though he was kinda dumb in this

Jay Park as your Boyfriend~

- Cuddling, lots of cuddling 

- He loves holding you

- He would literally treat you like a queen 

- Sugar Daddy Jay 

- Just Daddy in general 

- Fights would be very rare 

- But when you have them, he tends to say some dumb shit

- But apologizes quickly

- There’s no such thing as personal space at night 

- He would be really clingy when sick or sad 

- He may seem like a player, but you would be his absolute weak spot 

- He would take you to his concerts 

- I kinda see him as the possessive kind of person when drunk

- Buys you everything you want

- Plays with your hair, and lets you play with his


- Dances with you

- Showers with you

- He gets really jealous, even though he knows you’d never leave

- Always touching you in some way

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I was thinking about this amazing scam I pulled a couple months ago and realized I never did a post on it even though it was iconic. 

So I’m gonna leave the names of the cities out for privacy but let’s say I’m in big city A and this guy from big city B, he messages me on SA and asks if I want to have a “night of fun” in his city. We go on and it’s really really clear to me he’s just looking for an escort, which at the time I wasn’t okay with doing/had stated in my bio I wasn’t okay with pay for play. 

But my scamming ass has always wanted to go to big city B. So I play along. This man gets straight up raunchy, asking me if I do anal, bareback, face fucking, swallowing, the whole 9. I’m like of couuurse anything for the $600 you’re offering me. *eye roll* 

So he buys me this first class train ticket and I’m stoked as hell. I never planned on meeting this guy at all, I was just going to get my own hotel and have fun exploring this city, but then my brilliant hoe mind decides to change my Tinder location to this city to see if I can find any hot vanilla guys to show me around. Of course I find a bunch but one in particular who I really liked. We messaged over the next few days and he said he’d meet me for lunch when I got there and that I can sleep over if I’m comfortable with it. 

SA guy says he’ll pick me up from the train station and I give him the description of an outfit totally opposite to mine for him to look for a girl wearing, and when I get there I block him off Text Plus and SA and run away like  

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I met up with this cute ass vanilla guy for lunch and he gave me a fun lil tour of the city and then we get to a mall and he’s like I need to go to a meeting but pick up something cute for dinner and I’ll Venmo you however much it is. So I’m like shit ooookay Tinder boy u like a mini SD (he’s 27). I got a cute dress and some bracelets. 

He took me to this really nice seafood restaurant and a bitch had like a 3 course meal with wine and was so god damn happy. Then we go back to his place and I’m like ok this guy is loaded, he had this huge apartment with an amazing fireplace and a patio and just top of the line appliances and stuff.

We literally didn’t even hook up even though I kinda wanted to, he just wanted me to be comfortable and feel okay, we made out and cuddled and watched movies all night and then he took me to the train station in the morning AND when I got back to city A he paid for an uber from the station back to the place I was staying at. 

Anyway this is just to show you that instead of just ignoring salty ass guys you can really take a dumb situation and turn it into a full on finesse if you a resourceful bitch. Happy scamming heauxs. 

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Request: can i have an archie imagine where Chuck slut shames you but archie stands up for you? Your writing is really good btw!
A/N: feels real good to be back in the swing of writing things!  this is a short and sweet one.  hope you all enjoy.

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Word count: 636 words

Warnings: brief fight mention, general slut shaming, unwanted advances

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You had known after one date with Chuck Clayton that it was a mistake.  He had tried to make our with you in public after being with you for less than two hours.  Not even like you two got along great or anything… “We just clicked, I thought,” he had tried to say, but he was obviously embarrassed at your decline.  

This had been the first week of your sophomore, but luckily he was embarrassed enough to lay off.  But when you started dating your best friend Archie, it all changed.  

It started with the whispering in the halls.

“Y/N just hooked up with Chuck just last week…”

“Hard to keep your legs closed for too long, huh?”

And the comments only got more vulgar over time.  Apparently Archie had heard it through the steam in the locker room, bringing it up to you once.  You told him you could handle it, and he believed you.

But now we were going on week four of constant harassment, and it had spread beyond just gossip.  

“Y/N?” Blinking wildly to try to hide tears, you turned to look at Archie.  However, his eyes were on the little pieces of paper scattered all over the floor.  

Most likely to win the most likely to sleep with everyone in the school come June.

Got a thing for football players?  Or just the balls…

Hope Archie’s been tested already.

“Spent two hours with him… two hours.” You growled, grasping all the stupid papers off the floor and cramming them into the garbage.

“Y/N…” You turned to meet his eyes now.  “This has gone too far.”

“Just means he really wants me that bad is all… I’m over it.” By this time your tears were long gone, finally having had collected yourself.  “Willing to turn the whole school against me because I turned him down.  A real tragedy for his diary, truly.”

Archie gave you a sympathetic smile, placing his hands on your forearms.  He looked into your deep eyes, searching for something below the surface.  His eyebrows creased, nose twitching in anger.


“No,” he stopped you.  “I gave you time to handle this, but it’s ridiculous now.  If you’re not going to defend yourself looks like I’m going to have to.”

“What do you mean?” You looked back up to him, finding him storming off in the opposite direction.  “Archie!” He disappeared behind the door of the locker room and you brought your trembling hands to your teeth, biting down on your nails in anxiety that he would do something stupid.  

After a few moments of rocking on your heels, you eventually heard loud grunts from inside the locker room.  And then, after a minute or so more, Archie stumbled out, holding his cheek in his hand.

“Y/N…” He trailed off, looking up to meet your saddened eyes.

You gasped, fingers gingerly tracing the darkening ring around his left eye.  “Archie what did you do?”

He seemed to lack confidence for a moment before meeting your eyes once again.  “The right thing.”


“No.  He has no right to say these things about you… to do these things to you.  He needs to get over you.  And now he will.” Archie hmph’ed and you reached forward.  He was surprised when your hands circled around his waist, face pressing against his chest.  “You’re not mad?”

“I’m kinda pissed,” you murmured into the soft material of his baseball tee, him laughing into your hair.  “But you were doing it to defend me.  And though I asked you not to, because I can handle myself, Archie Andrews.  Don’t ever mix that up.  You did it anyway… to do what you could to help me out.”

You could feel him smile as he moved down to kiss your forehead.  “Always.”

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who gave these jedi cellphones

Ahsoka: Mainly uses it for selfies, workout apps, and asking siri to explain certain terms/swears Anakin and Obiwan tend to throw around when they think she isn’t listening. Has an always open group chat with all her clone bros of the 501st and the Wolf Pack.

Barriss: “it is a Work Phone AHSOKA, please do not download Bejeweled for me!” It’s a work phone. 80% percent of her call history is Luminara, though Ahsoka is making an effort to overtake that. She is constantly on the Jedi High Council forums reading updates and downloading new e-files to read from the Archives. 

Anakin: A chat log with Padme that he should definitely 100% delete. Also a group chat with the 501st. A chat log with the Chancellor that he should also mayyyybe delete? or keep?? it could serve as useful evidence one day??? A message from Obiwan that he looked at 3 days ago but hasn’t answered.

Obiwan: Usually has it on silent or vibrate but his ringtone for Anakin is a blaring alarm. “It’s a work phone” he assures himself as he stalks his former padawan’s Space Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed. Space Google searches for certain terms/swears Anakin uses on his various accounts.

Luminara: It’s a work phone, and it certainly looks like it except for the small cache of baby pictures of Barriss Offee… And a chat log shared between her, Obiwan, and Shaak Ti in which they talk shit (which she meticulously scrubs her phone of after each session).

Shaak Ti: Stealth selfies. Many MANY pictures of clone children. For documentation purposes? Maybe, but she also has a group photo of one squad of tykes as her lock screen. Refuses to call it a work phone because she likes to keep it loose and breezy like that.

Aayla: 50% bad dad jokes Vos sends her. 30% awkward but sweet flirting between her and Kit (should probably delete that…). Also a Pintrest that is mostly food pics/recipes and searches for good restaurants in the area.

Yoda: Hasn’t been charged in years. He kinda hates doesn’t like using it. Mace will update him anyways.

Mace: Mostly uses it to update Yoda on what everyone is up to. Also panoramic pics of the Coruscant skyline taken from the council chamber while he was alone. An old search about Mandalorian culture and “Ritualistic Revenge Practices.”

Plo: Chat room he shares with Ahsoka and the Wolf Pack. Mainly uses it to keep in touch with his kids honestly, though there’s an old search about Force Lightning.

