though he was outstanding


Summary: You connect falling in love with Logan to certain colors.

Ship: Logan x Reader

Song Inspiration: Love by Lana Del Rey

Word Count: 1,575 words.

Tags: i had so much fun writing this honestly, its so cute, well to me, romance, fluff, i think this is fLUff????,

Last Words: best song in the world please listen while you read, IT’LL MAKE THE STORY HIT YOU LIKE A TON OF BRICKS EVEN MORE

Special Tag: since this is my first post on tumblr & i love Logan I’m gonna tag some of my favorite writers :-) @theamazingworldoffandomfics @crossbns  @mellifluous-melodramas @geeks-universe 

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Dominoes (Daveed x Reader)

Request: “Hello can you do a part 3 to “A Better Place Daveed x reader” please? Thanks.”

“Part 3 to taking off pretty PLS 😁 also great writing bro.”

Summary: Lin forms a team to get Daveed to ask the reader out.

Warnings: swear words, plotting against Daveed for the greater good, slightly edited urban dictionary definition, surprise faces who deserve more love

Word Count: 2496

A/N: Quick shoutout to @sunshinemiranda for being hella supportive. You’re a great writer man, you deserve any and all support and praise coming to you. Here’s to you!

Part One - Part Two

domino effect:
an expression meaning that if one person is affected or acting in a certain way, those surrounding it will do the same.

One by one, the cast began to arrive at the Richard Rogers theatre and Daveed took the liberty of introducing you to everyone as they entered. Everyone was friendly towards you as you exchanged introductions and you couldn’t help but feel the need to befriend every single one of them.

Each cast member also stopped by Lin’s dressing room, having received an urgent text from him earlier in the day. Everyone except Daveed, that is.The text read:

Need you to stop by my room once you get here, IMPORTANT MATTERS TO DISCUSS!

P.S. make sure Daveed and his new friend don’t see this text, keep them occupied. CRUCIAL TO THE MISSION!

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Omg can you pleaseeee write a small blurb about drunk clingy whining Ashton wanting to cuddle his friend (I find the girlfriend thing corny already so like a good girl who is a friend of his) I'll love you forever ❤️❤️

ofc ofc aha 

so i m a g i n e bringing a giggle, intoxicated Ashton home to your house. You had joined him and a few friends for a quick drink. But Ashton lost count and kept indulging himself. He knew for a fact that, though, that you’d be there and making sure he doesn’t overdo it. 

“Aw man, Y/N, ahe we havin’ a sleepover?” Ashton slurred, a wide grin playing at his lips as you began opening the door and helping him enter. His arm would be over your shoulder, depending on you to be his leg-assist to walk. “Your house, Y/N, is fuckin’ great, mahn. I love it.” 

“You are something else, Ash,” you giggled, closing the door as you guided Ashton to your bedroom and laid him on your bed. You watch as he gets comfortable and starts laughing a lot. 

“I’m fuckin’ drunk, man,” Ashton uttered, laughing at himself. You shook your head, humored as you left to get the boy a glass of water and a box of Advil for the morning. Returning, you found him sitting up with his phone out. “I miss Michael, dude. I haven’t seen him in so long!” 

“You saw him just 10 minutes ago, Ash,” you said with a giggle. He dropped his phone and gave an expression of shock, as though he just stumbled on something outstanding. 

“Oh shih, yeah,” Ashton breathed, having you laugh as you offered the glass. While he gulped it down, you began to go to your closet to grab a pillow and a blanket. “Whatcha doin’?” 

“I’m getting stuff to sleep on the couch,” you simply stated, glancing back with a blanket in your arms. Ashton’s lips dropped to a pout, puppy eyes lingering in those hazel eyes before patting the space beside him on your bed. You hesitated, but his lips turned to a soft smile as he awaited your presence. 

“Please?” He asked quietly. It was enough, as you tossed the blanket on the bed and sat on it. You began relieving yourself of your shoes, and then crawled to the space next to Ashton. “Thanks for doin’ this, by the way, Y/N. You’re a really great friend.”

“Anything for you, Ash,” you said quietly, a small smile teasing your lips as you began getting comfortable. As you did, you laid down to face Ashton, having him face you in return. His eyes were drooping, likely exhausted with his brown hair becoming a mess. 

