though i do feel this makes labor look a bit better than it is

The Healer

Request: Could you write a Reader x Paul Lahote where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Paul stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Paul realises she’s his imprint and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Warnings: Slight angst 

Pairing: Paul Lahote x reader

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inevitable realizations ☼ peter parker

summary : peter’s always been a little bit in love with you, it just took a difficult night and warm, ever comforting words for him to come to the realization. intelligent he may be, but he’s a clueless teenage boy before anything else.

word count : 2.5k

   It was eleven o’clock at night and, as per usual, you were neglecting the sleep you desperately needed in order to finish up the notes on your assigned reading novel that were due in just a few short hours. You were never one to finish tasks, especially menial ones such as homework, in a timely fashion. This was just the tip of the iceberg. You briefly took off your glasses, rubbing your tired eyes that were now struggling to focus on the words in front of you properly. When you slipped them back over your nose, glancing up toward your bedroom window that lead out to the fire escape, you saw the familiar face of your best friend peering in through the glass in a way that was only slightly creepy. 

   Peter knocked rapidly on the glass, waving at you in the typical, hyperactive way that he always had about him. You jumped off your bed, reaching out to shut your bedroom door before walking over to the bay window and unlocking it. A rush of cold winter air nipped at your face the minute it swung open and Peter Parker shoved himself through. Visits from him in this particular manner were common, especially after a day’s work of fighting crime throughout various parts of New York, but not usually this late- and never without a text to alert you first.  

    “You must be freezing,” you shivered, closing the window quickly. “How long were you out there?” Making yourself comfortable on your bed once again, you propped open your book, ready to force him into helping you study. He didn’t answer. Instead, he drew his sweatshirt closer to his body, sliding to the floor beside your bed and leaning his head against the soft duvet. His curls were sticking up in every direction when he pulled his hood away, his cheeks and the tip of his nose a brilliant shade of red, but not from the bitter chill that was sweeping mercilessly over Queens. 

   You heard a distinct sniff, then another, then another. His breathing, already shallow from the frantic climbing he had done to reach your fire escape, became even more labored. He pulled his knees to his chest to hide his face. He felt you press yourself against him, your arms around his shoulders and across his chest before he could pull away in embarrassment. Your glasses creaked when they pushed too far into his shoulder. Neither of you moved. You clung to him and he sat there, silently shaking and leaning into your embrace as if it were the only thing keeping him from falling apart. 

   “Hey, hey, shh, shh, Peter, you’re okay,” you whispered, rubbing his back. “I’ve got you, I promise. You’ve gotta breathe, though, okay?” He was always ashamed of his sensitivity, but he couldn’t help it. He was a sensitive boy and he cried easily and had an awful lot of anxiety sometimes. Today was one of those days, with good reason. He nodded stiffly, maneuvering himself to hug you back, face pressed into your shoulder this time. 

   “It’s… the anniversary,” he said, his voice broken. “One year.” Hollow. “One year since- since Ben. One year tomorrow.” 

   He pulled away, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his oversized sweatshirt. There were traces of tears still making their way down his cheeks, sliding across his nose and down to his lips. He tried to rub them away, too, but you caught his wrist in your hand. 

   “You’re not wrong or less of a dude for crying, Peter.” The way you looked at him, so lovely and caring and worried, made his heart cry out for the safety of your embrace again. “Were you at the cemetery?” You matched his stance and rested the side of your cheek on your knee, still carefully studying his face. 

   “Yeah,” he exhaled, placing his chin in his palm. “I’m gonna go again in the morning with May. Gonna miss school. I- I probably should’ve, um, stayed with her tonight but I…” he trailed off, “I needed you.” He said it as he said most things to you, with his soft tone of voice and his hesitance that made him, him. He never really noticed until now. 

   “What are best friends for, right?”  

    “Yeah. Best friends.” 

    Ignoring the odd way those two words slipped out of his mouth, you said, “I’m sorry, Peter. I know you loved Uncle Ben so much. I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this. You and May don’t deserve this.” You reached out to him, your hand gripping his without an ounce of doubt. You had small hands and he didn’t but he felt a thousand times better when yours found his. “I’m always here for you. Do you wanna talk about it?” 

   Surprisingly, he shook his head adamantly. “No, no.” He squeezed your hand. “I kind of, um, just wanna go to bed. Crying like a little baby really tires a guy out, you know?” He gave a weak laugh, a tiny grin, and you smiled right back at him before pulling him to his feet. “Can I use the bathroom?” He needed to wash the sticky feeling of dry tears off his face, rub the sadness out of his eyes. He wanted to be strong for May when he got back in the morning. 

   “Of course, just be quiet. Mom and dad are asleep.” You padded across your rug and opened your door a crack, holding it in a specific way so that it wouldn’t creak when you let Peter through. He gave you a grateful squeeze of the hand again before disappearing into the bathroom. 

    He splashed water on his face, staring up at his reflection, at the water dripping off his eyelashes and the curling ends of the hair that was plastered to his forehead. He rubbed at his face and took a deep breath. He wasn’t going to cry anymore. You had sufficiently comforted him for the night. Peter could breathe again. 

   Peter quietly walked back down the hallway and into your bedroom, watching for a second as you pulled spare blankets down from a shelf in your closet and arranged them on your bay window. You had cleared your bed of your school supplies and had left the covers open for Peter to crawl into without a second though. Which he did. Your covers smelled quite lovely, actually. It was the scent of your perfume that you wore often enough for him to recognize the scent, and he wanted to fall asleep under the inviting covers that were laid out for him. Then, he saw you sit atop your window, about to lie down. 

   “Wait, why are you doing that?” He got out of bed and took your hand for the third time that night, growing accustomed to the feeling of it. He pulled you over to your bed. “You’re not sleeping on a stupid window. That’s ridiculous. I’ll take the window.” He spun you around and ignored the protestant noise you made, gripping your shoulders and sitting you down on the bed. 

   “I’m not letting you take the window, either!” You argued, yanking him back down on the bed. He huffed, glaring at you in a teasing manner. “C’mon, just take the bed. You need it more than I do.” His glare dropped to his lap, an idea rolling around in his head. “What?” 

   “Y/N, how about we just both take the bed?” He said finally, lifting his eyes back to yours. He wasn’t sure what made him say it, why he didn’t just take the floor like he probably should have, but the words were out there in the world and there wasn’t a way to take them back now. You bit your lip, then shrugged, scooting over. 

   “It is big enough for the two of us.” You turned away from him, turning off your lamp and getting under the covers. You heard Peter slide in next to you, but your back was toward him until he poked you sharply. “What’s wrong, Peter?” 

   “Can you- um, well-” 

   You flipped over on your side, just barely making out his face in the darkness of your room. “Do you want me to cuddle you?” Though you said in a teasing sort of tone, you were silently quite pleased when he mumbled a reluctant yes. You moved closer, one arm going around his waist and the other underneath him. Your head was on his chest, listening to the resilient beating of his heart. He placed his chin atop your head. He focused on the sound of your steady breaths until you were sleeping peacefully beside him. 

    He was so grateful for you- the person who stood by his side throughout anything and everything. You, so strong and beautiful and brave and comforting in his times of distress. You, who never seemed to waver in your loyalty to him. You, the very picture of loveliness and a girl who he’d very much like to- 

   His eyes flew open, and he almost jumped away from you. He didn’t want to risk you awakening, though, so he stayed put, freaking out internally rather than externally the way he was prone to doing. He had been thinking of kissing you. That was what he was going to say. Kiss. The thought had come so simply to his brain it was like he already thought the same thing for years. Maybe he had. It wasn’t like he was blind. You were a stunning girl, even if you didn’t think so yourself, you were his best friend, you were practically perfect and Peter would be an idiot to not adore you the way that he did. 

   Adore, adore, adore. Oh, boy. Peter glanced down at you, sleeping in his arms, and confirmed what he had so stupidly never noticed before. His infinitesimal, brief affection for Liz Allen had absolutely nothing on his all encompassing love for you. 

   Peter bid you goodbye that morning at six thirty sharp, before either of your parents had woken up for work. Before he slipped out your window and into the cracks early morning sunlight, he had pressed a gentle, chaste kiss to your cheek. It was only the briefest touch of his lips to your face, but you had held your face, right in that spot, for practically the entire day. Ned had questioned why, but you brushed him off with an answer of exhaustion. 

   The day after that, Peter returned to school, dragging Ned off to the side as soon as he stepped off the train platform. He had waited for the other boy purposely, seeking advice. 

   “I have a huge, gigantic, terrible awful problem right now, Ned!” He exclaimed as soon as he saw him, throwing his hands up in the air. “I need help.” 

   “Psychiatric help,” Michelle supplied, appearing out of nowhere as she usually did before walking down the path to school. 

   Ned shrugged. “She’s not wrong.” 

   Peter, frantic, seized Ned’s shoulders and shook him. “This is not a roast Peter session! This a cry for help! Help me, Ned Leeds!” 

   “Am I your only hope?” Peter wanted to scream. 

   “This isn’t the time for Star Wars puns, either!” Not waiting for Ned to quip back that every time was Star Wars time, Peter said, loudly, “I’m in love with Y/N and I don’t know what to do!” He ran his hands in his hair, wanting to pull it out. “I just- I just realized the other night! Everything just kind of, like, clicked and I’ve been so stupid. I should’ve realized it before, but of course I didn’t and now I have no idea what to do!” 

   “Wait, dude, you seriously have never noticed this before? Are you kidding me? Peter, you’re supposed to be the genius of the school. I feel let down.” Ned shook his head solemnly. “Dude, everyone knows you love her. Even Flash. That’s why he picks on her all the time. He likes pissing you off and nothing gets under your skin more than someone messing with Y/N. She’s the first one you told about being Spider-Man, you go to her for all your problems, you practically pee yourself racing to be her partner for almost everything- not science because science is our subject, but still. I figured you knew you loved her and just didn’t wanna talk about it because she’s out of your league.” 

   “Hey! I am not-” He stopped. “So what if I am? That’s not even the point. The point is that I love her. Me realizing it was inevitable, even if it took me like eighty years to get there. Doesn’t matter. I’ve gotta tell her, right?”

   “You totally should,” Ned encouraged. “She’s definitely in love with you, too.” 

    Hopefully, Peter grinned. “You really think so?” 

    “Anything’s possible!” 

    “The reassurance you give me is suffocating, Ned. Stop before I die.” 

    That day in gym class, Ned and Peter went off to the side to pretend they were doing stretches while you sat with Michelle and conversed about literature for the first half of the period. Your conversation, however, soon led off into other directions. 

    “Hey, MJ, have you ever… I don’t know, been in love?” 

    Michelle raised her eyebrows. “Only with crushing the patriarchy. Why? Have you?” The intuitive girl already knew your answer, of course, but she was invested in you and Peter’s love story and was desperate to hear the truth from your own lips. 

   You played with the hem of your shirt, thinking. Peter and Ned casually inched closer, having been listening to the conversation for quite sometime now. They were unapologetically nosy. “I think I am.” 

   “With who?” Peter clasped his hands together, silently pleading with the universe to grant him this one wish. I promise, universe, I’ll never ask for anything ever again in my whole life if you just let this girl love me back I swear I’ll be the best Spider-Man there ever was and I’ll protect New York until I’m eighty five just please oh my god please- 

   “With Peter.” 

   The gasp he let out was involuntary, but you didn’t hear him. He turned to Ned, his expression of shock, as well as elation, mirroring Peter’s own. Suddenly, Ned stood, shouting for the entire gym class to hear, “Y/N! Peter loves you too!” You looked up, Michelle’s happy and knowing smirk going unnoticed by you because the only thing you could focus on was Peter and what Ned had just declared. 

   The gym fell silent, every student turning to stare at you and Peter. You were frozen in shock up until the bell rang and everyone filed out quickly, leaving you and Peter alone. 

   “Did he mean it?” You asked, your sneakers squeaking against the floor as you closed the distance between you and Peter, your head tilted to meet his. 

   “It’s the truest thing anyone has ever said.” His lips met yours, and the slant of his mouth against your own was a feeling you could definitely come to adore more than you already did after just one kiss. 

study » pjm » m

» request: college au jimin please?? sexy times in the library ohohoh thank you~~

» genre: smut

» author’s note: this request :)))))))) yes… lol anyways, i hope you like it because I didn’t really know how to end it so ?? i’m sorry but i hope it’s enjoyable~~

» word count: 2.5k+

» warnings: fingering, thigh riding, exhibitionism, dirty talk, mild degradation, oral (male receiving), etc

[nsfw under the cut]

The loud chatter of your classmates rings through your ears as you wait patiently for the elevator to arrive. You stare at yourself in the reflective surface of the doors, grimacing at the dark circles under your eyes from waking up so early for class after studying until the wee hours of the morning.

You sigh in content as you step out onto your floor, happy to finally be able to take a nap after relentless studying. Unlocking the door, you step inside your room, enjoying the feeling of the cool air surrounding you whilst you drop your bag to the floor and get ready to remove your make up. Then your phone dings.

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Sam Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Request: Congratulations on your900followers!Could I possibly request something with Sam Winchester?Like pregnant!reader,and she has her babies?Two boys, one girl?Basically it’s her having them and taking them home to the bunker,Cas,Dean,&Mary meeting them?:) by @marygracewinchester

Warnings: Labor. 

Notes: I’m so soooo sorry for just posting this now… i’m trying to write all the thing i have to write but i have no inspiration. I’m really sorry guys. Oh and sorry about the small gif, was the only one i found. I hope you like the story though :)

“Okay, they will probably be home in two days.” Sam said after hanging up the phone. Dean, Cas and - strange as it may seem - Mary, went to solve an important case a few towns away and you and Sam didn’t go because…well you were 9 months pregnant, and you could go into labor any moment now.  

“Great.” You said. “Look, this is super cute.” You pointed at the matching Disney jumpsuits. You two were at the mall, seeing some more baby clothes for the twins you were expecting. One boy and one girl. 

“Mickey and Minnie? A little cliché, don’t you think?” He said frowning and you rolled your eyes. He laughed, giving away that he was messing with you. “Adorable, we are taking it.” He said taking the jumpsuits and putting them in the shopping cart. “Oh, look at this.” He said and you laughed when you saw that he was talking about jumpers with little wings in the back.

“Cas would be happy if we took those.” You said with a small smile and he agreed. After a while, you finally went in line to pay, with quite a few clothes, cute toys and stuff like that. Sam always imagined himself in those situations, but never really thought that would actually happen. He was incredibly happy with all of this. With his mother back, you pregnant with twins and especially… with you. He was a better man with you, he knew that. 

“Hm…excuse me?” An old lady touched your arm, and you turned and smiled to her. “Sweetie, this is super normal in pregnancy but… your pants are wet.” 

“What?” You asked shocked and embarrassed, putting your hands in your tights and noticing that they were in fact humid. What the hell….? Sam suppressed a laugh but immediately positioned himself behind you to cover you. But before you could say anything else, you groaned in pain, putting your hands in your belly.

What. The. Hell.

“(Y/N)?” Sam asked in worry, looking at you a little confused. “What is it?” 

“Oh no…” The old woman said and Sam looked at her, already desesperate at this point.

