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Toooons of text in this one, a drunk Genji and a cute Hanzo! And of course, charming Jesse :3 THE TWO OF THEM TRAPPED IN A ROOM! Sorry.. okay, will calm down now.. Oh, and I bet Jesse would make Gabe blush with such big words! Though, I am quite sure, papa is just as fond of him!

*returning to work*

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~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

Original post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (the end)


This may have started out as a design study, but… Graves’ back, though 👌
Art blog: questionartbox

12hues  asked:

#2, marichat identity reveal?

2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

Marinette doesn’t remember when Chat starts showing up at her balcony, or why he keeps coming back. She doesn’t know how he stretches his visits a little longer each time, or where he finds the energy or time. He comes when soft twilight gives way to the deepening blue, and goes when the quiet dark lays over all the city to sleep.

She does know, though, that there is something he finds, in her company and her treats and her home, that invites him back. And despite her grumpiness at the late hour and her eyerolls at his exaggerated theatrics, she never turns him away.

She knows that he needs this, whatever this is.

(“You don’t have to always do that you know,” Marinette says lightly once, more out of fond amusement than anything else. “Show off all the time.”

“How else would you see how strong and wonderful I am?” Chat jokes, flexing his biceps for her.

“I’m not even really seeing that now,” she snorts. “C’mon Chat. There aren’t any cameras or crowds around. It’s just me.”

“Just you,” he echoes faintly, a funny look on his face that somehow warms her cheeks. “You say that like it doesn’t mean anything.”

“I mean… it shouldn’t,” she says slowly, because she isn’t interested in a performance. The curtains are down, the stage is dark, and all is quiet. “It’s only me. Just you, and me.”)

Marinette discovers clues about Chat’s life not unlike the way they sink into sleep: gradually, and accidentally.

It’s an inevitable fall. Nighttime brings all the barriers down in preparation for sleep and dreams, leaving them vulnerable and open, and it’s in this space that Chat unwinds around her.

This is how she finds out he hates spiders, that he loves Chinese food, that he watches anime. He tells her how he was homeschooled for the longest time, how he’s still new to this business of making friends, how he loves being a superhero. He fences, he plays the piano, he models, and despite the many glaring hints, it still takes Marinette a long while to piece it all together.

The realization settles over her when she’s telling him about her fashion designs. She lifts her eyes from the drawings scrawled over the pages of her sketchbook and up to the soft, bright green of his eyes.

He says, simply, “You’re amazing, Marinette.”

There is no distant rumble of thunder, no umbrella, no lucky bracelet passed between them, but she knows that admiring look in his eyes, that wry smile ghosting his lips. The air seems to charge between them, the buildup of something she should’ve seen long coming, and she carefully puts the sketchbook down. She sort of wants to yell into her pillow, or at Tikki, or maybe even at herself for landing in this predicament.

The panicked flurry in her chest quiets when she looks again at Chat. Whatever else, she knows she doesn’t want to yell at him. He needs this understanding, this openness, this friendship- he needs her.

Talking Adrien during class time, come morning, becomes significantly easier. She turns her flailing and nervous rambling around him into a fierce protectiveness over his well-being. She can feel the weight of his gaze on her, when he thinks she isn’t looking; and when she looks back at him, he doesn’t look away. That funny look in his eyes, the one that warms her cheeks, is much easier to read in the light of day.

Still, when the day settles down the sleep and night creeps over the horizon, Marinette unlocks her trapdoor and lifts her covers up for Chat. She knows now, what he finds when he comes back to her, what he doesn’t find at home.

No one should wonder what that kind of warmth feels like.

(As he settles down in the space next to her, the one she makes just for him, he murmurs, tentatively, “Love you.”

With the pads of her fingers brushing over his cheeks until she feels him smile at her touch, she murmurs back, “Love you too… Adrien.”)

A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC / A GATHERING OF SHADOWS by v. e. schwab sentence meme.

