though i had no clue on a background


Theory time! 

Wan founded the White Lotus

Firstly, this is not a new theory I’ve had, It actually occurred to me back in Book 2 and was reinforced when I re-watched Spirits this past January/February. And was further reinforced during Bk3’s “The Stakeout”.

We know that the Statue of Avatar Aang in Yue Bay has Aang standing with one foot on an open lotus blossom to symbolize the White Lotus coming out of hiding and “openly serving the Avatar”. (exact wording from Zaheer, though we knew this before he said it)

We also know that Wan’s statue is (currently) the only other known statue in the statue line up that is standing on an open lotus blossom.

In The Stakeout, Zaheer spoke of Avatar Wan by name and his struggle against Raava and Vaatu - something he learned about before Korra ever did because the belief that Chaos was the natural order and Vaatu needed to be released/the avatar destroyed was a core tenet of the Order of the Red Lotus, who broke off from the White Lotus before Korra was even born. Which means the White Lotus knew about Avatar Wan and that he split Raava and Vaatu and have had this information for as long as they’ve been around.

Seeing as how Bryke has had a habit of including little clues and hints about things in the series in the architecture and background designs (the lion turtles in Piandao’s home as an obvious example), I don’t believe my theory is particularly far-fetched.

Though, until and unless anything is said by The Powers That Be (*cough* bryankonietzko michaeldantedimartino *cough*), it remains a theory.

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Watched The Weaponizer episode again (a multilayered one) and Uriel tells Lucifer, "Give me Mum or I'll take back what Dad gave you." I took that to mean that Chloe is a genuine gift to Lucifer not as manipulative tool and the writers' are laying clues to the audience and all of the cinematography ie the light in the background shining through certain scenes signifying his Dad's presence or Lucifer coming out from the darkness that Chloe is his light therefore is Lucifer's miracle any thoughts?

Uriel’s presence and function in S2 and S3 to a point is not exactly clear in my opinion. 

When Uriel said that I connected it to the fact that God had granted Lucifer’s request and saved Chloe, and not so much with her status as a miracle. If you are correct though then that means that Uriel knew way more than what we believe and that gives him a better utility in both seasons which I cannot wait to discover. 

Finally, regarding Lucifer’s light…. In fanfiction, we tend to overthink things quite a lot but we should remember that Lucifer s still enveloped in darkness and yes that Chloe is his light as she teaches him what billions of years in hell failed to do so. Humility, regret, guilt… 

Women in RPGs

I’m going to be honest. I have had a much easier time being a woman in the RPG culture than in any other genre of nerd fandom.  For obvious reasons, too.  First, I play with a primary group, which is deliberately constructed for the comfort of its members.  We are very selective, and there’s no room for misogyny at our table. I have had a much harder time with video games and online discussion boards, but I don’t blog about those so I’ll talk about Tabletop RPGs and let you find any of the countless blogs that discuss sexism online and in video game culture.

The issues I have seen have mostly been in public settings.  I’ve played at local game stores a few times, and that’s where most sexism pops up.  There’s the accidental background sexism, where most fighters are assumed to be men and what women exist in game tend to be in need of help, motherly, or manipulative spy women.  Those are easy enough to fix and when I’ve brought them up, the DM has worked to change it.  There’s also the more insidious sexism, though, where the issue tends not to be in character and game, but in the physical world outside the game.

I’ve had people talk to me like I have no clue what I am doing.  (I’m, uh, pretty damn mechanics fluent).  I’ve had people assume my character is female because I am female, and then go on to sexualize “her”.  (This once resulted in the line “Okay you successfully “accidentally” brush your hand against my chest.  Your pinky probably brushes against some chest hair.  I get an awkward erection”.)  And possibly even worse, I’ve had people assume my criticisms of a game were based on my gender.  (No, sir, it is not my ovaries that think a DM should not go “your character has a heart attack and dies”, it’s just, idunno, that I’m a better DM than you.)

And the result is not pretty.  I have run a handful of campaigns, now, each successful.  I’ve played regularly for the last three years, and sporadically for a couple of years before that.  I find myself researching various mechanics probably at least once a day.  There is no reason that I should ever feel like I’m not being taken seriously, and yet, games with strangers make me nervous.  I tend to avoid playing female characters with a new group.  I tend to avoid playing an emotional character with a new group.  

Sexism just makes a game… less fun.  For me AND for you, because if I’m not roleplaying up to par, you’re not getting the fully immersive experience you could be getting while participating in this roleplaying game.

