though i do feel this makes labor look a bit better than it is

The Healer

Request: Could you write a Reader x Paul Lahote where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Paul stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Paul realises she’s his imprint and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Warnings: Slight angst 

Pairing: Paul Lahote x reader

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study » pjm » m

» request: college au jimin please?? sexy times in the library ohohoh thank you~~

» genre: smut

» author’s note: this request :)))))))) yes… lol anyways, i hope you like it because I didn’t really know how to end it so ?? i’m sorry but i hope it’s enjoyable~~

» word count: 2.5k+

» warnings: fingering, thigh riding, exhibitionism, dirty talk, mild degradation, oral (male receiving), etc

[nsfw under the cut]

The loud chatter of your classmates rings through your ears as you wait patiently for the elevator to arrive. You stare at yourself in the reflective surface of the doors, grimacing at the dark circles under your eyes from waking up so early for class after studying until the wee hours of the morning.

You sigh in content as you step out onto your floor, happy to finally be able to take a nap after relentless studying. Unlocking the door, you step inside your room, enjoying the feeling of the cool air surrounding you whilst you drop your bag to the floor and get ready to remove your make up. Then your phone dings.

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“On the Night You Were Born”-an Everlark one-shot

It’s definitely been awhile, but it’s @keelaree‘s birthday and I’m coming out for my girl!

Have mercy…I’m still a little out of my writing element…

Summary: A fateful, rainy night brings an interesting patient into Dr. Peeta Mellark’s ER…

Title—but not plot—taken from the famous children’s book.

 On the Night You Were Born

She walked into the emergency room of Panem Hospital, quiet and unassuming. Her thick, ebony locks pulled into a ropy braid that rested against hunched, exhausted shoulders.

In the hubbub of the lobby, packed with late-night drunken injuries and feverish children with their parents, Dr. Peeta Mellark noticed her right away.

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Sam Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Request: Congratulations on your900followers!Could I possibly request something with Sam Winchester?Like pregnant!reader,and she has her babies?Two boys, one girl?Basically it’s her having them and taking them home to the bunker,Cas,Dean,&Mary meeting them?:) by @marygracewinchester

Warnings: Labor. 

Notes: I’m so soooo sorry for just posting this now… i’m trying to write all the thing i have to write but i have no inspiration. I’m really sorry guys. Oh and sorry about the small gif, was the only one i found. I hope you like the story though :)

“Okay, they will probably be home in two days.” Sam said after hanging up the phone. Dean, Cas and - strange as it may seem - Mary, went to solve an important case a few towns away and you and Sam didn’t go because…well you were 9 months pregnant, and you could go into labor any moment now.  

“Great.” You said. “Look, this is super cute.” You pointed at the matching Disney jumpsuits. You two were at the mall, seeing some more baby clothes for the twins you were expecting. One boy and one girl. 

“Mickey and Minnie? A little cliché, don’t you think?” He said frowning and you rolled your eyes. He laughed, giving away that he was messing with you. “Adorable, we are taking it.” He said taking the jumpsuits and putting them in the shopping cart. “Oh, look at this.” He said and you laughed when you saw that he was talking about jumpers with little wings in the back.

“Cas would be happy if we took those.” You said with a small smile and he agreed. After a while, you finally went in line to pay, with quite a few clothes, cute toys and stuff like that. Sam always imagined himself in those situations, but never really thought that would actually happen. He was incredibly happy with all of this. With his mother back, you pregnant with twins and especially… with you. He was a better man with you, he knew that. 

“Hm…excuse me?” An old lady touched your arm, and you turned and smiled to her. “Sweetie, this is super normal in pregnancy but… your pants are wet.” 

“What?” You asked shocked and embarrassed, putting your hands in your tights and noticing that they were in fact humid. What the hell….? Sam suppressed a laugh but immediately positioned himself behind you to cover you. But before you could say anything else, you groaned in pain, putting your hands in your belly.

What. The. Hell.

“(Y/N)?” Sam asked in worry, looking at you a little confused. “What is it?” 

“Oh no…” The old woman said and Sam looked at her, already desesperate at this point.

“Oh no what?” He said a little louder than he intented.

“She’s in labor.” She said, and you and him looked at each other with terrified faces. 

This was definitely a big ‘OH NO’


“Sammy!” You cried grinding your teeth, feeling like your back was breaking apart. 

“Shh, you’re gonna be okay.” He said trying to walk through the hospital along with the stretcher that you were laying down on, which the doctors were quickly pushing towards the labor room. “Just breathe.” 

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” You cried before you screamed louder because of another contration. His eyes widened and he looked at the doctor not knowing what to do, and the doctor just struggled. They finally got to the labor room so you could lie in another bed, and immediately Sam went to your side, holding your hand. 

“Hey (Y/N)” He said seeing you with tears in your eyes, and sweat in your forehead.

“I’m not going to handle it, oh god…” You said hyperventilating and crying hard.

“Hey, hey, sweetheart, look at me.”He said squeezing your hand harder, and you finally looked into his eyes. He put a strand of your hair behind your ear, gently rubbing your cheek with his thumb. “You can do this, okay? We can do it. We’re having a baby, just relax, I will be here by your side the entire time. You’re so strong (Y/N)…” He said with heart eyes and you smiled a little bit. He bent down whispering this part in your ear. “You can fight monsters, demons, the devil himself. Twins? It gonna be easy.” He said and you smiled more. “I love you.”

And you wanted to answer that with words. You really did. But another contraction started and Sam understood your loud scream as an “I love you too.” 

“Okay, push!” The doctor ordered.


You were crying, sweating and incredibly tired. Two and a half hours. You’d been in labor work for two and a half hours already. The boy, Ash, was already clean and wrapped in a blanket, but the girl… well, she insisted in not getting out. Sam was crying too, mostly because of the emotion of the birth of his first child, but also because of all the emotions of the situation. He was in so much anguish from seeing you in so much pain, and this time, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Okay and she’s….” The doctor said and they waited for another cry. “…Out, okay here she is daddy” The doctor said handing Jo in Sam’s arm. Of course you two agreed on those names in honor of your loving friends that unfortunaly weren’t around anymore. He smiled looking at his little girl, and showed her to you making you smile and cry hard.

“We did it sweetie.” He said giving you a chaste kiss when a nurse got Jo from Sam’s arms. 

“Okay, prepare yourself (Y/N), the other boy is coming.” The doctor said and you and Sam looked at each other with wide eyes.

Wait, what?

“Wait, what?” You mentally thanked Sam for saying it out loud for you. The doctor slowly looked up to you and frowned when he saw your desesperate faces.

“Hm…. You know you’re having triplets right?” The doctor said and you gasped. Sam looked about to pass out and you… you just didn’t process that information. 

“Excuse me? She’s expecting twins.” Sam said with a nervous laugh. When you discovered it was going to be two, you freaked out but figured you’d have to make it work. But now… with three?? Three kids?

“Two babies! Just two…AHH” You started but was interrupted when another contraction hit you. 


It was triplets.


"This is your fault you know.” You said looking with a sweet smile at your three babies sleeping in the cribs next to your bed and Sam huffed looking at you with a small smile.

“How this is my fault?” He said looking back to the triplets still hypnotized with them.

“It was your sperm.” You said and he laughed as loudly as he could without waking them up. 

“Shhh don’t say that in front of the kids.” He said messing with you and you rolled your eyes. He was sitting in the bed you were resting, holding your hand. “We still need a name though." 

"We could call him Kevin…” You suggested remembering the small guy you all missed so much. 

“I would like that, but… I’d feel strange calling a baby Kevin.” He said and you sighed relieved.