  • ❛  I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.  ❜
  • ❛  After all, you can kill people, but you cannot kill magic. Not truly.  ❜
  • ❛  Impossible. What a useless word, in a world with magic.  ❜
  • ❛  Everyone thinks I have a death wish, you know? But I don’t want to die – dying is easy. No, I want to live, but getting close to death is the only way to feel alive. And once you do, it makes you realize that everything you were actually doing before wasn’t actually living. It was just making do. Call me crazy, but I think we do the best living when the stakes are high.  ❜
  • ❛  You have two faces. One you wear for the world at large, and the one you wear for those you love.  ❜
  • ❛  Everyone’s immortal until they’re not.  ❜
  • ❛  It is as it is. It cannot be undone. So please, be grateful, and be done with it.  ❜
  • ❛  The thing about freedom? It doesn’t come naturally. Almost no one has it handed to them. I’m free because I fought for it.  ❜
  • ❛  I know you can do this. I know you can hear me. Stay with me. Listen to my voice.  ❜
  • ❛  Maybe you just got a taste of what it really means to be alive. You almost died. So now you know what it feels like to live. To fear for that life. To fight for it. And once you know, well, there’s no going back.  ❜
  • ❛  You made a mistake. Everybody makes them. Even me. I’ve made many. It’s only fair that you made one.  ❜
  • ❛  I did only what I had to do. If I could have given my life for yours, I would have.  ❜
  • ❛  A kiss for luck. Not that I need it.  ❜
  • ❛  I know. I know what and who you are. What will you do? Kill me?  ❜
  • ❛  Why am I the only one in this fucking world to be held accountable for my actions?  ❜
  • ❛  Aren’t you afraid of dying?  ❜
  • ❛  I’m sorry. For whatever happened to you. For whoever hurt you so deeply that you see things like friends and fondness as weapons instead of shields.  ❜
  • ❛  You know so little of war. Battles may be fought from the outside in, but wars are won from the inside out.  ❜
  • ❛  Between the two of us, we’ll tear the whole world down.  ❜
  • ❛  I am going to cut that smile off your face.  ❜
  • ❛  It hurts. More than dying ever did. There are days when I feel like I deserve this.  ❜
  • ❛  Death doesn’t scare me. Not nearly as much as the idea of wasting a perfectly good life in fear of it.  ❜
  • ❛ You’re always so eager to slash and stab, why couldn’t you have stabbed him.  ❜
  • ❛  Which is it, huh? You’re angry at me, or worried about me, or happy to see me? Because I can’t keep up.  ❜
  • ❛  Wouldn’t it be amazing, if we got away with it?  ❜

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harry potter rated by mentions of goats
  • philosopher’s stone: mentioned that a bezoar can be obtained from the stomach of a goat which would be pretty solid except its mentioned in the context of snape being a dick to some eleven year olds. the goats didn’t give up their magic healing kidney stones for this. 3/10
  • chamber of secrets: no mentions. 0/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: no mentions. 0/10
  • goblet of fire: both karkaroff and young dumbledore are described as having goatees, a type of facial hair that, unless you’re idris elba or brad pitt or someone, is probably best left to goats. first mention of my main man aberforth and his fondness for goats, though unfortunately phrased in a way that convinced half the readers he fucked a goat. 5/10
  • order of the phoenix: a nice bit foreshadowing in which the hogs head smells like goats. unfortunately, there’s also a mention of the giants eating dead goats. a harrowing image. -5/10
  • half-blood prince: harry reads the half-blood prince’s tip about bezoars and with some truly stunning information retention, remembers what snape said about them being an antidote to most poisons + coming from the stomach of a goat in their first ever potions lesson. i am so proud of him. harry uses this totally unprecedented feat of academic success to flunk out on doing any actual work and piss off hermione. worth noting that harry also uses a bezoar to save ron’s life, begging the question, would the wizarding world be ruled by voldemort and all of our faves be dead if it wasn’t for goats? the answer is yes. a monumental achievement for goats everywhere. we owe them so much. 20/10
  • deathly hallows: aberforth and his fondness for fiddling with goats returns. he apparently throws goat dung at people in times of stress- what a guy. a goat patronus saves the day by looking kinda like a stag if you squint a bit. aberforth reminisces about feeding the goats with ariana. a touching, bittersweet moment. all around a pretty good time for goats. 10/10

derrekshales  asked:

sterek + #6 or 15 for the prompts please??

“I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Stiles slumped into the seat, throwing his head back and groaned, “I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Around him, the coffee shop was bustling with life. From baristas racing to finish orders and take new ones to customers chatting. The decorations from Christmas were still up even four days after, giving Stiles the biggest ache for a day off.

From where he was rapidly typing away across from Stiles, Derek muttered, “He does this every day.”

Stiles straightened himself immediately and jerked his head to the side, narrowing his eyes at Derek, “What’s that supposed to mean? Huh?”

