though i had no clue on a background

I find myself repeatedly drawn to re-watch the 3A Neverland arc, and all the subtle Captain Swan nuances that I missed when I first watched the show. I shipped CS, but had no confidence that the show was actually going to tell that story, and so I dismissed a lot of the little clues…

Like how Hook is in the background of so many of the camera shots of Emma. And then there are all the times she looks for him or toward him, even though she doesn’t really have anything to tell him.

Today, I was zipping through the episodes, looking specifically for the group interactions in Neverland, and noticed the difference in Emma’s body language in her interactions with Neal vs. her interactions with Hook. She’s just gotten Neal back from the dead, and she sits beside him on the log discussing how they are going to escape from the island after saving Henry. It’s casual. Very casual.  A few minutes later, she pulls Hook aside and tells him they need to talk. He makes the delightful remark about how he’s never in for a pleasant conversation when he hears those words, and then Emma moves closer, and closer, and then a little closer.  She does that with him a lot. It’s not casual at all, and anyone stumbling upon them would feel as though they were interrupting something… intimate.

The exit plan off of Neverland was to lure Pan’s shadow to the flame, and this was echoed by this beautiful, perfect pair of lost souls. They were drawn to each other just as sure as that shadow was to the fire that only Emma could create.

My adoration for this pairing continues to grow.