Naturally, it’s hard to bring this up in a group because complaints are so often dismissed.  But it is something that’s been heavily on my mind now that I’m building a campaign for a local game store.  How will I DM people who do not inherently trust me because of my gender when so much of what makes a successful DM is that they are trustworthy?  Well, I’ll figure it out because it’s my job to figure it out.

I will end this little pondering on a positive note, though.  Paizo is an excellent company when it comes to gender in their games. I don’t really play many of their campaigns, but the handful I have played had an even distribution of male and female characters.  I play much more heavily with their mechanics, and it hasn’t escaped my attention that many class descriptions use the pronoun “she”.  I have an addiction to Pathfinder Pawns, and I love that some women are dressed sexy and some aren’t.  Some are old, some are young, some have boob windows, some are in full suits of armor, and there is even racial diversity amongst them.  I get that choice, as a player, and I love having that choice.

Because being comfortable in an RPG is incredibly important.  That’s why so many groups, mine included, are super exclusive. Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and all the others are group games.  The enjoyment of the game relies on the teamwork and friendship of the group.  Making one player uncomfortable (not in game, where of course there has to be tension, but around the table, where everything should run smooth) is a great way to destroy a campaign for every player.  But when everyone is comfortable and trusting and excited, Pathfinder (and other such games) is one of the most enjoyable, accessible experiences available in nerd culture.

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I don't know if you had noticed, but the background of RWBY lore really shows a dark and depressing world. By Vol 3, we learn that Ruby's mom is missing and presumed dead, Yang's mom abandoned her. Taiyang lost both of his loves. Blake spent years fighting for the right cause in the wrong way, feeding her guilt. Weiss' own past is more of a mystery, though there are some clues that it wasn't good. Pyrrha confessed she was lonely and isolated as a child during the dance. Lots of tragic backstory.

Yeah, and I love that despite that, many of the characters aren’t angsty assholes all the time. They still manage to have fun, loving, upbeat personalities despite the crap in their past, and the things they have to deal with.


I’m sorry guys I really need more elaboration….please don’t make things acronyms either, it’s hard to guess…. Well! I googled sgb, and I think it’s “super gaming bros” ?
and the answer for that is I do not! I like to listen to game streamers when I draw though! and I usually watch Vinesauce or Northernlion, I feel like they arent to loud and its just good background noise!

Second! what is borrower Nesscas??? I don’t think I’ve ever heard this AU… I asked Leon and he had no clue either…. I’m sorry  =q=

Clues to Rey being Luke’s daughter (major spoilers of course)

- Rey has a rebel fighter pilot doll (it was a bit shabby but it was clearly a rebel pilot). It isn’t just glimpsed in the background of her shelter (a fallen AT-AT walker), a good few seconds is spent on the doll.

- Rey also has a rebel fighter pilot helmet. She had it resting near her while she was eating and even put in on and sat there like that for awhile. I’m not saying that it was Luke’s though because I have no idea if it was. 

- Rey’s moments of hope and pride and the way she got happy over things, the way she expressed her emotions, reminded me a lot of Luke in A New Hope. I don’t know how to explain it but to me Rey seemed to have the same spirit Luke had.  

- Her wonder over the force and the jedi also reminded me of Luke. 

- Rey is a very skilled pilot and is really good at fixing things and working with machinery. Those skills naturally run in the Skywalker family.

- Leia sends R2 away with a message about her capture and Luke finds R2 which gets him involved with Obi-Wan and the Rebels and so on. Poe sends BB-8 away with a piece of the map needed to find Luke and Rey finds BB-8 which sets off the chain of events, you get the idea.

- Han offers Rey a job on the Millennium Falcon after only knowing her for a while. She’s proved her worth as a pilot and has shown off her knowledge and skill with fixing things by this point. Still, Han wouldn’t invite just anyone to stay and work with him and Chewie and I think its because he’s figured out who she is. 

- When Rey declines by saying she needs to go back to Jakku because she wants to wait for her family to come back for her, Han looked really sad and maybe a bit ashamed. He knows that no one is coming for Rey.

- Maz Kanata asks Han who Rey is and the camera cuts to Han, who again looks like he knows something.

- Rey feels a strong pull to the room where Maz has kept Luke’s old lightsaber that was Anakin’s.

- When she opens the box and sees the lightsaber, she gets visions of Luke. The vision was what we all saw in the teaser trailer a long time ago where Luke is reaching out to R2.  

- Maz knows Rey is being called so strongly by Luke’s lightsaber and tells her the lightsaber belongs to her. 