“I’m glad you think the same way.” You said with a small laugh and he laughed too.

“I like the name Tom.” He said with a smile looking at the third boy and you raised your eyebrows.

“I like that. Like, a lot.” You said to him and he smiled.

“Tom is it.” He said squeezing your hand and giving you a chaste kiss. “Ash, Jo and Tom. Our kids….”

“A little surreal right?” You said and he nodded. “I’m fucking happy Sam.”

“Okay, we will really need to work on your vocabulary around the kids.” He said and you both laughed. 


Sam pushed your wheelchair through the hospital with his right hand, and with his left one carried Jo in a hand baby carriage while a nurse pushed the twins’ baby cart with Tom and Ash. Unfortunately, Dean, Cas and Mary couldn’t arrive in time. They were driving back to the bunker non stop, but they were still a day away. A shame, because they were the most important people on both of your lives and they weren’t there, and of course, help would be more than welcome now that you had… Three babies to take care of. Although they thought it was only two, you and Sam agreed that it would be fun to make a little surprise for them. 

“Finally home.” You said sighing relieved when you got out of the garage and Sam agreed. You were both really tired, you just needed a hot shower. With Sam’s help, you slowly walked towards your room, while he went to the babies’ room to put them on their cribs. For your luck, non of them woke up. 

“Hey…” He said with a small smile laying down on the bed next to you with the electronic nanny in his hands.  

“Hey there.” You said lazily putting your hand in his cheek while he circled your waist with his arm. Although your belly was still a little swollen, it was nice to be in Sam’s arms without a giant belly separating you two. 

“Want to take a shower?” He asked giving you a chaste kiss and you sighed tiredly.

“I really do, but I will wait until Dean arrives. I can’t leave you alone with those three.” You said with a small laugh and he agreed closing his eyes. 

“Try to sleep babe, if I need you I’ll wake you up.” He said kissing your forehead and getting out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” You asked already sleepy and fighting to keep your eyes open. 

“I will watch TV to keep me awake. Sleep darling, you need to rest.” He said and you agreed already entering a deep sleep.


“(Y/N)…” You heard Sam’s voice and felt his hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N)…” You slowly opened your eyes and saw him with Tom in his arms. A crying Tom. Okay, you had to get used to it. You sat up and he put Tom in your arms for you to feed him. 

“The others didn’t wake up?” You asked looking at the small person in your arms. 

“No…” He was interrupted by a loud noise, the bunker door. “Dean arrived.”

“Go greet them, they must be excited to see us.” You said and Sam agreed going out of the room. 

“What the heck…?” Sam whispered when he saw his brother, his mom and Cas walking down the stairs with giant bags of the baby store where your water broke. “What is all of this guys?” Sam asked laughing a little taking one bag from his mother arms. 

“I could ask you the same thing Sammy!” Dean exclaimed when he got down the stairs, throwing the bags on the table. “We got here and a truck was parked in front of the Bunker and they said this was all a present for you and (Y/N) because of what happened!” Dean said going up the stairs again to get more bags from the trunk.

“Holy crap.” Sam said laughing a little while Mary and Cas hugged him. 

“What happened in that store?” Mary asked.

“Oh, about that…” Sam said realizing that he just forgot to tell that detail. “(Y/N)’s water broke in the middle of the store.”

“Oh god” Mary said shocked.

“Yeah…” Sam said. “But now we got one hundred clothes from there, apparently.” 

“Where’s (Y/N)? I wanna see her.” Cas asked anxiously.

“In the room, Tom just woke up.” 

“Congratulations bro.” Dean said finally hugging Sam after he finished taking the others bags from the truck and Sam smiled. “But wait… Tom? I thought that you agreed on Jo and Ash.” 

Sam didn’t say anything, just smiled and lead his family to where you and Tom were. 

“They’re here.” Sam said to you when he entered and you smiled to everybody.

“Hey sweetheart….” Dean said entering your room, giving you a kiss on the forehead and running his finger through Tom’s head. “He’s beautiful…”

“So small…” Mary said hyptonized with her nephew in your arms. “Are you okay (Y/N)? The labor was rough?” 

“A little bit…” You said exchanging funny looks with your husband, they still didn’t know about the triplets. “But I’m okay now.” 

“He’s blessed (Y/N)” Cas said touching Tom’s head and giving you a sweet smile. “I’m glad we finally got to meet the babies.” 

“You want to meet Jo?” Sam asked and everybody nooded. “Let’s go then.”

“Give me Tom (Y/N), so you can take a shower.” Sam continued and you smiled putting your son in his arms, and Dean helped you to get up. They went to the babies room and Dean slowly opened the door. 

“Sam… why are there three cribs?” Cas asked confused and Sam opened a smile.

“Surprise!” You said appearing behind Sam, putting your hand in his back, and the three of them looked with eyes and mouth wide open towards you. 

“You’re kidding right?” Dean asked, slowly opening a smile. “Triplets?!” 

“We didn’t know either until labor.” You said struggling.

“And we decided to make a surprise for you guys.” Sam said and Mary started laughing looking with heart eyes at Ash and Jo.

“Three kids? Oh god, it’s going to be hard work.” Mary said. “And we’re going to help you guys in everything you need.” 

“They are adorable.” Dean said picking up Jo in his arms when she opened her eyes. Dean, as much as he denied it, was father material and everyone that saw him with a baby could see this. 

“Can I pick Ash?” Cas said and you nodded with a smile, showing him the right way to do it. But seconds later, he made a strange face leaving all of you confused.

“What’s up man?” Sam asked and he looked up at the both of you.

“I think he needs a new diaper.” Cas said and you all laughed. Yeah, he and the boys will need to learn how to change one diaper for now on. 

Or a lot of them.

The Name Game

 Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and Y/N find out the sex of their baby. Though the news is happy, the two cannot, for the life of them, agree on a name. 

Warnings: None! Super cute and fluffy. 

Word Count: 6,937


If this were any other Saturday in Florida, Finn and Y/N could have been found doing a number of things. 

One, they probably could have been lounging poolside while the sun beat down heavy on their skin. 

Two, they could have been throwing a spur of the moment barbecue for them and all their friends, drinking like frat stars until one wound up with their head in the toilet while the other giggled and took embarrassing photos to post throughout the locker rooms the next live event; normally it was Y/N who couldn’t handle all her liquor, but Finn had his fair share of moments as well.

Three, the two of them could have easily been found locked in his air-conditioned condo, tangled up in the cool, white sheets while fingers and mouths explored the soft, bare skin each knew all too well. 

If this were any other Saturday, life for them would be completely simple.

But, this Saturday was different, and this mid-August day was one that neither saw coming so soon. 

It was supposed to be a traditional routine; date, get engaged, marry, and then maybe have a few children. 

Y/N should have known nothing was going to be traditional with Finn. Hell, the first time they’d locked eyes had been nowhere near traditional. 

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With the Comma After ‘Dearest’


Five times Jyn and Cassian have to use technology to communicate and one time they don’t.

Read on AO3

Thank you thank you to the amazing @rxbxlcaptain for being the best beta ever.  Love you!!



The transmission signal is received at exactly 0900.  Of course he’s on time.  Jyn doubts the end of the galaxy would stop Cassian Andor from reporting in on time.  One of the droid opens the link and Cassian’s voice is projected through the War Room.

“Captain Cassian Andor, reporting.  Line secure.”

Jyn tries to ignore the way the tightness in her chest releases just a bit when she hears Cassian’s voice.

“Acknowledged,” General Draven answers.  “How goes it, Captain?”