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No pressure at all, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Google Feud video! I love your analyses so much, thank you!!! Personally, I loved it

thanks for the lovely way you asked this :’) wow you’re so sweet. i really did enjoy this video so much! got so many messages from people saying they found it really significant and ground-breaking in the level of flirtation and openness that dnp exhibited. i sort of disagree (i mean, halloween baking as well as some of the first few vids of gamingmas are going to be hard to top at least in my opinion, as far as flirty and sexual bants are concerned). but there were still some great moments here and couple genuinely thought-provoking ones. 

instead of grouping my thoughts into larger categories this time i’m just going to paste my notes here basically unfiltered bc my night sort of got derailed and i didn’t have time to turn this into something more coherent. but i feel like all of my opinions (probably more than i would share regularly) are covered here and there were so many good bits to discuss ahhhhhh: 

  • ‘google e’ bants: dan being rude af and phil finding a positive interpretation is this just persona-driven bants or really how they are idk anymore
  • the macaroon bants: thanks @ phil for knowing the difference between macaroons and macarons. dan’s voice was very natural and he seemed genuinely surprised they were out of the biscuits. phil says he ate all of them. again, something that on a macro level could be like a phil trope™ but seems like,, that’s just genuinely how he is. phil shutting dan up with a gentle shush. dan immediately falling silent. all of this is too good. also phil said it’s the last macaroon in “our house” and ik that’s old news but it doesn’t make it any less sweet to hear it.
  • phil automatically dragging dan for the dini spon “are we having plugs right now” it was so INSTINCTIVE he didn’t even miss a beat i was literally like :O ? ? ? ??? damn. and also i was v interested in dan’s retort about phil sponning merch? because ??? the merch is both of theirs? this makes it seem like it’s usually phil’s decision to advertise their merch at the end of videos and that’s FASCINATING to me because phil is also the one who seems to take the most initiative with sponning merch in live shows, with posting about sales and new stuff on twitter, with updating us on anything to do w their ticket sales and whatnot during the tour. so it frequently seems that phil has more interest in this more business-y side of their ventures but it was surprising to hear this subtle sort of confirmation of that fact from dan in this way
  • why was dan so insistent on typing?? ? like? what about that warranted all the sassy eye rolling and the “this guy is such a need.” also. he definitely said “need.” it didn’t sound like he had been on course to say “needy” but just cut it off prematurely. but then there’s a jump cut and i automatically imagined phil making fun of him for the word flub and goading him to finish the thought and there were probs some gross “you know you’re a needy bf u spoon” bants that we will never get to hear #rip
  • dan getting things wrong and IMMEDIATELY GOING ON RANTS ABOUT HOW THE GAME IS OBVIOUSLY FLAWED AND WRONG AND BULLSHIT has there ever been anything so typically dan (and phil respectfully trying his hardest not to call him out for how dumb his guesses are like bless him,,, tbh. “does it hurt to pull out hairs” dan wyd). it’s so captivating to me how consistently dan displays this need to never be wrong or mess up on things that he feels he should be good at and so when that happens here, he automatically blames the game instead of admitting that his guesses are kinda shit (though he does admit it one time when phil gets michael jackson and jordan, but that seemed more like an acknowledgment of how good phil is and that he’s bad in comparison, rather than bad in an absolute sense lol.
  • phil happily/comfortably saying “have sex” and “penis” and not being too weird about the word “bondage” all in one video. good. progress. 
  • MORE bAby TALK I WANT TO DIE? (phil guesses “how to raise a baby” and instead of just letting it go he immediately goes into the side comment about “how does anyone actually know how to raise a baby by the way? .. do you just learn it from mother nature?”) how many videos in a row are they going to talk about babies, mention babies, discuss the difficulties of raising babies??!?!?!?!? i’m having a hard time just chalking it up to coincidence at this point, i really wonder if they’ve been correlating the discussion of not being ready to have a dog to the discussion of not being ready to have children anytime in the foreseeable future??? i mean idk why they’d even entertain the idea at this point in their lives but it’s just weird to me that it’s come up sooooo much on dapg recently
  • dans cute flirty mocking and weird faces at phil throughout… 

when he guesses puppy based on phil’s guess of kitten and he makes this face:

then later makes this face:

  • in case anyone was in any sort of doubt, dan flirts like a fuckin five year old. 
  • the effort taken to clarify to anyone who still has any doubts that dan’s ‘anger’ and aggression in dapg vids and especially in competitive dapg vids is completely played up for the purposes of entertainment/comedy. the most interesting thing about this is comparing it to past instances of dan engaging with this topic. most recent was yesterday’s live show when he read out a message that said he was kind of mean in the quickdraw vid and his instinct was to mock them by going “oooooooooohhhhhh was i?” in the most sarcastic, biting tone i’ve heard from him in a while. it reminded me forcefully of the iconic vyou answer about him being mean to phil, when he was like “no. i’m not mean to phil, i’m never mean to phil. … this may not have occurred to you .. etc. etc.” and he’s super condescending and annoyed. on face value, it seems like in the little bit during today’s vid when they’re discussing it, he’s a lot chiller about it and he’s laughing as though to brush it off as just being humorous, even though clearly in the past it’s a topic that has annoyed or upset him. which actually brings me to the thing i found most fascinating about this scene: the JUMP CUT before it, and the sort of FORCED way in which phil says “chill out dan” which gives dan the cue to clarify the whole situation. it seems like a bit that was clearly planned/scripted based on these little details, which makes me wonder if something about the bants that precede it (when dan is making those cute mock-y faces at phil and is like ew i don’t even want the “crummy macaroon”) reminded dan of these comments about him being mean and then he brought it up to phil and asked if they could discuss it for a min before moving on. it seems likely to me that something like this happened, bc the exchange seems really disjointed from the scene before, idk!!!!!!! and if this is what happened, it just cements to me that as casual and amused as dan seemed while talking about it here, it’s clearly something that STILL UPSETS HIM otherwise he wouldn’t’ve randomly remembered it and asked to clarify it to the audience, and idk something about that makes me feel v warm like dan literally won’t tolerate people actually believing he’s angry at phil or mean to him even tho .. it’s obvious .. and poor boy really doesn’t need to go to all this effort to confirm that :( he’s cute and good :(
  • phil seemed to get mildly flustered by dan’s proximity when he’s all like “a bird? a bIRD?” bc he then just gets all high pitched and forgets grammar and goes “chickens is there so yeS that is a very popular question” like honey that barely made sense but ok u tried ur best
  • not even that important but it made me happy: dan reads “how to raise a boring girlfriend” and phil says “stop being mean significant others” and a few years ago phil the Heteronormative Icon would’ve most certainly said boyfriends there and he didn’t, he used a gender neutral term, and i felt years being added onto my lifespan
  • when dan says “blood pressure, they’re basically the same thing, i’m terrible” what the fuck is he talking about? is he saying that “raising an adult” whatever the hell that means, and raising blood pressure are basically the same thing? i don’t .. understand… i replayed that so many times and i still don’t get it
  • “kidnapping your senpai” comment. literal gold. the way dan looks at the camera then pointedly at phil. he wants us to have this one. your efforts have been recognized and much appreciated dan. dw.
  • “i don’t like screaming that often,” says dan. hm.
  • “what the fuck are you doing with babies and duct tape you creepy fucking weirdos,” says dan and i am having incredibly violent flashbacks to 2011-2012. like he literally sounds straight out of 6 years ago and it’s a bit wild.
  • and then obvi. the feeding scene. when they first showed the macaroon at the beginning i literally KNEW that it would only end in feeding (or, as a possible but less likely second option, the loser eating it before the winner can get it). so i was thoroughly unsurprised that it happened. once again, the thing that interested me was the CLEAR jump cut in the scene. so dan first says “i don’t want it. no phil! it’s the dan versus phil board. here we go,” and his hand with the macaroon starts moving towards phil’s mouth, and then the jump cut happens, and it’s like dan has started the feeding process OVER, bc the angle is totally diff, the framing is totally diff, and this time dan is giving the camera that weird stare:
  • INTERESTING. so to me this means they once again paused the scene to talk about what they were going to do, and they ended up doing something that was nearly an exact duplicate of this scene from the nov. 24 live show last year where dan feeds phil chocolate and hams it up big time for the camera and phil is basically like, “what are you doing” and dan verbatim replies “i’m feeding it to you” and idk it makes me wonder what their motivation is (or, i assume, *dan’s* motivation, bc it was dan’s idea in the live show to do this) to just redo this exact exchange for a wider audience?
  • to me that scene in the live show was a big step towards them acknowledging the sort of (romantic) things they obviously know the audience wants them to do and for them to tacitly tell us that maybe once in a while they will actually start to do them but not without a healthy accompanying dose of sarcasm and teasing us for being such trash that we could possibly get excited over something as banal as them feeding each other. it seemed like a BIG step to me at the time bc i was like, ok, here’s them basically telling us that they KNOW us and they hear us and they acknowledge that their boundaries on camera have been very strict and forced and they’re gonna start making some efforts to change that, but like also, we (the audience) won’t get off scot free in that transaction bc we deserve to be made fun of a bit too, for caring so much about such simple and objectively unexciting things. it’s ‘fan service’ to the extent that it is an acknowledgment of what the audience wants to see and of the fact that they have been holding it back for some time, but it’s genuine and brave in the sense of them showing us that they may take these steps and bend some boundaries now from time to time. and it seems like they HAVE to do it this way, with all the sarcasm and blatant stares into the camera, and either vocalized or implied “giving the people what they want” comments, in order to not ACTUALLY LITERALLY be accused of baiting/fan service. think about the tricky position they are in where even if they want to loosen boundaries and act more natural, literally everything they do gets scrutinized and becomes fodder for people to accuse them of faking shit in order to gain views. it seems the only way to stave it off is to make fun of it themselves and jump out ahead of that criticism. all in all, the exchange in this vid seemed to me like they made a conscious and somewhat premeditated effort to communicate something very similar, but this time for their dapg audience of 2.6M rather than the limited live show audience of some tens of thousands. that seems significant. i want to keep thinking about it forever

ahhhhh i’m sorry this is immense but like, who expected anything different???? what a gr8 vid, they keep giving me so much to think about. and they keep UPLOADING. JFC. it’s crazy! god bless the 2017 rebranding which seems to be all about flirting and softness and touching and phil being assertive and dan being petulant and both of them following through  more than i ever expected on their promise to re-commit and focus more on making youtube content. dnp r the only thing saving my 2017 lol <3 

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you slipped on a patch of ice and i happened to be walking behind you and you fell into my arms wow you’re really attractive au - Holsom please :) :)

Adam Birkholtz has decided that he is a very lucky man.