- She also mentions that Rey can’t go back to Jakku because the only way she’ll find herself and what she is looking for (her family) is by moving forward. This ties in to Rey finding Luke at the end of the movie.

- Maz says something along the lines of “you know who you are, you can sense it.”

-  Basically Maz says Rey is Luke’s daughter without actually saying, “You’re Luke Skywalker’s daughter.”

- When Kylo Ren is reading Rey’s mind he mentions an image of an island in the middle of the ocean. I think he also says that its a comforting image for her. Rey finds Luke on an island in the middle of an ocean.

- It was revealed way before this that Kylo Ren is Leia and Han’s son. Leia and Han had no problems discussing Kylo Ren and what to do with him. I think if Rey was Han and Leia’s daughter, they would’ve discussed her as well. I also think Kylo Ren, who is fully aware of who his parents are, would’ve said something to her during his interrogation of her or during their duel. I think if they were siblings he wouldn’t miss the oppurtunity to mention or exploit it. He does try to coax her to the dark side by saying she could recieve the trianing she needs, I think then would’ve been a time he’d love to mention they’re siblings if they were.

- R2 had been in “sleep mode” since Luke disappeared. When Rey arrives at the resistance base, R2 suddenly wakes up and reveals the rest of the map needed to find Luke.

- Rey leaves to go find Luke with R2 and Chewie (Chewie is with her because Rey is the new pilot of the Millennium Falcon and Rey leaves in the Falcon). Leia seems perfectly fine and even happy that Rey is going kinda alone even though Leia has expressed that she wants to find Luke and misses him. Maybe its because she knows Rey and Luke need some long overdue father-daughter time. And Rey needs to be trianed by Luke of course.

- When Rey and Luke finally meet it is a very emotional scene. Rey holds out his lightsaber for him and she’s crying and Rey and Luke look, I don’t know its hard to describe but it really felt like a reunion scene between a father and his long lost daughter.

“There comes a point in every rider’s life when he wonders if it’s all worth it. Then one look at the horse, and he realizes - it is.”

This is one of the photos my mom took yesterday morning and even though it’s a little blurry and the ugly green fence is in the background, it’s quite possibly my favourite photo ever.

I find myself repeatedly drawn to re-watch the 3A Neverland arc, and all the subtle Captain Swan nuances that I missed when I first watched the show. I shipped CS, but had no confidence that the show was actually going to tell that story, and so I dismissed a lot of the little clues…

Like how Hook is in the background of so many of the camera shots of Emma. And then there are all the times she looks for him or toward him, even though she doesn’t really have anything to tell him.

Today, I was zipping through the episodes, looking specifically for the group interactions in Neverland, and noticed the difference in Emma’s body language in her interactions with Neal vs. her interactions with Hook. She’s just gotten Neal back from the dead, and she sits beside him on the log discussing how they are going to escape from the island after saving Henry. It’s casual. Very casual.  A few minutes later, she pulls Hook aside and tells him they need to talk. He makes the delightful remark about how he’s never in for a pleasant conversation when he hears those words, and then Emma moves closer, and closer, and then a little closer.  She does that with him a lot. It’s not casual at all, and anyone stumbling upon them would feel as though they were interrupting something… intimate.

The exit plan off of Neverland was to lure Pan’s shadow to the flame, and this was echoed by this beautiful, perfect pair of lost souls. They were drawn to each other just as sure as that shadow was to the fire that only Emma could create.

My adoration for this pairing continues to grow.

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Hi! I need a favor, please?? I've been feeling so much Destiel negativity even though I ship it so much and I love it more than anything, but I have this stupid feeling that it could never ever become canon (i don't mean sex or whatever, just a confession) cause Dean's too deep in the closet, and he always acts so manly and loves girls and stuff, so can u please show me some destiel positivity, id be grateful :))

Hi! : )

Be warned that it got long^^’

I’m sorry about that. First of all, I’m sending you to my deancas positivity tag, because that always helps me when I’m feeling down re: destiel.

Second, I think this season is doing something very significative with Dean and his denial and self-policing.

Unfortunately we’ve had to wait more than we’d initially been promised - mostly because we’ve somewhat extended the second of the three arcs to fit in an extra season. That meant taking it slower in some areas and while I’m genuinely liking this season as a whole and ‘feeling’ it more than season 9, I believe in some measure it’s suffering because of that choice. Season 9 was already hard on Sam, Dean and Cas but on us, too, and it’s tough to get to season 10 and see… some more of the same. Moving forward in slow-mo can be very frustrating, especially with a show that already takes entire seasons for a bit of character development at normal speed.