“I’m just saying,” he clarified, glancing up and shrugging his shoulders quickly, “you do tend to say the same thing every single time you finish your shift, muttering about someone’s unnecessarily complicated order or yelling at the cashier.”

Stiles huffed, “It’s the torture of being a barista, I swear. Der, customer service is a terrible job prospect. You should be grateful that you never have to deal with it.”

“Trust me, I am.”

Stiles leaned forward with his hands on the table, “So, whatcha workin’ on there? Is it your new novel? Can I read some? Did you finally end up writing a chapter? Did you finally name a character after me? If I find out that Scott gets a character named after him and I don’t, I’m going to cry.”

Derek stopped typing and stared at him, a smile itching to form at the corners of his mouth. He looked slightly amused, maybe even—dare he say it—fond. “Scott gets a character because he’s my cousin. You are Scott’s friend.”

“Is that all I am?” Stiles tried to make sure his voice stayed light and airy, but he wasn’t sure if he succeeded. Sure, he was related to his best friend—nay, his bro—but that didn’t mean that Derek didn’t mean something to Stiles. In fact, though he may deny this to anyone who ever asked, Stiles had been harbouring a massive crush on Derek since the day that he walked in, hair windblown, head-to-toe clad in leather with his glasses on. And it got worse when all Stiles could feel was heat pooling into his stomach when he saw that Derek wore henleys and sweaters under all that leather.

“No, you’re also a pain in my ass,” Derek replied, his fingers already speeding away on the keyboard.

“Hilarious, Derek, didn’t know you could make jokes.” Stiles looked away towards a couple on a date on the other side of the store.

“Of course, didn’t you know that I was planning on being a comedian? Writing is just something I do for fun.”

Stiles turned to face Derek again, arching a single brow.

“Stiles, you’re one of my closest friends, alright? I don’t just make jokes or socialize with just anyone. I’ve stayed up watching you throw up both into a toilet and onto me. I’ve seen you inhale cake. You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re one of my pains in the ass. And besides, I never said you weren’t in the novel; it’s not my fault that you jump to conclusions way too often,” Derek smirked.

Stiles couldn’t help but grin widely, a small blush beginning to crawl up onto his face. Derek called him one of his closest friends. “Ooh, getting all sappy there, aren’t we, Mr. Hale?”

Derek glared. Stiles would’ve been terrified if he didn’t know how much of a softie Derek truly was. “Don’t make me write you sonnets.”

“Can you?!” Imagine that, Derek Hale writing Stiles Stilinski sonnets and poetically performing them outside of his window.

“No. For that you have to date me.”

Derek was flirting. With him. Derek was flirting with him—in his own weird way, of course. “Fine, pick me up at six tonight, Hale. With a sonnet.” Stiles winked.

Derek smiled back at him, soft and warm. Stiles hoped, quite desperately may he add, that his heart would slow the fuck down and let him just melt into a puddle.

“It’s a date.”

it was late, sometime after dinner and the sun had long since set leaving the loft bathed in warm tones, the city outside was a mix of purple and blue, run through with sparkling lights. the curtains were shifting, a soft rustling sound that was mixing with the quiet flicker of candles and the sounds of the city wafting in with the slight breeze. but those weren’t the sounds that alec was fixated on. no, he was fixated on the sounds behind him as he lay there on the couch, his eyes closed, and his breathing slow and even. he was focused on the sounds of magnus working.

glass jars were clinking together, put back in their rightful places and rearranged, and every so often there would be a pause, a deep hum or a small whisper. he could hear magnus moving, his feet shifting on the rugs. he could hear a pen on a page, the quiet scribble of magnus’s handwriting, and the wet sound of a potion being absently stirred. it was comforting, listening to the busy sound of magnus moving. these were all sounds he had grown so accustomed to, so much so that they were sending him off to sleep as he lay there, body exhausted from a long day of putting out proverbial fires at the institute.

it was a funny thing, the way it seemed to hit him every so often. the soft hum of the loft was wrapped around him, every quiet noise pressing in on him and making him feel so safe. the smell of this place, their home had settled in around him, a smell that had been so distinctly magnus, but had become so distinctly them. it registered again, for the thousandth time, that this was his home. this was his place of comfort and safety, his space he shared with a man who he loved and who loved him. this was where he belonged.

