though for these purposes it feels the same

reblog if you would actually date a chubby boy

i see a lot of chubby boys say that they dont feel as though anybody would actually date them; even the ppl that make positivity posts abt chubby boys. being a chubby boy myself, i cant help but to feel the same way.

so, if you would date a chubby boy, not for any fetish purposes, then could you please reblog this? it’d make all of us happy to know that we are loved in a non-fetishized way


Finally this book is finished! I had a lot of trouble with getting the Marauders right because I wanted to get my vision as clear as possible. Hopefully the next book won’t take me this long!
Also, there weren’t that many PoA-specific characters, so I put Cho in there even though she isn’t as important as in GoF and OotP. That’s the same reason why there’s a Dementor as a character :D


For every book, I’m going to draw the most important supporting characters, staying as true to the books’ descriptions as possible (with a mix of my own vision). I’m leaving out the trio on purpose, because I feel that everyone should have their own idea of what they look like and I’d like to keep it that way.
Every character is accompanied by a set of items that are important to them in this specific book.

All books

Sometimes I feel so small and insignificant, like I have no place or purpose on this giant spinning ball. I feel as though I am one pixel out of billions on some large screen I cannot see and that if I were to flicker out, no one would notice and the image would continue to look just the same. But then I see the way you look at me – as though I am somebody special. Like the only thing you see on that whole screen is me and in that moment I know that I am important to you. I may not understand my tiny place in the bigger picture…. but I know when I look into your eyes that I am an irreplaceable part of it. I know without question that I am loved and that if I were to flicker out of existence, one persons view of it would be irreversibly altered forever.
You are my reason to keep shining.

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Hey this isn't an ask lol. I just wanted to let you know that I got my Selena (she's only a 3 star though >.<) but have been waiting for Camilla or Lucina (I ship her with those two the most) and I got both her wives in the same summoning (and their both 5 stars!!) I feel like I was blessed by the lesbian goddess. I also want to say that I love your hack and you are doing amazing work :)

… Jesus Christ the gay is very much with you. You have been chosen for a gayer purpose. And thank you!
- Mod GF

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Hi so I don't know if you caught this but during Vegascon 17, when Jared tells Jensen to "take it easy" after he was being all supportive, you could hear Jared laughing shyly and then saying "thanks dear" :D. Is it just me? It was quick though but you can get it. Gosh they were pretty open that con, weren't they?!

Hello, dear anon!

I made a little clip for investigative purposes. Jared does seem pleased with Jensen’s support if his face is anything to go by, but what I hear him say after the “take it easy” sounds something like “I feel like the —”

Here’s a slow-mo of the moment because I’m a freak. While I don’t hear the same thing as you, I see something like that reflected on Jared’s face. He ducks his head in a shy manner before continuing to respond to the question. Aww!

This con was definitely a good one. The way Jensen just grabbed Jared’s shoulder and said “You are a teacher. I learn from you daily.” melts my heart. I’m really looking forward to this convention hiatus to be over! Miss them boys.

Anyway, I hope you have a splendid weekend ahead of you, sweet anon! Thank you for dropping by with this.

Imagine Garry as Ib's babysitter
  • Garry singing Ib to sleep. Also Garry accidently waking her up and singing in panic to hopefully make her fall asleep again.
  • She asks him to read the same story every night, Alice in Wonderland. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. Ib loves it because he does voices as the characters when he reads. Garry doing voices, I repeat Garry doing voices.
  • The two of them making pancakes in the morning. Ib accidently drops an egg on the floor and feels bad for it. “Nono, Ib, it’s ok! Don’t worry about it.” Garry drops an egg on purpose to make her laugh. Also Garry saying Whoopsie Daisy.
  • On fridays he brings macarons for breakfast even though her parents are very strict with sweets on weekdays. “Just don’t tell your parents.” Her parents doesn’t suspect a thing.
  • Garry styling her hair in the morning aka Garry playing hairstylist. “Now, what would the young lady like today? Pigtails? Yes, pigtails it is then!”
  • Garry walking her to school and acting like a total big brother or parent when leaving her. “Did you remember your lunchbox? Your bag? Your homework? Perfect! And Ib, if those bullies do anything mean to you again, you have to tell me. Promise? Ok, of you go! I’ll pick you up when school ends!” Also Garry giving Ib the biggest smile before leaving and giving the bullies a death stare.

