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I saw a post you made about avoiding sameface, and I figured I might as well ask you this, even though it's not quite your area. I need help with sameface... in writing. I have no idea how to describe faces, and all I can find on it is "look at real people! :)" which doesn't work because I have prosopagnosia. I also don't want my PoV character to say "this person looks Korean/etc," I want to describe what features they have that make them look that way, but I don't know how. Have you any advice?

Oh, and I specifically want to describe the facial differences between two characters who are not siblings in a situation where it would make sense for them to be siblings. One is (fantasy equivalent of) half Korean, the other is (again fantasy) Chinese. (I write fanfic, canon is weird.)

I’m not a writer at all so asking me wouldn’t be the best idea, I’m hoping that there will be genius writers out there who see this ask and would be willing to help out :D

I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to connect art with writing but… usually artists exaggerate the facial features of a character depending on the personality of the character. Like for example if you take the concept art of Big Hero 6 characters, Tadashi and Fred:

(artwork is by character designer Jin Kim I think! Correct me if I am wrong)

Tadashi has very dark features that complements his asian ethnicity. Prominent jaw/chin for a more masculine, mature appearance. Big dark pupils making him look very friendly and warm. Broad shoulders to give the ‘protective older brother’ vibe. 

Fred has a long scrawny face with a very large nose, meaning that his face is ‘unbalanced’ which can be interpreted as a goofy character. Lean body could mean he is very chilled out/doesn’t take things seriously etc.

My point is that you can describe your characters with unique ‘exaggerated’ features to build their personalities.

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Thank you for your advice on the replacing "im sorry" with "thank you" it really makes sense and I will start using it soon!!! :) btw- I have a question too if you don't mind answering: my best friend's younger sibling has come out (at least to us) as trans. I want to support them even though their parents aren't and as a trans person, what would you suggest that I do that I wouldn't have even thought of because I'm cisgender. Thank you!!!!!!! ^u^

great question! i’m encouraging any trans people who might read this to reblog with their own thoughts on how to be a good ally & how to support your trans friends. here’s a couple ideas off the top of my head:

  • educate yourself. here’s a list of frequently asked questions about transgender individuals. knowing how to talk to and educate others about trans identities can be really helpful, since it can get exhausting as a trans person to have to constantly defend your own identity and educate others about trans rights & trans issues
  • go to the bathroom with your trans friend. even if your friend identifies as a binary gender (male or female) and passes as that gender, it can still be nerve-wracking and anxiety-producing walking alone into a bathroom full of cis people. 
  • offer moral support and accompany your friends. if your trans friends are in the process of updating their gender marker on documentation or going through a legal name change, that process can be overwhelming and stressful. making phone calls to get information or accompanying your friend to the passport agency/name change location, etc, can be really helpful.
  • buy pads and tampons for them! if your friend has a monthly cycle, there’s a good chance they’ll need products like pads and tampons, and for lots of trans people, the thought of going to the store and having to purchase those products on their own can be terrifying and humiliating. pick up pads and tampons for your trans friends, and keeping some on you is a good idea in general. additionally, a diva cup can be purchased for around $30 and is an investment that will last several years, eliminating the need to make trips to the store for pads and tampons. 
  • pick up prescriptions for them. often at the pharmacy, when a prescription is ready the pharmacist will call out the name to everyone waiting. for trans people, hearing their birth name can cause stress/anxiety/dysphoria, and hearing their birth name announced to a room full of strangers can be even worse. have your friends refill their prescriptions online and you can be the one to go pick it up for them - all you’ll need to know is their date of birth.
  • correct anyone who misgenders your friends. NOTE: only do this if your friends are openly out as trans, otherwise you risk outing them to people who may not know about their gender identity yet. if your friend is out as trans and someone uses the wrong name or pronoun, gently remind or inform them of your friend’s correct name/pronouns, and be ready to educate them on trans identities if necessary. 
  • don’t out anybody or share their personal information with others. just because someone confides in you about their identity, or anything related to their transition doesn’t give you the right to share those details with other people, or to go around telling people that your friend is transitioning/getting surgery/changing their name, whatever the case may be. ask “is it alright if i share this information with so-and-so or would you rather this stay between us?” be respectful.
  • know your terms & be aware of the language you use. a lot of trans people are uncomfortable with certain body parts or certain adjectives used to describe those body parts. as an example, it’s not ok to refer to a trans man’s chest as “boobs” – that’s his chest. as another example, it is better to say that someone was “assigned [male/female] at birth” rather than “born a boy/born a girl”, etc. talk to your trans friends and ask what they’re comfortable with. if you don’t have trans friends you can talk to directly and you have questions about certain words or phrases, feel free to shoot me a message!
  • realize that being trans can be scary. just because you see a news headline about a trans person getting assaulted or murdered/harassed/denied medical coverage, whatever the case may be, does NOT mean you have to share that with your trans friends. we already know how high the murder and violence and suicide rates are. think carefully about the subjects you bring up and the things you share with your trans friends, as chances are most of us are already dealing with way too much negativity. every bit of positivity and reassurance helps :)
  • be available for support, but don’t pry. transitioning, identity, dysphoria, pronouns, bathrooms, surgeries, coming out, etc, is a lot to deal with, and a lot of the time it can feel like a big stressful mess of thoughts up in our minds. don’t press your trans friends for details or try to pry into their minds just to satisfy your own curiosity. make it clear that you are available to listen and to help in any way you can, but let that be on their terms, not yours.
  • don’t say things like “gender doesn’t matter to me”. it may seem like the most political thing to say that you don’t “see” gender, and that whichever way a trans* person identifies in gender terms doesn’t matter to you. but this isn’t helpful. gender roles are socially constructed, and to live in society means to be exposed to ideas and regulations of gender identity/expression, etc. gender is very much coded into the world that we live in, and in that sense it matters a lot. your friends’ experiences of their own gender is highly personal, and to say that gender is irrelevant to you invalidates the ongoing experiences and difficulties that your trans friends face while grappling with their own concepts of gender. 

