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request: “Could you possibly write Julian Albert x reader based off Dive - Ed Sheeran? That’s one of my favourite Ed songs at the moment :)” — by anon

a/n: another one of my favorite tracks! also, if anyone is familiar with isabelle lightwood, i kinda based her for the attitude of the reader. changed the flow a little bit too but not too much 😊 hope you like it!

p.s. the book shop / coffee shop mentioned in this imagine is purely fictional so if ever it is real, then it is just a coincidence

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    Julian Albert knew that Y/N Y/L/N was an extreme flirt the moment he was hired in the Central City Police Department. He could see the way she smirked, the way she flipped her hair over her shoulder, the way her eyes sparkled whenever she knew you were completely wrapped around her finger, and the way she would bite her lip as if inviting you in — Julian was just as hopeless as those who were included in the list of her victims, and he was having a hard time keeping himself tamed.

   Though under all that red lipstick and slight revealing clothing, Y/N was a very good detective who did everything to do the job right. She never took no for an answer, that’s why she was so great, she was so good at manipulating and persuading her suspects until they provided useful information.

   And that was why almost all of the members of their Police Department was gathered inside the bar at this moment, celebrating yet another success on one of Y/N’s cases.

   Captain Singh raised his glass up, “I would like to propose a toast to the girl who possibly has it all,” he grinned and everyone heard Y/N laugh, sitting by her own chair, “who has helped this community in so many ways, who will hopefully stay for more years to come. The precinct is lucky to have you, Y/N, thank you for your flawless service as always.”

   "Thank you, Cap. Cheers!“ Y/N winked cheekily, clinking her glass with the others who were closest to her.

    Julian weakly raised his glass.

    In the next second, everyone was speaking to each other in loud voices once again. They were congratulating the said girl, shaking her hand while the others had enough courage to plant a quick kiss on her cheek. Julian was envious of their confidence toward her because whenever he tried to talk to Y/N, he was just a mess.

    After a few more gulps of bourbon, the Metahuman Specialist dropped his glass quite loudly, not really knowing why he bothered to go to this party if he wasn’t planning to talk to anyone. He guessed he just wanted to see Y/N and see how happy she would be. He wasn’t too disappointed if he came to think of it.

   Speaking of the devil, she took a seat right across from him which made Julian lift his head up, the beautiful yet the dangerous face of Y/N blurry because of his vision.

    "Having fun, Albert?” she tilted her head with a teasing smile.

    He snorted. “If fun meant that I am regretting going here, then yes, I’m having fun.”

    “Ah, always the charmer.” she joked, circling her finger over the rim of her own glass. “Hmm, you want to get out of here? Go do something fun?”

    Julian raised his eyebrows at her mischievous expression, also at the suggestive tone in her voice. And suddenly, he didn’t seem to be so drunk anymore.
    “What do you mean?” asked Julian.

    Y/N shrugged innocently. “What do you think?”

    He bit the insides of his cheeks. “Uh, it doesn’t matter.”

    She narrowed her eyes at him, pursing her lips in the process. She seemed to be analyzing him, like he was a witness from a crime scene or even the suspect. It made Julian all self-conscious again despite being known for being arrogant and quite rude.

    Finally, she answered. “Well, whatever it is, my offer still stands.” smirked Y/N. “So, do you want to or not? If you don’t say yes, I’ll have to use force.

    "Is that a threat?”


    Julian sighed. “I guess, I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

    Y/N grinned, grabbing his hand then while standing up. “No. Now, come on.”

    They fled away from the party hurriedly, careful so that no one would take notice of their disappearance. He couldn’t believe that he was actually doing this with her, but in the same time, he thought Y/N had probably pulled this trick to every guy she met. What was so special about him that he was now part of those foolish men?

    Julian didn’t know where he expected Y/N to take him. Was he thinking she was going to bring him to her place? Was he actually thinking that something might happen between them this night? But all his questions were answered when she took a left turn and pulled him along with her, entering a book shop that oddly smelled like coffee beans.

    “What is this place?” he asked, staring around the room, seeing countless of old books on shelves and a lot of motivational posters on the walls.

    Y/N looked back at him. “Read & Drink.” she answered. “Not the best name, I know, but I find this place very relaxing and their coffee matches Jitters.”