“Hey, can we cuddle?” Ashton asked quietly, having you gulp in a bit of shock from the request. “I jes wanna be held, if thas alright with you.” You grinned, knowing how considerate and polite Ashton was. You moved closer and took his head in your arms. With his head now pressed at your upper chest, you began tickling his scalp with your fingers. Those light brown locks were smooth, the hairs almost like silk in your hands. 

“Does that feel okay?” You asked quietly. 

“Mm,” he responded, watching as his eyes slowly closed. His arms wrapped themselves around your stomach, being sure not to go down to the waist or any higher. His fingertips brushed themselves around your back for a brief moment until it stopped. He was slowly getting very drowsy. “…Hey, Y/N?”


“You’re cool,” Ashton murmurs, his hot breath reaching your chest before he finally drowned into a deep slumber. You snorted quietly, patting his head delicately as you reached the lamp with your other arm and shut the lights. 

cute drunk ashy x 

Why I Like Karma Akabane

When you ask a fan of Assassination Classroom why they like Karma Akabane, you’re bound to get one or all of the following responses.

1) He’s hot asf.

2) He’s a sadist.

3) He’s perfect omfg.

4) He’s a badass.

5) He’s hot asf. 

And he’s arguably all those things. But do you wanna know why I like Karma Akabane?

He’s a huge dork.

This is a part of Karma’s character I feel doesn’t get appreciated enough. Everyone loves Karma as the cool, sadistic ace of E-Class. So do I. But to be honest, I’d be pretty annoyed if that was all there was to his personality. We’ve seen this character type all the time in manga/anime, mostly as the fangirl bait/ male power fantasy.

But Matsui-sensei doesn’t go for that. Instead, he makes Karma feel like a real kid. He plays on a Nintendo DS. He gets bored easily. He gets embarrassed by his peers. He’ll whip out fucking mustard as a weapon. Karma’s may excel at a lot of things, but he’s still just a middle school boy. And Matsui-sensei is always there to remind us that.

Also, I’m very glad that despite his overwhelming popularity, Karma never really takes the protagonist role away from Nagisa. I’m sure it’s tempting, but I respect that the mangaka isn’t afraid to put Karma in with the background characters. Sometimes he’ll go through entire arcs not really saying or doing anything. And that’s fine, because it shows us that even though Karma is an outstanding individual, he isn’t really any “better” or “more important” than the other E-Class students. He’s a main character, side character, and a background character all in one. Thank God for Karma.      


Transformers: The Last Knight, directed by Michael Bay, is the fifth installment in the Transformers film franchise. This one tells the story of transformers(?). Honestly though, the plot is confusing as hell and makes no sense.

Okay, so where to start with this. I grew up with Transformers. Playing with the toys, watching the cartoons, playing the toys more, etc. I genuinely love the first film of the franchise. The other three are really bad, but are guilty pleasures of mine and I have to say, this one is no different. It’s bad, but if you enjoyed any of the previous, you’ll enjoy this one probably and if you didn’t, don’t waste your time.

Something that is consistent throughout these films is the fact that Michael Bay, on a technical level, is an amazing filmmaker. His shots are beautiful, the CGI is amazing, and the production design is outstanding. As a character and story director though, he falls amazingly flat most of the time and this is no different.

Mark Wahlberg, like in Age of Extinction, is the best part of the film on the human side. He tries his best to bring emotion and heart to the film and while he isn’t fully able to simply because of Bay’s direction of scenes, it’s obvious that he’s trying to. Anthony Hopkins is also solid because he’s Anthony freaking Hopkins.

Do I really need to get into the problems of this film though? There the same as the three previous films. Human characters suck, little to no character development, too long (the first forty minutes could’ve been cut and it wouldn’t have made a difference), convoluted plot that makes no sense with a random macguffin, character decisions that are made way to quickly, a lot of bad humor (although several jokes did land for me) oh and a new one is here too, continuity be damned now, because there are several things that completely contradict the other films in the franchise, especially the first one.

Overall, The Last Knight is exactly what you would expect from the fifth Transformers film by Michael Bay, but in order for change to be made in the future, a new director needs to be brought in. But hey, I still enjoyed it admittedly because I have a soft spot for these films and they are guilty pleasures of mine.


Guilty Pleasure score: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading!


Commissioned by the American Atelier, New York, in 1989, Chuck Jones created a series of original mixed-media works of a few of his favorite works of art. He said it was one of his most challenging projects, that bending his painting style to that of the artists he admired was not without difficulty. The results, though, were outstanding. The original works were then produced as hand-pulled stone lithographs, printed one color at a time on 19th century Marinoni flat-bed presses. 