“Oh no what?” He said a little louder than he intented.

“She’s in labor.” She said, and you and him looked at each other with terrified faces. 

This was definitely a big ‘OH NO’


“Sammy!” You cried grinding your teeth, feeling like your back was breaking apart. 

“Shh, you’re gonna be okay.” He said trying to walk through the hospital along with the stretcher that you were laying down on, which the doctors were quickly pushing towards the labor room. “Just breathe.” 

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” You cried before you screamed louder because of another contration. His eyes widened and he looked at the doctor not knowing what to do, and the doctor just struggled. They finally got to the labor room so you could lie in another bed, and immediately Sam went to your side, holding your hand. 

“Hey (Y/N)” He said seeing you with tears in your eyes, and sweat in your forehead.

“I’m not going to handle it, oh god…” You said hyperventilating and crying hard.

“Hey, hey, sweetheart, look at me.”He said squeezing your hand harder, and you finally looked into his eyes. He put a strand of your hair behind your ear, gently rubbing your cheek with his thumb. “You can do this, okay? We can do it. We’re having a baby, just relax, I will be here by your side the entire time. You’re so strong (Y/N)…” He said with heart eyes and you smiled a little bit. He bent down whispering this part in your ear. “You can fight monsters, demons, the devil himself. Twins? It gonna be easy.” He said and you smiled more. “I love you.”

And you wanted to answer that with words. You really did. But another contraction started and Sam understood your loud scream as an “I love you too.” 

“Okay, push!” The doctor ordered.


You were crying, sweating and incredibly tired. Two and a half hours. You’d been in labor work for two and a half hours already. The boy, Ash, was already clean and wrapped in a blanket, but the girl… well, she insisted in not getting out. Sam was crying too, mostly because of the emotion of the birth of his first child, but also because of all the emotions of the situation. He was in so much anguish from seeing you in so much pain, and this time, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Okay and she’s….” The doctor said and they waited for another cry. “…Out, okay here she is daddy” The doctor said handing Jo in Sam’s arm. Of course you two agreed on those names in honor of your loving friends that unfortunaly weren’t around anymore. He smiled looking at his little girl, and showed her to you making you smile and cry hard.

“We did it sweetie.” He said giving you a chaste kiss when a nurse got Jo from Sam’s arms. 

“Okay, prepare yourself (Y/N), the other boy is coming.” The doctor said and you and Sam looked at each other with wide eyes.

Wait, what?

“Wait, what?” You mentally thanked Sam for saying it out loud for you. The doctor slowly looked up to you and frowned when he saw your desesperate faces.

“Hm…. You know you’re having triplets right?” The doctor said and you gasped. Sam looked about to pass out and you… you just didn’t process that information. 

“Excuse me? She’s expecting twins.” Sam said with a nervous laugh. When you discovered it was going to be two, you freaked out but figured you’d have to make it work. But now… with three?? Three kids?

“Two babies! Just two…AHH” You started but was interrupted when another contraction hit you. 


It was triplets.


"This is your fault you know.” You said looking with a sweet smile at your three babies sleeping in the cribs next to your bed and Sam huffed looking at you with a small smile.

“How this is my fault?” He said looking back to the triplets still hypnotized with them.

“It was your sperm.” You said and he laughed as loudly as he could without waking them up. 

“Shhh don’t say that in front of the kids.” He said messing with you and you rolled your eyes. He was sitting in the bed you were resting, holding your hand. “We still need a name though." 

"We could call him Kevin…” You suggested remembering the small guy you all missed so much. 

“I would like that, but… I’d feel strange calling a baby Kevin.” He said and you sighed relieved.

“I’m glad you think the same way.” You said with a small laugh and he laughed too.

“I like the name Tom.” He said with a smile looking at the third boy and you raised your eyebrows.

“I like that. Like, a lot.” You said to him and he smiled.

“Tom is it.” He said squeezing your hand and giving you a chaste kiss. “Ash, Jo and Tom. Our kids….”

“A little surreal right?” You said and he nodded. “I’m fucking happy Sam.”

“Okay, we will really need to work on your vocabulary around the kids.” He said and you both laughed. 


Sam pushed your wheelchair through the hospital with his right hand, and with his left one carried Jo in a hand baby carriage while a nurse pushed the twins’ baby cart with Tom and Ash. Unfortunately, Dean, Cas and Mary couldn’t arrive in time. They were driving back to the bunker non stop, but they were still a day away. A shame, because they were the most important people on both of your lives and they weren’t there, and of course, help would be more than welcome now that you had… Three babies to take care of. Although they thought it was only two, you and Sam agreed that it would be fun to make a little surprise for them. 

“Finally home.” You said sighing relieved when you got out of the garage and Sam agreed. You were both really tired, you just needed a hot shower. With Sam’s help, you slowly walked towards your room, while he went to the babies’ room to put them on their cribs. For your luck, non of them woke up. 

“Hey…” He said with a small smile laying down on the bed next to you with the electronic nanny in his hands.  

“Hey there.” You said lazily putting your hand in his cheek while he circled your waist with his arm. Although your belly was still a little swollen, it was nice to be in Sam’s arms without a giant belly separating you two. 

“Want to take a shower?” He asked giving you a chaste kiss and you sighed tiredly.

“I really do, but I will wait until Dean arrives. I can’t leave you alone with those three.” You said with a small laugh and he agreed closing his eyes. 

“Try to sleep babe, if I need you I’ll wake you up.” He said kissing your forehead and getting out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” You asked already sleepy and fighting to keep your eyes open. 

“I will watch TV to keep me awake. Sleep darling, you need to rest.” He said and you agreed already entering a deep sleep.


“(Y/N)…” You heard Sam’s voice and felt his hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N)…” You slowly opened your eyes and saw him with Tom in his arms. A crying Tom. Okay, you had to get used to it. You sat up and he put Tom in your arms for you to feed him. 

“The others didn’t wake up?” You asked looking at the small person in your arms. 

“No…” He was interrupted by a loud noise, the bunker door. “Dean arrived.”

“Go greet them, they must be excited to see us.” You said and Sam agreed going out of the room. 

“What the heck…?” Sam whispered when he saw his brother, his mom and Cas walking down the stairs with giant bags of the baby store where your water broke. “What is all of this guys?” Sam asked laughing a little taking one bag from his mother arms. 

“I could ask you the same thing Sammy!” Dean exclaimed when he got down the stairs, throwing the bags on the table. “We got here and a truck was parked in front of the Bunker and they said this was all a present for you and (Y/N) because of what happened!” Dean said going up the stairs again to get more bags from the trunk.

“Holy crap.” Sam said laughing a little while Mary and Cas hugged him. 

“What happened in that store?” Mary asked.

“Oh, about that…” Sam said realizing that he just forgot to tell that detail. “(Y/N)’s water broke in the middle of the store.”

“Oh god” Mary said shocked.

“Yeah…” Sam said. “But now we got one hundred clothes from there, apparently.” 

“Where’s (Y/N)? I wanna see her.” Cas asked anxiously.

“In the room, Tom just woke up.” 

“Congratulations bro.” Dean said finally hugging Sam after he finished taking the others bags from the truck and Sam smiled. “But wait… Tom? I thought that you agreed on Jo and Ash.” 

Sam didn’t say anything, just smiled and lead his family to where you and Tom were. 

“They’re here.” Sam said to you when he entered and you smiled to everybody.

“Hey sweetheart….” Dean said entering your room, giving you a kiss on the forehead and running his finger through Tom’s head. “He’s beautiful…”

“So small…” Mary said hyptonized with her nephew in your arms. “Are you okay (Y/N)? The labor was rough?” 

“A little bit…” You said exchanging funny looks with your husband, they still didn’t know about the triplets. “But I’m okay now.” 

“He’s blessed (Y/N)” Cas said touching Tom’s head and giving you a sweet smile. “I’m glad we finally got to meet the babies.” 

“You want to meet Jo?” Sam asked and everybody nooded. “Let’s go then.”

“Give me Tom (Y/N), so you can take a shower.” Sam continued and you smiled putting your son in his arms, and Dean helped you to get up. They went to the babies room and Dean slowly opened the door. 

“Sam… why are there three cribs?” Cas asked confused and Sam opened a smile.

“Surprise!” You said appearing behind Sam, putting your hand in his back, and the three of them looked with eyes and mouth wide open towards you. 

“You’re kidding right?” Dean asked, slowly opening a smile. “Triplets?!” 

“We didn’t know either until labor.” You said struggling.

“And we decided to make a surprise for you guys.” Sam said and Mary started laughing looking with heart eyes at Ash and Jo.

“Three kids? Oh god, it’s going to be hard work.” Mary said. “And we’re going to help you guys in everything you need.” 

“They are adorable.” Dean said picking up Jo in his arms when she opened her eyes. Dean, as much as he denied it, was father material and everyone that saw him with a baby could see this. 

“Can I pick Ash?” Cas said and you nodded with a smile, showing him the right way to do it. But seconds later, he made a strange face leaving all of you confused.

“What’s up man?” Sam asked and he looked up at the both of you.

“I think he needs a new diaper.” Cas said and you all laughed. Yeah, he and the boys will need to learn how to change one diaper for now on. 

Or a lot of them.

Harry Styles Blurb/Request #5

So here’s the previously requested part II of the “Me and the boys with handle it.” blurb I did a few weeks ago. Took me a little longer than the other ones I’ve done, but I’ve been back in school and trying to keep up with No Control, so it got pushed aside a bit. But, I got a chance to sit and write recently, so this came out! I’ve got a few other requests that I’ve got to do, so look out for those in the coming weeks, too.

Hope you guys enjoy! xx

*Image is not mine. It was honestly just my inspiration for this part xx*

Part II

“Bug, leave Mumma alone, please. She’s not feeling the best.”

Their youngest—well, soon to be middle—child pouted a bit at being told he can’t cuddle with his mother. And it broke Y/N’s heart a little, seeing him so put out by not being able to sit with her and her not being able to love on him properly, but she’s just so damn uncomfortable. She’d been having contractions all day, but it was in such irregular intervals that she knew she wasn’t in active labor yet. Which was annoying as hell, because she really just wanted this baby out of her already. She’s already two days past her due date, and she’s ready to just get it over with. 

“But—” the little boy started, but Y/N cut him off, not unkindly.

“Just sit beside me, yeah?” she suggested, reaching out for his little hand. “We’ll watch some telly for a bit before Gran comes ‘round.”

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An Unexpected Surprise - Part 6 (Final Chapter) - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Word Count: 3,367

Author’s Note: This is the final chapter for this mini-series, which was inspired by FRIENDS. I just had the crazy idea of writing an imagine of Liam being a teenage father, I never expected y’all would want 5 more chapters of it. With that being said, enjoy!

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

Liam rolled over to his side when he felt something poke his shoulder. He peeked an eye open, only to see Y/N standing next to his bed with her arms folded to her chest. Liam closed his eye and snuggled his face back into his pillow, believing he was dreaming about Y/N.

She cleared her throat. Liam’s eyes flew wide open, realizing he wasn’t dreaming. “What?!” He gasped as he sat up quickly and alert. “Is it time?!”


“Oh,” he yawned as he rubbed his tired, sleepy eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep and it’s all your fault.”

Liam looked at her with furrowed eyebrows. “Me? What did I do?” He asked confused.

“You got me pregnant! I can’t sleep on my back. It’s uncomfortable sleeping on my sides. I wish I could sleep on my stomach, but obviously I can’t. This is your fault,” she placed her hands on full belly. “So, if I can’t sleep, then neither can you.”

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Flood my Mornings: Fight
  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

August, 1951

It was a blissful serendipity, and so rare, so unheard of as to be little short of  breathtaking: 

….having awakened well before dawn to find myself not only feeling oddly refreshed and rested, but with both children still sound asleep, the entire house to myself, and energy to be at my own personal leisure. 

Not that I would have minded if Jamie had been about; quite the contrary, for unoccupied hours together were more rare these days, what with the constant demands of the children and the need for Jamie to keep a regular schedule at the barn. We still utilized Penelope, of course, but mostly to keep Bree occupied during the day, give us all a fighting chance at being well-fed, and allow me to get a bit of sleep. By the time Jamie got home most days, Penelope had gone, meaning that we were both on-duty in those evening hours. 

Yes, I would have loved to share the morning stillness with Jamie, and it was still possible, as he could return from his Saturday morning walk at any moment. Still, I was luxuriating in the solitude, soaking it up into my tired limbs like water into parched roots.  I kept on pricking up my ears, waiting in dread for a tell-tale wail or, worse yet, a ‘Mummyyyyyy?’ from the other end of the house. None came, which meant that every single minute as I made tea and toast, as I took a hot bath while reading a few chapters of Simone de Beauvoir, was an unexpected gift, filling me up like a helium balloon with contentment and, dare I say it…glee! 

As I finished toweling off and slipped into my robe, I was still more ecstatic to learn from the chiming of the hall clock that it was only 6:00. Feeling like I could conquer anything motherhood had to throw at me that day, I was positively striding as I made my way to the kitchen to make another cup of tea, such that I nearly ran headlong into Jamie, who had apparently just come in by the back door. My gasp was a horrific sound, arrowing around the narrow walls. 

It wasn’t the simple reflex of being startled, seeing him suddenly when I’d thought myself all alone. No, in my unusually-present state of mind, my eyes had immediately taken in his actual appearance. “What the bloody hell happened to you?” came the urgent whisper painfully from my throat as I stared at him, wide-eyed in alarm. 

His skin was beet-red from head to toe, with sweat having soaked through his clothing and saturated his hair. There were runnels flowing freely down his face and neck, and his breathing was so labored that I leapt forward at once to check his heart. He waved me off, and I gasped even louder at seeing his hands. The skin of all his knuckles was raw and bleeding, flayed off in terrible, dirty grazes.  “Dear God!! Jamie, were you attacked??” I demanded, my voice raising several octaves in panic. “Did—?” 

“No,” he got out, though his chest was still heaving as he gulped air, swaying a bit. “I’m—fine, lass—” I started to protest that he bloody the hell was NOT fine, but he cut me off. “I was only running the trails. Naught to fret over.” He bent to kiss me, then thought better of it, given the sweat, shrugged, and moved past me into the kitchen. 

“’Running?’“ I said incredulously, following him. “What, from a BEAR? Jamie, you look—” 

“I ken how I look, Sassenach,” he said, rather tersely, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and filling it at the sink. “I went a wee bit overboard wi’ the speed, but I’m fine.”

“I know you didn’t bloody up your hands running, Jamie,” I said, starting to get angry. “Even if you’d tripped and fallen, you’d have skinned the palms, not the knuckles.” He muttered something under his breath in gaelic as he finished gulping. “Well? Were you fighting someone? Did you get in a fight??” 

“No,” he said at once, still trying to catch his breath. It wasn’t just the exertion, though. His teeth were slightly gritted and—yes, damn him!— he was avoiding my eye. “Please, just believe me, Claire there’s nothing to—” 

“Just believe? When you come home bloodied, James Fraser, clearly being evasive about it,” I said, trying not to raise my voice, “I have absolutely every right to ask and worry. And you not telling me what the devil is going on is—It’s just—” 

He held up a hand, and I surprised even myself by falling silent at once. “I’ll tell ye, if ye insist, Sassenach,” he said, sounding defeated. “But will ye give me another several moments to calm my breath?” 

