though he was kinda dumb in this

March 23, 2015 (My very first time watching Jacksepticeye. 💚)

Today marks my 3rd Anniversary of when I first discovered @therealjacksepticeye. It was on a school day. And I had to do some kind of computer project..But, I couldn’t help but go to Youtube. I was going to search up Markiplier. my recommendations it shows up “Jacksepticeye”. The thumbnail showed was Jack’s face with Christmas themed background. Even though it wasn’t Christmas in March. So, I kinda wanted to click on it. It looked kinda funny to me. And as soon as I heard that very “TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES!”, my heart jumped. And I didn’t know that he was loud, full of energy! Throughout the entire video, he managed to make me laugh a lot. Since of course the students were talking loud and laughing at their own dumb conversations, I laughed at a person who made me laugh and smile. My absolute favorite part of the Christmas Shopper Simulator video was when Jack ACTUALLY kicked the man instead of the TV! (The gif showing below.) OH MY GOD THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD I ACTUALLY HAD A LAUGH ATTACK. I kept replaying it over and over again..Oh god I haven’t laughed that hard in years until today! And..ever since that day, I subscribed to Jack and kept watching his videos..He always made me laugh, smile and even made me cry. He made me felt like I was actually there with him. I am very happy that I found him in my recommendations. This man actually did save my life. He did made me do at least a smile so my pain can slowly fade away..Thank you, Jack. Thank you so, SO much. I know you don’t like it when we say thank you to you. But, I can’t help it but say it. Keep doing what you do best, Jack. And don’t ever stop! We love you! 💚

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[miraculous ladybug]: anonymous bug

a little ladrien ficlet for @fangirl-with-a-shippers-heart as a warm welcome to the fandom~

(eh. not sure if this turned out how you wanted but… I ended up just kinda taking the idea and running with it 😅)

“I’m telling you, this is a dumb idea.”

With little effort, Adrien ignores the voice coming out of his shirt’s pocket as he runs along Rue de Passy. He’s used to it by now. No matter how much Camembert he gives to appease his kwami, Plagg has proven time and time again that nothing will ever stop him from voicing his bluntly worded opinions.

Taking a left turn at an intersection, Adrien continues on as though no one had spoken. Despite the loud whirs of cars passing, his shallow huffs of air and pounding heart are the only sounds he can focus on as he dashes towards their agreed meeting place up ahead.

To avoid setting an easy pattern for the paparazzi to follow, the locations for the start of their patrols never repeat themselves more than once over a sequence of five. His Lady always had the best ideas.

“Why do I even bother with you humans?” Plagg laments to himself, sliding further down into Adrien’s pocket.

“It’s not like you ever take other people’s advice either,” Adrien hisses out of the corner of his mouth.

“It’s no wonder you were chosen for me,” the creature sighs. “Nature likes playing cruel tricks.”

“Stop being overdramatic,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“Another shared trait,” Plagg says. Yawning, he adds, “Well, good luck. It’s not like I can stop you anyways.”

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The Lost Light Does Your Makeup (S1 Cast)

(I’m leaving it up to the reader to decide whether these losers are using holomatter avatars or are in robot mode btw so I guess you can apply these to either a human or Cybertronian reader if you want lmao) (also why are there so many god damn robots on this ship this is so long holy hell)


  • He tries giving you smokey eyes. It doesn’t work out.
  • No seriously he’s so bad at doing makeup don’t let him near the eyeliner he’ll poke you in the eye with it and scream because he thinks you’ve gone blind.


  • He loves painting your lips, because he likes how it makes your smiles even prettier!
  • Probably forgets to use a setting spray/powder/whatever and gets a bit sad when it rubs off though (unleSS IT RUBBED OFF ON HIM CAUSE U WERE SMOOCHING).


  • He thinks it’s kinda dumb, but will do it anyway if you ask nicely. If you ask him pre-Delphi his hands might seize up and he’ll like. Smear lipstick across your entire face.
  • Post-Delphi when he’s got New Hands smearing stuff across your face won’t be a problem. He’s great at doing your eyeliner, and other more finnicky things but he’s gonna need you to explain what each product is and which brush you gotta use it with.

Ultra Magnus

  • It takes a lot of convincing to get him to do it, but he’s actually not bad if you’re okay with staying still for a long time (he’ll make mistakes and then remove everything and start over until you look flawless)
  • He will up your eyebrow game by an insane amount and your eyeliner will have perfectly even wings. Get Mags to do your makeup.