Aurora Quartz’ first form!

It’s finally official. I’ll color this up digitally at some point, but the gist is that she was ‘special ordered’ by White Diamond.

A specifically petite Quartz fighter. Tiny for what though?

To fool enemies?

To make White D feel more elite by having specially crafted gems?

To be travel-sized?

Who knows!
Her design was very 'chess piece'esque. And her color palette was nearly all white, with her darker tones adopted much later in 'reforms’ down the line during the war/as she began to rebel from the Diamond Authority.

I like the idea that even though fusion was allowed on homeworld for practical purposes between same-gems, she was most likely strictly banned from fusing with other Aurora Quartzes due to the physical differences.

In conclusion, homeworld was a boring massive bag of lonely bs for Aurora Quartz.

hello, i noticed a little something today! i saw someone post something suspiciously similar to this post on another website, but they changed the wording slightly (though everything else was the same, just not in a messaging format) and it looked like this:

it really bugs me because as much as im glad that my own posts are funny to others, them getting stolen and other people getting credit for something i created isn’t a nice feeling.

i understand the purpose of this blog is to make others laugh, but please please please give credit if you do use one of my ideas or posts! thank you.

A bitter laugh escapes her quivering mouth, shoulders slumps from exhaustion–or defeat–or something in between from the sight of the other’s presence. What was this–a trick from her mind? A spell conjured upon her? She was no stranger to visions, and her nightly torments was something she’d grown used to but this–this feels different

There isn’t supposed to be a ‘different’, this isn’t supposed to be real but– here it is. And here she was, and here are those darkened eyes boring into her own, and here was the same face–the mask that buried a wandering girl and a lost purpose, though some seeped between the cracks but not enough to let others see.

Silence had befallen for the first part, no words seemed right at the moment and all Riven could do was stare, both in awe and repulsion at the abomination that stands in front of her that is herself

          “This isn’t right…” Riven murmurs, “Why are you–”

          “I don’t–How can this be?” 

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CLAMP Aquatics Center AU

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this for a while now because my life is non-stop aquatics terror. Horistsuba-esque, where all of the characters exist in the same universe. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

This may be helpful:

Lifeguarding Hierarchy: Lifeguard Instructor Trainer (LGIT) > Lifegaurd Instructor (LGI) > Lifeguard (LG)

Water Safety Instructor Hierarchy: Water Safety Instructor Trainer (WSIT)  > Water Safety Instructor (WSI) 


  • ok so Yuuko is the aquatics director who likes to mess with people’s lives and play match maker 24/7 while nearly ignoring all of her actual duties until they serve the purpose of helping her match-making hobby
    • is an LGIT, though she usually delegates most of her classes to Watanuki
    • frequently schedules watanuki and doumeki for the same shifts because she thinks they’re good for each other
  • Kimihiro Watanuki (LGI & WSIT), usually ends up teaching a lot of Yuuko’s classes along with his own classes 
    • basically keeps the place running by doing everything himself
    • is exhausted 24/7 and works like 25/7
    • teaches water babies and lower level swim lessons
    • kids and families like him a lot because he’s excited when he’s not freaking tf out
    • is a wuss when it comes to turning down people who ask him to cover for them (unless it’s doumeki)
    • addicted to the free coffee in the lobby
    • has a small crush on doumeki but also rly loves himawari
  • Shizuka Doumeki (LG & WSI)
    • watanuki’s greatest foe
    • teaches upper level swim lessons and coaches the swim team
    • is hella into water polo and wants to start a team but watanuki vetoed the idea
    • everyone dies inside when they see him swim because he’s perfect and his whip kick is to die for
    • also hella gay for watanuki and doesn’t really hide it but watanuki has yet to notice and everyone else knows
    • does maintenance work for the pool and watanuki gets a little flustered every time he sees him all sweaty and stuff
  • Kunogi Himawari (LGI & WSI)
    • kinda flaky when it comes to showing up for work because she’s really busy with uni
    • done with everyone’s shit
    • teaches lower/mid level lessons
    • loves swimming long distance freestyle in competitions
    • bffs with c!sakura and yuuko
      • they have bff hangouts every week where they complain about work and drink wine
    • has a girlfriend at uni and they’re getting ready to move in together
  • C!Sakura (LG & WSI)
    • the sweetest person ever
    • people rarely hear her when she yells at them because she’s quiet
    • teaches all lessons and everyone is conflicted because she’s really nice but her workouts are brutal
    • really good at butterfly and has been to state swimming competitions
    • she and c!syao are dating but they’re so awkward around each other that you would think they were strangers
  • C!Syaoran (LG)
    • rly nervous all the time; if someone so much as bobs under the water he will jump up from his chair
    • is new to the job and it’s kinda bad for his nerves
    • is a rly good backstroke swimmer though; he’s the best on the team // flipturns for dayz
    • if watanuki doesnt take someone’s shift, he will
    • bffs with watanuki because they’re both anxious wrecks
    • brings c!sakura flowers every week that he picks from his front yard 
  • Yukito Tsukishiro (LG & WSI)
    • is the perfect lifeguard unless you put him on early morning shifts bc then he’s hella drowsy
    • everyone loves him cuz he’s super chill; watanuki loves him because he the chill to his unchill and sometimes he just hangs out with yukito to calm tf down
    • is like a second older brother to sakura kinomoto and helps out with the swim team sometimes 
    • boyfriends with touya
    • they’re like super cute and everyone’s jealous


