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Hey so since dandelions are springing up everywhere I was wondering if is any magical way I could use em

Eat them! Drink them in tea! Don’t pick the flowers right away because they are great for bees!

I don’t have my correspondence book with me so I am doing this from the top of my head, so I may miss a few things. You can google “Dandelion magical correspondence” for probably a lot more thorough information. I just love dandelions, they are so useful. And great to have around other plants as well too!

Anyway, I am totally serious about eating them! The whole plant is edible! The leaves are great in salads, and are PACKED with Vitamin A and Vitamin K! If I remember correctly 1 cup of fresh dandelion leaves has 110% of your daily intake of Vitamin A, and over 500% daily recommended intake of Vitamin K? The flowers can be made into juice, tea, wine… toss them into your salad with the leaves for color… whatever you fancy! And the roots are the best part! You can make the roots into a substitute for coffee if thats your thing, or dry them out for tea! Did I mention how healthy they are for you? Yea?! Well.. they are also SUPER good for your kidney and liver, as it can help flush them (its a diuretic). Dandelion tea can also help clear skin issues like acne up because its flushing all those toxins and garbage out of your system.

Dandelion is pretty awesome right?!

Don’t worry, I am not done yet.

I mentioned a bit that its great for bees at the beginning, and it is! Its one of the first things that blooms in the spring that attracts bees and other pollinating insects to help the earth! On top of that, dandelions have a long taproot, which helps bring nutrients up to the top soil so that other shallow rooting plants have more nutrients. They help out their neighboring plants, by bringing up more minerals and nitrogen making everything else around them super happy! So don’t yank them up! They are there to help!

As far as correspondences for magical use goes, it can be used for luck and wish spells! You can also drink the leaves & flowers in tea to help increase psychic abilities. Its also good for cleansing and purifying and banishing negativity! Its naturally protective and healing (see how it helps its shallow rooted neighbors?!).

I also want to add: make sure you are looking at a dandelion! There are lot of plants that are very similar to a dandelion, so make sure you are identifying properly, because the others that look like it aren’t always safe to eat! Also if you are on any medications check with your doctor before adding dandelion to your diet as it is a diuretic!

Ok that was a lot of information. I went a little crazy. Dandelions are just cool plants. 

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RFA + V & Saeran reacts to MC having a dark sense of humour.

RFA +V & Saeran react to MC having a dark sense of humour.


• He was actually kinda worried
• “MC? What do you mean you want to fall out the window?!”
• “Nothing, it’s just a joke, don’t worry about it Yoosungie.”
• Your self deprecation only increased by the comparisons to Rika
• You start to joke about getting green contacts and dying your hair blonde
• It was actually really bad
• He didn’t even seem to get it which only made it worse
• Even the other members had caught on
• “Urm Yoosung, maybe you should stop calling MC Rika, I don’t think it’s healthy.” Zen was a concerned older bro
• He’s now super confused.
• “I thought they were jokes?”
• Just doesn’t get it.
• At all….
Also kinda sad.
• In his text messages he was bombarded by the entire RFA, telling him to get his act together
• And he did
• The day of the party came and you two met
• Blown away
• And then you pull this one liner.
• “Wow, I’m glad I stayed alive for this.”
• His jaw is on the damn floor and just stares
• “You can’t just say something like that MC! Of course you’re staying alive, I want to be with you and I can’t do that if you’re not here!”
• His words caught up with him and he’s **d.e.a.d**
• “Aww thank you.”
• Let’s just say you were very happy with the outcome of that evening.


• He’s instantly concerned
• Legit before you can even type he’s policing the words
• “Hey Jagi. How are you? I hope you ate already, can’t have my love starving to death.”
• Literally a model boyfriend and you’re shook.
• Although sometimes it slips in.
• “Yeah! Although being beside someone as pretty as you might just make me want to drown myself since I can’t compare.”
• Doesn’t know whether to call that a compliment or not.  
• “Uh thank you, but I don’t think you should do that.”
• You tell him that you just find those things funny
• And he’s just like …
• He soon finds out that the self deprecation comes from insecurity
• So as soon as you meet you’re hit with the highly promiscuous line
• “You’re MC right? You look absolutely beautiful, but you would look more stunning if you were beneath me.”
Que the winking and the blushing. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
• Obviously the humour never fully went away, but you did tone it down.
• But he never took you to rooftops every again after you did this
• “Hey wouldn’t it be fun if I just jumped off this rooftop? Adrenaline rush much?”


• Obviously there’s the red flag when you entered the chatroom
• And then there’s your humour
• When the fucking bomb was introduced your first reaction was to say
• “Lmao I hope it blows up right now.”
• Bruh
• “MC are you ok?”
• “Just dandy, tell seven I’m leaving the apartment. This’ll be fun.”
• You then proceed to walk to the door, and as you’re about to touch it your phone blares with your ringtone
• “Jaehee, why’re you calling? Not that I mind of course.”
• “Don’t go near the door! You don’t know what could trigger the explosion!” The panic was a shock since she was always so composed.
• “Erm sure, any reason why?”
• “… You said you were going to walk out.”
• The awkwardness is mindboggling
• Once the bomb is diffused, the party came up incredibly quickly
• She looking fine
• “MC? You’re not hurt are you?”
• You’re obviously confused
• She then pulls out her phone and shows a message you’d written
• “Cool, I guess I’ll go and fuck myself with a knife.”
• Pffftttttt
• Legit, you can’t even talk without laughing
• “Why would I want to shove a knife there? I’m crazy but not that crazy.”


• The day he invited you over to his penthouse, you spent most of your time just sitting near the glass.
• “What causes you to favour that spot MC?”
• You just shrugged and looked out before grinning
• “Because I want to know if I would survive the fall.”
• His face didn’t show it but he was like…..
Why you so sad MC!? “ψ(`∇´)ψ
• “Are you ok?”
• “Yeah, I’m fine. How about you?”
• “Just fine.”
• Side eyes her for the rest of the day
• He’s actually very understanding
• -Even though he understands none of it-
• “That’s nice MC.”
• His response to 99% of all the jokes be like
• Does get a little bit like eh when the suicidal jokes up a bit
• “Come now. You’re a radiating beauty that will ascend from the earth with me. No need to belittle yourself with such crude hopes.”
• That was actually hella smooth
• You do start to tone down on the dark humour after he gave you a hard look after you said something about wanting one of the guards to taze you to death.
• Not that they would ever, they’re fucking sweethearts


• He was being a little dick wad
• A huge fucking bastard NGL
• “Stop bothering me damn it. Can’t you understand such simple commands?”
• Of course your defense mechanism is to just shrug it off and make quiet joking jabs at both him and yourself.
• “K then. Mr. IWon'tLetYouLeaveThisFuckingApartmentButIAlsoWon'tSpeakToYouBecauseI'mTrash.”
• The side eye was real.
• You returned the side eye hours later when he still refused to let you leave, but also wouldn’t comply with anything.
• “For fucks sake Seven you’re getting on my damn nerves. Eat something with me you damn imbecilic child.”
• He had the fucking audacity to knock the plate from your hands, sending everything to the floor
• Fucking shocked as shit.
• -Duh!-
• “Alright, I guess I’ll go and swallow some razor blades by myself then, seeing as though you couldn’t care less.”
• You walk to the bathroom and he panics
• “Fuck, I guess no one really does care. Maybe this’ll help me.” It was a whisper and he still heard it
• Legit tackles you to the floor and you’re like ’…’
• He was so shaken up from that that he took every joke seriously before loosening up