Dean had made some serious progress in s8. It may seem like s9 erased that because he went through a regression there, but paradoxically, as of 10.13 I think Dean’s in a place where he’s more than doubled the progress he’d made by the end of s8, only… Imagine it’s sorta covered by his struggling to find himself and deal with his issues right now. That’s simplifiying it a bit but I think it gets the concept across. We got to Taylor thanks to season 9, too - meaning it keeps building even though it’s not always obvious, even though sometimes it’s more ‘in the background’ and hard to piece together.

The endings of 10.12 and 10.13 were still some of the most incisive and express character development we’ve had in the Carver Era IMO, as far as single events go. Even the 8x13 scene with Aaron was something new for Supernatural but not character development as direct and impactful as this, mainly because Dean still overcompensates immediately after and because of the incident.

I know I keep talking about this but seriously, I’m convinced if you’re looking for any clues that they really seem to want all the current pain and struggling to result in decent pay-off later, Dean enjoying Taylor Swift in front of Sam with a smug look on his face, and Dean implicitly admitting to Sam that he has hopes that affect him so deeply he thinks he’s not strong enough to stand it if he’s let down, are neon signs covered in fluorescent paint.

Supernatural often plays a form of bait-and-switch with Dean coming out of his many, many… many closets, this game where something under Dean’s facade is exposed, the facade is once again revealed for what it is, you learn that Dean hides this or that aspect of himself… But then Dean panics at this and retreats once more inside his fortress. Dean’s, like, this super shy tortoise, right. Anyways, by s10 you’ve basically learnt the rules of that game by heart.

Except that now - let’s do a recap:

Dean has never, ever truly broken that rule on the show despite how much it’s been toyed with. Until 10x12. It took ten fucking seasons but that dam finally broke open.

Dean has occasionally said what he thinks of himself even to Sam, but usually it’s been about thinking he’s trash. That reveals something about his state of mind but has never significantly helped him get better. But now he’s admitting more and more that he has a problem, and he’s letting Sam talk to him like Dean has a problem, he’s letting Sam and Charlie give him pep talks and talk to him about needing to believe in himself and all the things he would normally dismiss as bullshit and he’s doing nothing to imply he doesn’t need their help under the misguided assumption that Dean Winchester Can and Should Deal With His Crap On His Own. Dean is actually letting Sam help instead of fleeing or telling him to shut up or going into his full-on ‘be strong for brother’ mode where he is Ultimate Protector and His Mental Health Doesn’t Count. As far as first steps go, this one is huge.

Dean might’ve coated that statement in all the pessimism he’s feeling, but he still just straight out told Sam in 10.13 that he recognizes a greater part of the MoC problem is really about his issues. In two episodes he’s mentioned twice that he’s an alcoholic and he’s specifically mentioned that magic word called denial as one of his coping mechanisms. A denial, I might add, that perhaps he knows he applies to a lot of the notions he has about himself but obviously not much to his guilt itself, since that one’s always been much easier for him to admit and he’s been going on about how at fault he is for some twenty episodes now.

Talking about his issues is not actively confronting them, but it enables that, unlike pretending they don’t exist.

He told Sam he thinks he can’t do it like this, not as a general statement but specifically about finding a ‘cure’, i.e. about his healing. 


tried to reason with this week’s monster which he himself saw as similar to him, instead of deeming him a lost cause.

All these things happened in the last three episodes alone. It’s obvious he still has a long way to go, it was pretty blatant both in 10.11 and 10.13 that he’s still kinda lost and kinda looking for a path that suits him and some kinda anchor about who he is. Actually, this is probably the moment of biggest confusion about himself because all he knew about himself doesn’t hold true anymore, old models don’t work and other people’s models don’t work and he has to find his own and has no idea where to look. He’s guessing something (like the bunker or Taylor Swift or talking and accepting help) and completely missing in other areas (the veggie smoothies for example).

I totally believe these three episodes were meant to prepare us/the ground for what’s coming in 10.14 and after that, and that if you wanted to know whether or not Dean is coming out of this (heh) stronger a huge portion of the answer was here and it was YES. We were shown a glimpse of what sort of eventual long-term changes we can expect, too.

I realize I haven’t mentioned Cas or Destiel in the entire reply. That’s because my focus here is on the bigger picture, on whether or not I think before the end of the series we’re getting to a point in Dean’s character development where among a series of other things that are all part of it, he also allows himself to actively want and pursue a long-term romantic relationship and/or he can admit to and confess romantic feelings for Cas. IMO the answer, again, is yes. Will we? Chuck knows.