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Introducing Treasure hunter Goth and Treasure Hunter Palette

TH!Goth and TH!Palette belongs to me/starlumen

Treasure Hunter Goth:

  • TH!Goth is similar to ORIGINAL GOTH but bad-ass and a kick-ass.
  • He will not give mercy on anyone who ever fight him.
  • He is actually a nice guy specially to his friends and his family members.
  • He has a good instinct of wrong and right.
  • He was very nerd of books. (Specially History)
  • He PRETTY RARELY seeing him smile and laugh
  • . (a serious guy, duo to the…past *echo past repeatedly*)

The character will grow development on the flow of the story.

Goth belongs to @nekophy!!

Treasure Hunter Palette:

  • He is an energetic and cheerful just like the ORIGINAL
  • He is self-confident and mischievous, a lot of trouble.
  • He likes to treasure hunter with his buddies and solving riddles and puzzles with them. (a smart-ass one)
  • He likes to help others, sometimes he can’t be trusted with strangers.
  • He is someone who makes jokes to lighten the mood, very positive guy.
  • He’s very fond with the history of the artifacts like Goth, however he likes to get the hand of the treasure)

The character will grow development on the flow of the story.

Palette belongs to @angexci!!


This AU still WIP (Working In Progress) I’m still brainstorming for the story and riddles, puzzles ( though I am bad at making riddle such a poetry however, I have a friend to help me with it) I can just write it in 1 sitting writing then I will make it into a comic (when I am ready for it.)

anonymous asked:

Could I request a story where Jason introduces the batfam to his s/o but they don't like her and in the end they find out that she's his fiancé and they maybe start to like her

youuuu got it bby! I’m quite fond of it, even though it’s short. I feel like Jason’s my easiest robin to write for, bc I too am always angry 

title: shine

theme: batfam being a dick about things they don’t get, ok in the end

warnings: mentions of death

“Hoodie, I just don’t know,” you sighed, back flipping over a Black Mask gang member before delivering a head shot to him, turning as he crumpled to the ground to dodge a fist. You broke the man’s arm before kicking him off the roof. “I just don’t think your family is too fond of me.”

“They’ve never met you, babe,” he chided, throwing a man at you, to which you roundhoused into some crates. “It’s just breakfast; we can go shower after this and get over there before we take a nap.”

There was a knot in the pit of your stomach; you wanted the bats to like you, you really did; but you knew how strained the the relationship was with Jason. You already knew they weren’t going to like you, having a feeling they knew of your nightly activities. Biting your lip in thought, you threw out a fist to deter a thug, sighing.

Jason could sense the doubt you had, and he stepped over a body and swept you up into his arms, peppering kisses over your face. “They will love you; they just need to meet you.”

A heartbeat of a pause, then you nodded and smiled, taking his hand as he grappled you both home so you could refresh before breakfast. Catching the glare of your diamond on your finger, you made a split decision to wear it around your neck and under your high collared shirt, hiding it. You picked your nicest outfit, fixed your hair and made sure your shoes weren’t scuffed, turning when Jason wolf whistled from the door at you.

“Where’d my partner go?” he rumbled, arms looping around you as he pressed kisses against your mouth. Laughing, you pushed him off and towards the door, citing that you were both going to be late if you didn’t leave now.

On second thought, you would have rather have been late, by maybe two centuries.

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Bellamy Blake Imagine: Too Stubborn


Prompt: 26-”Come over here and make me.”,
12-”Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Summary: Bellamy and reader have feelings for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it so they instead keep pissing each other. However Octavia and Clarke wouldn’t just let it go and send them on a mission hoping it would force them to admit what they feel for each other.

Word count: 2020

Originally posted by dailyskypeople


“Put it down before you hurt yourself,” I rolled my eyes at the sound of Bellamy’s voice in which I could practically hear him smirking.

“Shut up before I hurt you,” I retorted not bothering to look at him because I knew exactly what I would find, him standing there with folded arms and amused look on his face.

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anonymous asked:

Nurseydex + 3am confessions?

This got so fucking long but here I am projecting my own 3am anxiety attacks on my sweet beautiful boy Derek Malik Nurse for your enjoyment.

_/\_  _/\_

It’s Nursey’s first night as a Haus resident and he is painfully aware of how late it is. Dex’s alarm clock sits on the bedside table next to Nursey’s head and reads 2:43am. He has never felt more awake. 

