though i have seen this movie many times before

Heavy (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: I managed to squeeze in another request for this week. This one is regarding quite a serious topic, so please be aware of this before reading the fic. To the Anon who requested this, I am truly sorry that this is something you had to go though, and I can’t begin to understand how painful that must be for you. So from the bottom of my heart I truly hope you are doing better now.

Warnings: Implied past sexual abuse.

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Hi! Do you have any German tv shows/movies/youtubers that you would recommend to me? I'm starting to learn but i like to listen and recognize the sounds and I'm getting bored of just write and learn grammar.

Hi! Yes, of course. I definitely recommend trying to get a grip on basic grammar and vocab first but since you seem to have that already, here is a list of things that you might want to check out, some of which I love very much (so this list is definitely influenced by my personal favourites haha but not all of them, I promise).

Before I start, though, I’d just like to say that most movies have German dubbing. Maybe try watching Harry Potter or something of the sort in German because you already know the plot and will know what they’re saying because you might have seen the movie many times before. But here goes the list:

Shows & movies:

  • Vincent will Meer - my favourite German movie about three people who drive to Italy. Vincent has tourette syndrome, Marie anorexia and the third guy has OCD. They flee from their psychiatry to drive to the sea and I just love the movie.
  • Lola Rennt - one of the best known German movies, a movie that has three different endings.
  • Fak Ju Göthe - comedy, quite vulgar sometimes but one of the most popular movies amongst young people
  • Kokowääh - movie about a man who suddenly has to take care of a little girl, has a sequel: Kokowääh 2
  • KeinOhrHasen - movie about a guy who falls in love with the kindergarten teacher he has to work with during probation, sequel: ZweiOhrKüken
  • Berlin Station - on Netflix (at least here in Germany) it’s a show that takes place in Berlin and mixes English and German with quite a few native speakers. Its German is rather advanced though and they mumble quite a bit but the series is really good.
  • Schuld - a new series with well known German actor Moritz Bleibtreu, each episode stands for itself and it’s about a defense lawyer and his cases. It only has one season thus far, though.
  • ZDF: Heute Show - pretty similar to the American “Daily Show” with Trevor Noah, Heute Show is a show of political satire held in Hochdeutsch that talks about the news. It’s currently on summer break but you can find a few episodes online still.


  • Coldmirror - the most iconic German youtuber. She speaks quite quickly though and can impersonate a variety of dialects. But she’s hilarious. She even re-synchronised the entire first five Harry Potter movies.
  • LeFloid - presents news and makes short sketches, even made a Game of Thrones sketch with Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’gar) 
  • SpaceFrogs and SpaceRadio - comedy duo from Berlin who speak quite clear Hochdeutsch and make all kinds of funny videos
  • Gronkh - the most popular German LetPlayer
  • SarazarLP - another popular German LPer
  • KellyMissesVlog - vlogger and comedian 

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Am I wrong though??? I’m so tired of these weird ass white dudes who keep getting chance after chance after chance to ruin another movie and put their weird ass psychological trauma and Oedipus complexes in everything they get their hands on. How many bad movies does a hetero neckbearder have to make before those assholes put two and two together and let someone else pilot the ship? How many times does the Titanic need to crash into an iceberg before they fire the fucking navigator??? You wanna see straight white dude solidarity? Look at how they keep hiring each other to do EVERYTHING and pass on actually qualified people who aren’t them, then have us hang the moment one of us fucks up once. Whedon can rot. He can sit in a cell and daydream about Black Widow choking him out while crying about her barren womb or whatever the fuck he gets off to these days (apparently teenaged girls who are “damaged”).

Im Sorry - Part Sixteen (Final)

A/N: SO! This is the finale part, I’m kinda meh with it but tell me what you guys think, i love your guy’s feed back, I have a whole sequel planned out IF you guys want it, so if you do let me know, if you don’t well don’t say thing LOL Anyway enjoy loves xx

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Castiel

Pairings: Dean x reader

Warnings: Character Death

Word Count: 1500


Im Sorry Masterlist 

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I’ve read that right before you die all the memories that make you, well you flash before your eyes, that all the memories that made you happy play like your very own movie, And with the amount of times i’ve had moments like this where i’m on the verge of death i’ve never actually experienced them, i’ve always wanted to ask Sam or Dean if they have, but we never talk about what was or what might have been. But right now, at this moment, i see everything flickering like an old projector running on a chipped white painted wall, maybe the reasons i’ve never seen it before because i was ready to die so i didn’t need those memories to comfort me while my life was ending or maybe it was because i didn’t have any memories that truly made me happy, but i knew that was a lie because even though the life i, we lived wasn’t always the greatest i could think of so many, but as i laid here with everything moving in slow motion i could see those memories like an old time movie and all i could see was Dean, and now i knew why they were playing because i wasn’t ready to die.