I know this is kinda specific but I’ve fully expected for more than a season and a half for Dean to get to the ‘I love you’ point before the end of the series with both Sam and Cas - naturally in my best case scenario with two explicitly different connotations.

I hope this helped some, honey.

Cranquis Mail: "Patient doesn't like being touched, Doctor needs to do a physical exam"

I don’t think this is medical advice, so I’m asking it here. It’s more about how to best communicate with doctors. I have autism and I’m tactile defensive (don’t like to be touched). I understand that touch is an important part of a doctor’s exam, but I can’t help flinching when touched. There are things doctors could do to help, like announcing what they’re going to do before they do it. But, when I tell this to doctors, they don’t understand. They think I’m worried about germs. Sometimes they start asking me questions about a history of abuse. Very few of them seem to know the term “tactile defensive”. How can I explain this so doctors understand? – name withheld by request

Hi there, and thanks for your terrific question (and for giving me permission to publish it on here!).

So, for starters, I gotta be honest – I had never heard of the term “tactile defensive” before you educated me about it just now. I probably could have figured out what it referred to, but I would have been guessing. Certainly, if a patient (or more likely, a nurse who had just talked to a patient I was about to see) informed me that the patient was “tactile defensive” or “wants to avoid physical contact if possible”, I would initially wonder if the this was a clue to an underlying phobia or abuse history, or perhaps related to the patient’s cultural background – but if the patient explicitly stated that it was “associated to my autism”, then at least for *this* doctor, that would be sufficient explanation. Here’s the tricky thing about doctors, though – we often deal with patients who have a “hidden” or underlying reason for a particular behavior, and we have been trained to be curious people. So, if a doctor were to ask you a few “nosy” questions about possible germ-phobia or a history of abuse, I think it would be more of a sign that the doctor was trying to understand you + trying to avoid “overlooking” some diagnostic significance to your dislike of physical contact. Please don’t take that as a demeaning insult or attack or accusation of dishonesty. The average primary care physician is more likely to encounter someone with an anxiety disorder or a history of abuse than someone with autistic tactile defensiveness. You have a relatively “unique” finding, and doctors always like to poke at unique findings a bit before moving on. But, here’s the thing about tricky doctors – if the doctor can’t abide by your request to be warned before being touched during the exam, scoffs at it, or makes a game out of it and intentionally DOESN’T warn you “just to see what will happen”, then all the power is in YOUR court. You now have the right to (a) firmly (but calmly) state, “I already asked you to not do that” or “Could you please talk me through as you do the exam?” – or (b) you could ask for a nurse to be present during the exam, which is usually enough to remind a doctor of the importance of working within the patient’s special needs, rather than being a obstinate pighead trolling for giggles. And if those nice reminders don’t work, well – I’m not trying to stir up trouble for all the good doctors out there, but technically, “laying hands on a patient when the patient has stated that he/she doesn’t want to be touched” fits the legal definition of “battery” or “physical assault” and can be grounds for a lawsuit. Usually, the patient’s implied consent for a routine physical exam is assumed when the patient presents to a doctor’s office, and usually the doctor would only ask for specific permission before doing an “intimate” exam (such as a pelvic or rectal exam) or a procedure. But a doctor who has been requested to “go ahead with the normal physical exam, but please inform me before you actually touch me, due to my medical/psychological condition” should hopefully be extra careful about following that request – especially in the presence of a witnessing nurse or family member. I hope that helps somehow. Feel free to let me know about your future medical experiences with this issue! And perhaps other readers with similar conditions will add their own advice in the comments.

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Seventeen reaction to seeing a fan have a picture of them as their lockscreen/homescreen.

S. Coups, Jun, Hoshi, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Dino wouldn’t hesitate to say something about it. “Oh, I’m your background!!” Even if the fan got embarrassed, they’d just laugh, finding it adorable. “That’s very cute~ Here, here, take another picture!” They wouldn’t be able to ignore it, teasing the fan throughout their entire interaction.

Jeonghan, Joshua, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK,  and Vernon would notice right off the bat, but they’d keep to themselves at first, just smiling about it. They’d talk to the fan like it was no big deal, like they had no clue. Then, finally, right as the fan were about to leave, they’d make a little comment like, “By the way, I like your background.” They’d just laugh at how adorable it was when the fan got flustered.

The8 wouldn’t say anything about it. He’d be surprised, though. There was a fan that liked him enough to make him their background? While he wouldn’t say anything about it, it’d certainly make his day. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling about it up until the moment he fell asleep.