I opened my mouth, then nodded, crossing my arms. He drank another glass of water and closed his eyes, breathing deeply, leaning over the sink. 

“Will you at least let me bandage your hands?” I said stiffly. 

He looked over his shoulder at me in surprise, and after only a moment’s hesitation, smiled faintly and nodded. 

I retrieved the First-Aid box in silence and set it on the counter next to the sink. Just as wordlessly, he shook off his hands after rinsing them in cool water and presented them to me. Most of the dirt that had been in the raw flesh had been washed off, but I still pulled out the antiseptic and carefully cleansed the area. He winced, and had to grit his teeth against the stinging onslaught, but he didn’t pull away or cry out. 

As I was just beginning the tricky task of fastening the bandages, he very quietly said, “I punched a tree.” 

In the immediate split-second following, I very nearly burst out laughing AND unleashed a withering barrage of ‘you WHAT??’ and its subsequent questions and demands. The result of this internal war was stalemate, my face remaining blank as paper as I simply said, “Why?” 

Jamie didn’t respond at once, and I was obliged to look up into his face. He, though, was staring down at his feet, clearly not wanting to look at me. 

I resumed the bandaging, torn between loving patience and snapping at him to get the bloody hell on with it. I gave him a bit more time before firmly asking again, “Why, Jamie?” 

A beat. Then—

“After Culloden….” 

Two less likely words to emerge from his mouth in that moment, I couldn’t have fathomed. 

We had scarcely spoken of the battle, nor of the two years that followed before he came through the stones. He’d tried, from time to time, in response to careful questions on my part, but one or the other of us would change the subject in the end, the horrors of those memories doing more harm than good in the revisiting. I’d hardly any notion of what those years had been like other than the broad brushstrokes of pain, fear, loneliness, and heartbreak.  To hear him freely volunteer the information now…

“I felt the fight within me die, that very day.” He spoke in a near-monotone, the bones and muscles of his face set in a rigidity that terrified me nearly as much as the words themselves. “It wasna only the battle, little of it as I recall; but also the devastation of the battlefield as I lay in fever….hearing the Redcoats shooting the prisoners, my friends.” He spoke slowly, as though forcing himself to give every single experience the respect of full, heartbreaking acknowledgement. “Seeing the bodies heaped high to be burned….the fever burning within my flesh as I longed to be killed alongside them…. Then being brought to Lallybroch; the slow healing as I learned to walk again…. the cave.” 

I said nothing as I kept at my work of bandaging him, to give him the privacy to speak, but I very softly ran my thumb across the back of his hand. A gentle pressure warmed me in return. His voice didn’t change, though. 

 “Between the horrors of war and knowing I’d lost you forever, mo chridhe, any fight within me was gone, immediately.” His voice was steady, but hoarse and low, hardly to be heard. “Every new day was merely another bootprint, stamping it further and further into the ground. Loneliness, still more; hunger, still more; longing and regret, still more, still deeper.”

The morning stillness, so soothing and peaceful a quarter hour ago, now seemed to hiss with ghostly shrieks. 

“’Fight’?” I asked carefully as I gave him back his hands, wanting to make sure I understood; and feeling it the only thing right to ask, in that moment.  

“The spirit, the— power that turns man into warrior. Rage, I suppose; whatever fire within him that propels him into dangers he ought naturally to fear. I had it once, ken?”

I nodded. I had known him as Red Jamie for longer than I’d known him as Jamie of the twentieth century. I knew how that ‘fight’ within him, as he put it, had enlivened and driven him, for better or worse, along his path of life, from cattle raids to prison breaks to battle charges. I knew the certainty and the safety of that power, as well as the almighty terror it could unleash. 

“That power was incarnate within me for so long, being so one with my life as a man that when I felt it snuff out that day, along with the losses I’d suffered already….. I didna ken who I was, Claire, or if I was anything at all. Most days in that cave, when I had nothing save time to think, I was convinced I wasna.” 

A flicker of memory stirred, a flash of that that first morning after he’d found me, that same haunted voice. 

I havena been a man since you left…before Culloden

“After I found you and Brianna,” he was saying, the slightest spark lightening his voice now, “Every day since then, I’ve been—Christ, so happy, unbearably so; so blessed by joy and plenty that I scarcely gave it a thought, that warrior spirit that used to reside in my body, the man that was capable of such violence. Nor did I miss it,” he said with sudden urgency, meeting my eyes for the first time, his own burning intensely with the need to be believed. “Unlike in the cave, when such fire might have sustained me, the absence of it here, in this life—It was a relief, Claire. I no longer needed it to ken who I was or whether or not I was being a good man, ye see?” 

I did see. But I also hadn’t overlooked his use of the past tense. “And now?” 

He let out a breath, relieved. “These past few months, even before Ian arrived, I found myself more and more feeling the sparks of that fire again, blazing through my body. I couldna ignore it for long. For a time, I was able to dispatch it by hard work outdoors at the barn—or else by coming to your bed,” he said, a bit sheepishly. “But it’s a bit like your Immunities, I suppose. What might once have cured an illness immediately due to the novelty of the remedy might be insufficient to the same task years later, because the body has adapted to it, making the potency less keenly felt. Did I get that right?” he asked suddenly with a brief tug of a smile. 

“Close enough,” I said, returning it, though my belly still seemed full of writhing worms.  “So you…punched a tree as a new kind of remedy? Because it’s getting worse?” I personally had suggested that method to him years ago, on the road with the rent party. The thought of him in enough distress and frustration now to necessitate it again was both alarming and, if I were being honest, a bit hurtful. 

He nodded, shame clouding his expression again. “Whenever I can, I’ll go running. I’ve seen folk do so for recreation, and thought it might help; which it has. Rather than walking in peaceful contemplation, as I used, I’ll run, as fast as I’m able, getting as exhausted as I possibly can, and it—It helps, usually. Gets it out of my system, as it were. Only today, I’d been running and running, and I could still feel the grip of it upon me, such that once would have stoked me to kill a man with my bare hands, and I—” 

He cut off quite abruptly and turned aside, closing his eyes as he leaned his back against the counter, torn between dismay and fury at himself, by the way his mouth and jaw were working. I thought about putting my arms around him, of holding and soothing him, but I knew him well enough to know that it wasn’t yet the time. I leaned against the counter next to him without compelling him to look at me. 

“It was a relief to be free of it,” he said again, tightly, “to have moved, or so I thought, beyond it. Now that it’s back… I dinna ken what I’m to do about it.” 

“Was today the first time that it—” I groped for an appropriate word. “—overflowed like that?” 

“No. Several times a week, I’ll feel my heart quicken and my breath come fast through my nostrils and I feel as though I must do—SOMETHING—or die.” He winced as he unconsciously clenched his battered fists. “Usually I’ll just leave and stand on my own for a time until I feel myself calming, or else I’ll be short wi’ someone in my irritability. I’ve not yet resorted to physical violence, but sometimes I—” 

“I’ve never seen that from you at home,” I said softly, meaning to reassure him. “Never.” 

“Aye, but I work verra hard to make it so,” he said, a tinge of mournfulness now showing in his voice. “You and the bairns are my life and my joy, and would swear on my mother’s grave that I should deplete all my strength before letting myself be aught but gentle wi’ the three of ye, and yet still there are times when it comes verra close, and I—” 

Before I could interject, he swore and threw his hands up in despair. “I mean, have men changed so greatly in these two hundred years that they no longer have such feelings to control? Am I just an animal, then, that I canna—” 

“They do,” I said at once. “The world has changed, of course, and it’s no longer a fact of life that men must be physically ready to fight, but certainly, many feel some of that latent drive within them; a greater number than you’d know by looking at them, I think.” 

“And what do they do about it?” he asked, looking over at me eagerly, genuinely needing the answer. 

“Well….” I sighed, feeling the bleakness of the world suddenly crowding around me. “The worst will make headlines. They’ll murder or violate, or pursue lives of crime; perhaps they’ll become soldiers to do such things under the government’s banner. The more common sort might find simply themselves always angry, with all that energy pent inside them. A good many will drown the feelings in drink, or take that need for physical violence out upon those closest to them—their wives and children, usually.” 

I had been talking more or less without thought, letting the speculations roll from my tongue unchecked, fascinated by them even as I formed the words. Coming back to a sharper awareness, though, I looked up at Jamie, who had gone pale. “I swear to ye, Claire,” he said, face hard with resolve and hurt and fear, “I wouldna ever—EVER—” 

“I know,” I said at once, almost laughing with the absurdity of it as I came around to stand in front of him and take his face in my hands. “I know that. You made me a promise, remember?” 

Attempting to lighten the mood with oddly-fond memories of the one time he had beaten me apparently was not the correct move. He looked still more devastated at the reminder, so before he could speak, I cut him off. “You said it yourself: you are a warrior, and—” 

Were,’  he corrected. 

Are,” I insisted right back. “It’s in your bones and your brain, still, just as surely as your knowledge of languages or chess. It’s part of you; but you’ve never been cruel, Jamie, and I have absolute trust that you’d never allow it to consume you like those types I was blethering on about.” 

“Still…” he said with a shame-faced shrug, “I might lash out when I oughtn’t, or say something to the bairns in such a state that—” 

“Well that’s just bloody being a parent, isn’t it?” I said with feeling, and he was so shocked that he laughed. “No matter how carefully we try, there will be days when both of us will snap and shout and lash out with our words or need to leave the room to compose ourselves. That’s being a human, not being a man,” I said, my voice dropping suddenly back to tenderness. “I’m not saying I feel the same things as you, but you’re not completely alone in it, either.” 

He took my hand and kissed it before laying it back against his cheek, keeping his own atop it. 

“I think you should join Charlie’s hurling league.” 

“What??” That startled him enough that both our hands dropped. 

“I didn’t think of it before, but that’s the positive side of what men nowadays do to cope with their fighting impulses,” I said excitedly. “They’ve got more leisure time than you or your brother-in-law or your father or any of your ancestors had, and so they play athletic games, to run and knock one another about. Gives them a chance to get their rage and energy out, in a way that people enjoy and encourage! So, I think it would be a good idea for you to do likewise!” 

“Aye, it’s a thought,” he said, seeming actually to consider before shaking his head with decision. “But no. I appreciate the suggestion, but I’ll be fine.” 

“If your idea of ‘fine’ is coming home every weekend with bloodied knuckles, it absolutely is nothing of the sort,” I said dangerously. “Why not join? You adore Charlie and his mates, don’t you? It would give you a lovely chance to—” 

“I’ll not give up our spare time together, Sassenach,” he said sincerely, “at the evenings or the Week Ends only to play games with the lads. T’would be— selfish and damnably frivolous. It isna fair to ye, nor the bairns, and—” 

I stopped him with a finger over his lips. “It isn’t frivolous. It isn’t unfair to me. It’s an hour or two a week at most, and if it helps you with this, then it’s well worth it for all of us.” He was unconvinced, but I soldiered on. “Besides, when the weather is nice, and when Ian gets a bit older, the children and I can come watch you play! It’ll be good to get out and socialize more.” Slumped as he was against the counter, I was able to thunk my forehead gently against his and give him a playful, wheedling smile. “I want you to try it, love. Please?” 

He stayed stonefaced for a few moments, then a slow grin began to spread. “Alright then.” 

Excellent,” I said, kissing him on the mouth. “Something tells me it will be MUCH more fun to punch Irishmen than trees. At least they’ll give you a run for your money!” 

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can you do “Your face is the reason I open my eyes every morning.” with ladynoir please??? thanks have a nice day!!!

Because I have no control, here is the companion piece to this time travel drabble to show where Future Chat Noir/Adrien ended up in the present.

“Your face is the reason I open my eyes every morning,” Chat Noir crooned, dodging another shot from the akuma.

Ladybug huffed. “Less flirting and more fighting, Chaton.”

“So tiny and fierce,” he grinned and made a quick leap towards the akuma, causing the man to stumble back and fall. He ripped away the pendant and casually tossed it back to his partner. “All yours, Bugaboo.”

“What have I told you about calling me Bugaboo?” she sighed, breaking the pendant and releasing the akuma. Chat Noir stood up and watched her go through the cleansing ritual with a fond expression on his face. 

She walked over to him, offering her fist and Chat Noir’s face lit up with joy. “We haven’t done this in forever!” he exclaimed, pounding his fist against hers.

Ladybug frowned. “Chat, are you feeling okay? That blast from the akuma hit you pretty hard.”

He chuckled. “It knocked me into the future, I’d bet.”


“What?” he blinked innocently.

“You’re being weird.”

“No more than usual, if I remember correctly.”

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If you do seventeen can you do mingyu from seventeen >.< passionate morning sex? Ambw? Thnx luv ur acc btw

Wake up(Ambw):

You didn’t know around what time you had fallen asleep, it was somewhere between 4 and 5 Am. When the roosters were waking up to give their morning call and the bed felt just right for you to bury yourself under the covers. Not too cold and not too warm. Waiting up on your boyfriend was what you had told yourself to do, but that didn’t work out in your favor. He had to work the night shift and so you wanted to be there for him to tell you about his day or not in this case and to just feel his presence. Missing Mingyu was becoming something you weren’t fond of, you enjoyed him being home but he had to work. You both did and though it didn’t make lives harder and it certainly put food on the table, time was not on your sides anymore and that itself sadden you.

When he came home during some time in the next couple of hours, you had managed to let him snuggle up behind you his hands gripping around your waist to cage you against his chest, but exhaustion and sweet blissful blackness was your only concern at the time. Telling yourself you’d see him later you didn’t hear the soft “I love you” that passed from his lips nor feel how he was slowly twitching in his pants.

Mingyu had let you sleep for a few hours laughing to himself how precious you were. Curly locks sprawled out on your pillow, lips parted slightly so that you could take deep labored breaths. His hands gently combed through your soft hair, his eyes roaming over your face. Your soft chocolate skin, your curvy body that was filled in his oversized T-shirt.  Your lips looked so plump and so kissable now. He couldn’t help but want to kiss your lips. So, he leaned down inch by inch until he was pressing his lips against yours thinking that you would at least shift. But when you didn’t when he didn’t hear anything he went for phase two. Hands sliding up from your stomach to grip at your plump breast through his shift. He let his fingers squeeze at the soft mounds, his thumbs brushing over your hardened nipples. When you still didn’t move- but made a small noise he felt some victory. He pulled his hands back, knowing then what would make you wake up quicker than anything else he was trying. He pulled you on your back, gently to keep up the surprise moving between your legs, he got under the cover pressing them down against the sheets.

Mingyu looked at your wet slit for a while before he was sticking his tongue out to softly lick up and down your wet folds. He heard you stifle a noise and that was all he needed to keep going. His fingers parted your pussy lips, his wet pink muscle eager to lick up and down your slit repeatedly. Seeing the juices continuing to build up, he moved to wrap his lips around your clit sucking harshly at the bud moving the covers a bit to stare up at you. He smirked watching you respond to him kissing against your pussy he pulled back some. “Baby girl. Get up, I need you.” He moaned softly grabbing at your thighs wrapping his arms around them to throw them over his shoulders.