Cassian has been gone three weeks, under cover with Kay in an Imperial mining facility on Kellux.  Communication has been spotty at best, but a report had been scheduled when Jyn returned from her latest mission.  They needed to talk.

“Well, sir.  My cover is secure and I believe the intel will prove valuable.”

Again Jyn does her best to ignore her relief.  

Draven’s eyes slid to Jyn.  “Sergeant Erso has just returned from her mission to Nal Hutta.  She has a report we’d like you to hear.”

There was quiet for a moment, then Cassian’s voice returned.  Jyn reminded herself that she was imagining the slight change in his voice.  Cassian’s voice wouldn’t change for her.  Besides, after the fight they’d had before she left, she doubted he wanted to talk much to her, anyway.

“Sergeant Erso?”

He hadn’t wanted her to go on the mission.  After the relocation to Hoth he had been watching her, as if waiting for something.  It wasn’t until Jyn volunteered for her first solo assignment that she found out why.

“This is an important mission, one that needs to be completed,” he had yelled at her in the middle of one of the newly constructed Eco Base corridors after she had chased him out of the War Room demanding to know why he had argued against her.  The soldiers passing hardly looked up.  They were probably so used to Solo and the Princess screaming at each other in the hallways that it didn’t faze them anymore.  “Mothma promised you your freedom, so if you’re going to leave just go, don’t pretend like you’re taking a mission just to escape.  I know you’re going to leave.  But don’t kirff over the Rebellion while you’re doing it.”

All Jyn could do was stare in shock at Cassian’s retreating back.  She hadn’t seen him since.

“You’ve completed your mission, then?”  

Jyn straightens her back, even though Cassian can’t see her.  “Yes, Captain.  While on Nal Hutta I learned that the Empire is sending an Imperial convoy to inspect the progress on Kellux.  I don’t know who will be on it, but it will be some important brass.  And possibly someone who knows of you as Willix.”

“Understood.”  Cassian’s voice is hard, determined.  Jyn realizes suddenly that she hates not being able to see him.  She can read him so much better when she can see his eyes.  “General Draven, what are my orders, sir?”

“We’re going to have to pull you, Captain.  The intel isn’t worth the loss of an alias.”

As Cassian and Draven discuss his imminent return to base Jyn closes her eyes.  Cassian was coming home.  They had parted on bad terms and Jyn doesn’t know how things will be when he gets back - and of course he’ll bring that infernal droid back with him - but Jyn can’t help the breath that escapes her.  He is coming back alive, and sooner than she had thought.  She wishes that thought didn’t make her quite as happy as it does.

“Sergeant Erso’s mission was a success?” Cassian asks, and Draven glances at her.  

“Yes.  The intel is good.”

“Good,” Cassian’s voice seems oddly strained and Jyn wonders for a moment what he is getting at.

“And there were no,” he pauses for half a second, as if trying to find the right word, “complications?”

The tiniest smile touches Jyn’s lips.  At one point, not so long ago, she would have believed Cassian was asking if she had betrayed them.  But even without seeing his eyes she can hear the concern he is trying so hard to hide.  

“It went off without a hitch,” she tells him, hoping her smile doesn’t color her voice too much.  “Hopefully my next assignment will be a bit more fun.”

She can see the way Draven’s lips purse but she doesn’t particularly care.  Cassian’s voice is notably less strained when he signs off and she has the feeling that when he gets back in a few days they will be alright after all.  She buries the voice deep inside her that wishes they could be something more than alright.           

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anonymous asked:

If you do seventeen can you do mingyu from seventeen >.< passionate morning sex? Ambw? Thnx luv ur acc btw

Wake up(Ambw):

You didn’t know around what time you had fallen asleep, it was somewhere between 4 and 5 Am. When the roosters were waking up to give their morning call and the bed felt just right for you to bury yourself under the covers. Not too cold and not too warm. Waiting up on your boyfriend was what you had told yourself to do, but that didn’t work out in your favor. He had to work the night shift and so you wanted to be there for him to tell you about his day or not in this case and to just feel his presence. Missing Mingyu was becoming something you weren’t fond of, you enjoyed him being home but he had to work. You both did and though it didn’t make lives harder and it certainly put food on the table, time was not on your sides anymore and that itself sadden you.

When he came home during some time in the next couple of hours, you had managed to let him snuggle up behind you his hands gripping around your waist to cage you against his chest, but exhaustion and sweet blissful blackness was your only concern at the time. Telling yourself you’d see him later you didn’t hear the soft “I love you” that passed from his lips nor feel how he was slowly twitching in his pants.

Mingyu had let you sleep for a few hours laughing to himself how precious you were. Curly locks sprawled out on your pillow, lips parted slightly so that you could take deep labored breaths. His hands gently combed through your soft hair, his eyes roaming over your face. Your soft chocolate skin, your curvy body that was filled in his oversized T-shirt.  Your lips looked so plump and so kissable now. He couldn’t help but want to kiss your lips. So, he leaned down inch by inch until he was pressing his lips against yours thinking that you would at least shift. But when you didn’t when he didn’t hear anything he went for phase two. Hands sliding up from your stomach to grip at your plump breast through his shift. He let his fingers squeeze at the soft mounds, his thumbs brushing over your hardened nipples. When you still didn’t move- but made a small noise he felt some victory. He pulled his hands back, knowing then what would make you wake up quicker than anything else he was trying. He pulled you on your back, gently to keep up the surprise moving between your legs, he got under the cover pressing them down against the sheets.

Mingyu looked at your wet slit for a while before he was sticking his tongue out to softly lick up and down your wet folds. He heard you stifle a noise and that was all he needed to keep going. His fingers parted your pussy lips, his wet pink muscle eager to lick up and down your slit repeatedly. Seeing the juices continuing to build up, he moved to wrap his lips around your clit sucking harshly at the bud moving the covers a bit to stare up at you. He smirked watching you respond to him kissing against your pussy he pulled back some. “Baby girl. Get up, I need you.” He moaned softly grabbing at your thighs wrapping his arms around them to throw them over his shoulders.

Your mind snapped pulling back from the sleep black world only to register the feeling of the wetness inside of your pussy flicking in and out at a fast pace. Eyes shooting open, you immediately gasped seeing your lover between your thick thighs eating out your wet cunt. Your juices were getting on his chin and cheeks as he eyed you shaking his head left to right curling his tongue. You pulled at his hair rolling your hips up against his face. Hardened breast rubbing against the soft cotton shirt, you didn’t give a damn about sleep anymore.

“Please baby, please don’t stop.” You encouraged him feeling him press his thick tongue against your g-spot. Back arching and feet pressing against the middle of his back you squeezed your thighs around his face letting your own head roll back. Loud shouts of pleasure started to rock through your body, your orgasm was slowly building up. Your pussy squeezed around his tongue, feeling him graze at your pink walls was heaven itself. The shirt making you feel too hot that part of you wanted to rip it off but the other part couldn’t move or do anything else but focus on the beautiful man buried tongue deep in your pussy. He flicked and ground his tongue against your walls, every now and then making a soft vibration with his tongue he moaned pulling back to bite at your pussy lips causing you to whine.

“I got something better for you baby girl.” He promised moving to kiss up your body, his lips soon pressing against yours allowing you to taste yourself. He sucked on your tongue slowly, letting your tongues swirl and battle he pushed down his boxers letting his dick spring out to greet the cold air. He groaned as he felt the precum pressing against his lower belly, moving your legs wider with his hands he ground his dick up and down your wet slit causing a string of groans to leave both of your parted lips. Head rolling back, you broke the kiss pulling him closer.