Those blissful few minutes, possibly even seconds of zero pain and despair were cut short when the man who was playing in all of those memories was now kneeled down in front of you, and all the pain came rushing back. You averted your heavy, red eyes to admire him.

The wrinkles by his eyes now visible all the time not just when he smiled. You could swear he looked a lot older than he did last time you seen him even though that wasn’t that long ago, you could see a few grey hairs poking their way through adding a little bit of discoloration to his hair. You could see the pain and worry in his eyes, even though he always tried his best not to show when he was weak, it was started to demeanour as the walls he built up all those years ago slowly started to crack and fall down.

Everything happened so fast, Dean lightly tapping your face, to try and keep you conscious “Hey, hey y/n, sweetheart look at me” little did he know that’s all you planned on doing “Everything’s going to be okay, i promise” he spoke after lightly moving the hair out of your face.

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He keep the essense of the book and that's important to me but he added some scenes that gutted me there's one particular scene he added on the early part of the movie it gave me hope even though I know it's not possible.. I know you know which scene that was. Francis is not perfect but I love him and hate him, you know.

okay you worried me for a second there, lol. 

When that part came up, I hit my friend on his knee so hard everyone around me laughed. It was a really nice surprise, but at the same time, I don’t understand how it was so much more heartbreaking in that scene even though we have seen it before. 

So I love him for that, and the other additions he made weren’t fillers fillers, so that was a relief. But for a movie that’s split into two, part one still managed to leave many things out, so it kinda makes me wonder how it will all play out in MJ2. That’s where I am Francis, where are you going with this? BUT I know by now to not doubt Francis, Patron Saint of Everlark and Guardian of the Hunger Games Movieverse. 

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what black widow has that other heroes or heroines dont that make you appreciate her so much?

I don’t necessarily want to say that she has something that others don’t, because that can very quickly spiral into “my fave is so much better than your fave!” territory and I seriously don’t want to go there. 

I will say that back when The Avengers came out, I was a casual Marvel fan at best. I wasn’t really into comics, and though I enjoyed the films, I wasn’t particularly obsessive about them. As anyone who follows my personal blog knows, “casual” doesn’t really cover it anymore, whereas “obsessive” is fairly accurate. What inspired this change? One Natasha Romanoff. 

It was the scene with Loki in the cage that really hooked me. An assassin with a dark and bloodstained past, someone who was once very probably a villain in their own right but now worked towards their redemption? Almost all of the fiction I’d consumed in my life told me that such a story was solely the province of male characters. I was intrigued, and spent the rest of the film hoping for more tidbits about what made this complicated woman tick. Or, as I stated rather inelegantly about a year ago: 

I hadn’t read a single Black Widow comic (or Marvel comic, for that matter) before I saw The Avengers. It’s due entirely to the tantalizing hints of deep backstory they gave us in the film that I even bothered to pick up a comic to learn more about this woman who was clearly holding so much inside her. Her scene with Bruce that I quoted earlier was such a morsel.  A child forced into the life of a spy? Tell me more, please! Her scene at the cage was another. Red in her ledger? A set of skills she didn’t care who she used them for or on? Sao Paulo, Dreykov’s daughter, the hospital fire? Tell meeee! And then the scene with Barton? Someone had unmade her? And she was still standing, still striving for redemption? Cue the incoherent squeals of pure want.

And last, but most definitely not least, you have this puny little human with (as of now) no superpowers and no metal suits, only two little guns and her own body, who has seen all of the “heroes” scatter to the wind and for all she knows won’t be coming back, and she says I’m going to fight. There might not be anyone beside me when I do, but I am going to stand up against an army of gods and monsters, and I am going to fight.

It didn’t stop there. On the comic front, MCU!Natasha made me seek out and fall just as in love with her comic book counterpart, which in turn made me burrow my way through the larger pantheon of incredible Marvel women. And when it came to the movies, it seemed as though no matter how many times I watched the same scenes, I’d discover another layer to this character I hadn’t seen before. The Winter Soldier only added to that, making her increasingly complex, more so than I thought would be possible, given that she’s only ever sharing the screen with others, rather than having her own film in which to develop.

I love the Black Widow for many, many reasons, but none more so than this: Natasha was the hero that was never supposed to be. She wasn’t originally intended to be an Avenger. As Hawkeye said, she’s spy, not a soldier. She deals in deception, never seeking out the front lines, purposely avoiding the spotlight. Yet in the end, both in The Avengers and in The Winter Soldier, her genuine desire to balance her ledger, to make the sacrifice play, makes her exactly what she never expected to be: a hero.