    She pointed at the table at the farthest corner of the small shop.

    “Why don’t you take a seat back there and I get us coffee? My treat.”

    Julian didn’t mean to but he abruptly gazed at her like she was insane. Why were they inside a coffee / book shop? He didn’t even know if she liked reading, or was this somehow a part of her plan to lure him in and trap him? He knew girls like Y/N; they were heart breakers and didn’t care that they were.

    With a confused expression, he crossed his arms. “What exactly do you think you’re doing, Y/N?”

    Y/N dramatically sighed, ignoring the way he has been staring at her. “Buying us coffee. So like I said, just move —”

    “No.” Julian cut him off. “No, I refuse to do this anymore. You’re doing it again. You’re acting like you actually care for me when I know for a fact that I am just one of your boy toys.”

     She was unfazed by his accusation, a smile creeping on her lips because of the selection of words he decided to use. “How are you so sure about that?”

     He huffed a breath. “Because you’re a flirt and you mess with other people’s feelings. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re playing at. You’ve been doing it to me, to Barry, to that other guy at the station — basically, every guy you encounter.”

    The amount of alcohol he had taken earlier was taking effect on his thoughts and actions. He always wanted to say that to Y/N and now he has finally done it, he was puzzled to realize that it didn’t serve him any comfort at all knowing that he had said something out of his chest. Instead, Julian wanted to take it back.

     "Wow. Is that how low you think of me, Julian? That I’m just an easy chick who lets random people touch me?“ she formed her lips into a thin line. "I bet it’s because I wear less clothing, doesn’t it? Well, for your information, the way I dress myself doesn’t define who I am.”

     Julian was taken back by her sudden outburst.

    “And the way you flirt?” he asked.

    Y/N gave him a sarcastic smile. “If you want a job to get done or some favors, you got to play dirty sometimes.” she took a step back. “I can’t believe I even bothered with you. For a minute there, I thought you weren’t like anyone else who just talked to me because they wanted to get laid.”

     He frowned upon her statement. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it that way. I was only —”

    “Only cautious?” she guessed, laughing. “Gosh. Were you thinking that I was going to bring you to some motel and seduce you?” she laughed even more, though the laughter escaping her lips weren’t because of joy, it was because of hurt.

     "No, Y/N, that’s not what I was —" Julian stopped himself from lying, knowing that it was exactly was he was thinking of.

    She nodded in understanding, taking another step backwards. “Well, I’m not really in the mood to be with you right now. Let’s just call it a night, shall we?”

    But Y/N didn’t need an answer as she marches pass his way and towards the exit, purposely bumping on his shoulder to let him know that she wasn’t pleased.

    Julian didn’t need it to be aware. He just stood there motionless, a disappointed and frustrated groan being let out of his system afterwards, the feeling of being so ridiculous seeping through his head as he replays the conversation he just had with Y/N.

     He was so careful not to hurt himself that he didn’t even think that it was possible to hurt her as well — and now, he absolutely didn’t know how to fix it.

Make Your Move

Chapter 12
“Not Too Insane For You“


Word Count: 1.9K


Summary: Sam is brought before his employers and given a choice, the reader or his job. When he doesn’t show up following the meeting for your usual therapy session, you blame yourself, knowing he’s in trouble.

A/N: Sam’s POV in bold italics as usual. Thank you all for your patience with waiting for this latest chapter. My husband came home from being gone to school for 6 weeks and I needed to get back in the groove of him not only being home, but getting adjusted to him working full time again. Today was his first day at his new job and I’m super thrilled he’s once again fulfilling what he thinks is his primary role in life: providing for his family. As much as it sucks, I am once again a stay at home parent and my career plans are on hold. But I guess that just means I have more time to write for y’all :) enjoy!

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“Plague of Romance”

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows was released the other day, and the verdict is out. By general consensus, players love the expanded levels and environments, the alternate story, the fleshing-out of minor characters, and the mechanics of controlling Plague Knight himself – but they’re cursing that forced romance plot with Mona.

Granted, this is understandable. Romance plots are all-too-often misused as an easy way to humanize a weird or unlikable character, and to generate plot with minimal effort. Plus, it’s also pretty annoying when a male character’s worth is defined by his ability to “get the girl,” and the girl in question is reduced to a device by which the protagonist’s character is explored. And let’s not forget all those tired, predictable romance cliches…

In short, I get it. I’m usually the first to criticize such lazy writing. Now let me tell you why you might be judging Plague of Shadows too hastily.