“Stop teasing me.” You practically begged him nipping on his ear. He gave a curt nod and a moan aligning himself with your tightening entrance he slowly pushed himself inside of you burying his dick to the hilt. His shaft penetrating your tight walls and stretching you out to fit him, it was the best feeling ever. He grabbed at your hands, lacing his fingers with yours pressing them above your head crossed over each other. He smiled down at you leaning down to press soft kisses against your lips.

“Good morning.” He husked out, pulling out slowly only to push back in keeping the pace light and shallow at first.

“G-good morning baby boy.” You called back to him, your hands squeezing onto his as he teased you with the slow torturous pace of his hips. “Move faster.” You whined watching him only for him to shake his head.

“Enjoy me. Feel me inside of you. Enjoy this. We never get to take it slow anymore. For once let’s find out where you begin and I end.” He grinned lazily leaning down to press his lips back against yours.

He moved in a slow motion, his hips circling to grind himself deeper into your pussy his hips pressing against your hips. Of course, you bucked your hips up at his pace, deciding to meet his thrust to give him pleasure as well. Your legs wrapped around his hips and you let your tongues dance together not a heated kiss this time around, just one filled with passion, want and desire. He let his hands press yours harder down against the mattress as he continued to fill you up filling all of you. His hips begin to pick up the pace a little bit, snapping himself against you he let his length drive a bit deeper. He was good at controlling himself, his tongue tasting your wet cavern all along your cheeks, teeth and roof of your mouth. Your lips molding against one another he was enjoying the little whines you had to hold back because of the kissing. He moved back breaking the kiss when he felt your chest rise and fall quickly letting you moan out your feelings instead of keeping them in.

Mingyu looked down at your bouncing breast that moved with every roll of his hips, his mouth leaning down he latched his mouth onto your left nipple sucking it through the shirt. It elicited more cries from your lips, your pussy instantly tightening around him and the sheer pleasure. He was so good when it came to making love to you like this. How he concentrated on your body, his eyebrows knitted together and hips finding a steady rhythm and angle to hit at your spot. His mouth now working on your right nipple after creating a wet spot on your shirt. He lost himself in you and you enjoyed seeing it all. Your lower stomach started to knot up and tighten causing you to sharply snap up your hips and shut your eyes letting your mouth fall open.

“I’m so close Mingyu.” You called out for him in a warning.

Letting his hips pick up the pace yet again he started to slide all the way out until just the tip was inside of you before he started to pound away at your insides. He fucked you into the mattress hard and deep but not letting his pace get too out of control. He held onto your hands tighter, pressing his hips against yours so that he could rub his hips against your clit, wanting the little bundle of pleasure to send you over the edge. Your breathing became shallow, eyes lidded and mouth parted, you watched him move onto of you. He smirked lazily sticking his tongue out to draw patterns on your tongue lazily and that was all it took. A few more thrusts and you were tightening around him like a vice, gripping him your limbs locked as you came on his dick with a loud cry of his name. Mingyu urged you on, with erratic thrust he kept the hard, deep pace on you feeling your wet walls and your cum slide onto his shaft. He continued to pound away at your walls until he was pulling out of you letting his cum slide onto your lower stomach. Groaning he jerked his hips forward rubbing the underside of his dick onto your stomach to milk himself of everything he had. Pausing once he was satisfied he leaned down to press his lips against yours in another gentle kiss.

He moved back, going to get off the bed to grab a towel and rinsing it with warm water he came back to you wiping off your stomach and cleaning your pussy while he was at it. Moving to throw the towel into the basket he grabbed at his boxers causing you to pout and grip his arm as he walked out the room.

“Where. Are you going?” You asked trying to tug him back into the bed and he laughed.

“I just made sure my princess had her desires met. Now I need to feed her tummy because I let her go back to sleep. You need two in one, right?” He teased leaning down to kiss your lips before he walked off to the kitchen leaving you a soft flustered mess.

Alone, Until I Get Home (1/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N: You don’t have to have read “I belong to you, you belong to me” to understand and/or enjoy this one, but this is basically a “what if Emma had gotten pregnant with Ian right after Neverland instead of in Camelot” sort of scenario, with a shit ton of other stuff (angst! adventure! fluff! confused pirate dad Killian!) thrown in.

I hope you’re ready for this new adventure because I AM REALLY FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!!

Thank you to @losttalongthewayy for all your help editing and for listening to all my worries concerning this fic; you’re incredible!!!

Also posted on: AO3

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Gajevy Week: Prompt: Matching. The Perfect Match


Rated: T

Prompt: Matching


The Perfect Match

Five years Post-Year-Gap

The twins learn about the perfect couple from Lily as they wait on their little brother to be born.

Levy was calmly sitting at the dining room table, sipping some tea. The twenty-three-year-old blunette was currently a mother of two beautiful twins, Shutora and Yajeh.

“Mama, you okay?” Shutora asked her mother, her fingers clutching at the woman’s flowy sea green dress.

“Yes, darling.” Levy smiled and moved to brush her daughter’s cornflower hair from her face. “The baby is just being difficult.”

Levy was at thirty-three weeks in her pregnancy, closing in on her thirty-fourth week. Because of the surprise of having twins her last pregnancy, they actually went through the whole doctor routine this time. Gajeel and Levy were having a boy this time. Just one boy. Surprisingly, it was more difficult than her first, despite it being her second pregnancy, and only one child.

“Daddy! Tell the baby to stop being mean to Mama!” Shutora called as she pouted, looking at her mother’s swollen belly.

Levy held back a sigh as she felt her husband coming up behind her. She didn’t even need to look back to know it was him.

“The kid still at it, Lev?” Gajeel moved up behind his wife, crouching down to be more at their daughter’s height. “Leave the baby to me, Shrimp, go bug Lil’ and Yajeh.”

Shutora puffed up her cheeks, ready to argue until she saw both of her parents gave her a stern look.

When the little girl ran off to go to her brother and godfather, Gajeel moved to stroke Levy’s abdomen.

“What’s goin’ on, Shorty?” He asked gently, his fingers gently moving over the swell of her belly.

“Just… a bit of pain. My lower back hurts, and I’m just cramping up. I thought tea would help.” She said lightly. It was how she calmed down during her first pergnancy.

She had experienced false labor pains multiple times during her pregnancy with Shutora and Yajeh and didn’t want to rush off at every little thing. She must have given Gajeel so many gray hairs from all the panic during their first pregnancy.

“Come on. We’re going to the hospital.” He grunted, moving to slip his arm under her thighs and behind her back. Pausing to let her wrap her arms around his neck.

“Gaj… it’s probably just–.”

“No. You were fidgeting more than usual last night too. Yer the smart one, Lev. I want you and the kid safe.” He dropped a kiss to her forehead to quiet her down.

A soft sigh escaped her as her lips tilted into a weak smile, leaning into him.

“Shutora, Yajeh, grab your ma’s bag from our room!” He called to the twins, both of them nearly five years old.

“Got it!” Yajeh’s footsteps raced past his sister to go grab the small duffle of supplies. “I got Mama’s clothes bag!”

“Can I pick out a book for Mama!” Shutora peeked her head around the corner, looking at her parents.

“Be quick ‘bout it. I wanna get yer ma to the doctor. Maybe have Wendy or Lucy come n’ see her.”

“Okay! I’ll grab Aunt Lu’s book for Mama!” Shutora smiled brightly and ran up to grab Lucy’s novel “Fairy Heart” for Levy.

Lily walked into the room, seeing the pregnant woman cradled in his partner’s arms he smirked slightly. Gajeel had grown so much since they first met.