He is lucky because he is very large. He is lucky because he is very strong. He is lucky because he has quick reflexes. He is lucky because he was all three of those things at the same time when a stranger walking in front of him slipped backwards on the ice, and Holster managed to catch him easily.

But mostly, Holster thinks, he is lucky because that stranger he caught was hot.

“Oh my God, I am, so, so sorry, dude,” the stranger had sputtered as Holster gently placed him back on his feet. “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, and I didn’t mean at all to–”

Holster laughed. “Chill, bro, it’s fine. No harm, no foul.” And that’s when he really looks at this guy, and he knows his poor bisexual heart has stopped dead.

He’s fucking beautiful is what he is. Jaw that could probably cut glass, short black hair and flawless dark skin, eyes that make Holster want to do corny shit like write poems about eyes. He’s tall, almost as tall as Holster is, and he’s built. And, Holster realizes as he watches the stranger bite his lip and stutter out an apology, he’s fucking adorable, too.

It’s not even fair.

Holster finally collects himself and stops staring, making himself focus on what Hot Stranger is actually saying. Something about coffee, and ruining his shoes, and that’s when he glances down at realizes that yeah, his beat-up gray sneakers have been soaked and are turning brown. Holster had been so distracted, he hadn’t even felt it. Hot Stranger is still apologizing.

“Seriously, I feel so awful, I should have been more careful, I can pay for a new pair, really, I swear–”

Holster cuts him off. “Dude, you are not paying for a pair of shoes. These were old as hell anyway, this’ll just give me, like, the incentive to actually go shopping for new ones.”

Hot Stranger frowns. “Still, please, there’s gotta be something I can do…”

Holster makes a lightning-quick calculation. He feels his face turning red, but he figures now is his best shot. “Well, um, maybe you can’t pay for a new pair of shoes, but I wouldn’t say no to coffee sometime?”

Hot Stranger’s eyes widen, and for a moment Holster is afraid he’s made a terrible mistake, but Hot Stranger speaks first. “Oh, wow, I mean…yeah, no, that’d be…that’d be really great, actually. Um. I could give you my number?”

Holster grins as he unlocks his phone and passes it over. “Yeah, sounds good, man.”

Hot Stranger’s fingers fly over the keyboard, entering his number, and after a few seconds he hands the phone back over. “I kinda have to get to class now. I’m in med school, actually, and they really, really don’t like it if you’re late. But, uh, it was really good meeting you! Catch you later. Well, I guess you actually, uh. Caught me already. I mean, literally. Um. See you later.”

Holster keeps grinning, even though he knows it probably looks dumb at this point. “You, too.”

Hot Stranger smiles nervously and turns around to finally go to class, and Holster knows that today is going to be a good day.

(Several feet down the sidewalk, Justin Oluransi has decided that he is a very lucky man.)

[miraculous ladybug]: anonymous bug

a little ladrien ficlet for @fangirl-with-a-shippers-heart as a warm welcome to the fandom~

(eh. not sure if this turned out how you wanted but… I ended up just kinda taking the idea and running with it 😅)

“I’m telling you, this is a dumb idea.”

With little effort, Adrien ignores the voice coming out of his shirt’s pocket as he runs along Rue de Passy. He’s used to it by now. No matter how much Camembert he gives to appease his kwami, Plagg has proven time and time again that nothing will ever stop him from voicing his bluntly worded opinions.

Taking a left turn at an intersection, Adrien continues on as though no one had spoken. Despite the loud whirs of cars passing, his shallow huffs of air and pounding heart are the only sounds he can focus on as he dashes towards their agreed meeting place up ahead.

To avoid setting an easy pattern for the paparazzi to follow, the locations for the start of their patrols never repeat themselves more than once over a sequence of five. His Lady always had the best ideas.

“Why do I even bother with you humans?” Plagg laments to himself, sliding further down into Adrien’s pocket.

“It’s not like you ever take other people’s advice either,” Adrien hisses out of the corner of his mouth.

“It’s no wonder you were chosen for me,” the creature sighs. “Nature likes playing cruel tricks.”

“Stop being overdramatic,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“Another shared trait,” Plagg says. Yawning, he adds, “Well, good luck. It’s not like I can stop you anyways.”

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NCT 127 + TenKunSol Reaction to their s/o jamming and lip syncing to their songs

Can you guys imagine jamming to NCT with NCT???? I imagined it and it was great let me tell you 😌 


Originally posted by moonlighting94

Taeil could go two ways i think:

1) He’d be super shy and awkward about it - he’d just smile and laugh awkwardly when he first saw you, and he wouldn’t really know what to do. If you pulled him to join you, he’d probably just hide his face in the crook of your neck and giggle into your shoulder bc he’s really embarrassed.

2) He’d still be super shy and awkward when he first sees you, BUT if you pull him to join you and encourage him a lil bit he’d let loose and join in on the dancing and lip syncing. You know in the heartbreaker video how he does those extremely rude body rolls? He’d probably throw in a few here too


Originally posted by jihansoul94

I feel like Hansol would be kinda shocked and awkward (like Taeil) bc he doesn’t really know what to do in that situation. He’d just smile awkwardly until you noticed him, after which he’d allow himself to be dragged by you and he’d kinda join in, but he’d be super shy and embarrassed. He’d go all out but then stop and blush and cover his mouth in embarrassment. He’d enjoy himself though, all he needs is a little encouragement from you. The two of you would eventually end up dancing together and giggling and just having a lot of fun!


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Taeyong is the softest lil boy in the whole world he has to be protected at all costs.

He’d probably giggle bc he thought you were rlly cute, and then he’d join in with you and he’d hold your hands as he tried to teach you the proper choreography.  If you did the steps correctly he would be the world’s proudest boyfriend, and he’d probably be that bf that records you bc he’s so proud and wants to keep it in his album dedicated to you. 


Originally posted by nakamot0

THIS CUTIE OMG I miss him so much sm is gonna have to catch these hands if he doesn’t debut this year

He’d just smile at you and look at you with all the love and adoration in his eyes bc you’re so cute to him and he just finds it so adorable that you’re lip syncing to their songs. This cutie is NCT’s biggest fan his phone lock screen is NCT how cute , so I don’t think he’d be jealous or anything, but he would be extra happy if you were lip syncing or actually singing to his parts in Without You. That would actually make him so happy and he’d just be a blushing smiling lil bub and it would be so cute


Originally posted by sour-satang

This is his exact reaction to seeing you ^^^^^^

He’d be kinda cocky bc those are his groups songs, but he’d be lowkey salty if you didn’t know the lyrics to his parts you feel? He’d just laugh at you as he watched you dance around - I don’t think he’d join in with you though, I think he’d just watch. Idk, to me Yuta is kinda a “tough guy”™ when it comes to this kind of stuff, like he won’t do things that would seem like he’d embarrass himself? Not even in front of you. He would, however, sing along to his parts, and his parts ONLY lmao


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

This boy is a living, breathing meme. He would immediately pull out the derpiest moves he’s got and go all out. You’d end up dying of laughter and he’d continue dancing just to make you laugh bc he loves when you laugh and seeing you happy makes him happy! Once he does stop, he’ll flash you the most genuine smile (the one where his eyes crinkle up and he’s super cute) and he’d wink (this boi istg) - It would probably turn into a dance battle where you both just do dumb shit to make the other laugh, and you can be sure to expect Johnny singing at the top of his lungs and it’s just gonna be a good time 


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(this was iconic)

Ngl I see doyoung as highkey judging you when he sees you. He’d probably be judging you so hard to hide his embarrassment though, like I think he’d kinda be cringing inside bc those are his songs and he’s embarrassed that you’re going all out. Lowkey he’d be super happy though - he loves music, and seeing that you love his singing and his group’s music makes him SO HAPPY. He’d just laugh at you and call you stupid but he’d come up to you and he’d hug you, and I feel like it would end up in cuddles with him just calling you dumb but kissing you bc he’s happy