  • He’s constantly cracking jokes while he’s applying the goods, so you end up laughing really hard when he tries to do anything.
  • You look like a disaster when he’s done, but you both had fun and he did his best so it’s okay. You do his makeup too and take some selfies together.


  • He gets very excited because you’re so cute!! And he gets to help you look even cuter!! He’s determined to make you look amazing.
  • He’s got no idea what any of these things are. Please guide this big baby through the whole process so he doesn’t get lipstick on your eyes or something.


  • He saw you do your makeup once and was all “hey can I try” so you were like “sure thing lol” because you couldn’t get your eyeliner right.
  • He managed to do everything perfectly on his first try and even did a bit of contouring. You hate how perfect you look. This isn’t fair Skids. You don’t even wear makeup, Skids. 


  • He’s either terrible or really great at makeup, there’s no in between with him.
  • He’s gonna screw conventional makeup looks and go for something very elaborate and avantgarde just because he can. You either look glorious and majestic or monstrous and terrifying when he’s done with you. Get Brainstorm to do your makeup.


  • He’s not gonna do it, so don’t even bother asking.
  • I mean I guess if you try hard enough he might give in and teach you some old as balls Cybertronian makeup techniques that have been otherwise forgotten (spoiler alert: they’re all war paint patterns), but that’s all you’re getting and he’ll only do it once, so you better remember those looks. You look badass tho.


  • He’s honored you’ll let him do your makeup tbh, because hardly anyone on Cybertron wears makeup except for like, war paint or for religious reasons.
  • Probably opts for a subtle and/or simple look though, because he doesn’t want to make you look bad on accident. It takes him a bit of practice, but once he gets the hang of it you look absolutely radiant. 


  • Don’t let Whirl do your makeup. He will break all your brushes and products with his Big Metal Claws. If he uses his holo avatar it should be ok though.
  • Holo!Whirl decides you’re gonna have a look that says you killed a man. When you’re done, you look like extremely hot, and also like you’ve murdered not just one man, but a hundred.


  • Honestly? He probably doesn’t want to do your makeup but Rewind took your side but that’s probably because he wants to film Domey trying (and failing) to do your eyeliner.
  • He’s not very good at it, but he’s also not terrible at doing your makeup. He avoids doing your eyeliner though and just sticks to using mascara and some lipgloss. Rewind is disappointed.


  • This smol boy doesn’t take it seriously. At all.
  • He films himself doing your makeup. He does it badly on purpose and then makes you watch the video before you look in a mirror. It’s entertaining but the end result is awful. Don’t let Rewind do your makeup.

(Ok last fantasy au post before i go to sleep) so, reigen is kinda in between the human and fae folk civilizations. Althought he doesnt have a place among either, he technically leans towards the fae side because, well, he’s elven, even though the all dont like him.

The fae hate the fact that he tries to blend in with human cultures and towns for no obvious reason, but they usually think je’s so eccentric and weird because he’s young and stupid and hasnt been around long enough to know the kinda shit human’s have done in the past.

But. Heres the thing.

Reigen is an Elf.

Elves are near immortal. Reigen isn’t just ‘young and dumb’, hes literally been around for thousands of years. Hes seen the shit humans have done to fae folk first hand (and what fae have done to each other those guys are at each others throats all the time too)

But people dont really Know or realize that since a) he never stays in one place long enough for people to notice that, hey, he doesnt age. (At least before mob he didn’t) b) he acts pretty oblivious to a lot of stuff and c) elves are basically extinct now, and a lot of things about their cultures and traditions was wiped away, which has to do with why exactly he hides thats hes an elf but i wont get into that now.

But basically Reigen doesnt seem like it, but hes actually a wise dude, knows a lot of shit about how those from different species act in relation to one another, and is awesome.

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How are the pastas like when drunk?

Jeff: Surprisingly easy-going and hilarious. Usually stupid though

BEN: Does not drink often because he kinda just passes out.

