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Name: Winter (it’s a pretty cool name, I’m fond of it)

Nicknames: I have exactly one nickname, that exactly one person calls me, and I grin every time I hear it. I’d share if I felt like it was something the whole world should know, but nah. I used to have the nickname kit-kat in middle school though. I’m not sure how it started. And technically, Winter is just my last name, but I really am not a fan of my first name. So. I go by Winter.

Gender: Female

Star sign: Leo! Which is hilarious because my Slytherin side is like “liONS!?!?! NOO”

Height: 5′6! A bit above average, but I still need a ladder for nearly everything at work. I wish I was kidding. It’s really annoying to have to use a ladder in our walk in freezer that has ice all over the floor. I’m going to break my neck one of these days, just because my body decided to stop growing like an inch and half before I could reach everything.

Sexual orientation: ?????? who even knows, not me. A mix of maybe bi, maybe lesbian, and definitely somewhere on the asexual-spectrum. Still figuring it out- and I grew up in a household where “the gays are destroying marriage and they all will burn in hell, what sinners,” was the rhetoric, and lemme tell you: not helpful.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw/Slytherin. I feel more like a Ravenclaw, but those are the two I consistently get in whatever quizzes I get. 

Favorite animal: Not sure. Horses or cats or sharks maybe. I used to ride horses, and that was fun. I do really like sharks: I think they’re super cool. Ravens and crows are clever little fuckers and I salute them. But I don’t have a favorite animal.

Avg hours of sleep: I’ve been getting about 8 hours of sleep each night.

Cats or dogs: Both are good, but I’ve got a bit of a dog phobia so I lean towards cats. Which sucks: I think dogs are amazing.

Favorite fictional characters: Right now? Sora Trevelyan, my DAI OC, whom I’ve recently ‘imported’ into SWTOR and ME2. If we’re talking canon characters, then right now its Liara T’soni or Aria T’loak.

Tagging the usual crew this time, if they want to do it: @lepetitchoucommie, @the-emerald-halla, @steampoweredstrawberry, and @pk492. Also @spacedivaas

I like to think that I have a wild side; a reckless heart and a brave soul. I have a certain thirst of 2 am adventures, an entire night under the moonlight with his body keeping me warm. I love the thought of getting blind drunk on the terrace with someone who matches the frequency of my heart and mind, oblivious of the fast paced world around us. I have a certain fondness of the thought of leaving this deadbeat town for long drives without any destination, blasting my favorite albums on full volume and singing along even though I can’t sing to save my life. I love the thought of doing something just because I want to do it, without fearing the judgment of people, of being spontaneous, living in the now, about not being bothered by the mistakes I make, because at the end of the day, these all will become stories that I will want to look back with a smile on my face when I recount them, years later.

But in reality, I’m just a reserved person who does not leave my room and turns all her work in time. I am the nerd people make fun of, a book in my hand wherever I go, because I prefer the comfort of its pages than the people around me. I am the quiet person at the back of the class, who is often overlooked and forgotten; who is sorry way too much, and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, yet ends up getting hurt the most. I keep thinking; wishing that one day, I will become that happy-go-lucky girl which resides in my mind, but that “day” never comes.

I have this adventurous heart that wants to fly in a body that refuses to leave its comforts. And it’s depressing.

—  something i wrote a while ago and i’m proud to say i’ve changed //
Fun Fact!

(Even though a lot of older PotO fans might know this, especially german speaking ones)

Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas (sung originally by Danny Elfman) was recorded for the german dub by Alexander Goebel.

Who played the first german speaking Phantom in 1988 at the Theater an der Wien in Austria and is also the Phantom featured on the only complete recording of the Musical in german.

He also has one of the ghostliest Phantom voices I’ve ever heard (and his crazy laugh before the chandelier crash is AH-mazing). I for one am very fond of it but ever since I learned he voiced Jack I always imagine Erik singing the songs in the movie…. 

Take a listen here (x) (x) (x)


Sally, who was originally sung by Catherine O’Hara in the movie, was sung by Nina Hagen…

in the german dub. (And she did a perfect job)

Nina Hagen is a singer, songwriter and actress who was dubbed the german Godmother of Punk and was a pioneer of the german New Wave.