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He would join in immediately and he would start belting out the lyrics (maybe getting them wrong like he did in the mv commentary y’all remember that) and it would kinda turn into a full on dance party, not just to NCT but to all kinds of feel good songs! Like with Johnny, you guys would do your worst dance moves and would end up crying from laughing too much but after it would be super sweet bc I see y’all ending up on the couch all exhausted and just cuddling while some soft tunes play in the background and you’re both just giggling 


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(This may or may not be one of my favourite gifs of jjh)

You guys know that embarrassed smile he does that’s also got all the love in his eyes and his dimples come out and he’s just rlly happy??? That would be him when he sees you - he’d think you were the cutest thing in the entire world and he’d be like this person is mine and i love them and they love me! Wow!!!! He’d just giggle at you and he’d kinda hug and kiss you a lil bit and the two of you would be super giggly and cute and then he’d make you laugh more by doing some silly dances 

JJH is going to ruin my life i can feel it


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This cutie would just giggle when he saw you bc he thought you were super cute. Seeing your flustered reaction he’d hug you and be like “you’re so cute” and would lowkey want to see you get all flustered. With WinWin I don’t think he’d join in with you and go all out (unlike Haechan), but I do see him holding your hands and just swaying to the music, looking at you with a loving look and aw now i want him to look at me like that 


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Mark would be a blushing mess when he saw how into his music you were. He works super hard and seeing that the person he loved truly appreciated his music and efforts would just make him a proud happy lil bean and aw mork 🙈 I don’t think he’d join in with you though, not unless you initiated it and pulled him along with you, bc we all know Mark is a shy bby


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Let’s be real we all know that if Donghyuck saw you jamming to NCT he’d have that lil smirk on his face as he made a comment like “I knew you liked me but I didn’t know you liked me this much” 😏😏 He’d then proceed to joining you and you guys would be jumping round the room jamming not only to NCT, but various other artists too (gotta include the King of Pop in there for my son) and y’all would just be having the time of your lives

  • the fakes don’t “dance” (and in the very high school musical, “I-don’t-dance-I-say-as-I-dance” kind of way)
  • Fakehaus is more into dancing in the celebratory way, either in their apartment alone or at a club. They go clubbing about three times per minute tbh
  • but the Fakes don’t club. and they really don’t dance. they drink and sometimes go to fancy parties, but not dance. 
  • geoff is the closest to being truthful when he says he “Doesn’t Dance”. when he and Jack were younger they would sometimes go swing dancing (and they once or twice went to a salsa place) for the heck of it, because they were young dumb teens in a poorish city that couldn’t get into clubs and Jack really desperately wanted to be a 1920′s flapper. but now Geoff just kinda… doesn’t. There’s no need for it. Sometimes he’ll randomly dip Jack in certain situations, but that’s the extent of it. he’s not embaressed of it though– he has a few pictures of young teen Jack in her makeshift 20′s getup, and only one picture of the two of them (it could look very real if it weren’t in color)
  • Jack never grew out of her flapper phase. If she’s home alone the living room is DEDICATED to swing dancing. she loves it and she’s honestly not ashamed. (Ryan bought her an actual antique flapper dress for one christmas and she hasn’t stopped gushing about it since. Geoff is very annoyed he didn’t think of it first)
  • Ryan is very casual about it, but he is definitely a culprit of “I don’t dance, I say, Dancing.” He’s kinda got a whole bunch of genres all up in there– nothing fancy, just the basics, the shit they teach ya in school. swing, salsa, Wedding Dances (cupid shuffle + cotton eyed joe included), some hip hop, even tap dancing. he could never wow the judges, but he’s well versed.
  • Jeremy’s dancing consists of “I can’t dance but WOW I JUST DID A BACKFLIP HOW COOL IS THAT HAHA”. Like, just nervously doing really impressive body manipulation and calling it dance. he can rap, sure, but he has zero rhythm with music, which everyone rails on him constantly for. 
  • Michael is the BIGGEST “I don’t dance, I say, while dancing” TO EVER DANCE. It is his TO THE GRAVE secret that he is EXCEPTIONALLY good at dancing. he loves hip hop dancing but his actual area of specialty (that he pushes down and ignores so highly) is contemporary/lyrical. that is a part of him he deeply ignores.
  • Gavin may or may not be the same. he claims that his parents made him take ballet classes when he was young– part of being in a prestigious family, part of having a very lanky body. there are two theories within the fakes: that he quit because he has no coordination, and has not danced in a large number of years, Or he actually still dances and takes classes and is EXCEPTIONALLY good at ballet. no one can figure out the truth, despite how many times he claims he quit.


  • you know that white dad at the barbecue? who alternates between smiling/laughing awkwardly & commenting about the music awkwardly and doing the white dad dances because he straight up cannot dance? that’s Ray. unironically.   
Like Canned Peaches- (NSFW Meihem)

“Brrrr! I get cold just lookin’ at ya!”

He’d waited hopefully for a response to his attempt at casual conversation, brows lifted as he stared intently at the irritated woman in the fluffy parka who was clearly doing her best not to pay any attention to him. He’d even offered his most winning smile, the kind with slightly less teeth, before she fully turned towards him and sternly pushed her glasses up with one gloved finger. Her adorable little lips had pursed as she lifted her nose in the air and finally, finally spoke directly to him.

“Then you should look somewhere else!”

That had been their first real interaction. Mei turned him down flat.

But then again, that had hardly been the first time Junkrat had been turned down flat by the object of his attentions. In fact, he was turned down flat most of the time, and knew the only solution was to keep trying. He’d made several attempts after that one, each just as unsuccessful as the last, and took increasingly desperate measures to make her look his way, maybe give him another irked scowl, or fling more of her mild insults at him. The accusations of being a horrible, no-good bully didn’t really bother him. He’d been called much worse than that over the years, with much more colorful junker vernacular. But he couldn’t help but notice that he was the only one in the entire group to earn that particular brand of ire. So, he figured that in his own strange way, he must have been special to her. And he liked that idea very much, being special to her.

She was everything unknown to him; she was quiet where he was loud, she was soft and curvy where he was gaunt skin and bones, she used ice just as he used fire, and she was softspoken and polite where he was raucous and blunt. She had little apple-cheeks that dimpled when she smiled, even if it was never at him, and her little giggles sounded like tinkling bells that could grab his attention even through the constant ringing in both his ears. She even smelled nice, from what he’d been able to whiff of her before her giant Russian brick shithouse of a friend had grabbed his head and thrown him in the opposite direction, like vanilla extract that came in those little bottles that smelled wonderful but didn’t taste so wonderful, or flowers he didn’t know the name of.

He’d never really seen a woman like her in person before. The women in the Outback were much like the men of the Outback; their brains just as baked as their half-starved bodies, with vicious demeanors, loud voices, leathery tits, and cunts that felt like being in the inside of a baseball glove. The sheilas on the covers of the magazines (at least the human ones, any pictures of omnic women were promptly destroyed with prejudice) were always almost as scrawny as the women in the Outback, always had their eyes closed or looked vacantly confused, and usually were half covered with text about the ten most beneficial yogurts or other things that women seemed to worry about in the outside world. Occasionally he’d get his grimy claws on the good kind of magazine, the ones where they arched their backs and got their tits out and bit their fingers and looked at him real seductive-like, but he usually spent more time trying peel the sticky pages apart without ripping the good bits, and trying not to imagine the previous owner as he did so.

And then there was Mei, who was different from everyone in the best possible way he could think of, and he wished she didn’t hate him so much.

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You don’t own me part 5

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Excerpt: “Before we go in there you should know that you only speak when you are asked. Else I don’t want to hear any noise from you”, his tone was firm which should indicate you that there should be no backtalk. 

“What?! Am I a dog?”, you yelled.

“Act like one and maybe you’ll get a reward”, an evil grin spread over his face as he exited the car.

Word count: 2549 // Yaas my friends!

Warnings: Angst -  It’s slowly increasing!

Author’s note: I know that mostly after the third part or so the people loose interest in my stories but still there are a some of you who stayed with me!  @httpwyf​ , @dont-hyuck@vicassa@imbaekhyunstrash
@byunbunniess@literaltae@jookyunhoe@crovalkyrie​ I hope I’m not bothering you by tagging you. If so please tell me and I’ll stop ;)  
I’m very thankful to everyone else too! ♥

Even if this part wouldn’t be read at all I still feel like writing it because I do actually enjoy it! I see a lot of people struggling on here by the lack of response they get for they stories while they totally forget the ones who did read and liked it! I must admit that in the beginning I felt the same because it is hard. There are so many awesome writers out there so you always compare yourself. But actually there is no need because writing is  something just for me. It calms me down and I allows me to shut the world out for a little while. And that is what counts I guess. So yeah after telling you my little realization I hope you can enjoy this part :) ♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4

Check out my masterlist ;)

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I know Glee isn’t necessarily about Sam, but I think the way that he treated him was awful and I have a lot of reasons why.

First, Sam dated Quinn who cheated on him with Finn and they broke up. He went to Santana but that lasted like two episodes and all they did was make out and she was super mean to him so I don’t really count that lol.