Toby: Stupid and wants to argue with everyone

Masky: Sad….just sad

Hoodie: Complains and will get political

EJ: Doesn’t drink AT ALL

Jane: is also a sad drunk

Clockwork: She just walks around dancing and doing dumb stuff

my favorite minjoon aesthetic

when namjoon is the awkward n bumbling bf who’s really tall and kinda uncoordinated and wears dumb outfits all the time and loses his stuff and is generally a Big Mess ,, finally introduced to Mutual Friend jimin who smiles a lot and is very charming and giggles at stuff namjoon says and when they start dating jimin dotes on his bf a lot and likes to pet his hair and wrap himself around his arm when they’re walking together and always asks for a kiss before class starts even though namjoon is bright red and helps him find things he’s missing and every night is date night and both have perpetual heart eyes for each other and are generally the softest couple out there fight me on this if u don’t believe me #bye

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I started watching Miraculous Ladybug. Why is this boy so dumb? I'm three episodes in and he has seen ladybug and Chloe in the same room together. Shouldn't it be apparent that Chloe isn't ladybug?

BAHAHAHA oh dear, sweet Adrien, bless him, I love him to death but he is not always the… sharpest kitty on the streets. It gets even worse when you find out that ///MINOR SPOILER/// one of the first things Ladybug ever did was save Chloe ///END SPOILER///

They’re all pretty dumb about the whole identities thing, though, like there is honest to God an episode where Chloe is in a Ladybug costume and actually gets mistaken for being Ladybug. And I mean come on, Mari’s hair looks exactly the same. It’s Clark Kenting and you just gotta kinda roll with it. I would also caution about not getting too hung up on continuity, idk how much you know about this but except for the origins episodes and Volpina there’s intentionally no chronology, and the show got aired in a different order in every country. Fingers crossed this changes for s2 so we can get more plot…

But eeeeeee I’m so excited you’re watching ML!!!! I hope you enjoy it, even if the characters are idiots sometimes lol. What language are you watching it in? Personally I think the French dub is best - the English dub is REALLY cringy sometimes

I know Glee isn’t necessarily about Sam, but I think the way that he treated him was awful and I have a lot of reasons why.

First, Sam dated Quinn who cheated on him with Finn and they broke up. He went to Santana but that lasted like two episodes and all they did was make out and she was super mean to him so I don’t really count that lol.

Then there was Mercedes, and though they never really became official after her and Shane broke up… despite Sam’s trying… they did not date. Then came Brittany (ahh my favorite) and he was so cute and nice to her and then they broke up so Brit could be with her OTP, Santana, which we knew was going to happen so I guess I get it. 

Back to Mercedes which didn’t work out because of the whole sex thing… and I will admit I hated that they made Sam cheat on Mercedes with the dumb photographer but the way that Mercedes handled it was kinda weird to me. She seemed like she had just been waiting for them to break up because she knew it wouldn’t work out.

Now we come to Rachel. The second I saw how her and Sam looked at each other in the Movin’ Out episode, I shipped them pretty hard. Because Sam reminded her of home and he is the closest thing to Finn she’s ever gonna get.

And season 6 happened and my heart was happy because Sam was helping her heal and she was helping him get over Mercedes and he believed in her. He believed in everyone he dated. 

WIth Quinn, he was protective and loving. With Mercedes he posted a video of her on youtube and put her name in lights so she would believe in herself. With Brit he married her because she thought the world was ending and got her another cat so Lord Tubbington wouldn’t be lonely. He showed Rachel she could love again and encouraged her to go back to NYADA because he knew she would regret not doing it. 

Sam has been such a wonderful and caring and supportive boyfriend and then what does he get? NOTHING. I like that he is coaching Glee but I can’t tell you how upset I got when Blaine said “Sam’s got another girlfriend” because it completely threw Sam aside. He’s just the boyfriend who gives and gets nothing in return. He is never good enough. Mercedes wanted Sam to “help heal Rachel’s heart” but I didn’t know that was ALL he’d be doing. So she can go back to Jesse St. James who was never on the show and when he was he was a jerk. I can’t tell you how sad I am for Sam and it makes sense to me why Chord has been acting weird at press. He got pushed aside and I think it’s unfair. And thinking back to when Sam said maybe if he’s lucky he’ll always be on Rachel’s wall in his little gold shorts breaks my heart because he deserves to be all over the wall. He’s everything and I love him, and I never even realized how much I did.

A little update (13/03/17).

So, I had another oral test today with the teacher I talked about a few days ago. It went great. But that’s not exactly what I want to talk about today.
First of all, he noticed I was smiling a lot during his class and he told me I seemed like “a very happy girl”. I just laughed and played dumb, even though my whole face turned red.
After I took the test, I had nothing to do, so I was just kinda looking at my notebook and being awkward, as usual. Then, all of a sudden, and in the middle of asking some other students the test questions, my teacher started talking to me, and he asked me what kind of movies I like. Just like that. Out of nowhere. As if he already knew I’m obsessed with movies, and just wanted to dig more into that subject. It’s nothing, but it feels nice to have someone that cares about you enough to want to know this kind of stuff. Plus, it felt natural. Real. Like he actually wanted to get to know me better.

