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🔘 An incorrigibly rebellious alien renegade from one of the oldest civilisations in the universe, once a lonely child who never felt at home in a proudly intellectual but morally bankrupt society, compelled to reject their place in cosmic aristocracy by a lifetime of frustration with its mechanisms and catalysed by their fear of their place in the Hybrid prophecy, to steal a TARDIS and hide among the stars - and then to travel through them on boundless lifetimes of adventure, determined to help people of any species whenever and wherever they found people in need of it, never cruel or cowardly, come in time to be known as Merlin, the Sainted Physician, Sherlock Holmes, Ka Faraq Gatri, the Predator of the Daleks, the Oncoming Storm, th

personally, to me, finn/re/y has always been more sibling-like, i did not see/feel the romantic undertones some did.. that being said i still think we should respect peoples ships and not be gloating and throwing shade a fin/nre/y or the shippers imho.

its mr steal yo girl !!!!!!!!

I had to do an assignment for school where we took a theme inspired by irl outfits/things and made characters out of them that followed 4 different archetypes. So i did cowboys…but also vampires. Tbh the teacher said no monsters but i will NOT be stifled. (Also i ran the finished drawings by him and he thought they were cool so lmfao)

im probably gonna use them for something in the future tbh!


All I can hear is you

“There’s no greater feeling than hurtling off stage and into your arms, the adrenaline still coursing through our veins, bass and cheers ringing in our ears, knowing there’s no one else but me that you’ve chosen, no one else but you that I’d choose.“

Can’t do a drawing without cheesy caption, sorry :’))

@dreamsinsnooze was wild enough to commission this gif :) luv u hun, thank you for your support <3

Lineart version


“Like a centipede.”


The first time I saw this I couldn’t stop laughing for a good half an hour.

*Jimin chosen as most shy member*

Interviewer (to Jimin): aah, so you’re a little bit Introverted?


Namjoon: A little bit but not on stage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He knows. This boy knows what he does.