Your mind snapped pulling back from the sleep black world only to register the feeling of the wetness inside of your pussy flicking in and out at a fast pace. Eyes shooting open, you immediately gasped seeing your lover between your thick thighs eating out your wet cunt. Your juices were getting on his chin and cheeks as he eyed you shaking his head left to right curling his tongue. You pulled at his hair rolling your hips up against his face. Hardened breast rubbing against the soft cotton shirt, you didn’t give a damn about sleep anymore.

“Please baby, please don’t stop.” You encouraged him feeling him press his thick tongue against your g-spot. Back arching and feet pressing against the middle of his back you squeezed your thighs around his face letting your own head roll back. Loud shouts of pleasure started to rock through your body, your orgasm was slowly building up. Your pussy squeezed around his tongue, feeling him graze at your pink walls was heaven itself. The shirt making you feel too hot that part of you wanted to rip it off but the other part couldn’t move or do anything else but focus on the beautiful man buried tongue deep in your pussy. He flicked and ground his tongue against your walls, every now and then making a soft vibration with his tongue he moaned pulling back to bite at your pussy lips causing you to whine.

“I got something better for you baby girl.” He promised moving to kiss up your body, his lips soon pressing against yours allowing you to taste yourself. He sucked on your tongue slowly, letting your tongues swirl and battle he pushed down his boxers letting his dick spring out to greet the cold air. He groaned as he felt the precum pressing against his lower belly, moving your legs wider with his hands he ground his dick up and down your wet slit causing a string of groans to leave both of your parted lips. Head rolling back, you broke the kiss pulling him closer.

“Stop teasing me.” You practically begged him nipping on his ear. He gave a curt nod and a moan aligning himself with your tightening entrance he slowly pushed himself inside of you burying his dick to the hilt. His shaft penetrating your tight walls and stretching you out to fit him, it was the best feeling ever. He grabbed at your hands, lacing his fingers with yours pressing them above your head crossed over each other. He smiled down at you leaning down to press soft kisses against your lips.

“Good morning.” He husked out, pulling out slowly only to push back in keeping the pace light and shallow at first.

“G-good morning baby boy.” You called back to him, your hands squeezing onto his as he teased you with the slow torturous pace of his hips. “Move faster.” You whined watching him only for him to shake his head.

“Enjoy me. Feel me inside of you. Enjoy this. We never get to take it slow anymore. For once let’s find out where you begin and I end.” He grinned lazily leaning down to press his lips back against yours.

He moved in a slow motion, his hips circling to grind himself deeper into your pussy his hips pressing against your hips. Of course, you bucked your hips up at his pace, deciding to meet his thrust to give him pleasure as well. Your legs wrapped around his hips and you let your tongues dance together not a heated kiss this time around, just one filled with passion, want and desire. He let his hands press yours harder down against the mattress as he continued to fill you up filling all of you. His hips begin to pick up the pace a little bit, snapping himself against you he let his length drive a bit deeper. He was good at controlling himself, his tongue tasting your wet cavern all along your cheeks, teeth and roof of your mouth. Your lips molding against one another he was enjoying the little whines you had to hold back because of the kissing. He moved back breaking the kiss when he felt your chest rise and fall quickly letting you moan out your feelings instead of keeping them in.

Mingyu looked down at your bouncing breast that moved with every roll of his hips, his mouth leaning down he latched his mouth onto your left nipple sucking it through the shirt. It elicited more cries from your lips, your pussy instantly tightening around him and the sheer pleasure. He was so good when it came to making love to you like this. How he concentrated on your body, his eyebrows knitted together and hips finding a steady rhythm and angle to hit at your spot. His mouth now working on your right nipple after creating a wet spot on your shirt. He lost himself in you and you enjoyed seeing it all. Your lower stomach started to knot up and tighten causing you to sharply snap up your hips and shut your eyes letting your mouth fall open.

“I’m so close Mingyu.” You called out for him in a warning.

Letting his hips pick up the pace yet again he started to slide all the way out until just the tip was inside of you before he started to pound away at your insides. He fucked you into the mattress hard and deep but not letting his pace get too out of control. He held onto your hands tighter, pressing his hips against yours so that he could rub his hips against your clit, wanting the little bundle of pleasure to send you over the edge. Your breathing became shallow, eyes lidded and mouth parted, you watched him move onto of you. He smirked lazily sticking his tongue out to draw patterns on your tongue lazily and that was all it took. A few more thrusts and you were tightening around him like a vice, gripping him your limbs locked as you came on his dick with a loud cry of his name. Mingyu urged you on, with erratic thrust he kept the hard, deep pace on you feeling your wet walls and your cum slide onto his shaft. He continued to pound away at your walls until he was pulling out of you letting his cum slide onto your lower stomach. Groaning he jerked his hips forward rubbing the underside of his dick onto your stomach to milk himself of everything he had. Pausing once he was satisfied he leaned down to press his lips against yours in another gentle kiss.

He moved back, going to get off the bed to grab a towel and rinsing it with warm water he came back to you wiping off your stomach and cleaning your pussy while he was at it. Moving to throw the towel into the basket he grabbed at his boxers causing you to pout and grip his arm as he walked out the room.

“Where. Are you going?” You asked trying to tug him back into the bed and he laughed.

“I just made sure my princess had her desires met. Now I need to feed her tummy because I let her go back to sleep. You need two in one, right?” He teased leaning down to kiss your lips before he walked off to the kitchen leaving you a soft flustered mess.

Mafia!BTS React to their firstborn

A/N: I have one more request to do and then my request box will be empty so feel free to send things in! Check my rules in my bio please~

Warning: Mention of miscarriage, kidnapping, death, and swearing.



He’d be on a mission when one of his men notified him that you went into labor. He couldn’t just leave in the middle of a heist so he quickly did what he had to do before running over. Sadly, he didn’t show up before the baby came into the world. He met with the doctor and the doctor said that you were resting with the baby. Quietly, Jin opened the door and saw you sitting in a bed, leaning your back against the wall and with a pink blanket in your arms. He rushed to your side and sat next to you. His hands were still dirty, both with blood and actual dirt, but compared to the perfect skin of your first born daughter neither of you cared.

“Daddy’s doing everything he can to make this world safe for you.”


He wouldn’t leave your side from the moment you two found out you were having a baby. There were people out there trying to kill him or at least ruin everything in his being. This meant you were in danger as well. This never stopped him from living the most normal life he could provide for the both of you, the life you both wanted. He was secretly scared that you would be hurt by someone that wanted to get back at him, and when your water broke in the middle of the night he woke up to you crying he feared the worse. He rushed you to the mafia’s doctor and nearly a day later, a baby boy was born. Yoongi’s cold guy persona melted for the first time in front of one of his men that day.

“Look at your tiny fingers and toes!…Tell anyone and I’ll kill you.”


Ball of sunshine here was the happiest gang leader anyone has seen, 100% of the time he has a smile on his face even before he met you. When the baby arrived he would be the one to throw a big party with all of his men there. Not only one party, more like three. One for the announcement of the pregnancy, another for the gender reveal, and a last one for the arrival. He has everything separate from his…career.

“I don’t want you to end up like I did. Be a better person then I will ever be.”


There were a bit of complications with conception between the two of you. Unfortunately you guys had a few miscarriages before you actually had given birth. The whole thing was a wild roller coaster for you guys, so when you were holding twin boys in each of your arms, he couldn’t help but cry and laugh at the same time.

“Baby, I love you so much. And I love you three so much.”


You were eight months pregnant when a rival gang managed to kidnap you. They didn’t hurt you since your baby bump made it obvious you were with child, they just kept you in a dark room with only a candle and some water bottles. Every couple of hours or so someone with a mask on would give you a plate of microwaved food and leave. They only wanted you for ransom, knowing Jimin would pay anything to have you back, but what they didn’t know was that you were going into labor in their dark, and apparently soundproof, room. When one of the masked people came in to feed you they were surprised to find you holding a baby and you shirtless, your hoodie and tshirt wrapped around the crying baby in your arms. You were rushed to their doctor because now they’re screwed when Jimin finds out, and he did from one of his spies. A bit later Jimin walks in calmly, scaring the living daylights out of the rival gang members. He sits next to you and examines the baby and yourself before wordlessly escorting you two out of the enemy base. It was like nothing ever happened. Even the ride home was quiet for the first two minutes until he saw it safe to talk.

“Are you two alright? The baby’s healthy right?”

“Yes, we are both okay.”

“They’ll pay for taking you and our child.”


He’s the guardian of his godson, Minsoo. His parents died when he was a baby and has been in Taehyung’s care since then. He knows how to be a dad so when he found out he and you were going to have a baby he was ecstatic. He upped security, though. “Just in case,” he would say. It was a good call though, since it saved you for the entire pregnancy. When the day came for the baby to arrive, Taehyung was actually nervous. He was shaking and stuttered as he tried to calm you down during contractions because this was the part of fatherhood he never got to be apart of, the labor.

“Why is there so much blood?!”


He may be the youngest but he’s seen some shit in his life so he’s way more mature than the others, even those who are older than him in most cases. He wouldn’t be scared of starting a family, especially when you and him recieved threats from enemies that the baby will only be another target to hit. He was ready for a war if that’s what it meant to protect his family.

“Bring it on, bastards.”

Sorry this one took so long!! As a bio related major, this stumped me for the longest time cause…really? This actually happens?? I’ve heard of some pregnant women being able to skip maternity clothes entirely, but this is a new thing lol - Ad Bloo~


Common Setting: You had been gaining weight for quite a while now, and so you had started eating very healthily and tried to exercise regularly. But sometimes, you found yourself tired very quickly. You puked once or twice, but that you reasoned as simple food poisoning. And as for the cramps, well….you just had a high pain tolerance. Until one day…


  • Yoosung was at the clinic, working to get a marble out of a parrot’s throat.
  • When his phone starts ringing in the middle, he asks the bird’s owner to pick it up and put it on speaker for him if they don’t mind.
  • “Yoosung, I…need to get to the hospital.” Your voice weakly whispers out.
  • He turns his head to the phone so abruptly he could hear the painful crick in his neck.
  • Both him and the parrot start freaking out a bit.
  • After a bit of wrestling with the parrot, he finally manages to get the darn marble out.
  • The owner thanked him and wished him good luck as he packed things up to head home immediately.
  • On the way, he’s asking you tons of questions about your health over the phone
  • When he finally picks you up and head over to the hospital, he could tell by your pain that you were going into labor
  • But that just confused him even more. You weren’t even pregnant to begin with!
  • At the hospital, he finds out that, yes, you were pregnant, and yes, you were in labor.
  • Almost faints when he finds out that he is now a father of twins.
  • He almost considers that you might’ve hidden it from him on purpose.
  • But one look at you convinces him that, no, you weren’t expecting this either.
  • For many years to come, 707 and Zen would always make fun of him for not noticing.
  • “What kind of doctor can’t tell if someone’s pregnant?”They would say as they burst out laughing.


  • You were watching over Zen as he played his part in the rehearsal.
  • For several weeks now, you found yourself getting weaker and weaker.
  • He often insisted that you stay at home. But you were his manager, and had to be present as well.
  • In the middle of a particularly emotional scene, you get hit by a particularly deadly set of cramps
  •  You were determined to ignore them though; but people around you were beginning to get worried.
  • Seeing people huddle around you from the corner of his eye, he got worried as well.
  • As soon as the scene ended, he rushed to your side to see how you were.
  • Suddenly, he thought back at how you’ve been having those a lot recently and suggested you check out a hospital.
  • You wanted to refuse, saying that was too extreme.
  • But he was already making his way to the director to ask for leave.
  • The cramps seem to be getting worse by the minute, so he rushes you to the nearest hospital.
  • Once admitted, you both couldn’t believe it when the doctors said you were in labor.
  • You could have argued, but then you double over in pain.
  • In the hours the delivery was taking place, Zen was getting acquainted to the idea of becoming a father.
  • Despite the spontaneity of the situation, he was still pretty optimistic. After all, he made it through all of his other hardships.
  • And when he saw you cradling the baby girl, he promised himself that, yes, he was going to take on the world if it means to protect both his queens.


  • You both had been trying for in vitro for a while, but it always failed.
  • She was very suspicious of your puking and other symptoms, but you always shrugged them off.
  • Soon enough, you had weakened to the point of having to hire a part timer at the store.
  • Jaehee kept insisting that you go see the doctor, but you were just as adamant. There was nothing wrong with you.
  • But one day, your legs gave away as cramps came in tenfold in the middle of work.
  • The clamor of plates made Jaehee rush to your side as she checked to see if you were hurt anywhere.
  • Thankfully, one of the customers was a nurse on break and quickly identified that you were in labor.
  • The news washed over Jaehee as relief, she had hoped beyond hope that that was the case.
  • With the nurse guiding you both, it wasn’t long until you were safely in a delivery room with a healthy crying boy in your arms


  • If Jumin knew just how many times you had puked, he would have rushed you  to a doctor immediately.
  • But it was fortunate, or unfortunate, that he had been so busy lately that he overlooked the signs.
  • He would come back late at night, only to rush off early in the morning.
  • It was in the middle of a conference when the fated phone call arrived.
  • It was THE CONFERENCE. All of the heavy work from the past year was leading to this very meeting.
  • So when his phone vibrated twice, he chose to ignore it. He could deal with the backlash for it after the meeting.
  • A few minutes later, Jaehee walks into the room. Jumin Han is more than irritated.
  • “Director Han, your wife is being taken to a hospital.”
  • Okay, what in the world??
  • Quickly postponed the meeting and rushed off to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • On the way there, he was on the phone discussing the details.
  • Did you reach safely? What had happened? WHY ARE YOU IN THE HOSPITAL?
  • Swears at the traffic so much; his father would be ashamed.
  • And when he finally reached, he’s surprised to learn that you’re in labor??
  • He demanded to be present inside the delivery room, and… well, who could stop him.
  • He feels so helpless to see you in such pain, and held onto your hand cause that was really the only thing he could do at the moment.
  • But when it was all over, and you were sat there with the baby girl in your arms, he couldn’t resist in taking a picture.
  • And wouldn’t you know it? It didn’t come out blurry at all.
  • As soon as you were able, he shifted you to a better hospital room.
  • And when you returned to the penthouse, one of the first things you did was print out and frame the picture Jumin took of that day.


  • You guys were always inside the bunker.
  • Sure there were some days where you would have to physically drag Luciel out the door. Otherwise? Lounging and snacking all day long.
  • So were you the one to blame when you thought that your changing body figure was due to your unhealthy lifestyle?
  • You started working out with more fervor now, and resisted Seven’s call to the dark side.
  • But the protrusion of your tummy was refusing to go down. In fact, it was beginning to look…bigger?
  • Saeyoung was just as confused as you were.
  • But when you asked Saeran…he would just chuckle and shake his head.
  • One day, you were cleaning up while Saeyoung had locked himself in his office for the day.
  • You had been chatting with Saeran until you suddenly doubled over in pain, barely keeping yourself standing.
  • Saeran quickly made you go sit on the chair and then ran to his brother’s office.
  • Confused, Saeyoung emerged from the room warily until he saw you going through such intense pain.
  • Since they couldn’t call the ambulance, you had to be rushed in one of Saeyoung’s sports cars.
  • Saeran offered to drive, since Saeyoung clearly was not in the right emotional state.
  • Instead, he would keep trying to distract you to make you take your mind off it.
  • Soon, you had successfully given birth to a healthy, babbling baby boy.
  • As you cooed at your new son, Saeyoung took his brother aside to ask him how had he known that you were pregnant/ or in labor.
  • Saeran just gave him an unamused look. “All those months in the hospital taught me a few things.”