thanks for being an ally & thanks for the awesome question <3 

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I love your writing so much! I don't see any naruhina ones for the prompt so I was wondering if you do naruhina? Cuz I was wondering if you can do 21 for naruhina? You don't have to if you don't want to though I understand! P.S. Don't overwork yourself :3

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic

Notes: thank you! you’re so sweet :)


21. best friends sibling au 



Naruto hated fancy dinner parties. He hated dressing up, eating crappy yet expensive food, hanging out with boring high-classed people, and well, being anywhere that was not a club. It was a Saturday night, for shit’s sake; what he wanted was to be getting drunk with his friends, not this. Why was he going through such torture?

Nevertheless, he had no other choice but to suck it up. His mother would kill him if he didn’t stay in this dinner party. It was a meeting between prestigious families that owned powerful companies, so it was important for him to be there, as the son of the owners of the Uzumaki Corporation, and heir of most of the company’s actions.

Still, it was a drag, as his good friend Shikamaru would say, and he wanted nothing more but to leave.

Playing with the disgusting food on his plate, he sat at a table, amidst boring conversations between his parents and some old people he didn’t know. He bet a year-worth of ramen coupons that his face screamed Kill Me Now, but he did not bother to conceal it. After all, no one really noticed him; he was only eighteen, and thus, too young to be relevant in this world yet.

Out of a sudden, he heard a familiar voice calling his name. Excited, he turned around and saw them, his saviors, standing by the entrance of the spacious ballroom rented for this tedious dinner.

“Sasuke! Neji!” he screamed in delight, jumping out of his chair and ignoring his mother’s forcedly-polite reprimand. “You’re hereeee!”

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Okay, I'm confused. So I know you dislike Damon because he raped Caroline and stuff. (I don't think she raped her bc the sex was consensual he just fed from her) but you like Stefan, Klaus, and Kai who are all the same or worse. Kai murdered half of his siblings and cut out his sisters spleen. Klaus daggered his siblings, killed thousands of people and Stefan was a ripper that killed hundreds. Don't get me wrong, I love all of them but I don't think you can pick and choose without being fair.