  • Fai D Flourite 
    • patron; attends one of watanuki’s water babies classes
    • single dad (his brother and his brother’s wife died in a car crash); dresses his daughter (tsubasa “sakura”) in rly cute swimsuits 
    • flirts with everyone and loves teasing kurogane, who has happened to be in the same class as him for three sessions now 
  • Kurogane
    • patron; attends the same water babies class that fai does
    • single dad (adopted the child of one of his relatives because they were going to put it up for adoption anyway and the system is brutal)
    • he and tsubasa li have the same plain black swim trunks and fai both loves them and thinks they’re way too plain
    • is actually rly attracted to fai but hates feelings so he hates fai
    • scares the other babies in the class
  • Touya Kinomoto
    • Sakura Kinomoto’s older brother who hangs out during swim practice and then drives her home
      • began picking sakura up from practice when he noticed a rly cute lifeguard; had plans for how to approach him for three weeks which ended up being foiled when yukito just walked up to him as he was going on break and handed him his number
      • they boyfriends now  
  • Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidouji, Meiling Li, & Syaoran Li
    • tiny children on the swim team
    • syaoran looks up to doumeki a lot because he thinks he’s the epitome of cool
    • sakura and tomoyo are still bffs but this time meiling is also their bff 
    • Fai and Kurogane falling in love via a waterbabies class omfg
    • watanuki being 500% done with their fued and making doumeki teach them one week because he’s not up for it and doumeki’s like ‘ok but u have to go on a date with me in exchage’
      • wata’s down for it tho so he ‘begrudgingly’ accepts
    • touya being a hella swim team mom that brings snacks for everyone and carpools all of sakura’s friends to all their meets
    • douwata make outs in the guard office after hours
    • himawari getting rly embarrassed when her girlfriend brings her lunch and gives her a cute peck on the cheek
    • yuuko having a wife that occasionally comes in to drop off their son for lessons and yuuko is all over her before the wife just up and leaves
    • c!syao and c!saku going on super awkward dates and getting called in to lifeguard during 75% of them
On the topic of bensler,

I have really really mixed feelings about it now.

like,watching older episodes that they purposely filled with romantic tension makes me so angry that it never happened. At the same time though, especially after what Olivia said about Elliot in the S16  finale,I’m realizing that it really was unhealthy for Liv to be hung up on that. She was always strong to begin with but I feel like since Stabler left she’s become an even stronger character.

don’t get me wrong, I love Stabler. But at this point, if he were to make a comeback, I’d want Liv to turn him down. Especially since he was such a dick and literally hasn’t spoken to her in years.