  • It isn’t very hard to believe that he had no idea.
  • Sure, you had discussed kids on and off, but you both had agreed that now wouldn’t be a good time.
  • You were both having a wonderful picnic when it happened.
  • Even when he is bereft of one of his senses, Jihyun had always been perceptive.
  • So he could hear your labored breathing and how much you were leaning into him for support.
  • But as usual, you had decided to try to hide it from him.
  • It was always the same. Recently, he could always sense that you were in pain a lot more often, and it pained him to see you keep quiet about it.
  • Not being able to stand it anymore, Jihyun suggested that he should take you to the hospital.
  • When you tried to brush it off, he firmly asked again, bringing up the past instances.
  • Stunned, you let him pack up and take you to the hospital.
  • Once you are checked into a ward, V asks the doctor if you were alright.
  • The doctor simply laughed and pat his shoulder, telling him to look forward to being a father.
  • Startled, he did the first thing he thought of; call his childhood best friend.
  • “Jumin, I’m a father.” “…Well, congratulations. I wasn’t aware MC was pregnant.” “Neither was I.”
  • Jumin’s calm and cool rationalizing of the situation helped V gather his thoughts.
  • When the doctor brought him to you, you handed him your new baby son.
  • As soon as the baby was in his hands, he instinctively pulled the baby into a protective hug.
  • Having his son in his arms made it all the more real to him, and he couldn’t stop the tears slipping out.
  • Smiling, you kiss him on the forehead and gently wipe his tears away.


  • When you suggested that you both go out in the middle of the night for ice cream, he jumped on board pretty quickly.
  • First, it used to be the both of you strolling peacefully with your cones at hand. But then eventually, you seemed to prefer sitting on the grass at the nearby park instead.
  • Tonight was one of those nights, While nibbling on his own mint-and-chocolate waffle cone, Saeran was enjoying himself watching you wolf down your triple scoop bubblegum ice cream.
  • Suddenly, he sees your face scrunches up in pain and starts chuckling. He knew you were going to get a brain freeze at that rate.
  • But then you bend over to clutch your stomach tightly, dropping your cone in the process.
  • When the pain only seemed to be getting worse, he panicked and called his brother.
  • Thankfully, the hacker picked up on the first ring, and in no time, showed up in his car to drive you both to the hospital.
  • He never wanted to see another ice cream ever again if you were going to die because of it.
  • But when they arrived, the doctor told them not to worry, and the pain was normal for women in labor.
  • While Saeyoung whooped for joy, running around telling random people about how he was going to be an uncle; Saeran sank down on a chair with his hands on his face.
  • Noticing this, his brother returned to his siding, quietly listening to Saeran’s doubts.
  • Thoughts of the child hating him, not being able to give them the love they deserve, and other anxieties crowd his mind.
  • With an arm over his shoulder, Saeyoung does his best to alleviate his twin’s worries.
  • When the doctor comes out, Saeran ignores him and shoots straight into the room to see you cooing at your baby girl.
  • Slowly he walks over to you, hand shaking as he caresses you cheek and pats your hair, convincing himself that you’re alright.
  • You kiss his hand, and redirect it to the baby. Delicately, his fingers hover over her reddish face, marveling at how tiny she is.
  • Bringing up a chair, he stays there with you and the baby all day, refusing to leave your side unless absolutely necessary.
The Name Game

 Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and Y/N find out the sex of their baby. Though the news is happy, the two cannot, for the life of them, agree on a name. 

Warnings: None! Super cute and fluffy. 

Word Count: 6,937


If this were any other Saturday in Florida, Finn and Y/N could have been found doing a number of things. 

One, they probably could have been lounging poolside while the sun beat down heavy on their skin. 

Two, they could have been throwing a spur of the moment barbecue for them and all their friends, drinking like frat stars until one wound up with their head in the toilet while the other giggled and took embarrassing photos to post throughout the locker rooms the next live event; normally it was Y/N who couldn’t handle all her liquor, but Finn had his fair share of moments as well.

Three, the two of them could have easily been found locked in his air-conditioned condo, tangled up in the cool, white sheets while fingers and mouths explored the soft, bare skin each knew all too well. 

If this were any other Saturday, life for them would be completely simple.

But, this Saturday was different, and this mid-August day was one that neither saw coming so soon. 

It was supposed to be a traditional routine; date, get engaged, marry, and then maybe have a few children. 

Y/N should have known nothing was going to be traditional with Finn. Hell, the first time they’d locked eyes had been nowhere near traditional. 

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“On the Night You Were Born”-an Everlark one-shot

It’s definitely been awhile, but it’s @keelaree‘s birthday and I’m coming out for my girl!

Have mercy…I’m still a little out of my writing element…

Summary: A fateful, rainy night brings an interesting patient into Dr. Peeta Mellark’s ER…

Title—but not plot—taken from the famous children’s book.

 On the Night You Were Born

She walked into the emergency room of Panem Hospital, quiet and unassuming. Her thick, ebony locks pulled into a ropy braid that rested against hunched, exhausted shoulders.

In the hubbub of the lobby, packed with late-night drunken injuries and feverish children with their parents, Dr. Peeta Mellark noticed her right away.

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anonymous asked:

I love your imagines and head cons so much! I was wondering if maybe you could do an imagine of Bruce being "dead" and missing and Dick and his wife having to move into the manor to watch Damian. Damian thinks of the reader as his mom and thinks of Dick as a better father then Bruce, maybe even the reader is pregnant and goes into labor and Damian calls the baby his sibling??

Hi! I’m not quite sure if I delivered this well but I think it’s alright. Thank you for sending in your request and I hope this was what you wanted!!

Dick presses a kiss to your temple as he places his hand on top of the large bump on your belly, soothing your child. You smile at him and bask in his warmth and affection. “So do you want to tell me since when Damian started calling you mother, Y/N?” He asks with so much love and adoration for you, you had to turn around to give him a kiss to which he happily returned.

You pull away and rested your forehead against his neck. “It started a few nights ago – he said I was more of a mother than Talia had been. It made me really happy to hear that, you know?” You tell your husband. You had always worried that you might not be a very good mother but if Damian who had initially been rather cold with you, can now warm up to you nicely and lovingly, it really does wonder to your confidence.

Dick nods his head. He worries a lot about Damian sometimes. The youngest bird has had a lot of things going on for him and with Bruce’s… disappearance, Dick knew he had to take his youngest brother under his wings. Bruce would have wanted him to do that and he didn’t mind the least. Damian had warmed up to you nicely too so he never really did have to worry about anyone attacking you or anything because of the amount of time Damian spends with you.

Your moment of happiness with Dick is disrupted by a very sharp pain and wetness that came down your legs. You gasp in pain as you are hit with contractions and you grip on to Dick’s arms because he has to hold you up – the pain was just too much for you. “Dick, the baby’s coming!” You whimper in pain as the contraction comes again and you try your hardest not to panic because of the contractions.

Dick’s eyes widen and he immediately calls out for Damian and Alfred both who appeared before them very quickly. “Y/N’s water broke! We need to go to the hospital.” He exclaims before he gingerly lifts you up, you let out another moan and try your hardest to wrap your arms around Dick.

Damian’s eyes went to the floor where he spies a pool of water and judging from all of the books he had been reading, he knew you are in a lot of pain. So he hurriedly races to your bedroom, grabbing your overnight bag that you had packed a few days ago and rush out to you just in time to see Alfred bringing the car around. “Get inside, father, we need to hurry.” Damian blinks a couple of times when he takes notice of what he had just said before shaking his head. Now was not the time to entertain those thoughts.

Dick nods his head as he carries you to the car. “Sorry, Y/N. Alfred’s going to take us straight to your doctor’s.” Alfred nods his head and does as he is instructed once Damian gets in the car. The drive to the hospital had been a short one – Alfred might have broken a few rules – but no one said anything else as they rushed you to the labour room.

After a good four hours in labour, you are finally out with a healthy, baby boy. Damian appears beside Dick just as the nurse leaves his son in his arms and Dick could almost feel the tears welling up. So instead, he presses his lips softly against his son’s head and takes a good whiff of his baby smell.

“Is he healthy?” Damian whispers, not wanting to disturb his sibling. Dick nods his head as he pulls back enough just so Damian could also take a good look. “Mother showed me photos of you when you were younger, he definitely has the shape of your nose.” He points out and Dick smiles before motioning for Damian to sit beside him.

“Y/N told me you called her mother. Are you sure that’s what you want, Damian?” Dick looks at his younger brother and Damian nods his head.

“I… need a new purpose in life and she gave me that. You, your son and her.” Damian confesses. He had been in a pretty bad place after Bruce’s disappearance and truth be told, Dick had taken the role rather nicely and as much as it pains Damian to admit, Dick probably was the better dad than Bruce. Though, he is still thankful for everything Bruce had done for him.

Dick finally smiles at Damian. “Do you want to hold your brother?” He asks and is slightly taken aback by the sudden change of expression on Damian’s face. Damian is looking at him with anticipation and excitement. “Don’t worry – I’ll make sure to teach you how to hold him properly.” He tells Damian, no doubt Damian will get the hang of it very quickly.

“Thank you!” Damian waits patiently as Dick lets him hold on to his baby brother. He struggles for a bit before Dick rights his son and re-positioned Damian’s hand and arms so he can support the baby. Right when his younger brother opens his eyes, Damian vows right there and that that he will be the best big brother to ever exist.

Gajevy Week: Prompt: Matching. The Perfect Match


Rated: T

Prompt: Matching


The Perfect Match

Five years Post-Year-Gap

The twins learn about the perfect couple from Lily as they wait on their little brother to be born.

Levy was calmly sitting at the dining room table, sipping some tea. The twenty-three-year-old blunette was currently a mother of two beautiful twins, Shutora and Yajeh.

“Mama, you okay?” Shutora asked her mother, her fingers clutching at the woman’s flowy sea green dress.

“Yes, darling.” Levy smiled and moved to brush her daughter’s cornflower hair from her face. “The baby is just being difficult.”

Levy was at thirty-three weeks in her pregnancy, closing in on her thirty-fourth week. Because of the surprise of having twins her last pregnancy, they actually went through the whole doctor routine this time. Gajeel and Levy were having a boy this time. Just one boy. Surprisingly, it was more difficult than her first, despite it being her second pregnancy, and only one child.

“Daddy! Tell the baby to stop being mean to Mama!” Shutora called as she pouted, looking at her mother’s swollen belly.

Levy held back a sigh as she felt her husband coming up behind her. She didn’t even need to look back to know it was him.

“The kid still at it, Lev?” Gajeel moved up behind his wife, crouching down to be more at their daughter’s height. “Leave the baby to me, Shrimp, go bug Lil’ and Yajeh.”

Shutora puffed up her cheeks, ready to argue until she saw both of her parents gave her a stern look.

When the little girl ran off to go to her brother and godfather, Gajeel moved to stroke Levy’s abdomen.

“What’s goin’ on, Shorty?” He asked gently, his fingers gently moving over the swell of her belly.

“Just… a bit of pain. My lower back hurts, and I’m just cramping up. I thought tea would help.” She said lightly. It was how she calmed down during her first pergnancy.

She had experienced false labor pains multiple times during her pregnancy with Shutora and Yajeh and didn’t want to rush off at every little thing. She must have given Gajeel so many gray hairs from all the panic during their first pregnancy.

“Come on. We’re going to the hospital.” He grunted, moving to slip his arm under her thighs and behind her back. Pausing to let her wrap her arms around his neck.

“Gaj… it’s probably just–.”

“No. You were fidgeting more than usual last night too. Yer the smart one, Lev. I want you and the kid safe.” He dropped a kiss to her forehead to quiet her down.

A soft sigh escaped her as her lips tilted into a weak smile, leaning into him.

“Shutora, Yajeh, grab your ma’s bag from our room!” He called to the twins, both of them nearly five years old.

“Got it!” Yajeh’s footsteps raced past his sister to go grab the small duffle of supplies. “I got Mama’s clothes bag!”

“Can I pick out a book for Mama!” Shutora peeked her head around the corner, looking at her parents.

“Be quick ‘bout it. I wanna get yer ma to the doctor. Maybe have Wendy or Lucy come n’ see her.”

“Okay! I’ll grab Aunt Lu’s book for Mama!” Shutora smiled brightly and ran up to grab Lucy’s novel “Fairy Heart” for Levy.

Lily walked into the room, seeing the pregnant woman cradled in his partner’s arms he smirked slightly. Gajeel had grown so much since they first met.

The exceed transformed into his battle form, “I’ll help the kids out.” He commented to the coup couple.

He watched as Gajeel nodded. Usually the Iron Dragon Slayer was much more attentive to his children, but he was worried about his petite wife. Levy was small and despite her strength, childbirth was no easy task. If she was feeling pain as much as she was, she had to see a doctor.

“Uncle Lily… will Mama be okay?” Yajeh asked the exceed quietly as he took Levy’s clothes bag from the boy.

“Yes, Yajeh, she just needs to go to see Wendy and her doctor. To check on the baby.” Lily easily held the two blue haired children.

“Yer ma’ll be fine.” Gajeel moved towards the door. Levy no longer grew shy or embarrassed by Gajeel carrying her around, especially times like this. “If ya ask nice, she might read to ya when we get there.”

The trip to the hospital after a quick call to Wendy was full of pleading and whining, making Levy giggle. The two were currently focusing their attention on their Aunt Lucy who was on the Lacrima, on her way.

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Yes or No? Part 2 (Montgomery de la Cruz, 13 Reasons)

~it’s finally here! I like how it turned out. Please tell me what you think and as always, request! Love you all, thanks for the support~

First day back and you hadn’t even made it through the day, what a trooper you were. You’d managed to contain yourself enough to call your mom and ask her if you could spend the night at Jessica’s. She couldn’t contain her excitement, that you were finally going out and being a person again with someone other than Monty. Little did she know, everything was worse.

Jessica had ditched the rest of the day to be with you at her house. She’d even ditched her plans with Justin that night. But she said if he even so much as went to the same get together as Montgomery, she’d cut his balls off. You could tell she was trying not to have “I told you so” talk. She’d been one of the most vocal when it came to being anti- your relationship with Montgomery, in the beginning especially. She listed all of her cheer friends he’d hooked up with and never texted back. She’d mentioned on many occasions what a flirt he was. She’d even said that his anger problems should have been enough to keep you from dating the jock. But it only took mere weeks for you to be head over heels for the hothead. And no one could deny how happy he seemed to make you. Just like no one could deny that you brought out the good in him.