This is the last post I’m ever going to make on my arguments against Damon and arguments for other characters (I have not ever excused their horrible actions) because any time I state my opinion it always gets backlash even though I always say to like whichever characters you like (Also he compelled Caroline so it really wasn’t consensual since he was compelling her therefore she didn’t have a choice to sleep with him or not because he was literally changing her mind so that she would) 

Damon; noncon sex, emotionally manipulative, put his choices over everyone else’s, made Stefan’s life miserable for a century because of one shitty choice Stefan made, wouldn’t let Elena go no matter how many times she asked him to, put his choices over hers especially, selfish, killed Jeremy to prove a point, detrimental to those around him, didn’t once feel guilt for any of his actions

Stefan; he felt remorse for every person he ever killed. He wrote all of the people he killed’s names down because he felt so guilty for it even though he didn’t have him humanity on. He feels so much guilt all the time because he doesn’t want to be a ripper; that’s who he is but he hates it and he hates himself for it.

Klaus; is a shithead. I love him. He always felt inferior. He wasn’t his father’s legitimate child and was cast aside by Mikael although it doesn’t excuse any of his actions (bc hello, still murder) it makes it understandable. Klaus has emotions and he feels guilt and he hates emotions which is why he has this whole villain thing going on. Caroline made him human and he allowed himself to feel the guilt.

Kai; is a dickhead. I know he did all that and it’s awful and he should never have done that but he felt guilt. Argue and say that it was Luke that made him feel the guilt sure but he still felt guilty for doing what he did to Bonnie especially.

To conclude, all of these characters are shitty and none of their actions are excusable but TO ME, Damon is the overall shittiest. Okay I’m tired and this is rambly but honestly, like whoever you like for whatever reasons you like, I don’t mind and this is only my opinion. If you like Damon, go ahead, Stefan, go ahead etc if you hate these characters, go ahead. Like/hate whichever characters you want for your own reasons :) xxxx

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People have the right to dislike a ship, and incest is a legitimate trigger. I wish, though, the haters understood these: A) We did not miss the point of the film. Hell, some of us feel guilty BECAUSE of the point. B) The vast majority don't ship because they're hot sisters and Elsa stayed single (because she's GAYYYYYY). We ship because of their suspicious/wonderful bond.... C) We don't want to fuck our siblings. Or any family member. I'll tolerate incest, but that's not why I OTP Elsanna.

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Hey Momma and Family! What is your opinion about the words monosexual and allosexual? I am a bi ace person and I use these words sometimes when talking about biphobia and acephobia, but whenever I use them people come and tell me they're slurs, even though I have never seen or heard of them being used as such. But these people don't give me any reasons why they're slurs and often just yell at me, so I'm not sure if they're actually serious or they're just being mean.

Alright, so let’s start with allosexual. While this is the most common word, unfortunately it’s close to the french word for lgbtqpia, allosexuel. Since that includes our french/french-canadian asexual siblings, it’s sort of rude to use allosexual in english to refer to non-aces. Zedsexual is a newer term for non-aces, or non-aces. So while allosexual is not a slur, it’s already a word belonging to other aces and we shouldn’t use it to erase them.

Monosexual is not a slur either. It is used a lot when discussing biphobia and acephobia, and that’s where it gets people in a twist. There’s a lot of great posts about it, that I don’t have offhand sadly. The short version is this: monosexual is a word created by bisexuals, I believe, to describe hetero and homo sexuals/romantics, and to point out the biphobia in all four groups. As it was coined to discuss criticism, it is taken negatively. However, it’s also a very valuable word for non-binary people who experience singular attraction but cannot identify as gay or straight due to their position outside the gender binary.

Edit: I have been informed that monosexual is a lesbophobic slur. I was under the impression that it was just an easier way of discussing biphobia and that was its only negative connotation. I apologize for the misinformation. Please refrain from using either of these terms.

-Lou the Lobster

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I didn't know her at all, and I only heard about her yesterday. But for some reason I feel as though Leelah's death was a very personal one. Is it okay to feel like that? Because I feel like I don't have a right to be upset...

Fox says:

Of course it is. Her note is similar to what any of us would write, isn’t it?

She was our sister. We need to be upset, and angry, and hurt. These emotions are what bring about change. Fight in her name. Fight in the names of all of our fallen brothers and sisters and siblings.

But first, take all the time that you need to mourn. Buy flowers with her in mind and set them somewhere special, or gather wild flowers and do the same, or bury them. I think she would like something like that…she’s going to be disrespected throughout the funeral with her family, if she has one, so we can all throw her small partings, with love.