• The first time he witnessed your humour was in the infamous 3am chatroom.
• You were running on fumes and you thought you were texting someone else
• “Lmao bitch fuck that. Someone kill me I want to fall into hell already, I hate this life.”
• It was tamer than what you usually said to your friend but then again not to V
• “MC, are you OK?”
• You were instantly energized upon reading that and you actually want to ground to swallow you up
• “Uh, yeah I’m fine.”
• It turned kind of awkward but you turned it around with a Lil Flirt™
• “Hey V, how’s your photography going? I heard you’re quite the master with the lens. Although I doubt they could compare to the fine being that you are.”
• He high key went red AF
• “Oh, thank you MC.”
• But it didn’t take away from the tiny doubt in his mind about your joke
• A few days later you were at the party and you’d convinced V to go.
• You were at the food table when you hit the table corner.
• “Ah shit, if only that hit my heart instead.”
• “That wouldn’t be the best case scenario MC.”
• “Ah, looking as beautiful as ever V. I might go blind from your beauty.”
• You’re such a suave little fuck omg
• “It seems as though your beauty has already beat me to it.”
• …… This guy


• “Maybe if I was dead this wouldn’t have happened.”
• You laughed straight afterwards and he’s baffled.
• Sure his humour is almost the same as yours
• But you crack jokes like that on the daily and he’s just kinda low key concerned.
• “What is wrong with you?”
• “Nothing, I just wish I got stabbed so I wouldn’t be here.”
• “Okay?”
• You were over at the bunker and you were watching a horror film together.
• The cliché began and blood was spraying like a water fountain and guess what you did
• Laugh like crazy
That’s a righta boi
• Saeran’s looking at you like you’re off your rocker
• “What the fuck? They literally just got burned with acid and you’re laughing?”
• It takes him a while to understand but sometimes he takes part
• Of course you tone it down by a lot while he’s in therapy
• He loves it when you make jokes about Saeyoung though
• -Oh look, there’s a Dr.Pepper stain. If only it was blood instead.-
• That earns a look from Saeyoung and stiffled giggles from Saeran
• Over all, he doesn’t mind but you don’t go too over board.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 15/?)

Hi Guys! I’m still on my holidays I wrote this part on my phone and I can’t really add links to previous parts ATM. I will edit everything when I’ll be back home xx


I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before leaving home for Jeff’s party. Originally it was supposed to be my New Year’s Eve party but since I broke my wrist I wasn’t really able to prepare anything and Jeff decided to do in at his place as his parent were in Aspen with mine. I spent there whole day helping him as much as I could with Zach, Sheri and Jess and two hours ago we got back to my home to prepare for a party. It’s hard to wash and make your hair look decent when you can’t use one of your hands so Sheri’s or Jess’ help was necessary.

“So how it’s gonna be with you and Monty today?”, Jess asked while doing my hair.

“Normal. Just how it was before we started hooking up”, I shrugged.

“I’m not really sure that’s how things are supposed to be”, she said quietly.

“He doesn’t like me like that, Jess. I finally understand that and I’m okay with this”, I saw Jessica and Sheri giving each other look that clearly had some hidden message. “What?”

“No, nothing”, Sheri shrugged, she was obviously lying.

“Just please, can we don’t talk about him anymore? Don’t mess with my head…”

It was supposed to be first time I’d see Monty since he came to my house drunk after Bryce party and since later we promised to act normal and I was curious to see if it actually was going to work. I wouldn’t mind if it did as we had another semester of chemistry together starting soon and we really need to cooperate.

Besides of that I wanted to move on with my life. And to move forward you have to make a peace with your past. I already accepted the fact that the two of us is never going to be a thing, now I have to work out healthy relation with him.

We drove to Jeff’s, many people arrived before us.  We walked in, Zach handed us a drinks before we even closed door behind us.

“We’re waiting for Justin and Montgomery and we’re gonna get whole gang photo together”, he said.

“They aren’t here yet?”, Jess asked.

“Yeah, Monty’s flight from Vermont was delayed and his picking up Justin on his way here.”

I went to the table with snack. Stress eating, that’s my thing.

“You’re stressing about seeing him, huh?”, Sheri stood next to me.

“What? No”, I chuckled with my mouth full.

“Come on”, she rolled her eyes. “Don’t stress, you promised each other clear start so act normal.”

“He’s not even here, so I act stuff my mouth with food to the point where I can’t even chew”, I rolled my eyes. “And I’m okay with everything. I’m in the process of fixing my karma and inner energy.”

“Good… Cause they’re here”, she said, sipped her drink and walked away.

I slowly turned around and saw Justin with Montgomery greeting with everyone, Jessica basically jumping at Foley as they haven’t see each other for a week when she was visitng her grandma. Montgomery looked over people, his eyes met mine.

It felt like I was melting inside and I hated myself for that. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was supposed to look at him, smile and feel nothing expect for normal sympathy.

I sent him a little smile, he waved at me and walked up to me.

“Hi”, he said with a smile.

“Hey, how was Vermont?”, I asked holding cup with drink tightly.

“Good”, he nodded. “You’re still wearing that thing?”, he pointed at my left hand, still injured.

“Yeah, unfortunately. But I’m taking it off before winter prom, so that’s okay.”

“Okay, love birds”, Zach stood between me and Monty and put his arms on our shoulders. “Group photo”.

We went with him to the place where Jeff and rest of the people were standing and Tyler with his camera was ready to take a photo.

“Wait, wait”, Jess said after Tyler took few pictures. “Y/N show off your left arm.”


“So that later, in a few years, we can place it in timeline”, she rolled her eyes.

“What am I even supposed to do with it?”, I asked as I was squizzed between Zach and Montgomery.

“Put it on Monty, or whatever”.

As if standing really close to him posing for a photo wasn’t awkward enough. I gave him apologizing smile and put my hands on his shoulder. When we were done with photos I quickly walked away and took Jess to the side.

“What the hell, Jessica?”, I asked.

“I thought about it while I was at my grandma’s and I came to the conclusion that you two would be great together”, she said.

“Jess, it’s not gonna happen”, I sighed. “We barely even started acting like civilized people for the first time in a month.”

“Everyone thinks so…”, she crossed her arms.

“Everyone except me and him. Jess, leave it”, I said and walked away.  

Time was passing by, everyone was having fun, we were taking a lot of photos, laughing and dancing. Montgomery was keeping his distance and didn’t come anywhere near me after group photos.

It was almost midnight and everyone went to the backyard to watch fireworks because view from Jeff’s backyard was lit. I took my cup of champagne, as let’s be honest no one uses glass at high school parties, and stayed at the back of the crowd and sat on balustrade.