It was midnight. Jess was still up with Sheri. You were passed out on Sheri’s lap. They’d pretty much watched you cry yourself to sleep. Two girls that you probably wouldn’t have been all that close with had it not been for your relationship with Monty. You’d been acquaintances at best. They were apart of Jeff’s ‘friend group’, sure. But you two lead your lives separate enough to where you didn’t necessarily know all of the same people.

You’d wanted to invite Hannah, hell, you’d even wanted to see Skye when she texted you, reaching out. Jesus, shit got around fast. Then again, a lot of people had witnessed it for themselves. On that very public stage that was the main hallway. Bottom line was though, neither Jessica nor Sherri seemed to want Hannah there. Maybe that was what made Hannah think everyone hated her. You couldn’t blame her for that.

Out of no where, you were startled awake by Jessica raising her voice and her bedroom light being switched on.

“I swear to God I’ll get my dad. Get out of my house! All of you. Go on!” You opened your eyes slightly. You had a feeling you knew what was going on, but you didn’t want to believe it was happening.

“God damn it Jess. There’s no need for that. I heard him out. You guys should.” Justin whisper-yelled.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and see Justin pleading with his girlfriend, while Monty stood behind him, his jaw clenched.

“Why the hell are you two breaking and entering?! And Jessica said you’re not even supposed to be with Montgomery.” Sheri whispered.

“There’s five of them!” Jessica pointed out her bedroom window. Standing on the roof right outside were Marcus, Zach, and Alex.

“Leave!” Sheri said, her tone normal, but not level the same time.

“No.” All five of them said at the same time, causing a booming echo.

“Leave before you wake up my brothers.” Jessica said firmly. She glanced towards the wall that she shared with one of her brothers, as his bedroom was next to hers.

“I’m not leaving before I talk to you.” Montgomery was being serious, no doubt. His eyes were full of pain and they were red. You couldn’t decide if he’d gotten high with the boys or if he’d actually been crying. But either way, you wanted nothing other than to deny him his wish.

“This is Jessica’s house. She doesn’t want you here. And neither do I.” You said sharply. You didn’t look straight at him, because you didn’t want him to see how many tears were already slipping down your cheeks. So you buried your head in Sheri’s lap again. She ran her hands up and down your back, trying to help level your breathing.

“I’ll throw you over my shoulder and drag you out of this damn house myself, Y/N.” Montgomery walked forward. Jessica pushed him back.

“No you fucking won’t.” You snapped, still not looking up at him.

“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna stop me? Twig one and twig two? I don’t think so.” Monty knelt down so he was face to face with you, since you still hadn’t moved from Sheri’s lap.

“I would say Jeff would kick your ass, but we all know why that’s not gonna work out, now don’t we?” There was a tension filled silence. Sheri wouldn’t let go of your hand as your breaths grew more and more uneven again.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Monty finally mumbled. Yeah, you did know. And maybe it was selfish, but you said it so he’d hurt even more than he already was.

“I guess. But I still want you to leave.” You got up and stood next to Jessica, who had just finished fending off Justin’s who was trying to get back on her good side by embracing her.

“Look me in my eyes and say that.” Montgomery said. His tone was firm, like he knew you weren’t going to be able to do what he said. He was right. So you stayed silent.

“See, I know that after everything we’ve been through, you don’t wanna just throw me away like that. Let’s go.” He stood behind you. Everything he’d ever done for you crossed your mind in that moment. The times that you were sick and he’d fall asleep on the couch after picking up your prescription for you. The countless times he asked your mom if she needed any help with dinner, or if your dad and Jeff needed help with any labor work outside. 'If they’re happy with me, then they’ll continue to let me make you happy, Y/N.’ he’d said once. You’d told the girls about it, they found it unbelievable that Montgomery De la Cruz had said that to a girl.

You turned around slowly, looking up at him. You nodded, and he took your hand, heading for the bedroom door.

“I swear to God if you hurt her anymore than you already have I’ll do what Jeff would have done if he were here.” Jessica’s words truly came out in a growl.

“Davis, you’ve always hated us together. I get it, maybe I don’t deserve her. Hell, I know I don’t. But I’ve never hurt her before this. I didn’t mean to hurt her now. So don’t talk about things when you don’t know shit. As I recall, you haven’t really stopped by too much in the past few weeks, have you Jessica?” You had told Jessica not to stop by. You’d been a mess and you were really only comfortable with Monty seeing you in your state. She’d broken the rule a few times but not that many.

“Fuck you Monty. She told me not to.” Jessica moved as though she was going to hit Monty, but Justin stopped her.

“Well let me tell you something about Y/N, alright? It’s all in her eyes. She can say one thing and mean another and I can tell you what the fuck she’s actually thinking just by her eyes. That’s why she won’t look at me and say it. Because she knows she wants to hear me out.” Montgomery’s statement got no response from anyone else in the room. And with that, he took your hand again and lead you out of the bedroom door. No one stopped him. No one could find it in them to stop him.

You were silent. Still angry and upset, you didn’t know what you could say even if you wanted to speak.

“I love you.” He said once you were both seated in his jeep that was parked out front. You laughed a little.

“Do you, though?” She asked him. He threw his keys down on his dash in frustration.

“That’s a bullshit question, and you know it.” He grumbled, still staring at you, practically begging for eye contact.

“I love you too.” You mumbled back to him, staring at your hands that sat in your lap.

“I didn’t say it the way you think I did.” He said, now getting straight to the point. You couldn’t take it anymore, you turned and stared at him.

“What other ways can that be meant?” You scoffed. For the first time that night, the two of you made true eye contact.

“The boys asked why coach was going so easy on me missing practice and games. I said that he knew I was taking care of you. They asked if you were doing better. I said not really.” He said, still looking at you. He went to grab your hand, but you swatted his away. Apart of you wanted to grab his hand. Skin to skin contact with him was one of the only things that made you feel good automatically. It hadn’t gone away, you had to admit, even after what he said.

“And you responded with yeah, she’s sad so she’s eating a bunch of shit and gaining a ton of weight and if it continues she’s gonna have a problem.” You still stared at him.

“You don’t believe that.” He stated. You rolled your eyes.

“So now you know me better than I do?” He shook his head, laughing a little.

“Maybe. You know deep down I would never say that about you. I love you whether you’re two hundred pounds or one twenty, I don’t give a fuck. I just- I’ve seen the way you grab at your stomach while you look in the mirror. It’s an unhealthy dislike towards yourself, baby.” You winced at him calling you what he’d called you for the year you two had been dating. You couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop though.

“I’ve gained fifteen pounds over the course of three weeks, that isn’t normal.” You squeaked out, tears flowing down your face now. You flinched as his arm hook around your waist, attempting to move you onto his lap. You eventually gave in begrudgingly.

“Love me, God damn it.” He whispered into your hair. You gave in a bit more, wrapping your arms around him as you continued to cry.

“You knew I didn’t say anything bad.” He kissed your temple as his fingers traced shapes on your shoulder blade.

“Maybe. It’s just-” he didn’t let you finish.

“It’s just that you wanted another excuse to be this sad still.” Your breath hitched. Fuck, he was right.

“It’s not normal to still feel this bad.” Your voice was hollow.

“Well, no matter how abnormal you are, I fucking love you. I changed a lot so I could at least try to be deserving of you, did you know that? I even watch my language around your parents.” You chuckled a little.

“Mom still complains about it.” You looked up at him.

“To my face.” You saw him smirk a little bit. You sighed deeply.

“I don’t care if you’re this sad for five more years. I will be here for you until you can little by little move on.” He moved your chin with his hand so you had to look at him.

“I’ll say it again, I fucking love you. I want to marry you. I want you to have my babies. And I want us to tell all kinds of stories about Jeff to our kids. Because he would have been the best damn uncle out there, yeah?” You nodded before burying your head in his chest, letting out a heart wrenching sob.

“We’ll get through this, alright? And if it takes you gaining extra weight or you watching the same movies over and over to get through it, then that’s how it’s gonna be, alright baby? Do you get it?” You nodded again, wrapping your arms around his neck, his arms settled at your waist as he rested his head in your neck. In a few minutes he’d give you back your 'ring on a string’. Although this time he didn’t want it on a chain. He wanted everyone to know that you and him were in it for the long haul, no matter how shocked they’d be.

Unintentional mix breeding (Part 2)

Part 1

Obviously, you didn’t tell a soul about what you and Camus had done. However, you didn’t deny that you had loved it. And one thing led to another. You managed to sneak away several times a day, during the weekend, and in total, you had sex with the creature one way or another, 7 times. Sunday evening, when you left, you felt frustrated to go back to your ordinary life, knowing you had to leave Camus behind. You two really had bonded even more, in a stranger way than before. But you were happy that you had least had spent the weekend there and discovered this. You just had no idea how much things were about to change.

Things were just the same at home. Work, daily chores, trying to balance that with sleep, a little exercise and social life. Your husband Marcus was the same as usual. You both were still easily annoyed pretty much constantly, and you knew that you were growing apart. It was just easier to see that now, when you had refreshed your perspectives of what you wanted in life. You just didn’t know how to deal with that in that moment. So you just went on, already trying to plan in a new visit at your parents farm. Marcus did however notice that something was off, and tried to confront you, but without much effort. You waved it off as being stressed and having too much to think about.

After a few weeks, you began to feel weird. You lacked apetite, felt dizzy more often and got tired quicker than usual. You had a bit of a fever for a few days, and threw up a few times. You figured you had caught some bug, so you went to the doctor. After all, for some reason, it just didn’t hit you that you possibly could be…

Pregnant. When your doctor told you about the test result, you felt shocked. You hadn’t imagined yourself pregnant, or a parent, until in maybe a few years. For some reason you couldn’t feel upset though, mostly puzzled. Because you couldn’t remember a time where you and Marcus hadn’t used protection. But of course, that made you realize the only possibility… One your brain really did it’s best to ignore. As you left the doctor’s office, there was so many thoughts going on in your head, just swirling around in there, impossible to stay on one and the same thought for very long. Of course reproduction with monsters wasn’t impossible, but it was very rare for people to want to, and to be able to breed with them. That was how you got the hybrids anyway. The most common were dogs and cats, mixed with human DNA… It was easier to get successful results, rather than if you tried to create them in a lab. This just caused you to feel more stressed out than before, since you didn’t know what would happen. And one thought was stronger than the others… what would your family say?

Marcus. He’d go through the roof. He’d tell everyone, and leave you. At first, it made you want to sob endlessly and just break down from the thought… but as you kept turning it around in your head, going through every possible outcome, you figured… maybe it wasn’t so bad? You knew you didn’t want to live the rest of your life with someone so grumpy, who couldn’t let you have the things you liked. And goddamnit, you had breeder blood in you! Your family always worked hard to produce the best monsters out on the market. And whatever you were carrying, could turn out to be something amazing. Besides, when you thought about it, you wanted to think that your parents wouldn’t judge you. You tried to dig in your memory. Hadn’t your mom ever told you she had used a monster for pleasure once, in her youth? Hadn’t she? You couldn’t remember clearly, but you wanted to think so. During the entire ride home, you were rubbing your slightly swollen belly, finding yourself feeling somewhat turned on by it. This was perhaps the thing you needed to happen.

You decided to wait a little while to tell Marcus, so that you could process the news yourself. During the week you decided to stay quiet about your pregnancy, you began to feel more and more bloated, and every day, you got a little bit heavier and bigger.

Just a little over a week after the visit at the doctors, you were getting ready for your day off, planning to go shopping and enjoy the nice spring weather. You had just gotten out of the shower, and were picking out clothes, trying to get dressed. Marcus had just finished, and looked like he was about to go to work. He was just standing in the doorway, kind of watching you a little as you get dressed.
”Did you notice you put on a little… you know, weight?”

The comment caught you off guard for a moment, making you pull down your sweater, feeling embarrassed despite knowing just how natural your weightgain was. You just didn’t think it was fit for him to make that comment. If you hadn’t been pregnant, you knew you probably would have gotten pretty sad. So when you replied, your voice got pretty cold.
”I’m aware. Is that a problem?”
Marcus reacted immediately, not really used to that kind of response from you. He scratched the back of his neck, his brown eyes getting that nervous look to them, as he scanned you, head to toes.

”I guess not… I’m just a bit surprised. With all the running you’re doing you’ve always been so slim, that’s all,” he continued with a shrug, deciding that maybe he wanted to joke things away, since he also began to chuckle. ”You almost look like you’re pregnant, haha.”

It was probably in that moment, my hormones really got a kick start, because you felt such a need to defend yourself. Why did he even make such comments? Something in you just really snapped.
”Well, that’s because I am. Could you please not make comments like that?”

For a moment Marcus seemed to think that you was joking. He looked at you, grinning, about to make another joke, or at least laugh, but he was kind of frozen like that for a moment, before his brain registered what I had said, and his face seemed to go all blank, and pale.
”You heard me. I’m pregnant. Are you going to make fun of me or what?”
It was like hearing someone else speak, you thought. Like someone else was running your body. These hormones really made you feel even more feisty. You were in a situation you never had expect to find yourself in. Your breaths were getting heavier and you were just prepared to fight really. Marcus looked like he didn’t know what to think.
”But we didn’t…-”
”Fuck without a condom? Yeah, I don’t think we’ve done that in over a year. Marcus… The baby isn’t yours, and I don’t think we’re going to work out.”
The words just seemed to come on their own, you didn’t need to think very much. But the words were just so relieving to say, and you felt like there was no better decision to make, even if it still was hard, now when you actually were tearing your six years long relationship apart. It hurt, of course, to think that you didn’t want this anymore, and that you couldn’t see yourself in a happy future with this man, but it was better that you realized this now, rather than pretending things were fine.

You expected Marcus to throw a fit. Yell. Curse. Call you whore, or whatever. But he didn’t do any of those things. But it was probably the shock. Because he turned around in the door, and walked out. You heard the front door slam closed when he left your apartment. Sure, it kind of upset you that he clearly got upset by this, but in a way, you felt oddly proud. You wasn’t sure of what you were proud of exactly, since you basically just had ended your marriage and all, but things was about to change, and that was probably for the better.

You called your mom, and told her something had happened. Immediately, she offered for you to come there, and you gladly accepted, telling her you’d be on your way very soon. In a hurry, you packed a few changes of clothes, and some other stuff you thought you could use. Before you knew it, you were in the car, and on your way to a place where you hoped things could settle down more.

A few hours later…

You were surprised how well your partners accepted the situation. Your dad started off by telling you just how much Marcus had annoyed him the last few years, probably to make you feel better. It was sweet of him, but it wasn’t necessary to talk bad about your husband to make you feel better about your choice. You knew very well that sometimes people just changed too much to be able to live and develop further together. What surprised you even more though, was the reaction you got on the pregnancy news. The look they gave eachother, before looking back at you… you got a weird feeling about it.
”Hun, there’s something you should know,” you dad started, while he put the pot of stew on the table, taking off the lid and letting the scent of the delicous veggie stew spread in the room, making your empty stomach growl immediately, and your mouth water. Your appetite seemed to be back at least. But you had always preferred your parents cooking over your own.

”What is it?” You ask, both curious and a little worried.