Top: “Nude Duck Descending a Staircase” (after Marcel Duchamp)

Middle: “Moulin Rouge” (after Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec)

Bottom: “The Scweam” (after Edvard Munch) 

Josh Washington is mentally ill. Josh Washington acted out a vengeful, hurtful prank in order to mimic what his friends did the year before, in order to show them that what they did was wrong, and terrifying, and what, you don’t like feeling terrorized, humiliated? Panicked?

Josh Washington suffered from withdrawal-induced hallucinations due to not taking his meds recently. Josh Washington has a history of getting his doctors to continually up his dosage or change his meds altogether, and Josh Washington has a history (a canon history) of self-medicating.

Despite all of this, though, Josh Washington was a loving brother. He devised an outstanding prank, one that 1) would never hurt anybody and 2) would give his friends a taste of their own medicine. He never meant to get anyone killed; he only meant to prove a point.

Josh Washington suffers from depression, addiction. Josh Washington has been hospitalized, supervised, and told he’s crazy more times than he can count, but please stop amounting this character to “psycho” or “deranged” or any other hurtful slurs like that because of it. Josh Washington is a complex, spiteful individual, so please stop (even if accidentally) demonizing mentally ill writers, fans, or anyone else, who may suffer from similar problems.

Uthman ibn ‘Affaan (رضي الله عنه)
Born six years after the year of the elephant (‘Aam al-Feel), ‘Uthmaan Ibn ‘Affaan, may Allah be pleased with him, belonged to a well-reputed and honourable family of Makkah in the period of Jahiliyyah, Banu Umayyah, a branch of the tribe of Quraysh. His ancestral pedigree joins with that of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him in the fifth generation. His father’s name is ‘Uthmaaan Ibn ‘Affaan Ibn Abi Al-‘Aas Ibn Ummayyah Ibn ‘Abd Shams Ibn ‘Abd Manaaf. His mother’s name is Arwa Bint Kurayz.

‘Uthmaan was one of the few persons in Makkah who learned how to read and write at an early age, and as a young man became a successful merchant and businessman. Of all his contemporaries, he was a venerable man of overrated virtue and outstanding attributes. Though he was extremely wealthy and of high rank, he was always noted for his modesty and humbleness. Even before landing on the safe shore of Islam, he was a soft natured and kind hearted man; he used to help the needy and the poor-stricken, and did not hesitate to spend any amount of money on seeing a man in trouble in order to remove his misery. For his lofty morals and decent way of expression, the Makkans had great respect for him. It is also said that he never wronged anyone, nor did anything obscene, or prostrated himself before idols in Jahiliyyah.

'Uthmaan, may Allaah be pleased with him, was among the early converts to Islam. He and Abu Bakr were close friends, and it was Abu Bakr who convinced him to embrace Islam, when the latter was thirty-four years of age. Kharijite insurgents were plotting to assassinate and murder 'Uthmaan. When the period of Hajj was over and support came from Madeenah in favour of the Caliph, this made things difficult for the insurgents. So they decided on this ground to execute their mission immediately before things got out of hand and before they were overpowered by the allied forces supporting the Caliph. They tried to break into the Caliph’s house, but failed because of the resistance of the Ansaar and the Muhajireen. Then the insurgents decided to burn 'Uthmaan’s house. They climbed the walls and attacked him while he was reciting the Glorious Qur’an silently. Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr did not hurt the caliph, but Al-Ghafiqi Ibn Harb immediately hit 'Uthmaan with an axe he was holding. Then another one struck him with his sword. On seeing this ugly scene, the Caliph’s wife, Naa’ilah tried to protect him, but the sword chopped off her fingers. One of the insurgents ultimately put an end to the Caliphs life by striking him. The insurgents robbed the Caliph’s house and Baitul-Maal. This event took place on Friday, 18th Dhul-Hijjah, 35 A.H (656 AC).

These evil men only allowed the people to bury the Commander of the Faithful in secret. Then his decent and clean body was finally laid to rest at night and his burial was attended by a few mourners.