“May I?”, Montgomery showed up next to me.

“Sure”, I smiled.

He sat next to me.

“So, how’s last party of the year going?”

“You know”, I shrugged. “Drunk, single, without midnight new year’s kiss… Same as always”.

Everyone started counting down and so did I although I felt Monty looking at me the whole time, I ignored it.

“…Three, two, one, happy new year!”, I said and looked at him with a smile.

“Here’s your new year’s kiss”, he said and leaned towards me and placed his lips on mine.

I was so shocked, I didn’t even reacted, I didn’t kiss him back. He moved away, I look at him with eyes wide opened.

“Maybe it wasn’t midnight kiss from your dreams, but now at least you have shitty one”, he said and walked inside.

I sat there, still in shock, unable to move. I looked around and saw Sheri looking at me.

“Go!”, she mouthed and pointed at house.

I jump off the balustrade and run inside. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I felt it was just as stupid as looking for him at last Bryce’s party but he made a move, he kissed me, he wasn’t even that drunk.

“Monty…”, I run to him and kissed.

This time I felt like he was a little shocked. For a second I felt like all my pieces are back together.

“Happy new year”, I whispered when I took a step back.

“What’s happening?”, he asked.

“I don’t know, I could ask you the same thing, you kissed me outside”, I said.

“Well, I started new year by kissing the greatest girl I know, what can be a better way?”, he chuckled and put his hands into his pockets.

“I’m the greatest girl you know?”

“You were my best friend I have ever had”, he said completely seriously. “You are the only person that gets me. Boys are great, sure, but… I never talk with them about my parents, they never ask me how I’m doing, you know what I mean?”

I nodded my head.

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for… I’m sorry for that kiss, it probably made you feel uncomfortable”, he apologized.

People started walking back inside.

“Come with me”, I took his hand and went upstairs with him.

“Where are we going?”, Monty asked.

“To talk somewhere quieter”, I said as I kneeled down to find key to Jeff’s parents’ bedroom that Jeff glued under the shelf after he locked the room so that no one would go inside.

“So, tell me more about how I’m the best friend anyone could ever heard”, I said when I locked the door after we got in.

“Now you’re making fun if what I said, I’m not saying anything more”, he crossed his arm.

“Can we be honest for one time if we’re trying to act like an adults?”, I asked.

Montgomery took a deep breath.

“Okay… It’s just… I never had anything like this with anyone before. You were the only one to actually confront me about my parents, you’re the only one that knows how shitty things with them really are. I mean sex was great too, but… You are just amazing as a person and that’s where your parents did great job. And I really started feeling like we were becoming friends and then you suddenly ended everything and I guess I didn’t expect it and didn’t know what to do…”

“Montgomery, I didn’t want to stop being your friend, I just decided we should stop hooking up”, I said.

So that was it… He liked me as a best friend and then I suddenly shut things off after false pregnancy alarm and he thought I don’t want to have anything do to with him. I could understand that. If he really feels I’m that important to him as he claims I can only imagine how he felt. If Jeff or Sheri ever wanted to stop being friends with me I wouldn’t take it well.

That also meant he liked me only as a friend. Nothing less, nothing more…

“Is that why you were acting like this lately?”, I asked.

“Well, you were always talking how shitty person I am, how badly I treat girls, that I’m bully… And I was mad at you, so I kinda wanted to meet your expectations I guess…”, he shrugged looking down.

“Jeez, Monty”, I came closer to him and hugged him. “I’m sorry I made you feel like this”, I whispered. “Can I ask you something?”


“What about Tina?”, I could barely even say her name out loud.

“I’m not proud of what happened with Tina, but from the start I wanted to show off with her, I didn’t really have to try hard, because that girl was a lot. I’m sorry that she got obssesed over you and you ended up with broken wrist”, he said, hugging me the whole time.

“It’s okay”, I laughed. “You couldn’t know she was crazy.”

“There’s one more thing… Nothing ever happened with her. Or with that girl at Bryce’s party. I didn’t sleep with them”, he said.

“What?”, I took a step back to look at him even though I couldn’t see his face as it was totally dark in room.

“I didn’t have sex with them”, he repeated. “I don’t know, I kinda thought that you should know”, he shrugged.

I hugged him again.

If I had found him at Bryce’s party before he had went to that room with that girl would I actually told him about my feelings? If I did how would things were between us now? Now that I know he sees me as a best friend and not someone he could get romantically involved.

Maybe things were better that way? Sure, my heart still was a little bit broken because of the fact his feelings weren’t exactly what I hoped them to be but now, after we cleared everything (okay, almost everything) I felt that I can handle being just friends with him and I was actually grateful I didn’t find him at last party because telling him I like him as more than friend would probably scare him of.

“Okay, my friend, let’s have some new year fun”, I said.

“Sooo… We’re okay?”

“Yes, we are”, I laughed. “Now let’s go, before Jeff sees we are in his parents’ bedroom, it’s a no-go zone.”

We went downstairs and then spreaded in opposite directions, Monty went to the boys, I went to kitchen to make myself a drink.

“I saw you”, Jessica whispered into my ear which made me jump a little because she scared me.


“I saw you walking down the stairs with Montgomery. You were upstairs? What did you do? You hooked up? You’re together now?”, she asked excited.

“No, we didn’t hook up, we’re not together, we’re friends”, I answered and saw excitement washing away from her face.

“What are you talking about?”, Sheri joined us.

“She was upstairs with Montgomery. They are friends. Didn’t hook up”, Jessica replied in my name.

“Is it good thing or not?”, Sheri asked confused.

“Good”, I answered before Jess could say anything. “We had a talk, I know why he acted they way he did, he said I was the best friend he ever had and… You know, we sorted things out, we’re friends.”

“Bullshit”, Jessica snorted and walked away.

“What is her problem?”, I asked.

“Well, she was really rooting for the two of you and for the whole bad boy transformator thing, she’s probably little dissapointed you don’t end up as more than friends”, Sheri explained.

“Well, I’m okay with the situation right now, I’m happy to be friends with him…”, I shrugged.

Sheri stared at me for a moment.

“Good, if you’re happy now, that’s the most important thing”, she smiled.

Obviously, it wasn’t my dreams come true, but it was the closest I could get with Montgomery and that had to be enough and I wasn’t gonna try to push the limits of my luck.