(Screencap by imgayforshiek)

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All the angry love (because I told you that you were going to actually get hurt one day but did you listen no)

To sharonbelle and inspired by as well hahaha. It was supposed to be part 2 of your bday gift but as usual, I got horribly sidetracked.

I’m sorry if it’s a little iffy because I typed it up on my phone. I’ll be home from Europe by tomorrow and I’ll fix stuff. (I’ll also write more of the Big Bang fic.)

Maybe more fics to come cuz I plan on writing on the plane to help with jet lag.

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You know what, seeing that BS on the Wiki made me rage so much that I’ll just go and write up another Fukunaga appreciation post. The second revival round may be my favourite for reasons listed here (and also because I think the individual games were interesting and of good length, making them easy to follow in comparison to some other games =x because let’s face it, there are a few fans, myself included, who don’t understand 100% of what’s happening in every single round 8D), but I love the Musical Chairs round, too. To me, that game is the follow-up to the developments in the second revival round in regards to the relationships between the main trio. Of course, each game in Liar Game is precious because each of them is an important step in Nao’s amazing growth and because the interaction between Nao and Akiyama is a joy to witness, but Musical Chairs is the round that, as far as I see it, focuses on Fukunaga and Nao’s relationship.

Nao’s impact on Fukunaga becomes more and more evident over the course of the Liar Game, starting with Nao convincing everyone around her that her approach to the game is to be taken seriously and that it is just as effective (and indeed realizable), if not superior to the “every man for himself” approach. In the second revival round, Nao and Fukunaga are first seen working together intimately, with Nao being the one to take the first step, the one to show Fukunaga trust - not just trust in other players in general, but for Fukunaga as a person. We don’t know much about Fukunaga’s background yet, but I like to think that Fukunaga was able to relate to the woman who broke down crying at the end of the round, first out of frustration for believing the lies, then out of overwhelming feelings of gratitude towards Nao; at the very least, Fukunaga surely recognized once again what kind of effect Nao has on other people. And though it may go against everything that Fukunaga has done and believes in, she slowly comes to respect Nao’s ideals.

Then, the third round: Nao still repeatedly asks about Fukunaga’s whereabouts whenever the trio is not together, cannot believe that Fukunaga is not among the winners of the first part of round three (because the amazing Fukunaga can’t possibly have lost), and the two of them are seen casually chatting before the Musical Chairs game starts. Fukunaga fills Nao in on things she has missed, warns her about dangerous opponents, and devises the plan to enable them to help out Akiyama in the mock game. When the actual game starts, with Fukunaga not being a player, it is not Akiyama or another dangerous opponent that Fukunaga chooses to follow; it is Nao who she checks up on - because Fukunaga knows that if you don’t keep an eye on Nao, she’s sure to commit another folly, and sure enough, she finds Nao frantically looking for a chair because Nao’s given her only option to another player who was tricked out of their chair and is physically unable to look for another.

The thing is, Fukunaga ought to know by now that that act of kindness was only natural to Nao, but she’s still shocked - which shows that you cannot get used to the extent of Nao’s selflessness, and Fukunaga in particular has trouble grasping that, partly because of how many people she has maliciously outwitted and exploited. Fukunaga proceeds to yell at Nao for the entire period before the signal to get seated sounds (a good 15 minutes), desperately trying to get her to just take back her chair, while Nao (which is amusing) just politely rebuffs Fukunaga and keeps looking for another chair, not even once considering to go back on her word. The combination of foolish selflessness, complete lack of self-preservation, yet unwavering determination must have impressed even Fukunaga; she ends up giving the one chair she has found to Nao, taking coins with Nao’s name in exchange (which can be traded in for money at the end of the round if, and only if, the respective person wins the round). Having one more chair at your disposal is a great deal and Fukunaga could have chosen to invest it in someone else. Of course you can argue that Fukunaga investing in Nao is a GOOD choice all things considered: Nao has powerful and numerous allies, Nao will surely be aware of whatever plan Akiyama comes up with, Nao has proven her value in previous rounds and is capable of turning things around completely, but it’d be ignorant to dismiss that Fukunaga’s decision is also influenced by her emotional ties to Nao. It’s not like she negotiated the price in advance either, and leaving the chair to Nao is a spur of the moment decision when Nao breaks down in the very last seconds before the gong.