”When I was a little younger than you…” your mom started, putting down the bowl of sallad on the table before sitting down. ”… I was a little more rebellious. I wanted to belong to the ”popular” girls, you know? And they had this group, everyone wanted to be in. But to be accepted, you had to accept a dare, that they would give you. What they asked me to do, was to… do these sorts of things, with one of the centaurs your grandma and grandpa raised. And I was young, and a bit naive, so of course in the end, I ended up doing what they asked, since I really wanted to belong to that group. Well, things didn’t go so well. Because not only did they make fun of me afterwards, and refuse to take in a ”horse whore”, but also I ended up getting pregnant with this centaur’s foal.”

This caused you to look at her in disbelief, unable to picture your mom in such a position, since she was so genuine, and kind and never had seemed to care about what was popular or seen as such. But you could only guess it was not that strange, since everyone grew and learned with time, and of course you were a lot different when you were young. You had different perspectives and sometimes you were willing to take more risks.

”Mom, I had no clue… Why wouldn’t you tell me?” You asked, still kind of shocked upon hearing these news.
She smiled slightly and shrugged.
”I was young, and insecure. It was a long time ago. My parents weren’t very pleased, but I gave birth to the foal and they sent it away as soon as it was old enough to be sold for the right amount. I don’t want that to happen for you, or for you to think that what you did was bad. We all deal with certain situations in different ways. If you want to go through this, we will help you out all we can. If you choose to get an abortion… well, then I think it will have to happen soon. And we’ll be there for you then as well. I’m not going to let my baby girl have to go through this all by herself.”
Your dad nodded and agreed, and you didn’t know whether you should cry or laugh. You had honestly never felt so blessed to have these two as your parents.

Time passed…

You made sure to contact my boss, after talking to your family doctor, and getting the right medical certificate. You were going to take some time off for this, but you didn’t leave any specific details, since you felt that was private. After all, the doctor warned you that this looked like a pretty rapid pregnancy, and could be tough on you considering Camus’ size, and how pregnancies for his kind worked. And oh boy, he was right.

8 days after you had arrived to my parent’s house, you looked at least 6 months pregnant. You were constantly hungry, even though you ate a lot, and also got nutritional supplements. You were in a constant hormonal state, and were either hyper, or exhausted. You didn’t throw up as much as you had feared though, only when you felt strong scents that triggered your nausea. Surprisingly enough Marcus did not call a single time. And you felt relieved, as much as you felt sad.

The worst part however… You were very aroused, most of your time awake. Or, even in your sleep you’d have dreams related to sex, and wake up soaking wet. You didn’t exactly tell your parents, but they were probably aware of the fact that you took every opportunity to visit the barn, whenever it was empty, to visit Camus. The monster seemed to be overjoyed, seeing that you were carrying his litter, and was very loving and affectionate every time you came around. He loved to rub her head against your growing belly, lick your face, belly, or pretty much anywhere. When you indicated that you wanted to be pleasured, he was not late to give you what you asked for, and you spend a lot of time licking your swollen pussy, and make you cum over and over. At first, you were afraid to ask for more than that… but after researching, and telling yourself it wouldn’t be a problem, you were back to fucking the beast again.

When another week had past, you were so large it was hard to walk. Your backed ached, and every day you could feel the monsters inside you move, and stretch, making you use the bathroom so often you felt like you had to live in there as well as they were making you eat half a buffet by yourself. The doctor was sure there were at least four of them in there, if not more.

“Are you sure you shouldn’t go to bed, darling?” your dad asked you one night, as he saw you struggle to put your shoes on. Your belly was in the way basically at all times, and you could barely wear clothes. Your mom basically made simple nightgowns out of sheets, since they could actually fit you. You waved a little at him, as if to wave off the comment, trying to smile confidently.
“I will, soon. I just have to take a little walk, or I will be way too restless. I’ll be back in a little while. Don’t worry dad.”
He looked doubtful, but nodded and returned to his crosswords. You could hear your mom playing the piano upstairs.

The nightair was fresh, and the barn was calm and quiet when you got there. The babies, or baby beasts, inside you, were thankfully rather calm as well. You were rubbing your aching back the entire time, thankful to be able to walk at least. Another few pounds and you would not be able to, you told yourself. Just the sight of Camus, waiting your you in his stall, made you feel that it was completely worth it though. His cock was already out, and waiting for your dripping wet pussy.
“Hey big boy, ready to give your baby mom a nice fuck, hm?” you asked him sweetly, releasing a moan as you allowed yourself to lay down in the hay, with your huge belly in the air.

Camus was quick to position himself on top of you, is cock teasing your pulsing vagina, rubbing against it, making you whine and spread your legs further. You’d waited for this all day, and to be able to get release and pleaure, you felt more satisfied and less restless. Your hot body craved this more than you craved almost anything…

As Camus began to push his swollen, switching member inside you, you pulled down the top part fo your night dress and began to massage your milky tits, sighing contently since they were extra sensitive and big now. You felt the dick slide deep, deep inside your wet cunt, and he didn’t wait long to start picking up a pace, even though he did actually keep in mind that he had to watch out for any signs of pain or discomfort. After all he was a smart creature who cared for his mate and pups.

But you didn’t feel anything bad at all, just great, intense, hot waves of goodness.

“Oh, yes, mm, u-uhn, yeah, just like that Camus, I want it deep just like that, mh…”
Even though the creature couldn’t respond with words, only grunt, pants and whines, the dirty talk was sexy to you anyway. Your pregnant belly kind of bounced back and forth, with your breasts, as he was thursting his dick into you over and over, and you had to try to reach down and rub your swollen clit, only to fail due to your massive belly. You knew Camus could make you cum anyway, especially in this sensitive state.
“H-nh, you like fucking me like this hm? Making me f-feel good after you filled me up so much and got me pregnant, h-huh? Mmmmm, fuck that’s right, hit that spot!” you groaned, one hand squeezing your breast, while the other grabbed onto the hay, as Camus got a bit more rough again, hitting your sweet spot over and over with such a strong force.

You were getting louder by the minute, moaning, panting, almost howling at some points, and you could feel the beast’s cock swell even more now, as it was ready to fill your already busy body with more of his hot semen. You wanted it just as much as before though, craving it. You began to beg again…
“Camus! Give it to me! Fill me up boy! Give it to mama! Give it to her! MMMM fuuuuck…!!”
You came before he did, yelling out loud, feeling an extreme wetness coming out of you. Fluid, just gushing out of you. Your first thought, could one squirt that much? Your moans were so loud even to yourself, and your breathing was heavy, the beast didn’t stop fucking you. You were riding out the orgasm, your pussy cramping around his huge cock, when you felt something was off. A dull pain, starting in your lower belly, going up. Your entire stomach seemed to spasm for a few moments. Then the first, sharper pain made itself known, making you jerk and let out a more pained moan. You knew something was wrong. Had you gone too far? Was this labor? Had your fucking actually induced the labor your doctor had told you wouldn’t happen it at least another couple of weeks?

You groaned in pain as another pain shook you, causing you to gasp more than before. Oddly enough, Camus wasn’t stopping though… he seemed to be way too focused on the fact that he was about to cum himself!
“S-stop, Camus, I, a-agh…  I think you p-pups are coming…!”


Hey guys, thanks for all the positive response and feedback on my last piece! I was overwhelmed by all the comments and messages, honestly! Thanks a ton! I will probably finish this in part 3 or perhaps 4, depending on how I decide to write this. I will also post even more on my blog (, if you want to check that out. Thanks again! xoxo Denzel

sweet medicine (ray/saeran x mc)

rating: all ages (very tiny v route spoilers)

notes: i finished v route a couple days ago and i’ve been thirsting for fluffy ray/saeran content like no one’s business ever since. i asked a friend for a prompt and so this sickfic was born. i hope it’s fluffy enough because apparently ‘my soul is most at ease when i make my readers weep with angst.’ LOL. anyway, it’s my first time writing ‘ray’ so i hope people enjoy. ;;

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“Achievements” - Oneshot

“Achievements” - Oneshot 

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,188

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Small Injuries, Violence(?), Cursing (?)

Summary: You help Bucky through a nightmare, but get injured in the process. But breakfast fixes everything.

Originally posted by secretly-buckybarnes

Author’s Note: Just some cute Bucky stuff. The title is kind of weird, but it’s the best I could come up with when I was writing this at midnight.

Shout out to the ever-fantastic @the-witching-hours12-3 for being a great friend and always being down to read/edit my stuff before I post it here! I am so glad to be able to be her beta reader! Please go check out her stuff! The epilogue for Best of Friends ( Part 1 / Part 2 ) is going to hit all of the feels and I’m ready.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

It was 3AM when you shot up, wide awake to screaming coming from the room across the hall from yours. The team had just gotten back from a mission at around 9PM, so everyone should be asleep. It only took a couple of seconds for you to establish that it was Bucky having a nightmare. He had been getting better, but he would still have them once or twice a week. Sometimes Steve helped him, but you and Bucky had grown close very quickly, so you had been helping him with his nightmares lately.

You knocked on his door first to see if that would wake him up. 

“Bucky? I’m comin’ in.” No response other than continued  screams and pants. 

When you walked in, it was like every other nightmare you’d helped with; Bucky was laying there with a layer of sweat over him as he either gripped either his blanket, or pillow, or both. You pulled out a fresh pair of sweatpants and a tank top from his drawers and put them on the bed before you sat down. You knew he was too deep in his nightmare to be gentle, so you got a good grip on his shoulders and shook him. 

You tried speaking at a normal volume, “Bucky! C’mon, wake up! You are safe! It’s just a nightmare!” 

Apparently that was enough because his eyes shot open. Only they weren’t Bucky’s eyes; they were full of fear, and instinctive defense. Within seconds of opening his eyes, he was able to grab a hold of your wrist with his metal arm, and the top of your arm with his other hand. His grip was insanely tight and slowly getting tighter. You had to act fast or your wrist and arm would be broken.

“James Buchanan Barnes! You are safe! You are not the Winter Soldier. Now let me go!” 

You knew that that would get him to snap back. You saw the nightmare fade from his eyes, only to be replaced with the fear that he had hurt you. He let go and sat up, with his head in his hands. His breathing was still labored but he was starting to really come back. You inspected your arms really quickly; your wrist hurt like a bitch, but it wasn’t broken. It was most likely sprained though. And your upper arm was fine, it was just going to bruise for a few days.

Once you finished assessing yourself, you moved and sat next to Bucky. Putting a hand on his back and slowly drawing circles with your fingers. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t mean to–” You shushed him to cut him off. 

“Don’t apologize. I know you were just reacting to whatever nightmare you were in. This isn’t the first or last time I’m gonna help you. You’re stuck with me, James.” You smiled a kind smile, trying to make him feel a bit better. You both sat there for a few minutes until his breathing smoothed out, then you handed him the clean clothes you pulled out earlier. He took them and went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on himself and change.

When he came back into his bedroom, you were laying in his bed. You patted the space next to you; you knew that being close to you helped him calm down. He graciously took it. He wrapped his arms around your middle and rested his head there too. The two of you had fallen asleep this way multiple times.Honestly, it helped both of you sleep better.

“I’m sorry again, (Y/N). It’s usually not that bad.” His voice was just a bit above a whisper, sleepiness already creeping on him. You just placed your right hand on his head and shushed him. You tried to lightly play with his hair, but your wrist hurt to move too much. So you hoped the pressure and warmth of your hand on his head helped him sleep.

“It’s fine, sweetpea. Just get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.” He quickly fell back to sleep, you weren’t too far behind him.


You woke up before Bucky, the clock on his bedside table read 7AM. You’d only had a few hours of sleep, but you knew you couldn’t fall back to sleep. You decided to sneak out, back to your room and get try to get dressed. 

Once you got to your room, you discovered that picking up anything with your right hand was a no go. Your wrist was definitely sprained. You somehow got one of Bucky’s sweatshirts on over your tank top. He gave you one of his cause he knew it helped calm you down sometimes. 

“Hey Friday? Is Bruce or Tony up?” You called out to the AI system.

“Good morning, Miss (Y/L/N). Both Dr. Banner and Mr.Stark are in the lab. Should I alert them of your incoming arrival?” 

“Yes please. Tell them my wrist is messed up and I need Banner to take a look at it.”

“Of course, Miss. They will be alerted immediately.”

You knew it wasn’t broken, but might as well double check. Plus you liked visiting the science dorks. 


After X Rays and talk, they confirmed your thoughts and told you that your wrist was sprained. Bruce gave you a brace for your wrist and told you to take some painkillers if needed. They went back to work, but you kept your tradition.

Your tradition being, the morning after the team came home from a big mission, you would make french toast and various breakfast sides for everyone. It was something you looked forward to doing.

Since most of the team were still sleeping, you quietly put on some music and thought it would be safe to take off the sweatshirt you were wearing. Getting everything you needed out of the cabinets, you began to hum along to your music while you cooked. You had gotten so into your music and french toast, that you didn’t notice Bucky standing in the archway that opened into the kitchen. 

He couldn’t help but watch you; he knew you were more introverted than the rest of the team, but you loved to do things like this to show that you loved everyone. He just hoped you loved him the same way he loved you. 

Bucky was admiring your physical appearance as he was thinking about everything he loved about you. You were in a looser fitting tank top and a pair of your favorite leggings. But then he saw your arms. Your right wrist was in a brace and your left bicep had big bruises covering it. He instantly worried, thinking you got hurt on the mission and didn’t tell anyone. He clears his throat and you kind of jump in surprise. 

“Bucky! I didn’t think you would be up for another hour or so!” You notice him staring at your arms, you start to reach for the hoodie on the chair nearby, but Bucky steps in between you and the chair.

“What happened?! Who did this?” Bucky was honestly worried about you.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I just… I was stupid and messed up during my workout this morning.” You tried to play it off and continue cooking, but then Bucky put a hand on your upper arm that wasn’t bruised. 

“That’s bullshit. Don’t lie to me, (Y/N/N). You never mess up that much during training.” He then looked at his hand on your arm. It was gently placed there, no pressure on it or anything. But it was enough to make him realize something. 

It was him. He hurt you.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I did that didn’t I?” You didn’t respond, but when he asked again, you nodded. 

“Yes. But it was an accident and I’m not mad at you in any way. I promise.” He looked at you like a sad puppy before you continued,  “You wanna kiss it and make it better, or do you wanna help with breakfast?” 

He just took your hand and kissed the inside of your wrist over the brace, then headed to the fridge and got some fruit to cut up. You stood behind him for a second and hugged him from behind. He stood there stunned for a moment before cautiously putting his hands on your arms, being careful so he wouldn’t hurt you anymore. 

“You are a good person, James. You know I care too much about you to let anything like this get in the way. And you also know that I am serious because I’m using your actual name.” You both chuckle a bit a that before going back to breakfast. 

You had a lot of french toast to make, so Bucky took care of everything else. He finished cutting the fruit, set the table, and cooked various breakfast meats. You took the last pieces of toast off of the pans and then turned to Bucky, who was sitting at the counter near you, watching you in case you needed help. You walked over to him and before you could even get a word out, Bucky begins apologizing again.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I didn’t think I would do something like that to you. I told you I wouldn’t hurt you and I messed up. You don’t have to help me anymore. You don’t even have to talk to me anymore. I–” 

You couldn’t take this anymore. You just took his face in your good hand and kissed him. He was taken aback for a second but then kissed back. He wrapped his hands around your middle as if you were made of glass and he was scared you were going to shatter at his touch. After a few seconds of long awaited kisses, you pulled away so you could speak.