The exceed transformed into his battle form, “I’ll help the kids out.” He commented to the coup couple.

He watched as Gajeel nodded. Usually the Iron Dragon Slayer was much more attentive to his children, but he was worried about his petite wife. Levy was small and despite her strength, childbirth was no easy task. If she was feeling pain as much as she was, she had to see a doctor.

“Uncle Lily… will Mama be okay?” Yajeh asked the exceed quietly as he took Levy’s clothes bag from the boy.

“Yes, Yajeh, she just needs to go to see Wendy and her doctor. To check on the baby.” Lily easily held the two blue haired children.

“Yer ma’ll be fine.” Gajeel moved towards the door. Levy no longer grew shy or embarrassed by Gajeel carrying her around, especially times like this. “If ya ask nice, she might read to ya when we get there.”

The trip to the hospital after a quick call to Wendy was full of pleading and whining, making Levy giggle. The two were currently focusing their attention on their Aunt Lucy who was on the Lacrima, on her way.

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The New Kid in Town [Tim Drake x Reader]

Requested by @books-netflix-and-pizza: “Maybe one with Tim? Where he meets someone at school and they really hit it off, and later he meets a new vigilante and they also really hit it off, and he’s torn between the two people, only to find out that they’re the same person?”

A/n: This is a bit long but I honestly loved writing it. I hope you love it sweetie! I’d love to hear if you like it! <33


The day felt about as normal as any day could get. Tim sat in his first period history class, waiting for the first bell to ring to signal the beginning of the day. Chin resting in his hand as he stared up at the white board. He examined the notes his teacher had written up, from the looks of it, today seems to be a lecture day.

He watched as his classmates filed into their respective seats before the bell rang. However, Tim along with his classmates were confused. Usually their teacher was in class before anyone else, but not today. A girl next to him leaned over, “Hey Tim, do you know where Mr. Rickson is? You’ve been in here the longest.” Tim shook his head, “No, he was gone when I got here too.”

“Sorry class” the voice of their teacher interrupted their confusion. Tim looked to the front of the room to see a girl with stunning [e/c] eyes and gorgeous [h/c] hair. He stared at the girl, wondering who she is and why she’s here. “Everyone, I’d like you all to meet your new classmate, [F/n] [L/n]. She comes to us all the way from Central City so make her feel welcome please.” A small, unsure smile on your face. “Miss [L/n], please take the seat in front of Mr. Carter please” Tim noticed him gesture to the seat diagonally ahead of him.

Watching as you nodded before taking your seat, a few of the students smiling at you as you passed. Tim being one of them when you locked eyes with him before sitting down.

“Alright everyone, please take out your notebooks as we continue our lecture about the Great Depression. Miss [L/n] I have the notes up to this point printed out for you.” Mr. Rickson said shuffling through the papers on his desk before delivering them to your desk. Smiling you thanked him before looking to see where the class was. Tim was captivated by you, unable to tear his eyes away. That was until he was called out for not paying attention to the lesson.

During class he would occasionally glance at you, multiple times finding you with your eyebrows furrowed. As if you’re contemplating something. His suspicions weren’t confirmed until he witnessed you hesitantly raise your hand after Mr. Rickson made a remark about reform in during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency.

“Yes Miss [L/n]?” Mr. Rickson questioned as all eyes turned to you.

“I uh. It’s just that you said President Roosevelt was an active supporter of reform. While I know he did support some reforms, wasn’t it his wife Eleanor Roosevelt that was the true ‘voice of reform’ during his presidency? She is considered the most active first lady, no?” You questioned, waving your pencil as you spoke.

Mr. Rickson stood there thinking for a moment, “It appears I stand corrected. Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt is considered one of the if not the most active first lady to date. She is often referred to as the ‘voice of reform’ during the presidency. Taking on rights for women, immigrants, and so on. Nice catch Miss [L/n].” He complimented, making you smile and Tim that much more smitten.

Beautiful and smart? He has to get to know you better.

After class ended Tim made it his mission to get to know you. He was packing up his things, noticing you still sitting at your desk. Studying what he assumed is your schedule. Taking a deep breath and putting on an air of confidence he approached you.

“You look lost.” Tim spoke up, his hand resting on the strap of his bag. Chuckling you answered “That obvious?” He shrugged, “I have good instincts.” Smiling in the process.

He looked over your shoulder, “Where are you going?” Scanning the paper. “Umm, Physics. Room 507.” You trailed your finger down to the class. “Oh, that’s where I’m going. Here let me show you.” Nodding his head toward the door. Tim felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw you grin at him, a joyful ‘thank you’ escaping your lips.

On the way to the class Tim asked many questions, as did you. He asked why you moved, and what it was like in Central City. You asked him what life is like in Gotham and at Gotham Academy. Turns out you both have a lot in common, and were hitting it off quite nicely. Ending up sitting together at lunch, and having nearly all of your classes together. He learned a lot about you that first day.

And he learned even more as the days followed. You turned best friends within the week. Tim wanted to be more than friends though, their was just something or more someone holding him back from asking you out.

Tim had met this new hero while on patrol about three weeks ago, two weeks before your first day. Both becoming rather close as well, working on patrols together since they appeared. The new hero is a meta, having super speed like the Flash and Kid Flash. Being close to the Flash as well, that’s who trained them.

Little did he know about you being that speedster. Not that you were aware of the fact that Tim is Red Robin. This went on like this for about two more weeks, working together both during classes and on the streets.

Tonight you both were on a particularly treacherous mission. Taking down Scarecrow who is said to have a new fear toxin in the works. Tim is supposed to go in covert to check things out before you speed in to take out the goons.

Tim dropped down behind some crates, seeing the thugs along with Scarecrow himself holding a vial of the serum as a liquid adaptation. “[S/h/n] I have eyes on the serum” he spoke into his coms. “Alright. Waiting for your signal” you answered.

“I’m going to try and get closer.” He said before ducking behind another set of crates. “Be careful.” Tim crept closer and closer to the men. He thought he was going unnoticed until he peered up to see a cloud of the fear toxin being released. Eyes widening in panic he pulled his cape over his face and made a break to get out of there. Only to get knocked off his feet by one of the men.

He was hacking and coughing as the toxin began to take effect. “[S/h/n]” he managed to say before coughing again and losing consciousness.

When you heard the desperation in his voice you said ‘to hell’ with the plan, needing to get Red Robin out of there. Taking a deep breath, you sped into the building. Knocking all of the goons off their feet before speeding Red Robin out of the warehouse.

Once a safe distance away you checked his vitals, his heart rate was spiking and his breathing labored. Obviously suffering from the effects of the toxin. Not knowing what to do before remembering the computer type communicator on his wrist. Grabbing his arm you sent a distress signal to batman.

“Come on Red Robin, hang in there” Your voice dripping with panic. He groaned in pain from the nightmare, his heart rate spiking again. “Where the hell is batman?” you growled, surveying your surroundings

If only you knew where the batcave was, you could have him there by now. Or you could speed to get the antidote. But what’s the point in having superspeed if you have no idea where you’re going. Turning when hearing someone land behind you, “Batman” breathing a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” He walked up to you, seeing Red Robin. “It was Scarecrow, he ambushed Red Robin with fear toxin.” you explained. “He’s fading, we need to get him to the batcave.” Batman kneeled beside him. “I can get him there faster than anyone. Please trust me, I won’t tell anyone where it’s located. I swear.” You pleaded, concerned for Red Robin’s safety.