Bits and pieces of unwritten poetry rush through his head too quick for them to stick, a replay of his goodbyes with his moms is on repeat, but his most prominent thought is that no matter how hard he tries he can’t remember if he took his meds before laying down for his laughable attempt at sleep. He tries visualizing everything he did before going to bed - had pie with the other Haus resident, showered, brushed his teeth, put on his pajamas, wrote a new entry in his journal, crawled into bed - but it doesn’t work. Nursey’s memory has checked out for the night while the rest of his body is on high alert. 

Then there’s the hot-headed ginger a few feet above him who he is deathly afraid of waking up. He and Dex have become friends - good friends, even - since they first met. Nursey really didn’t want to ruin the progress they’ve made. The irrational part of his brain is convinced that if he moves too much in his effort to sleep then Dex will start hating him again. Dex will wake up, yell at Nursey, and snap the olive branch they’ve extended towards each other in half. 

And maybe there’s a part of him - a really tiny part - that’s terrified of not being able to see if their friendship evolve into something a little less platonic and a little more romantic because of him screwing it all up. 

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I have finally given my blog a header that will be seen if you view it from your dashboard! Nothing like an outline of Fenris combined with a starry sky and some encouraging words! (It’s a fragment of a bigger artwork:

I posted it around Christmas last year, but it did not take off popularity-wise, sadly. I am still quite fond of it, though.

Musical Screening Q&A

 HUGE thanks to @jjosh-lyman​ / johnsfkennedys (twitter) for sending me her audio recording from the post-screening q&a. ** Please note: the first few minutes are missing and I transcribed this to the best of my abilities **

1. What’s it like working with Ginny?

Josh: It’s been… It’s been.. What has it been?

Ginny: Magical? (Audience laughs)

Josh: (laughs) It’s been magical.  No, it has, it’s been–

Ginny: The best thing that’s ever happened to you! (Audience laughs)

Josh: It’s been, it has been a magical situation. You’re working with another actor who knows you so well. You can be very vulnerable, you can be very open, you can be very brave, you can do all those kinds of things. So yeah, it’s a real gift.

Moderator: I’m feeling the feels, y’all, are you?

2. What is your favorite Disney character or movie?

Adam: This will sound phony, but it is Snow White. (Audience goes aw) 

Ginny: Right answer again!

Adam: It’s true!

Josh: I’m really glad we came to you.

Adam: It was the first movie that I remember seeing as a child and it clearly made an impression.

Ginny: I really like Zootopia because of um– (Audience laughs - can’t hear the rest of her answer) An equally savvy answer would be that we’re very partial to Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was my very first boyfriend and Josh, here, read the entire first Winnie the Pooh book to my belly when I was pregnant with my eldest and that was the first movie that Oliver saw. Then we accidentally bought Sterling Holloway’s house and he was Winnie the Pooh (note: he was the voice actor), so that’s kind of a crazy story. So yeah, Pooh’s got a whole thing. There’s a whole three-line of Pooh in our lives.

Josh: Or we stalk him. (Audience laughs)

Moderator: How about you, David?

David: I am fond of Maleficent and the whole Sleeping Beauty thing.

Moderator: Eddy?

Eddy: I’m gonna go with Alice in Wonderland and just because I like it. (Audience laughs)

3. Back to the musical, even though the songs are new and original, do you take inspiration from the Disney characters the actors portray?

Adam: It’s more like we’ve taken inspiration from the way our actors have realized these characters on the show. You know, we use the disney movies and animated films as a jumping off point, but every one of them has made it their own. So when we started this process, they sat down with Alan and Michael and we really all tried to work together to tailor everything specifically to who these characters are on our show and those guys did an amazing job with the songs and these guys did alright singing them. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: The idea was each episode has the tone of the character so a Snow/Charming episode is different than a Rumple. I think Alan and Michael really captured kind of the character, they were fans of the show, and then the tone & inspiration for each one.

David: Also it was about returning to a S1 feel for all of these characters, which speaks to how we were introduced to them and what the actors brought to those characters, kinda going to really the heart of when we met them and putting it into song.

Moderator: Awesome. So deep. (Audience laughs)

4. For Josh & Ginny, if you could be any other character besides the one you play currently on OUAT, who would it be?

Josh: I’ve always said Rumplestiltskin for sure. Just because Bobby, the actor, gets to play such a huge range. I just think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ginny: I would be Henry because I wouldn’t have to wear a wig and that would be the closest I would ever get to playing Harry Potter. (Audience laughs)

5. What’s your Disney favorite ride or attraction?

Ginny: Haunted Mansion.

Josh: Pirates.