Fukunaga also spends the rest of the round being fiercely protective of Nao, which goes beyond wanting to assure her investment is worthwhile, as we see her getting very upset at the player who lost the chair Nao has given to them, too (in the vein of “how dare you waste her sacrifice”). She even goes out of her way to (repeatedly) make sure that Nao’s still doing fine, that she’s not thinking too much, that she’s not putting too much stress on herself:

“Nao. I can tell you’re worried… You’re afraid you might not be able to save everyone this time, aren’t you? […] Don’t psych yourself out. Just keep your mind on winning this. If you can make it all the way through… Well, the sky’s the limit. But if you lose, then it’s over. You won’t be able to help anyone, let alone yourself.”

The solidarity that she displays (particularly remarkable considering her attitude in early rounds) manages to impress even the hosts. Fukunaga and Nao’s interactions in this game basically concludes with the former reflecting on their relationship and Nao’s growth up to this point, a scene which I love:

“… She just blew my mind… Is this really the same Kanzaki Nao who got easily duped by me just a while ago…? The one who would burst into tears, thoroughly frightened, every time things got a little tough…? She gets stronger little by little, playing the Liar Game.”


Just Imagine

What if Kise Ryouta broke up with his girlfriend, but later regretted it and tried to get back together with her?

You and Kise had been dating for the last three years, and you thought that your relationship was going strong. But two months ago he abruptly broke up with you. “I’m sorry. I just don’t feel the same spark I felt when we started dating. I hope you’ll meet someone better. I know it hurts now, and I’m sorry but it’ll get better.”

It didn’t sink in at first, until the next day when you read the headline, “KISE RYOUTA CONFIRMS 6-MONTH RELATIONSHIP WITH CAMPAIGN PARTNER”. He’d been cheating on you; that’s when you broke down sobbing.

The rest of that night had been a blur to you. Your phone had constantly been ringing with your friends tried to reach you, but you hadn’t wanted to talk to anyone. Through your tears you vaguely recalled your best friend Tetsuya, coming over and holding you tightly as you wailed and dissolved in tears.

Since then, you’ve spent several sleepless nights with a tub of your favorite ice cream, courtesy of Atsushi. The shattered pieces of your heart were on the mend, albeit the sting of his infidelity would probably always be there. Even just thinking about it made you flinch. But you were all cried out of tears, you had given him your best and if he didn’t value that then you wouldn’t give him anymore of your self, including your tears. Slowly but surely, you were moving on.

When you looked back a lot made sense. Towards the end of your relationship he had spent more nights at work or at his place, the two of you met up less frequently, and spoke less often. The two of you had been drifting, and you didn’t, or probably wouldn’t see it. Somewhere in your mind you still couldn’t believe that he had been seeing someone else for the last six months of your relationship, it was difficult to swallow. But you were done with wondering, done with comparing, and simply done with torturing yourself. You were extremely lucky that Tetsuya had been by your side during this process. When you explained the whole situation to him he’d been furious, you’d only ever seen him that angry during his match with Kirisaki Daiichi. As he hugged you, he quietly explained all the ways he’d make Kise pay the next time they all met up to play basketball. Even though you should’ve discouraged him, it was soothing to hear about the retribution.

At the moment, you were heading to meet your friends at a Karaoke bar, you were reluctant at first, but realized that you couldn’t let Kise prevent you from enjoying life. You had been having a great time with your friends, and had just signed up for open mic, hoping to find release for the last bits of the betrayal. What you didn’t expect was to bump into Kise with his former Kaijo teammates.

__-cchi! What are you doing here? Did you come to for Open Mic night? Are you going to sing? Wow, you look great in that outfit.” You were shocked, how could he act like nothing had happened? Controlling your expression you tensely smiled and said you were with your friends, choosing to ignore his compliment. Before he could say anything else you quietly told him you needed to get back to your table, and calmly walked away.