Even though having conflicted feelings Batman knew you were right. “Fine.” he said before telling you where to take him. Upon hearing the location you were gone before he could blink, getting to the batcave in seconds. Your eyes widened when seeing Alfred standing there, “Get him to the medical table” he ordered and you did so. Turning away when he went to remove his mask.

Though you have an idea about who Red Robin is now. Is Red Robin, Tim?

“[S/h/n]” A gruff voice called at you. Looking up to see Batman standing in front of you. “Or should I say [F/n]” his tone softened a bit as your eyes widening at the sound of your name. “H-how’d?” the stutter taking over your words.

“I have known for a while. I put pieces together, just like how you’re putting them together now.” Batman explained, crossing his arms.

“You can look.” Only growing more shocked before he gestured behind you. Turning you saw Red Robin, his cowl pulled back to reveal Tim Drake himself as Alfred was administering the antidote. Walking over to the bed you took his hand, “Tim” you whispered.

Facing Batman you asked, “So you’re..?” trailing off before Batman nodded. “I trust you with keeping this a secret [F/n], I’ve been wanting to ask you to help us clean up Gotham for awhile now. Though, that can be discussed later. You’re welcome to stay until he wakes up.” Bruce told you before he went to go back on patrol with the others. Knowing Tim is in good hands with Alfred and you.

Alfred brought you a chair. Sitting at Tim’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up.

Tim was out for a few hours after being given the antidote. Though when he began to stir he felt strange and in pain. Trying to sit up he felt an ache shoot through his head, groaning when it pierced through his temples.

“Whoa, hey take it easy. You need to lay down.” He heard a soft voice say while feeling two hands push him back by his shoulders. Opening his eyes, he saw your face just in front of his. “[F/n]?” he questioned, confusion blatantly on his face. His feeling of confusion turned to shock when he saw the clothes you were wearing and where he was at. Hand shooting to his face to find his mask missing.

“Tim.. Bruce told me. You breathed in a lot of the fear toxin. You scared the living shit out of me, I thought I had gotten some in my system too.” Smiling at him, your worry at the forefront.

“[F/n] I didn’t know you’re [S/h/n].” Sighing you answered “And I didn’t know you’re Red Robin. I guess I should’ve realized when I found the red feathers all over your room.” Letting out a laugh while not tearing your eyes away from his blue hues. “And I should’ve put the Central City and speedster together.” Tim returned your smile.

He let out a sigh, staring into your eyes. Feeling truly comfortable in your presence. “This makes things a lot easier for me.” He chuckled, leaving you in a state of confusion. “I mean that because, I’ve been wanting to ask you if you’d like to go to a movie? On a date?” Nervousness in his tone, anxious as he bit his lip.

Giggling you answered, “I’d love to, but let’s wait until you’re not on bedrest anymore.” He nodded, “I suppose that’s fair.” You grinned before pulling away from him, saying you were going to get him some water.

“[F/n], wait!” He stopped you at the door. When you turned around he continued, “Thank you. You saved me tonight.” After the initial shock you smiled sheepishly before nodding and heading to get his water. Leaving him with a feeling of giddiness in his heart.

Wishes and regrets

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: The Avengers are disassembled now, and everything in Tony Stark’s life too. He realizes a minute too late of what he has done.

Warnings: Angst, cursing, drinking, self destructiveness, pregnancy.

A/N: Happy birthday fellow Gemini <3

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

After the Avengers were disassembled, Tony Stark was never the same man again.

(Y/N) could see it; and the ones that were still around could do it. He was going back to the habits that made him so famous. No, no the hero-like habits of saving the world of alien threats and destroying murder-bots just for fun; he was going back to the one thing (Y/N) feared the most: alcohol and self-destruction.

He drowned in booze more times in a day that she could count, to the point that he came back home drunk, physically beaten up and hanging on Happy’s shoulders still babbling incoherent nonsense about the stranger that had beaten him up. The latter tried not to say anything, because it wasn’t his job to do it, but the sympathy looks and those usual “he’s gonna snap out of it someday” were more than she could ask for.

Unfortunately, that day never came.

If there was one thing that (Y/N) hated more than the suits, was Tony drinking. He was a violent drunker, and even though he had never done anything to her, she feared that one day he would be so wasted that he would not recognize her.

One day, Happy had left Tony on the guest room, with a bottle of Gatorade and a box of aspirins on the side table next to him, and when he ran up the stairs to check up on (Y/N), he heard her crying her heart out from the other side of the door. He gently knocked it twice just to warn her he was there.

“Everything alright there, boss?” He asked from the outside

“Yes, Happy,” she replied with a shaky voice, terribly blowing up her cover. “I’m alright—”

But Happy knew better than that; he had two terrible liars as bosses, so breaking all protocols he entered the room only to find (Y/N) having a nervous breakdown right before his eyes. She was holding her knees tightly to her chest and shaking, and in her hands, a white-ish stick threatened with falling from her tight grip. He understood right away what was going on.

“Don’t say anything to Tony… please,” she begged, running towards him and holding on to the lapels of his vest.

It was the first time they had met in these circumstances. (Y/N) had always appeared stoic, and with a boyfriend like that, it was the only thing she could no. Tony had locked himself from everyone and not even Rhodey could get to him. Eventually, (Y/N) had fallen out of him too, just because she was worried about Tony.

“It’s not my job to tell him,” he said in a stern voice, helping her getting up. “I will not say a word, but you will have to,” (Y/N) nodded. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Just your word on not telling him,” she bit her bottom lip.

“You got it,” he nodded once and left.

The next morning, when Tony was feeling a little less crappy and (Y/N) a little less nervous, they met in the kitchen. She was making breakfast for two, but Tony was no included. (Y/N) turned her head away to continue her labor; she didn’t want to fight so early, and Tony was decided on doing the same thing. They spent the day without talking to each other. And the next day followed. And then the next day. And the day after that. Until they reached their week limit. Tony was the first one to say something.

“Hey…” he sheepishly said, leaning his body on the door frame of their still shared bedroom.

He had plenty of time to think about it, he wanted to say he was sorry because he was, but he didn’t know how, and with the crazy hormones, (Y/N) was more and more unreachable than she had ever been. She could turn everything into a fight, and the only time she needed to keep calm, she didn’t. It was World War III inside their house.

“Are you on your period or what? You’re unbearable!” Tony yelled, clueless about her real state.

“Oh yeah, let’s blame my period for your lack of concern about your girlfriend, right? Let’s blame my period for your little respect to your own body!”

“What are you even talking about?”

“You need help, Tony; it’s not normal that you go out all day, every day and come back bruised and drunk,” she sighed tiredly, “I can’t do this anymore… not until you get real help.”

“I’ve been worst.” Tony pointed out, rolling his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean you can drink yourself to that point and beyond,” she shot back. “I’m not gonna stay here to see you doing that. I’m not gonna watch you destroy your liver and your life—” her words got caught on her throat. She wanted to tell him she was pregnant, but she felt too afraid to do it.

“Pepper would’ve stayed with me, and she wouldn’t even falter.”

“What?” (Y/N) stopped right before the door and slowly turned her head to Tony.

“I wish I never let her go, she was so much stronger than you are. If she worried, she’d take me herself to wherever I needed…”

“Like a mother would do, right? Well, newsflash Tony Stark, I’m not your mother.”

“Thanks for the orphan reminder, (Y/N). Real nice,” Tony rolled his eyes in exhaustion. “You and I were a mistake…” She fell silent, giving Tony the chance to continue his anger-filled rant. “I thought you and I would be better than this… but it’s obvious that we were not meant to be.”