How shitty the represantation of mentally ill people can actually be

It’s really nice that we have more and more representation of people with all sorts of mental illnesses – from the worst ones that make life awful and unbearable to the most common ones that many people fight and live with every day. Some of them are brought to us straightforward, like with Even from Skam and his bipolar disorder, which was a very important topic in 3rd season of the show, where we could see a very good representation of said issue with all sorts of stuff like how it affects a person and his mood, actions, words, views on life, etcetera, etcetera. Some of them are brought to us hidden in a metaphor, like with Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments, whose ‘demonic blood’ was most definitely a metaphor for some serious mental issues, whose real personality we can see later in the books right before his death, which was a metaphor as well, which showed us how different a person is without all those awful things occupying his mind. Some of them are a bit more straightforward than TMI, but a bit less of a ‘punch in the face’ than Skam. Like, for instance, Nathan From Life Is Strange or Josh from Until Dawn. Josh is  definitely schizophrenic, having a post-traumatic disorder because of the death of two of his sisters that happened thanks to his own friends’ prank and that he blames himself in, even though at the time of the prank and their death he was passed out and couldn’t possibly do anything, besides that probably having some other issues on his plate as well. And Nathan, most likely being sociopathic, being abused by his father his whole life and being manipulated by a man, who has done some awful things and who most likely has a lot of mental issues himself, in his worst untreated state and obviously having some other mental issues that he tries to deal with using drugs, and by drugs I don’t mean meds, which he actually doesn’t use, but actual drugs, like cocaine, meth and all that stuff. As you can tell, both of the guys have some serious mental issues, but the player, if he wants to, can most definitely not pay attention to those details or even skip them, because they are not a huge topic of any kind.
You know what is a huge topic in the games, though? How awful and bad those guys are and how much you can hate them. Now, let’s step aside from our first and second examples. Because, even though I’m convinced that Sebastian’s situation is, in fact, a metaphor for mental illnesses, it’s not a confirmed theory and, at the very end, it’s a fantasy world. It’s still ‘demon blood’, which canonically can’t be treated or cured in any way and which is still an imaginative thing and all that, so I’ll let it slide. We’re also not going to talk about Even, because I already talked about how good the representation is, so the only thing we can do right now is genuinely clap our hands and step aside, letting Skam do its own beautiful thing. Who I want to talk to you about are Nathan and Josh. More specifically about how poor and unfair was their representations as individuals and the representation of the mental illnesses themselves.
Let us start with Josh, I suppose. Joshua’s mental illnesses are a bit more visual and by paying attention to the details and searching every little corner in the game (which not every player does, by the way), we can see his diagnosis and also understand that he was visiting many psychiatrists throughout his life. But, unfortunately, we also find out that every one of them was fucking awful, because each and every one of them (including the one we can actually interact with in the game) thought he had a depression, giving him the wrong meds, which made the situation even worse. If the player’s brain works at least a little bit, he can also figure out that the one sitting in the psychiatrist’s chair all this time wasn’t the player himself, but Josh, which leads to an obvious, but not detailed enough, conclusion of Joshua being mentally ill. And, all of this is pretty cool. You know, under certain circumstances of the player being clever, attentive and willing to spend hours researching every flipping room, which can be pretty boring and can take a good amount of time, the job would be kinda done and the representation would be pretty good. Why am I so angry, then? Well, let me explain you something. If you haven’t played UD, the player, making the right choices and clicking right buttons at the right time, can save everyone. Yes, every fucking annoying teenager, including that bitch Emily. Well, not exactly everyone. Everyone, apart from Josh. So, here’s your conclusion. Every teenager in the game has done some pretty bad things. They were fully capable of controlling themselves, they knew what they were doing. I already talked about a prank that they pulled and that killed two girls, which they stress out about much less than Josh himself, who didn’t have anything to do with it and who supported and loved his sisters dearly. There is a guy, who can literally point a gun at a girl and shoot her. But, no. That’s fine. He deserves to be saved. You know who doesn’t? A person with a package of mental illnesses, who can’t control himself and can’t acknowledge what he is doing. What he is doing, you ask? Well, he is pulling some scary pranks on his friends. What? No - no murders, no injuries. Can you repeat that for me please? Oh yes, a bunch of assholes should be saved, but the most innocent person and the biggest victim of all can either turn into an actual monster a.k.a. wendigo or die from hands of said monster. A horrible-horrible death. You know like, full on GOT Oberyn death. Yeah, I’m going to stand up and sarcastically clap my hands right about now. Good job, guys! Good message! Great representation!
Now, let’s move on to Nathan. If the representation of Josh’s issues in Until Dawn was pretty good and the conclusion is what I have an issue with, Life Is Strange here pulled a reversed card. Well, kinda. Our main character hates Nathan and so does her partner in crime/ex best friend/girlfriend/I still haven’t fucking figured out what exactly they are to each other – that’s not the point. One day they sneak into principal’s office and find out that Nathan has some issues. What issues? Who the fuck cares? I mean he’s crazy, right? Everything else doesn’t matter. Every clever player already figured out that Nathan has some serious mental illnesses and starts sympathizing him immediately, seeing a pattern I personally call ‘oh, that’s why he’s such an asshole’ and realizing every Nathan’s move is not his fault. Then, we find out that his father is a dick, who mentally and, possibly, physically abused him his whole life. And, after that it turns out that a manipulative abuser and killer is, well, manipulating him into doing some things that make him feel much worse and affect his mental health a whole lot. Some clever players look at Nathan totally different now. How does the game, meaning every character in the game, meaning most of players as well feel about Nathan? Oh, all the same. He’s a fucking crazy prick and they hate him. That’s how they feel about him. And, even though, we got a call from Nathan that showed his real self right before he dies (sounds familiar, am I right?), where he apologized and warned the main character – possibly because developers realized how they fucked up with Nathan being only one character that you can’t support and like in the game – and how it’s, in a certain way, nice that in a new universe Nathan got caught by the police at the very start of the whole messy situation with the manipulative abuser, which means that there will be a trial, where Nathan will definitely be diagnosed as mentally ill, which will lead him to a mental hospital, instead of a prison, where he’ll get the help he needs and will eventually get better, it’s still total bullshit. We can’t sympathize one of the only characters who deserves it. The game just doesn’t let us do anything except hating Nathan. And, honestly like, what the fuck?
All in all, my point is – you’re not helping. Honestly like, if you’re planning to do THAT, don’t do it at all. Because, you’re giving us false representation full of hate and ignorance, which reflects on people very well, especially in games, because they feel like they are in those situations themselves, meaning it feels much more personal to them. Every post about why Nathan ‘is awful, even though it’s cute that you support his mental illness’ is your fault. Theirs as well, but mainly yours. Because, you are affecting their thoughts and judgment a lot. Every time I read a post like that I feel like someone is beating me up, kicking me with every next word I read, because I realize that’s what most of people think about me and people like me. And it’s all thanks to you.

Here we go…

I got around to analyzing the Cross x Dream comic, and, well, let’s just say I found some stuff I kinda wanted to bring attention to… whoops… sorry in advance? (I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just being overly observant as usual.)

And no, this actually isn’t another rant about how Nightmare is unloved, thank goodness. This is supposed to be half comedy, so only take it half seriously. My strong reactions to things are for comedic effect, I mean. In fact, most of it is simply my reactions to the comic while I was reading it.

I don’t own any of the images used.

Update: Since the Cross x Dream comic was abruptly discontinued, this post doesn’t have much importance anymore, but I’m still going to leave this here for… historical purposes? Yeah, let’s just go with that.

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Dear Ethan

by @princesspain10

Two years ago I had a stalker.

