though honestly i prefer this to two dudes

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About CACW: I think the rage about Sharon and Steve kissing is because there was so little build up? And because we honestly know that if Bucky had been a woman him and Steve would have gotten together. Also Sharon as a replacement for Peggy is shitty. I also know a big chunk of the fans would just prefer to see Stucky so there's two white dudes touching dick though. So it's like one part misogyny in women are replaceable, one part marvel won't give us gays and one part fetishizing homosexuality

I am getting really tired of this… So little build up??? I don’t understand. He liked her as his neighbor, he wanted to date her. Then he felt betrayed when he realized she was an agent keeping watch on him this entire time. He had two years to cope with that and what really helped heal that hurt and animosity was realizing that she does have the ideals of a person he already respected. And I don’t mean she has things in common with someone he use to be in love with romantically, I mean he realized she is a respectable person who was just doing her job. They talk and heal together. Later he realizes that he’s a criminal, he’s on the run, and who knows how much worse things are about to get but he can bet that he won’t be seeing Sharon again for a long time, so he decides to stop waiting and allows himself to act on his feelings. THAT IS TWO MOVIES OF DEVELOPMENT. I can’t take this argument anymore “it’s rushed, she’s thirsty as hell, it came out of no where.” Y’all watched The Winter Soldier, right? Come on. I see far less outcry about George marrying his dead twin brother’s high school sweetheart than I’ve seen about Steve kissing a woman related to someone he had loved 70 years ago who got married and had a family without him and then passed away. She’s not a replacement. She’s her own person. The misogyny is coming from the fans, not Marvel. It’s the audiences lashing back that are the ones discrediting and disrespecting Sharon. Sharon Carter is not stealing gay representation from us. That’s not how this works. These things have nothing to do with each other. Hate Marvel for not embracing bisexual characters, don’t hate Sharon Carter for getting in the way of a relationship Marvel wasn’t going to give us anyway. This is on Marvel, not the female characters. And we honestly know that Sam Wilson has way more romantic chemistry with Steve than Bucky does right right k thanx.

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