(Y/N) didn’t know what to do. She felt numb, cold, and as if it wasn’t enough, she felt the tears pooling in her eyes. She tried to keep herself together, but she couldn’t. She thought of telling him the news right there, in the middle of their fight just to make him think again of the cruel words he just spat, but it was a terrible idea, just as terrible as not telling him.

She slowly turned to face him. Her face was red with anger and her heart pounded so loud that her ears buzzed and everything around her became silent. Her shattering heart was the only thing she could hear now.

“You’re gonna regret this, Stark,” (Y/N) shook her head, not caring about the tears that so furiously ran down her cheeks. “One day you’re gonna wake up so hangover, fucked up and so alone that you’re gonna wish you never left me,” her nostrils fluttered and her chest heaved with each air intake. She ran down the stairs, with her vision blurred by the non-stopping tears and a cold feeling on her chest; just as if her heart had frozen and shattered into a tiny million pieces. She was mentally preparing herself to leave everything behind.

Something had died inside her, but something was very alive inside her too.

“Who’s a pretty girl?” (Y/N) asked in a high pitched voice. The dark haired girl in her arms giggled at the sound of her mother’s voice. “Someone’s at the door,” the girls’ mouths formed an “o” shape and they went to see the stranger. “Yeah, how can I…” the sound extended and slowly faded away as (Y/N) saw who was there.

She hadn’t seen Tony in over a year, and even though she had her child to remind her of him every single day, (Y/N) was surely moving on from him. She couldn’t stuck to the memories of the good times because those seemed even farther than the last few memories she had of him. The life they built together was over and no matter how much she longed for it or for him, neither of them were coming back, or so she made herself believe during the past year.

Tony’s eyes darted from (Y/N) to the child she held to tightly in her arms; she kinda looked like him, and if his math was right, that was most probably his child too. It didn’t take much brain to figure it out.

“You were right, (Y/N),” he gulped. “You were right all along. I woke up more fucked up than hangover, wishing I had never said those terrible things to you and wishing I never let you go; wishing I never let the two of you go…” he said, deciding to finally look at her. “Can we talk?”

No More and No Less

[No Angel] [No Comebacks] [No More and No Less]

pairing: rafael casal x reader

request: many many (very…enthusiastic) requests for part 3 of no angel

summary: rafa has been teasing reader while she has work to do, then reader returns the favor

warnings: swearing, smut, dirty talk, face fucking, D/s

word count: 4,938

a/n: part three of the “No Angel” series. will make sense without the first two parts, but i suggest you read them first. this is mostly just smut, and i would say sorry except that i really am not. it goes without saying that i still want rafael casal to bone me. happy reading.

“There’s no way that Professor Hopewell expects this paper to be completely coherent,” Ava groans, a hand threading into her hair in frustration. “A comparison of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Nabokov? It’s apples and fucking oranges.”

“They’re both Russian,” you offer up meekly. Truth be told, you have no clue how you’re supposed to tie them together. All you know was that this paper is worth thirty percent of your grade, and you can’t afford to get anything less than a B.

“They’re from different time periods,” she huffs, flipping angrily through the pages of Anna Karenina.

You don’t respond to her, instead sinking back into the novel open in front of you. Thoughts of your lazy morning flood into your head, and you struggle to tear your mind away from the way Rafa had woken you up by slipping under the covers and settling between your naked thighs. You’re marking a particularly interesting passage with a sticky note when your phone buzzes on the table.

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anonymous asked:

seokmin smut wherein you mess with him during practice and the boys realize what you're doing and asks you to go somewhere else with him and end up evesdropping. eventually, when you and seokmin both open the door, the boys fall and jeonghan is seen to be covering dino's ears //lmao confusing ain't it? thanks anyways

It wasn’t confusing at all bb! I hope you like it ^^ 💖

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 3,525 words

You had planned to practice seriously, you swore, especially since instead of individual practice you were to help Seventeen with their choreography that required an additional person, but when you saw Seokmin in those sweatpants and tank top, looking as handsome as ever, and knowing it was just one of the first practice sessions…

A little playing around wouldn’t hurt, right?

Besides, you could always also put some of the blame on the choreography that just happened to include a part where they were humping the floor and Seokmin went hard on it, looking just enough like he did when you had sex to make your mind wander to places that were far from innocent.

The practice itself started normally, with you joining the dance every now and then when you were supposed to and dancing for a moment with one member, and another moment with another. At first you could even do it properly with Seokmin, but after a few times you found yourself placing your hands on his arms at a part where he was meant to have his arms around you loosely.

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Distant Hearts

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 1159

Warning: Fluffffff

Tom was away on another movie shoot.  One of the downfalls of being so popular in Hollywood these days.  As much as you wished you were with him, you needed to work to pay your bills.  Not that Tom hadn’t offered to help you many times over the last year, so you could quit your job.  However, you loved being a nurse; you loved working with laboring mothers and their newborns.  It made you smile each and every day.  Though it did not help the ache, you had in your chest, every moment that you were away from him.  You had been dating for just over a year.  Meeting in the hospital when he had come to visit the children in the pediatric ward dresses as Loki.  It was an odd thing that you were actually down on the pedi floor helping a mother with breastfeeding of her sick two week old.

Tom saw you and he smiled. You were unable to stop the pounding of your heart when you saw him.  The two of you talked for a bit that day and before he left he asked for your phone number. After your first date it was obvious you belonged together. When you had the time off you would fly off to see him on whatever shoot or accompany him to the next premiere. If he were off for some amount of time, he would fly in to spend time with you, making you feel like the only important thing in the world.

Normally you were mostly all right with him being away.  Your bed felt cold but he would always call, text, or Skype with you daily.  Today was just a bad day at work.  It was one of the sadder days of your career and you wished more than anything Tom was there to hold you and tell you tomorrow would be better.  It was 9 pm and you were already in your pajamas waiting on his call.  There was a glass of wine in your hand as well; it was one of those days.  So there you sat watching a rerun of NCIS nursing the glass of wine.  You had been off in your own world when your phone started to vibrate.  The movement made you jump but you grinned happily seeing that it was Tom.

“Hey baby.  I am so glad you called.  I needed to hear your voice.”  You sighed relaxing back onto the couch .

“Hello, my love.  I missed you.  Are you all right? You sound a bit down.”  You had never been able to hide anything from him.  He could tell just be hearing your voice if something was off.  You frowned not wanting to ruin your daily call.

“It’s okay.  It was just a bad day at work, that’s all.  One of those days that makes it difficult to do what I do.  But I will be all right in the morning.  I am talking to you and I have my glass of wine.”  There was a silence on the other end for a moment.  “Tom?  Are you there?”

“Oh yes, darling.  Can I call you back in just a moment? Something I need to do quickly.” Now Tom was the one who sounded off.

“Sure.  Love you.”  

“I love you too.  I will call back I promise.  It will just be a few minutes.”  The line went dead.  You were not sure what was going on with him but you remembered he was in a time zone that was twelve hours ahead of you.  Meaning he was probably on the set at this point.  Feeling like an ass for taking him away from his work, you picked yourself up off the couch and headed into your bedroom.  There was another twelve hours of work ahead of you starting at ‘way too early o’clock.’  As you climbed into bed, your phone vibrated again.  This time with a Skype call from Tom.  You never minded seeing his face.

“Now what do I owe the pleasure of seeing your face?”  The smile on your lips growing to light up your face.  The love you had for the man never ceased to amaze you.

“I thought I could do something to cheer you up before you slept.  You trust me?”  You laughed.

“Of course I do.  What do you have up your sleeve, Tom?”  That signature laugh of his escaped as he looked like he was getting comfortable on a couch.