Once you reached your table you could tell your friends wanted to bombard you with questions, but you shook your head and said you didn’t want to talk about it now. Seeing your haunted expressions they didn’t push you any further. As they resumed their conversation, you realized your heart no longer pounded around Kise. With his infidelity that was expected, but you weren’t even nervous or frightened to see him. You were surprised, but other then that you felt impassive. It seems like you’ve moved on.

With a small smile on your face, you told your friends you were going to order another drink; non-alcoholic since you weren’t fond of liquor. As you were giving your order to the bartender, you heard that honey voice you used to love. “I’d like the same, charge them to my table.

You didn’t know what he was trying to do, and tried to correct the bartender. But Kise smiled and the bartender walked away with a knowing smile on his face. “Thank you Kise, but I can pay for my own drink.”

You saw something flash across his eyes as you said his surname, but it was gone almost immediately. “Don’t be like that __-cchi. We’ve known each other for so long.” As the bartender brought the drinks over, you pulled out the right amount for your drink and put it on the counter.

Whether or not you take it is up to you.” As you walked away Kise grabbed your wrist.

Wait! __-cchi, can we talk? Privately.” You visibly tensed. Even though you felt indifferent towards him, you weren’t sure if you wanted to be alone with him.

If you want to talk, we can do that here.” His brows furrowed, and you could tell that he was frustrated with your neutral expression. You weren’t sure what there was to talk about, but you refused to show anything on your face besides a polite smile.

I made a mistake __-cchi. A really stupid, dumb, ridiculous, foolish, idiotic mistake. It’s a mistake I’ve regretted every day for the last two months. I miss you, and parting with you was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I still love you, and I’m sorry for hurting you. But if you’ll have me, I want us to get back together. Let me prove that you’re the only one for me.“ At this point you should’ve been angry, but those golden eyes were so sincere that you only felt conflicted. He was cheating on you, yet now he wants to get back together? What was going on?

Kise. I accept your apology, but I don’t understand. You haven’t contacted me at all these past couple of months, yet when we happen to meet you suddenly decide to pursue me. You broke up with me months ago saying that you no longer felt a spark between us, but confirm a six month relationship with your campaign partner the next day. I have no idea what you’re thinking about, but I don’t want to deal with it.“ You were proud that you remained calm, and finally telling him what was on your mind lifted the remaining burden from your shoulders.

__-cchi let me explain. My agency confirmed the relationship to promote the campaign, I would never cheat on you.“ After dating him for three years you could tell that he was being honest, but you didn’t comment. ”I didn’t contact you because I felt that I didn’t have the right to. I was going to give up, but us meeting here today shows that we’re meant for each other.“ 

If it had been two months ago, you would’ve forgiven him immediately. But he had let you cry for two months and assume the worst. If he had cleared everything up, you wouldn’t have tortured yourself. You sigh. It wasn’t really his fault, you also had a hand in this. You knew that the two of you were drifting, but you didn’t try to mend the relationship either. Even when he broke up with you, instead of fighting for him you let him walk away. It seems that it was inevitable for your relationship to end.

Kise. I forgive you. If I had asked you about the headline we could’ve avoided this misunderstanding, so I also had a part in this mess. But I don’t think we should get back together. Neither of us fought to be with each other. Our relationship wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyways.“ Kise’s golden eyes turned amber. He was upset, but his tone remained gentle.  

"Don’t say that __-cchi. If it’s both of our faults we can just fix it together.” Shaking your head, you tried to remain calm but it was getting harder. So much had changed so suddenly, and now you just felt exhausted.

We can’t change who we are so easily Kise. Even though we didn’t mean to, we hurt each other. I think it’s better if we both just move on. I’m sorry Kise. Thank you for an amazing three years.” You had to get out of there now. If you stayed any longer you would give in, because deep in your heart you would always love him. As you ran out the restaurant you flagged down a taxi. Climbing in you could hear Ryouta desperately calling your name, just your name. Willing yourself not to turn back, you told the driver to go.

The two of you would only hurt each other if you were together. This was for the best, wasn’t it?

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You said that naruhina is the most terrible pairing, but think ss is a good pairing? Omg nh and ss is two most terrible and pathetic pairing but to say that hn is terrible pairing and ss is good is so ridiculous. Naruto at least didn't try to cut Hinata's head, stubbed her in the chest, put her in genjutsu, call her useless or annoying, but yes, hn is terrible ss is good. This just forced stupid pairing, with no development, relationship, interaction but, lol, ss even worse

Oh dear anon, please take a seat and let me explain why your stupid remark of my OPINION doesn’t change anything but only make me more convinced of the fact that SasuSaku indeed is far better than NaruHina in so many levels & ways. 