100% autobiographical midwestern gothic
  • You slip on the fruit dropped by the crabapple tree next to your friend’s front walk and bang yourself up pretty badly. As you cry and wait for your parents to come running, you begin to feel as though the tree did it on purpose.
  • You run across your friend’s backyard, chasing after lightening bugs. They always seem to be the same distance away. You fall to your knees in the shin-high grass and everyone else keeps running and laughing without you.
  • The lake you swim in with your cousins seems dangerous and eerie, even on the brightest of days. Just past the pier, the sandy floor drops off into a watery void. You don’t want to know what’s down there. You just cling to your neon pool noodle and float.
  • Every state has a claim to Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s birthplace, Land of Lincoln, Lincoln’s Boyhood Home. It feels like he’s still here, somewhere. Your history teacher claims to have met him.
  • Likewise, every state has its own urban legend. Yours is the Black Eyed Children. You don’t believe in them, but you keep one eye on the street and one foot on the gas pedal when you stop in a parking lot at night to check the map.
  • You take a walk by the river in the winter, because your mom wants to take pictures of eagles. You and your friend find a dead fish frozen in the ice by the rocks. Your friend prods it with a stick and a shiver runs down your back as you stare into its one visible glassy eye.
  • The town on the other side of the river is dying. It used to be a destination, people used to live there. Now the granaries are closed and the barges never stop there anymore. The town is dying. A few people struggle to keep it alive with artsy shops and fancy eateries. They all close down within a few years. The town is dying.
  • Native Americans painted a huge, winged monster on a cliff wall outside of the town across the river. At least, you think it was Native Americans. Your dad read a book about it once.
  • The highest point in your state is a mound over a landfill, so you build silos and windmills and spindly metal steeples (purpose unknown). When you drive cross-country at night, the lights on cell phone towers blink on and off like red eyes watching over the land.
  • In early summer, the land is green and lush and could be considered picturesque, in the way that the Windows default wallpaper is a picture, but at all other times the land is browngraytan and barren and sends anyone that looks upon it into a deep depression.
  • On the 4th of July, you and your family and your friends’ families gather in your driveway and light sparklers and throw poppers on the ground. Someone sets up a strobe light and you dance, your shadows flickering on the white garage door behind you. From a distance, it looks like a Bacchanalia.
  • You own a Santa Claus Christmas ornament from your great-grandparents. It’s a tiny, undecorated felt body with a plastic head that hangs from the tree by its hat, and its face haunts you. Even in July.
  • It’s a lovely funeral, but the burial is cut short because the winter wind that sweeps over the frozen, empty fields surrounding the graveyard is too brutal. You can only get out of your car for a few minutes before you’re chilled to the bone and your lips are so cold you can’t speak. He probably wouldn’t have wanted it this way.
  • You pass an abandoned amusement park on the highway. All that’s left is a broken down rollercoaster and a statue of a giant brown cow. 
Spirit of the Forest and Dream Warrior

I think it goes without saying that this guy

is related to this guy in some way.

Both exist in wild purple dreamscapes, both are voiced by Matthew Broderick. Also: look at them. I should have just started with that. They’re, like, the same.

In Who Would Win, Dream Warrior “summoned” Finn and Jake to “hang with [him] in their together dream.” Finn and Jake were at odds at the time, and, for no stated purpose, Dream Warrior gave them cryptic hints to help them work together to defeat The Farm.

When Finn communed with the Spirit of the Forest in Flute Spell, the Spirit of the Forest also gave him hints, though considerably less cryptic. Sensing Finn’s feelings for Huntress Wizard, he compared her to a wolf with eyes on the front of its head, saying that she “only sees straight ahead, eyes on the prize.”

Sounds like conjecture about whether Huntress Wizard had been considering Finn romantically, exactly like Finn was worrying about at the time, so you can go ahead and add ‘gives insightful unsolicited advice’ to the list of things these Matthew Brodericks have in common. 

As for their motivations, as you can see, Dream Warrior gives us nothing. I’d entertained the idea of both of them being the same guy, a Magic Man-esque poltergeist hording positions of power to influence the world. Dream Warrior is demonstrably cagey about why he’s helping Finn and Jake, and the Spirit of the Forest literally told Finn to impale himself with the Finnsword. 

Tell me that you weren’t concerned. 

But hey, whatever. It worked (?). Huntress Wizard had told Finn to drink special water that would make him immune to electricity. She didn’t say that he’d pass out and that the Spirit of the Forest would make him immune to electricity. You’d think that if she knew that the Spirit of the Forest would be there, she wouldn’t go to such long lengths to summon him otherwise. Nevertheless, never mind what Finn stabbing himself was supposed to accomplish, Finn acted with intention to stab himself, woke up, and was immune to electricity, just like Huntress Wizard said he’d be. Hey, whatever. It worked.