“I am not letting you out of my life anytime soon. If you haven’t guessed by now, I kind of love you. I have for awhile and now I’m officially saying it. I love you, and you don’t need to apologize for anything like this because I choose to go through this. I choose you. All of you. The good, the bad, and everything beyond and between. I have been through broken bones and bruises from so many missions and stupid dares in my past. This is nothing. And I see it as a good sign. A badge of honor, even. I was able to help you. I know that that isn’t something that everyone can do. So it’s an achievement. I would gladly do it over and over again, because I love you.” 

Bucky’s eyes were starting to get a bit glassy from tears. He just looked at you with love showing everywhere. He brought one of his hands to the back of your neck, but it was very gentle. 

“You know I’m not made of paper, right? You don’t have to be so careful.” He kind of laughed embarrassed before adding a bit more pressure and pulling you down into another kiss, both of you smiling into the kiss. He is the one to pull away this time.

“I love you too. So much.”

“Wow. Two achievements in one day. Not sure how this could get any better.” You said sort of jokingly. Bucky moved his hands back to your waist and pulled you a bit closer to him.

“I think I know something that could make this better.” He teased with a sort of cutesy smile on his face.

“And what are you thinking about, Sarge?” You knew he loved it when you used that nickname for him. It made him feel a bit more confident. 

“Well, I was wondering if you would be my girl?” He actually seemed a bit nervous when asking that. You sat sideways in his lap and put your good hand on his shoulder to keep you steady, although his hands around you were sure to do that. 

“There’s nothing that would make me happier, James.” You both smiled before leaning in for a short kiss. “Consider that three achievements within the past 24 hours!” Bucky laughs at your comment.

“You’re such a dork, doll.”

“Yeah, well you’re really stuck with me now.” You smiled. 

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetheart.” You leaned down and kissed him some more. 

You could get very used to this. It wasn’t until you both heard someone clearing their throat that you broke the kiss. You turn around to see Steve standing off to the side with a smirk on his face. 

“It’s about time,” he joked before starting to take the two plates of french toast that you had made to the table.

“Shut up, Stevie,” you call out playfully. 

You kiss Bucky’s cheek before he helps you up. You grab the bowl of fruit with your good hand while Bucky takes the breakfast meat plates to the table. Soon everyone files in and eats. While you were eating, Bucky had a protective but comfortable hand on your thigh. 

You could get used to this. 

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The Adventures of Todd and Granny

(Alternatively: “I Saw Granny Ethel with the Devil”)

Part I | Part II | Part III

Unexpected Guest

Today is a good day for Todd—though they mostly are, as of late.

He’s heard people, mostly the damned, mention the “good ol’ days”; these must be his in the making.

By the end of the afternoon, he’s improved greatly on his stitch counting and his triple crochets and, especially, in mastering how to properly turn his piece so his rows are no longer frustratingly mismatched. It’s still a work in progress, but Granny Ethel’s lessons are wonderful as always. Next up is learning how to incorporate another yarn color for bright, fun designs—or in his case, dark and atmospheric—after their midday break of coffee and desserts, of course. Because as fond as she is of his preferred black yarn, she insists he has to branch out from solids eventually. There’s no growth if one always remains in their comfort zone.  

Instead of coffee, however, Granny Ethel is in the mood for tea—and just as with everything else he’s inherited from her lifestyle, the art of brewing tea presents a difficult learning curve.

She doesn’t take her tea from grocery store boxes and tiny sachets—she doesn’t buy those in bulk because they only go to waste and sit stale in the cupboards. When she drinks tea at all (that is, when she isn’t in the mood for espresso), it must be fresh, and from organic, homegrown ingredients. For this reason, tea isn’t an impulsive choice of drink. It must be planned. It’s another lesson she’s instilled in him during his stay, and, the week before, they’d spent an entire morning identifying each of the specific herbs thriving in the back garden, and which parts were best used in which blends. Of course, he is well acquainted with the rosemary and sage, the lavender and thyme, the basil and juniper, and the chamomile and anise. But lemongrass is new, and it grows in abundance in the planters set on the windowsills.

Because it’s such a novelty, he chooses it as the main note and adds in chamomile blossoms to offset the citrus tang. It’s a challenge to balance it just right so neither is too overwhelming, nor too bland, and he doesn’t expect this to be a great attempt, but Granny Ethel is honest with her evaluations and generous with encouragement. There’s also the matter of heating the water to a proper boil, and not overheating the mix, then steeping it for the right amount of time…

Well, there’s a reason he never apprenticed to a potion brewer and enlisted in the debt collecting department for souls instead.

But for Granny Ethel, he tries his best.

The kitchen counter, small as it is, is a difficult surface to work with. The kitchenware is tiny in his hands, and if he isn’t careful when he moves, his horns scrape the ceiling above, sending a fine powder of popcorned drywall down like snow out of season.

Water sloshes out of the kettle and spills across the granite, some trickling down onto the tiles, and the small, fragile jar he mixes the herbs in cracks beneath his claws, but doesn’t shatter. He scoops out the blend with care and packs it loosely into a metal tea strainer, but even so, most of it ends up scattered across the counter. Grass and petals bounce and dive out of the tea ball as he fumbles to secure the latch, and by the end of the struggle, only a small portion of what he’d placed remains within.

He tries once more—and again. And once more, just until there’s an appropriate measurement of herbs trapped inside. Then, ever-so-carefully, he sets the tea ball into Granny Ethel’s favorite tea cup (the special one, decorated with playful kittens and ribbons and an elaborate, golden cursive “C”) and pours boiling water over it to steep.

A freshly-baked apple pie waits on the small, round dining table, taken fresh from the oven only an hour before. A sliver of the circle has been removed for tasting—and it is delicious. Slicing two pieces of the pie is a far simpler task than brewing tea, and Todd makes sure that Granny Ethel’s piece dwarfs the plate it sits upon, because she deserves the best. And bigger is better.  

The two dessert-filled plates sit across from each other, equidistant, on the table, on finely crocheted doilies that serve as placemats. The pastel yellow tablecloth covering the table is riddled in fragile, embroidered daisies and winding leaves and it screams spring despite the heat of summer weighing heavy in the air. He’ll have to find another to replace it with, soon. Maybe one with sunflowers.

As he considers this, the doorbell rings.

It isn’t something he thinks twice about anymore. Not since their new friend from the supermarket made it habit to participate in their weekly Yahtzee or domino nights, and their bi-weekly trips to the bingo hall.

Neither does Granny Ethel—he can hear her call to the door from the living room, remaining in her seat, “Come in, dear! The door is unlocked.”

But it isn’t a game night, or a bingo day.

It’s midafternoon on a Tuesday and the only thing scheduled for the remainder of the day is a rerun of one of their favorite TV dramas about two women in law enforcement.

The door creaks open—it’s something Todd’s been meaning to fix, though the home is sorely lacking in tools and hardware necessary for the job. If there was hinge lubricant around, it would fix it right up, but he may have to resort to cooking oil as a quick fix.

Curiosity gets the better of him. Carefully balancing the teapot and teacup in both clawed hands, he approaches the carpeted hall between the kitchen and living room to take a peek at the mystery guest. But multitasking, pouring the tea and looking at the same time, proves to be a mistake and in hindsight something he should have avoided.

The tea, so carefully prepared and brewed, overflows from the fine china cup, spills onto the matching, chipped saucer and steadily splatters the floor. Todd doesn’t even move, doesn’t blink, as it saturates the floral rug beneath his claws. The drips are the only thing moving in this scene removed from time, and all else stands still, even the dust in the air.

Neither of them expected a guest today—neither of them ever expected this particular guest. Mostly because one believes he is already present, and one believes he is too selfish to ever even have the passing thought to visit, much less call or write.

“Oh no, Todd, the carpet! Hurry now, dear, hurry, go and—no, I’ll go and grab a towel, I know where the cleaning ones are!”

Granny Ethel is the first to break free from the frozen atmosphere—though she refuses to acknowledge anything aside from the growing stain on the living room floor. Todd quickly rights the white china teapot hanging from his claws and holds his other hand steady to prevent the flooded teacup from dripping more hot tea to the puddle below. It doesn’t work—seems to make it worse, actually. It’s a vain task, so he gives up and cradles it all in his large hands, doing his best to keep the remaining tea contained in his palms. 

“‘Todd?’” says the clean-cut young man standing in the open doorway, a jarring juxtaposition to the black clothes and heavily-blackened eyes and metal accessories from familiar photographs—but even in the full Sunday suit, those downturned, bright eyes are unmistakable, and they are fixed unblinkingly on Todd’s decidedly un-Todd-like form. “Who are you?

I’m you, but better, doesn’t seem like an appropriate response, no matter how true it is. Todd the demon holds his silence and doesn’t break the gaze, because it feels like a challenge.

This man is the human Todd, and he’s come to visit.

Today is a….strange day, for Demon Todd.

Tea time is no longer a pleasant, cozy time. Not with their extra guest, seated between them at the small round table with a (small) slice of pie of his own and an untouched glass of water—no tea, no coffee, for him. He’s tall—a bit too large for the small table, though Demon Todd is one to talk. But being who he is, it’s only natural he dwarfs everything around him. This Human Todd, though… just what is his excuse?

Granny Ethel hasn’t spoken a single word to the young man the entire time and her silence is strange. She’s usually such a chatty, friendly woman.

So they eat in silence—but not Human Todd. He sits still, staring with narrowed, mean eyes, on edge. But not entirely frightened, like the general public tended to be in his presence. It’s odd. Perhaps it runs in the family.

As he sits in the silence, he wrings his hands together—clean hands, like one unaccustomed to frequent physical labor. No dirt in sight underneath his nail beds. Not even flecks of old nail polish hinting at remnants of a secret grunge lifestyle never quite grown out of. Whatever he has grown into certainly isn’t that of someone who toils in the underworld or its culture, like his counterpart.

No, rather, it reeks of money. Given—not earned. And possibly taken, too.

Demon Todd has an inkling of why Human Todd is here. After all, he didn’t come alone. Accompanying his arrival were three large, expensive suitcases, stuffed full. Still sitting in the living room, out of place.

At long last, as the last crumb falls, Granny Ethel speaks.

“Well, dear, speak up, speak up. What brings you here?” she asks the young man as she pats at the corners of her wrinkled mouth with a cloth napkin, and she avoids speaking his name despite the fact that she must know who he is.

The words, though, aren’t entirely conversational. With the three of them sitting at the small table, it more resembles a conference—no, a hearing. Especially when she pulls up the thick, round spectacles hanging from crocheted strings around her neck and sets them atop the bridge of her nose to better see the new visitor.

Human Todd’s eyes drift warily from the long, sharp claws tapping silently on the tabletop, and he clears his throat before looking to his grandmother, wearing a sickly sweet and fake smile as he does. “Well, it’s been so long. So, so many years, Gran. I’ve missed you, see. Dad was in the wrong, and he treated you terribly. I understand that now.”

“Ah, Arthur…” she replies faintly, setting the napkin down on the table and folding her hands across her lap. Yes—she knows exactly who Human Todd is. But the behavior is still so unlike her. No joy, no sweet smiles. All gone, drained, as empty as the teacup set in front of her, but not even leaving the dregs of what she once was behind.

Demon Todd briefly considers kicking Human Todd to the curb.

“He said awful things about you, and I listened. I came here by way of apology, to take care of you, but,” briefly, and not without a flinch, his eyes wander to Demon Todd, and linger on the dark, hand-crafted shawl perched on his spiny shoulders, “it seems like you’ve already gotten that under control.” His gaze lingers, fixed in a poorly-concealed grimace. “Who are you, by the way?”

Granny Ethel speaks for him, and for a moment her cheer returns. “This is my wonderful grandson, Todd! He’s such a polite young man. And it’s true, life has certainly become easier, and better, since he arrived and helped out so, so much.”

Demon Todd can only nod, but if he could smile without it looking like several rows of craggy, sharp teeth gnashed together in malicious threat, he would.  

Human Todd wrenches his gaze away, and pulls at the collar of his pristine white shirt. His hairline shines with sweat, and it isn’t due to the cozy temperature Granny Ethel prefers to keep in the house.

“Then…who am I?” he ventures quietly, eyebrows furrowed in an odd mixture of confusion and shame. Ah, the bafflement of mortals.

“Why, dear, I couldn’t say. In fact, I’d say that depends entirely on you! Actions speak louder than words, don’t you know.”

The sweat creeps down his temples, shining in the faint light. “Right, I…I see.”

“But if you’d like a name…I would insist on Theodore. What do you think, Todd, dear?”

Demon Todd nods once more, pleased by the way the conversation unsettles the man. In fact, the situation is much like naming a pet. Although something fluffy and small, or covered in feathers, would be preferable to this sweaty human.

“Theodore it is, then!”

Human Todd—now, Theodore—switches his gaze between them, fingers tugging at his shirt collar once again. “Alright. Theodore it is,” he agrees, as if, perhaps, it has been his name all along, and using a shortened form of it had been a way to rebel, once upon a time. A memory lost to time. A privilege denied. “I guess I deserve that.”

“Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, Theodore, dear, how long are you planning on staying? I must warn you, showing up unannounced means Todd and I haven’t been able to prepare for guests. I’m afraid that means you and Todd will have to share a room until we’re able to make other arrangements.”

Theodore gulps audibly, Adam’s apple bobbing. He refuses to meet Demon Todd’s—just Todd, again, something of a victory—eyes. “Y-yes Gran.”

“And you must be aware of the house rules. Everyone contributes in any way they’re able.”

“Actions speak louder than words, right?” Theodore asks, shaky fingers reaching for the glass of water set in front of him. Not quite making it and falling still on the table, instead.

“That’s right, dear.” Granny Ethel smiles, at last. Full of her old joy again, as she should be. Renewed. Her eyes, large and owlish behind the clouded lenses, turn to Todd. “Now, Todd, won’t you be a dear and show our new house guest to his room?”

Todd looks to the dirty dishes on the table, caught between wanting to tend to them before taking care of any other, less important, duties.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the dishes.”

Well, Granny Ethel’s word is law.

He rises to his feet—careful, always careful. Barely resisting the urge to let the ends of his horns graze the ceiling above Theodore so he gets a nice, healthy dose of powdered scrapings on his painstakingly slicked-back hair.

The man follows, cautiously, and keeps three steps behind as Todd leads him out of the kitchen and into the living room to scramble for his luggage, then down the hallway to the guest room, not making a peep, and not even stepping hard on the floors just to startle his counterpart a little, because one, it would flatten the carpets into ugly tracks, and two, Granny Ethel would want him to be a good host.

Theodore knows who—what—he is. Yet even when Granny Ethel is out of sight and out of earshot, he doesn’t question it. He simply goes about his business and does his best to ignore the hulking beast standing in the doorway, watching.

Though, between the two of them, Todd isn’t sure which one is the real monster.

It’s a conversation for another day.