Eddy: Pirates! Haunted Mansion too, it’s close.

Josh: I also like Indiana Jones.

Adam: It’s a tie between Pirates and Star Tours. There’s like 94 possibilities.

(Someone said Space Mountain - can’t tell who. Maybe David.)

Eddy: The Buena Vista Commissary. There’s a salad bar like right down Dopey Ave. (Audience laughs)

6. Which characters were the most exciting to create a song for?

Josh: (clears throat loudly) Answer honestly!

Alan & Michael (note: I can’t tell which is which): I mean, Zelena was… Yeah.

Josh: Alright, nice to see you (note: I assume he gets up halfway as a joke)

A&M: We had to test you there.

Eddy: It’s hard to say who.. It’s like your favorite child.

Ginny: Us obviously. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: I think, for us, it was really just exciting to do as many as we could. You know, I think we weren’t sure how many songs we could take on, we weren’t sure we could do any of it and, you know, literally these guys wrote 7 original songs and they started meeting in December so… if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, Alan & Michael~

Moderator: Anything to add, David?

David: Nope. (Audience laughs)

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anonymous asked:

Hey I really love your work :) was wondering if you could write msr at a theme park/ funfair ? Maybe with one of them scared of the rides but trying to hide it ? Maybe season of secret sex..

Happy first day of Fictober! Thanks to everyone at the workshop Friday for your lovely comments. I tried to incorporate what was said, but as it turns out I really, really suck at sensory writing. I hope it’s not too bad. 

It’s a post-ep for “Rush”. 

“Hey Scully, what do you say? Want to feel young again?” Mulder’s grin is infectious. They’re on their way to the car when Mulder stops suddenly, grinning like this, staring at her like that.

“You just told me in the hospital that they closed up the cave. Not that it worked for us the first time.” They really must be too old. Any other day it might irk her that she’s not only considered old, but actually too old. But right now, Scully doesn’t care. She is not concerned with being on the wrong side of 30. Not today, anyway. In her mind, the case is closed. She’s mentally written the report already knowing that Mulder won’t be much help. All she wants to do right now is get home, take a shower, have some take out and sleep. Preferably with Mulder by her side for all of it.

“No, I know,” his voice cuts into her fantasies, “I have a much better idea.” Scully swallows the sigh that’s tickling her throat. As much as she loves Mulder, and at least some of his ideas (particularly the ones he has in the bedroom), she doesn’t want to go on a crazy goose chase right now. They just solved a case. Can’t they accept that they’re not young and spent an evening like normal adults?

“You wound me, Scully.” Apparently she’s said her last thought out loud.

“Mulder, listen,” this time there is no stopping the sigh, but judging by Mulder’s look he’s been expecting it, “In the grander scheme of life we are not old. As healthy adults in our 30s we-”

“I’m sure you’re right, Scully,” he puts his hands on her shoulders to turn her around, “but look at this.”

“What am I looking at Mulder?” She’s staring at a wall that’s plastered with posters old and new telling her about music she’s never heard about.  

“This.” His breath tickles her ear as he leans over her shoulder to point at the colorful sign reading ‘carnival’ in big letters.

“Mulder, please tell me you’re not serious.”

“Oh come on, Scully. Don’t tell me you don’t like carnivals!”

“That’s not what I said.” Though if she’s honest, she’s not particularly fond of them.

“Just for a short while? Just to feel young for an hour.” He pouts at her. It was hard to resist the pout before they started dating. Now it’s impossible. He grins again, that charming irresistible smirk, and gives her a quick, loud kiss.

“We’re gonna have so much fun, Scully.” He sprints to the car and Scully follows him feeling tired and yes, old. With every step all her plans fade away; no home, no shower, no take-out. At least she’s got Mulder.

She should have known that Mulder would turn into a big child at the carnival. His sweaty hand clings to hers as they make their way through the crowd. A group of teenagers runs past them and Scully is pushed against Mulder. They’re too slow here, too. The tinkling music leads them further inside past explosions of red, yellow and blue colors while metal monsters and complicated games promise them excitement and fun. The air is laden with the smell of greasy, fried food that makes Scully’s stomach grumble. Mulder stops to buy two corndogs for himself and a regular hot dog for Scully.

“We need to buy candy apples, Scully. For later.”

When he suggests cotton candy, though, Scully puts her foot down.

“Mulder that stuff is pure sugar.”


“So? We have the candy apples.”