This unfortunate and painful incidence brought to an end to the life of the third Rightly-Guided Caliph, ‘Uthmaan Ibn ‘Affaan, at 80 years of age. It was undoubtedly an abundant life of one of the revered Companions, one of the pious early Muslims who strove in Allaah’s cause with his soul, money and his utmost service and self-sacrifice. To justify this event was nothing but pain felt by all the Muslims. Its effect is still remembered in the Muslim world today.

[Biographies of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, prepared from the works of Ibn Katheer, At-Tabari, As-Suyooti, and other historians, Dar Al-Manarah]


Luke Hemmings is a picture perfect Ravenclaw. He gets outstanding grades, his favorite class though, is defiantly Herbology. and partakes in extracurricular activities such as the dueling club. Luke is also known for bringing strange muggle animals into Hogwarts for kids that need a friend, or just like taking care of animals.

A Very Mechanicum Christmas

‘Twas the night before Omnissiahmas, and all through the hive,

Not a creature was stirring, though some were still alive

Post-holiday-purge; as we tried to forget

That Uncle Jimmy had been burned as a heretic.

And the children all huddled asleep on the floor,

As visions of Carnodons stole through their torpor.

And I with my pistol at rest in my lap,

Had just settled down for an amasec-induced nap—

When out in the street there arose such a riot

That I assumed we were in for another gang fight.

Away from my window—I will not lie—I fled,

Hoping to avoid any further bloodshed.

The neon signs that flashed on the street’s cement

Cast a shadow on my shutters that seemed warp-sent.

And when I peeked through my curtains, an ominous glance I stole,

Of a tall Techpriest, followed by eight tiny servo-skulls.

This stark red figure was so alarmingly iconic,

I knew that it must be St. Mecha-Nick.

More rapid than an Aquila his servants did come,

As he whistled and crackled in Techna-Lingua.

‘Now Alatus, now Velox, now Spatha, and Perinetus,

On Remidium, on Midath, on Lathe and Lucius!

Go through the window and unlock the door;

You act as if we’ve never done this before!’

As mutants before a Redemptionist purge fly,

When they meet with a flamethrower, deeper into the hive,

So in through our window the servo-skulls flew,

To open a portal for their Master to come through.

And then in a twinkling I heard from the door,

A slide and a clunk as our locks hit the floor.

As I drew my pistol and was turning around,

Through the door came St. Mecha-Nick with a bound.

He was dressed all in red covering head and potentia coil,

And his robes were quite stained with sacred machine oil;

I shuddered to behold the bag flung over his back,

But still could not help but wonder what he held in that sack.

His eyes—how they glowed!  His respirator so clean!

His cheeks made of metal, all highlighted in green

From the ocular lenses placed high on his face,

His natural vision at night probably meant to replace.

He was gaunt and emaciated—a right terrifying sight,

And I couldn’t help when I saw him but to scream in pure fright;

A word to a skull and a tilt of his head,

Soon more than affirmed my feelings of dread.

He spoke not a word, did not seem to rush,

Collected genetic samples from the family, took our names for census.

Then he gathered his servo-skulls and stepped to the door,

Tossed a package from the sack right onto the floor,

And shuffled away into the growing night,

As I tried my best to get over the fright

His presence had caused until a moment ago.

I had to wonder what was in the package, though.

As I opened it up, my hands trembling so quick—

I was afraid for a moment I’d developed a tic—

My eyes lit up—what a sight to behold!

St. Mecha-Nick had left me a brand new pistol!

And through the gloom I heard, though he was far out of sight,


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Ooh! can I ask how Midousuji would propose, & how he'd fare as a husband? Love your blog!

Sure can!

Midousuji would have a plan for the evening: take them out to a nice dinner, take an evening stroll beneath the stars, then he would bring out a speech that in no uncertain terms would show them how committed he was to them–that he loved them and would cherish them forever. He would end up barely being able to get a full sentence out, so he essentially just ended up saying “you love me, so you should marry me”. 

He wouldn’t exactly be outstanding husband material, though he’d get better over time. Midousuji likes his space, both emotional and physical, and sometimes forgets that his partner likes verbal reassurance that he cares about them. But he would support them as much as he was able, doing small things around the house so they weren’t doing all the chores alone, and making sure that they took care of themself. Midousuji would shine best during the quiet moments of their relationship–when he brought home their favorite dessert because it was on sale, or when he agreed to see movies he couldn’t care less about just to see them smile. Just because they were married didn’t mean Midousuji stopped putting in effort to keep them by his side for as long as he could.