Here’s her version of Sally’s Song (x) and just one taste from her actual music (and her exceptional voice) (x)

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Hey mate, may seem like an odd question but if Alutegra wasn't your main thing, would you like AxAA? I haven't seen much shippers of this pairing, and I was wondering what you thought about it. Weird ask, but I love you Mel!

OOOH GOSH, my answer would have to be yes I think?? But the thing is, even though AxI is my love, I already really, really like AxAA /)w(\ hating each other and fighting to the death only to realize how alike they were once it was too late…so tragic, I absolutely adore it QQ I also am fond of the thought of Anderson’s grumpiness clashing with Alucard’s playful and flirtatious nature pffffft–

so alike yet still finding ways to surprise each other; a big aesthetic of mine 👌

{I LOVE YOU TOO, thank you for the ask nonny! ♡}


Where do I even start? Today (even though he technically already celebrated it in Korea) is the birthday of the person who has made my life worth living. His smile brightens my day, no matter my mood. When I look at him, butterflies well in my stomach and I feel so overwhelmed with love and fondness.
He is beautiful inside and out. His dedication to BTS is incomparable and it truly shows how much he loves and cares for his band mates and for us. Whenever I feel like my schooling is a waste of time, or when I am close to giving up learning Korean, I just think about how hard he works.
Namjoon is my inspiration for nearly everything I do. Everytime I begin feeling depressed or anxious, all I have to do is listen to his voice and I feel better. I know it’s dumb to love someone who doesn’t even know I exist. Him just being alive and well is all I need to keep going.
I wish him the happiest of birthdays with many more to come. Love you bby 😘😻

Am I the only one slightly pissed that Elena wasn’t a guardian of the Primo generation? I have a sneaking suspicion that Giotto was a bit like Tsuna and wasn’t really fond of the idea of women fighting. And I mean, there’s a possibility that Giotto offered for her to be a guardian but… And I’ve always assumed Elena was one of the first members considering she brought in Daemon who became Primo’s guardian. And eventually though it’s a bit biased, fucking Daemon admired get strength. So she certainly had a strong enough will and seemingly the same/similar goal to Giotto. I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more angry I get. I’ve thought too much about her. And about Daemon.


Feet of Clay Feet of Clay Feet of Claaaaaaaaaaay I have been looking forward to this one for a long time!

Here’s another of these weird covers. I’m actually really fond of these designs; most of the library’s copies looked like this so they were my first point of reference for the novels for a long time.

This one is in much better shape than Men at Arms but it’s got some pretty significant water damage. I lent it to a friend and then her fish bowl spilled and everything on her desk was a casualty. (The fish lived though) I am comforted by the knowledge that Pterry enjoyed the idea that his books would get dropped in the bath; I’m not sure what he’d think about fish bowls but it can’t have been much worse.


Adolf Hitler in 1934 with his adjutant, Julius Schaub, behind him in profile. 

Schaub wrote in his memoirs about Hitler:

“Nobody I ever knew could keep a secret as well as Hitler did. All of his personal thoughts he kept to himself. All of his personal relationships were kept secretive and hidden. Though he lived with Eva Braun for countless years, the most he would admit to me about her was, “ich hab’ sie sehr lieb.” (I am very fond of her).

In Hitlers Schatten, Julius Schaub, page 343.



Why i started liking bts it was because of the vhope kiss thing during that rookie king show !

Then I fell in love with jiminie! who wouldn’t fall in love with a cute mochi mochi muscled kid named chim chim! Moreover, American hustle life didn’t help either and after I realized how much jimin loves jungkook I started being the most stubborn jikook shipper!

First jimin’s body language: the way he tilts his head toward jk and the way his eyes are full of love and fondness to the youngest member was so endearing to watch. The persistence in showing his love for Jung kook was amazing that I found myself rooting for him to win his love ( and you won’t believe how much I am enjoying their recent moments)

The way JK responded then angered me first but it felt so familiar. He was reacting the same way me and BFF were before he became my boyfriend. Even though he was my bff at that time and we were working together he never made me feel like his friend on campus saying that our status as professor won’t allow me to be goofing aroud him so he was mean at times but when we go home or even a nearby café he changes 180°.

Back to jikook, a lot of people always says that jimin lives on the attention he gets from the others , to me it was not it! jimin is a person who lives on his ability to satisfy others! You know  the feeling that you’re satisfied when your beloved ones  or even strangers are too?! I don’t know if I am making sense!