Then there was Mercedes, and though they never really became official after her and Shane broke up… despite Sam’s trying… they did not date. Then came Brittany (ahh my favorite) and he was so cute and nice to her and then they broke up so Brit could be with her OTP, Santana, which we knew was going to happen so I guess I get it. 

Back to Mercedes which didn’t work out because of the whole sex thing… and I will admit I hated that they made Sam cheat on Mercedes with the dumb photographer but the way that Mercedes handled it was kinda weird to me. She seemed like she had just been waiting for them to break up because she knew it wouldn’t work out.

Now we come to Rachel. The second I saw how her and Sam looked at each other in the Movin’ Out episode, I shipped them pretty hard. Because Sam reminded her of home and he is the closest thing to Finn she’s ever gonna get.

And season 6 happened and my heart was happy because Sam was helping her heal and she was helping him get over Mercedes and he believed in her. He believed in everyone he dated. 

WIth Quinn, he was protective and loving. With Mercedes he posted a video of her on youtube and put her name in lights so she would believe in herself. With Brit he married her because she thought the world was ending and got her another cat so Lord Tubbington wouldn’t be lonely. He showed Rachel she could love again and encouraged her to go back to NYADA because he knew she would regret not doing it. 

Sam has been such a wonderful and caring and supportive boyfriend and then what does he get? NOTHING. I like that he is coaching Glee but I can’t tell you how upset I got when Blaine said “Sam’s got another girlfriend” because it completely threw Sam aside. He’s just the boyfriend who gives and gets nothing in return. He is never good enough. Mercedes wanted Sam to “help heal Rachel’s heart” but I didn’t know that was ALL he’d be doing. So she can go back to Jesse St. James who was never on the show and when he was he was a jerk. I can’t tell you how sad I am for Sam and it makes sense to me why Chord has been acting weird at press. He got pushed aside and I think it’s unfair. And thinking back to when Sam said maybe if he’s lucky he’ll always be on Rachel’s wall in his little gold shorts breaks my heart because he deserves to be all over the wall. He’s everything and I love him, and I never even realized how much I did.

Buzzfeed’s interview with shawn back in 2015

(Buzzfeed asks) “What Hogwarts house are you in”

Shawn looks so offended “Gryffindor DUH!”

BF: I will say, I was on Tumblr today in the Shawn Mendes tag and there were a lot of fans who thought you’d be in Hufflepuff.
SM: What?
BF: There were posts about Shawn in Hufflepuff because you’re so nice.
SM: Why do they think that? Hufflepuff is useless!
BF: Hufflepuffs are nice. They were saying you’re so nice!
SM: That’s upsetting. I need to start being more mean.
BF: No! That’s Slytherin.
SM: I have to be brave to be Gryffindor. How do I be braver? I thought I’ve been brave. Where do you think you’d be? Gryffindor, right? Who wants to be anything but Gryffindor?
BF: I would’ve been Ravenclaw, for sure.
SM: Ravenclaw actually is cool though. They are geniuses.
BF: I think Hufflepuffs have a good sense of humor.
SM: Really? I just feel like throughout the movies and books you never really know much about Hufflepuff and you’re just kinda like, they’re dumb and useless. But they’re not, I love them.

body positivity

authors note: this was a requested imagine about body confidence. sorry it’s kinda long. but let me know if you want a part 2 ;)

“Beautiful.” Your boyfriend Shawn mumbled under his breath as he looked at you looking at yourself in the mirror. You had just ordered a new swimsuit and you couldn’t wait to try it on. When you were younger, you struggled with your weight, and you never really loved yourself. It took time, and effort, but eventually you got sick of hating mirrors, and you got tired of feeling sad about how your body was created. You learned to love the skin you’re in, and accept who you are. You were no where near a VS model, or anything like that, but you were still beautiful. You were on the bigger side, and even when you worked out, there were certain parts of your body that stayed large. But you didn’t care anymore. With the help of yourself, your family, and Shawn, you were happy with your body.

“I never thought I’d be wearing one of these.” You smiled at yourself in the mirror with your new swimsuit on. You used to never show your body in public, at beaches, or pool parties. You would usually wear a t shirt and shorts, so right now was kind of an exciting time for you. You felt healthy, and happy with yourself, so you grabbed your phone and snapped a picture of yourself in your new suit.

“I’m so proud of you Y/N.” Shawn put his arms around you, and kissed your cheek, as he looked at the picture you just took.

“Women crush everyday!!!” Shawn yelled, and you laughed.

Soon, you had posted the picture, writing a nice caption, hoping to inspire those who didn’t have confidence in themselves. Your comments blew up with positive feedback, and people thanking you for your bravery of posting a picture of your body, and so on. You could feel your heart bursting with love. All you wanted was to help people who didn’t feel good, to feel good about themselves, the way your friends and family helped you. Knowing that you were starting to do that, made you so happy.

“What do you say, we head to the beach so everyone else can see your beauty? Plus, I need to show you off in person, and to the people who aren’t just the internet.” Shawn grinned and grabbed your hand to kiss it. You just laughed and said, “I love you.” And you were both off to the beach.


The water was getting cold, so you turned it off, and hopped out of the shower, and putting a robe on. You wrapped a towel on your head, attempting to rid the leftover sand in your hair from yesterday at the beach. You walked into your bedroom, to find some clothes, and grabbed your phone off the nightstand. You had millions of notifications, that didn’t exactly look positive. You unlocked your phone to see a featured Snapchat story from “The Daily Mail” about your post on Instagram yesterday.

“Y/N Y/L/N shaming skinny people, to make herself feel better.”

You almost dropped your phone, reading the the headline. Heat was now rising to your face and you were angry. Your anger became ten times worse, once you checked Twitter to see your mentions filled with people hating on you for supposedly shaming people who aren’t plus size. You noticed that a lot of Shawn’s fans were still supporting you, and backing you up though. You even noticed Shawn tweet something about it. Just as you were about to read it, he came upstairs, walking into your room saying, “You see it yet?”

“See that dumb article? Yeah and I’m kinda pissed. Why would they do that?”

“Don’t worry about it baby, they just want attention. But you got me supporting you, my fans, your family and friends and everything. Don’t stress.” Shawn was calm and it made you feel a little better. He was right. There was only a small amount of people who believed that article. It made you sick though, to see people twisting your words into something like that.

The rest of the day wasn’t that eventful. Your anger almost disappeared, because of how many people you saw backing you up, and you just felt better. You had so many strong feelings towards this topic, that you decided to tweet about it instead of just staying silent and favoriting nice tweets from your supporters. You tweeted a couple paragraphs, one at a time explaining how that article completely twisted your words. You also thanked those who were backing you up and you apologized to anyone who misunderstood you. You made sure to let everyone know that both skinny, fat, chubby, or whatever, everyone was beautiful in their own way. Shawn had tweeted about it several times too.

@/ShawnMendes: hey, @/thedailymail stop twisting people’s words. thanks :)

@/ShawnMendes: please respect y/n. she’s only trying to make the world a better place.

@/ShawnMendes thank you to those supporting y/n. i appreciate it !

You felt so lucky to have someone as supportive and sweet as Shawn. His fans were just as sweet too.

After you and Shawn’s tweets, the drama died down a bit. Everything was okay again, and you felt so blessed to have people on your side. Every once in a while, whenever you’d sit in bed or at the dinner table with your nose in your phone checking for more drama, Shawn would take your phone out of your hands and kiss your nose.

“I love you no matter what k? Just don’t forget that.” He would say this almost every hour or something, and it melted your heart. Several days had passed now and just when you thought things couldn’t get better now, all the time you spent with your eyes on your phone and phone only, weren’t being wasted, when you saw a new article put out from Cosmopolitan.

“Shawn Mendes’ Girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N slams the media with her body positivity posts.”

The whole article was about how you stood up for yourself after that article twisted your words. The writers from Cosmopolitan were basically praising you for everything you’d done after what happened. You felt shocked since all you did was clear things up, and you didn’t feel like you deserved a whole article about how great you were. But at the same time, you felt grateful.

Not to long after, you received an email from Cosmopolitan saying that they wanted to interview you about the whole situation.

“SHAWN GET UP HERE.” You yelled downstairs to him.

“What what?? Is everything okay?” He immediately came running up, worried.

“Cosmopolitan wants me to do an interview with them. Do you know what that means? An interview also means a photo shoot, which also means modeling which means a possible job opportunity and-” You stopped talking to take a breath, trying not to get too ahead of yourself. But you were just so excited.

“That’s incredible Y/N.” Shawn exclaimed and picked you up, and spun you around.

When he put you down, he grabbed your face with both his hands and kissed you. You kissed back, harder, feeling so much love for yourself and him. It was really interesting to you to see a bad situation turn into something good. Your heart was beating indescribably fast and you couldn’t control your emotions.

“I love you!” You and Shawn said at the same time, as you pulled away from the kiss. You both laughed and you kissed him again, feeling a certain type of happy that you never thought you’d feel.

Distance [Wooseok scenario]

(A/N - woooow this is so bad???? and it also took me far too long so im v sorry!! but i hope it’s not too bad??)