Huntress Wizard appears to revere the Spirit of the Forest’s work. That’s a strong endorsement.  It looks like he simply lives in and watches over the forest, and he says that the reason that his association with Huntress Wizard fell apart is that she started living a Wizard City lifestyle- an attitude that seems to be consistent with, for lack of a better term, a Spirit of the Forest.

The wiki calls Dream Warrior a sage, and so long as he gives good advice and that advice works out, I see no reason to refer to the Spirit of the Forest as anything different. They’re both wise, and their methods are unknowable. Sage works.

So, yeah. I’m not really sure how these sagely fellas work, but they seem to be helpful, and I’m curious how many of them there are and what different roles they all have. Also curious as to what caused Dream Warrior to intervene in Finn and Jake’s Who Would Win spat, but eh. Hopefully we’ll see them more. My interest is piqued.

OKAY, SO, this is really sucky art, but at least I feel like I’ve made a contribution now.

((In the background, I have displayed some of the patterns of Blurryface, and towards the front, the ooze from the cover of TØP’s self-titled album. The overall concept here is that Tyler is trying to climb back out of “the pit”, which is basically all the bad emotions/feelings… depression… you know. Bad things. However, a shadowy figure, who I meant to be Blurryface, is trying to pull him back down. Blurry is purposely drawn smaller than Tyler, because though they are one in the same, Tyler is ‘bigger’ than his Blurryface; he can overcome him.))

Dear Cat,

“Burn After Reading”

How very cloak and dagger of you, Cat.  I admit, I had hoped to keep these letters as little mementos of our growing friendship but I think the excitement of a little espionage might win out.  I’ll destroy all the evidence like a good little spy.

I may have been a bit… eager to show you this side of my life since I’ve had to hide it from you for so long.  If it makes you feel better, I did the same thing to “Cousin Barry” when he came to visit.  The choco stash serves a purpose, though.  Hank’s affinity for them is well-known and they can be used as blackmail or coercion should he prove difficult.  

I plead the fifth on the x-ray vision comment.

The story of my journey here is yours, if you ask me about it.  Just know that it sometimes comes with the responsibility of holding me up for a bit after I tell it.  Alex bears that responsibility even to this day.  That little pod was my home for so long.  I sometimes feel more comfortable inside of it than in the world at large, if only because it still speaks Kryptonian to me when I ask it to.

As for my mother.  She’s no angel, Cat, despite her origin in the stars.  I pray you’re never faced with the choices she had to make.  She had her reasons, but I’m beginning to think they weren’t as altruistic as I was lead to believe.  I remember my mother as beautiful and loving and magnificent.  Reality turns out to be less so.  I suppose learning that one’s parents are as flawed as anyone else is a common rite of passage, but it doesn’t make it any less painful.  You’ll never have to send Carter away, Cat.  I promise I won’t let that happen.


Susan texted me a photo of her staple injury sustained in the line of duty.  She’s very proud of it.  I think she likes you.  The last time she was charged with someone’s protection, she dodged the clipboard that Lucy hurled at Alex.  Granted, the order of protection came in the form of Alex screaming “Vasquez help!” before said clipboard went flying, so it shouldn’t be a reflection of her ability.  I wouldn’t have asked her to take care of you if I didn’t trust her.

Don’t let her get too attached though.  I still claim right of rescue in some circumstances.  I don’t delegate well, as I’m sure you remember.

I trust this letter is timely enough.  Most days when your letters come, I find it difficult to wait until I’m home to pen a response.

From too far away again,

Assassin’s Creed Modern AU

Au where main characters lived in modern time(excluding Desmond)and their occupation while not being Assassin/Templar.

Altair(Writer): He will express his ideas/knowledge through books(like in the game,he shares what he learnt from the Apple through writing Codex pages+ keep a journal which contains secrets and part of his inner feeling), occasionally he will write stories for teens & adults which involved adventure based on his personal experiences and most of them are able to inspired the readers to see different point of view of the world, while at the same time to encourage them not to blindly follow what they’ve seen and tried to find out the truth(basically the purpose of the Creed, even though Altair do not expect people to know about the Assassin, he will still hope that he can spread the message through books+ even cure people’s heart using words).