On the other hand, jk was the one feeding from attention. He was the golden makne and he had a standard for himself to meet and a goal to achieve. he felt young and still in the process of learning and on the high of a successful debut but it was not it too they had to maintain their success so they were working day and night plus school and being under the wings of his parents so it was all confusing for him. jimin’s “love” or fondness was sth given and everlasting at least to me it seemed that way.  you know my boyfriend told me once that feeling insecure about your career messes up someone love life so I understood that part and shipped them no matter what!

At the same time JK body language gave him away even if it was for subtle moments: the way JK or JM stares at the other , the way they tilt their heads and the way they touch their neck or lips is a sign of attraction according to some analysis I read long time ago!

The way they spread their legs when they sit facing each other is sign of attraction and showing of “belonging” remember the jimin in ISAC 2015 when he laid his head on jk’s lap and his legs were spread!

They mimic each other’s expression smiles, laugh , sadness…..( mostly JK)


The way JK reacts when jimin is involved with any other person

JK exaggerate his gestures and expressions for a mere smile from our angel chim chim

JK finds a way to face JM when they are gathered within a group

JK’s voice gets huskier or at least he tries to think that it does when he teases jimin about his voice tone

JK puffing out his chest, flexing the biceps or standing so close are his ways of appearing more masculine.

The way they raise eyebrows to each other: jimin when JK was saying :I want you x3 for example

JK and JM find ways to touch each other even if it is irrelevant!

Let me stop now or else I am going to write a book !

 @bs-ent sorry for keeping you waiting i hope it meets your expectation

and anyone feel free to message me for any question!

and this is part one some other day i am gonna continue!

Jumin’s first encounter with Jaehee was probably something like this tbh.

Jumin: So, do you like cats?

Jaehee: Not really, I am not too fond of all the hairs they leave laying around.

Jumin: *sweats nervously* yea I agree, *drops bag* *hundreds of photos of Elizabeth 3rd falls out*

Jumin: Sorry these aren’t mine- *more photos of Elizabeth 3rd falls out pocket* No really I am holding them for a friend- *Elizabeth 3rd jumps out the bag* Shit, ok listen-

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Hi YukiPri! I thought I would ask this publicly since some of your other followers might be interested. ^_^ I didn't see this in your FAQ so thought I'd ask it here. Do you ever read fanfic and/or accept fanfic recommendations? :D If you do read fanfic, what kind of fic do you like reading most? Thanks for all the lovely art!

Hey! I do read fanfic, though a lot less in this fandom than I have in some others. For me, I usually go through phases, where when I first start a fandom I will actively look for fanfic/other peoples’ fanart more, but once I get more invested in my own projects I spend more and more time on that.

YOI is actually interesting, because I’ve been reading most of my fanfic in Japanese on pixiv! I am not at all trying to be dismissive of English fics or authors, but just personal preference, I’m not as…fond of certain tropes or interpretations of canon that I see a lot in the English YOI fandom. Don’t get me wrong, even if I personally don’t like it/disagree with the author’s take, I think it’s wonderful that people are creating for it and are enjoying their thing. It’s just I find my preferences have aligned better with the Jp fandom. ^ ^; I can be a bit picky and particular about things I like to read, especially the more invested I am in the characters which for YOI is very very much, and that’s not meant to reflect on anyone else’s work. Instead of complaining about other people’s interpretations, I create my own to express how I like to see them, yeah?

So in short, I mean I guess you could rec fics to me, but please don’t take it personally if I don’t read/decide it’s not my thing ^ ^; I may not post responses/reply if you do, because I would never express negative feelings towards someone else’s expression of love but I also don’t want to be dishonest, if you get my drift ^ ^;;

my Dears

Those of you who are following me here, perhaps from the start, before any misunderstandings or even the newest among you… I would like to ask a favor of you.
You see, I find my time very well occupied here when it is not elsewhere.
But the dilemma is that I follow very few others. Until recently my time has been short. But it does soothe me to be here.

I would be ever so grateful if you and perhaps even those who follow you to pass this along in hopes of garnering me others to follow. I need this distraction to fill my days, you see. Madness is very temperamental.