You’d been friends with Wooseok for quite a while so it wasn’t strange that he’d invited you over for a movie night. It was a rare occurrence for him to have the dorm to himself so you guys would take advantage of it quite often to hang out, just the two of you. What did make it a little strange, however, was the fact you’d had a bit of a crush on him for a few months. Well, a lot of a crush actually. It only started off as a small thing and you brushed it off because surely everyone thinks he’s attractive, right? You can appreciate a good-looking guy without having a crush on him. Of course it didn’t end there. You started noticing how every little thing he did made you feel warm inside and had you smiling to yourself like an idiot. You hadn’t told him though. It’d crossed your mind before but he’d never shown any signs that implied he might feel the same way about you and you didn’t want to risk your friendship over a silly crush. Yet at the same time, part of you wanted to confess to him, just because what if he felt the same way?

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Thank for doing the flowercrown headcanons. They were great 👌👌 could you possibly do the same thing for Bakugou, Izuku and Mezo please? ~Scorpio

Bakugou Katsuki: Bakugou would be very averse to wearing the flower crown, mostly because he thinks they’re kinda dumb and what’s the point of him wearing one? If it truly upset you he would be completely stuck on what to do, eventually just putting it on so that he doesn’t have to see your tears, plus if anyone said anything, it’d give him an excuse to throw some fists. 

Midoriya Izuku: Midoriya would think they’re super cute and would be interested in learning how you’d make them, though he doesn’t think he’d be any good with making them. He doesn’t mind wearing them though he gets embarrassed when someone points out that it goes perfectly with his image. He cherishes it because it’s something you made just for him. 

Shouji Mezou: Shouji quietly accepts your flower crown, knowing it was rude to deny a gift from a loved one, and he could never hurt your feelings. He would wear them around school, bluntly explaining where they’re from and that of course he’s going to wear them because you made it. He feels no embarrassment. His rather plain room is now also littered with flower crowns.

Age Appropriate

MariChat May 11th: Age-up Marinette


“What are you watching?”

Marinette yelped and quickly turned her monitor off.

“Nothing!” She squeaked.

Chat Noir looked at her oddly.

“What in the world could the princess be watching that she wouldn’t want me to see?” Chat wiggled his eyebrows.

“I said it was nothing Chat.” Marinette looked around nervously.

“Really? ‘Cus you’re acting like it’s something.”

Marinette wanted to wipe the smirk off his face only marginally less than she wanted to keep her secret.

“Come on Chat, no need to push.” She hoped to appeal to his better nature. She should’ve known better.

“Oh but your reluctance makes me want to know even more.”

By now Chat had made his way over to her. He tried to reach around her to turn the monitor back on but Marinette used her hand to block him.

“Come on Chat, don’t you want some pastries or something?” She asked skittishly.

“But princess, this is so much more interesting.” Chat smirked as he tried to gently pry her hand off the button.

“Chat!” She yelped.

“I’m gonna see~” He sang.

Finally managing to get his hand past hers he pressed the button to turn her monitor back on.

“What.” Was he looking at?

“Erm! This is… I’m watching this for Manon! Yeah! Or not? Maybe.” Marinette looked on the verge of a full on panic as she stammered excuses.

Chat slowly turned to face her a confused look on his face.

“Isn’t this a k-”

“Kids show. Yes, I know Chat.” She interrupted.

“You don’t have to sound so defeated Marinette. Is it good?”

Marinette blinked in surprise.

“You’re not going to make fun of me?”

She sounded so surprised Chat couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Of course not. Why would I ever do that?” He smiled gently at her.

“B-but Chloe said it was dumb-”

“Chloe says everything is dumb.” Chat added, though she didn’t seem to hear him.

“-and Alya-my best friend-said it’s kinda weird!”

“Weird doesn’t mean bad Marinette.”

“Even my parents acted weird for a few days when they noticed.”


“And now even you know and you’re going to tease me forever.”

“I will not Marinette.”

“Oh no! What if Adrien finds out?!”

“He won’t care. Seriously.”

“He’ll probably hate me forever!”

“Are you even listening to me?” She kept speaking over him.

“…and I’ll never become closer to him and he’ll want to hang with Chloe instead…”

“No. Just no Marinette.”

“…I’ll have to move to Canada!”

With those final words Marinette groaned and face-planted into the desk.

Chat shook his head. “You done?”

Marinette’s responding groan was muffled by her desk.

“Are you willing to listen to me now?”

Marinette didn’t move or make any noise. He sighed at this and started poking her head. She groaned at him and since that wasn’t really an answer he just kept prodding her.

The girl raised her head just long enough to mutter a yes before allowing her head to hit the desk again.

He sighed at the pathetic display.

“Okay. Listen up then.” As he continued he rested his elbow on her head with his hand closed into a fist. As he spoke he started counting points using that hand.

“One. I am not going to tease you over this.” He waited a moment and when no response came he continued.

“Two. Never listen to Chloe. Seriously, I thought you knew better than that.”

He frowned down at the girl as she continued not to respond. Was she even listening to him?

“Since you didn’t hear me earlier when your friend said it was weird she didn’t mean it in a bad way. The Ladyblogger isn’t like that. That was number three by the way.”

The girl whined but didn’t respond.

“And finally four: Just because your parents are confused by your interests doesn’t mean they’re bad.”

He sighed when he realized she most likely was trying her best to ignore him. He walked into the center of the room and pouted at the floor.

“Did you have to keep my face planted on the desk for your entire speech? That was amazing by the way.” She was now sitting up in her chair smiling somewhat incredulously at him.

Chat froze. As an embarrassed blush spread across his face he could only find himself glad that he was facing away from her.

“W-well… you wouldn’t listen! Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his head nervously.

Marinette snickered. Did he realize he did that when he was nervous? Still, she couldn’t help but grin happily at him.

“Thanks Chat. I was really worried you were gonna make fun of me!” She laughed as she rubbed the back of her head.

“Of course not. Now let me watch it too. If you think it’s a good show then I have no doubt I’ll like it.”

Several hours and many episodes later and Chat couldn’t be happier. He got to spend his entire Saturday afternoon getting to watch cartoons with a friend. Was this what it was like to be a normal kid?

Watching Chat leave with a big grin on his face made any lingering doubts about his reaction to her show finally fade away.

Maybe age really didn’t have anything to do with it. Just because she was older didn’t mean she couldn’t watch something she enjoyed after all.

She grinned to herself. She couldn’t wait to watch the rest of the series with him.

MC and RFA+V+Unknown having a crush on each other in high school



  • You were both in the same English class, and she couldn’t help to notice the cute girl sitting at the front
  •  You know her, she is super responsible and serious.
  • So whenever she saw you on the corridors, she tried to keep it cool and maybe wave at you.
  • But on the inside she was is dying and blushing… Maybe she was blushing on the outside too.
  • She was the favorite of the principal so whenever she could, she read all the “oficial” information the school had about you. 
  • She didn’t know how to approach you, so she figured the most she knows about you, the easier it would be to talk with you.
  • One day she thought “screw it! I’m talking to her!” And she approached you by saying “how is your sister, Lisa?”
  • What
  • “How does she know my sister’s name?” 
  • She just run away without giving and explanation.
  • She was really good in English so whenever you were having problems, she awkwardly gave you her notes and tried her best to help you.
  • You were oblivious of her feelings, and Jaehee didn’t get it? I mean, she tried to hide the fact that she had a big crush on you but she knew it was obvious for everyone, well, for everyone except you.
  • She even bought you lunch when you forgot your money.
  • Do you even love, MC?
  • One day she gain the courage she needed and organized a plan: she would stay after classes to tide the classroom and ask you for a date. She already knew your schedule by heart, so she was aware that you always stayed a little bit more in the classroom to clear your doubts about English.
  • When the clock hit 15.40, Jaehee was already outside the door waiting for you.
  • “Hey! You are Jaehee, right? Thank you for the help with my English report, you saved my ass” you said laughing.
  • Jaehee smiled at you and took a deep breath. “I can help you more if you want too, maybe we can go for a coffee and study?”
  • “Like a study date?” You asked and she nodded. “I thought you would never ask”
  • Jaehee learns that day that you had a massive crush on her as well and you only faked being bad in at English so you could talk to her.
  • Oh Jaehee…


  •  Yoosung is really shy and so innocent so of course he, being a freshman here, fell in love with a senior.
  • And it’s not even funny for him, he thinks that he has no chance with you so he is just a lost puppy that only has eyes for you.
  • He would stare at you at lunch… all the time… It was pretty weird when you noticed and just made visual contact with a tomato Yoosung.
  • He would try to get the closest he could possible be with you, but he is too shy to talk to you, and even if it hurts, he prefers to watch your from “afar”
  • One time you waved at him in the corridors and he fucking lost it, he started blushing like crazy and just froze. He couldn’t even wave back, he was so shook,
  • His friends would always say things like “MC… yeah she is pretty hot”, and Yoosung would agree but tell them to shut up, because that’s not the only good thing about you.
  • You really liked Yoosung, even though you never really talked, there was something about this cute boy that made you feel comfortable. He was a trustworthy looking guy.
  • So, as he never took the first step, you decided to just go for it. You finished your meal and walked to Yoosung’s table.
  • He didn’t notice you were there until you spoke.
  • “Hi” you said taking a seat in front of him. He looked so scared like a deer in front of some headlights. It made you chuckle.
  • “H-hi” he said trying not to choke on his lunch.
  • “What’s your name?” You already knew his name, but he did seem nervous so you thought that making small talk may calm his nerves a little.
  • After talking with him all lunch you learned how amazing and wonderful Yoosung was, so you invited him to hang out that weekend in your house.
  • You know what I mean: video games and you could even cook together!