“But we’re not eating them now. Please?”

“How about we buy popcorn instead?” They share the small bag as they stroll around the fair. His hand is sticky, as is hers. Scully licks her lips suppressing a smile as she remembers awkward first dates not unlike this. Once again Mulder was right; she does feel younger. Young and carefree.

“This was a good idea, Mulder.” She tells him. He stops walking and glances at her. His earlier grin fades to make room for one of Scully’s favorite sights: the small smile that tells her that Mulder is happy. It’s not often that she sees his face this relaxed.

“I’m glad you think so.” He leans down and kisses her. The kiss was obviously meant as a small peck of appreciation but Mulder tastes likes popcorn, like fresh air and something that’s just so him that Scully deepens the kiss.

“Now that was an even better idea.” Mulder says. His eyes are still closed. “But I have another one.” His eyes pop open and Scully sees enthusiasm sparkle in them.

“I have the perfect idea that I’m sure you’ll love. Come on.” He takes her hand in his again and leads her through the wafting smell of sugar and salt, past a few stalls and a ride that has people screaming with delight – or fear. Distracted for a moment Scully almost doesn’t notice that they’ve stopped. She looks around and realizes they’re in a line. Waiting for…

“A roller coaster, Mulder?” The grin is back and it’s bigger than before.

“Nothing like a roller coaster to feel young again, huh?”

“I think I’ll pass.” Mulder grabs her hand as she attempts to step away to make room for more eager people. Most of them teenagers.

“Hey, what’s the matter? You don’t like roller coasters?”

“Does that surprise you?”

“Yeah. Actually yeah, it does. You’re not scared of them, are you?”

“What? No, of course not!” Scully answers too quickly.

“You’re scared of roller coasters?”

“That’s ridiculous, Mulder. There’s a greater chance to get struck by lightning than to be injured during a roller coaster ride.”

“Here I thought you’d take the thrill out of it by explaining the physics of the ride and I find out you’re scared. I thought I knew you.” But he’s smiling softly at her. Her heart beat picks up each time they advance in line. The teenagers in front of them ramble on, laugh loudly and point at the metal monstrosity that Mulder wants to get on, too.

“I’m not scared,” Scully says, “I just don't… like it. You know it’s merely a constantly changing pattern between potential and kinetic energy, right? Do I need to explain it to you?”

“I know my physics, thank you. But does your science explain the thrill?”

“It does, Mulder. The fluctuation in acceleration causes what people experience as fun. From a psychological standpoint, you’ll feel most excited when they strap you in. The feeling of not being able to escape is what thrills you. The chain noises you hear that has people hold their breath? It’s a safety device.”

“Did you know roller coasters were inspired by Russian ice slides, Scully? How’s that for facts?”

“In the end, a roller coaster is just a machine that uses gravity and inertia to send a train along the winding track. It’s not that special.” Scully ignores his comment and tries to concentrate on her steady breathing. Next time the roller coaster comes around, it’ll be their turn.

“I won’t force you to do this, Scully. But I think you should try it. For science.”

“I have tried it, Mulder. And people have tested roller coaster in the name of science before me, you know.”

“How old were you?”

“Ten, I think. Bill was… he said I wouldn’t dare. I proved him wrong.” They were standing in line much like they’re now. Her heart was beating fast, too; this was the first year she was big enough to go on the roller coaster. She’d finally made the height restriction! In the distance she could hear Charlie, still too small that year, bawling. ‘You sure you’re not too chicken, Dana?’ Bill kept asking, smirking at her. Dana’s anger was greater than any fear. She cocked her chin and told him that she was no longer a baby. She was not afraid. When they strapped her in, Dana thought her heart would jump out of her chest. She felt it in her stomach, in her throat; it beat everywhere and it was way too fast. Bill laughed. All through the ride, hardly more than two minutes, he laughed at her, loudly, cruelly and Dana stared straight ahead, willing herself not to cry. She didn’t. Not until it was over, not until she’d been sick all over her shoes. Back then she vowed never to go on a roller coaster ever again. She shudders now, remembering.

“You don’t need to prove anything here, Scully. If you don’t want to do it we’ll leave. There’s uhm… the ferris wheel? We could do the ferris wheel.” This time it’s Mulder who steps away and Scully who holds him back. Mulder is not Bill; he’s not going to laugh at her. Scully is not little Dana anymore; she knows the facts, the mechanics of it now. It’s time to let herself feel it again.