The first time we met was December twenty-fifth. I went to a club, with some other lonely friends, because my girlfriend (now wife) was away for med school in Florida. None of us wanted to be alone I guess.

I found these letters in the crawlspace last night. They’re all addressed to me and dated from way before Christmas. I’m taking these to the police, obviously. But first, I’m putting them up fucking everywhere. I am afraid to be alone with the contents of these letters. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t a story. People need to see this.

I caught my stalker, and they were arrested on January sixteenth. When I look back on what was written on that date, I realize just how lucky I was. These letters made me grateful for the most traumatic moments of my life. I thought I was scared back then, just because some random person was watching me. I didn’t even know what I should have been afraid of.

The contents of these letters are at times graphic.

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Heartbroken Part 7

Request: Hi Tori! You’re like my favorite author ever. Could you maybe write one where Bucky cheats on the reader, of course she’s heartbroken and when he realizes what he’s done he does everything to get her back? With happy or sad ending, whatever you prefer

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs super short and I’m sorry in advance, pls don’t attack me

A/N: Tomorrow I’m writing the happy ending and Friday I’m writing the sad ending and then this series will be dooonneeee. P.s. I’ll fix any mistakes in the mornin’.

Another month passes. You and Bucky hang out occasionally. He’s put his all into gaining your trust back. You’ve went out for lunch some more, he would send you flowers from time to time and anytime he was around you, he did his all to make you laugh. The whole team noticed how hard Bucky was working to win you back (as you can tell, word travels around fast in that building).

Bucky was planning the ultimate level up. He noticed how calm you were around him; how comfortable you were. It was almost as if you two had never broken up (not that you kissed or went further than that).

“Don’t do this man.” Steve tells his best friend.

“Why not?” Bucky questioned.

“This is huge, it might scare her off. She may say yes to being your girlfriend, hell, she’ll most definitely say yes to being your friend again but I don’t think she’ll say yes to being your wife.” he says and Bucky frowned.

He had been planning on asking you to marry him. I know, risky as fuck but he was confident that you’d say yes. Even so, he’d still spend the rest of his life making it up to you for what happened nearly 4 months ago.

“I just don’t want you to be heartbroken when she says no, Buck.” Steve sighed.

Bucky nods his head little by little before speaking. “Yeah, you’re right. It was a stupid idea. I’m lucky enough to even talk to her without it getting all awkward and weird.”

Natasha watched Bucky fiddle with his fingers, a frown set upon his lips which made her frown. “Dude.. I-” she paused for a moment. Did she really want to tell him? Should she even tell him? Screw it. “Y/N still loves you.”

This catches both Steve and Bucky off guard. “What?”

Natasha nods. “A couple of days ago she told me she still loved you. I don’t know if the love is strong enough for marriage but you won’t know until you try.”

Steve turns to Natasha with a very angry look but she pays no attention to him. 

“Really? She said she still loves me?” the hope gleaming in Bucky’s eyes were prominent.

Natasha nods. Bucky pauses for a moment before a smile makes its way to his lips. “Wish me luck, I’m going through with this.”

Bucky turned away and practically ran over to his room to call you.

“Bucky wait!” Steve had shouted but his friend did not stop. Steve then turned to Natasha, clearly pissed. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

The red heads eyebrows knit together. “What?”

“You told Bucky to go and ask Y/N to marry him. Are you out of your damn mind?” Steve replied.

“She loves him, he loves her, I don’t see the problem.” she shook her head.

“The problem is that there’s a possibility she’ll say no and when she does, Bucky will be heartbroken and he won’t come out of his room, he won’t eat, he won’t shower.” Steve rambled. “He’s better off just being friends with her rather than risking their whole relationship.”

“And there’s a possibility that she’ll say yes. Steve, Y/N still loves him and I believe she’ll say yes.” Natasha replied. “Yes he fucked up but over these four months haven’t you seen how hard he was working on gaining her trust back? He was patient, he wasn’t pushing her to get back together, he did everything he possibly could to keep her happy and it worked. I think this will turn out fine.”

Steve took a step closer to Natasha and pointed his finger at her. “You’re giving him false hope. I refuse to see my best friend sad!”

“But there is a chance that she’ll say yes and he’ll be happy, Steve!” she exclaimed. “You can’t always base things off of the ‘what if’s’. Sometimes you just have to be a little risky. This risk may lead to his happiness - or heartbreak but that’s for him to figure out.”

Steve sighed.

“I know you’re trying to look out for him, but he’s a grown man. He can take care of himself. Let him take the risk.” she added, placing her hand on his shoulder.

Steve sighed. “Fine but you’re the one who’s gonna take care of him when he refuses to come out of his room.”

When Bucky got to his room, he immediately called you.

“Bucky! To what do I owe this pleasure?” you spoke after answering the call.

Bucky smiled. “Hey, I was just wondering if you’d maybe want to get dinner with me tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow night.. Hmm..” you respond. “Sorry Bucky but tomorrow night I’m going out to dinner with Manny, my coworker.”

At this, Bucky frowns. Manny, that son of a bitch. He had been trying to get with you since he started working with you. Constantly flirting with you, touching you whenever he had the chance. It aggravated Bucky. He had told him to back off countless of times but Manny was a adamant about getting with you. And for clearly the wrong reasons.

You had sat through his silence, trying your hardest not to laugh. You knew Bucky disliked Manny and thought that this would be pretty funny, and it was. Deciding that enough was enough, you cleared your throat.

“I was joking, Bucky.” you say and almost instantly, you hear him sigh.

“Oh thank god.” he breathed out. “You know he just wants to have sex with you right?”

“He makes it very obvious and I also make it very obvious that I’m not interested.” you respond.

“He irks me.” Bucky huffed.

You let out a small laugh. “So tomorrow night?”

“Yep. You there or am I gonna be eating alone?” he questioned.

“Are you gonna pay for dinner?” you ask, making a face even though he couldn’t see you.

“Yes, I’m paying for dinner.” he laughed.

“Free food then I’m there.” you beam. “What time should I be ready by?”

“Eight thirty.” Bucky responds.

“You got it dude. See you - Wait, what’s the dress code?”

“Put on your most fanciest dress and your most expensive heels. We’re eating like royalty tomorrow.” he spoke and you let out a high pitched squee.

“You’ve just made a bad decision, James. I’m ordering everything on the menu. I’ll be at your bank accounts funeral.” you say, causing Bucky to laugh.

“Order whatever you want, it’s on Tony.” Bucky replied.

“He agreed to pay? Wow.” you say.

“Pfft. As if.” Bucky scoffed. “Took some credit cards from him. That dude has a lot, it’s crazy.”

You hum. “I’m beginning to see the resemblance between you and Natasha.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.” he spoke, making you laugh. “Okay so eight thirty pm. Be ready.”

“You got it, soldier.”

Even though Steve wanted to look out for Bucky, Natasha was right. He can take care of himself. Which was why he was in Bucky’s room, helping him get ready for tonight.

“What about a suit? A tux?” Steve threw out suggestions and Bucky scoffed.

“What, am I getting married tonight?” he let out a chuckle.