Naruto at least didn’t try to cut Hinata’s head, stubbed her in the chest, put her in genjutsu, call her useless or annoying, but yes, hn is terrible ss is good.

I’m gonna do you a favor and ignore the misspelling because that’s not the point here lmao. Anyway. You’re right, Naruto never called Hinata annoying, he never stabbed her in the chest or put her in any genjutsu. Oh, wait, it wasn’t JUST Hinata c: Naruto never did that to ANYONE, because he’s the hero of the story and in that way he has this angel crown over his head; he’s the good guy. The so called protagonist.  Sasuke was the antagonist, do you know what this means? This means that he’s supposed to be doing evil things lmao even though you need basic character knowledge to know Sasuke, you seriously seem to lack that along with a lot of people in the naruto fandom. 

Read some tropes or just educate yourself about characters and their roles. Also, just to remind you. Sasuke has hurt,stabbed and verbally abused almost EVERY person coming his way. Naruto is probably the most abused character out of the whole bunch but yooo, no one gives a fuck about that. If Sasuke touches Sakura when she tries to reach out to him and help him because she LOVES him, he’s a crazy freak with no self respect. But if NARUTO goes after Sasuke and tries to save him because he loves him/romantically/platonically, IT’S SO ANGSTY AND SAD AND OMG SASUKE CARES DEEP DOWN. 

That reason my friend, is the lamest, shittiest excuse out of the anti-sasusaku jar. It’s been debunked so many times it’s not even funny anymore. Not to mention, Sasuke cursed and hated, EVEN KILLED, his own brother but he LOVED him so much deep down. I don’t excuse Sasuke’s behavior in any way, but if you’re THAT foolish that you completely ignore his care and weak spot for Sakura, then this argument is just foolish and you shouldn’t even speak to me about this matter lol. 

This just forced stupid pairing, with no development, relationship, interaction but, lol, ss even worse

HAHAHAHAHA. Wow. okay. SasuSaku doesn’t have interaction???? are you for real? what manga have you been reading???? If there’s any pairing that lacks much needed interaction it’s NARUHINA. Sasuke and Sakura were on the same team, if anything they know each other’s abilities and weaknesses better than Naruto and Hinata any day of the week. SASUKE in fact, was the first to proudly compliment and highlight Sakura’s INTELLIGENCE early in the manga when they entered the chunning exams. SAKURA, was the only person he thanked and said goodbye to the night he left konoha. SASUKE, was jealous of Naruto’s strength and how Sakura was IMPRESSED by it. SASUKE told Naruto to save Sakura at all costs because he didn’t want to lose anyone DEAR to him again. SASUKE has continuously been impressed by her abilities and strength. Are you blind to this? Are you just sweeping that under the carpet??

& FYI. SasuSaku didn’t NEED a movie to become canon, it was all there. The only thing needed for these two was TIME for Sasuke to heal from his pain & to learn to forgive himself. Sakura learned to respect and love herself during the period he was gone & it actually motivated her to become stronger not only for herself but for her friends. A huge part of Sakura’s character development WAS thanks to Sasuke’s dark path because during that time she learned to love him and understand him completely. Naruto NEVER showed any romantic interest in Hinata. And the whole “ he didn’t know what romantic love is “ only debunks ALL the naruhina “moments” because HEY, naruto didn’t know of romantic love, so he sure as hell didn’t express her any.

Sasuke didn’t need a genjutsu to realize that he loved Sakura. He learned to accept her love and take her in bit by bit as the years passed. THEY BOTH TOOK IT SLOW. They traveled together, got to know each other. While Naruto had to be pressured from all sides and called an idiot every 5 seconds for not returning Hinatas feelings. They literally shoved Hinata down his throat until he accepted her. He had to pity her and feel bad for not noticing her feelings sooner.  Naruto had to accept Hinata because apparently no one else loved him before her. NaruHina is just a really bad old-school american-high school movie where the bullied guy gets popular in the end and the shy,quiet,  sweet girl in the background is the one who truly DESERVES him because she liked him before his popularity. *rolls eyes*

NaruHina and SasuSaku are different like day and night. 