“There is nothing to be afraid of.” She says matter of fact and Mulder, very slowly, nods. “There isn’t anything to be afraid of… right?” Again, he nods.

“It’s perfectly safe, but I’ll follow your lead, Scully.”

“I made my choice… Mulder?”


“Will you hold my hand?” She blushes; what a stupid request. She is a grown ass woman with a gun on her hip and karate kicks in her repertoire. Mulder smiles. He kisses her nose as a promise before he leans back to have a better look at her.

“I swear I won’t let go.”

Worry Part Three (George Washington x Reader)

AN: sorry it took longer than expected! I hope it was worth it!

Warnings: rape mention 

Requests: @severusminerva @hmltntrsh51 

Word Count: 1,186

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Masterlist

“My love,” George’s voice was distant as he took your hand in his. Maybe if you stayed still long enough he would leave. You had a headache and didn’t want to talk to anyone, let alone him. But after a long while of faking sleep, he was still there. You turned your head in the direction you thought his voice had come from and opened your eyes slowly.

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  • Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: Maybe because it’s currently Pride Month you could write something maybe Poly!Squad x reader?
  • Request: Hey there friend could you do a hamilsquad poly fic x reader where it’s just lots of fluff and adorableness
  • Request: Hellooo could you do a hamilsquad poly fic??

A/N: It’s the ship that you guys wanted more of. I didn’t think I’d be able to write this ship but apparently I can. So heres more Poly!Hamilsquad. It’s got more of Alexander than the others but I think it’s because he the most affectionate in my opinion. Also, I really, really wanted to make the scene with Thomas like the Olive Garden/Breadstick meme. But I didn’t. Lastly, but certainly not least, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS. Whether out or not, whether a member or the community or just an ally, fill the world with music love and (of course) pride!

Word Count: 4,508


You knew about your friends’ relationship with each other. You knew about it for a while. You knew about even before you moved in with them. It didn’t bother you. You biggest problem with living with them is they had a tendency to get to affectionate with each other. They were pretty good about not making you feel awkward but every now and then, two of them would get too cuddly. Usually clearing your throat and glaring at them made them stop.

Living with them made you hate being single though. Seeing all their lovey-dovey interactions made you want to be in a relationship again. So with the help of some of your friends, you got set up on date with someone named Samuel Seabury on Saturday. John came knocked on your door as you were getting ready. He quirked a brow at you as he noticed you were all dressed for a date. “You going somewhere?” He asked. You hadn’t told them you were going on a date yet. You knew they wouldn’t mind, but they would pester you about it for awhile.

“Uh yeah, I have a date today.” You told him.

“Oh, with who?” He asked as he leaned against the door frame.

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Last few months I was dealing with some serious health issues, my health seemed to be giving up on me, again. I was in a really bad place.
I try so hard not to appear as weak or a victim to myself on life often playing cruel on me, instead I keep fighting. The struggle is hard and real, but it keeps gifting me with tons of valuable lessons. In my malady, this has allowed me to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally learning to appreciate life every day more and more. Personally, I am not very fond of selfies, but I am posting this as a reminder that you can heal yourself using the incredible power of the human mind even in your darkest, bleeding hours. I also want to encourage people dealing with challenging, hard times, the body has natural self-repair mechanisms based on beliefs and feelings that originate in the mind. Every time you have positive thoughts, you release healing hormones. The right food, the right exercise, the right medications, the right relationships - all these can help support your healing process but your conscious, intentional mind (which is separate from, though connected to, your subconscious mind and nervous system) is the key. It is the force from which the universe is made and it is also the basic substance of which we are made. Using the positive elements is a call to the healing power, asking that the doors be opened to release pure and radiant energy into our life.


Fandom: Zelda BoTW

Summary: After Link accidentally injures Sidon in a sparring match, he is so distraught from the mistake that he runs off. When Sidon tries to chase after him and console him, however, he doesn’t fully realize just how ridiculous his injury is.

Author’s notes: ….of course my first contribution to the Zelda fandom ever is fluffy garbage I’m not even sorry. 

Also yes, yes this is the thing I contemplated writing not long ago. It’s not as shippy as I thought it would have turned into knowing me, but this is still pretty damn cute and I am still pretty damn pleased. 

I just. Can’t stop picturing Sidon with a gap-toothed grin. May you never get the image out of your mind either. 

Also, if you’d prefer you can read here on Ao3! Or you can just click the read more button below! 

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