“No but it’s quite close Bucky.” Steve responds.

“I just don’t want it to seem like I’m trying too hard.” he says, looking through his drawers.

Steve moved around his clothes that were hanging until he came across a simple black button up. He pulled it out and showed it to his friend.

“What about this?” he questioned.

Bucky turned around and started at it for a while before nodding. “Yeah, I’ll wear that and some black jeans.”

“I’ll get you some dress shoes.” Steve spoke, exiting Bucky’s room.

He took this time to get dressed, nervously buttoning up the shirt and tugging his pants up his legs. Bucky put his hair in a bun, pieces of hair falling out in the front due to how short it was compared to the back. Steve came back with dress shoes and Bucky put them on before looking at himself in the mirror.

“This is all wrong.” he spoke. “It’s not perfect.”

He goes to rip the shirt open but Steve stopped him. “No! You’re not doing this again!”

They both looked to the floor where ripped shirts were scattered everywhere. Bucky had tried on many outfits but didn’t like any of them, resulting in him literally ripping them off because he had to look perfect. Bucky frowned.

“I need new shirts.”

Bucky had knocked on your apartment door at 8:00 sharp. You were finishing your makeup when you opened the door, surprised to see Bucky standing there.

“I’m here.” he smiled with his hands in his pockets.

“You’re early.” you state. “I still have thirty minutes to get ready.”

“But I’m hungry now.” he whined like a kid.

At his words, your stomach grumbled. “Now I’m hungry too.” you also whine like a kid.

“It’s contagious.”

You playfully roll your eyes before walking back to the bathroom. “Thirty minutes!”

Bucky steps in and checks the time. “Actually twenty-eight!”

“Shut up!”

Bucky laughs and sits down on your couch as he waited for you. As if Winter sensed he was there, the bunny came hopping out of your room and over to Bucky.

“Hey Winter.” Bucky grinned, picking him up. He pet the bunny while you finished getting ready and when you were done, you put Winter in his new bought cage (so that he wouldn’t… Make a mess.) before leaving.

You don’t know how but Bucky had gotten a really nice table. Everything was going great, the wine was great, the food was great, and you’re pretty sure the dessert was great even though you had barely ordered it.

Bucky was freaking out, his palms were clammy and he was pretty sure he was visibly sweating. His heart was about to pop out of his chest and onto the empty plate in front of him. The waiter comes out with your dessert and Bucky gulps. It was time.

You had ordered not one, but two molten lava cakes along with a to go box. One for you and one you were going to bring home to Natasha. She was a sucker for molten lava cakes.

“I love these.” you say, grabbing your spoon after boxing up Natasha’s cake.

Bucky was starting to get uncomfortably hot. You dug your spoon into the mess of chocolate, frowning when there was no extra chocolate oozing out of it.

“What the? Bucky, I think the waiter messed up-” you stop mid sentence when you discovered a shiny object inside of it. With your thumb and index finger, you pull it out only to see a ring. Confused, you look up at Bucky only to see that he was now kneeling down in front of you.

“Y/N I love you and I know that I messed up really badly four months ago and you should really not forgive me for what happened but I. Love. You. The past four years we’ve been together have been the best years of my life. I loved waking up to your face when we’d spend the night with each other and how you sing along with every song in Burlesque. I love the way your nose scrunches up when you laugh or when you refuse to believe that you have freckles on your left shoulder-”

“Because I don’t.” you interject and Bucky chuckles. 

“I love when you don’t wear makeup because you’re beautiful without it and I love that you’re so kind and loving and caring. Y/N you’re the best thing to ever happen to me and I know I should just let you go and date other people because trying to keep you to myself is a selfish move in the situation that I’m in but I don’t care. You’re the one for me and I’m sorry that I fucked up and made you think otherwise. I will always hate myself for what I did to you.” he then paused. “I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with you Y/N.”

Bucky then grabs the ring from your fingers and looks up at you again. “Will you marry me?”

A/N: Shit man 2 more parts and it’s done + this wasn’t as short as I thought it would be, disregard what the warning said.


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So I really hope I haven’t missed anyone (probably lots though :() but I think I’ve finally got an accurate-ish list of my favourite tumblrs. These people are my aesthetic resources, gay angels, and beautiful, crazy talented and lovely people who I am so glad to know, even if we’ve never talked at all! If you’re following me, thank you so much, because I’m a piece of gay, petty trash, but especially to these people, thank you, because if you’re on here you have made a difference in my life, and made my tumblr experience lovely and safe and supportive, and are people I look up to and will support in return + have spectacular content
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Woman of Letters - 9

I can not express how much I love this asthetic. It was made by the wonderful @hanny-writes-spn. Thank you a million. 

A/N: This is loooong overdue, but here it is. Chapter 9 of Woman of Letters. I hope I’ll get teh inspiration back for this now. I have a plan for 15 chapters all together, might be more if I get wordy. Thank you all for your patience with me. And thanks to my super beta @thorne93. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Louisa (OFC)

Warnings: A duchy guy, some alcohol.

Wordcount: 2019

 Catch up HERE

“So, you ever fired a gun before?” Dean questioned as he and Louisa were about to have their first shooting lesson.

When she had decided to stick around for a while longer, Dean had stayed true to his word, he made her a promise and he intended to stick to it, teaching her how to shoot as well as trying to get to know her better.

“I haven’t,” she confessed.

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anonymous asked:

Keaton is the new grandpa Stilinski, he's not an asshole, he was a medic in the military. He went back to Poland for his retirement but he's really been helping the supernatural community out there and now he's back and Stiles realizes all those crazy stories his granddad used to tell him we're actually true.

Ah, how much cooler would that have been than abusive Grandpa Stilinski who never made sense. 

Do you know what I hated about that so much? They sold us for years the idea that Stiles and his dad were all each other had. They talked a lot about hospital bills but not about nursing home bills. 

And, most importantly, the Sheriff looked Isaac in the face and asked him where he got that black eye, and didn’t question him further even though he absolutely should have recognised what was going on if his dad has abused him as well. 

Yes. I will take an order of Cool Slightly Mad But Never Abusive Grandpa Stilinski thank you. 

Crazier/(Jared Leto)Joker

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well

“J?” I called out as I walked through the halls of our shared mansion. 

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I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Hi, my darlings!! I’ve missed you!! Just a reminder, I am still currently on a mini hiatus (you can read about it HERE plus news about future fics), but this is the one exception because I agreed to the challenge months ago. And what a challenge it was! I am often inspired by music, but it’s different when you are given a random song to find inspiration in. I kinda like how it turned out though? Even though I wrote it at 1am? Let me know what you think, I look forward to your comments! 


I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Pairing: reader x Bucky

Summary: Bucky remembers the happy times with you.

Warnings: none. Just a lil fluff and a lot of angst. 

Word Count: 1097

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

A/N: I wrote this for @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s Food Song Challenge. The deadline is today, November 20th, and I’m barely squeaking by!! Oy. I didn’t forget, but life just got crazy. The song I received was Tangerine by Led Zeppelin. It was quite the challenge to build a story around it but I like it! I hope you will too. FYI: Bold italics are lyrics,  and plain italics is a flashback. 