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Kisuke's answer to Askin's question stays with me: a true scientist wouldn't want to watch someone else recreate the universe; he'd want to be the one doing it. Now, Kisuke was speaking of Mayuri there, but I have to wonder: Aizen believed (believes?) he could do it. Yhwach believes he can. Do you think that Kisuke actually knows HE could do it, and the only thing holding him back is the terrible cost? Do you suppose that 'blank canvas' reference is a veiled threat? Nuke it all and start over...

The short answer?  No.

The long (VERY LONG) one?

I think, anon, the answer to your question was given a number of years ago, in chapter 421: 

All Kubo did in 664 was elaborate on it:

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I don’t normally do this sort of thing but I feel as though the people of the Mario community, and roleplays all over should know and be aware of this should something like it arise in their fandom. A while back I saw a few individuals speak on how mariothesuperplumber had been harassing them. Now at first, I just let things to pass over since he had come to me and Rosie with the same self-righteous words but had apologized about it the next day. Being the foolish person I was, I forgave the man & tried to turn over a new leaf. Things were going well, so I thought until I found out that he was still saying bad things about me behind my back. I’m absolutely positive that this man’s apology even to the public was just empty words to regain everyone’s trust again. He has not changed at all and I don’t see him changing in the near future either. If you’re friends with him, I’m not telling you to stop. That is your choice and I would never condescend you for sticking by your friend no matter what. I understand that notion since I am doing exactly that. He has been speaking harshly on my group of friends for a while now and I’m just so tired of it. Saying that we’re too ’close-knitted’ but how is that a bad thing? We’ve all known each other for years so it’s only natural to be that way. He also called us ’elitist’ but I dont know how that’s possible if we do indeed roleplay with others. He barely knows anything about us yet he can make such outrageous assumptions as if it was his God given right. Just because one is intimidated, it DOES NOT give them a right to talk down on people because of their own self-confident issues. This message is primarily to let people know that you don’t have take that bullshit he dishes out on a daily basis. Below are a few messages he sent back and forth to both me and watcherofstars. Keep in mind that these messages were sent while we were still on hiatus around two weeks ago.

Call it my anger towards being ignored all the damned time, and this fuckin’ clique-like behavior amongst all of you MySpace people.

— mariothesuperplumber

It’s intimidating as fuck, and call it complete misinterpretation on my part but I see your fancy symbols, HTML profiles, clique behavior and all of those years of experience under your belt as ways of spitting in my face and saying “I’m a superior human being to you”.

— mariothesuperplumber

Thing is, my confidence shrivels up like a grape when encountering you longtime elitists because I know no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do I’ll never be as fucking good as you. Because years of experience aren’t things that can be obtained like good writing and whatnot. I know I ain’t as good a Mario as littleredguido or It’s a Me Mario back on RP.ME but I try my best.

— mariothesuperplumber

I want to eradicate all other Mario’s that have ever existed so I can be the sole master race plumber that’s unrivaled.

— mariothesuperplumber

Now this post below is from his facebook taken just last night. I found a bunch of interesting collection on his facebook. It’s basically just a number of random screenshots from Tumblr that he decided to upload in order to make others look bad.

All I wish to gain from this is to raise awareness. I don’t want anyone else being hurt by this Mario’s words. I will admit that he is a wonderful roleplayer but if the mun behind the character is a jerk, you have the right to decline starting a thread with him. Which is exactly what I did. You don’t have to make everyone happy. Roleplaying is meant for fun. It’s not some competition to be won. Everyone has their own unique style that is different. There is no best. It’s all up to interpretation.  So do not allow anyone to speak down on you even if they’re supposedly intimidating by fancy layouts or writing or anything you do. If you do run into this roleplayer, take his words with a grain of salt. He’s only out to make himself look better while putting others down in the process. 

[Translation] Tora - ROCK AND READ 052 - Part 2

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– PS Company was established in 1999, and in its 5th year, Alice Nine entered the company. It is perhaps just like Tora-kun said, it feels like all of you have grown up together.

Tora: Right. All of us grew up together and became a company and a band that were capable of making music. No matter how good or bad the circumstance was, it was what had created who we are today. I think that we could finally become a band.

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