  • Okay, Zen was something else. He was a senior and you were a freshman. 
  • He had always had a thing for you, he would not admit it at first because his friends said that you were too young for a relationship and with a senior? No. You know… The Beast™.
  • It made sense in his head… He didn’t want to corrupt you. He knew you personally and thought about you as this innocent flower that has to be protected.
  • But oh boy, don’t let any guy near you because that would lead to an epic death glare from him.
  • Sometimes he gave you a ride to your house after school, which you found really nice and charming.
  • You always had a crush on him… But, as he was a senior, you always though as him as this kinda popular guy who you would never have a chance with, so you just enjoyed the little moments you two had.
  • I am a truly believer that Zen would have sent you anonymous love letters, flowers and that kind of stuff.
  • And you would be so surprised, because no guy has ever made a move on you. (Thanks Zen)
  • But the letters were just that. Letters saying you were the most beautiful princess on the whole kingdom (school). That’s when you realised who the fuck was sending this things.
  • You dumb white haired man.
  • You actually run to him and tackled him with a hug.
  • He was blushing on the ground trying to recover his breath but you just squeezed him harder.
  • “I hate you so much, you foolish prince” you said.
  • That’s when he put his finger on it. Omg how could he have been so dumb?
  • “So… I think it’s fair to say you are going on a date with me?”
  • You weren’t really friends though, you knew each other, but that’s it.


  • Jumin didn’t know how to cope with emotions or feelings.
  • Whenever you tried to talk with him, he would just go away or just not answer anything you said.
  • He did feel warm and fuzzy when you were near though, and he didn’t know why? It was so strange, he never felt this way.
  • Eventually you stopped trying to be friends with him, he was a little bit rude with you.
  • So when he was expecting you to approach him during lunch and you didn’t even look at him in the eyes, he was confused.
  • He felt like a his heart had been stabbed.
  • It hurt? What the hell?
  • That’s when he realised he liked you. He had a crush on you.
  • Omg this is terrible.
  • He would never approach you right away, you know the story of his father and women. Not good.
  • He enjoyed watching you from afar, since you were in the same class.
  • He even bought a few things for you that he planned to give to you later.
  • But you were still hurt about Jumin’s attitude, so you didn’t even dedicate him a single glance.
  • One day he got tired of that situation and just sat next to you at lunch. You looked at him like “what”
  • “Um… what are you eating?” He asked out of the blue.
  • “Fried chicken…”
  • “Fried what?”
  • Jumin didn’t know what fried chicken was?
  • You just put some in his mouth without any warning… and okay it was indeed a violation of his personal space, but he couldn’t just not know what fried chicken tasted like!
  • He was taken aback by your actions but swallowed the food and smiled a little.
  • It was good.
  • “It’s good” he said smiling. “Did you make it?” You nodded and ate another piece.
  • “I can make you some of you want, come by my house tomorrow and I can make dinner for us!”
  • Jumin blushed a little but was able to hide it from you. He was feeling excited.
  • Is that a date?
  • “Will you be preparing fried chicken?” You laughed and nodded. “Then, yeah, it would be nice”


  • He just saw you in class and got dumbfounded.
  • You two had just started freshman year and you were awkward and young.
  • But he did know he liked you.
  • He obviously would show it doing the best (worst for you) pranks ever.
  • You know when a little boy is mean to a girl, and everybody says that’s because he likes her. Kinda like that.
  • He would hide your homework, only so you would stay a little more in the classroom and he could help you find it.
  • Obviously his pranks would never be cruel or anything like that.
  • He just wanted to spend more time with you!
  • And ofc: bad puns everywhere.
  • You found seven cute and funny.
  • He would offer to help you with your calculus homework, and you would agree.
  • He was a cheeky little shit, so he would take any chance he had to touch you innocently.
  • Like whenever you two were studying together and you got an answer right, he patted your shoulder and would say “that’s right, smart lady”
  • One day you were looking for your homework again, and Seven was obviously helping you.
  • Suddenly, Seven exclaimed he found it and gave you one single paper with something written on it: “Girl my love for you goes on like the number pi”.
  • You looked at him blushing, he was flustered too.
  • He smiled at you and you gave him a big hug.
  • This dork…


  • The first time he saw you. He got desperate to know you, but he made sure to make it as smooth as possible.
  • You looked so nice and delicate, he didn’t want to scare you off.
  • So one day during Literature class, he asked what book was your favourite.
  • And when you replied, he was so thrilled, it was his favourite too.
  • That’s when he got super excited about you. You were this big mystery that he certainly wanted to solve.
  • He was just starting to get into photography and you were his secret muse. So untouchable and unattainable.
  • He took a lot of photos of you, you actually were his first photos taken “professionally”… You never noticed he was doing that, but they his most precious treasure.
  • He was so nice with you, always doing tiny little things that made your day better.
  • Like that time when he tied your laces without you asking for it.
  • Or when he brought you one of his books so you could read it.
  • One day you caught him taking a photo of you while reading during lunch. He was so embarrassed; pink cheeks and shaking like crazy.
  • You asked him why was he taking your picture and he replied that it wasn’t something creepy or weird, and that you were his inspiration.
  • You believed him.
  • The next day, he gave you an album full of pictures of you, and at the end there was a photo of you and him.
  • You started dating since that day.


