinguish nice comments, the negative ones are in the grey area.

But It’s all ok now. No bad blood between us Anon *high-fives*

randomnessoffiction  asked:

When Barry acts like an idiot should be accountable for his actions even though it's the writers? I'm so tired of the writers taking Barry and all the other characters that l love and have them make stupid mistake after mistake!

Barry is my little puppy. I cant stay mad at him more then 10 minutes and I blame Grant for that. I guess the answer to your question is yes and no, he shouldnt be accountable for his actions. No, because is actions seems to be worse because of bad and lazy writing. But yes because if we dont express how disappointed we are about Barry’s actions the writers will never know. 

There’s someone who 100% shouldn’t be accountable for Barry’s action and it’s Grant. I feel a lot of people certain *shippers* cant see the difference. 

Plus, the last weekend panels make me want to scream at the writers cause they acted like the bad arrow ratings are the actors fault, it’s not. (I’m talking about the comment they made bout why  Arrow cast dont have cola but flash does) Ratings are our way to tell the WRITERS that their writing SUCKS.