Originally posted by aiisshhaa

The scruffy brunet sat on a park bench, baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes with a book in hand. If anyone near was paying attention, they might’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a page in half an hour. Reading was not his focus on this cool Autumn day. Instead, his gaze wandered to the woman seated some distance away. The woman in the light orange sweater.

From his vantage point, Bucky could see you through a break in the trees, but still able to keep himself hidden. Your hair was different, he could tell, and also there was a change in your demeanor. He remembered you as bright and vibrant, but time and life had softened you. And yet to him, you were just as beautiful as ever.

His mind wandered to that Summer so long ago, the memory bringing a smile to his face.

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A Lone Wolf Part 2

Summary: After finding your mate, Mark, he insists on you meeting the rest of the pack. You end up meeting someone a little unexpected, too.

Length: 2279


You paced back and forth in your kitchen, feeling completely anxious. Today out of all days Mark wanted you to meet the rest of his pack. You had managed to put it off for a few weeks by telling Mark that you wanted to wait until mating season was over, because you knew your scent was stronger during that time. Mark had only agreed because he didn’t want anyone else looking at you, not that he thought the rest of his pack would ever do such a thing. But now you couldn’t put it off any longer.

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httproses  asked:

hi! do you have any haikyuu imagines blog to recommend? :D

I’m sooooo sorry this took me so long to get to, Anon! I meant to answer this a lot earlier today, but things got crazy with homework - probably gonna end up being awake way into the night, lol.

But as to answer your question, I’ve decided to list the ones I follow and you can check them out - though I haven’t actually gone looking for some in quite some time, I should get some new blogs on my list. But I’m not one hundred percent sure how many of them are still active or if they’re on hiatus? Might as well give them a try though!

@hq-scenarios-imagines @hq-cuties-pls @volleyballanimeimagines @some-hq-for-the-soul @volleybae-scenarios @volleybaes-imagines @yay-haikyuu-imagines @haikyuu-honeys @ohoho-hq-scenarios @imaginehquties @haikyuu-sins @haikyuudaydreams @much-sports-anime-imagines @haiykuties @minihaikyuus @hq-hq-headcanons @vball-baes-bball-babes

Annnnd, I think that’s it actually? But check them out, they’re all the ones that got me thinking to even start an imagines blog of my own, so support other writers, and spread the love for these characters! (Sorry if some of them are taking breaks, I looked through some and they were still active, so yeah!) Also, I’ll try gathering up some new blogs to add to this list as well!

Much love!


thanks @niylah bby for tagging me!

i’m soooooo excited for the finale (even though i won’t be able to watch it live) and idk if i should have high hopes or not
this week has been crazy and honestly the best week of the semester so far! i went to a lot of lectures about important stuff concerning my career and i already got a gig lined up next semester AAAAAAA
BUT ANYWAYS the finale is gonna be awesome and i’ll try not to die while watching it

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Reader x Jeongyeon

Genre: Fluff x First Meeting

Word Count: 1044

The sound of barking welcomed you home from work, your puppy running up to your feet as you entered. You smiled, giving him a pat on the head and sending him off to go play. You set your keys down on the table by the door and picked up the usual note that was waiting for you.

Since you had started working but still needed someone to look after your dog, your roommate had hired a dog walker. It was someone they knew but you hadn’t gotten a chance to meet them yet. You did, however, always come home to daily updates. Today they had taken your puppy to the dog park and had even gotten them a new collar. You smiled and got settled, plopping down on the couch just in time to get a phone call from your friend Nayeon.


“I have a great girl for you.”

You sighed. Nayeon had been trying to see you up on dates for a while now and was getting more and more determined by the day. She was certain that she could find someone for you, even if you kept trying to insist that you didn’t need her help to get a date. You started to tell her that you weren’t going to go, but she was already describing the girl to you and there was no stopping her now.

“She’s really cute with short hair and she’s actually pretty tall. She’s kind of silly, but she’s nice and sweet and I think it’ll be great,” Nayeon rambled.

“If she’s so great, you date her,” You muttered. You honestly hadn’t expected her to hear you or say anything, but Nayeon groaned.

“(Y/N), please. Just meet her.”

“Why do you want me to have a girlfriend so badly?”

“Because I want you to, now shush.”

Nayeon told you where your blind date would be and told you she’d text you the girl’s number. Even though you agreed, you were still a bit iffy about going. But you still got dressed up and decided to try your best.

The next day, you went to the café Nayeon suggested and ordered yourself a drink while you waited. You were getting kind of antsy when you got the text that your date would be a few minutes late. You sighed and closed the message, taking a sip of your drink and then scrolling through SNS. You were almost done with your drink and honestly tired of waiting when a girl came into the café. She looked around a few times before spotting you and running towards your table.

She took a sit across from you and introduced herself.

“I’m so sorry! I was working and lost track of time. I didn’t mean to make you wait so long.” She seemed genuinely upset and Nayeon had been right, she was really cute. She smiled at you as she said, “I’m Jeongyeon. It’s really nice to meet you.”

You couldn’t help but smile back at her. Even though you were a bit upset that you had had to wait so long for her to show up, the rest of the date went really well. You had lunch together and talked, getting to know each other. She made really bad jokes that you laughed at anyway because she really thought they were funny. You walked her home, the two of you walking through her neighborhood twice because neither of you really wanted to say goodbye. You finally saw her off, though, and the two of you made plans to see each other as soon as possible.

When you told her about it the next day, Nayeon wouldn’t stop talking about how she was right and how happy she was that things had gone well between you and Jeongyeon.

“Did I tell you or did I not tell you she was great?” Nayeon asked. You rested your phone between your ear and shoulder as you dug through your bag for your keys. You were home early for the first time in weeks and were ready to go in and take a nap.

“Yeah, well, you’re usually wrong,” You said. “Do you remember the girl from Gangnam who stood me up twice and then stole my wallet.”

You got the door unlocked and threw down your keys, a bit disappointed when you didn’t hear the sound of your puppy. Since you were early, he was still probably with the dog walker. You set your stuff down and went into your room.

“Okay,” Nayeon sighed. “That one was a mistake. But that was the friend of a friend. I didn’t know she was crazy.”

You heard the door open and the sound of barking so you got up to go greet the dog walker, continuing your conversation as you went.

“Jeongyeon is a lot better, though. She’s sweet and makes the cutest faces when she’s excited. She makes really cute jokes and is gorgeous.”

“You like her!”

“I mean I guess I…” You paused when you made it to the door. Your puppy barked excitedly and ran to your feet when he saw you but that wasn’t what you were looking at. Jeongyeon was standing in your living room, holding your dog’s leash and scribbling a note. “I’m gonna call you back.”

Jeongyeon looked just as surprised to see you as you were her, the two of you staring at each other for a while before either of you said anything.

“What are you…I…Did you hear any of that?”

Jeongyeon smiled awkwardly before nodding. You could see the blush in her cheeks. “You told me you had a dog but I didn’t realize you were one of my clients…Do you…Do you really think all that stuff?”

You couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed that she had heard you, but you nodded which only made her smile widen.

“I have to go because I have another job, but maybe I could buy you dinner tonight?”

You were surprised by the offer and even more surprised when you accepted almost immediately.

“Great! I’ll come back around 7, okay?”

Jeongyeon waved goodbye to you and your dog before leaving. You kneeled down and rubbed your dog’s head.

“You knew she was great this whole time, huh?” He just barked in response.

[Ch. 7] - Epic Mickey 3: Sealed in Ink

(a collab by waltsluckyrabbit and 09alih [on DeviantART])

There was quite a bit of activity when Mickey and Oswald arrived in Bog Easy. Several rabid Blotlings were overrunning the area, causing general uproar. They were immediately busy taking them out, making conversation limited.

“Whew!” Oswald said when they finally got some breathing space. “Things are really crazy around here.”

“Tell me about it,” Mickey replied. He frowned and brushed at his arms as ink rose from them.

“You okay?”

Mickey nodded, giving the rabbit a tired smile. “Yeah, I’m good. Definitely not looking forward to getting into the mansion, though.”

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In My Dreams

A/N: The always sweet and lovely, @milkandcookies528 asked for
“Haunt me to my grave Don’t you ever fade away.” Ease My Mind by Hayley Kiyoko with Luke Alvez

I’m telling from Reader’s PoV and Luke’s PoV so will be using her instead of you on his PoV. And again, I may have wandered from the song. Sorry! Hope you enjoy!!


Luke’s PoV

Luke woke up for the forth night this week from the same dream. A dream about a woman he didn’t even know. What was his mind doing to him? He’d went for a run with Roxy just four days ago. After the run, on the way back to his apartment, he’d stopped to get a coffee. As he was leaving the café, he couldn’t help but notice this woman sitting by herself at a table by the window. She looked so beautiful sitting there, head bowed as she read the book in front of her. The sun was streaming through the window giving her an ethereal glow. He debated approaching her, but just couldn’t do it.

Now he was regretting his decision because this woman was haunting his dreams. And daytime hours were no better. While he was awake his mind would drift to thoughts of her, sometimes turning to daydreams. He had been to the café everyday since, but she was never there. He was beginning to think he’d imagined her. Or perhaps she was an hallucination as he could have sworn he saw someone similar looking near the FBI building yesterday. He had immediately dismissed it actually being her. The café near his home was miles from his office.

Looking at the clock on his bedside table, he saw it was nearly time to get up. He sighed and threw the covers back getting up in order to start the day. He dressed in his running clothes, then he and Roxy headed out for a run. He decided to go through the park near his apartment so he wouldn’t be tempted to go by the café again today. Maybe if he tried hard enough not to think about her, she would stop haunting him. But he wasn’t so sure that’s what he really wanted. No sooner had he thought this, he thought he saw her on a bench in the park, again reading a book.

He realized the bench was right on the path he was taking. Maybe he should try to speak to her. As he drew closer to her, he saw it wasn’t actually the same woman. She bore a slight resemblance from far away, but at a closer glance he could tell it wasn’t his mystery woman. He and Roxy continued their run then exited the park. He was heading back toward his apartment, when he felt Roxy tug on the leash. She was pointed in the direction of the café. He shook his head and pulled slightly on the leash, but Roxy wouldn’t budge.

“Really, Roxy? Fine, come on. But I’m telling you, she won’t be there,” he said to his up to this point faithful dog.

They arrived at the café, and he left Roxy where he always did. He placed his order then moved to the side to wait. As he turned, he saw her once again sitting at the window. This time he knew it was her. Afraid she’d disappear again, he quickly made his way to her table. As he grew closer, he realized he had no idea what he was going to say. If he said he’d been dreaming of her, he’d sound like a creepy stalker.

Right as he reached her table, she looked up at by him. “Oh, hi. Um, can I help you?” she asked.

Reader PoV

You were startled to look up and see the handsome man walk up to your table. You recognized him from a few days ago. You had seen he and his dog through the window as he was leaving the café. You also thought you’d seen him a few days later on your way to work. You’d been dreaming about him too, and finally he was here next to you. You asked if you could help him, and he just stared at you a few moments. You looked at him expectantly, waiting for an answer.

“Um, hi,” he said eventually pausing to glance out the window then turned back to you. “This is probably going to sound really weird, and I promise I’m not a stalker. But I saw you the other day here, and since then I think I saw you near my office. I was going to go straight home after my run today, but my dog…she wanted to come this way. Oh god, I realize how insane that must sound. I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

He started for the door without giving you a chance to respond. You sat dumbfounded for a few minutes before realizing you might not have this chance again. You threw your book in your bag and jumped from your seat dodging people while trying to catch up to him. You flew out the door, hoping you hadn’t waited too late. You looked left, nothing. You turned right and saw his retreating form. His dog seemed to be pulling at her leash as though she didn’t want to go. Good girl, you thought hurrying toward the duo.

As you ran up to him, you realized you never got his name so you just yelled, “Hey! Wait up!” You saw him stop and turn toward you a look of disbelief on his face. You rushed forward and said, “I’m Y/N. And I believe you when you say you aren’t a crazy stalker. Also, I might love your dog a lot for being stubborn.” You glanced down at her, letting your hand drop so she could sniff and see that you were an okay person. She licked your hand, and you giggled.


Luke’s PoV

Luke couldn’t believe he hadn’t scared her away. And apparently she was Roxy approved. Roxy was wagging her tail furiously and had just licked Y/N’s hand and was letting Y/N pet her. Now he had a name to put with the beautiful face. He grinned at her and said, “It’s nice to officially meet you Y/N. I’m Luke, and this is Roxy.”

“It’s nice to meet you both. Would you like to come back to the café with me? I think you actually left before you got your coffee, didn’t you?”

Luke smacked his hand to his forehead. She laughed at him, and it was even more magical than in his dreams.


Reader PoV

He was just too adorable. You couldn’t help but laugh at him. “How about we go back and see if it’s still there? We can sit at a table outside, so Roxy won’t be lonely.”

He nodded, and the three of you walked back to the café. You found an empty table and waited with Roxy while Luke went in to find his coffee. A moment later he came back. The two of you talked for at least an hour with one topic of discussion being that you’d dreamed of each other. You were both shaking your heads, laughing at the crazy weirdness of that when his phone beeped. He looked down and groaned.

“It’s work. Looks like we have a case,” he sighed then said, “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m going to have to go, but can I get your number? I’ve enjoyed our talk and want to get to know you better. When the case is over, maybe we can go out to dinner?”

You smiled and nodded giving him your number. “It’s okay Luke. I understand you have to go, amd I look forward to seeing you when your case is done.”

He grinned back at you and you both stood to leave. As he started to walk away, you called to him, “You don’t have to wait until you get done with the case you know? You can text me anytime.”

He laughed and turned again to leave. A few minutes later your phone chimed. “I promise to keep in touch, and I’m sure we’ll see each other in our dreams.”