I told myself I wouldn’t do this and maybe I’m getting too much into it (thanks blurry) but this is the pinned tweet on Tyler’s twitter. I kinda always wondered what it meant because he often talks about not really minding the haters so which enemies could he be talking about?

Yesterday though, after a few (or a bunch?) of us emailed blurryface we got this answer:

It was an automatic reply that stopped after the first hour or so. Some of the clique speculated that the people who messaged could have their email addresses added to some kind of emailing list or newsletter. 

The link between that and the tweet? Tyler needs our help to take him out. We are Blurryface’s enemies and he wants to keep us on the guest list. 

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good boy, khoshekh, the sky, the erikas

Good Boy: Have any of your pets ever seemed to despise someone?

I don’t think Marley is capable of hating someone. The first time he met Dane he tackled him to the floor and refused to stop licking his face. I had to rescue my boyfriend from a saliva monster. Though watching a shapeshifting demon that tried to take over the world be defeated by a golden retriever was hilarious.

Khoshekh: Do your pets have any strange habits?

Not really, just the basic kinda dumb golden retriever behavior. 

The Sky: If you could change the appearance of the sky, what would it look like?

I always really liked the  sky in Solara, with all its lights and stuff going on. I feel like if the sky always looked like that, it’d be great.

The Angels Erikas: How do you react when you’re ignored?

I take it kind of personally. Like being loud and trying to make the person notice me. I don’t like being ignored.

Toriel: “Well, some of those are nice, too, I guess? I hope you’re not referring to those dumb wordplays, though. Some are fine, but it’s not really what you would call humor…”

Toriel: “EXCUSE YOU. He’s still my husband.”

Any googly-eyed face is best face for me, but his “help a froggit just crushed me” face remains my fave this far xD

Toriel: “Probably how CUTE they are! They’re such a cutie patootie!”

Frisk: “Probably a backpack with food? I’m kinda hungry right now…”

Frisk: “Yes, yes I can! Some years ago I started helping in the kitchen, and I learnt a few things!”

Sure they do! I wanted contrast with Chara’s eyes, to differenciate them a bit. Chara has red eyes, like the dreemurr family, Frisk has purple eyes! 

Why purple? Because I love purple XDD And because it’s a color that complements red very well, too c:

I love how Zoro is always the voice of reason tbh. He says what is needed to be said even though it might sound as crude. It’s good to know there’s someone like this in the crew otherwise the crew would be too fragile. Even though he’s painted as kinda dumb, he really is one of the most strictly rational Strawhats and he’s OK with carrying the burden of saying what people don’t want to listen. Regardless, the right way is always in between Zoro’s rationality and Luffy’s impulsivity, and whether one agrees with him or not, it’s not right to say he doesn’t have a point.

Gintoki Can’t Swim

Exert from my fic Proceed with Caution. I’ve been wanting to share this scene for such a long time, but my dumb ass forgets I have finished updates and shit, so here’s this as a sort of promo since I’m so behind on posting chapters for this one pft

“You sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yeah,” Gintoki replied and though his voice sounded normal, there was something in the way he was watching the water that made Hijikata doubt him.

He wanted to say something, maybe offer Gintoki another way out, but he bit his tongue. If he hovered too much, Gintoki could get tired of him or think he was annoying. He also didn’t want their night together to end too soon, so that was another reason he kept his mouth shut. He said a lot of really stupid shit when he let himself overthink things and Gintoki was only just starting to open up to him, he desperately didn’t want to mess it up.