Ezio(Waiter): His mother expected him to be a banker and help to run family business, instead he choose to be a waiter who worked in a French themed cafe named ‘Cafe Theatre‘. Ezio told his mother he wants to start from the very beginning and experience how it feels like(his family is rich), while his real purpose is to ‘hang out’ with the women and get drinks and food without getting paid, plus he wants to work with Desmond and Arno, who’re his friends and they’re working there as well other than just handle numbers and economic stuff.

Connor(Animal Rescuer): Connor lives with his father, mother and grandfather. He often works in the animal shelter to save suffering animals, mostly stray dogs and cats. Not only because he loves animal but want to use this opportunity to release his stress whenever he feels angry after having a ‘discussion’ with Haytham (He have Daddy Issue) or just unhappy.Sometimes, he need to carry his grandfather back to his house/ his room when Edward got extremely drunk, Connor has asked him not to drink too much wine as his grandfather is like 80 years old, but Edward is way too stubborn to listen. Nonetheless, Connor is happy to live with his family even though he is still finding ways to solve his issue.

Edward(Retired): He used to be a smuggler who works at a black market but later decided to retire and live with his family. He loves to tell stories about what he have seen in his life and offer Connor ‘help’ in relationship problem. Haytham will feel so embarrass when Edward starts to talk about how to get a girl’s attention or talk about Haytham’s childhood,before he can finish, his son quickly stop and dismiss him. Edward finds the ‘conversation’ between Connor and Haytham are really hilarious to listen and he can’t help himself but laugh out loud, plus when things get too intense, Edward and Ziio will pull them apart and try to calm both down.

Arno(Private detective/manager): Arno is the owner of a French theme cafe called ’Cafe Theatre’, which often have plays/music bands perform in that place. He works as a private detective as well whenever he got free time to spare and solve crimes/ mysteries. He actually enjoy being a detective more than a manager of a cafe as it is more fun than just sit in his office and deal with daily operation/ handling customers, plus he enjoys the process of solving mysteries and helping people. In order to have a stable income,he decided to do two job at once and he managed to balance them both well. Arno sometimes get slightly annoyed with Ezio as he always flirt with the waitresses/customers instead of doing his job. Surprisingly, because of him, more customers come(mostly female) and the cafe’s reputation has grow bigger than before. With the presence of his friends, Arno feels more happy and less stressful.

Desmond(Bartender):He used to work in a nightclub called ‘Bad Weather’, but he found that the environment did not suit him and decided to find another place to work, later Arno invited him to work at his cafe and Desmond accept his offer.He’s in charge of cold drinks and many customers love them, especially one called ‘Shirley Templar’(his specialty drink), which one of the customer requested him to make 4 of those. Desmond loves to spend time with his friends/co-workers other than his family as he thinks that his friends treated him more like a person.

Haytham(Manager): He is one of the managers in Abstergo Entertainment, who handle daily operation.When Connor was very young, Haytham barely have time to interact with him as he’s really busy, this caused both of their relationship turned tensed. One time, he attempted to hire Connor to work with him and tried to improve their situation, but instead he refused (Connor feels not too comfortable to work in a place full of Templars even though he wants to reunite them with the Assassins), they rarely talk to each other ever since this happened. However, whenever trouble comes, Haytham will not hesitate and protect his family. Sometimes he will tell Connor not to listen to Edward’s ‘advice’ as mostly he will get himself caught/arrested.

Shay(Social worker/assistant): He works as Haytham’s right hand man and help him out in his daily operation. While not working in Abstergo, he will work as a social worker and help those in need(e.g orphans, elderly, animals). Sometimes, he will meet Connor who he knows that is an Assassin, two of them however, work pretty well together though a bit tensed, they often have small talks about animals and some funny encounterment while working. When Connor asked Shay what’s his favourite animals, he will quickly replies him penguins as he thinks that they’re really cute.  :3


1. Altair,Connor often go to Cafe Theatre to visit Desmond,Ezio and Arno, usually want to hang out with them, sometimes they have Assassin business want to discuss with them. Connor tells his friends not to kill his father and even Shay, who he thinks that he’s not a bad Templar. Altair do not fully agree with him but still agree not to kill both of them.

2.Whenever Altair and Connor come to visit the cafe, Arno will offer them half price, some customers complain that it is not fair to them and Arno will explain that they’re his ‘VIPs’. 