Pass this along if you’re fond of or post regularly about:

  • Tea (A necessity!)
  • Cakes and recipes (I am without supplies these days but they cheer me)
  • Playing Cards 
  • Alice (There is only one Alice, but all images and likeness give me moments of joy)
  • Hats! (Of all shapes and Conditions! Though they ought to be well cared for!)
  • March Hares (or perhaps June Hares, I am not particular picky)
  • Rabbits (They are like Hares but distinctly Different)
  • Off with Her Head (Honestly, What is SHE going to do with it?)
  • Tea (I cannot be WITHOUT it) 
  • Technology (Of all sorts, computing, gadgets, cameras and automatons!)
  • Neuroscience (Out of Mind, out of Sight!)
  • Tea (Necessi-tea!)
  • How to remove stains (For an Acquaintance who is quite Messy)
  • Psychology (Hare tells me the ones I follow now are abysmal)
  • Watches (Preferably the pocket sort, of course, I don’t mind if your watch is very tall and lives in a tower)
  • Keys (If I can be given keys, that would be better. Though I do like they look of them. I want to open as many doors as possible.)
  • Frightening Things (Hare likes to be spooked and enjoys these things. I like to pass them along. Nothing seems particularly ghastly to me anymore.)
  • Mirrors (A looking glass is good for one or two.)
  • Crows/Ravens/Corvids (The Hare has quite a few Friends)
  • Tea (This must NOT be overlooked)
  • Vorpal Blades (The sort that Snicker-Snack)

If you or your own dear followers enjoy these things or perhaps simply want me to look about your blog for a visit, reblog and I shall gladly take a peek!

((ooc: OKAY friendos. This here is my In-Character Jervis Tetch blog. He’s looking for friends or followers I guess. It’s been a bit slow since i hadn’t had time to look after it for a while, but we’re hoping to pick this and @the-box-genie​‘s Jonathan Crane blog @formidophiliac​ up as well. I look forward to posting more and getting to know some more blogs! I can post more if I have more people to follow with these interests as well!))

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Hello, idk what's happening but I'm seeing appreciation posts and I really wanted to say, that I really enjoy your blog. If you don't already know (I hope?) I really like you and think you're a great person, and someone I look up to as a role model.

asdfghjk awww!!! thank you so much!! tbh i always feel so happy whenever i see you on my notification and your replies, you seem really nice and i actually am really fond of you (i’m so sorry i don’t follow you though, it’s just that i dont share the same interest as you in animes and other fandom but i love you a lot, seeing your icon makes me smile)

thank youu <3 i really need this positivity rn :’)

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I found out that, canonically, in TFA time era, some pirates went around looking for a crashed ship told to contain the important "Dooku's lost treasure", only to find that that "lost treasure" was, instead of Kyber crystals a frozen clone trooper, Dooku had intended to be interrogated, called Kix babbling about how he needed to "warn Anakin Skywalker" about something (turned out to be Order 66). Can you imagine how it would have turned out if either Luke and/or Vader founds him earlier instead?

Well, if it’s Vader… I’m pretty sure he’d just make sure Kix was set up and out of the way somewhere, because I am very fond of the idea of Vader making sure any surviving clones (that aren’t, you know, rebels) would be taken care of.

If it was Luke, though… INFORMATION ABOUT HIS DAD!! About Jedi - as seen through clone troopers/Kix’s eyes of course. Just… I love the setup of Luke meeting clones that knew Anakin and they immediately take to Luke and decide “we’re keeping this one and making sure he’s Safe” which is definitely what Kix would do, if on the medical end rather than getting attached to Luke/Organa’s squad for missions, lol.

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even though we don't agree on like 90% of topics i am very fond of you arguing in friendly language and reasonable.

Anon, I’ve had this ask in my inbox for a long time, and I’ve been thinking about it for an equally long time.

You see, I’m certain you mean well, and I guess I thank you for that, but on the other hand…

The implication here is that you sent me this because I use friendly, reasonable language UNLIKE OTHER ANTIS.

And that’s the issue.

You see, people have a right to be angry, to curse and scream, to NOT be friendly and “reasonable” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Language does not weaken one’s arguments, nor does it make their feelings any less valid.

If I were to scream and curse and be visibly angry (which I have been in the past, don’t mistake me for somebody who is always friendly and “reasonable”), this would not detract from my arguments, would not invalidate my feelings.

This message feels very much like indirect tone-policing to me. I might be entirely wrong, but that is how it felt.

(Not to mention, one’s erudite nature is not weakened by cursing and being unfriendly.)