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  • Alex: Ok but haikyuu photographers AU
  • Alex: Where Hinata takes wild unskilled but beautiful and free pictures
  • Alex: But Kageyama takes skillful, precise pictures that lack emotion
  • Alex: And they start out as rivals but sorta fall in love
  • Alex: And take pictures of each other during sex idek
  • lil K: wow that escalated fast :DD
  • Alex: The parallels could be great though? Kageya demanding to know what Hinata has been doing for the past three years
  • Alex: Oh oh oh and Kageyama putting Hinata's hands into proper positions for a picture and Hinata trusting him enough to photograph with his eyes closed
  • lil K: .. thats kinda dumb tho unless they would be doing some kind of modern art photoghraphing with eyes closed makes no sense :DD
  • Alex: Shush
  • Alex: They could like
  • Alex: Have a photography club and have assignments for photographs? And Hinata's don't come out the way he wants them to
  • Alex: Like he picks lovely places or subjects but pls kid you don't use flash when it's this sunny
  • Alex: So he makes Tobio help out
  • Alex: Oikawa also takes pictures
  • Alex: They're all selfies
  • lil K: .... oh my god
  • lil K: and no matter what assignment they have he always finds a way how to use his selfie :DD
  • Alex: yess
  • Alex: On a more serious note, he could be well on his way to professional photographer when Tobio happens to come along and Oikawa can see the raw talent Tobio has, he could take a professional-looking picture with a 20 year old camera probably, and Oikawa does get jealous easily
  • Lil K: this is basically canon :DD
  • Alex: Exactly???
  • Alex: Imagine Kageyama looking like a photography hipster completely by accident tho. He genuinely likes starbucks drinks with too many syllables, the scarf is just really nice and warm and his mom picked his reading glasses for him?
  • Alex: And Hinata would tweet like a hipster. Pictures of his food, of his new shoes, selfie with Natsu, some short line about a good day
  • Alex: Also he'd put his hair up with bobby pins when he's really focused on a picture and sometimes forget about them and leave them there
  • Alex: Kageyama no longer photographs people after several models couldn't keep up with his pose/expression/movement/whatever demands, and walked out on him. He mostly photographs architecture, and he has an eye for taking photos that completely change the whole atmosphere of the building
  • Lil K: ok but not only they couldn't keep up with him, they got scared of him because every time he concentrates really hard on making a good photo, he starts smiling... in his very own special creepy way ccc:
  • Alex: His photos are very stylized, he puts thoughts into the angle, the time of the day, the amount of people. It's mostly modern architecture he photographs, sharp angles and sleek lines, but his photos can also seem to bring an old buildings back to life
  • Alex: Hinata is a tornado with a camera. Cat? Photo! Birb? Photo! Photo of his legs while he's sitting on a tree. Photo of a random person on the street smiling at a dog. Photo of his desk with unfinished homework
  • Alex: Lot of nature, but mostly LOTS of photos
  • Alex: No thought to them at all. He likes something a little? All the photos. All of them
Free MAC lipsticks?!

I work at a postal place. It’s like a UPS store but we ship all companies and we also have a gift shop of grandma trinkets. I’ve only been with the company for 3 weeks and either I’ve been a great employee or a crappy one because the owner of our chain is having me drive 45min each way to one of their stores in San Diego for the entire month of September. Even though he is paying for time driven (instead of mileage due to traffic), it sucked having to drive down there yesterday.
Because of the drive, getting lost, and my new coworker being a less than stellar, I was kinda cranky but was trying to give every customer the best service possible. After a half hour lull in customers this older guy came in to pick up his mail. We chatted for a bit like most of our box holders tend to do and he asked me what kind of lipstick I wore. Me being dumb and cautious about this guy being a creep, I said none. He then asked my coworker, who had been beaming brighter than she had been all day, and she told him exactly what color she wore. He went out to his car and while I’m trying to ask her WTF is going on, he brings in a literal trash bag full of MAC lipsticks and finds her color and picks out one for me! Apparently he has a contract with them and he likes to give out free full sized MAC products everytime he picks up his mail?! If this guy is an almost daily regular and just gives us $40 lipsticks I think I can handle getting paid to drive.

BTW, he is a master at picking out colors for people. He gave me Taupe and it looks damn good on me.

ooooohhh hold up i suddenly have inspiration 

caliborn and calliope making vines. calliope’s would be really pleasant stuff like kitten videos and this dog she met today and the birdsong this morning and then caliborn’s would be playing dumb pranks on people mostly?? like trying to trick dirk and dirk just kinda goes along with it even though it’s the shittiest prank ever and caliborn’s like “AHA!!! I GOT YOu SO GOOD. YOu HAVE BEEN *OWNED*, DIRK STRIDER!!!” and dirk just carries on playing along like “Shit, you got me. How will I ever recover from this? I have been #rekt.” 

and ofc caliborn also makes shitty little puppet shows and calliope watches every single one. caliborn sees her watching them and he’s like “masterpieces, right? such thrilling storylines. the puppets really come to life with my fantastic story telling.” callie’s just like “haha yeah sure” but in reality she just thinks they’re really cute and the sound effects he makes are funny