“Are you in bed? Looks like you are.  Are you comfortable and ready to sleep?”  Biting your lip, you snuggled down farther into your bed and pulled the blanket over you just how you liked it.

“Umm, yes.  I am now.  What are you going to do, tell me a bedtime story?”  Tom smiled at you through the phone.  Oh how you wished he were beside you.  Two weeks.  He would be home in two weeks and then you would be able to enjoy time with him.

“Something like that darling.  Now just lay there and listen. Ready?”  You nodded watching him intently.  His voice went low as began.

“Of all my loves this is the first and last 
That in the autumn of my years has grown, 
A secret fern, a violet in the grass, 
A final leaf where all the rest are gone. 
Would that I could give all and more, my life, 
My world, my thoughts, my arms, my breath, my future, 
My love eternal, endless, infinite, yet brief, 
As all loves are and hopes, though they endure. 
You are my sun and stars, my night, my day, 
My seasons, summer, winter, my sweet spring, 
My autumn song, the church in which I pray, 
My land and ocean, all that the earth can bring 
     Of glory and of sustenance, all that might be divine, 
     My alpha and my omega, and all that was ever mine.”


A tear streamed down your cheek as you remembered to breathe. Wiping it away, you beamed at the man through the phone.  “That was… it was beautiful.  Tom, thank you.  I love you.” He grinned from ear to ear.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.  I meant every word.  I love you, my darling. It is Shakespeare’s In Praise of Beauty. I’ve wanted to recite that to you for ages.  Tonight seemed perfect.  I hope you are feeling even a bit better.”  You nodded to him with that silly grin still plastered to your face.

“I feel a million times better. Thank you.”

“Good, sleep well, love.  I have to go for now.  Call me when you wake?”  

“Of course.  I love you. Have a good day on set.”  Tom blew you a kiss.

“I love you too, [Y/N].  Good night.” The call ended and you were still smiling.  He always knew how to make you feel better.  You fell asleep not long after, dreaming of the time he would be home with you again.

Avenge This

Steve Rogers/ Reader

Originally posted by naih-reedus

Words: 1,560

Summary: In a matter of minutes, the storefront you worked so hard on gets destroyed by those Avengers and their fights. If only you could believe that Captain America could truly make things right.

Prompt: I am feeling lazy to write a captain America idea will you write it so I can read it ? | “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a super villain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess

Requested by: @natalienicole12347

Author’s notes: Hire me @ marvel. this request is like a month old lmao bless up

This can’t be real.

No, no, no, you refuse to believe what your deceitful eyes are telling you.

You watch as the firefighters take out broken pieces from your clothing boutique after an attack in the city. Your parents even warned you about the potential threat of having this happen and here you are, immediately regretting not listening to your parents when you first moved out here.

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jackdawsonsgrl  asked:

Can I request a Newt x reader where they welcome their first daughter? Just them seeing her for the first time and how enraptured they are by her? Just fluffy & sweet :))

I’ll do my best!

Imagine: Welcoming your first daughter with Newt.

“You look more beautiful now than ever, my darling.”

Newt kissed you lovingly on your brow, brushing the sweaty strands of hair back as he smiled at you. Labor didn’t last as long as you expected, but you were still beyond exhausted from the entire thing.

“Don’t lie…”

He chuckled at your whiny tone, and he held your hand, gently rubbing along the knuckles as he kissed it.

“I would never, my love.”

And it was the truth, because seeing you laying there in the after glow of delivering his child, it was one of the most amazing things he’d seen.

“Here she is!”

The nurse came into your hospital room, smiling widely as she cuddled your baby girl to her chest, holding a tiny bottle up as she fed her. Newt turned to look at her, his eyes widening when he saw the small child nestled in her arms. He was a total loss for words, because even though he had been there the entire time she was being born, he was more worried about you. But, now…now he could enjoy the overwhelming feeling that came to him. He stood up from the stool, smiling at you quickly before holding his arms out. The nurse carefully rested your daughter into his open arms, cradling her head and giving Newt some tips before leaving you two alone.

The wizard stared down at her, a breath of a laugh leaving him as tears welled in his eyes.


You couldn’t help but giggle along with him, all your hormones adding to the joy and tears. Seeing Newt hold his child for the first time was just a sight you wouldn’t soon forget.

He shushed the child’s soft coos, rocking her gently as he walked towards you. He took a seat next to you on the bed, leaning a bit down so you could get a better look at her.

“Look, that’s your Mum.”

The baby looked at you both curiously, drooling slightly as she made a weird noise. Newt chuckled, using the blanket she had wrapped around her to dab at the saliva.

“Not a very well mannered one, is she?”


“I’m joking, darling.”


Hope that was okay, short but sweet lol I know nothing of babies….I prefer toddlers…babies make me nervous haha

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Characters: AJ Styles x Unnamed OFC

Summary: He thought he loved her as much as he could. He was wrong.

Inspiration: All the back and forth talk recently over on @llowkeys about AJ that ran the gamut from breeding kink to being super stoked about becoming a father. Seriously, it’s all her fault.

Warnings: Light cursing? Childbirth, but not explicitly described. Otherwise none.

Angst/Fluff/Smut: Total fluff! (From an account dedicated to smut. This is an accomplishment for me, by the way.)

Tagging: @llowkeys, @the-geekgoddes, @castielscamander, @blondekel77, @horcruxhunter5972, @zombiexbody, @vebner37  - (Please let me know if you want to be added to my tag list! Drop me a line or send me a message. My inbox is always open.)

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stella-annesley  asked:

Taekook x reader, 3, smut and fluff? *Hides* 🌌😘

*side eyes you* I see you, stella, I see you, fam.
I made this more fluffy than it really needed to be, I hope you don’t mind, friend o:

prompt #3 “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” + taekook x (genderneutral!)reader

word count: 1,897

Originally posted by yoonem

☇ “one plus one does not equal two” | masterlist

Your name: submit What is this?

“Scoot over,” Taehyung mumbles drowsily, pushing you to the side as if you weighed nothing at all.

Luckily, you’re pushed right into Jeongguk who quickly pulls you closer to his chest before either of you can be pushed off the bed.

“Uh, rude much?” You mutter, glaring at Taehyung who’s nestling himself into the sheets like his body aches and the only suitable balm for his pain is the fluffiness of the bedspread beneath him, caressing his body.

Taehyung laughs and turns on his side, reaching out to take a strand of your hair. “Hush, babe. I almost died today at the lab and Jeonggukkie even forgot to bring me lunch!”

Jeongguk scowls beside you and shifts so that you have enough room to scoot towards the middle of the bed. With two boyfriends, you really should have invested in a bigger bed earlier, but Taehyung always seems to blow his share of the money on things you’re positive he doesn’t actually need. You and Jeongguk have been secretly saving more money to cover for Taehyung’s share, but neither of you has had the heart to tell him that yet.

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Dylan Larkin #3.5

Here is the conclusion to our favorite angsty story! Not angsty at all!!

Please read parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 first. Enjoy! :)

Word count: 1, 065

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You put your hand out to push him back but your traitor fingers gripped his shirt tightly instead. Holy fuckamole – your tongue is inside Dylan Larkin’s mouth! And you like it! The world, surely, is ending.

Dylan, being the gentleman that he never was around you, moved his hands until one was tightly pulling you into him, his fingers grazing your inner thigh, while the other hand was gently cradling the base of your neck. You have to admit, though, you feel very safe right now. A train running at full speed can hit you and you’d still think his overly-huge muscles are going to keep you alive.

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