One Punch Man + Saitama with hair

“Three years have passed since then…I trained so hard I lost all my hair, so hard I thought I’d either die or lose my mind and finally managed to acquire an invincible power. I became the Hero that I had always dreamed of being. But how can it be that, even though I should be satisfied my heart feels so empty…”

On Lovelace being an alien....

So….I have to say, I’m just really happy about this. I know there’s a lot of the “it was never really Lovelace anyway” hype, but honestly? I’d rather have it this way. One of my closest childhood friends spend our entire childhoods calling me an impostor and pretending like I was a copy of “the actual person” and asking where “the real one was,” but after all those years she said to me one day that even though I wasn’t “the real one” she preferred me to the other she’d been elevating for all of those years. And that meant a lot.

And really, that’s how I feel about Isabel Lovelace. She might not be “the original one,” she might “be just an alien with no doubt nefarious purposes,” but she’s still the one we know. The same brave, smart, sassy Lovelace we know and love. Might she have been copying OriginalLovelace’s personality? Maybe. But…if her mission was to bugger off to Earth the first chance she took for whatever reason, she had her chance. She still took that injury to protect Minkowski. She still turned around from the space craft to donate blood to a dying Eiffel. (And what effects might that blood have on Eiffel…??)

She was miserable when Eiffel was presumed dead. Guilty. She still took that bullet for Eiffel (which still counts even if she knew she would be able to come back to life). She chose them as her people, and no matter who she “really is,” she still did all of those things when she didn’t have to. She cares. And whatever she was pretending or falsifying….she’s still our Lovelace. So she’s not the Original…but she’s ours. She doesn’t need to be “the real one.” She’s all we’ve known and loved, and she’s back. And that, I believe, is call for great celebration!


10.1.14 - 171.8 pounds.By far, October is my favorite month. Please just give all of the fall colors, crunchy leaves, scarves, cozy clothes, etc. You can keep your pumpkin spice latte’s though. Sorry. I don’t need that. 

I have spent a lot of time reflecting recently and my post last night touched on that. I will continue to “be happy always,” but some days are harder than others when I have a million things going on. Overall though, I can definitely say I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time. Life is good!

For accountability purposes, here is my monthly weigh-in. Apparently I lost 5 pounds in September, but obviously my weight continues to stay pretty much the same. 

1.2.16 - 184.3 pounds.
2.1.16 - 188.1 pounds.
3.1.16 - 183.9 pounds.
4.1.16 - 182.5 pounds.
5.1.16 - 180.3 pounds.
6.1.16 - 180.1 pounds.
7.1.16 - 178.8 pounds.
8.1.16 - 188.9 pounds.
9.1.16 - 185.6 pounds. 
10.1.16 - 180.8 pounds. 

For references, I hit the 180′s almost three and a half years ago. It is kind of crazy that my weight has stayed within the same ~15 pounds all this time. I know it’s just a number, but I so badly want to see the 160′s. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I am not in the 180′s. I don’t know why. 

4.22.13 - 187.8 pounds (first time in the 180′s).
10.1.14 - 171.8 pounds.
10.1.15 - 174.6 pounds.

Again though, life is good right now and I am mostly happy. I don’t really focus on the scale that much anymore, but I still like to analyze the numbers (lol). 

Per usual, this post is getting way longer than I intended, so I just want to end with the statement that October is going to be a great month. I intend to write out my goals, be active, and just enjoy the season. <3 

My prediction...

I’ve had a few days to think about it and I’ve decided I don’t think Daryl is getting kidnapped at all. I think the clips we saw in the S6 Coda are going to be from a scene where Daryl approaches new people and is met with the same hostility that Aaron encountered when he first introduced himself to team family.

He’s a recruiter now, so we’ll see him doing his job! But, no kidnapping storyline, no Daryl on his own… which is too bad because I feel like that’s the logical conclusion of his endless cycle of loss. Maybe it would snap the writers out of it, to actually write a storyline where, for all intents and purposes, he IS the last man standing, at least for a few episodes.

So, if I’m right though, and Daryl is just caught by/approaching some possible recruits, this still means good things for team delusional, because out of all the various possibilities––ALL the ways they could have edited it to give us a certain impression, why would they choose to make it look like Daryl was getting kidnapped and on his own unless they wanted us to remember Beth?

Not to mention, Daryl’s connection to her.