  • Just like Jumin, he wasn’t a big fan of emotions. 
  • His situation at home was terrible and even though both twins were suffering, Saeran was a little bit more expressive about his pain.
  • He doesn’t talk to anybody but his brother, occasionally.
  • Don’t get me wrong, he certainly noticed that cute girl from his class.
  • But didn’t approached you. He never would.
  • He was so terrified or people hurting him, so he acted all tough so he would never be harmed in any way.
  • You were intrigued by him, though.
  • You noticed right away that he loved ice cream, as it’s the only thing he eats during lunch.
  • So one day you sat right next to him. Seven just smiled and picked on you two but eventually he left to another table to give you a little more privacy.
  • Seven was sure about Saeran being interested in you. You know when they say that twins have a special connection… Well, Seven hacked into his brother’s computer and saw that his little bro was doing a little bit of research about you.
  • Yep… that’s what Seven did.
  • Saeran was ready to ignore your present, but as soon as he looked into your eyes, he couldn’t.
  • You looked so hopeful and small. Your eyes could light a whole room.
  • So he took the ice cream from your hand and ate it without saying a word.
  • He was a blushing mess, obviously.
  • It took a lot of time, but eventually, you gained Saeran’s trust and you two became best friends.
  • He would go to your house everyday after school, and Seven was invited too, but he didn’t want to intrude.
  • But your favourite place to hang out was a little park near school. You used to sit in a bench, eat ice cream and talk all afternoon.
  • “You always pick only vainilla” You said licking your ice cream.
  • He nodded. “Is that wrong?”
  • “No, it’s just that sometimes if you pick vainilla and another flavor, the ice cream can be way better” you answered blushing.
  • Saeran smiled and looked into your eyes. “I guess you are right, tomorrow I’m going to pick vainilla and chocolate, your favourite flavour”
  • And he did. You were so happy that when he talked again you almost didn’t notice.
  • “Is this a date?”
  • “You want this to be a date?”
  • “Maybe.”
  • “Then, this may be a date.”
College!AU Namjoon
  • major: philosophy 
  • minor: art history 
  • sports: tried to join track but dropped it because lol sports don’t work for clumsy people 
  • clubs: doesn’t have time because he’s a part timer at a tattoo parlor 
  • when he tells people he’s a philosophy major he has the tendency to go off track and talk for a very very long time because there isn’t just one philosophy he’s studying and there isn’t just one favorite philosopher of his and based on time periods and the country- and basically you see the point 
  • people always kinda brush off his major because they’re like “you’re not gonna get a job with a degree in that….” and namjoon is kinda like well….i already have a job
  • he’s referring to his part time job as an tattoo artist at a shop in the city called ‘young forever’. he’s been working there ever since he was legal enough to actually get tattooed because the person who owns it really likes the unique way namjoon draws in black and white 
  • and that’s sorta why he took up art history as a minor recently 
  • he’s just really fascinated by the way art has changed, a lot like philosophy, throughout the ages 
  • and like interestingly enough a lot of his clients comment on how his art kind of shows off these different styles they’ve never seen and he’s always getting kinda flustered like ,,, oh that style?? i learned it in an arts of china class im taking,,,, 
  • and most of them are like you’re in college??? and he’s like yeah and they’re like you don’t look it you’re so mature and namjoon is kinda like thank you and hides the fact that he probably has some cartoon character keychain hanging off his backpack
  • but anyway he’s always tripping over himself when he’s not tattooing like on campus he’s always got textbooks flying out of his bag or pencil cases flying through the air but it’s endearing because like all his books have lots of notes in them
  • and a little unknown secret is that he’s taking an advance math class just for fun because like most people don’t know but his iq is stELLAR and the teacher keeps trying to push for him to switch majors but namjoons kinda like as much as learning equations and solving complex math problems is a walk in the park for me, wrapping my head around topics like metaphysics is way more fun sorry
  • so how do you meet super smart tattoo artist philosophy enthusiast namjoon WELL you meet him because you end up in the most sillY situation
  • basically you’re both at the library and you see this tall, slightly intimidating boy who’s dressed in black from head to toe with a velvet collar around his neck reading a heavy looking book titled ‘Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge’ and you’re like 
  • better not mess with him he look smart and like semi-deadly
  • but then you guys ……. reach for your backpacks that you set down and like you’re kind of too busy looking at him in amusement/fear that you…….take …….the wrong ……backpack….
  • and you only notice it’s the wrong one when you’re already out of the library on the way to your next class and you’re like “this bag is super heavy” and you set it down and open it to see four textbooks that are not your textbooks and one them happens to be well…..’Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge.’ and you’re like
  • oh no
  • but when you run to back to the library the boys not there anymore and you’re like panicking because well 1) your homework and study materials are in your bag and you need them for finals that are coming up but also 2) that boy doesn’t look like the friendliest person and when you have to give back this bag,,,,,,,,are you gonna possibly also get a curse put on you or something ???/
  • but like in the midst of your freaking out your brains also like: but hey he was cute and you’re like sh U T up @ yourself because that’s not the point here
  • so you comeback to the library around the same time the next day and you don’t see goth boy whose name you figure out is namjoon seeing as though it’s neatly written in each textbook and you’re like oh god im never gonna get my stuff back
  • but then someone taps your shoulder and you turn around and there he is,,,,,in another all black outfit except this one shows off his arms and ok wait is that a tattoo on his upper left shoulder oh it’s cool- but you like steady yourself and swallow so you don’t give off that you’re kinda scared and you’re like 
  • “sorry for mixing up our bags!!! it was a dumb move on my part haha!! here’s your bag though i didn’t touch or mess anything up!!! please,,,,,just don’t be mad,,,,,”
  • and you don’t even notice it but like your shoulders are quaking and you don’t hear an instant reply and you’re like time to Accept Death but then the boy’s stuttering and he’s like “no-  no it was my fault, im awfully clumsy im always getting people into my troubles - i should apologize.”
  • and you’re kinda shellshocked that a person who looks so intimidating is so …….soft for lack of a better word
  • even though his voice is pretty deep and like you’re not complaining he’s got the whole cute goth, deep voice thing going and like half your brain is like: im into it and the other half is like: we should just give him the bag and run even though he’s being so……..civil and nice
  • but basically you kind of gather your thoughts and you’re like “ahh no no don’t apologize, it was just a mistake,,,,” and you like reach out for your backpack as he takes his 
  • and like you know it should just end there your little run in with philosophy major namjoon but your curiosity takes the better and before he goes you clear your throat and kinda tell him you have a question
  • and namjoons pretty shocked this time because usually people go out of their way to avoid conversation with him let alone ask him things but he’s like go ahead and you point to his bag and you’re like
  • “i don’t want to seem rude but are you a math major or a philosophy major?”
  • namjoon kinda blinks twice at you before letting out a long, deep chuckle and you’re like ???? and he’s like “philosophy. the math is for fun.”
  • and you’re like FOR fUn??? and he shrugs like yeah it’s my elective. and you’re kinda looking at him with wide eyes like no way who does math as an elective and he’s like well i do haha
  • and before you know it you and namjoon are standing in the library having a full on length talk about your majors and minors and classes and slowly that intimidating first image of him disappears and in front of you is a sweet boy who really really has a lot to say on the topic of like aristotle and it’s just????? way cuter than you imagine
  • and the next thing you know it’s from total strangers, to intrigued-about-each-other strangers, to you exchanging numbers and deciding to meet up for coffee before class next week because out of everyone on campus you’re the first person to take his rants seriously and he’s the first person to show genuine interest in your own theories about the world
  • and when you do meet up to get coffee namjoon’s got a sketchpad under arm and you’re like “so you’re into art too, not just the history??” and he’s like “im drawing up some sketches for clients so..” and you’re like “clients?” and he’s like “oh i tattoo part time, yeah i always forget to tell people that”
  • and you swear you would have dropped your coffee (if it wasnt for the fact that coffee on college campuses is so expensive so it’d be a waste of five bucks) but yeah you’re like 
  • nO way a tattoo artist?? that’s amazing what else can you do are you hiding like the ability to turn invisible from me?? and namjoon laughs like i wish but no that’s practically impossible because- but you put up a hand to stop the rant and you ask if you can see the sketches 
  • and as you look over his drawings in wonder you don’t see the way namjoons eyes fixate on your fingers, then up your arm, then the slope of your shoulder, your neck, the back of your head, your cheeks, your eyes, and then your lips 
  • and namjoon knows that his fascination with everything comes from their details and history, from philosophy to art to practicing tattooing, he’s precise with all of it
  • and in that one moment he’s precise in etching your image into his mind and even when you run off because you’re late for class
  • he keeps your whole body in his mind for the rest of the day, the week, the month
  • until finally after lots of coffee meetups and long conversations through text and face-to-face about big philosophical questions about the meaning of life
  • namjoon asks you to come by to the shop after closing so he can talk to you
  • and in the dim light of the moon, outside on the corner of where the shop is, namjoon asks if you’ll go out with him because quite honestly he’s never had someone so stimulating as you ever
  • and as much as your intellect and friendship are valuable, there are aHEm other ways he’d also like you two to AHEM stimulate each other
  • and you blush duh because out of all the words to use he uses freaking stimulate to talk about the fact that he wants to make out with you as his significant other
  • but ofc you say yes and wrap your arms around him because,,,,,,,you wanna makeout with him too (you have for a long time even the first time you saw him and he kinda scared you but also like kinda turned you on too LOL)
  • and you guys become this adorable on campus couple that everyone knows because you two passionately talk and sometimes even debate over just about everything 
  • and namjoon has a high iq but like it never scares you from challenging some of his points of view and it’s never boring between you two like EVER
  • and you stop by the shop more often with like lunch or just to get a couple of kisses from namjoon before you head back to campus
  • and all the other artists there are like teasing the heck out of him since he’s the youngest and you two are the ‘cute kids in love’ as everyone keeps cooing 
  • they also kinda try to convince you to get a tattoo but you’re shaky on the idea and namjoon is like “id never push you into something you’re not comfortable with” but honestly the idea of having his art on you ,,,, is kinda nice 
  • but anyway you’re always like namjoon how  do you carry around like ten textbooks with you and he’s kinda like i have no clue but maybe they’re the reason i keep tripping and tipping over things and you laugh like heh maybe 
  • but you’re also like stop getting yourself hurt because your body is too important to me now for it to keep getting bruised and namjoon kinda flusters at the comment and it’s cute
  • tall flustered goth hehU 
  • but yes after a couple of months in you’re over at his dorm and his roommate jin is out with other friends and you’re like laying with your head on namjoons lap when he takes a marker and is like “i know you’re not sure about a tattoo but i wanna try something” and he takes your hand and starts outlining something on your skin
  • and you look over and you see that it’s a beautifully simple daffodil and you’re like “what that flower?” and namjoon kind of hesitates before looking at you and he’s like “the scientific name for it is narcissus jonquilla and in the language of flowers it means love,,,,,,and,,,,,,desire,,,,,,and basically it means ,,,,,”
  • and you he doesn’t even have to keep talking you like pull him against you and in the end it’s just a mess of your clothes flying off and the marker falling out of namjoons hands as his fingers tangle in your hair
  • and it’s so natural even though at some points his limbs are too long and your elbows bump or your knees hit his but it doesn’t matter
  • because the whole time he’s smiling against the side of your neck and you’re holding him
  • and namjoon’s obsession with details is finally over because he’s seen all of you now and all of you is locked in his heart forever 
  • and when you wake up with his long body stuck between the sheets you can only laugh and plant kisses up his chest as he mumbles something about how philosophy about love is nothing compared to actually experiencing it 
  • and it’s cute from then on out you and namjoon just laying around in bed as he talks about what theories he’s learned or you two just go out and walk through the city with no plan in mind because your company is enough for each other
  • but also like finals come around and you hit the books like crazy and so does namjoon and it exhausts you both that you just slump against each other out in the hallway
  • and jin is just like “you two need to eat something it’s been three days” and you and namjoon are just incoherrent blabbering and jin is like “you two are so smart when it comes to books but other than that you are two children smh let’s go we’re all going to the dorm and im making ramen and neither of you can say no.”

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